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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  July 20, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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charges and talking exclusively to fox5. it was a horrible experience for me and my children were being taunted and teased. this sign hanging on a d.c. house. we're tell you why neighbors are calling out city leaders. your news starts right now. but first a severe weather alert from your accuweather team. severe thunderstorm warning still in effect for parts of washington, d.c., prince george's county. you can see behind me quite the light show that has been going on as this storm formed over montgomery county just about an hour ago. let's get straight to radar, show you what we're contending with. tons of lightening and a list try of producing hail and strong streamline winds with this storm. the yellow box indicates parts still under the severe warning. arlington, most of prince george's county, from about the green belt area down towards clinton. that's until 1
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until this storm continues to send extend all the way out to annapolis. tons of strikes of lightning. this is a very dangerous storms to be outdoors in. you're not planning ongoing outside, but yes, some of that very heavy rain analyte thing directly over the district. also hail being produced from the storm. i'm seeing a hail track right over washington itself. the core of the storm moving straight through the city right now. we do have more rain extending into montgomery county. i'll have much more in my full report coming up in about saw minutes, but forma that warning is in financing until 11:15. the republican national convention, it looks like everybody is going home for the night. many speakers naming trump and also taking aim at hillary
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clinton. tonight officials named donald trump as their nominee. tom fitzgerald is life at the convention with tonight's highlights. a lot of trumps up there speaking. there were a lot of trumps, more trumps than you can count sometimes. donald trump's daughter tiffany trump taking the stage tonight in this effort that was gun last night with meal to human nice trump to some republicans who may have their questions about them. some of those republicans have been the evangelicals and that is a group that is very important to the republicans if they want to defeat hillary clinton. to that end, the trump campaign roled out former presidential candidate doctor ben carson. carson has been accused of having some low energy a few times, but he kicked it up a few notches telling this crowd donald trump is somebody they could have faith in. we must resist the temptation to take t
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passively accept what is fed to us by the politically elite and the media. the notion that a hillary clinton administration wouldn't be that bad, the effects would only be temporary, you know, that it would only last for four and at most, eight years they're not using their god given brain to think about what they're saying because it won't be for eight years because she will be appointing people who will have an affect for us for generations and america may never recover from that. now the crowd did hear from donald trump tonight, but unlike last night he was not here in the arena, trump appeared by giant video screens from trump tower in new york thanking the delegates for their official nomination today and once again making a bold mark that he will be victorious this november. we
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from donald trump on thursday when he delivers his convention speech. tomorrow, though, it's all about the vice president, the indiana governor mike pence will be here in the haul to accept the vice-president for president and that sets the stage for the night capper on thursday when donald trump officially accepts the republican nomination for president. we're life in cleveland, tom fitzgerald local news. > d.c. mayor muriel bowser a democrat is in cleveland also known as the lion's den for her. she's attending the convention to try to talk to republicans and try to attract states rights. mayor bowser also told fox5 a she'd be interested in trying to land the democratic or republican convention. as the mayor points out politicians run against washington in their campaigns. i think w
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the parties pick states that they think are battle grounds and we want the convention any time it's ready to come, republicans or democrats are well p come to washington. the mare says kc has facilities, the hotels and the political history to pull off a successful representation. of course the headline that has democrat nateed so far is milany's speech. it matched the speech given by michelle obama at the 2008 convention. if you haven't heard it already, here's an example. that you work hard for what you want in life. that your work is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise, that treat people with respect. you work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you're going to do. that you treat people
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dignity and expect. today the trump campaign spent most of the day dismisses that they. they called it absurd, saying it was totally blown out of proportion. stay with fox5 for complete coverage of the republican national convention. tom fitzgerald will be life at the convention. now to a fox5 exclusive. we first told you about the arrest of a capital heights woman last year after she poured hot grits on her husband while he slept and then beat him with a baseball bat. now, a year later she is saying everyone got it wrong. fox5's teisha lewis joins us with the story. teisha. >>reporter: well, sarah it's a story that a made rounds in tabloids and main street media, this capital heights woman was cleared on all counts including assault and reckless endangerment charges. now she wants
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and reputation. she says ' is a victim of domestic violence and she has a message for men and woman who may be going through the same situation. these days alexis state in is trying to start over. she was found not guilty after being charged with second degree assault and reckless endangerment. it was a horrible experience for me and my children because me and my kids were being taunted and teased quite often because of it. you know, it's a nightmare. last summer state in was arrested after police say she poured hot grits on her sleeping husband and knocked him out with a baseball b. it's a case that made national headlines. even so state in says she was the victim he wasn't asleep and he wasn't done deliberately. there was a restaining order in place. my husband and i have a long history of violence.
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herself in a physical altercation with her husband. even so her husband who was covered with burns and blood did id flagged down a staininger who called 911. statin was in custody for ten hours before being releasing and ultimately being cleared on all charges. i lost my job. i did. and i try not to think about that because i think but i'm blessed because i was able to make it regardless. domestic violence is real. sometimes people have to think that you have to physically abused. you have verbal, emotional, financial and my husband had me in all categories. state in remains separated from her husband and although he was not charged in this incident he does have a documented history of domestic violence. statin says she wanted to share her story to raise awareness about domestic violence and also mental illness. teisha
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> a man in rockville was caught on surveillance video handcuffing a dollar tree employee and then robbing the store. on the night of july 5 the employee went into the bathroom of the store where she was confronted by the suspect. he pointed a gun at her, cuffed her and then used her keys to open the store's safe. goat off with an undisclosed amount of cash. crime solvers is offering up to $10,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case. another law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty, kansas city, kansas police say melton was shot and killed. > they are questioning two suspects. recent police shootings have caused racial tension between law enforcement and communities. they held two town haul meetings to talk about the shootings in hopes of trying to billed
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relationships with the people they're worn to protect. we should end police abuses and i think while it's important to support the police that do a good job, it's important to hold police accountable when they do things wrong. it's a time for police officers. we are all being painted with the same brush. there have been some bad cops doing some bad things around this country, but it is such a fraction, a fraction of one percent. tomorrow there will be another town haul meeting very similar to tonight. this one at 7:00 in germantown. still to com tonight at 11 1 #, frustrated neighbors taking an unusual step to take steps from city leaders. caught on camera, a car side swiping a police crewser, definition of a bad day.
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> some breaking news out of arlington county, a pretty controversial measures, voting on whether to allow bomb detecting equipment to be installed in the county. >>reporter: in the last 15 minutes the arlington county board voted to allow these explosion detection devises on public property here
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arlington county. this is a department of defense project. as you mentioned there was some opposition to this from the aclu who was concerned that this equipment could potentially record people when they were out in public. board members did respond to that tonight saying the equipment is not able to do that. these bomb centers are meant to help the government in the event of a terror attack as far as determining what was detonated, where the materials came from and even potentially helping them find out who launched the attack. this would be part of a larger network of explosion detection equipment that would exist in major cities all across our country and after the vote tonight the centers are set to be installed here next month. back to you. lindsay, thanks. now to some incredible video out of baltimore. a vehicle slammed into an unoccupied police crewser. what happened, what was the reason behind this? the driver was apparently playing pokemon go. take a listen. are you okay. >> what's your
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avenue. there you heard it, police working to determine charges for the driver. no one was injured but please, it goes without saying don't play pokemon go if you are driving. if you don't drive and you take metro we have some next news for you of safe track. it begins tomorrow. this time itself it effects the orange and silver lines. workers will be out there replacing the old wooden rail ties and making other needed repairs. they made similar repairs on the other tracks last week. meantime there's a new problem at a metro station this morning. dusty haze that filled the crystal station in arlington. metro officials say it was not the result of a fire and said dust left behind during recent tract work. the nearby pentagon station was also affected by the dust. crews had to protect themselves from the dust while
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crews worked to clear the air. neighbors are taking an unusual step to get someone to pay attention to their problem. they posted a huge action from the lack of city lead others what they call a dangerous property. the sign has an arrow that points next door. it says the property along kansas avenue has been a problem because it fell into disrepair after the owners passed aseven years ago. it calls out muriel bowser and council member todd. we reached out to say hey, look, the roof is falling apart. we've got squatters running in and out. we reached out to everybody in the city that we could think of that would be able to give us some relief on this matter. the department of consumer and regulatory affairs says they have responded to complaints in the past. they also crews fixed the roof at the property last week. i hope you have a good roof right now. i hope we
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that's debatable. we've heard quite a about it of this. the brunt of the storm passed right over here. we're actually getting a second ground. i know you guys can hear the thunder behind me. what started as a tiny little cell over montgomery county at around 9:45 egypted into a squall line that is moving into the district, now as far east as to the bay into sections of delaware. all of a united states sen an incredibly busy night. accuweather forecast you can see the rain drops our camera. an incredible light show on display. we have plenty t of dangerous lightning, also. lots of hail reports and a history of some gusty straight line winds. we've had the reports in effect since the beginning of our newscast at 10 many p.m. incredibly heavy rain and you do not want to be out on the roads right now. hopefully all of you watching present the safety of your home. these yellow boxes
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severe thunderstorm warnings through the district. we have more severe weather this nasty cell that credited the bay, across annapolis. severe thunderstorm warnings until midnight for arlington d.c. and parts of prince george's county. anne arrundel al county, under a thunderstorm warning until 11 1 # p.m. an additional lightning to bethesda all the way down into northwest d.c. sections of southwest d.c. just saw some incredible rain. that includes parts of prince george's county over towards suitland, camp springs. you guys are seeing the worst of the storms yourselves. through prince george's county into anne arrundel county. buy i very heavy rain and over towards annapolis. not exempt from this storm and that is a very strong storm over the waters. that severe thunderstorm warning stenned eastward. that's where we stand right now. the storms are sweeping throug
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and within the next 30 minutes to an hour you'll probably see the heavy rain and the lightning it with. temperatures outside right now mainly in the 70s, 75 in washington. futurecast has a better handle on what's happening. this blue up along a cold front that was moving through this evening. showers and thunderstorms across the area through midnight. we'll go hour by hour and by 1:00 a.m. you'll see some heavy rain. southern maryland heads up for you guys and even through 2, 3:00 a.m., southern sections of st. mary's county down through sauterne virginia seeing some heavy rain analyte thing. wednesday at 7:00 a.m. looks like all the showers and thunderstorms are over with. we start with sunshine, a much calmer day ahead. temperatures will be in the 830s and with less humidity it's actually going to feel pretty comfortable. a brief break from the heat because those 80s which will be in place tomorrow are quickly replaced by 90s and yes even some triple digits of
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across several parts of country. this late week pattern will be the set up of our third and strongest heat waive of the season so far. 70-degrees overnight, thunderstorms over the next couple hours, especially south and east of d.c. 87-degrees and warm for tomorrow. your seven day forecast, look at that heat wave. this is what we'll be talking about bid big time. 98 saturday, sunday and into monday. the weekend looks dry, just incredible who the, humid, too. 98 with the chance of thunderstorms on monday. jim, back over to you. > tonight the redskins mourn their super fan zimmerman a williams or as we knew him chief z. he had been an unofficial mascot. he had problems in the recent years. no word on the cause of death. fans at the stadium. the team will always appreciate his
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some more breaking news that just came in a few minutes ago, the associated press confirming the death of marshal. he suffered health problems. he had cancer fairly rhys especiallily. another big loss for us, for sure. > i just saw the alert come lieu on the ap. as the # # comes back, make sure you start off your day with fox morning. we're going to be previewing republican national convention. an expert tells us why you want to stay out of local rivers even if the water appears to be clean. the first nickelodeon cartoon to feature a s
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> finally tonight, a reason -- actually, before we get to that let's talk
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we had this video that just came in. this is the blinding rain out of montgomery county. earlier this evening they're actually getting another round of it right now. it feels like you're in the middle of a topical storm. that's why we encourage everyone to stay off the roadways. this severe weather that's moving through the district is producing not just this heavy rain, but incredible lightning, hail and gusty winds. so severe thunderstorm warning is out for d.c. until 11:45. look at that come down. it's one of the reasons you didn't see any of the reasons you didn't see any of the reporterrers. they're staying safe. > you were saying. >> we have a reason that you can have a drink with your significant other or why you should apparently. you know, insert joke there if you'd like. couples over the ages of 50 in better marriages both couples drank together. researchers think it's because couples that do
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time together. couples that abstain together also have a success. if one remains sober while the other drank couples were more likely to report problems within their marriage. of course as always moderation is the key. you see the couple who plays together and plays poke monday go together. > as long as they're not behind the wheel like we saw earlier. no pokemon go and driving. fox5 d.c. is on our apps to keep track on our weather throughout the night. fox5 weather always on.
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