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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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straight ahead rendell gats across the u.s. formally nominate donald trump to be the 2016 presidential candidate. >> and a live look outside. enjoy the cool temperatures while they last. we're about to go through another heat wave after a busy night last nighting. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, july 20. our team is in place. michael thomas, erin earth, we have weather and traffic in a moment. >> we'll talk news off the to. delegates at the republican national convention made official. trump nominated as gop next presidential can plate. it was trump's children that stole the show. they showed a different side of his father calling him friendl
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friendly, consider at and real. >> and anti-sentiment of this election. >> and enough feel like government is ignoring you and enough of government hand youd and bailout and enough of feeling less safe and less secure in a more dangerous world where the bad guys are winning and good quiz are losing. but i have good news, in 112 days, it is over. tonight's speakers including jump's former opponents ted cruz and marco rubio they will tell republicans what it will look leak under trump administratio administration. >> and stay with us for complete coverage over the republican national convention, tom fitzgerald will be live all week. you can interact with him 1 10:45, 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. each day of the week live and our show with jim lancey and
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at six. >> track five starts today and it's orange and silver lines turn to be impactd "fox5" melanie alnwick is live at the east falls church metro station. melanie, same story, different track. >> that's right, yeah, so it's same section of track here for surm five as they kicked off with, with surge one. east falls to boston and orange and silver lines affected and now during surge one they worked on one side of the railway and so now they're doing the same thing on the second side. but it still means for everyone it's single tracking and in the inbound and outbound direction for pretty much the rest of the month. and trains are operating about every 18 minute on both orange and the silver line. and then they say after 10 p.m. trains will operate every 20 minute. the surge will lasting 13 days and -- or twevrl days similar to surge one
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thousands of deteriorated wood and rail ties and renewing the rail track bed meaning that replacing those insulators troubled ips lateers we talked about and as well as working on power cables and expansion cables and that sort of thing an a little work during surge one they were not able to finish dealing with the traction power system on the trains. but, it looks like for the most part these surges have been pretty successful and been able to get majority of the work done they need to do saying it will really mean more safe and reliable service for metro customers. and metro is offering shuttle bus bridges between affected track area and arlington taking in extra shuttle buses for customers as well. back to you guys. >> all right. mel, thank you. well perhaps you woke up in the middle of the night to sounds of whipping whipped, booming thunder and flashes of lightning followed by heavy
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bound pounding rain that moved through the dmv. >> live from college park this morning one of the areas hit pretty hard, good morning to you, cleanup continues out there obviously. >> reporter: that's right they are still out here. we have so much rain last night an a ton of wind. i'm told 37 miles an hour were some of those gusts last night and to show you how damaging that can be. take a look here this is oak industry that completely toppled over and is now resting on some utility lines and hanging over route 1 here at beach wood road near the university of maryland campus and obviously crews and truck out out here and blocked most of the roadway here. one lane of traffic is on on either side. as you can see cars are improving slowly through here and once traffic builds throughout the morning rush hour it will probably get packed backed up. it will it take a while to get the tree of the lines even roadway clear. it will
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cut bravrpchs down and eventually cleanup the branches and on the roadway. drivers are definitely going to want to avoid this area at all costs and downed trees and branches certainly have been a common sight around the area this morning and cleanup crews are out trying to get the roadways on in time for the morning rush hour. we had reports of a tree that fell on a house off pierce drive in montgomery county and we're told significant damage there and luckily no injuries. also, in montgomery county, fire fighters are investigating a home that was possibly hit by lightning you remember last night there was a lot of thunder and a lot of lightning as well. flood watch in effect for this area. we saw several roadways with pools of water on it and we saw some pooling on exit ramps off 495. drivers want to be careful this morning especially in the dark. you won't want to drive through any of that water on the roadways. now in this area while we have the tree down on the lines it appears the power is on here. those are most likely utility lines and th
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without powner our area including in montgomery count question and prince george county and in d.c.. so, we're live in montgomery country this morning. angalee hemp field "fox5 local news". >> all right. time now to talk weather with michael thomas taken was extremely busy last night in most of the area. >> today we'll enjoy the calm after the storm right mike. >> absolutely right the storms are done and out of here we're in the clear for the day today. it's going to be absolutely korj gorgeous wednesday out and about if you can if you're not stuck in the office all day. get out and enjoy it. it will be the best day of the week and that's your headline. holly i made that for you. best day of the week is this wednesday afternoon. and here's the reason why. storms are gone. see they're pushing over the coastline. there clear skies taking over. check out these temperatures this morning. very comfortable. 70 here in washington. 64 gaithersburg and 69 dulles and that's 70 mannasas to start the day and that's not bad at all mp
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mid 80s by noon hour and warm, comfortable, lower humidity and stick around just for today we get knee tomorrow the heat comes back and more details on that in a little bit. time for traffic with erin com como. >> 5:07 thank you very much. if you look at morning commute beltway quiet and majors looking good around the dmv after all the heavy storms rol rolled in last night as angalee told us you watch for ponding conditions especially on exit ramps and use caution on secondarys. 50 now coming from annapolis looking good and not seeing issues on 395. gentleman caution on bridges as well. memorial. roosevelt, 14 street moving along long at speed. specific problems with a down treed route 1 beach wood road and one lane on in each direction. crews out there anfa
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power lines. please use caution and and delays and flooding in northeast rhode island avenue between north capitol and third street use caution and detour around that one. another area we're concerned about beach drive tiny branch parkway. cruise ago long fine and no issues gainsville 66, 95 through dale city moving along long and closer look at safe track surge five next wisdom and holly. >> coming up. president barack obama says the nation's local police need more resources. >> and president's support nominee merit garland holds a disstirkt record when it comes to presidential nominee. >> a live look outside across the region, time 5:08. 71 degrees. back in a moment.
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kansas city kansas police captain robert melton was shot and killed in thinks patrol car after pursuing suspects want philadelphia a drive by shooting he was 17 year veteran of the force that certained in kansas national guard. alleged shoot ser in custody and questioned along with two other people suspected in initial drive by shooting. >> two state troopers areed and charged with assault for their
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captured on video. the incident happened after a long police chase that started in massachusetts and ended in new hampshire the troopers were from massachusetts and new hampshire and both were us is speaked and a criminal investigation is under bay. >> president obama met with leaders of this domestic security team to keep officers safe and how they can keep the peace in the communities they serve. >> president says loss of three more officers in bat on ruth over the weekend shows importance of the federal government doing whatever they can do to help police officers go home at night and be safe. he says employment nationwide need more resources. >> also this morning the president's pick for supreme court supreme court justice made history and not good history for him. merit garland has beat record for high court nominee who has aitd longest to be confirmed for job. president nominated garland to replace antonin scalia and no action from republicans to grant hi
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now the longest it has ever taken for a supreme court nominee to be confirmed was 125 days in 1916. >> this morning, redskins fans are mourning loss of team him end. zima williams as we knew him chief z died. williams has been unofficial mascot for the team since 197. he struggled with health problems recently and we don't know exactly what the cause of his deej was but red skipdz released a statement saying the washington, d.c. redskins will appreciate his compassion and dedication and fellow redskins fans. we're also saying good-bye to a hollywood legend. writer, director, gary marshall die of complications from pneumonia. he had happy days, lavern and shirley and enjoyed major box office sets, some movie theaters included pretty woman and runaway bride
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great movies and tv shows. marshall was 81 years old. >> and there is word that comedian bill cosby is now completely blind. a source told new york post that cosby is confined his home in pennsylvania after losing his vision because of a degenerative disease. now a judge ruled that the 7 79-year-old comedian will stand trial for sexual assault in alleged attack against employee of his alma mater, temple university. more than 50 waem caused cosby of sexual misconduct. 5:12 coming up fox news morning call call couple comes forward as mystery cowinner of 1.6 bill don't powerball. >> wow. could be a good day for them. >> mystery winner hu?. >> yes, it turns out high fat diet may be good for you not the kind of fat you may be thinking about. >> still ahead. live look across the d.c. region. coming up
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will be a beautiful day pike mike says we'll talk weather and traffic in a bit. "fox5" back after thish♪ ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings
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>> time now is 5:15. donald trump's vice-president den thal pick will rnc picture trump and pence as their candidates for president and vice-president and trump is expected to accept his nomination in a speech on thursday. >> fairfax us is spended transgender regulation and it spells out how schools should accommodate transgender students. a work session was cap said for today and cancelled they need more time to look at regulations. >> mike thomas told us we have good weather today. >> look at that moon. >> yes by the way i never look up when i'm
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>> you didn't see it today. >> i never look up. >> look up and live. >> focus on what's ahead you. >> may see something beautiful like the moon. >> it's calm after the storm. >> just how beautiful is it going to be let's get right to it. >> ten out of ten that's beautiful. >> 11 out of ten maybe. radar real quick. that's your storm from last night. this is a six hour loop. a lot of lightning with it and damage around the reeming don't. i wanted to zoom in and mention we got almost 3" of rain last night and in about an hour and because of that we do have a flood warning that is in effect for the north western portions of d.c. until 8:00 this morning and all these icons you see are storm reports from last night and biggest concerns with the storm or biggest damage doers that happened were heavy whipped and heavy rain and flooding and of course some hail.
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beach drove closed and erin will tell you in a minute due to flooding and we had a lot of damage along the mall there. hot of frees doupd. let me show you. sal owe monday tucker on twitter accepteding this ved owe ft. national mall. this tree is snapped in half and also said there's several light priest round the national mall that are done and a lot of damage done in the heart of d.c. there from the storm last night. and again the good news is that this storm has moved on. even right now outside the studio here in northwest washington we had a coating of hail in the parking lot 11:00 last night. very strong stormsment current conditions are well it's dark outside. 70 degrees this morning. welltive humidity high. 3%. that number will drop as we head through the course of the afternoon. winds light. it will be a beautiful day and that's because high pressure is in control off to the north that's where you want. it nice cool northerly flow coming in it will be a beautiful day and lots of
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the 80s. 87 for the daytime high. nice day coming and here comes the heat. 91 degrees by thursday. friday 97 and weekend is sweltering, 98 on saturday and 99 sunday and those numbers to be conservative erin como we could be pushing 100 degrees. >> that sounds way too hot now 5:18 we have breaking news off the top before we get to safe track surge five. northwest section of the district car lea. avoid that intersection. take a look safe track surge five metro kicks in 5:00 this morning this is newest surge of work. single tracking dwn east falls in boss stop and keep in pind between vienna and boston every 18 minutes and additional trinz will run to keep things moving and trains running 18 minutes on silver line and after 10 p.m. trains every ten minutes and watch for crowded conditions on the platforms and we'll see a lot more crowd
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get an early start. you may want to consider metro bus or say taking fairfax connector to debt around if you take metro to that area orange and silver. looking at roads rights now as we've showed with you team coverage in prince george county college park maryland route one beach wood road downed trees and power lines one lane in each direction caution there watch flooded conditions exit ramps and on ramps as you make your way around the dmv this morning. route 1 rhode island opened north capitol and flooding cleared and we're dealing with a flooding closure beach drive at piney branch parkway. we you have covered this morning. holingly and wisdom i'll gets another cup of coffee. >> make one for us too. >> make that three. >> all right. >> time now is 5:19 let's look at stories you're engaging with this morning on social media. >> first up wright state university pulled out of presidential debate scheduled
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for late september. hofstra university will now host. wright state university president said the school decided to back-out because of rising security concerns and cost. >> and health news a vaccine against chlamydia showing promise and only tested on mice so far and researchers say those results show that the vaccine is helping to prevent the sexually transmitted disease and now tests will be done on other animals before home an trials. >> and we finally know who the california winners of record-setting january fewer ball jackpot rx the couple, mar vip and may acosta claimed their prize money a week ago and are asking for privacy as they work we team of advice tores to sort out how they will' ebbly manage 32 7.8 million that was the lump sum they collected and they did issue a statement saying they feel "thankful and policed." >> coye help them spend some of that money. >> that would be under statement of the year.
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coye help them with that money thing if they want me cheap. >> yankees closer chapman tied his own regard forecastest pitch in major league baseball history monday. 105 miles per hour. >> that's bringing heat. >> that brought heat right there. >> that last pitch that fast was back in september of 2010. he's getting older and pitch is getting better? i need some of what he is eating. just saying. >> serious wheaties. >> coming up on "fox" news morning both good and bad news to report on fight against hiv and aids. >> they now know why some people may have ocd and why some have to worse than others. >> as we head to break outside a live look across the region 5:21 back in a moment
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>> 5:343 is the time now the number of hiv and said dpaems is down but new hi investment is up. more people got treatment but most countries remain well short of it of the united nations 1% of iv patient should get anti retro therapy by 2020. >> high fat mediterranean diet may offer protection from several diseases researchers found association between diet high in helmy fats and reduction in breast cancer, diabetes and it is a fruit and very many table rich diet olive oil, legumes and fish and low intake of dairy and meat. >> a single brain receptor responsible for obsessive disorder. duke university bread mice with lacked a gene that helped cells
5:25 am
communicate. mice were injected with a chemical that deactivated very step tore and habits stopped. they are going to reser to much see if it applies to humans. >> 5:25 now and we're at 70 degrees and you can feel it when you walked out this morning. >> the difference is very --. >> lack of humidity. >> it's nice and it will be one day here. we get a one day and kind of rest. >> we'll live in the moment mike. >> live in the moment. >> that's ma we should do. thank you, holly. >> okay. >> names take. >> let's get right to it today. beautiful day out there. clear now. no more storms. deal with damming and cleanup and for the most part done with the storms for a while. there's your satellite and radar. clear skies overhead as we've shown all morning beautiful moon out there temperatures around the region in the 60s and 0s.
5:26 am
the past couple weeks there. 80s later this afternoon. comfortable. low humidity. 90s return tomorrow more details on that in a bit. that's the weather. erin como has the roads. >> i like the sound of rain free wednesday morning commute and we're dealing with after ma'am of heavy rain. this morning as you head out northwest and downed tree creating closure dale carly parkway northbound north of loft borough road use caution and watch for delays and flooding clear you're beach drive tiny branch parkway. beltway looking good use caution on the sportsfever television network an exit ramps and watch for poppeding conditions. slow it down and give yourself extra moments to head out and b coming in on 66 quiet through centerville and 9 1 in virginia looking good through dale city and we'll let you know if that changes, 270 moving along long fine. back to you wisdom and holly. >> coming
5:27 am
>> ref rapped walter is due back to go before a judge today to apps tharms of fraud. >> as we head to break do you a live look outside look at that moon. >> beautiful. >> and brilliant as well. weather and traffic after the break. 5:27 fox news morning will be back after this.
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>> sfraiingt ahead on "fox" news morning the takeover is complete. donald trump will represent the gop in november's presidential election. safe track phase five today metro begins fifth round of maintenance upgrades and impacts this project will be very similar to first phase. >> and remembering gary martin looking back on life of a man responsible for entertaining us for more than six decades. fox news morning starts right now. >>. >> mike tom is and erin como has weather and traffic in a moment. >> first though talking about the fifth go around for metro safe track surm. this phase is for the orange and silver line. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is live outside the east falls metro station and what they need to know as they deal with that this morning. >> good morning, wisdom, holly
5:31 am
and same things all over again here for riders on orange and silver line as surge five revisits east falls church to boston. during surge one they were working on one side of the tracks and now surge five they're coming back to work on the other side of the tracks. lot of work to be done here and they'll be able to complete based on past history. during the first surge they did 2000 rail tile replacements and getting rivd debris and things on the track. things riders need to know. 18 minutes between trains in most indications and after 10 p.m. 20 minutes between trains on silver and orange line and they'll be metro buses, shuttle bridges between east falls church and boston. arlington also adding some extra shuttle buses as well and like surge one they'll be opening up librarys with office equipment and that sort of things, meeting rooms as peop
5:32 am
together in small places to work rather than working from home same -- one thing that is really interesting here. vr. railway is benefiting from all of this. last week d rx e broke ride ridership officials. and berk center station is best one for ride d riders around here to try that's more parking here and they're hoping folks that used vre to get into town and home during the surges might become regular customers on their rail lines as well. back to you guys. and thanks, melanie. powerful late night storm blew through the dmv. >> whipped gust up to 37 miles an hour and strong storm hit hard and fast. "fox5" anglee is live in college park with
5:33 am
behind, good morning. >> good morning, well, now that the sun is starting to couple you with get a better look at the damage out here. what you're seeing is a very large oak tree that toppled over m so of it in the roadway. most of it, though, leaping on some utility lines and now hovering over the roadway here. this is route 1 beach wood road near the university ever maryland campus. and you can see state highway crews are on scream here and blocked most of the roadway. traffic is getting by in one lane on evenlyer side. and but things are a slow go for excite a while. it whim take a bucket truck to chop down branches and get the roadway cleared until the area is reopened and that shows you how strong the wind gusts were. this is oak tree. not usually one that is taken oun down. we had a caisy storm. this has been the scene all over the area as we were drive ago around. downed trees and
5:34 am
roadway and also plenty of downed wise as well. in montgomery county alone there have been numerous reports of trees down and wires down and five homes were hit by trees and at least five homes were hit by lightning last night guys that's really significant number obviously cleanup crews busy this morning as they are running around trying to get things cleared up for the morning rush hour commute. another thiming we want to talk about we have a flash flood warning in effect and plenty of water on the roadways and coo cooling on the roadways on exit ralps on and off the 495 highway. don't drive through that. be vigilant as you head to work. live in college park this morning. angalee, "fox5 local news". >> in all seriousness i can not remember a time when there was a storm that fierce at that time of night like the last time.
5:35 am
house in addition to the hail pounding the roof. the little feet of 4-year-old running into my room being like mom i'm so scared you. >> know what i heard, nothing. >> nothing. >> what a difference. >> he was missed in frederick. but the storm blossomed in montgomery count ci and out there. 10:30 last night and came across quickly. it was one of those situations where all the atmosphere needed was a spark last night and it got it and we had a little fire. >> good news once they cleanup we're moving on to something else. >> we're not look ago head to today or tomorrow. >> don't look ahead tomorrow yet. focus on today here and now. take a look outside. satellite and radar beautiful. showing the moon ten times:00 a.m. we'll show you ten more times. it's a beautiful start to the day and check out temperatures. it's gorgeous out. 63 couple better land and 65 cumberland and washington 70 at this hour. that's as low as we've been in
5:36 am
probably coolest low temperature for the next several gaze. enjoy today. 87 degrees for a high here in washington. and kind of mid up toer 80s for most of the region humidity is not that bad at all not until tomorrow that we get our 90s back and then this weekend, oh, boy, more at the tails on that coming up in a bit. >> now it's a check of the weather and erin has the roads. >> 5:36 and we have made it to wednesday. even though the roads are dry in terms of rainfall this morning we're dealing we nice weather conditions now. we have a lot of messa round the district. because of rains from last night. tree down, clear you're, northbound north of lostboro road caution to that area and in addition to tat a flood ep closure and beach wood drive between tiny bravrpch and broad branch road closure i just checked in with d.c. police they're not sure when they can get it cleared and reopened avoid that area tree on roadway julie hemp field as given
5:37 am
gate team cover ramming route 1 peach wood road and watch for delays as more folks hit road. beltway is quiet. crash fee. i'll let you know when he something pops up you need to be aware of in addition to the trees and flooding back to you hol a and wisdom. >> coming up on "fox" news morning hundreds tape to rally in bats on ruth. >> nascar fans are wondering of the health of dale earnhardt, jr.. >> here's a live look outside across the region. time now 5:37, 70 degrees, back in a moment.
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> 5:40 to new york city we're talking about this slow commute in morning for drivers who use the tap sdee bridge. a bridge -- traffic was stopped for hours and people were stuck on the bridge while the crane was moved out of the waych the crane was used for routine work. >> friend and family of officer michael crawl died in michigan to pay their typeal respects and one of five typeal in dallas and large flag hung from fire truck as mourners arrived at the church a michigan native moved to dallas to become an however and those that worked
5:41 am
died doing what he loved. >> in baton rouge hundreds gathered at the baton rouge headquarters for rally to support law enforcement. >> the rally happened a mile from why three officers were killed and three others were injured. and activist held a smaller demonstration to protest the shooting offal ton sterling shot and killed by baton rouge police officers earlier this month. >> switching gears now talking about nascar. nascar fans awaiting to hear from dale earnhardt, jr. will be back on the tracks this weekend. there's been no official announce presidential presidential. earnhardt met with doctors after wrecks at michigan june 12 and daytona july 2 and conclusion like symptoms. >> hope he's doing okay. 5:41 coming up a man shoot teens as they --. >> testing out new technology to improve service. >> as we head to break live look across the d.c. region. there peop
5:42 am
getting going on wednesday. 5:41 now. we're at 70 degrees. it will be a nice day. we'll talk more about that when we come back.
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low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding >> donald trump taking to twitter saying i will work hard and never let you down. this to reaction.
5:45 am
>> he will formally accept the hospital in nation on speech thursday. tonight former rival texas senator ted cruz will speak at the cop vption and it's up clear whether he'll endorse donald trup m. >> gray clear --. >> put on a happy face. >> i have to complete the play mike i deposit complete the play. >> are you going to fip be the play. >> she complete today for me. we're good now we're a team. >> i pijd up what he was putting down. >> we should google donald trump tweet and see where he got it from. >> mike, stick to the weather. >> oh, my. >> where did you get that quot quote. best taiv the week. >> i got that from you holly. >> i'll let you use it. >> no quote needed here. weather is my things. best day of the week colling autopsy and it's going to be gorgeous we had a storm that moved through late last night that sin c
5:46 am
coastline and clear skies overhead and fruit full moon out there and it will be beautiful day. check out temperatures outside now. tom courtable, 07 washington and gamersburg and 64 and 69 dulles and 9 mannasas and quanitco and westminster this morning. high pressure in control. off to the norm today. this is where you want to see high pressure because it pushes in northerly breeze that in drier and cooler air. lo lots of sunshine. temperatures in the 80s. yesterday's high in washington was 92 degrees. want to take you to center of the country where he had 100 dell rio and 101. there were couple 100s mixed in there. st. louis 95. 98 little rock. today we're protectsed. in the jet stream will keep temperatures on 80s. 0 and 10 0s stick to the west and head to tomorrow and 90s back and by theen of the week we talk upper 90s
5:47 am
degrees, saturday, sunday, monday hot weather coming our way. not today, 87. not as hot passing clouds time to time happy distance. later on tonight only 71. mostly clear skies. nice night coming up and heat returns. get the 7 day forecast. 91, mowly sunny tomorrow heat is on and 897 zip trip try and 8 saturday and texted to go 100 sunday. it going to be a hot one. head to the pool this weekend. erin como has the roads. >> full weekend. >> you put your party pants on when you got dressed this morning, mike. >> i always do that sgle y. pool this weekend. i go on vacation startsing saturday. that's good for current commute flooding companies on secondarys dmv. i want to start with you majors in virginia wrel oween the board and slow down starting to kick in 28 northbound mannasas drive 26 east as you head to 2
5:48 am
jammed through dale city and 95 northbound through dale city here we are towards aqua quan and already in for 11 minute slow done and once again jammed ewington top springfield ipt change and same story. maryland. silver lining green zone 95 acc to beltway. average speeds 30 miles an hou hour. same story 270 as you head to truck scales and urban a. getting breaking news now. blue line delays in addition to the safe track surge five work. and it's between east falls church and boston that slt area of single tracking for safe track surge five orange and silver lien an blue line dealing with single tracking and tree don't closure dell carly up north of loftboro flowed northwest. a live look outside in the district. new york avenue as we look at cameras. very much jams up as cars try to
5:49 am
be prepared for that and see heavy employee of traffic new york past tunnel avenue and backing up near new jersey as well and keep you updated aen metro stuff back to you. wisdom and holly. . >> the shoots of police and plaque men in texas, minnesota, louisiana have shipd a spotlight towards minority community and law enforcement identify. >> montgomery county state police easing teptions between the two groups hod ago town hall meeting to discuss the shootings. goal of the meeting is to hold a frank discussion between community members and police about establishing better trust and figuring outweighs to reduce gun violence. >> tonight's town hall starts 7 at the regional service center in germantown. >> happening today the black ministers conference in montgomery country holding community wide prayer vigil for the officers killed in baton rouge. more than 500 ministers and parishioners will garageer
5:50 am
vavry baptist church. reserveers are calling for end of police brutality and lawmakers to enforce stricter gun laws. >> i expected in court 8 83-year-old walter frontroy she's accused of writeing a bad check for 55,000 in 2012. >> gotroy was arrested raingt month as dulles international airport he was on a run for years the area expected to take place before a prince george county judge. >> individual row out of baltimore. whad here. driver was playing poke yes monday government take a liste listen. >> you okay? >> was your location? >> 2901 eastern avenue. >> and are you okay. >> charges for the driver and no one was injured. >> i don't understand
5:51 am
obsession with pokemon go. >> by the way you're not supposed to be on your phone when driving any way. >> that's a big no-no. >> i'm now 5:50. stories you're engaging with most. a close call for group of florida teens playing pokemon go. after a man thought they were trying to rob him and opened fire on their car. he overheard the teens talking about did they get anything and he thought they just robbed his home. neither the teams nor homeowner were seriously injured. >> wow. the latest edition of washington d.c. visitor's guide will not include ad for a museum which logo include a confederate glad. the civil war museum has been a member of d.c. and paid annual 1,000 for 201 will be imbursed this year for the mad and they'll take that number and take the advertising somewhere
5:52 am
>> some sad news to share. him dairy hollywood actor, director, righter, producer, gary marshall died. . >> marshall was a be loved figure in show business and leaves behind a legacy of hit make he on both the big and small screen. >> and timely how about this? montgomery county will soon be home to a dozen new designer retail outlet start. >> where wiz. >> premium outlets sgle just announced nike, armoni, coach and under armour are lined up for the retailer and 13 total brands confirmed. >> say good-bye to quiet community of clarksburg it's now des late spot. >> you have to move further ou out. >> i don't know about that. i would be in another state in i go further. >> so true. >>
5:53 am
fight of his life and needs your help. >> all right. 1-year-old jack creed ep is looking for bone marrow donor and because of his unique case the search has been especially difficult. now, jack has a rare form of leukemia because adopted from russian off fanage and no known blood relatives and they're not sure of his exact makeup. >> i was like i said you know i would much rather be the one getting this not you. and typical jack passion he was like, well, i wouldn't want to you do that i'm use today to at this point and i know what it's like. >> they have started serve for bone marrow match in march no luck owe so far. international search is now underway. >> all right. find out how to register own donor registery. go to be the and we're gearing up for 2016 lymphoma leukemia
5:54 am
rest tin and rock jill freedom plaza north west. fight the ncaa. >> i will be at the one for 8. the league will imbed data chips in footballs to game fieldgoals. the chips will measure how close each field goal sl to up right and then the nfl can decide whether to make a change. with 80% of fieldgoals made they're considering narrowing space between up rights is it funny we're talking about football and showing tom brady and we're talking about -- are we really talking about the --. >> we're talking about deflated football. >> just app observation. >> department more is testing a tool that answers question. shoppers might have about the
5:55 am
store they're in like where a wrapped is located or what's in stock. questions they would normally ask a sales person they would though it a mobile companion. >> or elimination else of people's jobs. >> it could be that, too. >> say hello to the face back fan of the day and today it's erin jean and her adorable daughter olivia. >> eastern says she wake up every single morning us to and absolutely loves and a weekend with tucker will be memorable. i'm going to keep reading and not respond. regarding "fox5" it's a perfect team and spot on with when what is known. thank you erin and olivia and keep watching to 678 stay away from tucker barnes. >> exactly. >> be very, very afraid. >> but it would be memorable. she's right about that. >> it would be memorable, mem robl and a whole lot of fun.
5:56 am
>> she would never forget that weekend that's for sure. >> it's wonderful weather-wise and beautiful today. 7:00 this morning sunshine here and the reason i'm showing you this is because if are you planning on headed to beaches it's anywhere on the eastern shore know that the front that popped storms last night is stalled right out over the eastern shoreline here so maybe they pop a shower or thunderstorm over there in the eastern shore. and later on this afternoon. here in d.c. points north and west we keep it dry. it will be absolutely gorgeous. here's the 7 day. 0s today, memorable, bye-bye here come the the 0s. 98 saturday and near 100 sunda sunday. >> airport has the road there. >> 5:56 we have not had our 6:00 hour and we're dealing with the roads on dmv. new crash about a motorcycle accident gw parkway northbound past memorial bridge please use caution this just happened police getting that location and as you get to memorial bridge cruising a live look
5:57 am
14 street bridge we'll try to get a look at camera jammed up lot of brake lights flood of stop and go traffic and we'll get to several other problems involving downed trees and flooding. keep it to fox 57 news morning want to help you get to work on time and play nice tunes for you on wednesday. 
5:58 am
there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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straight ahead at 6 storm cleanup mother nature dumping powerful late night storm across the area this morning many waking up to dachblingt we're live with a closer look. >> plus family affair as donald trump is named official nominee and how his children use someday two of the convention to paint a lighter side of trump. >> steve chenevey welcome to more morning let's get to the storm damage last night. calmer scene out there now and different story last night. >> storms bringing heavy rain lightning and knocking down trees in our region and "fox news" angelee is liver with a look at the damage here. >> good morning a better ang


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