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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  July 20, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> thirty-five at 6:30, donald trump, the whole campaign publicly wishing they could turn back time. >> speech wider who wrote melania's speech came forward and apologized. >> is it too little too late? we'll ask couple of experts along the way. first, let you know with a we will talk about. that's right, and we want you guys to know that -- hashtag an at 6:30 throughout the show, but first the story that everybody is still talking about, could have gone away, but it was campaign writer, meredith mckey err, who was now infamous melania speech, everybo
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speech until the truth came to light. and now learning a little bit more, put out letter today, tan said that melania actually admired michelle obama, who said many of those words back at the dnc2008. meredith offered to resign but said the trump campaign, mr. trump, specifically refused to except her resignation. >> little more on mckey err, actually works for donald trump's organization, trump organization, helped him write, and some concerns about whether there were laws broken hearing wrote this speech. but apparently melania trump first went to speechwriters, didn't like the original draft, and went to mckey here she new, and thought would do a good job. all right, so we'll see how it all plays out. >> and the question is are we still talking about it for a reason, i think at this point, now getting new details, again, it is one of the things that could have gone away had they said from day one, yes, somebody screwed up. and even if they let her stay on the campaign, but the advance
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the hillary clinton campaign, it was something from my little pony. >> but now we know. >> the story now. let's go right to tom fitzgerald live at the convention tonight. tom, more than passed melania trump speech. who is talking tonight? let's start off with donald trump's former rival. we've got rubio and cruz up tonight? >> yes, this will be like the old dating game, like those bachelors, that didn't win, and spun around off the stage. >> i hope it is not that bad. >> yes. well, da, da, da. >> jim remembers. >> yes, what they used to do with the guys that didn't get pick. basically these are the guys that didn't get pick. rubio and cruz, and guys, as we are standing here right now, nobody out here knows what they are going to say. >> that's a little scary for the trump campaign. >> yes. and, you know it, raises legitimate questions about, you kn
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come on board on the trump train? are these two guys? no, they haven't. and, you know, the other thing is are they coming here to help donald trump get elected president, or are they coming here today to say oh, hey, by the way, folks, 2020 is in about four years. >> look at me. >> remember my name. ya, look at me, remember me, let's have my moment in the sun. so, you know, that's the big question, and there is some uncertainty about what they are going to say tonight. ted cruz, i will say, very cagey. >> oh,. >> about what his purpose is here. you know, and these, you know, this night, tonight, this is usually about two things. they usually dot keynote speech. then they dot vice president speech. these are, you know, we're not being told this is the keynote speech. so whatever this is, if it is not about donald trump, and it is not about telling people to vote for donald trump, it is going to
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grown in this republican party about where these are at on this candidate. >> exactly. >> it is not exactly clear. >> let me ask you real quick, the other person supposed to talk tonight, introduce himself. not everybody knows who mike pence is. what does he need to say tonight to sort of appeal to the base? >> i think the first thing he should say is high, i'm mike pence. >> exactly. >> because that would be a good way to start. because nobody knows who mike pence is, outside of those of us who are in d.c., when he was congressman, and he was in leadership, you know, the good people of indianna. it is not that surprising that he didn't pick somebody that was famous, who is more famous than donald trump? donald trump didn't need famous. he needed a dc guy. you know, somebody who knows where all of the bells and whistles, and knotts and the turns are. so if he is speaking tonight, you know, i think these people in this hall need
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he, somebody who has experience, is okay with this guy being present. >> here is the thing, mike pence's name has been out there quite a bit, probably not, reasons he wanted it to be, he was advancing with the religious freedom bill in indianna, he had to back off little bit along the way. so a lot of people who know mike pence, know him and not for the reason that donald trump hopes they do. >> yes, but that is why he's here. because he fills in the blank spaces on trump, you know, things that make evangelicals uneasy. here comes mike pence, he is speaking their language. they're all good with the stuff mike pence says. >> let's check the pulse of the people. speaking every mike penned, to ronica cleary live at the old abbott grill as we know pence is supposed to introduce himself tonight. ronica you have a special guest. once you talk to your special guests, do people even know who mike pence is out there? >> reporter: well, i will tell you, i have somebody who definitely knows who mike pence; they say the grill is the place where the movers and shakers of washington come. this is
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former governor of oklahoma and you are here. tell me a little bit, our question of the day, who is going to give us little more insight into donald trump's night, his son or governor pence? what do you say, governor. >> mike pens is a very bright guy. extremely talented. obviously indianna is not the center of the universe but close, but he is donald trump's guy. and he will talk hopefully about what trump will do if he is elected president, not really get into the character of trump live because his family is doing. that will i think most impressive of the trump children, eric, at least he knows more at ease, more soft, perhaps, just the like his father, but all of the kids have been very complimentary of his dad, but to hear different perspective from him will be very powerful. so i'll watch, this restaurant, have quick dinner with some friends and going back to the house to watch. >> governor i know you have got your d
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toss catch. i can't thank you enough for giving us a quick minute tonight. i hope you enjoyed your meal. >> thank you. >> certainly thank you very much. >> hey, ronica, we can't thank you enough. >> so we will let him get to his meal. and we have got a woman here actually a public speaking professor which i think is really incredible. so when you think about these candidates, and the speeches they have to make tonight, mike pence, the son of donald trump, what do you think they're going to bring? do you think we'll really finds something out about the real donald trump? >> i think they're going to highlight all of the positive's about donald trump. but there are certainly bias, and i think the only one who really knows donald trump is himself. >> absolutely. >> i think that he needs to do some self investigation. you know, i think that we're bust here, and that's the real donald trump -- >> move on. >> that's true, what these events, are and we have
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your free oklahoma, as well. tell me a little bit about what you think. you had an answer right away on who you thought would give us the true donald trump. >> i think it would definitely be his son. i mean, i am pretty sure he just takes mike pence off a list probably few weeks ago, more appealing to the party. i doubt he really knows mike pence on a personal level. >> you think his son probably has only to tell the good stuff? >> sure. >> honest reaction from the people. and of course, you know, they are thereto support their father, this whole week, has really been about melania trump took a little bit of the attention away from it, but maybe tonight will be a little bit different. >> thank you, ronica. >> the other big thing we've been talking about here in our region of course is the weather. >> yep, and we heard it last night for sure. here in the studio, caitlin, we were here, some people who dealt with some surprise storms last night, but looks like it is kind of calming down a little bit? >> thankfully, yes, dry an
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quiet night guys. i think a lot of us, yes, taken off guard, myself included when some of the severe storms that ripped through the district earlier last night. and a lot of damage to clean up around dc this morning. and this afternoon. so, luckily, looking at clear and pleasant conditions through this night, if you are still kind of getting home from work, do you have do some clean up around your yard, pick up the branches and the trees, and fortunately a loft trees down around the district. eighty-four by 7:00 p.m. temperatures fall back to the low 80s by 8:00. we're in the seven's, fairly nice night through this evening. tomorrow, also not a bad day for any more clean up as we have to do it. 91 degrees, mostly sunny, but we begin heating back up. the warmth and the humidity increasing day-by-day, as we begin our third heatwave of the season. 991 tomorrow. up to 96 friday. and then the dangerous humidity arrivals through the weekend, pair every nine's, saturday, sunday, monday, thunderstorms headed into next week. that's look at your seven day forecast, jim, back to you. >> did you say 99 because we can't say 100?
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way. >> thank you, caitlin. >> she rose to reality during the first season of apprentice, back together again. >> a.m. rosa joins us next right here for five at 6:00. but first we want to remind you guys vote on our twitter pole, which convention speakers do you think will be more inside to the real donald trump? mike pence or eric trump. we'll be right back. .
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>> it is about to get real on the an at 30:00, known for the apprentice,a.m. rosa now the director for african-american outreach. >> she has no secret, for donald trump, even after being fired in the first season, joins us liver from cleveland tonight, we're glad to have you here
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>> so glad to be on with you, hello to everybody in the nation's capitol. >> hello, let's get right to it, let's keep it real. you have a lot of work to do. >> as we look at the african-american community, you see record high unemployment. you see folks struggling, you see all kind of racial tension in our community, certainly we need to repair some of the things that have happened under this democratic administration. >> great and meaningful. sorry. what does donald trump plan to do? what are his policies that he plans to do to repair all of that? >> so, as i was saying, it is very important for us to repair the things that have happened in the last seven years. and so, first and for most, african-americans are
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jobs, not only jobs, but the skills and the training that they need to sustain those jobs. but most importantly, and lastly, they don't want to see those jobs shift overseas. and so those are three of the focuses that i think directly impact the african-american community. >> a.m. rosa, right now in the state of ohio where you are right now, donald trump is polling at 0% in the african-american community n your new role with the campaign, what's your specific role with the trump campaign in trying to raise support for mr. drum snap. >> first of all i'll push back on that pole, very interesting, i hear the number throwing around, no one mentions the name of the pole or even the sample and size that far pole. so i'll push back, i'm from ohio, just from an hour away in young town, ohio. so significant amount of african-americans support in my community, in cleveland, in columbus, in toledo, in cincinnati. so i'll push back on the
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numbers. >> very, very important for donald trump to actually come out with incredible strategy which is my job in this very important battlegrounds state, to make sure that we broke area great relationship with the african-american community, traditionally i have to acknowledge the rnc hasn't exactly done that. so we have some grounds to make up, but i want you to know that this community is incredibly important to trump. and he wants folks to know how inclusive our campaign is. >> you use the word right there inclusive. >> a bit of a delay when you talk over each other. >> okay. i want to say you use the words included of. you say donald trump wants to talk about inclusive necessary. my question is as a woman, as a person of color, as a person of faith, how do you convince the black community, or any community, for that matter, to vote for your client who has spit out hate, talking about hispanics, used nasty words about women, i mean, how do you convince us that that's not the donald trump? i
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donald trump, if those are the images and those are the words that he's using to the very community that you're supposed to be reaching out to? >> so, i think that you through a whole lot at me. so let me just first address the first and for most important point. donald trump is not a politician. i can say now, he is excepting the republican nomination, that he is going to, and certainly, he addressed issues that most people are kind of un comfortable with. he has talk to issues, talk about issues that are racially charged. when you start talking about immigration issues, could get little tense, uncomfortable. but he is going to take on those issues to make sure we are secure in our borders, that illegal immigrants have took through the same process that people go through in order to become citizens in this country. that's very important. so i hear people say that donald trump is controversial, and he's not really going after that status quo. he's not a traditional politician. you are absolutely right. that's w
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primary opponents to be here and be crouds as the republican nominee. >> all right, thank you, unfortunately we're out of time. but i think a lot of people would challenge that we don't have time to continue talking to her right now, when we talk about building boarders, talking about banning muslims from coming into the count rip, that's the exact opposite sort of whatever she was just talking about right there. but we certainly appreciate her viewpoints. >> that's what it is all becomes hearing different viewers, everybody heist their opinion, that's why we want to hear yours five at 6:30. we'll certainly share them. >> former olympian caitlin jenner at the rnc. yep, and she was talk about lgbt issues, also bashing the party a little bit along with well known former talk show host. >> keep the tweets coming five at 630 back after this.
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hashtag 5@6:30. >> five at 630 is back right now, they should not make it insidet
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organization, but who is fighting for lgbt rights is holding outside of cleveland. caitlin jenner republican was, there and she spoke out against her party. take a listen. >> i think the republican party needs to understanded, they need to know people who are trans, there are actually trans people out in this this audience right now that you have no idea that they are trans, okay? which is a wonderful thing, so get to know somebody. >> jenner actually went on a little bit, bashed the gop sport ers bathroom bills that are against transgender people. >> and she made it very clear that she was backing ted cruz earlier on, really about fiscal conservatives, there you have it. and one other person that we have heard quite a bit from, montel williams. he is still out there. he is an activist. he's fought for many issues, advocating for the lgbt community, promoting medical
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marijuana, he suffers from multiple sclerosis, after the night club shootings, the nation, gop in particular, really an opportunity to make a difference, a he spoke, pretty much. >> spoke to the same crowd. pretty much he asked them and told them that they needed to go out and let what he said quote the party of lincoln knows there was no room foreign tolerance or bigotry within the party. as he was talking about, lgbt issues. >> he's been very outspoken, no longer talk show monday tell, become political pundant monday tell. >> he is talk show sometimes. i saw him on a marriage show the other day. >> all right, let's move forwards. we will take it local here. she criticized donald trump, then said she was bullied by her own party, joining us tonight on 5@6:30, you're supposed to be at the convention, why are you here? >> because i was shut out. technicality, the party, my local party, has sent a message if you own property anywhere else, outside of dc, guess what, they don't want you. i happen to own a home in virginia.
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you couldn't possibly be a sit resident like i have been for the past ten years, so my income tax shows everything. rnc contest committee said go ahead and seat her, she legal, you denied her due process. >> let's go back a little bit. why do you think the reason is that he this shut you out. >> this there was some sort of a battle here, were you delegate. >> you were elected as delegate. >> trying to take that away from you, because you didn't support donald trump, right? >> in april i made anti-trust statements, i said fast paced interview presents with the hypothetical before mr. trump became the presumptive nominee. have to consider voting for hillary clinton in november. i would look to see what rubio would have me do, so i was looking forwards to being there, like i said, they took me out on technicality, credentials committee refused to see me just on friday. >> i'm curious no we are hear from senator rubio tonight. what are you
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push you toward backing him in 2020? >> i'm hoping he won't go all in for mr. trump. there are reports saying that ted cruz, you know, has -- won't endorse, right? and those reports, you know, i'm proud of mr. cruz for standing the line. i'm a bit disappoint in the mr. rubio, so looking forwards to hearing from him i don't agree with this guy, not my brand of conservative, here's what we should be talking about, and really hoping and wishing for, for our america. i want to hear a strong republican message from him, one that talks about fiscal conservatism, and sets him up to be a leader, i don't want to hear the all in for mr. trump. >> i'll put you on the spot here, one question here, one word answer here, are you going to vote for donald trump. >> no. >> all right, thank you. >> rena, thank you very much. >> see you later on tonight. >> well, the list is out and the rumors are swirling, who will be hillary clinton's runningmate. >> speculation is about. ut.
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>> trailer clinic toll vice presidential slot, two names have ' pledged since the frontrunners, bill saxon senator tim kaine, you know, we are following this. we have couple of thoughts for you. >> you want to go first? >> well, so i pick one of the things is tom billsack, reason being, this guy is the former governor of iowa, of course swing state, a loft talk that iowa also a must win. good name for it. >> my pick, boom boom boom; virginia senator tim kane, former governor, by all accords, a really nice, really honest guy, people think he will be the balance to hillary clinton, those who see her as not always truthful. and also, he is flew meant spanish so he can reach out, they think he will be a good liaison to reach out to the hispanic community. >> key important state. >> governors are big, and another? >> hold on my surprise pick here, not the serious pick, but i mean, if she went with pokemon, think of all of the pokemon go peo
6:57 pm
right in there for her. >> elizabeth warren, i have covered elizabeth war when i worked up in boston, us senator, she would be huge on the progressive side. i don't think will happen. those are the two i think that would be smart on her part. >> i don't think to would be her, i don't think all woman ticket. i think -- >> i agree. >> we haven't progressed far enough just yet. >> okay. hey, we have some tweets. we want to talk tweets. couple of people reached out to us, i'll move over here, michelle obama should take take a compliment, something worth copying. >> thank you, thomas, and this tweet, fox5 it, would have been an interesting answer, great question, amorossa. >> she did do the question dance, didn't me? >> i got my own, thank you for asking the tough questions that need to be addressed. thank you keep asking us, we have one more. we're done. >> that's it. >> but thank you. >> thank you guys for joining us tonight at 5@6:30.
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10:00 and 11:00 tonight. republican national coverage on fox5. keep the tweets coming. see you tomorrow.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: remember jon gosselin? he has decided the most noble profession is to serve. >> he's now a cook at t.g.i. friday's. >> he looks the happiest he ever looked. >> he worked as an i.t. specialist. why did he just give up on his computer? harvey: james, here, you have a choice. you can work at t.g.i. friday's or continuing doing i.t. stuff. what is your choice? >> working only on friday's? >> some of the people are wear at the r.n.c. are wearing these buttons. two fat thighs, two small breasts, left wing. k.f.c., they're not ruling out legal action. harvey: can you imagine looking at the jury in opening statements and they said two fat thighs and two small breasts and left wing and the jury just aughter]p. >> miranda kerr posted a photo


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