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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  July 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> i am with you.ou i will fight for you. and i will win for you.ou [cheers and applause] appuse] >> straight ahead at 6:00 6:0 donald trump waking up as the official republican presidential nominee. the billionaireti closing out the party convention in prime ii so, how did he fare? how washo his speech? we'll share some of your thoughts next. nex >> anticipation building for hillary clinton's running matene pick. all eyes focused now on virginia senator tim kaine.or ti how he's reacting to that >> before we get to politicset s how about a live look outside on this friday morning.. yup, it's zip trip friday.ip f we're headed to the shaw s neighborhood.hborho it's friday july 22nd.ul22 weather and traffic on then th 5s at 6:05. t.g.i.f. everybody. good morning, i'm allison seymour.,seymo te and i'm steve chenevey.ur s welcome to fox5 news it was the longest conventionn acceptance speech in over 4040 years.years. and donald trump made the bestet of it. talking about a range of topics from lgbt safety to howow to
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borders. >> donald trump also talking a l about how he would use hiseis business savvy to help fix our economy.onomy. >> again i will tell you the t plane facts that have beenave bn edited out of your nightlynigh news and your morningr morning newspaper. nearly four in 10 african-american children areane living in poverty whilehile 58 percent of african-american-a youth are now not employed. 2 million more latinos are in poverty today than whenn whe president obama took his oathist of office less than eight years ago.s ago >> donald trump also touchedo t on the national debt and the a crumbling state of america's ama roads and bridges.ridg. >> many of you sounded off on o facebook and twitter about howih the speech made you feel. youee here are just a couple examples. sherri wrote he spoke for overkr an hour but i didn't hear him outline a s
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she wanted to hear more about much indication jobs and theion joeconomy. michelle loved the speechpeh writing "proud to be an a american tonight.onig and michael also a fan saying sg he thought trump hit "a granda d slam." let us know was think.hink hit us up o on our socialial we could know who hillary clinton's vice presidential pick is as soon as today. t >> and an exciting twist for f people right here in the dmv virginia especially it couldll be a local senator. holly has the scoop now. now. it quite frankly would beould be exciting to have someone athaveo that high level of politicsic that has been in this studio sdi time and time again. >> virginia is a huge state when it comes to elections.ctns. some people think it would bethn a popular andk intelligentelligt choice so the question is is iis the veep stakes going to endke in virginia.s could be. speculation is that hillary clinton might tap junior senator tim kaine to be her to r vice president.vice fox news is reporting that senator tim kaine has made his way onto clinton's short listrtt and he sure sounded like ae vi
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yesterday in arlington countyint where he spoke candidly about the presidential >> i'm not sure there's -- inin the age of citizens united and super pacs, i'm not sure sur there's ever going to be a presidential election againnin where the public is going theoit look at candidates and feelee good about them because we w have created a system that is intentionally used to try tory t make politics bad to then try t to suppress turnout to thenn try to manipulate an outcan come. >> another clue that he mightth be the oatne, clinton campaign g will head to northern virginiaia last now, this is all speculationculi of course. clinton's short listsht li reportedly has three names onhro it, lucky for us though theh wait is nearly over. or. clinton is set to make her announcement either today or tomorrow.morrow so, as all eyes shift now to to the democratic side with the rnc being over, we'll see.. >> and another clue, at least la one of senator kaine's pop
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staffers has already switched sd topher to the clinton campaignig so perhaps they know something we don't know yet but we willl soon. soon thanks >> uh-huh. >> well, today, hot means heat t over the top of it all, the sun is already spreading its its warmth this morning but d.c. d. officials want to make sure the sun rays aren't harmful toru you. >> they're putting in extrating precautions to make sure ition m you're safe. anjali let me hill live in dupont circle.ire. that temperature clock will bell keeping a close eye on whether h it hits triple digits thishi weekend. good morningism good morning,go guys.od yeah, the sun is starting totar come up which means very soon sn the temperature and thatha dreaded humidity are, too.ty we're already looking at upper r 70's here and the temperaturespe are expected to be in the unbearably hot category category throughout at a and throught a the weekend and anwe have seen n few people out this morningorng making sure they get one lastets workout in before it gets too go hot to run outside
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>> running before the sunng befr comes up. it's supposed to be a -- supposed to be a hot one soot oo just trying to get it in.t in. >> reporter: you alreadyeady look pretty hot.ot. what's it like out here. here. >> it's a little muggy but i can tell today is probablyrobl going to be a scorcher uh now, w there will be a press pre conference later today where whe city and emergency management officials will talk about their specific district heatt emergency plan.emer they are taking this heat vgeerr seriously this week.eek. everyone is urged to plan pla ahead, drink plenty of waterf wr this weekend, check on thosen to elderly neighbors of yours. of . also try to stay in the airir conditioning and the shade as much as possible. posbl if you can't do that we alsoat s have cooling centers in ourur area. you can check our web site for f all those locations as well.a w. we're live in dupont circlet cie this morning, anjali hemphill,pl fox5 local news.s. >> when the heat becomes dangerous, thanks anjali.njal >> let's keep it as far as the heat because we're going to send it rightit g down theoa
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circle to the shawhe shaw neighborhood this morning.od thi that's the site of today's zipeo trip. >> good morning, tuckerer barnes. >> good morning, allison, goodod morning steve.te you know what, i got to be to b honest out here early thisly t morning and it is early, it's, ' not terrible. it actually feels pretty little bit of a breeze and the sun is just getting up.ngp. a nice start to the day.e d yes, i'm down in front of --f i'm not sure if you can see behind me, the carnegie car library where we'll be hostingng this morning's events. we're featuring shaw this weekhw for our zip trip and very excited. i'm going to go out exploringo u all over. we're going to talk allt aboutt shaw and its renaissance and up and coming parks ands an neighborhoods and what'snd whas happening here.ere. this is one of the more mor exciting parts of d.c. d.c come find me. i'm going to be in and outtoe it through the neighborhood all nei morning let's do some weather. weather. let's get to it.le we have this heat wave. starts this afternoon.thhis aft our daytime highs erwill be in n the mid to upper 90's. starting your morning at fivet e here in the city, 74 in annapolis.s. north and west, i mean, that's ' not terrible.rie. look at
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so at least temperaturesempe fairly comfortable to startota your day.your d. we will have a few clouds clouds today and that we're hoping is i going to hold the temperatures a down just a little otherwise, could there be ann isolated storm? yeah, there tre could but i think most of the te area just stays hot and dry,ry feeling like 100 to 104 there te with a daytime high of 97 andf a believe it or not we only get a degree or two hotter thanerha that. that i'll have the weekend forecaster coming up. plenty more shaw zip trip. trip. come down and say hi. let's toss it inside to erin.ri >> thank you tucker.hankou t looks a beautiful morning.orni folks should get down therehe early say hi, bring you water, r maybe a nice beverage. 6:07 taking a look the all t a right commute. traffic on the way to shaw to sa moving along just crash and closure in staffordst courthouse road west of 95 at95t reads road caution there c you'll need to detour around that. 95 not terribl e through tou stafford. a little bit of congestion by 610. then as you get into dale cityec let's see if we can forwardorrd our maps we have morere congestion there.estion there crash activity as well singleell vehicle that went off the roadoa
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fairfax county parkway at lewisham road caution throughca the fairfax station neighborhood this morning.. 66 eastbound volume definitelyey increasing as you head towards let's see what's ws n so just be prepared for that tht one. great seneca that has reopened the highway we'll forward our maps andd oura show that you in montgomerynd ie county. traffic is moving along justus fine that crash cleared between long draft road and mateny road. rd. even though 270 is quietet through rockville and northkvil that of point frolem the truck t scale to urbana you slow downlon with congestion.stion. average speeds 20 to 25 mileso m per hour.
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>> breaking news in the search for that missing malaysia airlines.airlin details ahead.des >> new details in the shootingon of that unarmed man. why the police union says it s was a mistake. mista stay with us. we're back in 30 seconds. >> the search for malaysiaearc airlines flight 370 will be b suspended if the pl
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found within the currenturrent search area in the indian iia ocean. that's the word from thefr the countries still involved innvole this search going on for on sometime now. malaysia australia and china and still searching.rching the plane vanished more than t two years ago.o some parts believed to be fromb that plane washed up on whed islands off the coast of africa. >> a chicago bike patrole patrol officer was he was shot in the leg. leg he'll survive but this but this happened in a park. a par it happened by a plan who wasas killed when officers returneds fire. police say the officer was onas patrol in the park when and approached that man.ched t man. that man then pulled out a gun g began firing again hitting theh officer in the thigh. he fortunately will survive.urve happening today ing today i louisiana the first of three ofe funerals for the officers shot t and killed in the line of duty. 41-year-old matthew geraldew ged will be laid to rest this t res morning. the marine veteran just graduated from the policefrom te academy this year.acad the other two fallen officers o 45-year-old brad garafola and 32-year-old montrell jackson jac will be laid to rest tomorrow and monday.onday. >
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shed some light into theome shooting of an unarmed blackd bc man who was helping an autistic man.ic m the miami dade police unionce u says it was an accident. instead, the union says thes the officer was aiming for the man with autism because they feltel or the officers felt that tha charles kinsey was in danger.ane he's the african-american-a mannequins see ended up beingnd shot in the leg. thede incident was caught on video shows can kinsey withinsei his hands up. he can be heard tellingelli officers he's a therapist a t trying to get that man withget a autism to return to a group home. home the officer is on administrative leave.eave. >> getting more and more bizarre. bizarre. prince george's countyount police want you to take a goody look at this video.ok at this man is wanted inanted in connection with a deadlyonh shooting at a gas stationon earlier this wk. police say 68-year-old alonzo jackson just filled his car car with gas when he was shot andt a kill. suspect took off in jackson's oc car a2015 dodge charger blackla
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car black dodge charger d.c. license plate df0113. df0 they're looking for that carg fc and they're looking for that suspect.ect. a $25,000 reward being offered o in the >> don't drink the that is the message fromro officials and residents hugo colorado where well water lab lb contaminated with the chemical i that's in marijuana.that's in the town is about 100 miles mils southeast of denver and the a t water testing there has shown hn evidence of thc which is a little ironic because the townct of 730 people actuallylly prohibits growing gwi manufacturing testing andctur selling marijuana.lling marijua. >> well, call it a sign of theis a once popular household itemhom could soon be a thing of theng e although kind of thought itf tht was already but maybe not inbube every home.ev details coming up in today's toy business beat. >> first though we head back out to the shaw neighborhoodha of northwest d.c. for today'sw d zip trip. >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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>> we are doing today's zipe ar trip in the district down towards the convention center.en >> nice and>> tucker barnes is n there now inn the shaw neighborhood.eighrh good morning.od morning. >> good morning allison,oo steve. you said it right across the acr street from the conventiononveio center actually beautiful part of the city here. h we're exploring shaw thisex morning, shaw and we'll be down here in front of the carnegie library. i'm here, kevin and maureen mau are both on their way. they'll be here shortly.ho we'll be down here untilil 11 o'clock. love to see you this morning if you get a chance if you're ye headed off to work kind of of walking by love to hang out.hano let's get to the weather. wea that is a big important importat subject matter for not onlymatt today but for the week, weekend here and yeah we're w talking about a heat wave. wav 75 now in washington. wasto your humidity 87 percent.rct. winds out of theout the south-southwest at seven. s sun just getting up. not terrible right now. n feels pretty good out here but it won't later with daytimeay highs expected to be in theto be mid to upper 90's so closing clo in on 10 degrees warmer than t yesterday. few clouds out eary.
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we're just going to be plain be old hot. old hottest stretch so far. s look at saturday, sunday andnd monday.mond daytime highs -- i don't know- why we don't have today in the n orange as wel it's going to be nearly as ho hot. 97 today. 98 saturday sun monday.ur that heat index will bedaindex b approaching 105 and more like l 110 this weekend. wee please be he prepared.repa make sure your airou conditioning is in working i wor order. we're in for a very hot ver stretch of weather.h of look at the next seven that's what you call a heat cala wave. 90 or better and the worst ofhet it the next couple of daysf days with highs near a hundred.ig we'll see if we don't tie orie o perhaps break a record with w some of these daytime highsme over the next few days. all right, down here at the carnegie library. we'll explore the library, the neighborhood of shaw. o i'm about to get in a car andeta be off and running through theou neighborhoods. we'll do that that let's do some traffic and findrd out about your friday morningdag commute with erin.rin. erin, how is it looking out loo there. >> the traffic behind you inou the shaw area looks like it's ae moving along just fine so that's good newsa.loews. right now 6:16 we have h problems around the dmv.
6:17 am
closure because of that crash investigation.vest courthouse road west of 95 right near reads road caution ra there. 95 through stafford notth looking terrible right now on the northbound side but oncerorn you get closer to dale city we t definitely start to he see starh some delays.some first i want to talk about a crash activity scene popes sce s head road eastbound singleoad vehicle off the road at t road t fairfax county parkway.x unty it's near that area at lewisham road so use caution. an overview of our maryland marn drive times we have green fromew the icc to the 50 is not terrible on the westbound side also a you headsi inbound fromde annapolis 301 to1 the beltway.ay. but passing the truck scales trs yellow zone we're seeinge w seeg delays through urbana. urb give yourself extreme at areme time from 270 south. outer loop exactly what wer lo want to see as far as drive times are concerned only fivece minutes to get if 95 to georgia. things are still quiet innerui i loop and outer loop by gw parkway. bw parkway inbound cruisingkway along to the key bridge. idge. problem free by spout run. run 295 at speed and 50 at speed. we'll let you know when thatw ha normal morni
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kicks n95 northbound again from dale city through lortonn a little bit sluggish. allison and steve. >> 6:18. new this morning when it canorni comes to the overall wellrall w being of children the united ute states ranks ninth among theanks world's wealthiest nations. nato this report issued by the t child prosperity index lookedex at factors such as health education safety gendernd equality and family top of the list germany followed by france, japan andnd australia. the report finds the u.s. lags in health and gender equity. u.s. is also outranked in eight nations we finished justhj ahead of turkey and china. cna >> happening today inn olexandria police department p k-9 units will receive a protective v all thanks a dean that donation is from as fm nonprofit organization it's it's called vested interest in k-9s. the goal is to protect dogs of p law the vests can cost lawaw enforcement agency up to more
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>> it's the end of an era for fr technology. the details coming up next inexi today's business beat. bea >> all righty.>> but first though donald trump t ocght have been the focus ofve f last night's republicanepubca convention but did you catchch the pint sized showstopper? >> ♪ america, america ♪ >> my goodness. goodnes she was six years old, steve.lde >> what a voice.t a voi >> i know. know. >> i'm telling you, tears, tea rider. there is six-year-old heavenly joy jerks. jer she's also captured hearts on hs america's got talent. gave me chill bumps for sure. fs >> remember that name and that voice. >> back after this.
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>> we knew it couldn't last.ew i chipotle struggle to rebound from its string of healthea scares. first though a check of theou markets. mark joining us from the accidents fox business network studiofr lauren simonetti. simonetti good >> reporter: hi. >> it's friday.>> i >> reporter: how are you. >> i'm well. >>or reporter: happy friday.r: f >> friday is the good news.da not thy e best news when we looe at the numbers though today. tod >> reporter: we were greedy. we wanted the dow to do nothing but go up.g but up. that the not happen what could have been a 10 dayld winn hing streak broken.roke dow falls 77 points.oint federal reserve meeting nextng x week. you have the european central cn bank meeting yesterday. so, there is these fears thathat central banks are going to stop easing that are trying to hitting investors. investo more earnings coming out.nis co. we have up arrows thisrrthis morning. we have up area he rows on the week as well. stocks up four weeks in a row.uw >> that's good news there. newse let's talk about chipotle.outpo they really were hit hard by a b string of health issues but now at least their little eyes e are over their profit march begin i
6:23 am
>> reporter: they'rer: t profitable barely again. again that is a big deal but this iss not a good report from chipotle. chipot in the months of february andthu march, they gave away 6 million free burritos andritos bowls.bowl they just launched their loyalty program called chip topia. customers are going back in bac because they're gettingng freebies and at the time oft this accident counts. once youis introduce discountsis it's very difficult to win wean customers off of them. t so chipotle is struggling touggg make a come back after the e. t coli and norovirus outbreaks last year. discounts might hurt them inmith the end. >> but in the meantime i like the discounts. >> reporter: good stuff. good su >> let's talk about steves talbo mentioned this and i kind of o was with him. him >> reporter: yeah. r >> i kind of thought thatgh nobody was really buying the vcr's anymore they weren'tyerent being made but i guess that hadn't happened until now. >> reporter: not only areor theyte still being made, they were 750,000 of them sold last ar
6:24 am
>> wow. >> reporter: who is buying a vcr? well, if you are in theret market for one, you want watch w a family film or something young shot back in the 80's you havesv until the end of this months mon because the company that makes the vcr, there's only onenly on left, they're not making anyinga more come next month.onth so, the name of that companyny is funai electric. and vcr do you remember whatremb that stands for. >> vc, video something recorder. >> reporter: cassette.tte. >> videocassette recorder.orde two out of couple moments ago i was like ws what is it again? again >> i don't think i ever actually knew.actual i just sort of assumed i knewumi what it was. that's interesting t it definitely is like -- i le remember the beta machines.main and you're right it was like atl big 80's thing. 80's thing oh well. >> reporter: i remember my i brothers used to tape over --ve you would record something on tv and they would tape over mytr favorite shows, item get so annoyed. >> no more, no more.
6:25 am
right. >> lauren, see you later. you lr >> reporter: bye. >> all right.> still made and folks are still e buying them. >> i need the some, that converts it from the c.v. r.v tapes to dvd but now dvd's are d going to be like no more. n m >> they are? are >> they will be soon. s >> hi mike thomas. tho >> everyone lovers to streamvers things these days. d >> i blame you mike.>> >> why do you blame me.hy d youe >> because you're like the new w generation. >> but i can't do all thatan cool stuff. stuff >> i don't blame you. >> i just to the weather.t >> i'm going to look at this loo glass half full. fl. yesterday the highs of thehs week were 99.9. today you're looking at 98 so a8 i'm thinking we're going to g to cool things down just a tad. t >> it's progress but it's is still going to be swelteringewet hot out there. lots of o humidity.mi that's really what you're r going to feelea this weekend ise the humidity more so than theha actual air temperature.empera out there right now it's 75 degrees right now in now i washington but the sun hason b just come com 74 in annapolis, 68 in68 gaithersburg. here's your planner for theou pn day today. t 8:00 a.m. 77..m 7 then 90 trees by the noon hourhe and by the time we
6:26 am
p.m., 96 it's going to be a very hot hot friday for us here.ere. >> lots of water. wat >> yup. >> and this is only day one. on. >> day one, he says with a smile on his on s face.ce. he's so charming i can't help h but smile too. >> day one but it's a friday. f. >> mike was rhyming early he eah said stay pool go to the pool. p it's. >> i like it. >> on fridays here around theero dmv traffic starts to get moreoe congested later in theer morning. 6:26 you're still in pretty good shape. right now as far as metro is fat concerned if you're avoiding yor the roads and keeping to the the rails, delays possible becausebl of safe track on the blue saf line. aside from that no alertse e outside safe track. continual single trackingnglerag between east falls church and ballston.on ballston to new carroltonlton additional trains during theurig rush. give yourself extra time. t inbound volume 295 from the district to chesapeake streetctt seeing congestion there. be prepared for that.o onedor t look at the bottom of the at th beltway as you pass 210ass traffic is
6:27 am
fine so 295 north congested.. 295 south some minore congestion as well picking upki by pennsylvania.ylnia. courthouse road west of 95 at oa reids road we have a crash and closure in stafford. sffor more crash activity popes head t road east of fairfax countyount parkway. pa give yourself extra time. tim 66 picking up in manassas with w congestion by 234 so watch outah for that many back to youat man steve and allison.stev >> still ahead at 6:30 former ravens star ray rice offeringta an interesting deal in hopes of playing again. what he says he'll do withr hih salary if he is resigned. resige >> and as we take you to theou break a live look at the shaw ts neighborhood of northwest d.c. h we're going to check in with tucker and the whole gangho g next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> one of our many beautiful murals here in washington,ou d.c. that's of course d.c.'s own.' o marvin gay.rvin we are zip tripping in theing in shaw neighborhood today.od. that makes me happy. happy. i like that very much.veryuch. weather and traffic on theand 5s at 6:35.:3 >> ♪ off the top now at 6:30 at 6 donald trump's big night at nigt the republican nationall convention. the gop nominee spent an hourou discussing his plans for america. in a more somber moment thoughhg the donald touched on the pulse nightclub massacre in orlando. >> only weeks ago in orlando,, florida, 49 wonderfulonrful
6:31 am
murdered by an islamic terrorist.rroris this time the terrorist targeted lgbtq community.ommuni no good. and we're going to stop it. as your president, i will do everything in my power to protect our lgbtq citizensitiz from the violence andnc a oppression of the hateful hat foreign ideology. >> went on to say hefo was prouo it got applause for that linet n in that place he said.ace hed. after the speech trump was metmm with a thundering oaf vague from ththundering ovation fromtd >> his lawyers will be in l court today in hopes of gettinawg a t lawsuit against trump university thrown out.y to the lawsuit alleges the t university frauded students with the false promise of teaching r feal estate at the now defunct school.chool.
6:32 am
lawsuit lacks merit.. trump insists all studentss al were satisfied. >> hillary clinton expected tonn announce her vice presidentialii pick today or tomorrow.orro and it looks like a localocal senator might be on the road thr to the white house now. this is wait looks like. lik fox news is reporting that senator tim kaine has made his way onto hillaryka clinton'son short list for vice kahn was in arlington countyrlit yesterday to talk about immigration reform and was w peppered with questions aboutioo the veep stakes when he mete m with reporters afterwards.rd >> a buffet and bmw guess which one won. w. about 11 o'clock last night n car drove right into thento grille and buffet.e d buf caused serious damage to the fortunately nobody was hurt. n >> police are looking for more e potential victims of a police officer accused of taking pictures up women's skirt. ski prince georges county policerge officers james sims suspended last month for the incidents which happened between may ofesy o
6:33 am
two during traffic stops. investigators fear there couldae be more victims out there. there if you know anything, you're any asked to alert the authorities.orities. and in howard county where police are still looking for ana plan who robbed a 7-eleven inven laurel early wednesday morning. this is surveillance video off that incident.ncident. the suspect walks in grabs the employee and forces her to and f open the cash register. regis he did he not have a weapon but he roughed up the clerkhele with his h han he took money and got away.wa anyone with information onmation this robbery should callhould cl howard county police.olic >> ♪ >> time for your morning line. troubling news for george for gg washington basketball washington post reports mike lonergan was emotionally and verbally abusive to his players. pl the school has released aeased a statement saying it's bringing a "outside counsel in to assist in th
6:34 am
lonergan released a statement calling the allegationsions unfounded.un they did win theism:t thist thi year. on the professional court the nba movingfe the 2017 all-star game out of charlottehe because of north carolina'sina' nba's objections to north carolina's law limitingaw limitg antidiscrimination protectionion for lesbian gay and transgender people. the league says it hopes tonss s announce a new location forn f next february's events shortly.shortl charlotte native steph curry cur sounded off on the move saying it's disapp pointing that myappy hometown will not be able toill host the all-star game that t they planned. obviously an unfortunate situation for the city. cit it is what it is.s wh it i hornets owner michael jordan joa also spoke up saying there was w an exhaustive effort from allm parties to keep the event in charlotte and we are disappointed we were unable to t to he they're going to try to get itgt back there in 2019 if they canen sort through former baltimore ravensav player ray rice pledging toed donate his salary to domestictic abuse victims if the nfl willil have him back. b rice hasn't played in then't league since the ravens cutencu him back in 2014 after
6:35 am
surfaced of him knocking his then fiancée out cold andold dragging her from an rice last played in 2013. nationals enjoying ans enyig early thursday afternoon gameame at home although enjoyingh enjoy depends on how you look at it.k. first inning after a were oute o double by adrian gonzalez gonza turner turns on one launches it 340 feet.eet. dodgers going to be up and heg u the it again two bombs for turner. strasburg gave up six runs but b it's his first loss of the season so you can't fault him too much. bound to happen at some point.t. try to be the first pitcher in r the majors to start the season o 14 and zero since roger r clemens in 1986. 198 13 and that's not bad.otad. nats face the padres o's won tonight. >> all righty. time to zip trip, steve. steve. >> i know. heading to the shawg to the neighborhood this morning fromhi the southern end to theth northern tip and yes, tucker ier mentioned chris tillman just for you because i know you would get mad at me if i if i
6:36 am
>> yay! >> y >> yeah, he's doing great.ay hng hey, guys, i am sneaking myg m way up through shaw and what a beautiful neighborhood. beautiful morning by the way.. absolutely gorgeous out i'm at seventh and s street see and behind me you might be able to see the marvin gay mural. and this is not the original.ria the original was built acrosscr the street and then with allitha the new construction they unfortunate had to take ite ha down but he they erected thisedi a couple years ago i think in 2014. 20 absolutely beautiful and sort of one of the signature hallall marks of the neighborhood ashe n of course marvin gay was the native sons of washington, d.c. so, absolutely beautiful outerur here. let's do some weather.'s do som looking at can conditions this morning which are -- you know,rk i'm going to be honest ionst thought it would be worset it wd early this morning.y th morning. it's not that it's pleasant plen but temperatures right now ines the mid 70's just just a fewusta clouds out here early and we ane are looking at the first dayirsd of some extreme heat with daytime highs expected to bexp in the mid to upper 90's. 90' 75 right now in the city at cit reagan national, 70 dulles, 71 bwi marshall.arsh let's talk forecast.t's t'
6:37 am
humidity.humidity. 97. that heat index will be and little closer to one lunn to 105 later this afternoon. after. all right, coming up, we'ree' going to go see uprisingis muffins, yes, uprising. upris wonder if there's a little bob marley in let's do some traffic with erin. er >> have fun out there, tucker.ue love the weather reports love l the mural.thmu beautiful. beau looking forward to your nextrex stop for our zip trip to shaw.w traffic should be pretty quiet i on the way to shaw.w. crash and closure 28 south past 17 marsh road so pleaseas use caution as you make yourions way out. this is just east of staffordf a county. now taking a look right now in stafford we have a crash andha closure courthouse road west of 95 at reads road. rea 95 relatively quiet through t stafford north and southboundorh i like what i'm seeing as you an head to and from richmond. rhmon crash activity single vehicletyv off the road fairfax station area. area. popes head road east ofhe fairfax county parkway another crashad scene and then road worr rider now rock creek
6:38 am
two way traffic sharing theharig southbound side until about s 8:00 this morning.8:00 rock creek parkway near thekw nr kennedy center our areaa bridges are moving along justust fine. no problems on the 11th street bridge, third street tunnel from the freeway looking good, roosevelt memorial key bridgel i all in great shape at the moment. 295 is looking good. it's only going to take youake three extra minutes to geto from eastern to pennsylvania. to i like what i'm seeing p there. 50 inbound is at speed believe e it or not.. 202 to 295, if you're headed hea outbound on 50 you're not 50 yoe going to encounter anynter any problems out to the bayay bridge.brid earlier construction byion lottsford vista road hasor cleared. we'll take a live look at thelo beltway as we continue but inue can tell you right now traffic t it's pretty -- i'm crossing myiy fingers. it's relatively nice thisativ morning allison and steve. >> nice way to start the weekend. >> sure would be. we'll cross them to. straight ahead a look at s the other stories trending treng this morning including lesliees jones she returned to her message to her fans after at falls victim to hateful h >> and later star trek fansek fs the wait is over. kevin going to join us.s. he's zip tripping at a, too. that's not going to keep him away from movie
6:39 am
the new star trek movie in theater at a. it'theaters today. it's 6:38.
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> let's check what's let trending. a star returning to's twitter tr after facing terrible issues iss with racism just one of the
6:42 am
stories going viral.inral. first let's talk about donaldutl trump making acceptanceccepta speeches great again or ates g least long again.. the gop acceptance speechepeec clocking in at 75 minutes, the longest in the last four decades.deca it was as long as mitt romneyom and barack obama's speechespeece combined back in 2012. now to that actress leslieee jones returning to twitter now t after a couple of days off. o the social media site.edia sit following a series of racist rac tweets earlier this week. w she thanked her fans for theiroe love and support during thisug s difficult time even using its #they created for her which herw was #love for leslie j. women's professionalfessiona basketball several playerseverle facing fines for socialng f activism. the indiana fever new york liberty phoenix mercury and a their players fined by the wnba for wearing black warmup shirts. . the wnba says it's proud of o the women's activism but theut shirts violate uniform policy. >> royal birthday celebration
6:43 am
under way today.oday prince george is a big three bhr years old.ars the adorable new pick hers ofk f the future king straightture ahead. and a reminder before we we take tout break if you have aeav news tip please share it withrew us. do that by calling 202-895-3000 or you can e-mail i your tip to fox5 tips at back in a moment. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty.
6:44 am
going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
6:45 am
>> shaw neighborhood of d.c.ighb
6:46 am
shaw you might think of more the restaurants more ofwh like l the neighborhood feel. >> sure. >> but i didn't know how vast hv this whole area is. i we're stationed at theatio southern most tip of shaw this s that's where we're stationedon but as you can see, tucker is is sipping around. >> you grew up there. y for me, iou learned it the othee way because i first saw the signs down by the conventionn center the old street scienceses that say shaw neighborhood andw then i learned it goes unep well beyond u street when i first moved here. >> i always think kindtr of that howard university area.un >> yeah, everything.eah, tucker is trying to hit asing ta many spots as possible this morning and i guess you got to fuel up a little bit tuck for your journey. >> yeah, absolutely steve.ely we're starting at one of theof favorite spots here in shaw. i'm joined by -- you guys know this guy, donny simpson.imon allison and steve come on. >> dj good morning. >> hi dj. >> they say good morning too you. all right. guessing at uprising muffins. m. this is your project, this iscti your baby, right. rig >> it s.
6:47 am
>> tell the folks about it.ut >> yeah we've been here since s april of o14. we're a muffin focused shoped so but we're also a cafe so weo w sell coffee and breakfast break sandwiches and, yeah, we loveeal being in shaw.being in it's a great neighborhood,ghbo full of diversity and lots ofs o great people that support us so it's we love it here. love it her >> i'm just going to get right r to it. to it. >> sure. >> are you the muffin man. muffn >> i am the muffin man, i am the muffin >> okay. tell us about some of your o you muffins because they look loo incredible. >> absolutely.>> a well, what you're looking at'r here is our very famous now n muffin top ice cream sandream sn whip. >> i'm going to get a chancea ce to make that in a moment. momen >> yeah. all of our muffins are madee with 10 ingredients or less wees don't use any preservatives oras anything like that and they're t all baked fresh every day.d fr anything that he we don't don zelda we donate to lesses fortunate people every singleinl day so that's something thatethg i'm very passionate >> that's great.>> tt's great. donny is this your only spot. you
6:48 am
expanding or just startingg or right here.ght >> we've been here for ahere for couple of years and i think i tk we're getting to that point,oint three year mark where we'rer ma ready to start looking and,ng you know, we're interested in moving on beyond these walls thl for sure. >> all right. all r we're zipping all over shaw. s tell me about shaw and why youdy set up shop >> yay, well, first of all it's really a resurging r neighborhood its a great placeaa full of we have a little bit oftlbit everyone around here.yo aro and that really excited mexcitem about this neighborhood. of course it doesn't hurt to be sitting right on top of a metro stop with all these these glass windows right around us. u but shaw is just a greatreat neighborhood. you know, there's a lot of lot o history here that really excited me and of course the musical history in thisstory ts neighborhood also excited meodlo with my musical background is it speaking of musical lower i r got to ask is uprising bob b marie album. alb >> uprising is not a bob b marley album no it's not. not well, it is a bob march he lee album but that's not why wewe named the store >> tell me how you decided to dt get involved in ma
6:49 am
muffins. >> it just came to me as a lightbulb moment one day when w there was a guy that used to t bring muffins over to our radio station and i thought itut would make a lot of sense too take those muffins and spinnd s them off into a store that a stt really made sense pair it up with great cough if i open upi n early and that's what we did.we. >> i love it. i tell me about this and this is s your signature.ur >> it is. cream muffine sandwich. i doing this right.. >> called the upwhich.. >> getting the idea. >> you have to work on it. w >> you're getting the e so we take two muffin tops andnd put vanilla bean ice cream incr between. >> that's >> on day like today wheree tod it's going to be scorchingcorchi outside nothing better than aha ice cold ice cream sandwich.ic that one is all you. is all y this is more of a finished inise product what it shouldoduc ultimately look like. look >> that's amazing on a hotmazi day. ever done weather before.e weat. >> i have not done weatherot dew before but i can probably doblyd it >> all right.>>ll r so just tell everybody how it hw will be like today real
6:50 am
>> there you go. t you heard it from the man. the n it's going to be hot today, t upper 90's.uppe 90' generally storm free.y s i think just an isolated isola chance for a storm.ce for a sto. that's the latest from uprising muffins at shaw.t sha thanks for joining me.ning me. >> thanks man. man >> let's toss inside to erin. how does it look out there. out. >> i thought i was craving an everything bagel but now iel bui want that muffin ice cream sandwich. we would like three back here e studio, please. >> you got it.ou we're bringing them >> so amazing especially on esp such a hot day.ay. stop by and i was hi to tucker. he's making i was the goodoo stops this mor right now for your friday fri morning commute around the dmv light volume inbound.nb we have a crash however fiveevee northbound on the ramp toound o allentown road.ntow r the ramp still opened justpened caution as you head by that area. four westbound woodyard road roa to dower house road you're quiet.qu swan creek road to livingston road light vol nothing major causing biging b problems this morning.hi inner loop quiet through oxonhrn hill. just a little bit ofit of stop-and-go traffic.op-ando traf crash and closure in fauquier 28 sou
6:51 am
diverted to oak shade road. i want to show you a live look at the beltway. things are startating to pick up in college park as usual.lege this is the outer loop p by neww no crashes but congestion willn set you back about sevenbout s minutes between 95 and5 a georgia. inner loop looking good.op lookg little bit of congestion inion n mclean but nothing terrible teri right now.ght n 270 backing up a bit with w stop-and-go traffic throughgo tf urbana and 395 northbound jamsjs past edsall road with traffic. back to you guys.youuys. >> tucker could be a homed a h shopping >> uh-huh.>> >> hand model. uan >> he has beautiful manicure. m. >> that's right. r >> a royal birthday wish is in order.r. look at this little cutie pie. p prince george turns threeurnshr kensington palace releasingeasi new images of the future king fn in honor of his birthday while the royal family is expectedxpte to celebrate today kensington palace says don't expect anytny public appearances today by the little prince. pnc sister charlotte just turned tue one in may. >> when you're royalty you canue get away with wearing shorts as a >> you can always we
6:52 am
>> he looks just like his dadju when he was that age. my gosh. happy birthday. birth >> great pic. >> uh-huh. >> 6:52 right now. now let's leave this world ande orld head to another perhaps as weers check in with kevin mccarthy mch who joins us from today's zipayz trip location in shaw. >> hey, kev.>> h >> hey steve and allison.teve a i guess steve can you sayou we're going beyond this world, r is that the reference you'rece making. ki >> above and beyond, yes, ofes, course.course >> yeah, i'm down here, thishis is amazing southern tip ofip shaw next to the carnegie car library across from thes fr convince center seventh andce c new york is pretty much exactly where we're at rightenog now. maureen and tucker are downare o here as we'll be down here all morningoi long until about 11:00 a.m. 11:m i have two reviews today. the first one is star treke is k beyond which i'm very excited ed to talk about because the filmhf is phenomenal in an action act certain the comedy is great,re the drama works. works the idea this time around isrou that the ut
6:53 am
has been attacked by crawl. idris elba is in this film. fil >> you buried the lead. l >> reporter: he will be ae a monster in this film but he's h great in the role. rol great vil the film has great action and the enterprise somethingom happens to the enterprise, the crew gets split up and theyli have to come back together. tete j.j. abrams who directed theted first two movies is producings p this movie. justin lynn is directing itti who also did fast and furiousios four, five and six. six. the action is insane. insan the special effects are incredible and i like this new character named jala. she's fantastic.taic four out of five.ur o worth seeing.wo i will say this.hi i loved star trek 12009. 12009. that film is a masterpiece.ce into darkness i didn't reallydnt care for. this one is fantastic. i gave 84 out of five.f worth seeing in theaters thisert weekend and see in it 2d. skip the 3-d imax. >> since justin vin directingus this fast andti fr
6:54 am
going to see space ships ships crashing out of buildingsuildin landing on the and highwayson t all that coolhe stuff. stu >> reporter: once funny is justin lynn directed fast andasd furious four, five and six and d he went on to do this film. f there is a scene in this filmhif where they're bringing all thenl plans together to fix theohe action and it felt like a fast f and furious moment. it the feel like one.e. very >> but liked it overallll though. >> yeah, it was a lot of fun. f simon peg co-wrote the film. f zachary is phenomenal as it features the first gay f character ever to be in a star s trek film john cho zulu. z the movie very well done. d >> anything ellsworth ourth money this weekend.inney >> t yeah, lights out.ut this is a new horror film pg13. this is based on a youtube short film from 2013. this film is so much fun with w an audience. audie i watched it with a huge it's very scy
6:55 am
the idea is that you have an entity named diana who who attached itself to a family and is basically scaring andnd trying to kill people. it's very freaky, scary at time. theresa palmer stars in the the concept of lights onights lights off. lights o it cannot do any harm in them in light but when the light isn tht off then she can do whatevere cd she he wants.she it's very scary.erry three and a half out of five. oi there are some script problemsot and some logic issues at some as point but the action -- i'm sorry, the story line the lin scary parts are very well done. done. >> all right. kev good options this weekend. you know, kev we might>> needhte the theater to beat the heat hea this weekend and a a coupleou hours of air conditioningonditin might be perfect. perfe >> lights out is a fun movieie with a crowd i'm telling youou right now.. everyone was cheering, c laughing, screaming, it was, s actually really really f >> all right, doing this at thit the same you can't maybe see it but ahh jumping back. >> exactly. ely. >> okay. nice big theater would be fun for that w. see you later kev. kev is hanging out for
6:56 am
trip in shaw and we'll check c in with you shortly. you shortl. >> they have a busy day.y d we have a hot day in store for f everybody right mike. >> yes, we do. 90 degrees yesterday.egrees yes that's pretty typicalte actualll for july. today we're cranking it up tot t 11 or 96 however you want the wn look at it. at it's going to be a hot one o later on this afternoon. on this humidity is coming back.k. right now whose cooking is thes center of the country wichita kansas yesterday 103 degrees03 g for a h that same heat bubble ise i moving over in our direction and it's going to be hot this ti weekend.ween 105 to 110-degree heateat indices.indi there's your seven-day forecast.reca. 98 saturday sunday monday.da get ready, stay cool go to the t pool. all right, that's the weatherear forecast. erin also has got the roads. >> you got a haircut, you got catchy little jungles.hy l i like everything about what you're rocking right now >> it's friday.da >> yes it is. and he also knows every wordverw to the rebecca black song friday.frid volume pretty p a crash northbound on the rampam to allentown road.entown ramp is still
6:57 am
four westwood yard to to your house a slight slow down innerwn loop quiet.lo not seeing any of that usualt ul red on the map through oxon hill.hill. 395 northbound does back upound through edsall road.thro we have a crash 28 south in in fauquier county. we'll take a closer look atr lot that and metro next so far just safe track surge five issu the only rail problem we're w dealing with. keep it to fox5. fox back in just a few moments.en played my song. >> ♪
6:58 am
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now anet 7 o'clock 7 oo donald trump makes it official accepting his party's par's nomination for president.reside. delivering his message toessage america in one of the longest acceptance speeches ever. ever. >> we will be a country of generosity and warmth. warh. but we will also be a countryry of law and order. ord [cheers and applause]use] >> we have complete coverageeteg and the reaction for you this hour.hour. >> and now that the republicancn convention is in the books b attention turns to then turnto t democrats. this morning speculation heating up over hillary clinton's running mate. why all eyes are focused on virginia senator tim kaine. >> plus you are probablyyou arep feeling it already.g it dangerous heat out we're already sweatingy eati thinking about the hot muggyotgy conditions this


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