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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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straight ahead at 6 storm cleanup mother nature dumping powerful late night storm across the area this morning many waking up to dachblingt we're live with a closer look. >> plus family affair as donald trump is named official nominee and how his children use someday two of the convention to paint a lighter side of trump. >> steve chenevey welcome to more morning let's get to the storm damage last night. calmer scene out there now and different story last night. >> storms bringing heavy rain lightning and knocking down trees in our region and "fox news" angelee is liver with a look at the damage here. >> good morning a better ang
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>> good morning a better angle of oak tree fallen and now blocking roadway here on route 1 beach wood road near campus of university of maryland. i'm not a tall person that tree it mass every. the entire things has come dow down. and it's a mess all these utility lines came down and strewn cross the entire yard and as you go here might be hard to see there's a couple lines hanging across the roadway they're touching the ground and some point making it very difficult for drivers to driver through. there stay away you never know if it's power lines these dow
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it's been a common theme thought the area this morning. and in montgomery counts yeah loan there are numerous reports on downed trees and downed wires and at least five homes hit by falling trees or branches and some cases causing significant damage. an exit ramp as long the beltway. be careful headed to work this morning. live in college park anjali he hemphill "fox5 local news". >> turning to politics now. 6:02 trump is now officially nominee for republican party and delegate vote was not without a hiccup and alaska delegation causing chaos on the floor of the republican national convention demanding votes for ted cruz and marco
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party was trying to keep focused on the scene for the day. day two and make america work again. and we're all but showing a different side of the nominee. >> it's one of his designing qualities and i see it in action all of my life. whatever he does he gives his all and does it well. his desire for excellence is contagious and he possesses unique gift for beforeing that trade at another. starting with those closest to him. >> and donald trump's first pick in pence will make his big speech today and also on the lineup today trump's former opponent senator marco rubio and ted cruz. >> and stay with fox5 for complete coverage of the republican national convention and tom fitzgerald is live in cleveland all week for us and interact with fitz on facebook 3 p.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m. each da
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this week and catch our news show called 5@6:30 every day after "fox5 local news" at 6. >> and civil rights leader walter isest expected to be in court and accused of writeing a bad check for 55,000 back in 2 2012. >> and he was arrested last month as dulles morning loss of two hollywood icons. >> holly is in studio would more how garry marshall and chief z are being remembered. >> i felt like this was two personal losses i just sat down with gary marshall i'm feeling the loss this morning both men making ever lasting mark
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leg sixt let's begin with garry marshall his hiingts most recognizable including happy days, lavern and shirley to name a few and pretty woman and runaway bride in terms of mov movies the 81-year-old pass away at a california hospital from complication from pneumonia he developed after suffering a stroke. he began career in 1960s selling jokes to comedians and writing for tonight show. as i said kevin mc tammy sat down with him a couple months ago. kevin will share his memory of him later this morning. >> closer to home redskins nation mourning loss of super fan chief z. 75-year-old pass away yesterday and his real name was zeema williams he attended nearly every home game since 1978 doneing native american head dress and interacting with fans and in later years did so on motorizeed scooter than redskins
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purchased for him. last night many fans gathered at fedex field to honor the unofficial mascot. rest in pooes peace to two very legendary men i feel like i group with with both of them. >> couldn't watch tv without garry marshall and couldn't go to redskins game without seeing chief zee out there >> intensity surprised most of the weather world. not avenue everybody got it but the folks that did get it got hit hard. >> you know what i blaem? >> sure. >> beautiful sgloon you know what? there's a lot to that. >> very powerful it was like a stunning moon set if you whim. >> this morning. >> yes. >> beautiful out there. from the mall of assume lightning or storm or let's take a look together. >> damage. >> a
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>> through go you can see downed tree limbs. that's the way my neighborhood looks too without the capitol you get the idea. >> right. >> right. >> but a lot of downed tree limbs and still power outages. i think there's several thousand and pouter outages we'll do cleanup this morning and guess what i do cleanup like that in my yard yesterday. we had a few days ago a storm. >> i needed new gutters anyway. mine ahanging off my house. >> this sim pressive stuff to the mall. >> we started slow with that little branch and built up to the big damage. >> 64 gamersburg and always sad to see the big trees which they start to suffer the storm damage. 68 mannasas. again that's the storm from last night it came through in two parts and looks like heaviest damage east of city and to south as it rolls on through. we're rolling that back several hours. we're quiet and the storm is offshore and we're looking at a beautiful wednesday. still on track for extreme heat
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more on that coming up let's enjoy the one day oasis of relatively cool and calm. 7. >> it felt good yesterday sgle great mid afternoon. >> it felt fine. >> thank you tucker. >> let's say good morning to erin. you see the commute. another week and another safe track program. >> calm weather now from heavy storms last night and so many road problems to get through including traffic signals on flash. right now tree down in the road. prince george county and route 1 beach wood road and one lane no each direction and power lines down there and in from metro in addition to safe track blue line delays to largo town center a des able at foggy bottom that could show you down as well as orange and silver lines affected by that and orange and silver affected by safe track. let's hit the roads. forward map in montgomery countsy several trees down. let me get out of the way. edgewood and east wood avenue silver spring and both in bethesda. loan oak drive east of
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wood road mcarthur you're boulevard and three intersections right now affected in montgomery county. we'll forward maps and show what you you're up against this morning opt roads. dale carly parkway another area of downed tree and toss to melanie alnwick she's doing team coverage now. out of metro east falls church. how are things shaping up with safe track surge five. >> well, airport you know as you said it before if you are going to take metro during safe track surge come early because right now things are good here from what we can tell east falls church metro station metro managers here are getting ready to help people direct them to the shuttle buses and bus bridges they'll need if they want to take those to get over to boston station and on to other points. continuous single tracking here will lasts twelve days through the end of month and as
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comes back to do the second track here from east falls church to boston and the same segment that metro workers worked on during surge one. so again it will be 18 minutes between trains on orange line and 18 minutes between trains on silver line and there will be additional orange line trains between boston and new carlton past the surge value there after 10 p.m. trains only every 20 minutes there's a lot of work they replaced,000 deteriorated rail tiles and 31300 linear feet was renewed that means replaced inlater and did reinspection repair of power cape cable and have to come back and do traction power system. one other thing too we heard a lot about metro riders that perhaps are disstayed with what's going on. vre is certainly benefiting from that. vre says that the burke center station
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that riders can view as alternative and last week they broke ridership records. most rideers in one week that that system ever had. it's alternative out there for you. live in falls church i'm melanie alnwick "fox5 local news". >> 6:11 now still ahead a decision on controversial plan in northern virginia to install bomb detection devices. >> and kansas community mourning loss of police officer shot and killed in the line of duty. what we're learn about what employed that trj dixt back in 30 second.
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. >> we could rerp more about deadly shooting while serve foring a driver by shooting a officer was shot and the 46-year-old is shot multiple times inside his car. police say one person is now custody however they do not believe it is ekt asked to the recent fatal police shoot ningz dallas and louisiana. >> closer to home montgomery county police officers will host another town hall meeting tonight in homes of building better we relations with people they serve. >> people vented about their interactions with police which were not always favorable. montgomery county police chief thomas mainker said he hopes to provide nor training for officers and
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accountable. >> country board of supervisors voted to allow department of defense to install bomb detection equipment on public property. dod wants to put devices in secret lobes to help in event of terror attack. opponents worry those could infringe on privacy. they want the project to be exempt of free golf information sglakt no word what charged large crane to collapse in new york city across the tap sdee bridge this morning sim of bridges seven lanes are opened incredibly no cars mit and many were forced to swerve out of the way as it came crashing down. >> incredible video going viral this morning a man recovering after flying off side of water slide and down a rocky cliff. fortunately the man goes over the edge there and suffered
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and the water slide apparently is homemade deal in friend's backyard and the man posting video to facebook with caption to damage told be going down water slides. >> said that afterwards like - --. >> apparently he realized it. >> horrifying. >> it would be a starey moment. >> macy's coming up with unique way to personalize the shopping experience details coming up in "business beat". >> don't build a water slide in backyard for girls. >> i see what's happeneding today catching a break and a lot of folks kleeing up from damage from the storms. amilies. by expanding access to high-quality care, from enlistment through retirement. using data insights to customize that care, so it's responsive to the military experience. and by serving the families of wounded service members through innovative partnerships. health care built for those who serve. unitedhealth group.
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>> sky fox with the storm damage last night. presidential this is beachwood college park area. you can see the tree on the roadway not supposed to be there tucker barpz as we know mother nature sometimes places things where they are not originally intended and we saw a lot of that last night. how are we looking today. >> unfortunately today looking
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calm we were showing video a few minutes ago at the mall a lot of damage there capitol hill. yeah, we'll take a look at storms last night. let's look forward. best day of the week will be today. should be storm free. and should be a nice quiet afternoon with daytime highs in the mid to upper 0s. this july after all mid up toer 80s. particularly when you look to sunday. leonardtown and fredericksburg 69. storms rolling through montgomery koutsy and through the city, and points east and south and unfortunately a lot of damage. if you wake up this morning and you were able to sleep through it in a minute you head after of a car and wonder where you had tree brapss that's the reason why.
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allison mentioned mop. big fool moon this morning and looking at generally sunny skies and dry day should be pleasant highs mid to upper 80s and not a lot of humidity as pressure builds in for the day today. not as hot, 80s. we'll take it. we'll take the day. and still setup for this extreme heat around here this weekend. and want to remind you friday, saturday, sunday, monday well into the 90s and we're going to get awfully close to 100 degree mark and not at all surprised if we don't have to bump numbers to right around 100 for sunday and monday and evenlyer way the unfortunately heat index will be more like 110 around here 105 to 110 sunday and monday. 87 sunshine today unfortunately lot of cleanup out. there house it looking erin. >> tucker right now dealing with such big problems 6:18 this morning and sky fox over
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maryland route one baltimore avenue at beach wood road we have a downed tree. downed wires traffic getting by one lane in each direction and watch for big delays crews working hard to get everything clear. caution slow down this morning. i want to switch it" a look at cameras, 95 northbound in lorton let me get out of the way. cloudy and dark. look at all that parked traffic as you make your way through lorton dealing with a huge crash. we get a beater view of that accident ape want to show you through lanes getting by and local lanes at a stand still and we'll keep you updated on that crash coming up from stafford huge delays growing as you approach lorton. aside from that several intersection in the district where traffic light are out and signals on flash. we'll get that worked up for you as well. any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter and it's a mess of a morning commute. steve and allison. >> starting today in chantilly can see helmet and fwlovz neal armstrong wore when he walked on the moon it will be on display
6:20 am
fragile and they're asking people to donate photos when his suit as own national tour back in 1970. >> straight ahead, twitter making changes. how you can become a verified user. details next in the "business beat". >> and later as we mourn loss of hollywood director garry marshall kevin remembers his recent conversation with him it was not that long ago literally a few months. we're back in a minute. 6:20.
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>> time for "business beat" macy's hoping to boost sales with unique solution. first a check markets joining us on "fox" business network studio lauren simonetti can't wait to get to miss macy's story because new york city is like hometown of macy's if you will. let's talk about the market. >> a void that whole area i
6:23 am
too many people. >> it's so fun. >> first are we having fun looking at numbers this morning. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i can't believe. it the dow surprise again. up 9 days in a row and we could have any gain today would be a 7th straight record close for the blue trip average. really solid performance. many investors are saying two things united states is safer than other players and earning are better than we thought. rallies continuing this mornin morning. >> let's talk about social media and everybody i guess is slooking for next thing to remain top of people's mind or what have you twitter is making it easier for folks to become verified now. >> right and if you're twitter account is verified you have that coveted blue check mark know. your user name or handl handle. look there's more than 300 million twitter users and that little blue check mark not even 200,000 of them have it's always been mysterious i have that handle i don't know how i got it and that's the point. it's mysterious how this happens.
6:24 am
mist tireious. there's an actual application anybody can fill it out and include date of birth, picture, some other information and then twitter will decide if it's necessary that you get added up of to your tweets by getting their coveted verification. >> and you really do because if you try to communicate with people of you know celebrities or whom ever else you know it's ver fitd and you can see who you're talking to i'm anxious thousand works. >> you may not like going to macy that's new york 34 seat to or whatever. >> i love it. >> i love it. >> and now they're trying to get more folks into all their stores. >> they have everything in that store. it's just too big. >> it is very big. >> you have been there during the holidays. >> yes that's the best timing. >> yes. all right i'm not going to spoylt fun. macys is doing this not in new yorkst
6:25 am
maryland store. they're using a tool calling mobile companion where essentially shoppers ask the computer this tool questions a question you would ask a real human being working in the store what's the price on this whatever the natural language question is technology will answer for you. >> lauren you know call me sentimental person but i like asking mrs. jones hey where is --. >> i agree you. >> know what i don't like search around for mrs. jones. >> yeah. >> got you. >> where is someone who can man this recommendster i'm ready to buy this shirt. where can i find that. weighty can't find any workers to help me. >> right maybe in addition to the workers that's a perfect solution. >> in addition. >> thank you. >> i agree. >> have a good one see you tomorrow. >> 6:25 now. >> hey, tuck. >> good morning. >> lots of cleanup unfortunately for parts of the area. >> don't remind me. >> not everybody got it but those that did got hard hit. >> i felt
6:26 am
last night at a certain point i was like come on girls let's go we took the animals -- protect the children and animals,. >> leak the commercial for the setlers. >> we were settlers. >> making butter late at night. >> hair hats for our neighbors out of our hair. >> let's dot forecast. yes we are cleaning up today is a quiet day and storm free only mid up toer -- lost my camera. only mid to upper 80s daytime highs, 70 washington and winds still out of the north at 6. relative humidity 90%. storms from last night fading offshore. there you go you see the cluster now well east of ocean city and we've cleared it out and should be in for a beautiful wednesday. my advice if you got to do yard work, that kind of thing, today is the day to do it if you can. because it's going to get hot, hot, and really hot around here for the weekend. and you may be lessen klineed with temperatures near 100 to
6:27 am
sglim it can wait. >> there's the weekend. >> friday, saturday sunday, monday, dangerous heat heat we'll talk about it coming up. >> three straight days of it all right. >> let's get a look at traffic. hello. >> good morning guys a lot of breaking news to get through. we have the storm cleanup from last flight causing problems and look at this rash. which is 95 northbound side lor ton road crash involving overturned car and traffic is getting by slowly in right lanes. just keep in mind you're backed up with the delay of over 20 minutes between dale city and lorton. nasty ride there and that's in the local lanes through lanes getting by congestion right. there let's move it over to maps and get to storm cleanup just north of memorial bridge. beach drive between piney branch and that reopened that was closed for earlier flooding downed tree closure parkway north of longboro
6:28 am
for that one. sky fox over another downed tree as you make your way to college park and route 1 you can see traffic getting buy one lane either direction downed trees and wires causing problems. we'll get to that next. any questions erin fox d.c. on twitter steve and allison. >> 6:30 red skips morning loss of biggest fan and they're mem writes of chief zee. >> storm damage many of us waking up to a mess after mother nature powerful punch last night live with the latest he.
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call it the calm after the storm. it's 70 degrees. nice mild day. lot of folks though dealing with cleanup after tonight's storms. "fox5 news morning" weather and traffic on the fives at 6:35. right now we'll get to more of that storm damage our bob barnard is out and about the area he's looking at wow, quite a mess behind you where are yo you. ep right where it's broken over. so this is one of them. and then if you pan off to the left here another tree got zapped over there and another one even here and there's quite a bit of this as we've been drive ago roun the nort
6:32 am
look right here and this is how close we to washington monument. that is right there and we look down independence avenue towards capitol hill and a lot of branches were on the road surface and pushed off and driven over and there's no road closure here and a lot of stuff is down here this morning. and videotape over by the natural history museum. a lot of tree debris hitting the mall there. this popup storm hit us and banged us and did damage to mother nature and there's road closures associate the as well. as you look here, some old trees got zapped last night, guys, it will be a lot of work today cleaning this stuff up. >> no doubt about it, bob, bob will stay on top of that story. in the meantime we'll talk sports for you time for the morning line right now. redskins nation mourning loss of arguably iing biggest fan
6:33 am
"chief zee" let's check in with 106.7 fm the fan. >> how are you. >> how are you. >> where are you have been. >> want to talk to you about "chief zee" every time i go to game he says hi, pleasant. he was in bad health a couple years. when i saw him last season he was as happy as i've ever seen him. sad times for redskins nation to lose him. >> yeah, particularly when i feel like we're on the up swiping, right, on cusp of a break through. >> i feel bad nor chief zee he was at the station a few months ago. >> he was at our fan fest a few months ago. >> one of those things maybe they'll put a "chief zee" patch on their uniforms. >> come on let's do it. >> he was one of those guys when you saw him instantly recognizable always feuding with cowboy fans in the stands. sad to see him go. and you know maybe somebody will take his place and you know
6:34 am
fan in his place. >> you won't do it. >> i won't. >> somebody probably will. >> and i don't have a head dress at home. i don't think i can slip into his spot. >> well it would be something if this is the year they actually you know win. it but i don't think fans would be upset about that part of it. hopefully the spirit, legacy lives on. >> nationals last night they get another young prospect lopez taking the moupd and showing he has strikeout potential then this morning i look at new york post and it's about how much the yankees want him. is he one of the guys that is up for grabs with the trade deadline or not? >> we were talking to insider yesterday that said that might be the case because remember they brought up lucas last time and sent him down and this time brought up lopez and maybe showcasing talent and though he did not of course have a great stat line he struck out nine batters and showed he has major league stuff. particularly when hitting 97, 8
6:35 am
absolutely that was showcase event for him and let's be honest the nats and mike rizzo and those guys done a hell of a job putting together the farm system and constantly having talent to dip into. >> you hear tu many rumors they're interested in certain guys especially chapman and andrew miller for the yankees and media is not just making it up. if they can get a deal done and makes sense for nat it's will probably happen. but yeah give it up to lopez. i mean look major league hitter can turn fast balls around and work them out of the park and throws really hard. >> what's the deadline. >> august first. >> so jason. >> we're throwing names around there recklessly. let's throw out charlie blackman rumor then as well. here's a free spirit to have him and jason werth in the outfield. most spirited bearded outfield in baseball. >> that kid can hit-and-run has a good player. i think you have to give up a lot to get him. i saw the rumor this among. i
6:36 am
it but i guess colorado is shopping. i would be surprised if nats went out and got every day outfielder and gave up on someone like revere. that would shock me. maybe it happens. >> 9:00 mike rizzo is on like every wednesday we'll ask him that exact same question. >> get answers. >> and charlie blackman like alfred morris and he still drivtz car he had in high school he's one of those guys. >> cash leftover when his career is gone. >> we have to roll, 6:36, junkies, 106.7 f mx the fan. >> 2004 jeep cherokee i love i it. >> i think he got a trim. >> i noticed last night. >> i was quorid power wept ut and once started watching it would go away. >> i'm graduate full for power. >> yes. . >> that's major pain. >> yes. >> sure is. >> unfortunately thousands still without it this mni
6:37 am
night. 70. just damage that bob was showing remarkable. really sad. 70 reagan nag at and bwi marshall 68. today is quiet day. very pleasant highs mid to upper 80s. relatively humidity wise we'll see things behave themselves it won't be terribly humid and nice day and quiet conditions. that map we're roll through that that's current look even quieted down this morning. >> 87 this afternoon. enjoy today. we have a lot of heat on the 7 day and i want to say a lot of heat when i say a lot of heat i mean a lot of heat. >> how much heat. >> a lot. >> triple digits. >> maybe so.. >> i'll have it in a minute that's a lot. >> thank you tucker. >> checking in with erin and see how the commute is going. >> commute is bad i have not even my breakfast now i'm busy and hangry just kidding 95 northbound side we have crash involving over turned car lor ton roadblocking left lanes and
6:38 am
get a view of traffic and it's low there traffic jammed all the way back to dale city delays of 25 miment jam packed in stafford and move it over to a look at metro right now. we have more delays. safe track surge five single tracking between east falls church in boston on orange and silver and malfunction foggy bottom delays to new carlton orange silver and blue lines and earlier and galeing with roads and as we forward several imsections in the district traffic light are dark or on flash because of power outage issues and georgia avenue kennedy street northwest pennsylvania avenue 18th street and northwest eastern avenue olive street northeast and west virginia avenue north east and a lot of typical morning delays picking up bottom side of beltway oxon hill inner loop jammed across the wilson bridge
6:39 am
drive to pine didn't bravrpch and quick look at sky fox downed trees and wires as you make your way to college park. and either direction beach wood and let's help you get around questions allison and steve. >> straight ahead and bullies after one hollywood actress brought light to her hateful tweets. tweets she endured. >> laterthon video is going viral with driver admitted to doing what he plowed into a police cruiser oh, no you didn't 6:39.
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6:42 am
>> 6:42 now let's check what's trending on the web early wednesday morning. days up after her movie debut ghost buster star leslie jones cancelled her twitter account after being bullied on the social media site he she was harassed with posts and signed off for good. twitter responded to incident by permanently ban ago tackers including tech editor my low enapolis and complained about the heat last month and nasa announced last month was the hot oingt june ever on record. making it 6th month in a row to be warmest month recorded. temperatures since january have been average of 1.3 warmer than usual. we're midway through july now. finding new vaccin
6:43 am
against chlamydia showing promise only tested on rice so far but the vaccine is helping to prevent the sexually transmitted disease and tests will be done on other animals before human trials. >> straight ahead hollywood mourns loss of director dpary marshall and kevin mc tammy rules interview with the legendary writer and reminder before you we take you to the break if you have a if you stipulate share us with call 2 202-8 95-3000 or tips@w. it test test
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6:46 am
. cleanup continues it morning 6:46 storms rolled through last night and maybe your phone went offer midnight talking about flood warnings. hopefully you don't have too much damage in the area. this is college park. we saw damage all over montgomery county and district. tweet us and let us know where tucker stands. >> hard working guys cleaning up the trees. >> never ending job seems. >> never end be job they were in my yard yesterday and it's amazing. >> that was from last storm that rolled through. >> from saturday night storm. >> you know what is scary a big branch came down in any yard too. i was able to move it i broke it and i guess it's rotten. d
6:47 am
ut, oh and every day of the week is great for you. at least weather-wise today we're going to get a nice one. mid to upper 80s. 70 out there. 68 in leonardtown and these are fantastic this time of year. think where we've been. 63 right now in frederick and martinsburg and winchester and my advice enjoy. as much as you can squeeze every minute of the temperatures out. a lot of heat and humidity for the weekend. and i want to show you leftovers of storm is very, very big cell moving through center of city here and national mall hit hard and it faded off to south and east and is out of here. here's a current
6:48 am
satellite and radar. that's the end of the storm. and and mid to upper 80s that's it lots of sunshine expected and very nice afternoon for you winds north five to ten and we'll enjoy nice afternoon highs in the 80s. starting tomorrow friday, saturday, surprised, build the heat back and we're going to get awfully close to 100 by friday, saturday, sunday, monday and unfortunately that heat index should approach 110 we'll talk about extreme and dangerous heat for the weekend. unfortunately it will lost several days. sort of the signature hall marks of the heat wave. this will stick around. and there's 7 day. 87 today and here comes the heat, friday, saturday, surprised, monday near 100 and is it if we hit 100 it would
6:49 am
the first time since 2012. >> erin is passionate about something maybe traffic. >> i was trying to steal wisdo wisdom's snickers bar. but let's get to the weather i'm passionate about that as well. sky fox over baltimore avenue route 1 college park intersection of beach road power cable down as well. thank you for the workers cleaning up the fallen trees around the area and one lane getting by. give yourself time to get around that way. switch it over that's not the only big problem we're dealing with this morning. let's take a live look outside 95 in warton dealing with a crash involving overturned vehicle and if you check in with me twitter "fox5" d.c. i is a picture of overturned vicky was tweeted this morning. and we'll see if we can drop that to show you the crash and delays. you can see traffic is getting buy and left lanes remain klo and 30 minute delay right now
6:50 am
maps. metro delays and road problems and downed tree and closures because of that parkway northbound norm of loftboro road and cathedral avenue west of ar arizona avenue near 51 place and another downed view. and in addition to safe track surge five single tracking east falls to boston we have other malfunctions causing delays. back to you guys. slido out of baltimore it comes right there. reminder to not pocky monday go and drive. as you saw the car slammed into the back of police cruiser, police body cam now captured the whole things. aft crash the driver admitted he was playing that game and thankfully nobody was hurt. . >> maryland joining two other states and suing volkswagen. it accuses
6:51 am
defrauding customer and covering up with they d new york and massachusetts other states suing volkswagen. >> first lady getting air oaky on. first lady michelle obama car oaky will air on the late, late show with james core bin in it the pair sings beyonce single ladies and song mrs. obama created called this is for my girls. they is the only non sing to appear in the car pool air oaky. >> always so funny. he does a great job of those. >> she's funny too. >> look forward to the whole thing sdmri think i have to see it on youtube. >> we'll watch tomorrow morning perhaps. hi, kev, good morning. >> good morning, steve, alliso allison. back in studio with you guys tomorrow. car pool karaoke one of the funniest things on the youtube collection i can't way to see the michelle obama one. >> sad news out of hollywood a guy you
6:52 am
long ago. i just sat down with cigary marshall. /april of last year. one of the most diverse here and created odd couple morning and mipdy and nra meng owe kid and val even types day and mother's day film. he was creator of some of the greatest television shows of all time. and sdreingt tore of classic film of all time. julia roberts and richard gere. i say it all the time i truly mean the person will live on forever in sin maxt cinema immortgage liss somebody. his work i can pop on dvd and watch it and experience part of his life and what was going on there. that's brute by of cinema creates
6:53 am
you were at the time. loyalty was huge for garry marshall. that's one of the things i gathered for the four or five minutes i sat with him in apri april. there was an actor he worked with in every single movie of his from 1982 on hector alazano in a bunch of his films. mother's day he ai scene with julia roberts and julia roberts and him shared a scene in pretty woman and they rereferenced that in mother's day and roopttyly that was julia roberts 21 birthday on that set of pretty woman and he was telling me a story they wept to an alley and gave her champagne and went right back to shooting movie. he's a legend. worked with so many actors. he was in the korean war as well if you watch mother's day closely on the wall in the karaoke bar there's names of
6:54 am
which is insane to me to think he still thought to put all those things in his movies. loyalty was a huge thing for garry marshall. 81 years old and passed away from complications of pneumonia following a stroke and 81 years old very sad good career. >> and worked with little sister penny marshall and lavern and shirley as well. >> penny mar thal direct aid league of their own in mother's day he has a line no crying in soccer which is reference toss no crying in baseball. he was always thinking of other bhem he was doing his work. no matter what he was doing he always rendered people it was protest it amazing. >> and for me growing up "happy days" and seeing henry winkler on twitter giving all the credit to him for jumpstarting his career. so it's very special. huge part of a lot of people's childhood as well. >> explain why you're in vegas. >> i
6:55 am
six hours ago i went to bed two or three hours ago and interviews took place at nighttime my interview was 9:45 p.m. here and and recently came under fire in regards to controversial comments of gun control and recently told sydney morning herald you guys did it near one fell sweep and i wish i could have and that deals with begun violence ask him about that being an actor and plague somebody in a film that uses guns and realize you have thoughts on gun control. this is what he had to say last night what i talked to him. >> i mean it when i say personal and emotional issue for people so we can't talk about. it
6:56 am
matt damon went on for a good minute. it's a phenomenal sound bite in regards to feels on it and hopefully have more from that in the 8 a.m. hour this morning but the answer was look a good minute, minute and a half long. we'll have more from that. and i'll try to grab an hour sleep here. see you guys in a little bit. >> setting awe couple alarlzp don't want to miss you. >> let's check in with erin and look at traffic. 6:56. >> 6:56 it's a slow roll on the oyrt loop as you make your way 95 through george abacked up traffic giving you 15 extra minutes added to portion of that drive and upper loop jammed oxon hill to 295 right now and 50 inbound and 295 southbound slow moving traffic and baltimore, washington parkway northbound jammed beltway to green belt and taking a look at d
6:57 am
in montgomery county lono drev east in bethesda as women as mcarthur you're boulevard dealing with downed trees there and edgewood and silver spring we have metro delays in addition to safe track surge five as we continue we'll check in with that. keeping you safe as we deal with the aftermath of selfie storms from last night
6:58 am
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rain, wind and hail in some spots and this morning the damming is extensive. >> and also donald trump now officially nominee for the republican party and the vote was not without a hiccup and how trump's family is playing a major role at the convention. >> and next phase of safe track begins how riders on orange and silver lines will be impacted and why are there problems along sections of track that have already been supposedly fixed and we'll try get answers for you. >> and first a live look outside on this july 20. that's pretty. white house phasing in sunshine. 2016 is the year of course weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05 good wednesday morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve steevr welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> chances are eeming ter kept you up or woke you out of your sleep a massive thunderstorm in the


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