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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  July 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> straight ahead on fox5 news5s morning, one day after donald dl trump accepts the gop'sop's nomination to be president ofsie the united states, the focushe c now tur
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hillary clinton.nton >> and prepare yourself that unbearable heat we've beene've telling you about, it is here. . upper 90's, possibly even triple digits coming your way. w >> good morning to you.d thank you for joining us.s. i'm holly morris. mor >> and i'm maureen umeh. today is friday or we like too say friyay.riya mike thomas talking about our triple digit heat and erint erin como standing by with yourit traffic update isn't at the't ah top of the hour the moment hasas come republican presidential p candidate ton trump too donald o the stage to accept his nomination for the gop presidential bid. >> trump addressed the crowd thd of thousands at the event withth a lengthy speech laying out his plans to make america ameria great again. what he plans to do to noto only win the election but to close the >> we cannot afford to be so politically correct anymore.rre. so, if you want
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corporate spin, the carefullyarl crafted lies and the media, med the democrats are holding their convention next week. go >> trump also promised too build a great border, a wallall to stop illegal immigrationmm which he said will help end gangs and violence in the u.s. speculation presumptivesumpi democratic presidentialat candidate hillary clinton will announce her running mate h run have a senator tim kaine is said to be on that list. l >> kaine discussed immigrationea reform. he wound up getting peppered pee with questions about the veep stakes. he's on a shorter list of shortf three possible candidates cantes including tom vilsack and cory booker. booker. >> i'm not sure there's -- in t the age of citizens united and a super pacs, i'm not sureur there's ever going to be a presidential election again e where the public is going tooint look at candidates and feels anl good about them because wese have
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intentionally used to try tory make politics bad to then try to suppress turnout to then the try to manipulate an outcome. >> secretary clintonre campaigned with senator kaine last week in ntaorthernh ner virginia. she is expected to make her vp announcement sometime this weekend but it could lap as earlt y as today.oday. >> baltimore police polic commissioner kevin davis and dis what to make changes to theke c police department's hiring practices. he says he wants to relax the policy that disqualifiesisquifie applicants for past marijuanaara e.e. according to a letter he sentr s to the maryland police mar training commission he wantsets the state to maintain a prohibition on marijuana useua in the three years prior to a a person applying but eliminatelyn theg automatic disqualification for use before then. men's basketball coachal c mike lonergan made history on the court this year when heear e devered the school theird hool first ever championship but itpt looks as if the winning masked s more deep seated issues withs lonergan and the program.he pgr >> yesterday the washington thew post released a report thatt t
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emotionally abusive towardsow them leading to 13 players13 pye transferring out of thesf program the last five now every one of thef th allegations in the report came from unnamed sources.nn lonergan issued a statementta saying he will not respond to anonymous unfounded unfou allegations. >> this morning a former coach a at morgan state university isivs denying abuse allegations.. donald beasley used to coach coh the women's basketball team.tbal some current and former andorme players along with parents say beasley was verbally abusive abi during his time as coach.oa the school removed him on on june 18 and he says he's he' unhappy school officialsy hool didn't defend him and claimsenha he wasn't able to defend able td himself from those claims. c we are getting ready for f ailettaheat wave. wav it can be dangerous even >> d.c. officials are ready for a possible uptick inupti i emergency calls.emergey calls good morning, anjali. anjal >> reporter: good morning.odnin. well, right now in terms ofms o heat we're d
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because the sun isn't up yet u and there is a slight breezeee but the humidity, guys, iss, here already and it's definitely here to state.o state i can already feel the frizzl tf developing in my hair rightrht now. take a look as time andime a temperature here, just after a 5:00 a.m. already in the upper 70's and of course thosend temperatures are o expected tod climb and get even warmer asr a we head into the weekend andkend if this weekend is anythingnyth like last weekend, we may be mae in for some trouble.e trouble you may remember a large festival called together 2016ogt on the national mall lastmall weekend in had to be canceled ce by park police because thesehe heat got so overwhelming over o 500 people were treated forated heat related illness.. 35 were rushed to a hospital. h. as of now, no huge events land a on thplanned on the national mal it's the weekend, we've got w nats games the next three days e so people are going to want to o be vigilant and preparepare themselves, drink lovers wateree wear sunscreen wear the right rg clothing in you're going to be outside.yo we he did speak with fireh chief gregory dean about howout
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units on the streets and the most common types of calls hety he gets when it's this hot.s >> our job is to anticipate.icit our job is to make sure we s have resources available andable in this case here the weather w service said to us hey you'reoue going to have a hot spell. actually the whole country hasry got a hot spell so we're preparing for it. >> reporter: if you can't y cant find any relief at home you homu can also go to one of ourf o cooling centers in our area. a there are several. sever i'm told there will be extended hours through nexthrouh week until 9 p.m. at ng you can find a map, a completeot list of all those coolingng centers on our web site we're live at dupont circle anjali hemphill fox5 local >> anjali definitely don't take this lightly folks. mike thomas talking about triple digits. >> potentially triple digits.eit we'll get awfully close.lose when you talk about temps thispt hot we really needful sunshinels to hit those hundred degree readings. we may have
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time to time during the day so r we've held onto our upper 90's. we're 98 degrees each day butege esregardless, as anjali aal mentioned humidity is there.itit it's going to feel like over a hundred probably today as well ass saturday, sunday and so, do take it seriously.eriousy it will be a very hot 75 out there right now here in washington, gaithersburg at, gas 70bu, frederick 64.rick we had locations in the 50's 5 the last two days.ays. not the case this much warmer and you can y definitely feel the difference.en zip trip forecast. headed to shaw in d.c., tuckerde and maureen, they will be there -- well tucker will bell e there starting at 6:00 maureen e will join a little later.ater 81 at 9:00 a.m..m. 88 degrees by 11:00 a.m. and. a we're heading for the upper 90's later on this afternoon. going to be a hot one.e aot o stay cool, stay hydrated. hrate. that's a look at the erin como has got the roads.oa >> on-time traffic brought torot you by toyota. visit buy a for special offers.ia >> all right, coming up on 508 0 this friday morning.or behind
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at a crash sce this is on the outer loop outoop right by the springfieldie interchange.inte the left lane is they have an arrow truck outut there. so dark it's hard to make outakt that scene but traffic isffic getting by just fine on thein te outer right lane of the outert loop. we'll let you know if thatla causes any delays but again any keep it to the right nea dr thet springfield interchange. let's take a look at our maps. aside from that active crash scene want to show you a look ao at the rails. no alerts outside of safede o track surge five except you may and counter delays on ther blue line because of safedecausa track.fe no alerts across the rhett of rf your rails. your continuous single tracking sinet between east falls church and ballston on the orange and silver lines. any questions at erin fox5 erinf d.c. on twitter. maureen and holly back to you. >> coming up, you'll neverer believe the north miami police department's version of what ver happened when one of its whe officers shot an unarmednrm therapist. >> police in brazil sayic bra they've broken up an isis related terror plot. >> as he had we had to break, w ae live look across the d.c. region. it's going to be a hot one.ot oe we've been talki
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5:08 is your we're back after the break.. >> ♪ >> >> ♪ >> just breaking now from overseas search for malaysieaaa airlines flight 370 will be suspended if the plane is not i found within in the currentre search area in the indian
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ocean. the plane vanished more thand mn two years ago. a some parts pleased to be from t the plane have washed up onshed islands off the coast of africa.afri >> dramatic developing news. dev 20 people rescued from thehe water near canton maryland m last they were aboard a dragon boat a when it capsized.apsize the coast guard responded touard the scene and rescued th tend rt entire group.entiroup. luckily they were all wearing w life vests none injuries wereer report. >> a chicago police officer is expected to be okay aftero be being shot in the leg lastast night the officer and hiscer a h party responded to a recordero of a man acting erratically.ical the officers approached theroac man who was talking on a cell phone and asked him to hang upap so they could speak with him.ul the man pulled a gun osput of a backpack and began firingg hitting one officer in thehe thigh. both officers returned fired fe killing the suspect. >> alleged terror plot at the olympics brazilian police arrested andesn the people for pledging pledg allegiance to isis andce tosis discussing possible attacks atac the summer games. gam police launched raids in 10 i different areas where theent auspects were. two more people are still ontiln
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the arrest comes two weeksomee before the opening ceremony at the olympics.lympics. >> u.s. and its allies sayies they are making progress in pro the fight against secretary of state john kerry ky and defense secretary ash a carter met thursday as part of a counter isis initiative.tiati. the u.s. and its allies used usd the meeting to map out some ofof the next steps to defeat isis. >> we're going to destroy the th fact and the idea of an a islamic state based on isil's barbaric ideology.olog >> according to secretary carter, the anti-isise coalition has killed more than t 20 operatives who were who w plotting to carry out attacks. the u.s. customs andusms a border protection settled aettld lawsuit with the american civil liberties union for aor new mexico woman who endured enr six hours of invasive bodyy cavity searches afterty returning from fro >> the aclu sued customs andtoms border protection for subjecting the woman to vaginal and anal searches without a warrant or her couldn't sent. the set. was around $475,000. $
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there is no more sales tax for tampons in new york. y new york governor andrew cuomo c signed legislation yesterdayestd that gets rid of the sales tax on feminine hygiene products. new york joins several other o states that have has passed pse other similar legislationislati ending the tampon tax and it includes maryland.and. coming up a small townma tow dealing with a waterth aater contamination problem. probl it isn't necessarily deadly dea though but it might make you y feel a little cloudy. cloud >> local first responders respoe announce their plans to help hep you deal with and stay safey s during this weekend's severe sev heat. >> and we are heading to breakao with a liv be look across the t d.c. region this fridayri morning. time now is 5:12. 5 back after this.his. >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> 5:14 right now.>> take a look at the baseball died.k undefeated season sea are over for stephen s
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last night he gave up six runs including two home runs to turner.tuer strasburg's record on the yearg is now 13 and one. o this is his first loss since sin september 9th of last year. >> ♪ >> fun while it he'll get another streak itnothr hope. speaking of streaks we'll bef sl in for a hot streak. sea we have been talking about it. o it's not going to be pleasant. n telling you to take precautions.pron mike thomas we're asking you asn to chime in with what else is wt coming our way. w >> holly and maureen what's wha' coming our way is the heat. chance of thunderstorms herestor and there but primarily mostlyos will stay dry all weekend longnl and just very hot. hot. here's why. southerly wind kicking up.rly you can see these reds arrowss coming from the south bringing n in the humidity, that's humidy,s bringing in the heat and it's it going to be stickinghe around an all weekend l 75 right now in d.c. it's different from the 70's 70' we had yesterday and the day t before. it's noticeably more humid outbl there this m 75 at pittsburgh.tsrg 72 at richmond. rhm 72 even i was the way as far asr
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where they were in the lower wer 50 just a couple of days ago.fsa that tells you just how warm h w this air mass is that's movingsv generally clear skies acrosses s the region today.e reg a few high thin clouds out cloud there. that will be the case as wehe ce head through the course of theh day so just -- that's aboutt' a the biggest threat we have h until this evening when thisis frontal boundary which is off to the north is going to try and sendun a little piece off energy our way that may kick m c up a storm or two this evening. so f-you're heading to nats park 705, there could be a storm.m. the odds aren't that great but it is something i'd at least i'd have to mention just in case in to cover my own butt so to speak.k. here's your front off to the frt north again and that nice n southerly surge up ahead of it d is really going help our hel temperatures get into the mid i to upper 90's at a. a again, can't rule out that t storm but most stay dry. d. mid to upper 90's coming your way this afternoon it willfter definitely be a hot one and and it's only going to get hotter gt as we head through the course c of the weekend. this area of high pressure pre that has been dominating theatie weather pattern over the past p several will continue to sinke
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as it does so it will open the o flood gates so to speak with to all the heat that's beenn building across the midwest.thed i saw a temperature of 1033 yesterday in southern missouri r so definitely it's a big heat ha there. th heading in our direction.ecti. mostly upper 90's. could we touch a hundred? dred yes, it's possible.ossi but right now we're favoringav the upper 90's all weekend long. 97 degrees today. very hot. very97 humid.umid stay hide traitd.ide tr drinhydrated.don't log your kid your cars. cars. most stay dry.most stay partly cloudy.rtl clo warm and humid kind of summer sr evening for us here.e. there's your fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast. fecas 98 degrees saturday, sunday,es s monday. it's going to feel like a a hundred to 105 degrees eachreesc one of those days. those day again, take the the heat very seriously.seriously. next best chance of storms isf i going to be monday with monday reattered storms in theatte afternoon. few linger into tuesday but i you can see 90'snt across the seven-day fora
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really no relief in the heat h in sight that's a look at the forecast. c erin como has a look at the travel on this friday morning. g >> i made the mistake of playing rebecca black. black mike thomas knows everyry morning.rn you have a crush on her we on respect that mike.resp moving on to traffic right nowin the outer loop traffic onceffice again moving earlier crasher c scene by the springfieldprin interchange did clear.rchae di light volume there and innernd loop is quiet from princein george's county across thecrs t wilson bridge. i'll let you know if any of that changes.hang all of our area bridges righta e now are looking good. g safe track still slowing usra blhe b possible on the blues line because of the singleingle tracking on the orange andrang silver line continuous singlegl tracking east falls church to to ballston will be in place wil b through the 31st.1s be prepared for pred f trains running every 18ve minutes approximately.ppro. orange line ballston to new carrolton additional trainsio running and morning commutend me right now taking a look at ouroa roads i like what i'm seeing i'n coming fro
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quiet on 50f baltimore no b problems on bw parkway or 9595 and things on 95 looking goodngg to and from richmond. rhm i got you covered if any off ano that changes. at we'll take a look at the bay bridge this morning in case you're leaded to the beacheso te for an early start to the to t weekend. maureen and holly. >> water contaminated by potby p chemicals. one story going viral. let's see what else we're elseee clicking on. >> miami police union>>ic representing the officer whoheir shot an african-american-aca caregiver lying in the streetlyn trying to help a patient withiew autism says the shooting was an accident and that theident officer was actually trying tolg shoot the patient to help save s the therapist.e thest the union says officer rivera r opened fire because he thoughteh the patient was a danger to his therapist and that thend t e video footage of the incidentt portrayed it poorly.ra >> don't drink the water. that's the message fromrisagero officials to residents in colorado where well water hasat been contaminated with the cycle active chemical inl i marijuana.mari the town is 100 miles 100 m southeast of denver.enver. water testing has showedas
5:20 am
the town prohibits growing manufacturing testing andct sellinurg marijuana. marijuana. >> on the football field it looks like texan j.j. watts.j. a might be back on defense this season after undergoing hisergoi sector back surgery in sixry inx months. now, watts played last seasond o with a herniated disk and alsokd will a broken hand and five andv torn muscles. didn't stop him though from winningto his third defensiveefe player of the year award. a the texans are hopeful thatul ta after missing the preseason pres watt will be ready to suit up tp for the regular season gamesames this fall.all. that dude is legit.s l >> i was going say.>> ias g >> 5:20 right now.tow coming up on fox5 news morninger the justice department workinget to stop two healthcare healthc mergers. >> if you're a wireless and and verizon customer bad news toew tell you bo you.ou >> let's take a live look across the d.c. region on a friday morning heading into ant super hot weekend.t weekend. we'll talk all about it coming m up. we'll have more news mornin.
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fox news morning is whatox n you're >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> the justice department rather the department of justice is officially put two healthcare mergers on lifetiicr support. the doj filed paperwork toerwork stop mergers between anthemetwem and cigna as well as humana and aetna. officials have strong concernson shrinking the insurance market e would harm consumers andrm c prices would skyrocket.rock if both mergers went throughrg t the national market wouldket wo consist of just three firms anthem aetna and united health. >> federal employees andmp retirees he who participate inpi the federal long term careerm ce insurance program will need toat get their budgets in orderrder soon. >> they currently pay the fullya cost of that insurance and onn november 1st that price will jump by 126 percent to an to average of $111 per monthth which is leaving many livid.. >> well, if you've goteot unlimited data
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and you use more than 100 gigs a month, they're going to dump you.u. verizon says you have untilil august 31st to switch to awitcha limited data package.d data after that, you'll be disconnected.onne verizon stopped offeringpp unlimited data back in 2011 in 0 but some people are still sll hanging on to those old plans. s >> why not? >> yeah. >> what's up with verizon justhv taking away.tang away. you know what --ha-- >> we're not making enoughakin o money on you so. on y s >> that's exactly what it is. i good news. it's friday and this is really r good news. we think we're going to geto get our zip trip in before thebe blistering heat.teri >> let's hope so. h so. today we're heading to d.c.'s ds shaw neighborhood. the zip code is 20001. 201 it's going to be tucker kevin and me out there. we'll be visiting last places arounds shaw but our main locationn locn today is going to be on the t grounds of the carnegie library which is at mounth vernon square. s it's right across from thecrosst convention center.enti cente we love to have you stop by and say hi to us.d y hi we'll be there from 6::to:: 11:00 this morning. morning. bring some water, bring an umbrella for some shade.e
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having a lot of fun.. come on out. out. >> yeah. i'm skyed for you all.ll shaw is a hot neighborhoodt right now and i'm any otherne'mh talking about the weather. it's hip happening as can be.ngn >> cool place to be and hopefully they have tents outtet there or something for young fou guys.guys. once that sun comes up it it's ' going to get hot very whew, i'm out of breath. let's take a look at tempsps right now. erin and i were just singing karaoke.ok that's why i'm out of breath. rebecca black's friday one ofdaf the greatest songs ever put to paper. >> he oh, my. >> h just throwing that out there. 75 here in washington. 74 in annapolis. gaithersburg still at 68. at8. take a look at your seven-dayn-a forecast 97 today. he we work our way into the weekend. we have 98 degrees saturday,da sunday, monday. m could be a pop-up storm honestly either -- each day. however, really most of themostt time we're going to stay to stay drive. it will feel like 100 too 105 degrees. take the heat very
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stay cool. cl. hit the pool, hit the beach if h you can and again, just try, juy and stay cool this weekend.eend that's a look at the erin has got traffic. >> 5:26.>> 5 maybe you're leaded to there beach early this l morning. traffic -- head to the beach early this traffic on the bay bridge is i just crash and closure insure montgomery county.nty. great seneca highway northbound between long draftonf road and metini. metin that closure could put youutou back a few moment. ment. follow the signs.owhe s taking a wide view let'ss forward our maps. 270 though flowing throughfl rockowville wide opened speeds in the up are 60's.are0' we're problem free on -- let's-t try that again.try aga we're problem free on 395 as39 you head in from the beltwayhe l onto the 14th street bridge.ri eleventh street bridge quiet. 295 northbound, 295 southbound n moving along without any problems.ob the beltway inner loop andy outer loop through thegh suitland parkway area looking good. good. suitland parkway flowing par without any issues. same story int upp
5:27 am
on four by dower no 28 in manassas also quiet.ui we have the safe track work.or delays possible on the blueble e line because of that andausef t single tracking orange and and silver between east fallsalls church and ballston.lsn. give yourself extra time there e and back to you holly and maureen. >> all right.>> >> all right. what happened there. >> i was ready for the>>eady f weekend, right. rht coming up on fox5 news morning a protestor became aecaa past last night's gop convention.nv >> a local police officer isce i facing multiple charges forpl ca allegedly committing a lewdin act when he pulled over women motorists. one of them was a fellow flow officer.offi >> as we head to break we'lle' take a live look across theoss t d.c. region. 5:27 right now.ow i think this might put you back to sleep.o sleep. no, no, we got to get youe y going on a friday. fda come on people.e. sooner we get to work, sooner se we get to the fox5 news morning back rightk r after this.after >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. >> straight ahead on fox5 newsen morning, campaign 2016. 2 one day after donald trump accepts the republicane repu nomination to be president,o bee the focus of the politicalal world now shifts toto philadelphia.ilphia. the democratic party and hillary clinton's runningni mate. a metro worker fired overed the deadly smoke incident atidet l'enfant plaza is fighting toigg get his job back. he claims he was a quick scapegoat for a troubledoat transit system.ys and north carolina's hb2 transgender bathroom law has
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fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning.>> good thank you for joining us, i'm ui maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris.ors. today is friday july 22nd.y wisdom enjoying time off, garyy enjoying time off but we are enjoying the presence of mike pe thomas. he's got our weather covered for us this morning and erinninn of course is standing by as as always to talk traffic.ra >> i like how you did that, tha bringing everyone into thee inte foal. donald trump's big night at the republican national nat convention where thenven billionaire officially accepted the gop nomination hours ago. >> trump used his speech tod se declare america is in crisis. ci he called on the party too fight together to win the the election.el he promised to fight crime and violence around the country and denounced his rivalced his v democrat hillary clinton asilla part of ary political class causing the nation's troubles.ub >> together the we will lead led our party back to the whitehi house.hoe. and we will
5:32 am
back to safety, prosperity and peace. big business, elite media and major donors are lining up behind the campaign of my opponent because they know she will keep our rigged system in >> after the speech trump wastru met with a thundering ovation oa from the crowd and a balloonlo drop to celebrate the finalin moments of the rnc. now, trump's speech was briefly interrupted by a woman unfurling an antiwar banner. ban she's pleased to be a member mem of the grassroots group codessoc pink. the group also protested ohio's open carry gun law outside quicken loans arenaquicl earlier this week. >> metro is facing a lawsuit a t over one of its employees.f itsp the met he tree worker who was s blamed for falsifying records r about the tunnel fans duringansi the smoke incident near nea l'enfant plaza was given hisen job back by an arbitrationit
5:33 am
panel. >> but he has not been so metro's largest union is i suing metro for not reinstating him. him. metro's general manager sayss metro will try to get the arbitration panel decision'spa overturned by a judge. ne>> today is the start of an on intense heat wave. wav while you were out and about abt enjoying your weekend officials want you to take wantt some extra precautions to make sure you don't succumb tocumb t extreme heat.eme heat. >> d.c. fire and ems are preparing for the heat wave to o make sure of course thatof cout people are safe.ree. fox5's anjali hemphill isill live in dupont circle to t sell us exactly what all thoseto preps are. how is it feeling out there anjali? >> reporter: well, thanks tohast a nice breeze relativelyivel pleasant out here. her still very humid but once thence sun comes up, guys, things ares going to change.oe. take a look behind me the temperature at 5:34 already in the upper 70's and we are definitely going to be experiencing a repeat most likely of last weekend. weekend if you remember, there was amemr large festivae l on the nationaa mall last weekend that had tot h be canceled because the heathe a got so overwhelming.rwhelm over 500 peo
5:34 am
treated for heat related rated illness and 35 people had to be rushed to the so, that heat is not playing we spoke to the fire chiefhi here who says he is going to t have additional resources onrceo the street to deal with any wit heat related calls. they expect an uptick in that.ia there will be a press conference where city andy a emergency management officialsge will talk about their specificii district heat emergency planeat for this weekend but in theutn e meantime everyone is urged to plan ahead for this heat.hi hea you're going to want to drinknk plenty of water check on elderly neighbors or friends.ri try to stay in the air t condition canning and in the inh shade as much as possible m because this heat is going to be serious guy hs.usuy if you cannot find any relieffif at home, you can always go to an area cooling i'm told they're going to have extended hours through nextrs t week. you can check out a map ofap o where all those locations are a on our web site we're live in dupont circle,e, anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> ♪ >> talking about the extreme a heat and taking precautionsboino let's not forget our
5:35 am
a lot of times people think t they're okay outside.e ok outsi. heat is dangerous for themhe too. >> and they're wearingring sweaters basically. basically. >> basically, uh-huh.asic >> be very aware of your pets.rt bring them inside even thehe outdoor ones bring them in forhn a little while.a li >> really not looking at anyng n relief until the middle ofdl next week. >> if even.>> if eve looks like we're staying in the 90's. the worst is saturday, sunday, a monday but even then ourur cooloff period is only localal to mid 90's. 90' it's kind of the middle ofe summer here.mmere. we do this from time to time in d.c. there's your satellite andou radar. generally clear acros across the region with the exception of a few high thin clouds. cloud from time to time we'll seee to high thin clouds today. nats back in town playing tn inp later on this evening and it'sli going to be a hevenot taking on the san diego padres d later 7:05 is first pitch.. 94 degrees. going to be hot. yes, there is the channe chancea thunderstorm, very lowrmery chances. i just want to let you knowet yk that there is a chance but chan primarily most of us will stay dry. 97 later on this afternoon. aft
5:36 am
most of us heading up into theio mid 90's but we'll feel muchl mc closer to 100 degrees. degrees. all right, that's a quickhat' qi check of the we'll have the seven day in hav just a minute. ere in como for now has traffic. >> 5:36 straight u as you wake up in montgomery county we have a crash scene sce an closure for you greatre seneca highway northbound between long draft road anddraf martini road. roa use caution there. 270 moving along fine. fin we don't have any majoror congestion as you pass the truck scales.s. 355 also wide opened.d. moving over for some road work in the district northwestorwe section alternating traffic on the southbound side so both so southbound and northboundboun sharing that one direction.ectin rock creek parkway near ther ken he dee center be carefulbe l for that. 50 still quiet into the the district. problem free on 66 from gainsville through manassash and centreville. inside the beltway same thing ti through falls church andhurc and arlington. i'll let you know if that if tht changes.chan a work zone right now three nowe right lanes closed.righ this could cause slowdowns.t 50 east at lottsford vista road.
5:37 am
clears. the beltway looking good outeror loop and inner loop as younner make your way through wayhrou gontgomery county bottom of the beltway as wellmea and i'll let you know maureen me and holly that the reason i rea was so excited my last trafficti report og our producer was singing and i was kind of k grooving to it but nobody else e o could hear it. it's definitely friday for f you. >> i heard him singing.inging. >> you don't have to explainxp those voices in your head, erin, it's okay. o >> coming up on fox news fox morning hours after accepting ai the republican nomination forn f president of the unitediden states, donald trump's legalld team is heading to court toourtt try and have a lawsuit dismissed.sed >> thousands of players, fansrsf are in san diego -- -- geeks - e in san diego for comicon.omicon clearly i'm not one of themf t 2016. 2016. >> all right. we'r>>e heading to break. break that's a live look across thecrs d.c. region.egion. it is 5:37 on your friday.rida let's get going, guys., see you on the other side oferi the break.e bre.
5:38 am
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>> ♪ >> just one day after donald trump accepted the republican nomination his lawyers will beis in court trying to get a lin to lawsuit the lawsuit alleges hee defrauded customers who tookook trump university courses.
5:41 am
>> trump's lawyers say theay t lawsuit lacks trump is facing two class c action lawsuits in san diegosu and another in new yitork.n new >> black lives matter bla activists here in in apparently did not think a tnk cookout between police andice community in kansas was allas al that great. we showed you the video fromeoro the weekend gathering in wichita. black lives matter d.c. tweeted this is s not an a official chapter and this ishapr not in line with our with principles. the group that set up the event with police acknowledges they the receive plenty of backlash for the cookout. cooko. but says it was only meant to t be a first step. >> comicon celebration underon r way in san more than 130,000 pop culture fans of all types expected to attend. a lot of people attending loveee to dress up as their favoriteore character and of coursef c there's always the buzz aboutuzt new movies and the next big tv shows. >> coming up on fox5 newsup o f5 morning donald trump's remarks'r during his speech last nightst g have rattled nato
5:42 am
stoked the debate.eb >> the nba moves the 2017 all-star game out of charlotte.char another financial employee tomp the tarheels state in therhee fight overls hb2. h >> let's go to break now.ow live look outside on this friday morning as we head one hn into the it's going to be a the ho one,oo folks. 5:42 is the time right now. we're at 75 degrees.deees. more news you can use on the cao other side of the break.sidetheb fox5 news morning back rightht after this.afte >> ♪ ♪
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> back at 5:45 right democrats are waiting for who hillary clinton will pick ase nt her running mate.ning she's expected to make an announcement today oroday tomorrow. looks like a local senator might be alongside clinton.e ani fox news is reporting senatoren tim kaine has made his waykain onto hillary clinton's short list for vice president.esen >> ♪ >> it is 5:45. it is 5 on this friday morning, taking a look at that cluster att dupont circle, 76 degrees isss what it's saying already at alra this time. t the thermometer is just goingtoi to keep on climbing. mike thomas, oh, boy. b >> yeah, oh, boy is right andhtd the sun is rising. so -- so - >> as it does every day this time. >> as it does. food for thought. [laughter][laughr] >> let's check out your your headlines for the day. d much hotter today, even moreter so than yesterday
5:46 am
if you weren't sweating at allgt yesterday you'll be sweating sat it as temperature get up intoet the mid to upper 90's but it b i will feel like over a hundredunr degrees with the humiditywi the added in. so, really the real heat wave w starts at a even though we did touch 90 degrees yesterday.teay 75 your current number at the airport, mostly clear skies. s humidity has come up a bitit 82 percent. we are starting to kick up that southerly souerly that will just continue toontino bring the humidity and theumidit moisture up from the south andou we'll be sitting in itht all day today. satellite and radar here a little frontal system off to the north. very weak but as it works its io way down to the south latern tou today itth will lose a lot of o energy but may have enough too can kick up a shower orahowe possibly a thunderstorm laterorl this evening around nats gameatm time. not everybody is going to sees t it. most of you will stay dry.ill s. i just want to let everybody evo know just be aware of that. oha. here's where the current bulk of the heat is right now.htow all across the midwest. all this red you see those are excessive heat warnings. w the orangesar are heat are h advisories and you can seeee they're starting to creepe eastward if you saw this mapyo yesterday.yest here
5:47 am
excessive heat watch off to the east still, across thecross eastern shore, the beaches, beah new jersey, new york city under a heat advisory for later on this afternoon,ftno possibly tomorrow.ibly tomorrow. we'll have a heat advisory ht av here in d.c. as really all thell heat and humidity and the and t moisture that's really reall building over the center ofng the country s otarts to work itk way in our direction and yes,, probably the hottestot temperatures so far thisuro far season, heat index 105 to 110. . not just tomorrow but sundayutun and monday as well. check out these numbers here. h they are something. sethi 98 degrees on saturday sundayee and mondays .y. heat index values right aroundro 105 degrees each of those days s and then we don't get muchuc relief.. that's kind of the other bigd o story here.story h tuesday we only kind of coolf c it down so to speak to 94 andnd then 93 on wednesday anday a thursday. probably some thunderstormsndert monday and tuesday, so we'llso keep our eye on that as well. eh could be strong with all theth e heat out there. 97 treesre. mostly sunny, very hot and humid at a. a stay cool. early evening thunderstorm isert po
5:48 am most stay dry. again partly cloudy skies outly there. very warm and humid over the night. 78 degrees.78 deg here's your fox5 accuweatherweae 7-day forecast.orecas the heat is on this weekend.eekd 98 for saturday, sunday,un monday and, yes, no reliefo r next week.xtee thunderstorms monday, tuesday. e but they only knock us down d into the mid 90's by next tuesday and wednesday.edne that's a look at the forecast. c erin como has got the roads onoa this friday hey erin.y e >> 5:48 right now and we're taking a live look 14th and constitution, traffic lighton right now but we're hearing that traffi traffic lights are e area of independence and 14 so please use caution through owes intersections. we'll let you know if itesyou causes any major backups butut you may start to he see traffic slowing.lo as you can see the city waking n up just a bit in downtown d.c. c crash activity single vehiclee off the road pope's head eastd e of fairfax county parkway. pkw that's at louis ham road so caution as you make your wayas m out inak fairfax station area ae and then great seneca up inca u montgomery county crash andry cu
5:49 am
great seneca highwayseighw northbound between long draft lr road and martini road so give yourself time detour aroundro that. 270 moving nicely throughyhr rockville. ck north of that .270 slows from the truck scales throughuck scat urbana. we have road work northwestorth rock creek parkway near the kennedy center both directionsin sharing the southbound side. three right lanes closedri because of a work zone 50on opened at lottsford vista roadia that should be clearing soon.e s we'll keep you posted on that. if you're getting an earlyar start on your weekend traffic tf moving along just fine acrossos the bay bridge.ri problem free in fact all area bridges ifdges you're just heading the workdinw around the dmv are quiet so far. no worries on the 11th street thbridge, 14th street bridge ang 395 looking good. memorial bridge roosevelt rse bridge key bridge all quiet a q and traffic if potomac lookingng really nice. no worries in chevy chase. cse nice conditions in suitland.uitl 95 in dale city dealing with w normal morning congestion that popped y
5:50 am
as we head towards 6 o'clock 6 o slowdowns are going to get worse.worse. delays possible because ofys poi safe track on the blue linehe sipping orange and silver between east falls church and cn ballston. back to you holly and >> two controversy rocking thehe basketball world. >> of course the donald is making headlines.dlin. he's being condemned from both sides of the aisle for remarks he made to the new york timeshe about not automatically coming n to the did he first of fellow nato members if they're t attacked unless they pay theirhe bills. his comments being called dangerous saying they fly in fly the face of one of nato's bedrock principles.ncle >> several players facingye fac fines for social actor vigil. the inbound inned fever neweverw york liberty phoenix mercury mer and their players fined by the t wnba for wearing black warmup wr shirts in the wake of recent weo shootings by and againstin police officers. oic wnba says they are proud of sa theys women's activism but that the shirts violate uniformni policy.
5:51 am
all-star game out of charlotte. it's because of its objections o to a north carolina law that t limits antidiscrimination protections for lesbian gaybi rad transgender the league says it hopes to to announce a new location forocatf next february's events >> a dozen or so parents and a community members rallied outside the fairfax county cou school board building yesterday. they were protesting thesting transgender restroom policy.m li monday the fairfax countyrfax ct school board decided not to implement any new rules forew the coming school r year. the regulations would have allowed transgender.nsnd parents who showed you wanted w to make sure the policy nevery v goes into effect. eff >> and the woman accused ofed o sexually assaulting childrenhild by luring them with ice creamth to her home is expected to beteo in court today for preliminary hearing. larona steel is facing five fac counts of first degree sex ofirs assault. the victims range inas age if 1 to 15 and police say if anyone y has had inappropriate contact cn with her they're being askedeing to call police. polic >> state utility
5:52 am
maryland vow to be more did mor you have in who they doou business with regarding regar contracts. >> at a state hearing yesterday the company set a goal o afy directing one out of every four dollars to businesses owned by minorities women and service disabledis veterans. >> many of the companies have tm already met and exceededxc previous goals to be moreus to diverse. >> one of the winners off america's got talent is lending his voice for a good cause. caus and will daw murphy jr. will w perform at a benefit for westes virginia flood victims tonightts in bhesd the fundraiser kicks offer at 6 o'clock. and will daw is from west virginia and even has aaw new single out called come home toet west virginia.irgi >> parents in maryland and virginia tax free week for wk both states right around thet corner. >> in virginia tax free week f w runs from august 5th to theh seventh. now it will include school sch supplies clothing andls clo footwear. also energy preparednessrees supplies like flashlights. flagh maryland's tax free week is is set for august 14th through thr the 20th.
5:53 am
shoes. >> the television academy give th and take away. >> mcnicholl was nominatedated for guest best actor for his portrayal of power broker jeffkr cane but the television televis academy says he is ineligible ie for the award because he appeared in five of the 10 t episodes of the fifth season sea of veep. now under new rules performers m must appear in less than half h of a season's episodes to besode considered a "guest actor." hbo says mcnicholl was onlyas ol scheduled to appear in fourn fo episodes at the time that his a name was putth in for consideration.nsider >> oh, man. >> that's not fair.>> tha >> it's k nnow, right. r >> i feel bad for him and i himd love that show by the way.w by y good news. new it is friday and the actualhe al good news is that we're hoping e to get our zip trip in beforeef the blistering heat sets in. >> thwart. today we are heading to d.c.'sdd shaw neighborhood.d. that zip code is 2001.s
5:54 am
it's going to be tucker kevin k and me out there. out t we'll be visiting a lot oft o places around shaw but our b our main location is going to be on the grounds of carnegie cne library. where is that you say? it's on the mount vernon squaremo right across the convention center.ce we'd love to have you stop by and say hi to us. we'll be there from 6:00 a.m.bef to 11:00 stop on by on your way to work w or school or whatever you'rer ye doing today. >> ♪ >> let's say hello to our t facebook fan of the day. fth today look at her.da it is loretta procter. pro it's a special day for she turns 102 years old today. >> wow. >> happy birthday. >> my goodness. bir>> m happy birthday indeed miss loretta was nominated by her granddaughter dama.ter dam dana says loretta would loveld to see her picture on her h favorite news station andon we're so glad we can make thisei happen for you miss p loretta lr procter. happy birthday. 102 years old. >> amazing. >> if you would like to be our facebook fan of the day just post your picture under
5:55 am
beautiful miss loretta lorta procter's picture wow. >> that's amazing.has a 102. good for you.go you are the star of the show s today. >> yes, she is.e >> that big star in the sky called the sun is going to beoi raining down on us today.od >> happy birthday to loretta lot as well, wow, 102,, congratulations.ra hey, maybe you want to go tot tg the beach for your birth day.r i i haven't done the beachn' forecast yet. it's going to be a greatfong weekend for it g way to stay s cool. 90's ocean city.'s o when you get 90's to the beachea that's pretty extreme there. the they don't hit 90 very often because the water is so close. 91 in ocean city. c 90 on sunday. on su 92 on saturday at bethany. bet lower 90's with a lot ofa t sunshine both saturday andur and sunday for any beach you headea to. water is nice and cool atnd cool 73 degrees. that will feel good on those t hot days. all right here's your fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecast. f 97 degrees today. sunny and hot. maybe a storm this evening. tomorrow even hotter, 98 but feels like 105 with maybe abe po
5:56 am
most stay dry.y dry. we do it again on sunday atn sud 98. monday at 98. i sound like a broken record rec at this point. it's going to be hot.oingo b stay cool. coo jump in the pool. in pool. that's a look at the forecast. s erin has got the roads on this t friday morning. >> quite at rhyme stay coole co jump in the pool. p >> by thing.>> bhing i'm a rhymer. >> i like it. good job.go right now 5:56 and taking ag look at some crash activityctiv single vehicle on the road pope's head road at louisham road. road. caution in the fairfax stationhf area. we have another crash and ash closure this actually just cleared northbound lanes opened great seneca highway through long graft road and metany road.ny as r you make your way out across the bay bridge trafficdge is looking nice in both bh directions. we'll let you know if things back up. back 50 eastbound we have atbound we construction zone by lottsford o vista. no major slowdowns but we'll w let you know if that changes. let's take a quick look at our o maps. traffic around the dmv aside
5:57 am
rock creek parkway ongoingay oni construction.cons a look attr metro during the top of your 6 o'clock hour. h keep it to fox5.t toox we got you covered this friday morning. good music.go mus >> ♪ >> ♪
5:58 am
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♪ double down on your candy and coffee cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy candy bar flavored iced coffees. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> this is
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>> i am with you.ou i will fight for you. and i will win for you.ou [cheers and applause] appuse] >> straight ahead at 6:00 6:0 donald trump waking up as the official republican presidential nominee. the billionaireti closing out the party convention in prime ii so, how did he fare? how washo his speech? we'll share some of your thoughts next. nex >> anticipation building for hillary clinton's running matene pick. all eyes focused now on virginia senator tim kaine.or ti how he's reacting to that >> before we get to politicset s how about a live look outside on this friday morning.. yup, it's zip trip friday.ip f we're headed to the shaw s neighborhood.hborho it's friday july 22nd.ul22 weather and traffic on then th 5s at 6:05. t.g.i.f. everybody. good morning, i'm allison seymour.,seymo te and i'm steve chenevey.ur s welcome to fox5 news it was the longest conventionn acceptance speech in over 4040 years.years. and donald trump made the bestet of it. talking about a range of topics from lgbt safety to howow to


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