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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 20, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, the calm c after the storm.rm. the best day of the week is onso tap but some people will spendle it picking up the damage lefte l behind by last night's strong storms.stor then the hottest weather of the year hits.arits. we'll have live report. my dad is a natural born encourage er. the last person who will ever e tell to you lower your sights or give up your dreams. dream >> making america great again.g. presumptive no donald trump is now officiallyiy the republican presidential candidate and his family helpedd push him over the top. t we got the highlights from dayrm two of the rnc including the t first campaign appearance from his daughter tiffany. ♪ and later, hollywood remember as legend.egend garry marshall the man who m w brgh
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laverne and shirley and prettyne woman has died.d. tributes are pouring from from o the stars.s good day at 9a starts right now. ♪ all right. all right. 9:01 is the time.9:s th it's official.ff we're making news great again. n with your presumptive anchors. (laughter). is wisdom martin.>> w >> we're not presumptive any any more.. >> we got the >> have we really. h >> that's a good point.. maybe >> nominees for >> we're nominees for something. holly, steve, allison we're all here again thank you for installing confidence in us andd letting us bring you the news. n >> did you write that speech?pe >> every day.>> e >> are you sure? you se >> did you take it from someone. >> i borrowed it from somebody.b >> unfortunately garry marshall is not the only loss thiss thi morning the burgundy and goldold remembering one of its biggest fans. that's chief z of the unofficial mascot we'll share memoriesem coming up a little bit i know you have some as well.e l we'v
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people this morning it seemsee like everybody that went to gamo found him and took a picture pie with him.with him. if you have some you want to y share use the #gooddaydc we'll do what we can about gettinget those out.ut >> he just loved everything.thi. game day, being out there. the >> always in a good mood. moo >> he bled burgundy and gold. >> yes, did he.d >> first at 9:00 we have got tog talk about the weather.uthe w looking pretty good out there. e today might be the best day of b the week in fact. however, we could be in store for a whole lot more hotter >> i'll take hot over crazy storms.. >> any day. >> but first talk about thekut t difference between day anden d d night, holly.ght, h this was the scene a little lesl than 12 hours ago. that's silver spring damage. heavy rain, thunder lightning strong winds blue through regi >> bob barnard is live at thet national mall with some of the w damage left behind. i knmaow you were surprised byeb what you saw when you got down
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i was afraid to walk out my door this rafters were shaking last nighta and i was afraid what i wasat is going to find outside. >> reporter: yeah, there's the still in people without powerowr not too many but some without power.powe there's this kind of stuff allna over the place.he this is, you know, just the top of a relatively small branch bub take look at this tree behind this here. h this is very big tree that isthi split open here.en her you see the insides of it if wew back up a little bit at the topt here you can see it looksoo charred over here to the top het there.he so we're wondering if this onefe perhaps got struck by lightningg but as you see a lot of this thi kind of stuff going on around here. here trees toppled by the winds. wins i mean maybe it was mike crow burst.burst. maybe it was just strong twistot tee winds as we come around herr thiindependence avenue by the w. washington monument over here.e. the tidal basin. here's another big one right ong next it to. next self in row. i if we keep coming that's bigt'ig tree. if we look at the left there's s more. kind of like in pockets, bigts,b trees were hit.
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felled around the place.round th let me show you video teape from our last hour.rast h this was a big elm tree that national park service tree crewc was cutting up.ngp this was right along the foot path in front of the museum of o american history.isry there were trees down all alongo the mall, all through upper northwest and a lot of this.fhi the cleanup it's going to be day long affair.r. we've seen national park service crews. we've seen apartment buildingntg maintenance people as you drives through some of theugme o neighborhoods cleaning upgp smaller stuff that's in front of their properties.peie but that's the story here, guys. a lot of trees down. down. a lot of branches down. dow some of them in the street, somm of them blocking some roadways still.still. there's still flood waters ass well along rock creek park as well but the streets around herr are mainly passible. cars kind of like smashing intoo some of the stuff that was along here and a lot of it did fall on the grassy medians so as you you look down here independence
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stuff but the roadways are cleae and again as we leave you justos showing you what was split openn here. here. this is an old tree that isat i greeted people coming along thet mall here for many, many years, and it's gone.on they will cut this one down andd that's the story all around thet washington area today, guys.. it caught us by surprise youise heard it whether you were up oro in bed last night and this isndt what it did.. >> who could sleep? it was w fierce. if it came through yourame ugh r neighborhood you were notod sleeping.sleeping. guaranteed call. thanks bob. check out this mess.out th this is video posted on twitterr last night by dodgers firstst baseman adrian gonzales he tooko this video you'll see it in a in second. it's water rushing waters at nationals park and the hallwaysy maybe you won't see it. i >> i guess not. guess not. isn't we saw it earlier and iera know that it's on our social soa media, but, yeah, folks just j trying to deal with the onslaught of water basically ini the hallway from the storm. unfortunately the nats lostost eight-four. they'll take on the dodgers
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starts at 7:05. 7:0 dodgers player who posted itd it good thing we just won.on then this i'm like, hmm, i thought thatuga was a mess. >> hopefully better weighly b weather for the game tonight.e e >> let's hope so. mother nature not done with usih just yet. like steve just said today isodi looking pretty good.oo rest of the week, though, i tho think we're going to be baking.. >> okay.>> o >> well, for details on thatlsnt tucker barnes is here with first check of the forecast.ast so it's going to be all good today, right, tuck? wisdom when you're walking through the t desert there's that little oas oasis -- >> that's mirage.>> >> no, oasis you t get like -- >> water hole.h >> you get to the water hole.heh plenty of water and you get a g break. >> that's today. >> okay. i'll take your word for it. i've never been to the desert. >> tomorrow is the mirage. mag >> i've never been either.her i've heard good things about it. >> 76 in washington. 72 up in west minster. miner 73 in frederick. we have low to mid 60s north and we have this morning. thisni dew point temperatures falling as well. so a cfo
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should be a mostly sunny afternoon.oon bob's live shot looks beautifult unfortunately the trees not in i good shape.od spe but as far as the sky lookingng great out there early thisarly s morning. generally quiet conditionst cono today. tonight looks good. if you want to get out and checc out the moon and then we'll start to build the heat backt tomorrow and the heat willil really be on around here by the weekend. 87 just a few clouds out thereoe today. not as hot.. keep it blow 90 for a change. tomorrow back near 90 and just s quick heads up.ick heads u friday, saturday, sunday and monday temperatures upper 90s 9s maybe we do triple digits a couple of those days. d heat index to 105, one didn't by the end of the weekend.eend. we want to start to prepare nown for an extended period of heatf for the weekend.r the w all right, guys that is thes t latest. i'm going out to chase pokemon.. >> whatever.>> wha >> back to you guys. >> he's >> it's pokemon stories. >> go get them tuck. good did you see him shuffleff off. >> i did. >> like an old dude. an dud >> old man heading outing to --
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>> mr. wiggins. >> carol burnett. >> donald trump over the top.he. he is now officially the 2016 26 gop presidential candidate.andie after yesterday's conventionvenn role call and despite some lastt minute objections from sometion republican critics, he easily el crossed the threshold to seal the steal deal. it was family affair now trump u and his team will try to unite e the party ahead of the electiono in november.r. fox's doug luzader in clevelandl with highlights particular day number two of the rnc conventioi theme today is make america first again and implicitmplici criticism of president obama's leadership but this is also als about building donald trump's image ahead of november.ovembe >> the next president of the t united states, donald trump 48 votes! s! >> as the state by state tally y progressed in the end the gopop made sure it was the new york delegation and new york delegatt donald trump, jr. hooks woulds d put the nominee over the
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>> congratulations, dad? wead love you!?ou >> trump addressed the crowd byy video. >> we will win in november.oveme thank you. >> trump's family is playingn major roll here.e. trying to soften his image andnd move passed monday nights toesos controversy. when trump'sro wife melania appeared to borough passagesassa from 2008 michelle obama speech. trump's daughter tiffanyiffa speaking of her father's suppo support. >> my dad is a natural born encourage err.e err. the last person who will everl e tell you to lower your sights oo give up your dreams. dam >> reporter: there was alsoe als plenty of red meat for the republican faithful with formerr trump rifle chris christiee firing broad sides at presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton.nt. >> actually hillary clinton hili lying to the american people about her selfish, awful judgment in make our secretsr ss vulnerable.le. what is your verdict, guilty ori not guilty? >> guilty! >> reporter: real test o gf of party unity as speaker oft
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house paul ryan took the stage.a still clearly uncomfortable wite trump as the nominee, ryan nonetheless made the case fore f winning the white house and a keeping control of congress. >> fellow republicans, what we e have have begun here let's see this thing through.ou let's win this thing.hing let's show america our best and nothing thank you, thank you.hank you. >> reporter: at today's speakers include a couple of trump rifles, marco rubio and ted mike pence will accept his party noses nomination for vpnor v cleveland, doug luzader, fox all righty.alighty. and d.c. mayor muriel bowser bse democrat is also in cleveland aa the rnc she's attending the the could and vince to try to talk republicans and advocates into t listening to her fight for states rights.hts. long-term fight to chiefohief statehood for the district ofhec mayor bowser told fox5 that shes would be interested in trying tg land either the democratic or republican convention in a
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future presidential electionleco year for a location but mayor bowser pointed out politiciansis tend to run against washingtonho in their campaigns.pans nobody is from inside the bell b way when it's time to run for office.. >> everybody wants to distancetd themselves.. >> exactly. >> they come running right onig back. >> where is my office. >> yup. >> be sure to stay with fox5 or complete coverage.e. national couldn't national convention.ention tom fitzgerald in cleveland at week.ek you can inter act with tom. t. catch our new show five at 6:300 every day its after fox5 local5l news at 6:00. >> 9:11. still ahead at nine could two legends lost and never replaced from hollywood director garryr a marshall and from right here in the dmv chief z how fans are playing tribute today.. >> later twitter answeringnsri leslie jones calls for help.el how they are fighting the coast gusts stars trolls on the socias it's now 9:11. 9:11.
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>> do i look okay.>> d >> something >> well, nothing he is is goingi to fit into this dress. dress i'll tell you that. >> maybe something in this box. i don't want to you get tthoo excited. it's only on loan.. >> owe!>> owe! (laughter). >> classic scene.ssic scene. clip from pretty woman the movie that made julia roberts aober hollywood star. this morning, we are remembering the man who brought it to life.l on the big screen. scr we are talking about garry marshall rider, direct, produc producer, actor, a true legendeg in hollywood.. he really could do it all. marshall directed many americani classics on the big screen.he b. in addition to pretty woman he was also behind beaches, three t hankie movie, run away bride bri principle sense diaries on the small screen happy days, laverne and shirley, mork and m
9:16 am
list does goes on and on. o he began his entertainmentme career in the 1960s sellingel jokes to comedians before moving to writing sketches for theiahee tonight show with jack par in i new york. yk marshall also had memorable on screen he used his hometown accent and gruff delivery and colorful supporting roles like practicall minded cassone faux boss in lof in america and a networkrk executive in soap dish.p in january 1979 marshall had three of the top five comediesed on the air with happy days which ran from 1974 to '84.. then laverne and shirley which went from foss '76 to '83 starred his sister penny martiai and cindy williams who has beene guest here on good day and morkk and mindy with then newcomer robin williams.. >> spin offs.n offs >> classics. >> from the original happy days. >> hen row wing lore known as a fonzie from happy days tweeted, larger than
9:17 am
most and wis the definition of a friend. garry marshall rest in peace. thank you for my professionalnal life -- >> ron howard tweeted his h sentiments saying, rest in peaca garry marshall who humor and humanity inspired he was a world class boss and mentor whose creativity and leadership meanta a ton to me.e. >> that's really sweet when you see some of the household namesm and we all remember like, youiky know, i'm probably the one who remembers the most like those, , they first got their start. stat like when the fonz was cool andn when, you know, and so he waso e the man behind that. tha for them,/what do you mean thean fonz was cool? isn't he stillll cool, allison.. >> the fonz is.s. (laughter).ter) >> but cool to see them pay p homage really heartfelt.eartfe so it's really so sweet.we >> talk about his loyalty you ly can see that.n s sticking with a lot of peopleote over the years.over the >> over and over and over. yanoe >> continue tore war those whoto work hard for him. >> definitely. >> big hollywood legend loss. 9:17 right now. now. back here at home, redskins rsk
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of super fan chief-zee. the 75-year-old passed away away yesterday.yeerda now, everybody new him chief-zee his real name was seem maa williams.ll last night many fans gathered at fed ex fan to honor unofficialfc mascot for the team.ea chief-zee attend almost everyose home game since 1978. he said he only missed four andr those were because of funerals.l now you know if you we were to t game you could not miss himiss because he always donned that ta outfit tucker and i found himou many times over the year. the ya the most recent time before thee giants game last november whenrn chief was hanging out with us au our tailgate. he was induct flood the super fans wing of the pro football fo hall of game in canton ohio.nt o we asked for your pictures a lot of people tweeting us picturests earlier with chief-zee he wanted to run through a few. few so let's just go ahead and rolld through a few of everybody. eveo the nice thing with chief was he was always nice enough to flash that smile and just
9:19 am
loved being as he felt a part oo the team itself. iel now, he was in that scooter for couple of years, and. and >> i loved that. loved hail to the chief. >> yup.>> yup. yup. before last season when he was in there in the scooter he was t like, i have good days, ooh it t have bad days. bad ds. then when we saw him again thisi past november toward the end ofd the season he said i'm feeling f really good.rely g >> oh, good. >> interesting.>> i was just reading a little bitl about him.about him you would just assume he's, youu know, homer, right, he's like ae georgia guy.a g >> is that right?at r? >> group share crop per used toe pick cotton back in his hometown and then i guess came and justnd adopted the city and everything with it.wi it. >> you know what's interesting he was really good friends witht a similar type fan in there was like a super fan f >> um-hmm. >> and see he used to always goo to the game when it was there te and to see his friend but also a cheer on the redskins overve dallas hopefully.opefly those but one of the times he missed d home game because he women to the funeral of the super fan in dallas. >> just really a c
9:20 am
character. >> that's right. >> didn't take the all -- took - it seriously.. >> yeah. >> i had chance to meet with him about six years ago at a ago a fundraiser and all the footballl players were like you said he was such a nice guy. he was in a good mood.d m he was sick at the time because he was having all these heaeclth issues but he was in good moot mooter. he was so gracious.raci just overall nice guy. >> joy.. >> joyful. >> loved football and loved whad he was >> video clip you saw i tooku wi that in november, too. nember, t i showed you some of the otherer clips. he was dance aig round with alca the young kids.ids. >> doing the stank key leg. >> stank, stank., sta >> had peaceful passing.g. his status with the team and redskins fans was legendary.enry >> that's right.s rig. >> absolutely. >> 9:20. coming up another police department in mourning and out of this world exhibits right here in d.c. celebrating an american who are row and talk about team work.m w we'll show you how somee bystanders helped save a a driver's live when check in with what else is making headlinesean coming up u nex >> i love those stories.e those i'm sorry, everybody, taylor
9:21 am
swift calling bs on kim and kanye west that is.that we'll go live to tmz for thehe exclusive.clusiv. ♪ ♪ exclulife's sharing a meal. ♪ ♪ and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event.
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life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. >> back right now. i'll tell you what we have fveloping story for you comingy out of northwest d.c. d.c live pictures from sky fox overo construction site.onite. actually this is t i this is route 198 in laurel.n le talking about neighborhood indn d.c. wh
9:24 am
the -- military ordinancesrdinan that's what they're looking forr in laurel right now around 198. apparently crews found oldou military ordinance much there's no indication there's any dang danger, but because of what they found, 198 is closed now between route 32 and 295. 2 so just heads up if you're in'r the laurel area and you seeou se activity.vity. that's what it is thatat'shat apparently somebody found don'tt know exact along it was theylona found but some type of olde of ordinance and taking every precaution necessary.ry >> yup. y >> all right.>> allight 94:00. erin como is back with check ofk the other stories making m headlines this morning. morni >> thank you very much, wisdommo much excuse me.muxcuse first up we're expected that exh learn more today about theoday t deadly shooting of a police aol officer in kansas city. captain robert milton were you shot and killed in his car yesterday while searching foreai shooting spect the gunman was arrested shortly after the officer was shot buttt authorities do not believe theie shooting was connected to the recent fatal police shootings ii dallas
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next up new cases of of advanced prostate cancer in the united states have increasedas significantly in the past deca decade. in 2013 the number of men withrw cancer that had advanced to thet other organs in the body was 72% higher than it was in 2004. 200 researchers they're not sure ifr prostate cancer is getting morer aggressive but say fewer men are now being screened.ned it was 47 years ago today td that we lapped on the happy anniversary.iverry and tomorrow to mark thattomorra historic moment astronaut neal armstrong's gloves and helmetme from that mission will go ono display right here in d.c. at dc the smithsonian museum. museu pieces from armstrong's space'sa suit are on display at the air t and space museum.. udvar haas see center in center chantilly. they will be on display forbe on about year if you want to make the trip over and check them o out. final al group of strangers inan south carolina jumped 92 actiona and saved a man's live when his convertib
9:26 am
take look at this the man's car violently flipped upside down. trapping him inside as the gas tank began leaking that's quite a crowd there.a that's when the good samaritanin jumped 92 action workingin together to jerk the car right side up and get this the driver miraculously unharmed andmean obviously extremely grateful for the help.e hel thank god those folks were there and ale to jump 92 action andum2 really do something nice.ethingn we need more good stories lickrl that. >> isn't it. >> my goodness. >> you know what i love about io shows the best of us.s. >> yes. y >> you know what i mean.ou >> for sure.or se. perfect. >> no injuries much. much >> it wasn't his time. >> right. r >> still ahead on good dayn good mother nature going to extremegt from last night's heavy rain too tomorrow's temperatures that could be pushing triple digits g and stay there for couple ofoupo days. tucker will be back with theh t details coming up. u >> first, though, why the latest
9:27 am
could mean some of the mostsomem frustrating rides yet. y >> and fresh at 10a go-go legends in the house.ouse. backyard band will be live inli the hoping you'll join them whennm they team up with some other wie local music heff vo waits foror the lifestyle summer fest. f we'll bring you the detail anl live performance coming up.g u ♪ ♪
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>> he brought great energy togh our team. we'll miss you. people continuing to zen ust picturesin with chief-zee. he's definitely going to begoino missed and fondly rememberedre just one day after his passing. >> i'm curious what pictures hee might have at his everybody has a picture theyicty took with him. >> you know joe gibbs.. >> joe's theissman entire tir hall -- all the hall of famers. >> yeah.>>h >> all right. okay. it is the fifth go around bo the way for metro safetrack safa surge. now this phase is for the orange and silver lines.ver les. >> erin como has been followingi this the entire time.e tim this has been going on.n ing o all the drama taking place outlo there. so erin, what's going on now? n? >> well, right now i can tellel you since today was the firstst day it kicked in, atypicalcal commute because of the storm cheap up and afterthmath heavy h rain in moved in yesterday. so we had really messy and really packed morning commuteori around the dmv. so i think tomorrow we'll get ag better sense of how this will wl impact traffic on the roads. but just keep in mind continu
9:31 am
single tracking between east eas falls church and ballston on tht orange and cellarer lines.nes. orange line trains running every 18 minute and adding additionala trains but anticipate pa lot ofo crowded conditions on platformss and on trains. tins. i say get an early start. sta trains running every 18 minutess on the silver line at a 10:00 o'clock at night systemigs wide every train will be running every 20 minutes. if you want to it void thoseho crowded conditions alternates for you maybe take metro bus,us consider fairfax connector, anya question at erin fox5 on twitter.te help you plan your alternate.te. anticipate those owd crow crowdd conditions and give yourselfel extra time. safetrack surge five will be ine place until the 31st. >> delays on the blue linee between east malls church and ballston knowledge alertsno ale currently for the rhett of your metro commute.mute we got you covered as safetrackf surge five starts to settle ints the area. back to you in the loft. >> fox5's melanie alnwick is at
9:32 am
the east falls church metroh m station to find out how ridersir are coping with this latest l surge. su mel? >> reporter: guys. guy from what i observed thisd this morning things were pretty goodd i was surprised at how calm andd almost nonchalant most of thehe riders we saw this morning were. shuttle bus stop here probably not as utilized as it could havl been or maybe should have been. this is just one hop over, andra seemed like most riders wereerse going to take their chances onho the platforms and when we wenten up there, we saw that they werer very very crowded.. really those warning signs, theh were telling the truth as far ar letting customers know that theh were going to be packed platforms and very crowdedwd trains. those or raffle and silver lines riders from virginia going into d.c. there is two more weeks of thist very long and crowded commuteomu surge five as erin says means continuous single trackingin betw
9:33 am
ballston.ballston 18 minutes on average between trains but we did cecil very v line train that was stopped sppd there for good 20 minutes pluseu while it was waiting for more of the orange line trains to come c in before it could leave the lvt station again. again now this is the second go around for this segment.egnt surge one happened to start herr on june 4th on track this project is taking place onn track two.wo. the work is going to lasto l through the month.. now, riders they seem pretty chill. very quite as they waited forter trains i'm talked with one whoko had been out of the country forr while and had no idea even what safetrack was. and another who learned how to t deal with the disruptions. >> it's work that has to be hast done. i mean, so we just have to putpt up with the maintenance so the system runs well in the future.r so it's necessary.essary >> i think the main strategyateg just to leave early.arly just to leave early. you know unite wait an average a of 30 to 40 minutes just leave early and you get there.e.
9:34 am
i used it to.i ust i went through phase one. one phase two now.ow i'm metro rail delayed passeng passenger. >> reporter: there of course is a lot of work to be done row placing the rail ties, thewo rai insulators making sure the power cables and boots will pass inspection.insp when this is all done guys only 10 more surges to go.e g back to you. isn't we're like a third of thee way there then.way there t >> there you go.>> look at the positives. thanks mel.thanks mel. silver lining. so tucker barnes is out on o the road.the >> he is getting in on it. i p. >> i mean everybody is doing it. pokemon go too. >> he is.>> he is. need add little help.p. >> little brother mikey is m driving right now while tucker searches for the poke men as he says. >> do you see one? o >> you got -- i got one rightigt here, my first one!! >> okay. toss the ball.he bal get him. >> you have to get him.ou have . you have to roll the ball. t throw the ball.throthe b >> roll the ball up at it.
9:35 am
>> did you get him? >> no i keep missing. >> mike weir out of balls.alls we're almost out of balls. >> you ruined my ball supply. >> issue. issue. >> how do we get more balls?? >> okay. wee got you.t y. >> it's going well, tuck.k. >> off to great start it hookstk like. apparently -- you got >> you have to buy more balls is order to catch the wild eveninge >> you didn't get him. h >> he's not very good.very goo >> i got him! there you go. >> you have to fling it just right. >> he jump out. >> hey, guys, the bottom linem n we're headed out to fairfax cunn tee they have all day more thon, 12-hour marathon of poke men. >> -- pokemon. >> we'll walk out in field andnd chase these wild creatures. cres i'm a little skeptical on my way out mike assured
9:36 am
more fun than catching a wildd onyx with a rainbow hair band. n >> this will be the time of youo life. i promise you.i pse y >> oh, my gosh. >> can you just put on your carc began sweater and your old glasses.gls. i mean, i don't think you could be more cot chet tee. chet t >> i'm not going to lie if youiu guys. i used to go to the park for tor other reasons and it wasn'tt was chasing these guys. >> you were chasing somethinge else i'm sure. >> back in my day.ay. >> um-hmm. >> all right.ig >> back to ticker's day you hadd to walk fief tow miles uphill to catch a pokemon. pokemon. >> in the cold.>> i >> bare foot. you know what allison, you guysg all need to come out poke manhunting with me tomorrow now. >> you learn how to pronounce it correctly we'll join >> you get the game right.he ger >> thanks tucker.hanks thanks, mike.ks, mike >> this thing is just -- we're ' not done >> sorry. >> okay. you know what, this wild ebe is taunting me right now. n hey, going to be beautiful day.. temperatures in the mid to uppeo 80s this aerno lots and lots of sunshine.ine. low humidity.
9:37 am
forecast teaches a lot of heat.h if you're goining to out pokemon -- >> pokemoning you want to do ito today. ter this weekende .eed a lot of i don't think conditions will bn ideal for catching wild ebe this weekend, guys.ens. back to you.. >> a break from the heat.ea >> i'm so impressed by tucker tc barnes right now.rnes >> are you wisdom? are you.. >> impressed is the word youed would use. >> that's the word i'm i going o go.go he's out pokemoning right now. >> don't distract mike. mik he has a job to do.o. >> yes. good luck! >> right.>> 9:37 is our time. t we have more developing news ono good day. d black lives matter protesterss are right now demonstrating in d.c. d. they are blocking streets near n union station.tion bob barnard just arrived on thee scene.sce. bob, what can you tell us? >> reporter: holly, this iss massachusetts avenue and fourtht street n you can see they've got line ofe people across the street, and you've got dc police and capital police directing traffic aroundd
9:38 am
passed them. so it appears that the policehep are obviously allowing this to o happen. it is near the nationalatiol headquarters for the fraternalrn order of police, and joining uss is one of the protest organizerr clarese. tell me what this is all about >> yes, we are shutting downng d this is actually the legislativi office of the national of the n headquarters for the from ahero testimony order of police and this is where legislation islats born to criminalize black bodiee and protect killer cops we'reopw saying no legislation will be born today.od. >> so this is a black livesslack matter and another group you mentioned?ntne >> i'm with byp100. >> byp100 what does that stand for. for. >> black youth project 100.ct 1 >> i gotcha. did i hear something you'll beoi here if while.. you hope to be, is that right.a. >> we will be here for as longha as we can. and we are going to state for 28 hours for the 28 hours that mikk brown laid in the street. see >> you said 28 hours.. >> yes. >> i heard you mentioning thattt earlier you plan to tri to be it here for 28 hours at least for right now. it looks like police areolicre allong
9:39 am
street. this is again cars are coming cm around here some are honkingki obviously not too happy about ao this because if you went iyou straight in on mass of a you'd d head to union station andtationd downtown. so this is at fourth street.tree so basically this is mass avenue between fourth and third streets northeast is blocked, and as far as you know the police, we're w just getting here i haven't beeb able to speak to the policeol they're allowing you to do thisi have they threatened arrests oro anything. >> no, they have not. h not and we are out here and we haveh the right to be out here. and we will stay here. >> reporter: usually theyy don't allow people to continua continually block street even if you have a permit they'll tellyt to you keep moving or we'll riss arrests. we've only been here few hereew minutes, guys.nutes,uy i've not heard anyone on a bulll horn warning these folks they'rs risking arrest.ri they're outside the legislative headquarters for the fraternal order of police.olic for right now mass of a right as you approach union sta
9:40 am
closed by a prove protest heree on capitol hill northeast d.c. >> it will be interesting bob. . the right to peaceful protest pe exist an very important right we all share. see what you can find out police about brock blocking a publica b roadway and how long they mightt let that happen.let thappen. >> absolutely. >> so viewers and commuters canc get better idea twos what's wha' happening there.ha >> reporter: we will. w wil >> thanks, buddy.. 9:40. still ahead in the fox beatheade taylor swift says this is bs. apparently, i lost my in with w lady gaga. now i'm like wisdom. when chris put something in there for wisdom to read, and then he's just like --ike -- >> it's all about me. >> make it about me now. me now but it's cool.buts cool. we'll go live to tm so much for the details coming up next. it's 9:40. 9:40.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> fox beat time. let's get the scoop from hollywood. topping today's fox beat moreor fallout from the kim bay taylory feud, lady gaga bad romance andd a rogers family riff exposed bub where else on the bachelorette.t we turn to our man in hollywood tmz dax hot life out of la. of good morning.. >> hello. h good morning.go >> so we cannot wait to hear the update on kimye and tay tay. >> well, you know here's theouhe deal.
9:44 am
basically. she said that she thought she s was having a private conversation with kanye that she did not know she was on speaker phone.on. and the difference here innce hi california is if you'ref recording someone and they think it's a private conversation, iti is against the law it's actuallt a fell honey. there has to be that expectation of however the only problem in herr case is that rick rubin is inin the room.thoom. she clearly hears him joining in the conversation jumping inmpinn quiet few times. so that would kind of take awaye your expectation of privacyva which would mean that there's te probably not going to be any criminal prosecution for kanye n but she still feels like she has some ax to grind with this and t she may or may not go forwardord with some kind of lawsuit here.r that's still on the fence. >> hiphop legend rick ruben i was wonder hook that was in thao video.k i didn't recognize.ognize they are never ever ever getting back together.ogether >> you're so funny, al.'r fun >> i've been waiting for 24 for2 hours to say that.ay tha >> you never know.ou
9:45 am
>> they became friends once o before this a lot after legalerl dealings. we'll wait and andee. >> okay. speaking of split ups right now, taylor kenny lady gaga we knew they were going in different die directions. do we have any idea why and also i dax i have to say the picture oo her getting out of the truckru that's on your website would not have recognized her in that that picture. >> she looks so normal, right. r but here's the her and taylor kinney haveyav called off their engage many aty least for now. they have broken up. but it may not be forever atever least according to her.t ac we did break this storyhi sto yesterday the two had called off their engagement she was out ono his birthday walking around malibu in that photo she was not wearing her engagement ring anyy longer.. that big who are shaped diamondd ring. but she did post after our story went out she posted look for non we're taking a break.. who knows where our paths willas go down the road.heoa keep us in your minds and maybe once -- maybe they'll get backet they have not fallen out of lovo
9:46 am
they just are not together right now. >> they were together for longgl time. like four years. years. >> i've years years i think. >> five years. >> okay. we wish them the best.h i like them together.oghe >> we will see what happensat he there. finally let's talk a little boob its football meets reality showo aaron rodgers this has been bee building and building perhapser we've now reached a new audiencc if nothing else with the rogers family rift.t. >> yeah. clearly they're not gettingtheyr along and all ofe their family laundry was aired out on thenhe bachelorette, you know, jordann rodgers one of the contestantshc and that show and they broughtyg up aaron's name quite a fewe a w times during the show. now that they're doing hometownt visit joe joe goes back therek and it is chris cal clear theart familiar still not talk to aaror very much.ry sounds like it's been couple ofe years, but the best part was w that they sat down at table the dinner table and they left twowo open spots and you see theee the camera keep panning over to these two empty cir
9:47 am
they're like, well, really wishh aaron could have made it backt c for his.. so awkward they are making it so apparent that he and the family are not getting along whatsoev whatsoever. >> that should help patch thingi up throw it all out on there reality tv. t >> public shaming. >> should be running right backg home. >> brothers shouldn't fights sht brothers. >> no, they shouldn't. >> dax, thank you very we do appreciate you janokes thi morning as always.morning of course, you can catch all the tm steve details the show airsh weekdays at 3:00 and 6:30 right here on fox5. yes, my connection with ladyitly gaga is not broken if they do d stay together.ogether. i had little taylor --aylor >> steve and taylor biffle. bifl >> that's a huge stretch butut contacted before. (laughter).(laughter) >> that second chair was for owf live 81munn. >> exactly.>> exactly. >> aaron rodgers guest.. >> yes. i don't locate to see --locate >> i think he's okay with thes a pain, you know, if he's got herh by his s
9:48 am
>> i think aaron and olivia area just fin >> they'll be okay. >> 9:47 is the time. time. coming up next what do we haveoe coming up next? >> twitter. >> after leslie jones comeseslim under attack from racist trollss and now the blogger they bannede has a message for the socialocl network. we'll have the full story cominc up next.up ♪
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one hero was on a mission to pasave snack time., watch babybel in e great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
9:51 am
>> you get a car and and you gea a car. and you get a car. ha, ha.a. >> you didn't disclose theose te vehicle was going to be hearse. >> i'm sorry. my uncle owns funeral not an enterprise rent a car. >> hope you checked to see thers wasn't a body in the back. >> 9:51. new details out actress lesliees jones fight against racistac twitter users. users. twitter is cracking down on twitter trolls. allison you were talking about t this story yesterday.toryeste >> yeah. >> so how did all this start?ta >> it started after leslie jones wrote emotion tweet about the hurt put and racist comments iso he received from twitter users.e people were talking justt horribly about her look. they were comparing her to aingo gorilla for her role in the neww
9:52 am
just hateful awful speech.ech. well, she just couldn't believee all this hate she was gettinget for simply acting in movien m really simply existing in moviem she wrote i feel like i'm in i personal i didn't do anything to deservee it's just too much.'s jt to it shouldn't be like this.'t bee so hurt right now.ow in another tweet she reached out to twitter for help which to mee is really that to me is really sad -- somebody help me here. she said she twitter ceo jackeoj dorsey responded asking her to message him with a tweets were w so bad she decided to get all twitter altogether.oget culprit behind all these racist tweets was this man mile low i l don't know in that plus with the twitter name at nero n-e-r-o.-o. technology editor at sightig bright he encourage his followers to bombard jones with these hateful tweets. tweets in his tweets directed at jonesn he calls her barely literate ant he accused her
9:53 am
playing the victim.ine v now because of his actionsct twitter is banned him permanen permanently and taking actionct against twitter harassment.t. so in statement twitter wrote " "this type of a abuse seive a behavior is not permitted on twitter and we have taken actiot on many of the accounts reportee to us by both leslie and others. said spokesperson for twitter. t it goes on to say, we rely onel people to roar this type ofype o behavior to us but we're continuing to invest heavily in improving our tools and enforcement systems to prevent e this kind of we realize we still have lot ofo work in front of us beforeef twitter is where it should be oo how we handle these issues.sess twitter is not alone.lone twitter just the one in the spotlight right now. she's quit which i was like -- i hate -- i hate it. >> it seems like you letik y somebody else win.lse w. >> right. >> i understand taking a break for a little bit. >> especially -- >> you make change and making an difference.difference >> to tanned there and seenn the
9:54 am
>> hopefully she does.eful she >> in the meanwhile this guy says twitter made a dumbb decision.cion >> the guy who encouraged this --this >> twitter made a dumb decision and they're going to regret it. >> i want to know how hew continues to keep his jo. if you are openly encouraging latest racism who wants to wants employee this person. t >> i agree. right.right and so i think there's no room for it. >> fallout and backlash fromklhf this and put him out of businesn because this is insane.s insane for him to go on there and encourage 300,000 people for non reason at all because a black ab person is in a movie.. >> big dummies to do tdo i >> do not even know this persono >> come on, really? stop it.t >> something bad will happen ton him because you karma is a -- >> yup. y. >> um-hmm. >> it will get you. >> 9:54 right now.>>4 r now so tucker barnes, mike thomas, set off from the station while w ago on search.n searc >> a pokemon go search. >> search for a couple of thin things. search for mostly cloudy mon anm a search for tucker to find his founta
9:55 am
>> it might be easier to fineasn the pokemon go characters.racts. >> we'll check in with them and see how the progress icks goingg hopefully they'll find a placena where you can find pokemon all day with many other people doing the same exact thing 12 hour marathon.raon look up every now and again anda meet someone.omeone. >> stipulate. >> never mind. >> you know who did meetw whoidt someone? our own kevin mccarthy he's in vegas and happened toapd hang a little bit with matt damon. da because the new jason bourneon u movie is we'll hear from him about that.. >> you know who we'll hang witht later on, though. thoug >> whose that, wis. w >> those guys right over there. >> right here right now.. >> we'll hear music coming up.ig there is pretty lady over theree i see all the guys. gs i didn't her over there.r she's hiding in the background.n i see you.e >> can we fit five more members of the band in >> we need a bigger loft.igger . >> that's right. >> first though coffee time onn good day d cru if you want the e coffee mug of the day we havee e the new dunkin' donuts good day d.c. mug to give away.ive a go to
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>> stories, hot topic the bestho bands all ahead on the 10a.ahea >> the must see moments youen y never know what will happen whee ross matthews joins us live he has lot to dish including thatda taylor swift kanye >> also at 10a kevin mccarthy mr travels to las vegas for yourory local exclusive with matt damonn what he has to say about his new jason bourne action thriller.ctl >> and live in the loft, gete in ready to get down. dow all right
10:00 am
backyard band is here andd they're ready to rock right here in the loft.he l we'll tell you how you can seeae them this weekend.thhi >> what other morning show givew you all this? that's good g question.ques get down! i'm going to tell youl at the 10a because it startsrt right now!! >> ♪ yeah are it's original.rigi good day d.c. ♪ >> i told you they were going tg get down. >> you were right.ere right >> i told you they were going tg get down! (laughter).(laughter >> get down!!
10:01 am
band every e live music to kick things off.. get things starred that way.haty >> gives good energy. i thought maybe you need addd throat loss searches.rches. any time they come in here you have to get down.veget >> get down! >> anybody can get down.own >> of course. >> you got to be able to get down!down >> d.c. style.le >> that's another story. sry >> great start to the hour.. thanks for staying with us for f the 10a.the 10a. i'm steve alongside allison,iso, holly and wisdom.isdo they'll perform the full performance coming up later on.. don't miss that.don'miss t >> more importantly we'll tell l how you can see them thism thi weekend. love it. love it, we got to get newset nw right now.ght get to what is happening in then district. a protest in northeast with demonstrators pledging to blockb streets near union station foror the entire day and more and it'' not just cars they're blocking.n some have formed a barrier foror even pedestrians to get throughh black lives matter is just one of the groups taking part todayd let's go back out now to our bob barnard who's there live at mass and third northeast. looks like maybe tensions ares
10:02 am
bob. good morning. >> reporter: hey g morning g mni allison. well, what they're basically bal saying they don't want anybodybo to go down massachusetts avenueu this is massachusetts they arett blocking. we're actually at fourth streett massachusetts avenue betweenaveb fourth and third street closer e to union station is blocked and you see they're also holdingooli hands and blogging the sidewalk. video taped we showed gentleman who wanted to go down thed o don sidewalk and these people arehee saying no, you're not going doww the what you're looking at here aree members of a couple differentnt groups. yes, black lives matter but by byp100 youth group here, and they are on the property at thee corner here of the national nato fraternal order of police.e their legislative offices he weh come down the sidewalk he seeal one of those people has a laddee here like an 8-foot laddert la chained to it and some of thee e others have put like bicycle locks around their next andext d chained that also.o. lock to this ladder blocking tht entrance to the fop offices herr with basically saying that the fop lobes for legislation thatt protects killer polic
10:03 am
that's some of the thingshe tng they've been yelling and they say they want to be b here for 28 hours which they sae is how long michael brown lay oo the street of per gus son s missouri after he was killed and you see one of the on the signss here you see the sign here indira to the right. rig stop fop wanted in the aiding oo black people.k peoe. i have pone to d.c. police youiy wonder why are they allowing aln them to just continually block this street and also the the sidewalk. sidewa what the senior police dc police mp commander on the scene said d the traffic patterns here aren'' greatly affected. affected. that they're going to give theme some time.e. they're thinking the police aren thinking maybe the heat willl eventually dissipate this crowdd but the people here, this ladysd said not going to the few people that are here,rer you guys are willing to stay as long as -- >> as long as it takes.akes fop was willing to stay outy o there mike brown bled on the ground as long as they did.. hey, we're going what needs to be done.on >> employees say that they willl if this
10:04 am
they will warn them and they might make arrests but the t officer here said that this isha kind of what these people wantpn is to be arrested and get on tho news that way. way so they're going to allow them to continue this blockade of massachusetts avenue just a feww blocks from union station andtad the u.s. capitol. and see how it goes. goe but again some of these people here are saying they'll be outye here for a long time so eventual something will come to head youh would imagine.woul again dc police saying no harm is being done, yes, as we whipe to the back here you'll seeou indira right behind us you see e the police here.eere. dc police presence is here h directing traffic around this ti blockade. again, you see this officerhis i waving some people are honking.onking it is inconveniencing someenci people and some people are ge getting mad that these guysuy aren't allowing people to walk t down the sidewalks but policeol are allowing that to happen.ap telling people to use the otherr sidewalk here behind us. u to get to where they're going. g so there is a police presencee here but again they're allowingg this protest to continue in i light of all that's going on ino the
10:05 am
let these people come out hereut don what they want to do. wto d and again, this is again againsn the fop which has some officeses right here at fourth and mass avenue and that's why they've te pick this place and again policl saying they'll let it go at loso for while and we'll see how s h things go, guys.. >> okay.>> what we're looking at again ain video from earlier, right. right bob when i was leading in to you it does seem to be peaceful asfl far as them staning there in thn street. the video showed a bit more m tension. >> reporter: well, and that happens.pp i'll tell you we'll keep walkinl down here. and the few people that are that actually blocking the sidewalk w here at fourth and massachusetts avenue are telling -- there werr tourists who walked by right byr before coming on and they said s sorry you can go down theno dowe sidewalk. you going to the other way the tourists are okay, fine, we'llil go around. aro there was a gentleman who waseno like, no, this is my sidewalkidk and i'm going and these guys g wouldn't let him. and the police aren't stoppingns it. at least not for now because bec there is a sidewalk across theos y
10:06 am
but, yeah, not everybody isbody taking it well.el but it's been fairly peaceful.f. >> bob, on the other side is its just one block or half block b that's block off? we can seeane obviously where you are. are but as you look further down tht street there to the right of thh camera, how far down is its it blocked off again on the otherhr end? >> well, no.o. it actually is because thesehese people are here in thise inhis crosswalk at fourth street,k police areat blocking third st street. >> gotcha.a. >> the police are not letting people drive here there was thee there would be a problem whenbem the cars got here and they'll t' have to turn around.d there's third street with d.c. d police blocking that off so o people don't get caught here. h is this 300 block off massachusetts avenue northeast that is blocked.ed again, just a few blocks east oo union station not far from the o us capitol. >> out of abundance of cautionfo nobody wants to pedestrian totro get hit or protester.ster >> go ahead, bob. >> reporter: people blockinge bn the entrances here to the --he they got another ladder an flaga here so they're
10:07 am
shutting down this townhouse ate the corner here which is the ono of the headquarters of the national so they've kind ofti occupied -- saying occupy fop which is what they're doing and also blockingk this street. strt. >> all right. bob barnard will stay down there and keep an eye on uls for thus. 10:00 sorry seven. let's check what else is trending now on this wednesdayed morning.mornin get to the republicant national convention right nowtoo where delegates made itet official. donald trump nominated as the nd gop's next presidentialde outside of the convention hall the day was mark by demonstrations tense in many ways in the man streets of cleveland including some clashes with police. pol a number of protesters were carrying guns. gun. today texas senator ted cruz ana florida senator marco rubioub scheduled scheduled to addressl the convention.onventn indiana governor mike fens willl formally accept this party nomination for vp1 hoost hoo highlights during the first f night was donald trump entrance to queen song we are there te champions. turns out queen never gaveer g permission to use that song to
10:08 am
trump and this is the second ths time the trump you've the songhn and both times the band said we did not give permission to useio it don't use our music in association with your campaignig real talk of the night was melania's speech controversy.try late night tv had little fun with it. >> any way it's been a great a g convention so far. last night was fantastic. fantat it was huge. (laughter). >> did you see melania? she stole the show literally. >> i don't think mrs. trump istm to fall at all.t a i think her speech writers areta to blame and yet no one has loss their jobs. if only there was someone in the trump campaign who enjoyed firing people.eople. i don't know.i d (laughter). >> at the convention last nights as you may know was mel lane ya trump she gave the speech ofpeeo michelle obama's live last nig night. >> late night comics having at field day with speech gate. gate controversy stirred up after mem lane land ya trump seemed to se have plagiarized a few lines of her convention speech from my smell obama's 2008
10:09 am
wild scene in hollywood.od somebody built a miniature walll around donald trump's walk of of fame.fa it's a powerful one.. complete with barbed wire on the top. top. all over trump's promise to to build a border between theetwe united states and mexico. >> how does somebody do that ana not get caught? that's pretty -- unless there are stare all over.. >> block a street or sidewalk s you just do >> sit there and do it. >> they let do you it.t you >> okay.>> >> all right.>> >> pretty creative i'm must sayy listen if you are over or certain age, then these next twx show openings are going to brini back memories and instantly taky you back to your youth.. ♪ >> backyard band sing and right now. happy days simpler times, theest fonz, the cunninghams. oh, yeah, hay.ay >> who can forget this iconic io opening as as myis
10:10 am
practice this one. i'm pretty sure laverne and shee was shirley. shi she was was the goods doo good goodie. the genius behind those two legendary shows and many more m garry marshall passed away fromo complications from pneumonia.ia he was 81 years old. o he began his entertainmenttain career in the 1960s telling jokes -- selling jokes tookes t comedians before moving writingi sketches to the tonight show tow jack par in new york. yor. he had on screen performances and used his hometown accent and colorful supporting rules like a practical minded cassone know boss in loft in america and a aa crass networking executive in soap in january 1979 marshall hadha three of the top five comedies on the air with happy days which ran from '7 '74 to '84. laverne shirley starred histarrh sister penny martial and cindydy williams and mork and mindy witt then newcomer robin williams.. >> caress me with your eyes. >> henry winkler best
10:11 am
scene tweeted larger than life,f funnier than most, wise and and definition of a friend.ri garry marshall rest in peace. thank you for my professionalssa life, thank you your loyalty and friendship and generosity.. ryan howard said... >> we didn't even mention hisis big screens.ns >> right.>> rig >> pretty woman, princess >> legendary movies. >> iconic. i forget in pretty woman do they end up married at the end? e >> are you asking me? you ag m >> no, they don't get married. d no, no, no.o do they go off. off. >> she's in the window and hen o comes down in the limousine with the flowers and he's out of theo top the guy on the street everybody has a dream.ream he's like princess vivian.n. princess vivian.ivian >> then they roll the credits. >> aww. >> just like officer an oer an gentleman.gema >> same thing. >> that man.hat m
10:12 am
>> don't get me started onete sa beaches be a long long story.. >> don't bring up beaches. >> how matt damon justifies hiss role as a gun toting killingng machine in jason bourne althougo his real life persona talkingalg about gun roll advocate. kevin sat down with the the hollywood star and they goty serious talking about this.s. he'll join us live coming up.inu >> more drama for kimye andorime taylor.ta new details about the next generations of carryings and and maybe the weirdest story we'vetw ever had to do on the good day d celebrity dish. dish. it's got to be crazy if it's the craziest one we've ever done don thanks to gwyneth paltrow.altrow we'll talk about it.bout it. time now 10:12. we're back in a moment.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
♪ >> guess what time it is?ss >> what time is it, charlie w? (laughter). >> wisdom and his angels. >> good day celebrity dish time. let's go. >> all right.ll r. oh, me. >> yes. y >> come on angels.esome >> another update on kimyen versus tay tay swift. swi >> your favorite story. sry >> i'm just kind of over it.t ain't pierce team kardashiansh west will mott face criminal prosecution for the secrete sece recording in which taylor swifti here's all about the song famouu because swift had no expectatioi of privacy.vacy so that's legal ease, right? r
10:16 am
>> here's why, wis. in h california, if someone records a quote confidentialfida communication and the otherti ad party does not know it's being i taped, it's a crime. but, confidential communication does not include conversationsio that quote may be overheard.ea so here's why that's important. if you listen to the full tape, you clearly know that there's another person in the room.he ro it's clear that taylor knew shee was being overheard.rhea as a result, it is clear that ct kanye did not violate the law by recording it.g it. >> that's actually interestingtu to me. >> agreed. >> gnaw something i reallyw learned from ridiculous story.oy >> who knew? k >> everything has its purpose is the world.. >> including kim kardashiann recording conversation. >> if you know you're being overheard, you can record it. >> props to the guys for theor t dramatic reading yesterday.este. it's op facebook if you want toy kheck the out.chec >> of course that's not all fora that drama.ra >> oh good. >> mural of taylor swift has apa pedestrian on wall in melbournee australia.
10:17 am
26-year-old singer -- why is- wi there talking? >> i don't >> it has been branded as disgusting after sparking outrage across social media.ed if why? >> so it seems deems the badhead blood singer dead. >> oh! >> it has dates on it there.te >> that is ugly.. no comment from taylor but the twist tees are calling for -- fr i'm not swift tee. >> i'm not eat.>> i not eat >> i don't like it.>> i don't >> that's not cool l.. >> where is this? is this on a public street somewhere.he >> what i asked about the star s on the hollywood walk of >> roll out and start paintingat of the nobody says a word.odsays >> you probably do all the goodd stuff and write this.hi >> i wonder if somebody put graffiti on it to add that. t it is a pretty picture.ture >> up next sad news for one foro gorgeous hollywood couple. c lady gaga and taylor they called off their five yeare engagement.nt no more lady gaga gushed how supportivee her boo was despite their busy work schedules that often themee
10:18 am
she post add statement to her instagram page saying they both believe they're sole mates andea have ups and downs like anyone n else and they decided to take tk break. she said we are both ambitiousmo artists hoping to work through u long distance and complicatedplt schedules to continue the lovee and she asked fans to root theme on because they do truly love each other. sounds like situational break uo to me. >> sounds stupid.oundstupid. they broke move on with your life.if we don't need hear about yourutr crappy but we still love each lv other. move on. get over yourself.rself. >> whoa, wisdom.isdom. >> charlie, charlie --haie - >> where is the love?re is >> i'm just saying you're to the really sole mates then.oltes >> that's what i'm saying.aying. >> because you'd work it out. >> when you're soul mates youaty work through ever. >> bull tick key nonsense talking about worry good fort each other. >> wisdom, brace yourself forf f this one.this one. >> that was natural. >> what? >> what on earth is v stem me.. >> funny you should ask.. >> i said it and the v stands sd for what you think it does.
10:19 am
>> which is the v jay jay. >> exactly.ctly >> which is? >> wisdom -- stop it.isdom -- sp you know.. >> wisdom i'll give it straighti to chaser, have a 99 in a.a in >> oh, my. oh,y >> and he's silent much oscarsc winning actress gwyneth paltrow recently raised about the a the wonders of v steaming on her website goop. >> that sounds awful. >> it's funny. goop goddess herself need add nd little convincing too and aftert she learned it had been in korean medicine for thousands of years she was ready to sign up.n some called the process her words an energetic release. >> i called it something elsengs that includes a combination off infrared and moon wart steam too clean your uterus.tes. >> what? >> listen -- too much. >> i'm completely weirded >> before you rush out for youru own v steaming, look at wisdom's face. are you blushing? blushg? >> women's health researched the treatment and found that thereda are actually
10:20 am
side effect. >> like what? >> like it gets too hot. h i don't know.i do maybe you get -- maybe a burn. >> i've seen this before ineforn reality -- reality girls like to do this.hi >> they do? >> cleanse.>>lean >> overall -- >> um-hmm. >> it's not new.>> but now that gwyneth is talkingg about people want to -- t >> everybody is interested indyt >> exactly.>> e >> is it like -- well, i have ae lot of questions. i might do research afterwards.. modern day douching. >> how about i wrap this >> you go ahead. gohead >> it's a boy. black chain nan rob kardashianda are expecting baby boy accordinr to her father who is pictured id her instagram her father says the couplehe c hasn't pick out name just yet jt and they're going to reveal itl once the baby is born. >> her dad looks so young. you >> i bet her dad is so muchs soc younger than me.ger me. i'm so em bar rav.av >> don't. >> i got started late. >> okay, wait. what can i say.wh can s
10:21 am
whole story about v steaming and you're fine with >> that's medical.edic >> is it really?ea >> yeah. >> i thought it was more --ht >> steve, over to you.. >> maybe they'll less aunt at allison babysit. >> baby boy. >> still to come we'll check inn on our weather duo tucker and mike now official pokemonem hunters and we'll tell you howou you can join them today as well. crank it up gork, the backyardkr band live in the loft. l they'll tell us about a bigte u event they have coming up thisip weekend.week yeah, go ahead.go sing ♪ ♪
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
the not only the most downloaded but two mostwo mos downloaded apps on the app storp pokemon go and it seems like you can't escape anything to do with it. latest headline video out of baltimore showing car wait fortr it slamming into the back of nof just any vehicle but that was aa police car that they just hit. why? because the driver wasas playing pokemon go at the time. now, thankfully nobody is will was injured. >> he was funny afterwards.rd he was like i knew i shouldn't l have been playing that dang gae game. >> understatement. year. >> especially when you'resp driving, sir.ecdr fairfax county wants to help you play pokemon go in a safeaf way. they're hosting all day pokemonn marathon today out in
10:25 am
>> our resident poke masters tucker and mike out there tryinn to catch them all. a so how is it going, what's youru store?stor >> holly i got breaking news. n we were able to secure moree balls and mike what do we justes capture?? >> we're working on a pied gee.g that's right.'s >> but you wasted all my balls.s i had to spend $5. i can't afford that man. man good right now --ow- >> control your poke yu >> mike is battling i think tnk about 15, eight-year-olds fordsf control of the gym or somethingt i'm going to learn all aboutrn t this. n fairfaxt in fairfax county joined boy a coupl coue speciall guests want to thank both of yof for joining ou thank you. >> start with kathy your nameit and tell me where h i am. wherea >> kathy smith you're at the you will sully district police pol station. >> tell me why i'm here. >> we are having poke thon tod today. we know this is a craze with kids and young another adultss probably older adults, too. too great chance to partner with tht police for safety he so thatha people assured they're safe in
10:26 am
community together.he we also have the animal shelterr here. we'll have food trucks and we tw want pebble to come out and there is a -- >> you've put out a special sent to lure pokemons.emons >> that's right. >> kathy, are you player?hy >> i am player., am pla >> all right.>> >> only at level five. atevel but i am player.m plar >> all right. how many people we expecting out here today, any idea. ide >> i have no idea but everybodyy is welcome.elco >> i love it. all right.light we are also joined by the actinn commander matt owens. this is obviously a fun event et but also serious even. eve you guys have been getting lotsl of calls, right.ig. >> unfortunately we've seen events in the countytu that doo cause us concerns kids and adults alike crossing the streer walking in front of cars. cars. driving cars while distracted playing the game.ayin we're hoping to get that messags out today.ou we want everybody to have fun, , part of their community but we want to do it in safe fashion. >> were kind of calls have youfs been getting? people wanderingg out in the streets. >> trespassintrespassing calls n adults a like going on propertyp they shouldn't be in.ho running a lot of trespa
10:27 am
calls. ca having kids and adults walkingdg in front of cars on the street.. crashes.h stop sign violations. speeding.speeng. things of that nature have bulll an scene. scene >> toll madness this is i something you've probably never seen before good i've never seee a game cause these types ofes impacts before.pact but i do like the fact that it'' bringing communities together.ot i want everybody to do it safe safely. >> tell me about today. we got a mileme walk around this area?ar >> absolutely. we're going to do walks alloio o through the day and get people l to go capture their pokemons.s. >> okay.kay. kathy, what particular pokemon are you most excited aboutitbout capturing today?? >> oh, very good question. quest i wish i had a good answer forrf that (laughter). >> all right. well this is all new to memeewoe thank you very much.yo >> thank you. you. >> obviously going to be fun dad out here. out here. everybody is having great time.m do take it safe. saf and make sure you got enoughug balls to catch whatever you ha have. hey i'll toss it back inside , but there you go.youo. i just caught baby duck. duc >> that's in the pokemon. pokemn
10:28 am
version. >> i just caught that. >> give the child back her rubber ducky. duc >> showing your age. >> i feel like we should haved e talked to mike perhaps. t >> i think you're right. >> probably would have beenwo better off.beff >> a for effort, tuck.uc >> see you >> all right.ight. they'll keep playing. in the meantime we'll keep the show rolling along.ling along. you know his name.u know his n >> all right.ig >> matt damon that's who we'resw talking about.lkin he returns to the role that made him star in the box office and a why jason bourne may be a man of few words, kevin got the the hollywood a lister to open up about something, something veryv important. he'll join us live with thatt.s interview coming up next.g up n time now 10:28.0:28. ♪ ♪
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
i'm not in charge here.not . i wasn't here when you went missing. i can see you're going throughor the old trust. retrace your history
10:32 am
i know you're looking for something. let me help you fine it. give me that phone. >> yes, sir. >> jason this is robert do you u wee. do you remember me? >> jason, your dad was patriot. he can see the threats thatts t america was facing and leak youy he chose to serve his country out of pro found sense of doubt. he would not want to see you y harm the you have to stop this and yous d have to stop it now. >> waiting for matt damon toon t speak line because it's veryt' rare.ra he only has few in the entireir movie. that's chip from the now movie jason bourne.n ourn one of five clips the studiops i made and line tote link fivete minutes in all of mov
10:33 am
in all of those five minutes hee speaks five words. wor yesterday though the hollywood star opened up to kevin mccart mccarthy. kev joins us live from las vegag with all of the details. detai what's up bud dough.buou >> sounds like a condition smiti intro right there.o righ the that was well written.ritten kind of funny.kind o fun i love the idea this characterer he's so minimal in his dialogueu chris was telling me yesterday y he had 25 lines in the entire ee film which is very very rare.s r by the way i'm in las vegas.. i'm live here in vegas.. i just saw -- sat down with matt damon 9:45 my time. 12:45 your time.yo tim we talked about the movie jason bourne. massive vegas car chase sceneses that takes place right here iner vegas they did it on the strip.p it's insane.. paul green grass directed it.eci i spoke to mr. damon bout action scenes in the film but first i i wanted him to open up little bib mr. about his controversialov comments about gun control. conr he recently did interview with sidney morning herald he said s
10:34 am
for possible we cannot talke ctl about it sensiblely and he talks about the idea that it's hard tt even talk about gun control and regulating certain guns foruns f certain people.ce i wanted to ask him about beingi an actor, being in violent gunun film but also having gun control thoughts and just expand more on what he said.whe watch this. thi >> i mean it when i say it's a a really personal and emotional, you know, issue for people, and so -- and so we can't talk about it. it. what i was really saying was, i was hoping that, you know, i'm , not smart enough to figure iture out, and we haven't been able to figure it out yet a way to -- a way to not inn fringe on someone's rights but to try to t keep the guns out of the handsoh of someone like adam lanza homee mon stably mentally unstable ana lot of these shooters, you knowk over the years when you read the follow up articles on them, you know, they dropped out of o community college and somebody said i was in class with themh and they were talking to were g themselves and the teacher --ch e
10:35 am
the community new that somethini was wrong.. right? and so it would be great if we could figure outweigh too obvious case where is somebody is unfit shouldn't be -- shouldn't have a weapon.. where we should inn fringe onn n their rights for all of ourfur safety.. wartime fringing on else pobbsbs rights. righ we haven't been able to figurear out how to do that and it's sots emotional for people that we pe can't really talk about it.t >> some of the foot fat taj we j saw that footage you knock thatt dude out with the one punch. i know how movies are shot s sometimes it's all angles how ii that shot done so precisely? rey how close are you to his face? ? how many takes does that take? it's a eyes mag shot.g s >> we did it all day that shott but the guy that we hired who took the punch was just fantastic. you know, no really that's whata sells it. sells you got to, you know, you havewv to throw the left hook on the te right plane, upping, you don't t have to be close at all.ll. i mean as long as the cameraam can't see a gap between the facc and the punch. i'm never close sr. than that. t
10:36 am
>> wow. i'm mean there's no need forneer movie fights there's no node too hit anybody. you can do it, you know, withouo anybody getting hurt.ur >> when you jump on that wireuma off the roof that shot ists how are they capturing thathat moment? i know there's stuntser there but how are you looking like you're landing on it and ia flying back.fl how are they doing that? tt >> if you ever watch it when iti comes out op dvd and what and w the to watch it and vote it down you can look at the number ofumf shots it takes and it's donee jumping on green screen there's a whole element there's a wire put in later.n lat. they're whole stunt, you know nk whole swing where it hookshooks around my leg and swing into tho kiosk like that's all, you knowk it's whole series of shots.ho so that took, you know, kind ofo weeks all in different locations to kind of pick up those momen moments. >> it's insane when you watchhey the vegas sequences in the filmm it's funny because the inter 52i you that him and i did lastnd it night if you saw the backgroundn we were sitting above where they shot the famous vegas sequenceee which is going to be one
10:37 am
most talked about action scenese it is insane sequence.e. i ran into paul green grass thee director yesterday in between my interviews and i was asking himn how they the scene.cene if you have seen the footageoota they have a swat car that justt goes through a punch of bum of cars. cars they only did it once.ey o they had a bunch of stuntst drivers but it's a inn incredible moment that's why wes did the junket here in vegasegas because that scene is so so prominent in the film it'sm i insane. insa >> have you won any money whilei your there?yo there? >> you know, i'll tell you this, steve. i had about 30 minutes free yesterday before i was leaving a for mynd view i went downstairss and i'm not a i'm pretty bad autogamy blink.n. i took out 60 bucks. buc i was like, you know what i'llti see what happens. i won 40. so --so - >> hey. >> that's great. that' >> i won 40 bucks.uc i walked away from the table. >> smart man. >> i'm going use that to buy a new pair of chuck taylors for my >> there you go.>> >>
10:38 am
fund. >> 40 on top of the 60, you y didn't go out with 60 and walknl out with 40.h 4 >> correct. i had 60 and then i was down to 10 and i was keep going and nown i'm up 40. u i'm done. >> well done.. >> thanks kev.ev jason born hits theaters onsheat friday. next friday.riday >> that's good series. i'm looking forward to that. foo we'll go live to hollywood to to dish with the one and only rossr his take on the whole lady gaga drama, plus, very important ior question for him.estion for h that's coming up next. upext. ♪
10:39 am
ese pants always i'd wash them, and it'd be back before i even got to class. finally, i discovered new tide odor defense. it eliminates the yoga aroma. so i can breathe easy hummmmm. don't just mask odors. eliminate them with new tide odor defense. if it's gotta be clean, it's gotta be tide.
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♪ so we'll head to holly wided right now because our goodur friend ross matthews is standinn by and ready to dish a littleitl with us. >> hi.>>. >> hey, ross. >> hi, good morning. you know i love to dish just jt little bit. just little bit. b >> we have to talk break ups. us lady gaga and totally beefy fiance' taylor kenny. broken up aft five years. >> yeah, i love that you almosts said beyonce' and not fiance'.ic she's always on my mind. >> i understand.d. so yeah, it is sad news.s lady gaga and taylor kenny broke up. lady gaga opening up about thehe break up.brea she says they are soul mates and they're just make thai ago break and she actually asked fans to t root for them. so you know, i don't see -- i s- don't really think this
10:42 am
end for them.d fhe it's not just because i am a a a little monster, of course, but i want lady gaga to be happy. hap i like those two together.ogethe i think they'll get backac together. ivory fuzz to believe it. >> i know.o >> deal with that. dl wi >> they seem like one that woulu stay together.stay >> they really are soul mates -- >> that's right.>> that's r >> ross and rachel. >> they can never beos separate. >> rachel and i broke up a longg time ago.go. (laughter).(laugh >> oscar winner james fonda must need closet space she'she auctioning her her wedding dress and her engagement ring from heh ex-husband media mogul tedoguled turner who started cnn. also on the blog the leotard she wore on jane fonda workout,ko, okay, i want to know would you y rather have the wedding dress, the ripping or the swimsuit? they wore the workout outfit. >> is this even >> the ring, of course. >> i don't know those legwarme legwarmers. >> you got to pay for that. i think maybe i could afford tod go in on the swimsuit
10:43 am you want peace of it. it. >> ross, so we showed one of her red carpet looks. she's also making room byy getting rid of a couple of her e gowns, too. right? >> yes, she total system.te have you guys ever met janean fonda?nda? >> no. >> no.>> >> have you?>> h >> have you? y? >> okay. one time i interviewed her, yess i was like talking. tki just asking questions and shends like makes the most intense eyee contact she started tal talkinga she was like performing for meor like with wooded blank it was iw mazing meeting her.. really cool. >> today on the show we have hav from over show green leaf lynn whitfield will be here and you u loved him on one tree hill child michael murray will be exercises you can do to burnurn calories fast even when your not at the t i'll be paying attention to that and another edition of ask rossr you've got questions i've goteot answers you can watch us todayay at 3:00 p.m. after wendy williams
10:44 am
you. you know i was talking about tag ross and rachel from friends, wanted to clarify when i made wd that reference.that reference. >> i know honey. know hon i had crush on a girl in thein t sixth grade, i know, namedamed rachel, and i always thought like if we would have got g together we would have been thee og ross and rachel. rhel. >> so cute. >> here's the real question we o want to ask you because this iss obviously a big thing going on right now.righ are you katie perry rise or britney's make me?? >> i thank you for that. tha bout full question.stio right now, i'm britney but talk to me tomorrow. tomrow. you know it's hard to choose.hat it's about a mood. (laughter).ghter). >> yes. >> i think it's about britney's outfitous. >> or katie' eyes. eye >> that's true. >> all right. ross, always good to chat withtt you. >> thanks, honey. bye, guys. >> bye. all right.ight. who are you britt britt or katie?kae? >> i'm always kind of pullingay for britt britts . if i'm being honest g
10:45 am
too. i got to be honest with you. y >> walk with purpose.k wi. >> den do it. >> wisdom, over to you.ver to y >> of laugh. >> is there a see on the britnen versus the option n mandatory aa or b.or b >> i'm just saying all of thef t above. come on.come i'm not being negative.egativ >> all of the above.ll o we love them both.ove thoth >> there you go.ouo. it's all about love. lov >> all at the same time. 10 confidential 45 is thede time right now. coming up we're talking -- w t taking good day out back. that's because the backyard band is live in the loft.of they're just one of the big b named bands set to perform atfoa summer fest.summer fes we'll tell you all about it it after their special performance. ♪ ♪ man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside
10:46 am
and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
>> all right. if you love local artists and go-go music get you ready? because good day dcc has a treat for you and this weekend urban dtlr is hosting the first ever summer festr fes featuring local artists like lik pinky kill a corn, lisa ren nay, the fix and big g and the backyard band. byb is right here to perform fof us on this hump day wednesday. ladies and gentlemen at home, brace yourself for the backyardd ban.n. ♪
10:50 am
10:51 am
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10:53 am
10:54 am
♪ >> all backyard band in the what's up fellas. fella and ladies, ladies, what's going on. how you doing? what's going on? >> what's going on? how you hw feeling brother. >> i can't complain.>> this is -- you ir injured but id still performing.erform >> you know how we do it for our people.people our fans still loving crutch it up and still tear itr up. up >> tell us about this even.n. >> well first and for most it's' an event for d.c. so all thehe bands, artists, the vendors area from d.c. so we want to showw love. love. >> all right. how did you get everybody to geo in on this and be on the same s stage and perform and do theirir thing. >> we do it all the timee
10:55 am
all the like local rappers going worldwide with it now.t like the garbage, the big fella, cb everybody liking that that movement together so it's going to be a real big thing gatewaynt on the 23rd.on the 23r >> you expecting a lot of peopll to come come out >> hopefully. >> yes!! >> lot of people coming out. >> definitely. >> so look i want to know d aboo go-go music because every time m you guys come in here we get lot of love.e. >> yeah. >> people love go-go music.o-ic it is insane how much they love go-go music. >> man, because it's washingtonn d.c.'s own.wn it's our music.. it's our culture.. we as band been together for over 20 some years and our fansn have stuck with us and then we have that authentic sound.ou. >> right.>> >> so they just love it and weod just stick to it and, you know,o they show love and we show loveo back. ba >> all right.>>ight last words, give us a littleit pitch for why people should comc
10:56 am
>> r and g entertainment we're w doing whole bunch of differentfe stuff if you want greatreat entertainment if you want greatg food, great people, big show, huge, get your tickets and chece us out. out it will be phenomenon.nomenon. we'll do this the next 20 yearsa >> that is awesome. that is awee all right.l right. thank you everybody for comingom in and popping.oppi always a good time.. (applause). >> always a good time. all right. rig >> in fact, i'm being told thatt you guys can play us out. out i'll step over here out of the way. way. ya'll come on over here. here. we'll stand over here while ya'll perform.rm come on. >> let's go ahead.. got 302nd. >> ♪ >> good day d.c., baby.
10:57 am
fox5 live. come on out at gateway.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: thank you. thank you for watching my show! say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. [ cheers


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