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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  July 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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thomas working hard on a friday, erin always in her usual spot will have trafficl f in a few.ew >> donald trump's big night atia the republican nationaliona convention where the billionaire officiallyicia accepted the gop nominationinatn hours ago.. >> trump used his speech to declare america is in crisis.ri he called on the parties to fight together.t together. he promised to fight crime and violence around the country and denounced hillary clintonhi as part of a political classal s causing the nation's struggles.struggle >> clearly we're having somee'rg technical issues there.l iues after the speech though trumphop was met with a thunderinghunderg ovation from the crowd and arowa balloon drop to celebrate thehe final moments of the rnc. rnc of course trump's speech wash ws the hottest topic as you canyou imagine on twitter overnight.rn. here's a sample of some of theft reaction from both sides ofid o the aisle.e ai >> house speaker paul ryan tweeted at trump and his running mate mike pence. pence. let's see it through.s see it tr let's go win
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>> amoroso who now works forks f trump congratulated her boss hes and tweeted this picture of trump thanking him for sending it to her suite in cleveland. i former maryland governorover martin o'malley tweeted tet muslims are our friends families neighbors and coworkers. an attack on them is an attacktc on all of them.he hillary clinton's officialfficil handle tweeted the only thing ti standing want to donald trumpd u and the white house is >> the protests at the rnc did d not take a break last night nht even for the nominee him him seven.sen. trump's speech was briefly interrupted by a woman unfurling an antiwar banner b and scuffling with conventioneers.tion she's believed to be a membertoe of the a women's grassrootsrasss group code pink who also protested ohio's open carrynarry gun law outside quicken loans ls arena earlier this week.k. >> there's speculationcu presumptive democraticpt presidential candidate hillaryda clinton will announce her running mate today.
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set to be on his short list. li. >> kaine was in arlington thursday. wound up getting peppered with questions about the veep vp stakes. he's placed on a short list of three possible candidates including tom vilsack and cory c booker. secretary clinton campaignedpa with senator kaine last weekai s in northern virginia.irginia. she's expected to make her vp announcement sometime this weekend but it could come as early as today. >> metro facing a lawsuit overar one of its employees.loye. metro worker who was blamed for falsifying records aboutds t the tunnel fan during the t incident at l'enfant plaza was w given his job back by an arbitration >> metro's largest union isst ui suing metro for not reinstating happening today, a rally a r at judiciary square in northwest.nort the group plans to protest prott what they call the coverup of o an inmate who died in police
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custody. >> 70-year-old lester erby collapsed. they claim the air conditioning is not workingng iw and they want the correctionsio director to step down and the doj to investigate.estigate this is a story that just makes your skin crawl.wl a local police officer facing charges for taking pictures up women's skirts.n'skirts. officers james sims wasrs j suspended last month for theamtt incidents which happenedapd between may of 2015 and juneun of this year.r. during traffic stops investigators fear there couldhe be more victims out there andhea if you know anything or know anyone this might haves might he happened to call police.o c >> if you plan on being bei outside this weekend, okay,kay, take precautions.utns >> water. >> we're about to deal withit near triple digite di temperatures. >> when you factor in humidity it will actually feel more like 100 degrees. 100rees fox5's anjali hemphill isl i live at dupont circle with how first responders ares are preparing to keep you safeto kou this weekend. weekend
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>> reporter: they are and there's definr:itely a need. n we're expecting those triple trl digit temperatures. it's early in the morning and it already feels very warm out here. the hei air is heavy.vy. we're already sweating.wein take a look at the time and temperature. 76 trees right at 4:35 in the morning.rnin the sun isn't even up yet,, guys and we are expectingxpecng today and this coming weekend to be just as hot, if not if n hotter than last weekend. you may remember there was a large festival called togetheroe 2016 that was on the national nl mall where the meet got sot goto overwhelming park police will wl to cancel the event. over 500 people were treatedrert for heat related 35 people had to be rushed to r the hospital. as of now, there are no huge events planned on the mallheall this weekend but there arehere nats games the next three daysey including a day game on sunday a and we did speak with the fire chief gregory down about how h he's adding more plans and specifications an
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streets. >> medic units or ambulances or allowing us to be able to address if we have additionaldda calls because of the heat.caus >> reporter: everyone needsee to be vigilant especially the te young and old. they're encouraged to stay out u of the heat this weekend.. again, triple digit t temperatures expected all weekend long wit eh that humidity it's going to feelee really hot. for a list of ways to stayta cool as well as a map off cooling centers go to to yourtoy web site anjali hemphill fox5 local news. news. >> stay cool yourself anjali. al drink water throughout the morning. good news it is friday and we're going to get our zip trip before the blisteringer heat sets in.heat s >> thank goodness for that. tha. today we're heading to d.c.'s shaw neighborhood zip codeod 2001. it's going to be tucker kevin and
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carnegie library. it's at mount vernon squareve just across from the t convention center.ter. that's at the very tip, theip,he edge of shaw.f sha come out and see us. we'd love to he see you. you. we'll be there from 6:00 to 11:00 this morning.orn our zip trip in the shaw neighborhood. >> carnegie library that's a great venue, great location.ocat going to be a fun morning.orng you, too, take your >> my water, my fan. fan >> what's it look like forit lok them this morning, mike?,ik >> doesn't look bad to start to but it will get hot reallyy quickly maureen once the sun comes up so make sureur definitely pack your water, wat short sleeves, light colors and, try and stay cool as muchlc as you can especially thispecial coming weekend as the heatkend e really starts to build. b satellite and radar a few high g thin clouds out there this o the morning. that will be the cases throughout the day today.hout we have a tfrontal boundary off to the t it's slow moving and it's quickly weakening t it willng tw throw the chance for an isolated thunderstorm our wayory as we head into the laterhe ater evening we'll watch for that.atch for t most of the day dry.. 77 at 8:00 a.m.
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96 degrees at 4:00 p.m. p.m once again, it's going to be a a hot one. all right, that's the weather.s. erin como has got the traffic. c hey, erin.ri >> that's right 4:37 right nowow friday morning just had my m first sip of coffee. coffee. things are going well rightl r now and i hope you're enjoyingoy your friday morning as youou wake up. as you hit the road right nowign you can see plenty of green onen our map.rap. reports of a crash on the inner loop just after the the springfield interchange. we'll take a look at that camera actually hearing fromng o my producer it's outer loop soro outer loop by the springfield interchange please use caution as we get that situation siton figured out.figu 210 northbound near farmingtonmo road overnight fatal crash cra investigation still going on gon right now.ght n. so please use caution as youti a head out there north of 228. 2. metro gearing up for serviceup f at 5:00 all rails on time te except safe track surge fivek su affecting the orange andra a silver line continuous singlegl traffic east falls church tohurc ballston. any questions at erin fox5 fox d.c. on twitter. twitt more traffic in a few. few. >> coming up on fox news morning george washingtonhing
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its men's basketball coachketbah after a number of playersye requested transfers from the school. sc >> the wnba fines teams and tead players for wearing blackri shirts after the shootings of alton sterling and philando castile. >> as we throwed break a liveed look across the d.c. region. rio whew. life is a highway sometimes,ime, right? luckily, those highways are clear right about now. now. not too crowded as the rushheus gets under way. way it is very warm, 76 degrees, 4:30 is the time. time. we are back with more fox newses morning right after this. >> ♪
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it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together.
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vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits. >> ♪ >> the basketball world makingtl headlines from all corners this morning with coaches and team ws under firemen injury game moved over a longstanding lgbt controversy. c >> let's take a look at whatke a you guys are talking about are a already on social media thisso morning beginning with the begiw investigation of georgeion geo washington university men's basketball coach
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who is facing allegations ofatio verbal and emotional abuseal ase from several anonymous membersem of his team.ea 13 players say they left theeftt program in the last five yearsfa in the wake of the but lonergan says theay allegations are unfounded.ound >> in women's professionalssna basketball several players arela facing fines for socialoc activism. indiana fever new york lib yk lb phoenix america he reand theiri players were fined by the wnbahw for wearing black warmupck warmp shirts in the wake of recentecet shootings by and againsty police officers.ffic the wnba says they're proud of the women's activism but theut t shirts violate policy.icy. >> the nba moving the 2017 all-star game out of charlotte l and that's because of its i objections to a north carolinaon law that limits lim antidiscrimination protections for lesbian gay and transgender people. the league says it hopessg to t announce a new location forio next february's events shortl shortly. coming up on fox5 news morning the nation is reacting t to donald trump's speech
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including senator bernienato sanders. >> and a womanable caused ofse using ice cream and treats tos lure children to her home is heh due to go to jail -- rather--ate due to go before a judge. j >> as we head to break nowreak let's go ahead and take a live look across the d.c. region onn a friday.a fda it is 4:42 right now.ow hot already outside,utde 76 degrees. d it's going to get a whole lot l hotter. we'll talk about the forecast and traffic coming up whutenn fox5 news morning comes right rg back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead on fox newsews morning, one day after donald trump accepts the gop's the g's nomination to be president of the united states, the focusta t now turns to philadelphia.delphi the democrats and hillary and hy clinton's running mate. >> and prepare yourselves, youre people, that unbearable heate we have been telling you about t it's's upper 90's possibly even triple digit >> what you talking about a willis? air conditioning,ir co, that's what i'm talking good morning. thank you for joining us i'ms maureen umeh.een uh. >> i'm holly morris.ri today is friday july 22nd.uly nd mike is here with the weatherhew ervin following with trafficingh if first we'll start withrt w anjali hemphill and the story sy we will be talking about for a r the next few days, the extreme heat. anjali, how does it feel right now? we name not too long agolo it wasn't bad.asn' i know things are slowly are swy inching up there.up >> reporter: they are. rorte it's getting warmer
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fast. we've got a little bit of a breeze but the aitlr feels heavy with that humidity and it'ss warm.. the sun isn't even up yet andeta the temperature here ispeture showing already in the upperer 70's and we're of course goinge to be climbing into those 90's ' at a antoday and expecting tripp digits later this weekend.kend. last weekend it was really it hot. it's supposed to be just ase jut hot this weekend if not n hotter. there was a festival on the mall called together 2016 that2t had to be canceled. over 500 people were treatede rt for heat related illness, 35llns had to be rushed to thed the hospital. as of now no huge eventsnt planned on the mall thisl thi weekend yet but there will be wl nats games this weekends w including a day game on sundayna and we spoke to the fire chiefef gregory dean about how he'ss preparing for this by adding add five more ambulances and medic units on the streets. stree >> weather service has s indicated it will be a very hot weekend so,it you know,no trying to anticipate that we have resources available, very similar to when
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festivals or anything else.g e what you want to make sure you do is that we can continue tocau provide the same level ofevel service to everybody in then the community. >> reporter: we do have a we complete list of tips to keep k cool as well as maps ofof cooling centers which are a supposed to stay openedne extended hours all through throu next week.xt w you can find all that on ourn web site live in dupont circle thisclthis morning anjali hemphill, fox5 local news.local news. >> we are kidding about, you abo know, we kid about how hot it is going to be but it's but definitely something to takeoake very seriously.veryeriously. keep in mind your pets ands a everything, right, mike. m >> take precautions. >> absolutely. the heat index will be over 95 more at least the next fiveve days. that does mean d.c.'s heat hea emergency will be in if you -- that means extra cooling centers are opened. ope head to we have all the informationnforn you need to know on our web site. site cetty clear skies.ty mostly clear, 76 degrees.ees. relative humidity at 79 percent and as anjali just
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mentioned it's starting tortin creep up. creep u that's because of thatp.'s b southerly breeze.sout it's bringing in mheore humidity up from the south.up do want to mention that whilet we do have a little breeze, bre air is kind of not moving tooto much. and because of that we have a code orange air quality today that's just unhealthy foror sensitive groups out o the very old, the very young.yng do keep an eye on them andm and limit your outdoor activities. today 97 degrees, mostly sunny skies. big heat this weekend 98 degrees all three dayshe alle saturday, sunday monday but itut feels like 105.e 1 that's a look at the erin como's got the roads. rds hey, erin.ri >> silver lining at least it i doesn't feel like it's 110, right, mike. right now work zone three t right lanes closed two, 50sed t, eastbound past collins road. rd. green on our map because bause there's not enough volume toe cause any slowdowns throughhrou those construction i'll let you know if and whennd that changes.hanges road work on rock creek
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parkway.rkwa two way traffic both share theht southbound side rock creek c both directions is an ongoing borings.ngs. secondaries around the kennedyod center looking nice.ooking ne. not seeing any issues in maryland commute all drive dri times in the green. green. that is what we like to same story in virginia this morning. we got you covered.overed. any questions at erin fox5ox d.c. on twitter.n twi we'll take a look at metroo next.xt back to you holly and maureen. e >> ladies and gentlemen, wes an officialing have our o republican nominee donald trump accepting the nominationin during last night at the rnc with an em passioned andn em pa lengthy speech.y >> trump used his hour longs hon speech to declare america isrici in crisis and criticizedze political correctness and the corruption he believes has infiltrated washington. >> we cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore.rrey so, if you want to hear the corporate spin, the carefully cr crafted lies and
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the democrats are holdingolding their convention next week. go there. t >> after the speech trump was ws met with thundering ovation o from the crowd and a balloondnda drop to celebrate the finalhein moments of the >> plus trump's speech was the hottest topic on twitterpic on r overnight especially so with former democratic presidentialra contender bernie sanders whosere supporters trump said wouldd w flock to him. >> bernie wasn't too happye was with that tweeting "those whoho voted for me will not support s donald trump who has made mad bigotry and divisiveness theenee cornerstone of his campaign.n. "that wasn't albany had to sayo as he live tweeted the speech. c he called trump out for not addressing healthcare coverage which was one of the sellinge points of his presidential campaign. bernie said still waiting for wf a single word about covering the 28 million americansmericans without health insurance.h insu. i guess they don't matter much c to t the woman accused of aused sexual assaulting children byren luring them with ice cream tohe her homewi is expected to be in cour
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hearing. the victims ages seem to range r from 12 to 15 and police saye s if anyone has had inappropriate contact withonct w her, they're asked to call police.police. >> coming up on fox5 news morning, a number of peoplepl coming together today to helpel families victimized by b flooding in west vii >> as we head to break we'reak going to take a live lookeoo across the d.c. region. reg time right now is 4:51 on this friday morning.. it's already very warm att 76 degrees.76 d back after this.s. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> state utility companies inti maryland bound to be moreli diverse and who they dohe business with regarding rar
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>> the company set a goal ofet directing one out of every e four dollars spent on businesses contracts to businesses owned b by minorities women andnd service disabled veterans. vetan >> many of the companies have tc already met and skied previouses goals to be more diverse. diver. one of the winners ofof t wn america's got talent is lend ise his voice for a good cause. and will daw murphy will w perform at a benefit for west ws virginia flood victims. the fundraiser kicks off ats f t 6 o'clock.6 o' he's from west virginia and has a new single out called cal come home west virginia. virgi >> maryland virginia tax freeax week for both states is right i around the corner.orne >> here are some of there s of details. in virginia tax free week runs s from august 5th to the t seventh. se just means it's almost back toat school time. sc >> i know. >> it will include schoolch supplies clothing footwear,ooea also energy preparednessdnes supplies like flashlights.shligs maryland's tax free week isee ws from august 14th to the 20th. it includes clothing and
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>> a lot of parents are likepa yes. >> i always think of that one tn comer shall it's the mostt wonderful time of the year y with the parents skipping around but it's definitelys going to feel like the deade t middle of summer.r. >> absolutely right. rig and you know, this is the time t of year where it typically typ does. we always seem to get one heat a wave of summer.wave s this might be our worst of these summer. we'll keep our fingers crossedr that it is. we don't want to get muchet worse than we're going to beoing for the coming weekend. weeke for the day today it should be d mostly try here. he. we do have a front well off toeo the north. north. there's going to be some to severe weather today acrosser tr pennsylvania and new york. as n that front sinks south it s will weaken but it could throw t an isolated storm our way late l this evening. we'll keep our eye on that.hat. mid to upper 90's though todayod with a lot of sunshine for thefr first half of the day.he d 97. 97 we took away the 99's, we wenten 98 for the weekend.hekend however, don't let that kind thi of put you at ease. eas it will still be very hot, very lots of humidity. humid it will still feel well over ove 100 degrees on saturday,aturday, sunday, take the heat seriously. seriouy stay h
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that's the erin como has the roads. r >> we have a camera of thea of t crash. outer loop near ther n springfield interchange lefterce lane left shoulder blocked but you can see traffic reallyeall light so it's moving alongg al just fine. f keep it to the right past that a scene. sc we'll let you know as soon asass things clear there. there let's look at our maps rightok a now. still some overnight road workor we need to get cleared as fars as the roads are concerned.rned. rock creek parkway bothar both directions near the kennedy center two way traffic sharing g the southbound side.e this is an ongoing project. prot notice how 66 coming inboundound from virginia across the bridge looking good. problem free on the memorial mer roosevelt and key bridge. key looking good on the 11thhe 11t street and 14th street bridge. maryland commute in the clear. c same story in virginia.irgia. no congestion in stafford andffn if you are taking metro this t morning keep in mind aside asi from safe track surge five continuous single trackingin between east falls church andrcd ballston on the. the a and silver all linesd si should be on time and work sewns also affected 50 by lottsford vista road as wells as collington cngton r no slowdowns there past thet t
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again volume really light. lig. waking up around the dmv i t dmv would say if you're gettingettig out and about might not be ae a bad idea to hit the road earlydr and avoid all that questionstio later.late if you have an early flight fli traffic on the way to bwi looking good on baltimore-washington parkway,shn 95 northbound problem free on the way to reagan national andga things on your way to dullesulls also cruising along so maybeay you're starting your weekendree who days, ohio, it's not a a holiday but feels like afe like holiday for me because i'maus'm going on vacation so i've decide dad i decided toa holiday. >> the head of a lawheead enforcement agency in maryland r says police departments needeep to start relaxing their drug policy when it can comes too newly hired officers.icers. >> and one state does awayte d with a tax on products everyctse woman needs to live with. wit >> before we head to break though let's take a quick look at today's stock futures. dow nasdaq and s & p all up allp little bit.. fox5 news morning back afterft this. >> ♪ >>
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> straight ahead on fox5 news5s morning, one day after donald dl trump accepts the gop'sop's nomination to be president ofsie the united states, the focushe c now tur


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