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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 21, 2016 9:00am-10:59am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, conventionin chaos.. >> i appreciate the enthusiasmhs of the new york delegation. >> texas senator ted cruz booedd off the stage after refusing to endorse donald trump.. the moment over shadowing mikenk pence's vice-presidential acceptance speech. now, all eyes are on the man himself as he gets set to takeok the stage tonight. more frustration, anger and fear after police opened fire oe an unarmed man with his hands in the air. his only crime, trying to help a patient who had escaped from therapy. he lived to tell his story, anda this morning, he has message fof the officers. grounded, thousands of o southwest passengers stranded after a computer glitch forcesor major cancellations. how this can still happen in
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2016. and when it will be back too business as usual at the airpo airport. first, though -- >> summit note.ote. >> get ready to after a one-day break from theme humidity, it's coming back withh a vengeance. and the worse is yet to come.o m good day at 9a starts now. ♪ unfortunately dog days areag not over.not ove i think they're just beginning. hey, good day d.c. it is just after 9:00 o'clock on this july 21.y so glad you're with us.ou're wi i'm holly morris alongsidengside maureen who is back, welcome wco back to the loft.oft >> thank you. >> we missed you. stev we of course wisdom now has gone ought out lot of door.f do. >> rotating door.>> ratin allison is filling in for wisdom today. she had a very important jobbedb to first this morning she'sng ss playing schaeffer at leave she'l playing ride along right now to tucker chauffeur. chauffe they are escorting our oscar winning guest and officer and gentleman star louis gosset,
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on the way to the station rightr now i looks like a fun little rt trip for you guys.or y guy >> we've been learning a little bit about mr. gosset's likes and what has he be been sharing witt you off camera guys. guy >> we've been talking about allo the many projects, you know, stage film oscar we know aboutn the emmy we're talking aboutki a roots and the new roots and alll of that, and what's next.ex also, we have a family connection or we've been tryingg to figure out i'm trying toin figure out how i can be yourowab best friend really. (laughter). >> tell was i'm going to do. do. (laughter).. >> he laughs. so any way.ny w you're taking the scenic routect in d.c. this morning.orni i promise you, mr. gosset, we'r' going back to the station. tucker, you're diagnose fine dgf job. >> why thank you. why >> i think emit have career.nk e >> don't be nervous.e nvous >> beautiful downtown. >> we'll see in you the stationo in just few.u in >> i promise i got my licenseicn back last week.t wk >> love >> don't joke lick that.e ck t >> suspension wasn't too >> thanks, guys.>> ts, first though let's talkghets about it, the heat and humidityt whoo, it's all about after
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one-day break. bak mother nature turning it up toro 11 forget nine and 10, to 11.o let's just say thousand.d. temperatures today are going tod feel like the mid 90s. 90s worse is yet to come for details mike thomas is in for the roadhr tripping tucker barnes.s >> he's still driving.riving say prayer.r. say a all right.l good luck out there tucker. 90's are back today.oday as just mentioned.oned it will feel like mid 90s latert on this afternoon.noon not like we missed them. t we were 89 yesterday we weren't that far from 99s but back tod today. lower 90s coming your way. way 91 out there just yet. 78 in washington.hito 78 quantico.ntico. manassas pocket of cool airir there, 64 degrees.gree 75 now that was a big jump almost 10 degrees jump inum i frederick last hour.t hou so temperatures are warming upng slow but steadily this afternoor full sunshine out there going tg be lots of sun if you're headini out this afternoon later on thii evening. conditions should be quiet.d bet dry, high pressure is inn control.contro this is going to start pumping up southerly air though humiditt will start coming back we gote g nice little break y
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not so much today. 90s or their way back into thehe forecast. and that will be the case fore f the next several days. unfortunately.rtunaty 91 degrees later on thisrees more sunshine.unin those 90s are back. b and these are the records we'll' be flirting with this weekend. saturday 102.. sunday 102. monday 100 those are the current records. can we break them? find out ini that full seven day forecastor coming up in just little bit.ite all right. all i'll zen it back over to ther tt good day couch.go day couch. >> all right. thanks, mike.thanksik well of course the big storo at 9:00 more drama at the republican national conventionot last night former rival ted cruz took a stand and got booed offed the stage for it. and that speech where he refused endorse the party dan dateanat actually overshadowed mike m pence's vice-presidential acceptance address.ress. today all eyes are on the big b man himself donald trump as he h gets set to take the stage. fox's doug lou hater has the has latest from >> reporter: they are pre pairing here in cleveland forhee th ie cull minute nation of thit convention as donald trump takek the stage tonight to a
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party's nomination.ation. the efforts to unite the party,y though, has not been easy. this is the image that the trumt team and many republicans wantee to savor this morning.s morning the trump/pence ticket. tict. ready to lead united party to victory just after pence hadad delivered a well receivedd acceptance speech. >> change versus status quo and my fellow republicans, when whe donald trump becomes president p of the united states of americae the change will be huge.uge >> but leading up to pence texas senator ted cruz. cruz. one of trump's final opponents in a bitter primary.. >> and to those listening, please, don't stay home in november.noer stand and speak and vote your yr conscious.nsciou >> vote your conscious but notru necessarily for trump was the t implied message and that lack oc an endorsement angered some inen the crowd who began chanting, we want
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>> i appreciate the enthusiasm of the new york delegation.atn >> reporter: the cruz message ms stood out after one primary opponent after another spokeer e through the course of the nighte backing trump.back t who would later say on twitter t that cruz was booed off the stage. trump once again relied on hisdh family his son eric to helpo hel shape his image and make his case. >> quite frankly, friends, votet for the one candidate who doesho not need this job. never have i been more proud tot be a trump.. never have i been more proud tod be my father's son. son >> reporter: and that familyamiy theme will continue tonight evae today trump will introduce her r father as he comes on stage tonight.toni in cleveland, doug luzader, fox news. >> hillary tweeted
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>> mel lane ya trump plagiarizez speech has the been the talk fof the next couple of days. d the woman who wrote the speecheh apologized.og in letter from the trump campaign meredith mciverith mcir explained melania trump read heh passages from michelle obama's a speech over the phone. p those pass ended up in the final draft.dr mciver offered her resignationtn but donald trump rejected it and said people make innocentoc mistakes. make sure to stay with fox5x for complete coverage republicaa national convention.ntion tim fitzgerald is there all wek week. you can intact with him live. wt catch our new show 5@6:30 every day after fox5 local news at 6:00 p.m. this morning in florida, thi miami dade police departmenttmen investigating the shooting of o unarmed the man survived but the wholehe thing was captured on video anda clearly shows the man lift his t hands up the entire time. t police say they were originallyi call to the scene for reports of a man with gun.. threatening to shoot himself.imf that man was
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27-year-old autistic man holding a toy truck. truck in the cell phone video you can hear kin see trying to sell thet officers he wasn't holding ae gun. just listen. >> all he has a toy truck.. >> kin see can also be heard ber telling the autistic man to stay still and comply with officers.s but despite all of that andnd keeping his hands up an officer fired three rounds kin see was w hit in the leg.heeg he says at first he couldn't ct believe he was actually shot. >> when he shot -- when he shott me, it was so surprising.urin it was like me keto bite. bit and when he hit me, i'm like -- i still got my hands in the airr no, i just got shot.. i'm saying, sir, why did youid u shoot me? and his words to me,m he said, i don't know. >> to make matters worse kin see said officers left him on theftt ground bleeding for severaleval minutes before paramedic arrived. that officer is now onow administrativleave and miami mmi dade police dep
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turn the kay over to the state's attorney's office for review. happening right now, anotheh round of anti police brutalityty protests underway downtown.n. this after group protesteded yesterday for more than 15 hours blocking traffic and pedestria pedestrians. fox5's bob barnard is live in northwest now withrd the latestt hey, bob. >> reporter: hey there, holly.oy yeah, this protest is justsus wrapping up some of thesome ohe organizers are right behind me e here. here we're at 14th and i in downtown washington on the t seventh floor here is the office of police complaints for mpd. m and i'll tell you why they picky this place in a minute but i but want to show you video tapee earlier.earlie there were several dozen peoplel here holding signs. sig this is an anti police brutality rally.rall basically this is group called surj d.c. showing up for racial justice it's primarily a group p of white people who haveav sympathy for the black lives l matter movement and other o movements calling attention toet th
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treating african-americans inris our communities and there have v been similar protests like thiss one around the country today. td the reason they pick this building is because it is the i office upstairs of the policee complaints for mpd and they're e here because of a case from last month and if you remember theifu sherman evans case he was manasn who was holding a pellet gun ana kept police at bay outside his home for -- for at least 15 minutes and this was captured on body camera video from police.e they receipt peteedly askeded mr. evans to drop the gun whenhe they believed he pointed it at t them they fired back and fired r at him and shot him and killed e sherman evans.ermanns so this group surj is here to hand in petitions calling for an investigation of that shootin sn they're complaining about thatla shooting.insh this is very different, was verv different from what we saw yesterday. yesterday morning at about thisa time we were up onbo capitol hil where black
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black youth project 100 groups basically shut downy shown massachusetts avenue on capitolt hill for 15 hours, and dc police sources telling us from the top chief lanier allowing thatt protest to continue for that t long blocking the street,t, blocking the sidewalk, andalk, a ending at about 10:30 last night after starting at 7am yesterday this protest here is already aly done with. w they were here for just under an hour again, guys, another protest against police brutali brutality, alleged policeality,a brutality here in our community, guys.ys >> two different two different days.two differend do we know of any otayher planna for this week?fothis >> reporter: no, not right rht now. we didn't even know about this t one until late last there was supposed to be anotheh one possibly today on capitolit hill but i'm told that's nots nt happening. so it's kind of a rolling thing, and where the neck one will be,l when we find out we'll let you y know. >> all right. thanks, bob. ap
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9:11. 9:11 still ahead this hour fed upfed passengers out hundreds ofsf dollars and it's all southwest't fault. faul so why aren't they getting theit money we'll have live report next. ne. >> good question much also later love lifting us up where we belong.belong it's a sing along, our officer,c gentlemen and allison on theirne way back to the station with w special guests lou gosset, jr. j they'll be here soon.oon. it's 9:1 9:12. it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa.
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a whole other world awaits.
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♪ all right. imagine having to wait for hours to board your flight. well, that was reality for hundreds of passengers at bwi airport last night.ight >> southwest airlines had major glitch. glitch that caused several delays anday cancellations. fox5's anjali hemphill live at bwi to check out how things ares going this morning.going th how are passengeisrs dealing wig those delays today?ay >> reporter: well, they'vehey've been dealing.. luckily, we're finally startingn to return to some sense of normalcy here after severalev hours this morning of long lines and large crowds.rowds. take look. this is the line to check in at the south west check in gaten g there and as you can see, pretty normal for around this time. really looks totally defendantea than it did earlier this morninr
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door.. and also another good piece ofdi good news.ews. secure the inline here will thet people seem to be coasting righr through that. that is good news for folks that have been waiting all morning mi long to catch another flight because a lot of flights weree canceled this morning altogeth altogether. i wanted to you take look up tal here. by the way southwest did tweet t out about an hour ago that mostm of their systems are back onlinn but as you can see here, lookino a lot better up on the departure board but we still see some som delays and some cancellations just lot fewer than we saw earlier this morning. m and we've been talking tong to passengers out here all morningi many of them frustrated abouttet what happened we talked to onede woman who said she waso saihe completely aware of the outageug that happened yesterday.ay. she showed up early this morning for her float that was leaving around 7:00 o'clock this 7 morning, and she showed up justj to fine out that it was neverasr even going to take off. o take listen. >> are you going to make yourak flight. fligh >> no, it was cancel. yeah.yeah to ren know.
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so i don't know. k i have no n >> reporter: what are youter:ha feeling right now? >> i have had an experience like this in the so i sort of expected it. i >> reporter: did you know that this was going to -- >> i knew it happened yesterdaye so i was concerned about thebout flights leaving today. >> reporter: by the way, guys,, i tweeted out this photo earlier this morning. m someone really stood out in the crowd to me.e. former presidential candidatete former maryland governor martini o'malley was actually spotted in line amongst all these people. l also, trying to rescheduleschedu flight. he had a float out tflo la earle this morning that got canceled again because of this computer u glitch, and he was just liket l everybody else trying to catchro another flight.anot fli so the good news though thingshg are looking a lot better outr ot here but if you are flying out this afternoon you'll want to check with southwest airlines because there are stilluse ere cancellations and a few delaysel up on the board. we're live at bwi this morning,, anjali hemphill fox5 local newsw >> people who had flights had
9:18 am
back for their tickets or do tio they just have to reschedule? >> reporter: well, you know,ou k we talked to one gentleman who said that he was having a big argument with southwest over getting his money back. back. they were saying he canceled his flight and he needed to pay. p so it's kind of up in the air.ha i think lot of people aree are dealing with some frustrations with getting rebooking andookina getting accommodations back in c order and of course gettinget their morning back. b only time will tell i thinki thk folks right now are just tryingt to get and flight at all and, a you know, we'll see down the t line if southwest honors all of their refunds. >> my experience southwest hastt always been really be rea accommodating.commod >> hopefully they work this outw and don't leave a bunch of angry customers who might go elsewhers good nothing more frustrating than wanting to get somewhere sm and you can't.and you c >> i know. he is special physical you're taking al quick trip with quick turn around.roun >> it really eats into it.eae coming up we'll have update onpo that standoff that happened atap the big apple. olympic ban for russia
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and white until you see our your picture of the day when we check what else is making headlineses next.. >> little later on you are righe to be afraid of the dark if youy ever were. were. you will have real reason tol rn now. kevin will be back with a scarea the pants off you pro view of the new horror movie calledd "lights out". ♪
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>> ♪ >> taking time with their ride. lou gosset, jr.t, how much fun is that. tha >> they're almost here. they'll be pulling in the p driveway ruleal soon. i like our an officer aner a gentleman and allison.on. >> right.>> right >> perfect. >> a lot of star power in that n car. that's all i'm saying. >> we'll talk more with him when they come into the loft. right now it's 9:22.2. erin como is back with check ofo the some of the other stories making headlines for us this ust erin. isn't thank you very much, holly first up we have au ve developil story from new york.k. intense standoff in columbusums circle between swat team an man said to be clad in armor.rm there are reports the man through something at nypd reporter for our sister stations in new york says it was fake fae the man is sitting in his car ar police surround him with guns wu drawn and we'll certainly keepee you updated on this story as wew get more information. there will be no chance to c compete in rio for russia's bann
9:23 am
the skate runners were banned be back in november over claims of state sponsored doping.opin and their appeal to the court of arbitration for sports has justs been rejected. only two united states baseted russians have been cleared toe e compete in rio.. moving over for look closere to home, check that this out. an mazing site in d.c. today. td a row house at 911l street northwest in the shaw neighborhood that pre datesre civil war was lifted up and moved. it didn't have to go that far only about 25 or 30 feet butetut still that took while as the ase house only moved at about 2 miles per hour. hou the house needed to make move tv make way for new hotel andnd apartments check that out in oui shaw. meanwhile face bock's home grown messaging app hitting a milestone. facebook messenger now has get this 1 billion it has been downloaded more than 1 billion times on android.ndrod
9:24 am
app of all time behind facebookk face bock now has throw appspps with more than 1 billion monthlh active u guess that shows you how muchowm folks are on facebook.. finally, talk about a missedd moment.nt. a regular whale watcher inn sidney caught the moment on momo camera when group of tourists on whale watching expedition turnen the wrong way and missed a spectacular breach.r bre my good he is in.d he is in. that photo says it all. luckily the company the touristt were traveling with said theyaih saw several on the whale that is day but i can imagine that is not the same. >> whale watching tower iss horrible.hoible. yvonne seen one thing. >> if you look out left l beautiful sunset over the grande can yann. you're like i'm on the righti'm side i'm looking at >> my gosh. >> pr people saying how can weaw recover from this one? one >> with my luck i would be thata group looking the other way.ay. >> yeah, me
9:25 am
>> eighth wonder of world isld s happening. say what now? >> that guy that captured thetue photo good for go that is like a oneod in millioni chance. >> whatever tour he was on wasrh the right one.theight >> exactly. >> by the way new york times ndof putting out that standoff ended peacefully in new yorky >> great. >> good us in there. goo >> wonderful news. >> through the device in device employees vehicle and one of tht police vans and they turn out to be hoax device.x dev they were able to take that taka person into custody peacefully.y short time ago. ago >> wonderful news.>>onde thank >> politics and comedy goingedy hand in hand for the comedian cd this election season no shortagt of material.erial. coming up we'll sit down withowt couple of pros to find how theyt find the funny in such seriouser stuff and why sometimes theim te politicians just make it owe ito seize ooh for them. >> first, though, get ready forr the triple different. differe mike thomas is back. bac tucker too, i think with a checc on the heat headed our way. w that's coming up next good fresg at 10a of the first lady singins the carpool karaoke and slaying it. donald trump lead to the list of awkward convention kisses.ntions the lead of the
9:26 am
joins us live and later, former american idol haley ryan heartyh is here with a specialpeal performance much that's alluch l coming up on the 10a.on the. right now it's then 25:00.hen 2. we'll be right back.'ll be right ♪ ♪
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♪ >> we're always working arounds here for you folk. let's talk about a lot of abo lightning out at nats parkats pr tuesday night after that loss to los angeles.s aes thanks to the big storms thatrma rolled through the area.a. last night the nats got theirir revenge with firework to
9:29 am
>> here's one big one. o bryce harper going yard all out bomb. >> bam! >> see you later.>> y >> had to wait for the callheall there. way back there.way k t halfway up the third deck. dec it measured in at 451. as in feet. f his longest home one of the season.seas third longest of his career.aree nats won eight-one. >> yeah.ea >> harper with the hustle theree scoring from first on that double.doub nats win. >> good night.>>d n >> well, we have a special guese with us right now. now >> who could it be? >> as been very busy all morning long. hmm. >> how was the road trip, tuck.. >> captain and tow >> captain tucker.. >> so enjoyable. >> what did you say it was.. >> poor attempt at being neweing thai t cal.thai t c i was trying to be chauffeur but this is the best we can do.e b >> it work.k >> it fit the bill for today.od >> i thought so too.o t immediately he said what's up su with the hat. hat >> good conversation. we're back. we just stay tune.. we -- this will be
9:30 am
exciting much he's totally's toy awesome. >> we're talking about lou gossu sell, jr. j >> right.>> right. allison is up there talking tal prepping him right h the other thing we didn't tellel you is that we can't afford toor send anybody down to get him.eth >> i was going to say, his uber driver or chauffeur said takingu the day off, too hot. hot >> exactly.>> e let's do it.let' here's your forecast. forast. another sun filled day.her su f you'll want to a hat as we are featuring 90s again thisga thi afternoon but low 99s it won't9n be -- today is not going to beob your terrible day.ay that we're saving unfortunatelyf for the weekend. with daytime highs near saturdar and sunday.. >> weekend heat index 105 to 111 and we'll see if we don't set'ts some records this weekend.kend awfully close by saturday andnd sunday and monday afternoon.erno >> fate in washington.ngton it's beautiful outside. lots of blue sky. humidity 76%.dity 76% winds are calm there's your satellite/radar.ted nice and quiet.
9:31 am
about 90 we're not expecting ang thunderstorm activity today. i don't think we'll get anythinl more than a few fair weatherrear clouds later this afternoon we w keep it quiet today. today. things will be changing beg timi here over the next couple oft co days. there's your forecast for thisor high temperatures 90, none with plenty of heat.ea speaking of plenty of heat,t, that's where your current curre advisories are across centralen sections of the country of the heat advisories even some excessive heat watches have been issued but this will be the real story as we're talking triplee digit here building here for thr next few day ts and unfortunatea guess where that's headed in ouo direction over the next couple x of days. already not here in the inhe immediate washington area butn e off to our north and east that'' an excessive heat unfortunately heat indexes fromo d.c. to new york are going to be over 100. 100 perhaps to 110 by this weekendse as this big bubble of heat, bigg air of hee pressure is able to a scoot east over the next couplee of days. dangerous heat. ht. we got to be read for it. hallmark of heat wave it lasts t
9:32 am
will be with us right through th early next week. in fact i don't think we'll getl out of the 90s through theough middle of next maybe we'll get break here about a week from today. so get ready for and extendedxtn period of a lot of heat.of heat. today not so bad but saturday, sunday, monday that's bad. with daytime highs right around 100.0. overnight lows aroundght 80 degrees. lots of heat.lots o all right, that's the's can't wait for the interview. ft i'll toss it back to you. to yo. >> will the of talk aboutalk politics with the conventionithe going on right now.htow. politic is serious business all you have to do iss watch oneat o episode of the tonight show,how, late show, snl you know it provides plenty of punch linesun our next guests made careers ouo of finding the funny between tht red and blue.ndlu they're hosting the republicanea convention in cleveland park pak it's your chance to have laugheu at the more absurd moments fromf the here with more the host of thehf event political comedians tim young and donny >> good morning.. >> you started out in politic. t did you fine the funny first ana decide let's actually make it
9:33 am
>> either you make it funny or y drink lot.drink there's no real balance there. e so, yeah work had had to find funny.fuy >> hen the reason tonights' tig event at a bar. bar >> absolutely.bsut >> what is it you're finding ini this particular convention right now that is just jumping at youy or just writing all the lines tn itself. itself >> donny, do you want that one.t >> it's just that this is really the first completely unscriptedd election probably about in 50 i years the absurdity.ty the complete lack of it's right for comedy and realla a great reflection where thishi country root now.. >> non-stop fighting and justfid mess.mess trump thrown everyone of thee ot other candidates completely offf and just been so much fun toh ft watch. you reallywa can't help but eitt drink or laugh. >> it's league running against andy >> sometimes the laughter ises t better with a few beveragesever passion well to copy it going. . when you look at trying to findn the funny in the politics, arei, you still looking at seriouseris message underneath or justr just totally mocking the entire process? >> what's interesting about int being in this positi
9:34 am
you're political comedian he can break down complex policy andnd different viewpoints for peopler that may not necessarily graspsp if we start talking about appropriations or energy that t makes people fall asleep we cane make them laugh and get that t point across. there's very under tone we're ii trouble as country to the comedy but it's there. >> what have you fop funny so yu far this week? >> well, the ted cruz beingz beg booed and people acting likectie this is something he's not usedd to. they act like this is somethingm he hasn't heard at rallies orr events or family reunions ors or when he gets home or anything a like >> i don't know. they said that melania plagiarized michelle obama if oa you take look at her looks sheoe looks exactly like caitlin jenner.espies. that was a thing that no oneha really put together.oghe >> looks good. >> what's the format for tonig tonight. you won't have the convention on if people come to see you this i is like another option, right? g >> this is completely differentd option. you don'
9:35 am
convention make fun of it if you want to feel morrow lacked withw how awful this is come see us. our format making fun of it, drinking, we have experts on from cade dough, cia and from alec big think tanks in town.n. reporter from u.s. news ands a world report maybe you can come on sometime. >> that would be fun and.woul >> and complain about everythin that's going on.abthat so we're just going to have a tv conversation about it and makend fun of the and it will be much more digestible. >> obviously the republican ther convention is going on right no now. are you unilateral in youril finding things to laugh and find funny with the political process.pres >> absolutely not. abs everything is awful. aul. and it's very easy to make fun f of absolutely everything.g >> it's awful all the way arou around. democrat, labor tanners th, lab greens are having theirre convention in houston in august. which not smart decision. d no matter where you go in thisis political process you'll findrol something. >> the last time they gotastim together fat guy stripped onuy e stage. what can you --what >> we did see that and do see ta remember that.treme maybe that will topmb what mayha happen in cleveland this week.
9:36 am
>> you work on the hill, right.g >> yes, i did.>> >> when you were working on the hill, were you just like kind of logging things if i ever decidec to go with the comedic as specsc of this this works, this works,, this works?ks >> ironically we sort of sort pioneered what trump is doingsoi now which is using twitter to ui bypass the media and speakedia k directly to voters. so sort of stealing our bit. (laughter).. >> doing so at a big level, lel though. details for tonight if folksonii want to come down and hang withw you >> come out 6:30, 6:45. 65. 7:00 o'clock the show starts. st 7:30 we go to life to 5 millioni people on face bock life.ife. >> really cool.y c one thing i have to ask youk because we don't want to giveo v away all your secrets.rets but you did say that you mightog also talk about some of the best drinks to imbibe while you'ree ' watching the debate -- watchingh the convention are dealing withw politics much what's on the m short list?ucshort lis >> it's all the left over liquoq at the bar they're just giving s it to us.. >> we're fine with that.h that. half bottles, whatever.haver. we'll drink it. >> we recycle. >> all right
9:37 am
good deal.go dea thanks for joining us this for morning. >> the event you just in jt cleveland park tonight.. it's options holly. options if you want something to do other than watch the rnc. >> thanks for the laugh. lgh anything that's off limits or lr no? >> no, nothing is off >> love it. i had feeling they'd say that.ay >> too much funny.h f all still ahead in the fox beat, what happens when the lights go out? kevin sitting down with w new horror movie coming up next. 9:37 is our time right now. now. josh, don't you have friends coming over?
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♪ martin? hey, what are youty doing down there? to turn the light switch off
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>> not hearing.earing. not hearing.t h not hearing. heari hash tag a movie i will never see. i can't even watch clip much that is a clip from the newew horror movie lights out ands oua gives i was good reason to beto afraid of the dark as if i needd any more reasons.easo kevin got chance to sit down s n with the star of the movie andre of course he joins us now. now >> i spent a -- >> hold me, kevin.. i scared from just that. >> my childhood i spent under mm covers because i never forget fr when i first saw the first saw r ghostbusters dog with the eyes. i would think that the eyes wers outside my window and i had h re
9:42 am
for some reason i cannot sleep unless i was under the covers.nv >> yet you go back for more. >> amityville horror. horr. no one in our basement for yeary >> and pet cemetery. >> any way -- way - >> talk about finding dory. dor. >> finding dory. d this is great for the kids by tb the way.the here's the concept. con. cool idea. i what happened this director madd a youtube video about two minutt film whatever on youtube and lel to this movie.. it will make millions of dollarl this weekend concept is thes the character you saw on the floor f named diana an 10 entity e attached to this family, ity, i cannot be seen in the light. thg when the lights are on, itt cannot do anything negative.. so that's becomes whole point oo the movie these characters neede to have lights and flashlights.h >> that keeps them >> lights on keeps them safe. s that's why the at a too parloroo was going and off. o i spoke to theresa palmer famoum for her role in warm bodies bod about his film but also since s she is lighting the majority ofo her scenes does she get cinematographer record or or director of photograph
9:43 am
watch this.watc >> when you cut the camera she'e nice, when the camera cuts.a cut >> it's hard for her to talk inl the suit. she's like kind of talking like aé you don't really know whata she's saying.s sayin and she has these crazy contact lenses in so really strange to be looking at her. usually i would wait to have mye conversations when she was out o of the suit.ofhe s but it is quite funny seeing her like reading book in the diana outfit chilling off to the side. yeah, she's great though. >> cinematographers people whoho light scenes usually you'reou lighting a lot your own scenes in this film. i know. t >> you're a kin ma to have. hav you get dp credit. cdi >> thank you for noticing that.a because seriously, i have that t light rigged through my costumey all the way down my leg i have i to carry it with me.e pluck into the wall.k into t i guess i confine batteries bigi enough to light it so i'm like l carrying this thing around witht me all day. and then i would say all rightay here's good, here's is bad ifadi you hold it here perfect. the whole scene i'm lightingg myself.myse
9:44 am
brother and light other things.s it was fantastic. i shall totally get credit. crei >> when you mick a film that's this scary obviously when you're making it you're aware of all ol the things happening behind thed scenes.enes is it as scary making it as its is for us seeing it? is it morr goofy when you're making it.akgi >> i think it's a little more goofy, because all the things are out of order, and the crew c is there, the boom stickck operator, but i have to say thet house that we shot in wasnas incredibly creepy. creep i mean it really was a scary ass it seems on the so for me, i think the rest of s the group felt uneasy and it waw super cold.rd. the basement was dark.. they build a black tent around n the house it really was veryy dark if you wander off it's very scary. >> you might heard me use the t term dp director of photograph photographer. so she is lloiting a lot of her own sequences and asng she saidi she's going around with thish ti light and she should get creditt for that. >> so this
9:45 am
see but she said something abouo suit. it's a real person in the film.l >> i think her name is alexa an actress in this crazy suit andut she was -- not super imposed. >> some of the cgi some of it'si real the by the way can we --e burying the lead here.. iron eagle is standing right rig here. re this is i grew up watching your films.s iron eagle.iron eag >> that's right.. >> dude.>> dude. >> get down and give me 50. giv5 >> okay. i'm getting down.i'm getting d >> it what, wait.ait. >> it might be five. >> right.>> rht. exactly. >> kevin, listen -- >> lights out hits theaterss t friday.frid coming up next we'll talk withit lou gosset, jr. he's joining us as you can see live in the loft. allison back is with the officec and gentleman store here in d.c. >> 49 and a half and 50.nd 5 >> all right. >> whoo! >> >> iron eagle! >> it's iron eagle! >> ♪
9:46 am
9:47 am
9:48 am
>> what's your name, boy. n >>>> mayo. zach mayo, sir.zach >> how did you slip into thishis program
9:49 am
so hard up. >> you got an injury there, mayo? not exactly, sir.. hey, really wonderful work. where did you get this, mayo.ay >> civic base, philippines, sir. >> thought i recognized the work. wo you proud of them wings, the the only ones you're going to leave here with, mayonnaise! >> you are a fan of fox5 news ns morning you know that's clipnoh from one allison's favoriteit movies.moes >> no, no new york city. >> the. >> the number one. >> favorite. favor >> officer an gentleman. >> so if you remember exactrxa correctly allison -- >> why don't i just take it steve isn't outbeg to set up tht fact you had a chance to live ie one your fantasies.ta >> good it head, steve.d it hea,
9:50 am
>> what did you get to do. >> richard gere was here w earlier.earl >> yes. >> but before that our necke guest was in studio with us andd we ran one line and i end up not being able to do one push up. u i thought we were going to seeig you and richard gere dancing d together is what i was trying tg get to. to >> okay.>> oy >> but i think we're going tohie let you take it away g. >> technical melt down. d it doesn't matter because i'maui here with the man himself --iml- here we go. g we just little slow.low. don't be afraid lou gossett, jr. a little slow in the kitty.. he's over sleeping.g richard gere came in -- (laughter). >> oh, boy. okay.okay. that's when richard gere came ie i was so excited to meet i'm him i did a walk over.kver. he's a funny guy he imitated my walk. wa >> did he. >> did he.>> >> but i was just so excited ana now i'm just so excited to bexcd sitting here with you.ou >> it's pleasure that be >> welcome back to bac >> thank you.>> t >> you're here for verye h f important reason.ant rea >> couple of reasons.sons. it's called film fe
9:51 am
year and i've got four filmsou l that will be in the in manyy jamaica and toronto to do four f films.s. this one that was on the other r night the maya angelou one personal relationship with mayaa and all its particular peopler and we're talking about almostt finished documentary called cal spill the hadn't knee which ishh the magical connection betweentw the african american and the jej back aft the depression were pup together. we creat created renaissance ofa and culture and that's whys jackie robinson came out of the brooklyn and bash are advicedve stand. >> lou gossett, jr. jr. >> they took us together.he i didn't know anything aboutingt being different because that's society really void me.d i didn't know about anything anh racist until i went to lost to s angeles.ange. by that time they were in charga of the we're going try and encourage ea other cultures to spill thespil honey with us.. >> and boy w great time. to encourage it. it. >> the other thing my foundation
9:52 am
foundation. called e racism. these kidsfo are about to have violent confrontation with theni authorities.or but the less seasons never isea that.that they stopped maybe around integration time.ion te. but perhaps on who's shoulders e they stand weren't culture theyt came from nine times out of 10 f once they know that they realize they're asking for equality iny society that desperately needs n their positive input.. >> as i don't have seen we'vet a been through worse in thesehroui united states ofn america.meric. >> we have something better toeb offer than what we think. t there's in time for anger orr that is self destructive.tructi >> >> go back and clean up thean ue neighbor. peak sure it's the most pleasant place for people to come andpeod visit and partake in yourn you culture. >> the -- we talk earlier aboutr the march on washington film festival in i believe fourth fot year, and you personally havee the -- any documentaries or film projects that you personallynay been able to work on because i know you wear many hats.y >> i'm about to direct one. one i'm directing a thing called "
9:53 am
"meet jane doe" mash tag jane jn doe it's from the original filml that barbara stan wick and gary cooper did called meet john doee after the depression people killing themselves thins filmms was about inspirational americai there really is it was wonderful night withit james stewart. mr. digs goes to washington andn meet jane doe. jane doe we have an audience that's really waiting to hear thisr message again. >> that's excellent. >> i start in may.. march, may to produce and direct that. th >> lot is made here about the fact that oy do love the movie that you won the academy awardma for but on the ride over we were talking about a move 53 that yoy like and you were actually doine the voice.thece. enemy minds. min >> i don't know were you're't k talking about.g abo >> where you play an alien and then -- you're enemies. enemi there's a human.. you're the alien. >> ail a len planet. at the end you come >> because of thee troubles were have to survive with oneh on another. >> very telling. >> we're forced to rely on onee another.anot
9:54 am
>> today we're forced to rely on one another again. >> art imitating life, l >> yes, ma', >> maybe that's the original jol and story in the first place but -- that's before star wars,r that's before avatar, before all of this.s. >> helen the pacific he with lee marvin basically the >> okay.. but this can be emphasized -- can't em if a faced tonight. tot we're in time the planet is neae kneading our attention.ention. we're put on the planet to takea care of it and we'nere doing otr things including murdering andna killing one another we should bl concentrating clearing up theclg oceans and the air and make surr the food chain is unchemicalledl and the fish are fresh.. >> right.ig. >> and pass it on to our nextex generation f we're doingoi anything we may as well be inle 747 airplane.ire. the plane is about to people are finding out who willl be in first class. >> let's steer the plane pla together. now going back to that movie i e made a reference earlier when w you were in that fight scene s with richard gere.e >> with richard.rd. >> do you rolly do martial arts. >> id it in korea and vietnam
9:55 am
and requalified for my secondco degree. but now i just walk from here tt the corner. >> what can't do you? don't don even try, no, no, no. don't buy it.t don't even try it. i'm sure you always have firstrt of all the thoughts that you you shared today just so relevant as to wary seeing but still actingn too.o. what's your next gig.ext gi >> in the next film festival sun dance et cetera one i did withh eric dickerson spike lee's vp v called double play.lay. >> okay.kay >> worked with nick cannon in co jamaica and king of the think back the home in brooklyno breaking brooklyn and from hereh to absurdity. and the reason, that's five.e. the reason was a think i did in georgia faith >> i i enjoy everything do from roots to what you're doing righi now. and just keep doing what you'rey >> so far so good.o far so g >> yeah. okay. ok i want to run lines from officeo an gentleman but i don't think we have the time.
9:56 am
from washington.omhing >> and we won't say what theyhey are. >> diverse the and crabcakes.bcs >> little softer than officer at gentleman. thank you so much lohau gossett jr. tonight he's in town to on n panel for one of the documentaries.mentaries. >> i'll see you at the archives. >> they're in differentiffere locations. march on washington mr. gossett at the archives.toat the thank you.thank >> my pleasure. >> all right.>> all right >> i looked up mr. gossett's imvb it had five things inhing production right now.ig you are still a very very busyus man. >> thanks for coming in.nks fo. >> as they say in brooklyn this is what you do in the firstst place.plac (laughter).auter) >> do all those people -- veryer grateful. >> who's projects are you know k you took your life in the hands by getting in the car with car w tucker behind the wheel. wheel. >> they told me after i got outt >> he said am i being kidnappede i said no >> thank you very much.ha what pleasure. >> pleasure, thank you. >> listen a lot comingnk up oaso good day at 10a many talkal vintage fashion versus thrifty.f how you can go shop and look lok good. go we'll have the cast of the the equity which is an all wom
9:57 am
film in front of the camera and behind the camera about women on wall street.wall s you'll like it and haileyle reinhart you know her fromknro american now she's here.ere. she's going to be performing inn town but not before she performo for us live first.e fir very cool. very >> first though coffee time on good day dc.ay dc. if you've been eyeing our good r day mug listen up.isten up. we have a good day dunkin'n' donuts mug.nutsug enter the contest head to our f5 page facebook page youu can also enter our mug contestoe by doing that.ha one lucky winner selected byeldb random drawing but hurry you you only have from now until 11:00 to enter.nter. time now is 9:57. 9 you know the drill. we'll be back with more of good day d.c.
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>> today is no different.fe you know her from orange is thet new black and how to get away aa from murder. aylisa reiner is live in the >> she went far on american idoo and her musical career continues to soar.oa hailey reinhart is here and, y yes, she will perform.rm >> plus how to rock that vintage look. look. don't miss our live fashion sh show. show >> another big name joins empi empire. wait for it. the 10a s tarts right now.ow ♪ holly liked these. hoe oh, my god. god who is she. >> i love caramel creams.s. >> it's national junk food day.d we're stocking up on -- i'm i'm going king size. >> you got to pay for it. >> she didn't bring any money. y >> look, here, i'll pay for itat real quick.ui >> thank you. >> for minute oy thought ithohti wasn't jammed.mmed. >> oh, my
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day. >> steve wants chips.hi pari credit card. >> $30. >> wisdom left his credit cardd behind much this is great.s gre no we're headed to the lot of righe now. this might be one of my favorite days yet. national junk food day. >> mr. lou gossett, jr., mightht want snack. >> would you like some junk food.ou >> it's national up? food day.. >> i didn't know. >> oy got to keep nightp commonwealth figure.on >> come with us.e wi us. >> we don't want him following f our cabooses.aboos good ahead of us. ofs. >> our caboose will get whole w lot bigger aft this junk food. f one thing about national junkede to day. here we go. >> what's your favorite junkunk food.od. >> let us know #gooddaydc.c >> i think my favor rhett mightg be a reece's cup. >> oh holly.olly >> that is brilliant.ia >> yeah.>> yh >> okay. i like it.. >> salty, crunchy. >>
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>> look what we have here. whavh >> all right.>> all listen i hope you guys broughtso enough for our guess hailey hai because she's going to be performing for us later on. fat upping her from american idol.. she got brand new cd out right r now.w. what's the cd called. >> called better.. >> you look beautiful. >> you can eat any of this you u won't fit in that in ad sorry.y. >> wow!>> wow >> she's much younger than usyou the metabolism is stronger. >> darn her! her! >> thank you.>> thank y >> you guys are fun.. >> little billy holiday theiday rehearsal.. >> beautiful. >> the new cd out right nowight we'll hear from her coming upm c later on. you going to stick around and pop, right. >> yes. >> awesome. we'll let you get back and warmm up. up. >> we'll eat a bunch of junknk food.od. >> which >> tour wrote toes.>> t t >> take the tour wrote toes.. >> national junk food day. >> after you. >> oh, man. >> we have more things butngs bt sorry. we had to hand one over.ver
10:04 am
holly, the first three days ofhf the week i'm over here for mo, next 33 i'm over >> i paid for the junk food.k f >> thanks holly. >> salt and vinegar.egar >> my favorite kinds. >> my daughter loves these too.. >> i want twizzler. >> you guys good.ou g >> we're goo >> good dole. let's get the 10a rolling.eolli i'm steve alongside allison,llin maureen and holly. h. wisdom off this morning.ning it is national junked in day.n y tweet us with your favorite junn food we determined earlier this morning pizza does not count.ou. >> we made that call. >> wisdom is celebrating celting wherever he is.wh >> he's sitting in his chair c right now.ri >> does this counsel as nationaa junk food versus national candyn day? >> i think it's all one.s all. >> candy is junk food, right? >> okay. that's good chris said they're two separater things. is candy junk food? jk foo >> this may be the only junknljk food? good really.? g 'l'll share that.we >> i say they're all one in the same. >> i would consider this junk food. >> it's candy.>> >> i have to go back at the t >> okay. >> natiol
10:05 am
>> friday november 4th is i national candy day.nati >> nobody bosses us, holly.sss,h >> did what we weren't to do. d >> we wanted to start off thehe 10a with serious news. n first up more four frustrationsi and confusion after police shoot a another unarmed black man thii time it happened in florida andd it appose his only crime wasme w trying to help a patient whoatnt wandered away from treatmentm center. the man survived but the whole w thing was captured on video anda colorly shows the man with hishh hands up the entire time. time. police say they were originally called to the zone for reportsor of man with gun threatening tonn shoot himself. that man was actually the 2784 2 old autistic man holding a toy truck. the guy you see right there. now in the cell phone video youy can hear karl kinsey try to telt the officers he wasn't holding l n.n. kinsey can also be heard tellinl the autistic man to stay still and comply with officers.ffics but despite all of that and that keeping his hands up an officer fired throw rounds kinsey wasine hit if the leg. t leg he says the first he couldn't cu believe he was actually shot. s. >> when he shot me -- when he wn shot me, it was so
10:06 am
when he hit me, i'm like, i lik still got mow hands in the air.a i said, i just got shot. i'm saying, sir, why did youhy u shoot me? and he words to mow he said, i don't know. kno >> all right. a to make matters worse kinseyorse says officers left him on the t ground bleeding for severaler minutes before paramedic the officer is now on administrative leave and the ant miami dade police departmentepam says they have turn the casern e over to the state's attorney'or' office.of >> here's what's so disturbinga' to mow in this case. in i mentioned this earlier.arlier the man who had his hands up,ds the man who was shot, is not tht man who police were called tolet address in the first mace. mac >> right. >> it was the other man who was in theot video. granted he is autistic but he's the one that's moving around ind various ways in the video. >> right. rig >> he's apparently in the policc eye's okay to do that. t but the man had came in to helpp him. >> with his hands up.ith >> hands in the air is the manhm had was shot hox was cuffed, and left there before help arrived. >> fired three >> i normally don't like to read comme
10:07 am
goes everywhere but a lot of people are saying in the wake of this what they like to so nowow retraining of police officers or saying this shows in very stark way that per happen some som officers need row training.g. it shouldn't be a first ask questions later mentality.. or cops just more trigger happyh in you because of what's beent'n going on much these are commentt i've been reading. readi i think it starts a dialogue. d some who may be not want to sees that this could be an issue. iss they see incidents like this ana perhaps it helps change theire t perception are ideas that, yes,s things like this do happen hpe unjustly and people do have wriw to be angry or justified to be e and agree when they do say thata sometimes employees can bes em unfair to some people.ple >> i mean just -- look we've w been through this a thousand times unfortunately.s unfortu it's so mad when you see someone doing the right thing, trying tt communicate with police in calm manner, doing what he's asked tt and still get shot it. >> raises the question when q wn police dealing with people withh autism. we had young man i believe youeu interviewed him, right.ight. >> right.>> right.
10:08 am
>> that young man and not speaking for everybody, right, o but that young man who worked ii montgomery county police said if he hears noises, if he hears big things he gets very scared. >> that freaks him out. >> us instinct is to run.. we've, you know, seen that before. there was a gentleman with downd syndrome who was shot. shot. so i think it just speaks tot s bridging the gap and trying tort understand that people do eithee have special needs or when youry arrive on the scene like youscee pointed out the optics of it, i you have, you know, and this iss feeding right into some of the t dialogue.og you have the black man on then h ground i'm not doing anything da and meantime the other gentlemam who is sort of flaying around and i think that every now and then case comes along we can sen clear cut this person new york,y didn't have begun in his pocket. no, didn't have a, you know, criminal background. no mug shot to show and all of o this. this. and then it sort of brings tos light maybe what's going so i'm just so happy he's okay. his life wasn't laid down for an scam he will. >> l's
10:09 am
now it's been pa busy week draa on night number three of the th republican national convention. donald trump' rung mate indianaa governor mike pence septembered the vice-presidential nomination it was his night to shine.o shi or was it? his speechh overshadowed by trump's republican rival senator teden d cruz. primary battle between cruz ande trum bp especially bitter in lat night cruz stopped short ofho endorsing the billionaire.. >> if you love our country and love your children as much as ie know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscious,os vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust tost t defend our freedom and to bee faithful to the constitution. >> some say maybe taking a stana setting the stage for run in 2020. 20 as you could hear delegateselats booed cruz after he refused toes endorse trump in fact cruz onlyo mentioned trump by name oncee o after cruz's speech security had to escort cruz's wife out of th recent in a as the boos continued.ued
10:10 am
donald trump is now the presidential nominee theee t republican presidential nominee. so if you don't want to get behind him as a republican, why, would you show up?? >> it's his convention.. >> my thing how does that helpet him in 2020?n02 >> it doesn't.. >> he's trig to make a play to t others in the party who may notn be trump supporters.poer >> i understand that. i und but if you aren't supporting tht party now --rty n -- >> right. right. >> why do you think the peopleu are going to support you in that same party later down the road? exactly. >> you see what i'm saying. i'm not sure it really helpedhal his cause. his c donald trump has become the latest victim of the unfortunata convention kiss last night trump embraced running mate mike pence on stage and leaned in for very awkward air kiss g did he go foo the temple here? i'm not sure.s >> i'm not sure. i'm not sur >> the eye. >> i think it was cringe worthy. >> still though -- sti >> i thought he was making ae wa joke. jo no? >> no. good really. >> you thought he was going in.i >> how can you tell what a jokeu and what isn't a joke? tel i i thought he was making a joke.
10:11 am
>> nonetheless this is still non as bad as this one. you might remember ---- >> yes. >> 2000 sand democratic nationaa convention when al gore got in there with wife tipper.ip lucky for them they weren'terent around during the time of theg t viral videohe. maybe there should just be noo convention kisses. >> it's hilarious.ilio he got in there. >> they practice the kiss, didid you know that? >> no. they had to practice the >> all candidates do. i don't know they practicen' kiss.s >> how do you know this.u kno ti i was app watching a reportg at earlier.r >> what show were you watching?? >> not this one. o they do practice the kiss.actice a little weird.ttle weird but it's a thing. >> obviously mike pence wasn'tet >> kiss behind the husband andua the wife.ife >> right. people who would normally kiss.s >> you don't want somebody likel to come in al gore did and put d it down. it he was like all in. >> right.>> r tipper was like --er w lik >> getting all up in there.he
10:12 am
>> all right.ll still ahead at 10:00 you knoww her from. fro -- another awkward kissis michael jackson and lisa marie.r remember that kiss?is >> ours would not be awkward iti would only get ratings.. listen you know her from thero orange is the new black and how to get away with murder. she's starring in new femaleale driven financial drama coming uu later ecuador star aylisa reinee is going to join us with fewit other members as well. >> first though brandy collapse empire adds another new star and shannon dougherty showing off her brave new look plus thelus t first lady makes her carpoolol karaoke debut.ut. we're going to show the to you.u it was really funny when we diss with the celebrity dish. dish.
10:13 am
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♪ >> that's an oldie but goodie. 10:15 is our time. time to check the good dayck goo celebrity dish but before we gee to it. i cannot assignment -- you saidd it was candy. was c i had to get more junk food. jalopena cheddar, white cheddarr popcorn. >> it's national junk food day.y tweet us your favorite.avorite. >> everybody got cool ranch is you, steve. ste. >> he loves cool ranch.veol >> h
10:16 am
good job>>. j nice catch.nice all right >> serve it up al. >> all righty.ll rhty. let's start the dish office friday friday eve edition with legal news. news. we're not talking about taylor y and can't yea. singer brandy filed a lawsuit tt ax her contract with camille i i don't know entertainmentow e claiming the company has been stringing her along for the past five years. the alum alleges that her labelb had promised to put a ton of money, put ton of noon a recording contract.t. that should have been your firsy clue. a ton of money.on any way, they said they werethew going to do for her recording contract.ct she's 37 years old she refused -- they refused toed t follow through.llow she went on to compare herpa h little struggle to that of kesha and dr. luck quote but without the sex. >> that was big part of it. i. >> any who she did not stop there with comparisons.paso she also like ken itto
10:17 am
slavery -- that's very serious,, and now a rep for the label is i slamming the singer's suitt saying the label made a risky r call by signing an artist thatht had not had chart single succese since early 2,000s. >> what? >> getting good.ood the rep commented that brandy bd should have, shock not have have alluded to slavery in her suit.i that's where tow draw the line,l they say. too much.. >> the sex thing. t sex thing. >> you did it now. girl. >> she -- is she was on broad id right now. >> she's doing another -- >> brandy is a talent. despite all this she's a talent. i'm surprised she hasn't hadn'td album in while her last coupleco of albums have been reallyea really good. >> where is the ton of money chameleon? this is allison'slls favorite topic.ic taylor swift may have for shadowed her own feud with kimwk and kanye. kye listen to this.s. 26-year-old super star sh
10:18 am
always worried that someone haso bugged her room and is video taping she even get this worries sheris could potentially be framed forr murder. >> okay. >> she's doing the -- the >> tay tay has nightmares wheree she's being framed for murder me and being framed so well thatela she can't remember if she did it. >> let me tell you something. too muchou csi. >> svu before bed goes a long lg way. wa good touch law and ord >> too much of herself. >> she mess her up for a to yout days.da in case you were curious the t significance of the dream wheree you murder someone it means youy are engaged in quote some dishonor rabble adventures thatt will leave a stigma on your name and it says in the prompter i'll read it mike drop.rop. >> that's what's >> kim and kanye. k i called this. this. first that fake relationship.ioi there's something about --bout - >> we don't know it's fake. >> when it comes out, when it wi comes out, i want the entire eir viewing audience to please -- ♪ >> pas
10:19 am
this relationship with tom hid h dell stick, swift, whatever hiss name. >> son. >> hiddleston. >> she's cray cray. cray cray. >> she just admitted --- >> she needs to take little lit veigh >> she needs to be quiet. retreat.. enjoy your intimate times with hiddleston. >> you're already switching up.. >> it's too crunchy. crunchy. i can hear myself. >> they're chips. >> but hair they're extra crunchy kettle chips. >> what chip is not crunchy? ome!e! >> we have some major empireir news and it sounds like kaheemhm lions has fief competition forof season three. wait for it.wait. musician and actor kid cootie -- can you do dee. kid can you do dee.n yodo d i knew it wasn't kid cootie. kid can you do dee joining thedj show. sh the day and nighowt singer willl have recurring roll --ol-- >> he has cooties.. >> i'm just saying.
10:20 am
>> it could happen.. recurring roll as another rapper named graham. >> okay. >> cootie. who as inn pend musician and a rivaled raheem in studio and in life.fe. he's dating raheem's ex tee he's not the only hot we told you about taye diggs. >> he is so hot.o hot >> taye diggs. taye di >> yeah. i was really impressed he follof immediate on twitter and i twiea realized he follows the entireir world on >> actor shannon dougherty currently battling breast cancee as you know she shared theharede photos in six steps showingho friends and family and finallyly showing her head shaved initiali posting came with hair trimmer saying cupcake pan, chock willwl the and a razor stay tuned. ted hash tag cancer sucks.ks. hash tag thank god for friends.. >> we wish her the best. >> she's been doing in the medim for much of her
10:21 am
i'm sad to see this opening to her. -- happening to >> kick cancer booty. boo bye-bye no awkwardness here. the fir lady absolutely slayingi it during a appearance on thenc late late show with james cord corden. check the out. ♪ single ladies >> stop! >> s were your business today at the white house?whit >> hello. >> that's when he goes to pick her up at the white house.ouse. then perceive to drive around ad the white house.e white house. first lady michelle obama o getting a chance to show off heh sense of humor and singing and dancing during a spin and carpool karaoke michelle obamaba showed her sense of humor and ad her dance moves singing -- i'm-i just joking i already read thata okay.ay we're already did the sample. any who, and then she and late late host james corden take spin around the white house jamming i that music.. ♪ single ladies >> she drops hahn know and beehive and sang beyonce''son'' single ladies. missy elot
10:22 am
for the joy ride they sangy sa around.nd let's get missy in the back theb there.. >> missy, missy, missy, missy. michelle obama's song -- okay. they dropped little rap there.r. what was the song, um -- here we go. go. ♪ >> get your freak on. o >> here's what i love about th this.this i think the first lady is maybee a couple years older than i am i this was our music when we weree like young people so i think peo kevin was like that's so amazing.amazing. it is just the music we grew up with. i would expect that she does the know that.ow a whole bunch of other songs. >> and she's hip. hip. >> james corden is beyondeyon awesome.. >> lou gossett said that in the car on the way over. ove >> cru scene that one guy heguye does the late t he's it reminded him. him. that's what we're trying to do.. >> okay.>> oka >> okay. >> have you heard about can you do dee? >> yea ah. >> he'll be on empire. steve, how roar your doritos.. >> delicious. d thank you very much.ou virginia senator tim cane and maybe he will be hillary h clinton's future running mate
10:23 am
and later singer hailey reinharr is here.ise. she has new album out an newnew show at bethesda blues and jazzz and we have throw back video off her on american idol. idol she's going to perform for us right here in the loft.t he in don't go anywhere.nywhe. ♪ man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
10:24 am
10:25 am
♪ 10:25. back on good day at 10a and>> 1a happening in arlington,
10:26 am
vrginia, governor tim caner tim holding a round table session. n we'll find out if he'll be picked to be hillary clintons cn toes running mate. running mat if anybody will get them out o there it's our bob barnard. waiting for the meeting to wrapw up and finding out how to get that answer out of the senator.r bob. >> reporter: i'll try, steve.ry. probably not going to come fromo his mouth.outh hillary clinton's senator caneac is meeting with some advocacy group at the unitarian church ii arlington this morning.orni. a couple minutes from noel joinl us in other room here where thee national media all the local loc media is here because if you if believe some of the nationalsome news media reports new yorkew yr times, fox news and otherss saying tim cane and tom vilsackk the agriculture secretary are oe the very short list for hillaryy clinton to choose herose h vice-president running mate in fact bill clinton according to the
10:27 am
cane. so we'll find out in ars little lit bit what tim cane thinks aboutst all of of the announcement is expectedexpt that make -- be made thisad weekend in florida.n fri you know, kim cane was heree war recently campaigning with wh hillary clinton in northern in r virginia.. so the former secretary of state is expected either tomorrow orro saturday in florida to announceu her running mate ahead of next week's democratic nationalationa convention in philadelphia.delpi and could it be u.s. senator the junior senator from virginia? gi all eyes are on tim ka. ine. when he comes out and says say anything we'll let you know we't through our social ymedia platforms. he won't make the announcement. we'll throw questions at him and see how he's thinking about this whole thing.e t >> it makes sense. iak interesting today's event is ens dealing with immigration.on. that's one of the issues that i think hillary clinton sees asees strength for in addition to being fluent inen spanish and reach out to a lot a more voter there is. >> reporter: that's right. he was the mayor of richmondf r much the governor of virgini.
10:28 am
so he's got some administrative experience so he's again a according to bill clinton the te former president he is the one e that he at least bill clinton thinks hillary should use.. he's apparently on the shortho list of two and we'll see. >> let's not forget the clinton's ties with the currente governor of virginia as well. virginia strong state when it s comes to that family. >> and a coin state, >> very important. ver >> forget the wolf of wall wal street. coming up we've got the women of wall street.t the stars of the new financialcl drama equity join us live nexte with look at what makes thises movie different from the rest oh the pack and why sex doesn'tsn't always matter when it comes to s money. mone 10 confidential 28 right now.nt.
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
>> yeah. >> little bit more my type now. i suppose. suppose >> so how about? are you seeing anyone or --r -- >> i get what i need. >> oh, do tell. i'm boring old married lady. >> he's -- he's someone fromeono work. >> i dated someone from work wor one.e. it got weird.ei it was claustrophobic.hoc we don't see each other day too day. >> that is clip from the new isf movie equity a female centered financial star breaking bad anna gun as a money hungry investment banker and the road blocks shels faces within her own company forty one an old friend a newldf twist on a familiar genre and ad shows wall street isn't just for
10:33 am
boys and joining us now live n l with more on the movie co-starsr a low is a reiner and sarah sarh meghan thomas who also happenede to be producers of the movie m which is a big part of this whole story. story i am woman hear me roar both ofo you thank you so much for coming in >> thank you for having us.nk y >> of course.ou>> ofours >> this real sal big deal because, on the forefront itoref looks like a woman's version off wall street movie but it reallya is so much more than that. (laughter).. >> well i just think our goalura was to tell this entertainingin wall street movie everyoneryone enjoys but then when you leave e gown out for your drink youour y realize it was written, produc produced, starring and directeda by women and that's just about time.ti >> it is about time and about making those in roads. rds let's talk about the movieovie itself first because really we w want peopling to see and it bet entertained.en so what make this wall streett movie different? >> well, we've never seen a woman in this world and we've never seen post 2008 wall stre street. it is modern wall street.all set
10:34 am
media company public, and to meo that is so we have the twitter twitters anr faceboofacebooks and what's thee had you do we value them? it'si not like gold.d. it's not like coffee. cfe it's not like gasoline. g how do we value those things? h? there might be some people thata also might say i don't need a feministic movie about seeingee women on wall street becausel sc it's not that.. >> one of the best tributes wetr got at sun dance actually wasy w someone who said these roleshesr could have been played by men,bn and men are really enjoying itlj and come on there's three sexyex women. so that's a reason. rson. >> how could they not.ow could n >> go to see the movie. movie men really like movie, too, too because it's just an entertai etertaining thr when gender goes away that doesd say the story and of itself isef just good, right? >> >> so let's talk about your tal product company, tkhough.ny, thg how that came to be, and really where it sits among hollywood ho right now. >> it's really exciting. because we started the company a really to make this movie. we were really interested in ma
10:35 am
written by a woman, directed byd a woman, produced by women,o starring women, but has super complex roles for women in froni of the camera, and we were super excited because not only is thee movie coming out but also developing a tv series based ond the characters. >> so -- broad street project.. >> broad street productions we should say that's the name oft' your production compans y. and so you were in thehe competition at sun dance.ce >> yes.>> y >> and before the premier youhey inked a deal with sony picturesu classic, right.sic, >>actually real rfun story. sry two days before the premier werw get a call from our agent at midnight with an offer and aff a deal and they said they had toha close it in the middle of then m night.t. aylisa knocks on my bedroom dood she's in bed. aylisa and my husband arendre lawyers in utah.h that's another movie. (laughter).ter). >> any way i -- all night we nig were negotiating the deal and sony classics was our dream d distributor so we really had tht dream experience.
10:36 am
>> it's rare today that you get theatrical release and sony isy such an amazing distributor that way. way. >> you know i also know therelsr were some talk on how you shoulo end the movie, because you knoww when you think of somethingf sog that's all women, upping, is iti going to be the typical happypy ending or tear jerker, whatevera we my of when we think of chicki flicks so to speak. speak. >> we wanted two thing. thing. one, we wanted it to be openpen ended so that we had the possibility of going into a tv v series but, two, we also didn't want our hero to go home toe t daddy in the end.. >> right. >> one of the endings that wee talked about where she goes bacc to her mentor and you know what she's doing next one of our sais it feels like -- it feels too pat, homework -- like lifetime.m >> totally we wanted it true to the world. w >> yes. >> so many possible that weny interview we interviewed lot o f real wall treaters we wanted the ending that reflect real life.ll >> you said earlier we never see
10:37 am
and yet we know there are womenw on wall street, right? >> totally. >> real quickly we don't havelyn lot of time.ime. orange is the new black fourth t season you just wrapped up shooh us it, >> yes. can you give us any --ny- >> no.>> >> i actually just finished iise did a new show called better bte things from louie ck like a if he male viv haven't louie ck that comes out in september.ept. that will be fun, too.oo >> what about for you?t >> i'm workingab on my next film really excitin exciting a histoi drama about a woman we've nevern seen before.e. >> these women look stunning,tun and i highly doubt that ever eat much junk food.d. it is now national junk food dod >> we do.>> we do. chocolate. >> we have something special fol you aylisa we understand today d is your birthday! b >> oh, my god.. >> right? >> did you not know? kno >> oh, my gosh. gos >> leisha. >> it's her birthday today. >> and so we have gone all out.t we've got you special cupcakes.a and chocolate chip cookies.ooes. these are gluten free.
10:38 am
we know it's your birthday butdy we're not quite sure.uiteur we got you an extra special bag. >> wow! wow >> of m and m's. m >> so fun.o f >> oh, my gosh. >> thank you so much.>> thank now you got to b yuy her drink.k >> vodka >> there you go.>> >> love it. lov we love both of ya'll.ll. thank you soap for coming in and equity hits theaters next frid friday. july 29th. so make sure good out and seeutd it. thank you all. >> allison, over to you. t >> happy birthday. hpy birth happy national junk food day. dy equity hits theaters next frid friday. thank you ladies. still ahead at 10:00 we are showing somebody help me rolle l the prompter please vintage vine fashion. we'll be right back. back.
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
♪ friday eve, what better way toey celebrate with some fashion fhi joining to us show off great vintage shopping looks is man mn that sims and stacey washington. they're the co owners of instant vintage 78.8. hello.heo. >> hello.. >> thanks for coming into ther o studio. >> thank you for having.ou hav >> what makes somebody drefted in vintage clothing? cloin >> usually it's a person thatt really wants to step outside ofe the box. b a person that really wants to bs unique and stand out from crowdo and have that very individualndd kind of style. >> right. so what made you wanting to intt this field?ie >> actually we started in
10:42 am
>> okay. >> it cost a lot to actually aca produce the garment that is wehr wanted to produceme so we decidc to do something that we thoughtt could bring in some money for ur to produce the garments.ment but we kind of got stuck with it. >> because it's already there. >> exactly. >> it's just playing in your mother's amazing closet. clo we want to talk about an event e that you're having on saturday.t a pop up shop where you can go n and see some of these looks. los but we want to show off some ofs the things that you put put together. >> absolutely. maybe if you guys can scoochcanc over and talk about the first tr look. >> this is -- she's wearing oneg of the high end pieces at penn social this saturday. this is bill blass vintageinta skirt, silk, we toned it down with denim jacket make it i pretentious but glammed it upmmp with pearls, and as you can seec she looks fabulous. >> i love it what's the rulet'se here as far as putting these two different looks together? youst can also rock that denim shirtim with a pair of shorts and getors away with it but this is ---- absolutely.ab
10:43 am
>> italian low. ita you still have that elegance but then more approachable. >> okay.y. >> it just works.ust w beautiful. beau thank you.ank y who do we have next. n >> this is troy. >> i thought it was audry audry hepburn.hen this is one of the period piecee we call them. t this is from the 1950s.0s. a silk beaded shift that showsws just wearing so fabulously thist is something that you can't find at the pop up -- you can fine a the pop up shop this saturdayhiu for those who like to wear w pieces that are us youslyy vintage.vint >> you look beautiful. bea thank you.tha. where do you guys get youret y pieces from?eces f >> everywhere. >> estate sales, we like to goo out in areas where they havehave really big houses and really rll nice closets and that's where ww find all of our items. >> mom or grandma used to dressd >> people are always calling usg we have these things. >> yes and the skirt actually al came from the hans shoe collection
10:44 am
socialite hans shoes.. came from her house. hou tell us about this.tells about t love it. >> this is one of the more me trending pieces.ce so, you know, style they get so this is back in the '70's kim monas were really popular seeins they will trend again.nd aga >> thank you very much. thank >> the must have piece of thee f summer. you can put it over whim suit. you can put it with shorts. s he can dress it up or down.ow very relaxed look. >> can you tell us a little bite about this peace much it'sh it' fabulous.fabu do you remember where it camere from or the history behind it? d if this is actually one of our other vendors her name -- her business is curate beside kissis see eva this one of her pieces p she does the same thing we do. n go to different estate stylesstt times sometimes together andes r that's where she soared this onn for.for. >> i like you using the belt. i presume that's the originalgil belt but you're using it as a a belt around the waste at this point. >> are those the looks we have
10:45 am
>> yes. >> there's rack of clothes righc here. i was looking at really this one just spokes to what used to be in style is back. because surprise, it's basicallc what we would call a romper. >> exactly. a jumpsuit.t. >> jumpsuit.umpst when you get -- let me ask youtu when you go to the thrift storeo like you might see me at, you do see some older labels and yous y know that they're quality piecee how do you -- how can you pickoc your own pieces that are vintage pieces?pieces >> from a thrift store? weto? suggest that people do -- whenow you go to the thrift store and you see something that locks tho like a vintage label, you shoulo always do your research.esearc google it.og if you google the name and put in vintage nine times out of 10o things will come up and thenninn really tell the value of your y >> wow! okay. >> we always say look fors sayk quality. quality. you can't go wrong. >> the tulle on the bottom, im,i had dress just like this on the top. it just speak to the fact that,a you know, what is old is new again. but there's some things i hopeop never comes back like those bigb shoulder pads on double breasted suit hi like when i sta
10:46 am
in the business. buss. thank you ladies.ank yo the event is this saturday pop pop-up store or shopping experience at penn social and sl you all will be there. there. >> we will. >> we have men's clothing, women's clothing and accessoriei and just like everybody to comem out and enjoy.t >> everything you can see here h you can fine at the pop-up shop. >> is samantha and stacey are fm instant vintage.ta thank you very much. much >> thank you very much. t >> it's a vintage piece.ha a vip >> yes, it is., >> i love it very much. i lov >> thank you.e over to you.r toou >> we love it too. thanks ladies. 10:46. singer hailey reinhart wentnharn viral with her cover of elvis can't tepp falling in love and i coming up you might not be ablea to help falling in love with her either. the former american idolrin i finalist joining us live with w very special performance much that's coming up next. next ♪ ♪
10:47 am
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10:49 am
♪ our neck guest started s sinking at the age of seven andn rose to fame on season 10 of tht hit fox s
10:50 am
although she finish third shehe has been one very busy lady. l after signing with a label shehe released her debut able in 2012. new ep is out now and calledalle better. she's performing to night at th bethesda blues and jazz club bub first she's joining us live in the loft and here to perform the song g baby ain't i good to you please welcome hailey reinhart. take it away. away. ♪ >> what makes me treat you the t way that i do. d g baby, ain't i good to you. there ain't nothing in this thi world that's too good for boy so true, gee, baby, ain't i good to you. yo ♪
10:51 am
coat for christmas, a diamond ring, big cadillac car and a everything ♪ >> ♪ love makes me treat youou the way that i do, gee, baby, ain't i good to you ♪ ♪ >> ♪ well, i bought you a fur a coat for christmas, a diamond ring, big cadillac car and a everything ♪ >> ♪ makes me treat you the way that i do, gee, baby, ain't i good to you ♪ >> ♪ i said, baby
10:52 am
good, so good to you, i said, baby, ain't i good to you ♪ >> haley reinhart.t hello gorgeous. >> hi. >> s were your name. s >> alex. >> alex. >> beautiful work as well.utif >> thank you. >> hey. how are you. >> i'm doing good.>> come on in here. >> thank you.nk you. >> she looks amazing. amazein you sound even >> thank you. >> rich rich voice. voice old dough but goodie. gdi >> we're trying to bring it ba back. >> why? why this sun why now?yn >> well it's really important to keep a classy time alive, and a we're here tonight to perform a lot of kind of old and new and bringinbringing inning them togt >> a lot of people know you froo american idol finishing in third place.e. >> yeah.>> yh >> brag about yourself. what have you been doing andou d what can f
10:53 am
>> i just released my secondseco album better like you guys saids and i've been touring -- great-g hair by the way.he way. >> thank you very much.y mh >> touring finish up my u.s.y u tour going out in europe thisopt fall check me out and also also perform a lot with jukebox thist other group definitely a retroyt lovely thing going on. yeah, i do voice over work in show called efforts for familyff coming out on netflix. quiet quite lost things. tng >> since you debuted americanut idol the music scene has changea so mh >> sure. >> lot of artists are doing their own thing.thr own t going for independent labels lab want not.want n are you finding that's a bettere path to go on report sort ofso maybe not going tour for major m label going to something smaller allows you to be the true artist that you want to be.e >> i think it's important artisa at least for certain amount ofmn time to spend in like to get tog know their brand whatever they project it will be representedee correctly.corr even if you end up getting with major one.major one >> i was reading your bio. rea y you're from chicago land. l
10:54 am
>> what part. >> all right. >> yeah. yea wheeling.. >> yes.>> i saw you actually you were witw your school singing group, youru hoy school wheelly high school?? >> yes. >> did you sing with them.ouing >> my old high school jazz bandb that's where i started off. o i went to the jazz fest and san with them in italy andn ita switzerland.switzerland that was like the first. fir it's cool to be reunite goods how some someone so young fall f in love with jazz. people think jazz is for olderlr people. how do you fall in love with fav jazz and that be the cornerstone of what your music is? >> i think, you know, it's such' a big part of me in growing uprg and there's a lot of, you know,k soul and blues in chicago.. >> yes. y >> and there's lot of heart acha involved and i feel grateful ind haven't had to feel that but io can relate to it.. so it's nice to, you know, justt emote to crowd and have, youou know, you guys connect. >> you are smooth.mooth. you are smooth. your voice is amazing.yoce is a so rich and deep. rich you can catch her tonight of o course at the bethesda blues
10:55 am
jazz supper club.per you are perform wagon time?e? >> 8:00 o'clock. >> do we have a banner to put u to tell where these going to beg we just told you. y in the meantime --he meaim >> come on down. com >> pink the cd you won't be disappointed she's doing lot oft the great songs you heard her life. this lady is not only beautifulb but talented.butalented. thanks so much. >> thank you very much.nk y >> good to see you. >> good to see her as g well.el >> back over to you. y i'm going to give her one more m hug. >> she sounded amazing. thank you very much.e ank very >> >> yes. >> all righty. want to read some tweets.e twee. >> let's do it.o i >> tweet it up.p >> talking about junk food. j we have to decide whether or non candy is in or not. not if it is gum knee bears count fc in the we'll go with sour cream and onion chips.. lease favorite twists and backnd to the candy reece's peanut buttercup.cup >> we'll save the candy forthe f national candy day.. >> that's not until november.ove >> i thought candy toody t originally. >> good morin, family happy national junk food day can'tk fo wait to partake and steve you'ru rocking
10:56 am
>> holly socks holly i love youe but who kid cootie? cooti >> i made a joke and saidai cooties afterwards.wa >> i tweeted her back admittedle i'm so not hip. nip i get it. >> untrue. >> this person went to down.t t. checks mix, combos, monday chose and bugles. bles. sampled them all in the day. thy good stuff.good >> i feel like bugle is the unrecognized snack food.ckd. >> twizzlers my fave, too., >> for real.or rea. >> okay. iu know what chip i like? ichp like a monday cho. mda you like the monday chose.y choe >> i also like pringles. >> yeah. pringle is like the monday cho,, too. too that warms my heart he approveso of enemy mind one of my faves.yv deedee he said it was hisas h favorite movie that he's everr done. there you >> big thanks to lou goss sell, jr. foraying us and for duck kerr driving and picking him upc well done. don >> every man has his job. j >> super hot today.od >> be patient to drive here inen d.c. >> 90 to
10:57 am
near 100 all weekend a lot of lo heat on the way. >> the heat is on. zip trip tomorrow to shaw. >> i'm going. >> bye.
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city, it's "the wendy williams show". >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. with all due respect, my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. >> announcer: now here's wendy! >> wendy: yeah. thank you for watching our show! and say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. how


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