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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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technical glit delays and canceled hundreds hur of trips. we're live with what you can expect this morning. >> another police-involved p shooting caught on camera. this tiolme it happened ind florida. a. the video shows the man's m hands up the whole time.le tim how the department is responding this morning. morning >> ifers though a live lookk outside on this thursday morning.morn it's july 21st.uly . weather and traffic coming upomg on the 5s at 6:05. good thursday everybody.rybody. i'm allison seymour.alli >> and i'm steve chenevey.'mteve welcome to fox5 news morning. >> first up at 6:00 drama on0 dr the third night of thed night republican nationalbliciona convention. >> donald trump's running mateae indiana governor mike pence pene accepted the vice presidential nomination. [cheers and applause]pplaus >> we must make the most off our moment, to fight for freedom, to protect our
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given rights even those of with whom we don't agree sowe that when we are old and gray dd and when our work is done and we give those we love one final kiss goodbye. goodbye >> cruz and trump wasz tru especially bittered.itred. the night overshadowed by his former opponent. oon last night cruz stopped shortru of endorsing donald trump andnd as you can hear delegates delegt booed him. cruz only mentioned trump bytrum name one time. after cruz's speech security escorted his wife out of the arena. >> donald trump responded by saying ted cruz got booed off the stage.tage >> the fiery confrontationontion nearly overshadowed again indiana governor mike pence who accepted his vice h presidential nomination last night. pence used his time on stageis to introduce himself to theo nation to take
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democratic opponent hillaryent clinton and to compliment hisimi partner for never quitting or backing down. >> america needs to be strongdsr for the world to be safe and on the world stage donald trump will lead from strength. >> afterwards trump briefly joined pence on stage to shakege his hand and wave at thend trump will address thess the convention tonight.onight >> moment of humor for donald trump and mike pence's first appearance together. trump embraced his runningunning mate on stage and leaped in lea for a very uncomfortable airrtae kiss on the pulled back and just let itndus go. >> be sure to stay with fox5ox5 for complete coverage of theof e republican national convention.coention. our tom fitzgerald is live in i lehigh valley for us all week.yo interact with tom on facebookn b live at 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m..m. m and 6:00 p.m. each day this thi week plus catch our new sh
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it's called five at 6:30 everyve day after fox5 local news at 6:00. >> on the democratic side weemoa could learn hillary clinton's cs vice presidential pick as soonna as tomorrow. tomor. clinton will reportedly makeyake the announcement in tampa t tomorrow or miami on saturday. virginia senator tim kaine and agriculture secretary tomrery vilsack set to be the top two contenders.contende today in virginia senatornio kaine is holding two events a round table discussion onle dis immigration reform at 9:00onio t a.m. the second in sterlingn ste focusing on religious freedom. d that discussion kicks off at 1:30 this afternoon. >> ♪>> >> happening today a securityity guard at a northeast d.c.east d. giant grocery store isgrocy st expected to be in court for a hearing. jones was charged withed w assaulting a transgender tge wambach in may.wamb the woman says jones forcibly fr removed her from a woman's's bathroom there. >> developing this morning ing florida, the miami dade policeei department investigating the shooting an unarmed man from th
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thing is captured on video anded clearly shows the man with hisih hands up the whole time. t >> maureen joins us now with jos what led up to this encounter.n. good morning.goodorning. >> very disturbing video.y di good morning to both of youst th steve and allison. ofsteve an the videdo a is again just hardh to charles kinsey is a therapist who workses with people withwith disabilities.di at the time of the incident he t was trying to get an autistic patient to return from a groupua home. police say they wereli originally called to the scenece for reports of man with a gunh g who was threatening to shooto st himself. that man was actually the wasua 27-year-old autistic man holding a toy in the cell phone video youeo yu can hear kinsey try to telll the officers he wasn't holdingti a gun.un. just listen. >> kinsey can also be heard be telling the autistic man to stay still and comply withply wi officers but despite all of buti that and keeping his hands upp an officer fired three rounds.ou kinsey was hit in the leg. leg he says at first he couldn'toun' believe he was
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>> when he shot -- when he wn shot me, he was so surprising. it was likine a mosquito biteroe and when he hit me, i'm like i still got my hands in the i said i just got shot and i'm like sir, why did you shoot sho me? and his words to me, he said i don't >> to make matters worsete kinsey says officers left hims t on the ground bleeding for several minutes beforeefe paramedics arrived. the officer is now onow on administrative leave and the miami dade police department p says they have turned the caseol over to the state's attorney'st' office. offi steve and allison i'm sure we have not heard the end of this i end ground. >> very disturbing.ery dturb thanks maureen. it is 6:05 right now. rightw let's say good morning tosay tucker barnes for the first gir time this morning.orni. getting ready for the heat rdy f wave. >> yes, steve, heat starts to build today and it will be inwi the low 90's later thisater t afternoon.afternoon. that's not we can't handle but wait until you see the seven-day forecast.n-da for we're getting right up near n those triple digits by the weekend. fairly comfortable out here oer early.early. 73 degrees now in drees
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in washington.- hi 71 in annapolis.nnapis looking north and west, another nice morningning gaithersburg 61 degrees,gree dulles 60 so we got a reallyealy nice start as you get off toet t the west and to the north. nor nice looking satellite and radar. it's cloud free at the moment. today we'll start to build that heat back a little bit. today the 90's are yes, steve, the 90's are back. c more sunshine out there.out should be a dry afternoon for you. i will have lots of details on o this upcoming heat wave. w how hot will it get? in just j a couple minutes.. beautiful sunrise out sunrit here. let's find out if traffic ishe c looking beautiful this morningul with erin.with erin. good morning. >> tucker it's much betteretter than it was yesterday. every time he says the 90'se0' are back i want to hear something good from the 90's 9 rock-wise. right now chopper skyfox youky can see officer the bell looking good in montgomerygo county right now. ngey're making me dizzy soodun we'll look at our maps right now. baltimore-washington parkwaywash we do ha
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activity however.activity it is on the northbound side past 197 police activity crashi on the southbound side ofef powder mill mil so you can see some yellow onomn the map.e m volume still pretty light but l we're starting to see congestion develop there.veloph. might want to keep it to 95o northbound and southbound south heading to and from theond f baltimore area. if you have an early flight tolt catch at bwi.wi moving over for our maryland overview some slow zones 29595 south as we showed you 95 9 south still looking good fromd r the icc to the beltway and youny jam up past the truck scales heading towards urbana on 270. you open up through rockville.k. virginia not so hot right now. drive times match my dress, 28 s north manassas drive to new to brad tock slow and 95 north in h stafford extra slow.afford ext 66 not terrible. terbl two thirty four to centreville. we'll keep you updated on your u drive times this morning andthid take a look at metro next.ex steve and allison. aison >> delayed canceled, more delays, this is what southwest s airlines passengers are seeingen dealing with when they took ay o look at the big board checkingin on their flights there just
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miserable. the glitch last night caused las hundreds of passengers to be stranded at the airports airpo across the nation includingludig right here you're looking at bwi marshall airport.rt. that glitch is expected to impact flights at a.ts a >> fox5's anjali hemphill h live there this morning. morning are we starting to catch up ap little bit on flights?li >> reporter: well,ter: wl, unfortunately we're stille're seeing delays up on that d departure board and even worseoe we're seeing a lot off cancellations of southwest flights as well. take a look at this line, too. . again, we're early in then t morning here but this line iss e incredibly long.edibly it feels a lot more like midday here at bwi and again, aa then you got to deal with ifit you get through the check inck line on time then you got toot o deal with the long security line as well. so, a lot of folks here aree a pretty worried about missing mii their flights if they're even en still on time at all. all. we spoke to one gentlemangentma earlier whose flight wasr wh canceled out to the westutthe coast. they are now scrambling to trycm to figure out what to to next. n we've seen a lot of people oneoo their phones here in line.ine. seeing a lot of frustrated frusa faces again because people a
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have to go make completely different accommodation thanco what they were expecting andre e we also spoke to a mom named n debra travel wind gust a largein group.d >> we have a wedding in i chicago and we were littleere li nervous that there would be t complications today. thank god so far we're on timero but we have family members on the east coast that theirst thar flights are canceled and theyane won't be able to make it. >> reporter: this is anter: ts n important day in your >> very important.>> very imporn >> reporter: this is notorte just a vacation. >> waited for a very long time t and for something like this to happen a computer glitch but thank god so far we're on timerm and we're hoping for the best.g. that's all we can do. a >> reporter: yeah, i guess y so. good luck you to debra. deb many people in the same boat thm as her right now. they're just hoping that theyt t make it on time battling thesehe long lines both at check in i and through security.ur we're live at bwi this morning, anjali hemphill, fox5 x local >> all right, no at good n situation hopefully they get itet straightened out. straight ahead this morning, though, new details just in ind russia's bid to appeal its i olympic. >> and later another policeer department
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reminder to drivers, can y adion guess what caused this crash cra with one of its cruisers? is those little monsters. back in just 30 seconds. 1 >> hang now turkey hhappening ni state of emergency for three emy months. turkey's presidt
6:11 am so far 99 high rankingghan military officers are charged o inff connection with that coup.c in the meantime lawmakers la in france voted to extend the country's state of emergencys for another six months. the security measure has been in place since the parisstoty attacks ince sin november. nem the state of emergency was set to expire next week but last thursday's truck attack in nice made french leadersea change their >> ♪>> >> 6:11. we have breaking olympic newsew for you this morning.yo there will be no chance to cnc compete in rio he for russia'sas banned track and field athletes. the 68 runners were bannedanne back in november over claimsrlam of state sponsored doping andopn their appeal to the court of arbitration for the sport has just boone rejected. r own two united states basedo un russians have beenit cleared tot compete in rio. >> sad news coming out ofing congress this morning. mni first term democratic democ representative mark takai of la had a has passehawaii has pa.
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spent 20 years in the hawaii inw statehouse before coming toe mi washington. was a lieutenant colonel in ino the hawaiian national guard. gua he leaves behind a wife ands two children. he was just 49.he was just >> it may be possible that thett zika virus is in florida. fri health officials are checking cg on the latest case in whichn whi someone doesn't app feared app d have traveled to an infected ite zika nation or have gotten theet virus through sex. s officials are urging floridag fi residents to take the properhero precautions to protect themselves from the zika virusvi isn't tesla looking to add to its fleet of high techf hh te vehicles but is it being 2:00esi a.m. bushes? we'll get heet he details in your business beat and a live like outside as we take you to the break. we will have weather and traffic on the 5s next.
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats
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o see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me! and now in delicious chocolate. >> a live look from bwi a l airport. bwi marshivall where a lot of al people are out there earlyut the this morning trying to get atoea flight.fl of course that big glitch withti southwest airlines computer system yesterday stranded ard ton of people and a lotay
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unfortunately more flights are a canceled or delayed thiss morning.rnin all these folks trying to get tg where they in some cases cases needed to be yesterday.esterday so, we'll stay on top of the situation.tuat in the meantime following a fola heat wave that's about readythas to roll through, tucker. tucke >> i feel sorry for thosehose folks. yes, steve, in fact, the 90's are back. >> ♪ >> steve, a broke into your ipad.ip >> huge hanson fan.>> >> i know you h are. a they're all like in their lateir 30's. 90's are we'll be in b the low 90's as little later this afternoon thit and then we're off anden w o running.nning. really today will not be the not worst of it.rsof it. that arrives by saturdayatur sunday and monday.on all right, 71 degrees this morning in washington. annapolis, too.polis,oo and then as you look to thek tot north and west, you got temperatures in the 50's ands low 60's. 60' this is nice and comfortable.foe you cannot complain about theino early morning temperatures inre frederick. 59 degrees, 59 winchester,r, martinsburg 57.g 57. really pleasant off to ourff t o north and to our west. dulles 60 degrs.
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you know what it's going to beot a beautiful day.eautifay. a little bit warmer thanha yesterday but daytime highsaytis around 90.around 9 that's about where we shouldherw be and it should be a dryshld b afternoonly so, today looks fine, although you'll noticeot that heat and humidity humid creeping up just a little bit lt and then we are setting thetinge stage for the weekend as our asr area of high pressure gets ae gt little further to the south to and we start to get that strong southwest flow and wee tap into all that heat acrossea the midwest.idwe. 90's return today.etur a little bit of heat andleea humidity. it should remain dry.ry that's good's g then as we get into again theint week we're still talking aboutkg this extreme heat. hey, we're zipping tomorrowng t down in shaw. come down and say hi. i'll be there starting atow 6:00 and we'll be there until 11 o'clock in the come down and say good morningdm to us. should be just about perfect.ct. bring us a bottle of waterily wl it will be in the mid 80's by0's 11 o'clock in the morning. erin you got to can come down tomorrow.morrow >> no. >> i'll be here.e. >> 91
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97 tomorrow. and then look at saturday,turda sunday, monday, right -- honestly we could probably get g those numbers to a hundred quickly. heat index 105 to 110. excessive heat watch has been hb issued for parts of the regionho to the north and east of us.ts. so, we'll likely have some som heat advisories around here for the weekend.nd notice that extreme heat righteg for the next seven days. days. right through next tuesday midud 90's. 90 not much chance ofhance thunderstorms, either.torms, ei. erin is back. how are the roads. r >> i'm depending on you to onout take a lot of photos at shaw.ha send me pictures of foodd people puppies, everything.thin >> puppies. >> i have a feeling there t might be some puppies. ppies inner loop volume delays rightol now. things are starting to slowlo down as you make your way fromky branch avenue to the wilso fne l bridge. watch for that. we have a crashwa reported on re the shoulder as well out bylut y branch avenue so give yourselfos a few extra minutes there. we'll let you know if thatnow it causes any page score major
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southbound crash at powderowde mill road. stop-and-go traffic towards tra that location. northbound police activitynd past 197. take 95 north headed to bwi.wi steve and allison have been have showing you bwi crowdedwd because of that request glitch. right now is a good time to leave if you're headed g for ana early flight.ght. we'll look at skyfox and showho you what else you're up' u against. outer loop by new hampshire hami brake lights picking up noghts crashes to report. this is just your usualal morning volume that you're up ye against. inner loop looking really niceel as you makye your way down past bw parkway towards largo thisaro morning. we'll have more traffic in a tfc few. metro on time right now except c safe track surge five singlek r tracking east falls church too ballston on the orange and orand silver line.e. steve thanks for letting us borrow your ipad. hanson brightened our morning. >> any time tap into the music c selection. there's no denying that pokemon can go can be another example. nearby rehoboth beach police department sent out this photo t after a 28-year-old hit
6:19 am
patrol car while hunting for a pokemon gym as he drove. nobody was injured but another good reminder put down your dowy quest to find any pokemon whenoe you hit the road. r >> all right.>> rig here's some news that we're that happy to report.or gas prices are the lowest they y have been in more than a decade. this is unusual because gasauses prices usually move in theove ie other direction during therect busy summer travel months. month prices across the nationat though are down about 55 cents e in a year ago. national average about $ if you're feeling adventurous lays has new potato chips to try.o >> drake pulling off quite theno surprise for the university ofne texas women's basketball team. a theteam. the rapper walking into the
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and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> all right, time for theht, business beat morning. tesla looking to add to its fleet of vehicles.le is it being two ambitious.mbtio first we'll check the joining us is laurenren simonetti. another winning daysi on wall street. oh my goodness lauren we'ren we' rolling. >> reporter: yes.>> reporter: we're rolling and i want 1010 days of gains in a row. row. i'm getting greedy. gre looks like we're not getting them. them. futures are down this morningdon but as of yesterday check this t out you have the dow and the sns & p hitting their highest hig levels ever and you have the nasdaq, the tech heavy indexex at its highest level of 2016. o1 the market is on fire. now that things are lookingooki great corporate earningscorp coming in much better than expected you have that talk of an interest rate hike that'sha popping up again.po now the fed watchers arechers ae saying there is a chance wee get a hike, maybe in december. c we'll see.'l see >> keep an eye on that.hat. unless elon musk is truly an evil genius in disguise
6:23 am
be poised to take over the ovth world from a technologyhnology standpoint. >> reporter: yes. >> i love what he's trying doepn with tesla but the problem isrom isn't this the same company where supply is not yetsupply meeting demand?meeting >> reporter: exactly. exactly. they are having trouble troub reaching there goal ofl thanksgiving half delivering har to consumers. they can't make them fastthem ft enough. elon musk says, he is it not mention a timetable, hen a doesn't say when the companyay is going to make a profit he h says, well, we kind of want tott change the whole infrastructure here. here. we don't only want to makee electric cars and suv's, what'st about public buses and trucks and then even have consumers cse kind of act as their own utilities, if you will by using batteries integrated inra solar roofers to constantlyonanl recharge things. really trying to take on the tan world and change thed changehe infrastructure as we know it. i investors are optimistic.imis stock up.
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i love the idea of solar solar roofs. not.ot. already driving the car.riving c might as well let it power itself. itself >> reporter: good point butood b how do you do this and how and much it costs are problems.sts l >> that's where we have toe havo leave it up to the evil genius -- i mean brilliantia genius depending on if he has h an evil twin or not. not. let's talk about food because ao we loveut to do so so much and today's top pick is snapping. >> reporter: are you boldter: with the flavors that you try when it ars comes to chips ands snacks? >> i always do.ays do. i try these every year laurenau so what selections do i havens h this time around. >> reporter: on monday buy the brazilian pecan lays, embrace the popular flavors ofvo the world. >> which one would you go to t first. >>f reporter: my gosh. the tzatziki. tzaik >> i love chips but i'm not a ia big
6:25 am
chips although the ti can kka masala might be a little spicete he see. i might like that. t lik >> reporter: i wouldr: i wou probable have to dip that one t in some sort of dressing. dress. you ever dip your potato chips. >> no.>> no. depends. you try two and i'll try twoo and we'll compare n >> reporter: exactly. rep >> see you tomorrow. >> reporter: buy. buy. >> today is national. nio >> i thought you meant you meant tomorrow.rr >> but in case anybody meantbodm it's friday's >> we get you steve.ou steve. >> i don't get him so much. >> no. you don't really put they p the effort in by the way.rt in the >> today is national junk food day. >> is that right.>> i >> yes. >> you have permission to do what you got to do. y yourourw, what's favorite junk food? how can i n bring the dunn t down to just o. >> licorice.>> licorice. >> that's candy.>> t >> i'll think about it.
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>> kettle corn. cn. relatively innocent.nnent. 71 this morning in washington.g we'll be back near 90 today.oday a little warmer thanthan a little more humid but still s tolerable.leble. the untolerable stuff gets inlef here this weekend.fhere t i haven't seen too many people tweet me their excitement forxcf 100 trees. tre >> yesterday felt really good though. >> yesterday felt fantastic ittt felt rather tame out when i was outside.side sunshine today. it will be dry this afternoon.rt there's your weekend forecast. we are going to heat it up. heat advisories likely for theil weekend. it will be a dangerous a we'll talk more about how too get prepared for it. near a hundred. hundr >> let's get to erin and get a look at the roads. >> kettle cooked potato chips ci dipped in dressing. dssing. >> that's your favorite.or >> favorite snack.>> f amazing. steve is not one to dip bullet you should try it. you might enjoy it. it. he's not a condiment kind of guy.guy. >> true. >> crash activity on the ramp from the beltway to five.ct heaffecting the inner loop andnr outer loop because it loops loos around and the crash issh is located after the merge fromergm the ramp of the in
6:27 am
outer loop. l five might see some delays. 95 northbound inbound volumeounv dale city to 123 about threeut extra minutes as you try to cross the okay won.ka w south that of .95 in stafford sf jams up to about 10 miles permir hour.ho. and 66 eastbound a slow down by 234.34. 28 northbound jams to new braddock road. rd. volume on 270 south by they truck scales and 295 south byoub powder mill because of a mill cs crash. metro he is on time except forxt safe track surge five t affecting the orange andg silver lines between east eas falls church and the area...,re. east falls church and and ballston. there we go i have it. go hav all the surges just all wentll t together in my brain and i forgot. >> erin you looked over here her and i looked at steve like --d - >> we'll get to them all eventually.evtual >> i'm bad with directions. 6:30, after video of tourists swimming intswimm baltimore's inner harbor went wn viral results of? you haveyove the how funky that watertat really s we're going to share the results of that test
6:28 am
>> anybody flying southwest f give yourself a lot of extra time.time we're live at bwi marshall atl a how things are looking after yesterday's technical glitch. >> ♪ man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> welcome back to fox5 newsme b morning. weather and traffic for youd coming up on the 5s at 6:35. >> so, troubles this morninguble if you're trying to fly. people trying to catch a
6:31 am
at bwi in particular have somees very long lines.g lin >> blaming it on a glitch, alit, glitch last night leaving l thousands of passengersas strandnded across the country cu because their flights were either delayed or cancel.l. fox5's anjali hemphill isil i live at bwi marshall.shal i mean is it getting any better? good morning. g >>oo reporter: bwi is a major hub for southwest airlines intie our area and to say it's beens n busy this morning is certainlyta an u take a look at what we're workingoo this is the line to check if i for your flight which has basically stayed this long orsti longer all morning we've been here since aboutin 4:00 a.m. and we have not seenn it die down at all. a it looked like this at 4:00d li a.m. this morning. unfortunately, as well, a lotelt of people that are in linein here they have already missedis their flights or their flight was flat out canceled already aa so they are actually in line l to rebook for a new flight fligt this morning.. that's why you see a lot of lot them on the
6:32 am
smiling. they don't look very happy and h that's basically been thenhe scene here everyone we talkede l tom we talked to a you can inale of people todayd that have hadd their flights canceled.anled. they showed up early only tonly found a out their flight isout canceled. i want to draw your attentionatn to the departure board where whe you can see several flightssee canceled and many ofse them of t delayed all on southwest.thwe we're live at bwi thishis morning, anjali hemphill, fox5 5 local news. n >> good luck to the folksd luckt there. if anything changes we'll let l you know. in the meantime the tophe t stories we're following thiswing morning day three of thehree ofh republican national conventionit in cleveland. indiana governor and vicee presidential mike penceen officially accepted to be thee vice president. the night mayvi be remembered best for the reception that repi texas senator ted cruz got.z g he declined to endorse donaldal trump and was loudly booed byboe the trump there in the back of theoe hall. . tonight trump's daughterghter ivanka will take the stage the s just before donald trump formally accepts thets republican nomination for f
6:33 am
>> still no word on what ledon l to a deadly stabbing near the addison road metro stopet yesterday afternoon at the at te buck bay near the station. statn prince george's county policeeog say two men gote' into some sore of an argument when one ofn onef them pulled out a knife and kfe stabbed the other one.erne police say the men knew eachea other much the suspect is in i custody this morning.orni. >> maryland prisons will notd on go postcard only.tcar onl state prison officials have h dropped their proposed ban on bn letters to inmates.nmates it would have been the first such letter ban inav the nation. prison officials consideredia the move to stop the flow of thf drugs that can be hid in letters. letters. officials say they're going to study some other methods tohods try to curb the contraband.trab got some interestingerti suggestions on how you you think maryland should handle the problem. ondean said if the inmanassas is mates want to communicate with h their families they shouldn'the have done the crime. crime
6:34 am
people sounding off. shelley said people getd illegal things in the mail the m whether they're inmates or atey home so workers in th're jail tt check the mail need to be the t ones whoet in trouble if they're not doing their jobs correctly.corr >> do you remember those youngmb tourists from chicago who took a dip in baltimore's inner inner harbor? that impromptu swim got serious, serious side eye from locals because localsbecael know how poorly the waterat quality was rated and its latest report card. the harbor got a f due to high t levels of fecal matter.atter. which course can leads to all a sorts of suburbs nasty.s time for the morning line. l let's crank up your sports and s we're cranking it up nascar nas style right now because foxau f sports analyst jeff cordonor coming out of retirement. o we'll fill iutn for his old teammate dale earnhardt jr. in indianapolis this weekend andnd at the pennsylvania 400 theth next week. aren't heart recovering from frm concussion-like symptoms afteres two big crashes this year. y
6:35 am
all of about six months.s. >> baseball diamond now alldid o you need to do is see one pitch, one hit, one blast that almost left the yard. y bryce harper shining bright at t nats park last night.. first inning this one this on officially clocked in at 451 feet.451 but we're just going to letoingt you watch it fly into the i third deck in right try to follow along and watch where it lands.ands. >> later. way up >> almost out of the stadium. si his 20th home run of the yearf r gives the nats a two-nothing. bottom six after homers froms fr ben revere and jayson werth.. ramos into the corner from right. ri hair still flying in thell fg breeze. breeze. harper safe at safe a nats win eight to orioles lost last night. nig they're now in second place. >> ♪ >> all right. tucker barnes, outside bracing i
6:36 am
it's 71. you can brave can b >> half the orioleras are sick.s did you hear that story.u you can't hear me.heu temperatures are fine.eratures a we'rere looking at veryery comfortable off to our west. dulles 60 degrees. bwi marshall 65. national airport it'ss 71 degrees. nice start to the at any.e at a about 90 this afternoon.90 ts warm and humid conditions, a little bit warmer. warme but it should be a dry be a thursday afternoon for you soou all in all nice looking dayay today. still setting the stage hereer for our heat wave.ea wave. it's on track to arrive bye b tomorrow afternoon anderon especially for the weekend.or i'll have all the details on o how hot it's going to be, b whether or not we've got advisories in a coupleries minutes.s. about 90 this afternoon. afterno let's find out about roadsout with erin. >> hey. i'm standing in front of yourg n forecast. ffo sunshine 85 at noon and thenre5t it gets really hot.y h how about that? >> that's -- you know what. kw w >> what. >> you can do both jobs.s. >> sure.>> s no, we need you tuck. tuc don't go anywhere. anywher crash activity right now on 66 eastbound side at 123 delaysel back to fairfa
6:37 am
parkway. you can see that long lipane of red. red. let's take a live look skyfox on the way to thisth location. you can see westbound traffice ndou looking g eastbound traffic is a parkingci lot.lot. give yourself plenty of extra time to get through that areat h if fairfax countyro parkway.arky the crash is blocking theing t center lane. lan sun glare as well.l. grab your shades. you'll need it. if you're headed out in the district, it just happened soneo we don't have a map yet newet nw york avenue inbound a disabled d tour bus blocking the righthe rg turn lane from new york avenuevu inbound to bladensburg.nsrg that's going to cause some bigom delays because new york avenuesn always backs up any way thisyhi time of morning.time of m on the ramps from the beltway to five south there is a crash c where the outer and inner loops merge onto five south.out. that's where you'll hit that'lla scene. please be prepared for that. five inbound feels with typical stop-and-go traffic.-g about a four minute delayou min branch avenue to the wilsonhe bridge as you cross into
6:38 am
alexandria typical volumeia ticl building. and then you're slowing dale sll city on 95 north. we'll take a look at metro and your safe track work next. steve and allison. >> a look at other storiesk at trending this morningtrending including ta mass as much drugg bust at one local airport. airpo >> later did you catch it? the first lady getting herng h groove on with a left lane leftl carpool karaoke last night.. kevin will have all the highlights in the fox beat. ♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. hey how's it going, hotcakes?
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>> ♪ >> flag burning outside the of the gop convention an drug dru bust at a local airport. airpor. let's take look at what alsot ao is the secret serviceer investigating one of donalding trump's advisers after hevi called for hillary clinton tolin be put in a firing line and shot for treason. tre new hampshire delegate al balsaro was referring to t mrs. linton's use of a private i e-mail server.e-ma server. at least 17 people undere u arrest after a massive flagg burning outside of the gop convention yesterday. yesteay. it was the most turbulent protest since the conventionhe t started on monday.onday. the chaos briefly preventedreve delegates and members of theemro media from getting into the arena. the quicken loans arena where la the convention is being held. h tens of thousands ofds dollars of cocaine foundnd inside of a hidden compartmentan of a suitcase at bwi marshall mh this it weighed nearly 3 pounds and a
6:42 am
traveling into jamaica.g that's just the tip of the o the iceberg here though.eber officials say they seized about 9,000 pounds of000 po of narcotics coming into theinto united states every single day. >> a local burger chainurger chi getting in on the pokemon goon craze. how it could mean free food for you. if you have free if information for us we'lle' accept it. if you have a news tip send it i to us by calling (202) (202) 895-3000 or e-mail it fox5ox tips at
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> coming up you don't want to u miss this show start aght 9 o'clock this morning oursur good day guest list. some of the great thing we have for you between 9:00 a.m..m and 11:00 a.m. a.m >> check it out. haley reinhardt she was a w a standout on american idol to.doo >> i think she finished third.d. >> her personality was just so infectious.ctio she hasn't looked back.t lookac we'll see what she has been up to. to. she'll form for us live.orfor us >> actress alycia reiner fromro orange is the new black.s the ne you know her on that show ashow the assistant to the warden. she stars in a new movie aboutie women on wall street. stree she'll be live in the loft. who is this al?o >> we've gotis a surprise guest >> oh. >> someone near and dear to my m own heart.eart right? we're going to have anen academy award winning actor from one of my favorite -- from my favorite movie.
6:46 am
>> i had to say it.ado s this is where it gets really r good. good tucker and i are going tongo leave the set at 8:00 this0 th we're picking this actor up atpa his hotel driving him here to the studio.tuo. we want to make sure he getset we'll show you the whole thing >> your favorite movie and he wouldn't an academy award. >> take a guess who it is. use the hashtag fox5 mysteryysry guest. >> are you getting muffins.. >> he's won an oscar. oscar >> first opportunity to drivertt an academy winning actor. actor >> perhaps paving the way to a new career. c >> if you want to drive you'reoe welcome to.welc >> i want to just be able toeo talk. talk. >> i feel like i -- that's my role.le >> if tucker drives will youves and said actor just be in thee back seat uber >> that's a good idea. idea. >> maybe so. >> yeah.eah. >> we need to start calling it i something like road tripping.ri. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> hey, steve, the 90's are are back after the days in the 80's.80. >> ♪ >> there
6:47 am
>> ♪ i want to get with youh y and take your picture.icre >> this was steve's favorite. [laughter] >> what is funny about that. th. >> it's just funny to imagine you in the 90's and this is your jam. >> go ahead and picture itture because it was happening. >> 90's are that song makes me laugh everyur time i hear it.time i h i don't know why.eado 71 now in'n washington. annapolis, too. t nice and comfortable.rtab north and west we're looking lki great. got 50's i n frederick, 59 degrees. degrees. winchester good morning you'remo 59 degrees. just 60 out at dulles. dulle 61 in manassas.assa fredericksburg don't forget't fe about you 64 nice start to our day. day. a little warmer, a little more e humid today but nothing we can't handle.ndle. about 90 this afternoon withs af plenty of sunshine.ty satellite and radar is nicee and quiet and we are not featuring anything too extreme e today. to we'll start to build that heat a back in and that humidity andy a certainly by tomorrow and thisni weekend we are going to be off and running here unfortunately.rtat area of high pressure slips to the south and 90's back in the'c picture today.cte today. by this weekende
6:48 am
getting awfully close to the triple digits.s. unfortunately the heat advisory perhaps 105 to 110 t11 this weekend so it will bet b extreme heat likely to get already saw a excessive heatve h watch has been posted foror areas off to our north andth east not in our immediate area e but you get the idea here. we're like to have some heat s advisories locally.ocal here are the old robbed,be current records for the weekend 102, 100. 1 i would say all three records are possiblely in jepp he deeepe particularly monday.ul that looks like it could becoulb our warmest day.. there's our forecast highs hhs saturday, sunday and monday, md, 99. we're zipping tomorrow toorro to please come down and say hi. we'll be there 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.:0 a.m it will be a warm morning.orng temperature in the mid 80's by 11:00 so a nice start friday. f. 97 tomorrow. here we go saturday, sunday,y, monday, will we set a new record? you'll have to wait t t and see. either way it will bewill b
6:49 am
it and we remain above normal na into next week, tuesday,, wednesday, too. t let's see about roads. roa >> miss millly stole the showstl last week at the zip trip soo i'm stated to he see what youeeu find out in shaw. sw. >> i can't wait. >> earlier train malfunctionfunc at eastern market cleared.leed normal service resumed on the ot orange silver and blue lines. ls dooling with some residualth delays out to we'll s he lee reston. safe track surge fivege five continuous single trackinginglen between east falls church and ballston.llston. an pated crowded conditions.ons. asides from that everythingm th else on time. we have a lot of problematsel on our roads.oads. look at that big red line on lin the northbound and southboundthd bw parkway. parkway. police activity northboundiv past 177. 1 southbound crash blocking the te shoulder at powder mill road.r you saw the southwest issues iss we were dealing with at bwi.wi if you're headed for a flight fh 95 northbound will help you hel get there earlier than bw parkway. crash activity delayed back to o the parkway. paray
6:50 am
miles of backed up traffic asrac you get closer to the beltwayel this taking a look right now inht n n virginia we are right across-the-board 2866 and 9595 through stafford all speedsford dropping below 10 miles per hour. we'll take 1 a live look outside next.xt new york avenue inbound in in bladensburg a disabled tourableo bus blocking a lane andnd causing delays.ays. back to >> attention pokemon go sez-burger showing you a little giving you free burgers todayr d in tenleytown and columbia colua heights. there are a couple capitalsca and theater include a poke pok man. you need to be at level fiveel v or higher. higher. you can only get the burgersurrs between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. well, that's all day isn'tsn great way. way. >> basically you got to be a you level five or higher.ig >> do i have time to get therere by 11 o'clock get to level five. >> have you
6:51 am
>>>> >> i might have to leave n early. >> good morning. goo >> legendary the movie studiosts acquired the rights to the pokemon film so they're goingy'i to make that game a there have been movie and spinoffs. >> it would be hard to findbe h the theater. er >> that's a funny idea. ide call >> i don't know. >> good news this morning. the final divergent ascendant at film will not be coming to theaters.eaters i call that good news.dew the last film al region and insurgents were awful.ere divergent was pretty good.oo the series went extremely downhill according to variety.o they say "lion gate planning plg to wrap up the divergent tiver series way television movie anoa spinoff series. >> that's not a good sign. good. >> that's about as bad as you au you can get if the first three were big feeder films.r i'm not saying tv is a bad bad place to me. m some of the best content is on
6:52 am
tv in regards to content.te if your first films were ine theaters and you're going to tv -- >> its a step down. >> the first two did decently dl and we're not 100 percent sure s if the other october actors aor are going to confirm. confirm >> they could switch writersuld and make it >> they need a betteret directing team t the lastt movie was so boring. borg. i mean the actors looked soood bored during it. during it. >> that's what i've asked you au before. of course one or two peopletwo took it the wrong way becauseec the movie was political butal b when you know it's not goingw to be a good movie 'cause youuso have to review it anywayo view a that's probably when your job jb gets to be a little less >> i'm interviewing thosent actors have that movieer walkini into the room -- i didn't saysa that. actress shannon dohertyty currently battling breasting eat cancerly she took to socialo soi media to share some pictures soi of had are recently shavedy av now she shared this photo in i six steps showing friends anddsa family helping her and then finally showing her shaveder shd
6:53 am
this is the s ixth photo. photo this is friends and family.amy. the initial posting came withh a hair trimmer saying "cupcake k pan chocolate an razor stay stay tuned #cancer sucks, #thank # god for friends. friends so, a very, very sad thatadha she's going through that. obviously you can wish her wishh support on social media but i mt think it's a personal thinghi that she's sharing that withith her audience but it's a veryer emotional time for her her obviously.obviousl very sad. moving ton something morehie monday.monday the first lady michelle obamaba did carpool karaoke with james cordon. cordon. previous guests had been adelede red hot chilly pepers.pepe. arrives at the white house forhe a "1:45 tour" and he says cans c we listen to some music. mic they're asking why are you sweating.eati >> it's a warm dame i think i might be in the wrong place.rone
6:54 am
the car. >> i hear you have a one:45 team. >> as carpool karaoke is theys e got off to singing and they t had a surprise guest.e es watch this.. >> ♪ if you like it then you should have put a ring on it ♪ >> do you know this song.. >> ♪ [laughter] >> ♪ >> coolest first lady of allt lf time, right? i mean she's amazing. this is the first time by thetbt way in seven and a half yearsrs that she's actually been in the front seat of a car c listening to music besides theet time she did driving lessons lso with her daughter recently. dauh
6:55 am
able to to that.leto that. they started off with a stevie i wonder song they did beyoncé. you see missy elliott theytt combined together to do a charity song for michelle micll obama's charity.ri. it's called let's girls long.rls it's an initiative that'sti' going to help out 62 millionmllo girls worldwide.orldwi. 62 million girls do not haveo n school right now.ig now that's the initiative of whatf t they're doing to do. do. she said so much of the world w could be corrected with wh education essentially.tially that's the full video available on my facebook it's 15's 1inut very funny. adele's probably still my sti favorite but that one was w awesome. very, very cool.ool. >> i love her singing thatng t that was so much fun to watch. h she was doing the ring on, too. so funny. funny >> did a lot of loops of the white house property.oy. >> that's all they did, did circled around the the whitehi house. they didn't go anywhere else. es she was saying her and barackndc obama have code names for secret s hers
6:56 am
his is renegade. renegade. >> we have flames for tuckeror r but we can't --'t >> what's tucker's secretr'ecre service. >> i call him friend. >> thank you allison. >> you'rnke welcome tuck. tuc >> the white house archives they have an early version of o martha washington doing that. ta >> really? can you tweet that t out. >> got to find it.od i >> great.>> thanks. >> it's on his youtube >> let's go to the weather.o tot we're looking at about 90'ss today with a little more heatmoe and a little more humidityid than yesterday but today will be tolerable i can't promise the weekendsehew will be. 74 in humidity 79 clear skies.ear skies. quiet conditions.ti it will be a dry thursday forda you. again we're just building heatit today and we're really up, upp and away here this weekend.kend saturday, sunday, monday look out, near 100, heat index approaching 110 let's find out about yourou roads rails, pedestrianedestrian walkways with erin. with erin. >> bike lanes. bike lanes. we'll start you off with a off a look at 66. 66. this crash moved over to the the shoulder. you can see a tow truck on location 66 on the eastbound6 on side by the f
6:57 am
parkway. now that all lanes are opened oe you can see speeds picking up u but still dealing with leftith t overdelays for a few miles.ew ms watch out for that.ha let's look at 395 from ourrom cameras. we have a crash blocking theloce shoulder as well and the right g lane this is by seminary road. you are jam packed from thefrome beltway to the 14th streeth stre bridge. plan for. that we'll be back in just austa few moments with a look at lk your rails, pedestrianedestrian walkways, tucker and moreore roads.road >> ♪ >> this is a good song. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine.
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> right now at 7 o'clock 7 o'c we're heading into the finale f day of the republican nationall convention which once again iss swirling into drama. last night ang former donald trump rival heckled and booed ad by the crowd and it overshadowed the big speech byy trump's running mate. >> another police-involveder shooting under inves ptigation this morning.. an unarmed black man shot byho police and the whole confrontation is caught onghtn this man survived but we'llbu hear from him on why he sayse s he was shot and why police saysa they did it. it. >> plus, chaos at airportspo here and around the country. major computer glitch grounding dozens of southwestenh airlines flights so what doo these travelers expect thisthis morning? we'll have a livee report for for we'll let you know if you'ree heading out of town.own. >> a live look outside on this thursday morning july 21st j21 0


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