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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 22, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> when i take the oath off office next year, i will restore law and order to our country.nty >> and promising he's the onehe who can fix it. -- donald trump officiallyially accepted the republican partynar noses nomination last night nig delivering a long speech light l on policy, honeavy on fear and d full of promises.mis >> you will never again have to worry about being let down. >> now, the next big test t whether he can turn the t convention enthusiasm into actual votes. meanwhile, hillary cli
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hoping to steal the spotlight set to name her vp pick days d before the democrats couldn't cd scene in philadelphia.ladelphia. who is left on the short list? ? first, though, a dangerous heat dome bearing down on thewne d.c. region.n the heat and humidity making it feel like it's 100 degrees out there. er and the worst is yet to good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> erin' song. >> this is erin's song.. >> clarification. mike thomas' song. >> mike's >> she just happens to know all words, don't let her fool you.. >> on this fry yea as we like tt call good day d.c.od d d.c just after 9:00 o'clock on thisn friday, july 22nd.ju i'm holly morris alongside two beauties al eau son and erin.ri steve and wisdom have the morning off. o how is it the guys are off but b the girls are working. worng. what's going on here doesre d friday. ght.t. >> we got it covered. cover it takes beauty o
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right back at you.right >> oh, yes. >> fridays means -- off to a to good start, seymour.. fridays mean zip trips aroundpsn here and this morning we'reng w' spending the day exploring the shaw neighborhood in northwestte d.c. c. it's part of the african-american heart of theic nation's capitol but it's also a seen big changes in the last few years.year >> and that's where maureen,s wh kevin and tucker hanging outng t this morning.ning hey, guys, got big crowd outwd there now. >> we have big crowd growing byb the minute. we're actually on the southernor most tip of shaw in case did you not know it extends down to seventh and new york across thes convention center. cen >> i'm here fifth to ninth and up past s. >> there's so much to see.o see so much to do.ucto do. we've been exploring a lot ofpl it. coming up in this whole good dag show we've got a fashion show, o we're going to taste shaw, seehs some more of the whole lot, folks f you're ate at home watching come on down herer we're having tons of fun. f seventh and new york.neork. kevin has been doing really real outrageous
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you got to see it for yourself. >> apologize in advance for whaa you just saw on television.isio >> we're so so sorry.or >> i know. >> a lot of fun out here you'lle tell them about the things we'll see later in your package. for now send it back in to you guys while we mingle the crowd d growing by the minute.inut hey, guys, good morning. (applause).e). >> that's how we do shaw. s we'll see in you a little bit. >> looks locate lot of phonateep there. stay cool everybody.ry. >> hydrate. >> listen we want to show you some videoan now just in from baltimore.ore. two bulls on the loose there ine charm city. apparently, theirs caped from a slaughter >> bless their hearts. >> around 7:00 their this:00 ths morning. the pair is right now containeda in what looks like to be the fenced in yard of an apartment complex. this is near baltimore's pennen station.station. skyfox is on the way.ox t we'll show you more as we get it in. so that's not something you seeu every day.eryay. >> no. >> not in baltimore, no. >> how in the world did theyid t escape from this -- t >>
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>> slaughter house any way? >> there was a gate left open.. >> can we take them to pastureos instead because they were that a smart?smart? >> okay. you know how smart bulls are? well they're out.. >> but they could have been a human -- it could have beenhaven humans stewed did the that loudu them to get out. get o >> true. they now to go. >> they are pack animals.ey pac if one goes the other follows. s >> there's just two.wo >> maybe there's only two bulls i hope they find greenerre pastures though i know -- >> bulls aren't the only thing i that get slaughtered, i know. ko i i know. you like this will he cherr couch. >> my goodness.>> my goodnes >> this isn't leather. (laughter). >> i say run find a green gen pasture spend your days out in.. >> it won't happen.. >> right now, getting to go live for zip trip the best assignmenn of the week. but when it as hot as it hast h been the air-condition lost with beautiful faux leather coucher h isn't so bad.isn' >> worry not even in the 90s yet. ye have we reach 80s yet? we don'n have the temp ri
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that mercury set to soar oversoe the next few days. really into dangerous territoryt for details mike thomas is herer with first check on the forecasr begun day d.c. hello.hello. >> hey allison.>> all the beautiful loads on theds good day couch today.od douch t. i like this. i like the ladies hour. >> me too.>> m >> it's fun.>> it's fun >> all right. allison, we're in the quiet at t 80 yet. y we're getting close though.ugh. 79 degrees right here inn washington.shin leonardtown you are at at 81 degrees this hour. hour. gaithersburg 77. frederick 79.ed we're starting to warm things uu out there but what's stopping ug from taking off so far is the ie cloud cover.d cover when you have a little bit off cloud cover out there it's stili very bright out but these clouds are thick enough that it'sha keeping temperatures from kind of sky rocketing.. the culprit why we have thesee e clouds this complex of stormsfts here in northeastern portions - i'm sorry northwestern portionsn of the pennsylvania as thisnsyls continues to come southward ite may kick up a storm or two.r t i'll show you this model runodel here that shows this clusters us falling apart as it goats closer to us depending on how fast itwt falls apart depends on how manym
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thunderstorm or two later on l this afternoon that 7:00 o'clocl this evening the nats get underway could be a storm hereth or there. tre so we'll keep an eye on thishi temps later today 97 here in washington.ingt pretty much mid to upper 99s 9 feeling like 100 for just abouto everybody. that's a check of the forecast.c back to you at the good dayd d couch. >> mike, thank you very much. ta of course, the bignk story thist morning donald trump he has noww formally accepted his party'sar nam nation and last night heig h made his case for why he shouldo be the next president.side this morning we're taking areing closer look at some of the key e themes of the speech. spe the promises he made and whatha comes next. fox's doug luzader has details from cleveland. >> reporter: this was aboutbout the longest acceptance speecheec that anyone around here can can remember.rememb clocking in about an hour and 15 minutes. donald trump now turns his n tus attention to the general election after firmly stabbingg himself as the law and orderrd candidate. the trump and pence familiess basking in the attention lastas night at this convenon
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close. clos trump had just delivered a lengthy acceptance speech speech tapping into issues where w americans feel great unease. terrorism, immigration andig recent attacks on police offic officers. >> i have a message to every last person threatening theng piece on our streets. s and the safety of our police. when i take the oath of office next year i will restore law and order to our country. >> you will never again have too worry about being being let let down. >> reporter: trump waste introduced by his daughteris ivanka who tried to sure up hisp relatively weak support amongrto women and talk about initiativev to help close any wage gaps. g >> he will focus on makingg quality child care affordable and accessible for all. (applause). >> reporter: trump himselfimlf also broke with republicancan orthodox by talking aboutbo specific protections for gaysctr and lesbians and he that areth into hillary clinton and what
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called a rigged system form special interests that prevent others from having a say. s >> these are people who workk hard but no longer have voice. i am your voice! >> reporter: and trump's task t now converting this kind ofnd of enthusiasm into actual votes come november.ov and not much of a break fromrom politics.. democrats knauer preparing forre their convention in philadelphip next week.k hillary clinton could name herar running mate as early as today.d in cleveland, doug luzader, fox news. and hillary clinn tweetedart one her many responses during trump's speech saying quote youy are not our voice.oice for more on last night' speech'e we'll talk to alan lichtman ahta professor of history at americaa university an man with knack fo picking winners of theners the presidential races.esal so good good m who will win?? (laughter). >> since that's your knack. >> pay me lot more for thatlot e answer.answ >> there you go. let's talk about last note.tot
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>> you know i've been following politics since the ace zen houru administration i'm that old, an it's the most polarizing speech i have ever heard or seen in see more than 50 years. look, if you believe america is being preyed upon by all off these immigrants that we're lo losing everything abroad, that these trade deals are takingak over all our jobs that our that cities are going up in names,am and we need a strong man dick dc tour ya'll type, then trump is i your candidate.dite if you have a different vision of america, and a different dife vision of the kind of leader ofe that's needed, then trump is obviously never going to be youu candidate.ate >> clearly you're not trumpmp supporter.suppor but in terms of what he needeede to last night to solidify hisy h base and perhaps gain a little t more ground, did dough that? >> he absolutely solidified hisd base. i've been saying this for nearll a year. y i was one of the very first onee
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get the nomination because he says the things that his base believes in but other politici politicians like jeb bush aree b afraid to say. he's doing that again. aga he is absolutely uniting his base.base. the bigger question about whichi i'm dubious can he appeal to to independents and moderate democrats? the base can get yoy the the base can't get you the election.tion >> can't get you the win. how spoofed were you when heweou talk about the lgbtq community?? >> i was shocked.>> i was sho look at the platform.he plam. >> right. >> platform talking about allalg kinds of proposals a tols to discriminate against the lgbt community.y. he broke with republican orthodox on trade. tra barbed nafta and said it was ala bill clinton's fault. fau wait a min who negotiated and signed nafta george hw bush.. who supported every trade dea
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mike pence. pce. really very strange stuff. stuff >> and there is a lot of talk about the fact checking within some of the statistics that hest you've last night. nig if we're not talking about substance, let's just talk a a second about style. because did he seem more presidential last note? to me,o he seemed a little more calm ana controlled than he has been inn speeches throughout the campai campaign. >> it was a very controlled andd very effective speech in that he didn't go off on tangents.ane he didn't say anything anyth particularly outrageous. obviously, as always, he playede fast and loose with the facts fc but there was no new singer in e there for everyone to pounce on. stuff he's been teague for longg time.t >> how effective do you thinko h ivanka was? there's lot of tall about her this in her presence and her poisese and in her effort to reach millennials and/or women wherere he struggles with both. bot >> i thought she was very good.g i thought she was maybe the best speakeof
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convention. she was believable. she waswa appealing frankly, yoo know, she sounded a bit like l liberal democrat.t. she did not sound one bit bikee traditional republican andca certainly did nothing to mirrorm the republican platform.or >> real quickly before we go, i, read an article that saidt usually the person who win the presidency is the candidate whoo talks more in terms of us in us instead of in terms of me. even though as they try to paini the other candidate as the more narcissistic onely do you thinkh trauma didn't that? did he talt enough in terms of us as countrs last night or was it more aboutt him? >> it was all about i'm the guy whose going to fixo everything.eryt trust me. i'm going to have prosperity, law and order, i'm going to cutc your taxes but i'm also going tt rebuild the military. military. i'm going to defeat isis. it's all about him. if you believe in him so be it.. if you don't, then you've got tt look for someone else.eonee. >> all right.ll r well, november here we come. ce. actually just next week. we'll see what the democraticti convention holds. >> it will be very different. >> very different indeede
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always a pleasure.ways >> same here. same >> over to ya'll. ove ya'll. >> thank you very much, holly. r over on the democratic side speculation growing about who hillary clinton will tap as herr vice-presidential pick. pic >> hillary clinton is expectedln to announce her pick eitherithe today or tomorrow. tomor and people here locally have aea special reason to pay attention. that's because a local senator n tim kaine from virginia is apparently high on her short senator kaine isn't the only ono on the list though. agricultural secretary tom t vilsack and new jersey senatoryn corey booker are also reported e to be under consideration.on after calling her vp pick pk clinton expected to informorm supporters via e-mail blast too avoid a leak. >> the world we're living in.. e-mail our team will be in philadelphii next week for the dnc. for the d you can catch tom fitzgerald'szg reports starting this sunday ono fox5 on the hill that begins at 8:30 and remember to catch ourur brand new show called five atvea 6:00 9:13 is our time. still ahead this hour, l
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jones back on twitter. but not backing down.n. what she told former snl co-star seth myers about her free speece fight.t >> first though shaw is full of great places to visit, bars,,ar there's restaurants and museumsu we're going to narrow it down to the five must stops and we'll a' show you them next.t. take a look out there.uthere they still have lot going on. o. ♪ ♪ why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara.
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♪ >> the neon lights are bright in shaw and they are indeed today.d because it is our destinationna for our friday zip trip and you're right, there's lot tore't celebrate there.brre >> um-hmm. >> we want to get to some ofo that right now.. we've narrowed it down to then o five things that you must do tho next time that you're in out to the zip trip crew now for more.more. allison, you said it right.. because it's hard to find justdj five must stops around here.undr not only that but the neighborhood is explodin explodh all sorts of new businesses.ess. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> attractions and things to doa it's hard to come up withnd fivf we did the best we can.. maybe we should say 50 must 5 mt stops today we went with fiveent must stops. let's take look.ook >> all right. ♪ coming in at number five,iv, the immaculate
9:18 am
catholic church.rch. established back in 1864, this8t church was the first catholic co church in the shaw neighborhoodo and only the second in all off d.c.c. it's renovated beauty put the church on the national registers of historic places. it's number four.ou. personal favorist mine the 9:30 club from dobb dylan to adeledee this intimate concert venue v hosts shows for all ages.r all a be sure to check out the exhibih that features all of the artists that every played at the venue. number three, the african-american civil warar memorial museum. this museum preserves and tellst the story of the united statesda colored troops and the t african-american communities involvement and contributions ii the american civil war. number two, nellie's sportso bar. located on u street, this gays g sports bar is open to everyonere and always has got somethingomhi going on.n. weekly events include trivia night, drag bingo and don't't forget sunday drag brunch. and number o
9:19 am
please, yeah, the historictori howard theater.heat opened back in 1910 the howardd theater served more than theatee it was an institution a placen e where black performers couldford captivate audiences with music, dance, drama and comedy. everyone from duke ellington,ll, ella fitzgerald, louie armstrona and billy holiday have gracede r the howard theater stage. ♪ >> it is a fabulous place toslae visit and there you have it thet five must stops and, hey, mazdaz by the way sponsor of our zipfur trips and by the end of thend oe summer someone is going to win a new suv we're going to take zip trips every friday until labor day weekend that is 15 trips eachipe week you have a chance toe t register to win a new 2201616 mazda cx9. to register go to f5 d. and look for the contest tab, 14 finalists will be selected selte bi-weekly random drawing. drang one of those 14 will win the 2016 m
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so head to to enterntr and to learn more. m all right. r one of the five stops that wehaw introduced today was the african-american civil war cil w museum and joining mow now is i historian mr. frank smith thenkh director of that museum. meu >> that's right.>> that's right >> i think a lot of people may t have have passed this place lotl of times and even knew it waskni there. so much history under that onee roof.. >> absolutely. you know, we have soldiers ins n our memorials outside the museum and april side artifact andrtt documents and stories and greatd reenactors like this young man n mark who is with me this morning. want the public to come out ande join discuss were exactly does he do? talk more about that.ha. >> he's one of arriere actor. we like to be who looks like l what the soldiers would haveould looked like back in the day. average bow 22 years old. he's in the age range. you got to remember throw out ot four of these would be enslavedd when the war storied. >> he represents the map who was able to puon
9:21 am
freed.frd. joined the union army and foughh for his freedom.. we got to get rid of slavery ana get the right to vote and all of that stuff before we can get tot the white house. hou but this is famous fabulousou story how we got to the whiteo house. >> shaw was actually out freed slave encampment this is part or the history of this wonderfulonl community.communit as young man why is it important for you to part of this processs to help tell these stories?tori >> well, the reason i do this, t because i believe by telling thg truth it's going make difference in the future.. the children are the future. f they going to make difference in the world.thorld >> absolutely. you're definitely part of it inl helping people to see what thist is all about.. what does the future hold for hl the museum. museu >> we're expanding now so whenn you come down walkway we're starting the process ofss o expansion. we just bought the building nexb door. we'll go from 5,000 to 15 thusot sand square feet. ft. we'll
9:22 am
but we're open for business bins during construction so come onie by to see us at 1925 vermonter avenue northwest right at cornee of vermont and u streetsts northwest in the shadow ofhadow howard university and right dowd the street from ben's chili bo bowl. >> no excuse to absolu tely noty visit this place.lace what is your most favorite thini in that museum. >> we have a story about guy abt named robert smalls who when tha civil war startlled he wase enslaved.slaved he started like andrew green. g running a ship down in southnn carolina at a point the couldn'd fed rats take over the ship andp it becomes confederate ships. ss owe wantly takes his ship andisi turns it over to the union armyn and shows up at the union armyon with his own weapon fully loadea fights his way to freedom. freed when the war is over he becomesm a congressman from southrout carolina to the united statestas congress.core served 12 years. wonderful story.wonder s >> indeed it is. id it thank you so very much foror sharing these wonderful storiesi frank smith thank you so veryo r much. >> thank you very much.nk come out scene. yce >> indeed. >> ind the history of she was veryory rich. come out and zoo us today for our zip trip.ndou tri back over to you guys
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>> love that history.isto maureen, thank you. >> 9:23 now on friday morningy m and coming up another day, d another example of what is going on police brutality some of these videos we're seeing. sin this was a year ago but itt targets a person of color veryor disturbing to watch.. plus two bulls on the loose in baltimore.imor that's the sentence i don't sayi every day. >> not every day, no. day, >> we'll have update on the on chase and what's going on now n and worst way to score goal inol soccer the the must see video in the it day when we check in with what a else is making >> later he came to play wwe super store the ms. will join us live in the loft to talk about k chasing your dreams and the first ever verizon center'son ce battleground.grou i'm excited.m e i got captivated by that video. ♪
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>> okay. moving on don't drink the water. that's the message from of tficials in hugo, colorado, d chris is our producer thiscer t border here is not lost on anyna of us. it's very well water has been contaminated with the chemical in marijuana.a the town is about 100 miles 100 southeast of denver and wateratr testing there has shown evidence of thc. t now that's chemical that givestg you that buzz with it's a little ironic because the town is 730 people actually prohibits growing, manufacturinu and testing and also selling marijuana. to baltimore now, and thoseo bulls that have escaped from a slaughter house and there'se a e question here. i guess when bull is castratedat it becomes a steer and then they're --'re >> steers are usually what are
9:28 am
used for beef g let's call themt two steers on the loose there. e they got free around 7:30 this0i morning. they're in the yard of an the apartment complex near pennen station. now while it appears they'rey're contained in that yard police pl are warning people to steer clear of the animals. t. they're building animals thatdi can be dangerous, of coungrse, r sister station in baltimore says this is the second time in two t years that these animals got g loose from that slaughter houseu bob barnard is near the scene se we'll check in with him shortly. and finally, is this the ths worse goal ever? minnesotata united goalkeeper made serious doozy when he through the soccer ball into his own goal.. >> what am i doing? >> the 26-year-old scrambledcram back towards the line couldn'to' prevent it for going an embarrassing own goal.oa minnesota went on to lose four-zero. at that moment he's like no, no, i didn't, ooh, wait a minute. me >> this is all i will ever bee remembered for.ered for. >> take that moment back.that >> i feel like i mf i played
9:29 am
soccer that's -- that would be me in that video. in th >> let's just rescue him rightir now and go ahead and move and to mike and talk about the weatherh instead.std. >> mike?>> m >> hey, holly, we got code orange air quality out there fot all the sensitive groups outside very old, very young limit their time outside today.od unhealthy this is just for todad for now but they may extent this through the weekend.the wend we'll keep an on it and let youl know.know 79 degrees outside right high, thin clouds. high thin overcast clouds outut there.there. it's still kind of brightti kin outside but we're not gettingret that heat energy from the sunfrn just yet. just yet. that's thanks to this cluster of thunderstorms over northwesternr pennsylvania. it's starting to weaken but itnt is keeping the clouds coming inn our direct. our d we'll see how that affects our o temperatures today as we heade into the afternoon.fton 97 later on today. tod then the real heat arrives tomorrow.tomorr 98 saturday, sunday, monday butb it feels like 105. potentially 105 degrees plus ass we head through the course of the afternoons and we don't gett much relief early next week look at tuesday, wednesday, thursdayy still low to mid 90s here..
9:30 am
the middle of summer stretch stt we're going through right now.. will we break any records? or probably not on saturday orr sundayly 102 is the record onorn saturday. 101 on sunday. monday will be awfully close. 100 degrees is the record on red monday set back in 1930.. we von broken it just yet. y 97 degrees later on thiser o afternoon mostly sunny, very hoy and hum with that storm that's comingom through pennsylvania, maybe itbe has little bit of energy with it and gives us an early eveningnig thunderstorm. we'll watch out for that.h out r maybe four or five, 6:00 o'clocl tonight although the chances cha aren't that great.en tha we'll stay warm tonight,, 78 degrees for overnight low and check out your fox5 accu weatheh seven day forecast once again aa here come the upper 99s. 9 98 saturday through monday. mda probably going to put down heata advisory and keeping an eye on o the national weather service ono more time i'll say it, don't be a fool, keep the cool head to h the pool.e poo >> ladies, i'll send it back too you at the good day couch. good. >> did he just add one more. jut >> i did. did. i added another rhyme there. the >> don't be a fool, head to thee pool and stay cool.oo
9:31 am
outside this weekend take we are about to deal with near triple digit temperatures and -d when you factor in all thattor l humidity, it's going to feelto e more than 100 degrees.. fox5's anjali hemphill is live e in georgetown with a look howk people across the area are trying to keep safe and stay sta cool. >> reporter: yeah, guys, 9:30uy3 in the morning, a lot of peoplee out in georgetown right now onho what is turning out to be a sweltering morni and it's onlyts unfortunately getting hotter.nge as you you know lots of peoplepl like to work out down by the georgetown waterfront we've sees plenty of joggers out this morning and luckily for themor e that's the spot where one of our cooling center social securityes set up here in the area.ocinhe . it's a fountain with lot of o water. we've seen plenty of joggersers taking advantage of the water w down the you know, did you knowing theiru heads in, trying to get any sort of reprieve from this heat. they're also taking a advantagea of the cooler temperatures thata we might see all weekend long. this morning. how is that feeling this feeng t morning? it
9:32 am
great. i'm slowing down little bit butl i wanted to geet out here becaub i'm training for a healthlt marathon in 10 days. days. hopefully it will cool off byffy then. >> reporter: a lot of joggers os out here with the same idea.dea. now, again, there are also three national games scheduled foredud tonight.night , tomorrow and day game on sunday the ballpark they're making accommodations for theire fans. they are taking this heat just as seriously as well. well. fans will be allowed to bring b two water bottles instead of the usual one into the game. you ar ge allowed to bring batty powered hand-held fans. they're also will be coolingco centers set up around thehe ballpark with air-conditioning and free ice water and they will also place misting fans in i around the ballpark as well for anybody to get some reliefy to s there. ere. so guys, got to take the heatheh seriously this weekend, even ifn you're just, you know, goingoing outside for little bit, drink dk plenty of water, dress dss appropriately and keep an eye on the kids and any of the elderlyd folks out there in yourn you neighborhood that could be aod little bit more susceptible tolt heat stroke or heat illness whee we're dealing with these hig
9:33 am
90's and even triple digitss temperatures over the we're live in georgetown anjalil hemphill fox5 local news. >> thanks an jally.. speaking of heat ahead on good day -- >> we're hanging out with the dj fire department as we head backc to shaw for another edition off firehouse friday. it's's:3 we'll be right back. back. looks like the crowd has grown out there. ♪
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♪ all right. look at that. this is our favorite snap chat p of the day. it is -- you're looking for cheap thrill. thrill i know three ladies that don'tit need no dollar listen if you're having fun with snap chat, send us your see ya y pictures or any other pictures c you want to send us.d use the #gooddaydc or fab5pics. >> yes. y >> can i just tell how old i amd when it made my lips the redhe color that see ya uses my gosh g do oy have on red lipstick lstic today. no, i don' it's the filter.. >> my inner light l >> it's the filter.s thilter. that's so much fun. f >> it looks good. looks goo i like it. >> we showed you ours. you show us yours.ou. >> there it is.heret >> thank you very much. you >> right now we'll head back onk out to shaw to zip trip friday, of course, and kevin has got our firehouse friday which is alwayw great sponsored by dunkin'y nkin donuts. do hey, kev. >> absolute honor to be oute ho here. i'm standing here with captain patrick banks and als
9:37 am
lieutenant kevin klein. kle what great name,, sir >> thank you.>> t >> talk about why we're here h today. obviously aing honor to be standing here with you guys. guy talk about this amazingut thi aa community in shaw what it meansm to serve in this communityty engine company six. six. >> we're very proud to have thee opportunity to serve at engine company six. and gin company six located just north of the u.s. capitol.apit directly across from dunbar high school.ho we are response al for things ti such as howard theater, howard university, um, ben's chili boww and several other places ins washington, d.c. >> and from lieutenant obviously it's an mazing honor to speako with you. i'm wondering the most mt challenging aspect of your job in regards to being in the community and what's the mosthe challenging and most rewarding?? >> i'd say the most challengingn just trying to stay up to speeds as far as the infrastructure of the city.e c it has changed lot.nged lot. getting a lot of newew construction, um, w
9:38 am
there's lot of light weighteit construction now that can be,ha you know, harmful to a firefighter and, um, a lot of lt things are changing, and we have to stay on top of the buildingsd and the residency and so forth.. >> standing here right now we'r' all sweating much it's very very hot out here. i was wondering can you give our viewers some tips on how to stao cool this weekend so we don't dn get overheated? obviouslyioly everyone wants to go outside.ute beautiful weekend.eekend beautiful day today. what can we do to stay cool? c >> stay hydrated. trying to stay and side as much as psible. possi limit your outside exercises and things of that nature.ur. and, um, stay in cool >> any tips from you, lieutena lieutenant? >> pretty much what the cap sa said. the department is definitely prepared for this.ed forhis we have a mobilization plan in effect, and we're putting extrae units in service because we know there's going to be an increased demand over the weekend due toue the high temperatures.ratus >> tell me a typical call you'lu get during a hot temperature tea like someone is overheated orrha someone -- what happens
9:39 am
>> typically they start to feele lightheaded. blood pressure will eventuallyl start to decrease.. i'd say the biggest sign they te start to get flushed and overheated and start getting gti lightheaded and, um, you know on extreme measures they eventualla fall out and we do see that a t lot as well, too. t >> no one things you don't wantt people to do is open up the fire hydrants to cool themselves offo because obviously it could be be fun but talk about how itut how affects you guys. guy it actually affects you guys inn pretty negative way. way >> york it does. in the event that we run a firef call in an area where citizens z are using the fire hydrants, itt can deplete our water demands.s. we need to use as water as possible to operate effectively. so in the event that they openy up the hydrant and we have ae hv fire in that area, we may not mt have adequate enough water too extinguish the fire. >> okay. captain patrick banks,an lieutenant kevin klein, before i
9:40 am >> all right. donuts fory dunkin' firehouse friday. thank you for your service.ce. thank for all that you do. d thank you for the help till tipl on staying cool on this hot this weekend do not open up the fire hydrants or captain banks hadtan come aft you, right?, r >> that's right.>> tha rig (laughter).augh >> all right.>> a back to you guys inside.. >> thank you so much, kev.ev >> all that was great firehouse fridaya and still ahead in the fox beata a reality check from a professional wrestler coming up next real world past member mem turned wwe inter continentalontl champion mike joins us live to o talk about how he made hiseis dreams come true. te >> there he is. look at that face.hat fac that's the face of a champion.. >> first ever battle ground at the verizon center. you can catch him thisth weeken. >> i love a man with a goodood accessory. >> you know what i'm saying? >> yeah. >> 9:40. we're back. ♪ life's sharing a meal.
9:41 am
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a whole other world awaits. life's sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. >> after 10 years -- aft >> i love it. >> so good, right? >> yes. 9:43. a lot of kids dream of being nfl star or a being a
9:44 am
player in my case a we all have our or wwe champion, but dreamingren doesn't make it so. mike never gave up his pro wrestling dream and even shareda his goal on national televisionn then he went and made it happenp you know him now as the miziz there he is on the real worldor and he's made his way all the al way to the wwe championship. he's at the verizon center righg here in dc this weekend but heuh stopped by the loft first of course to chat with us.h us. thank you so much for coming inn i watched the real world.ld >> i haven't seen that clip in n very long time. >> aww. >> takes you back.>> takes y >> that was like 15 years >> yeah. >> it's amazing the - going g from there and then being at wwe super star being able to perforr at the verizon center pretty py incredible. >> look at you now. loo >> i know. look at mek now. i'm in suit, you know -- >> with a cket square.quar >> blood, sweat and tear.nd tea >> custom made suit. sui taylor fitted.d. >> i like to dress nice for youu
9:45 am
>> we appreciate it. we >> when you see that a lot of people at home in the front yary right now doing the fake wrestling or saying they'lly' going to be in the nba like erie said but did you it. it. what is that thing that you cann share with folks watching? >> i'm from cleveland, ohio, an, in cleveland -- >> fellow buck eye.elck >> you go to college and after t college you go back to whereo we you're from and get a family,gem you get friends and you get a gt job and that's what do you forhr the rest of your life. >> that's my hometown, too. t >> once i tried out for the reaa world and made it on the real world it made me realize i coulc do anything i want with my life. what do oy want? i remember rem staring at myself in the mereine want do you want to do? and -- when you were in ohio. ohi >> i saw an action figure of the rock on my shelf and i was like, i want to be wwe super star. so that's where i set out. out i went online to find a wrestling school. soo moved to los did acting classes improv iro classes. >> it work out.>> i >> worked out.orkeut. nutritionist.. and it wasn't just right
9:46 am
people think i went right fromhf the real world to wwe but i wasi training for about five years ts become a wwe super star and finally made it in there, main evented wrestle mania now, i'm the current inter dominantinant champion. >> can i see how heavy that is.. >> it's pretty heavy. it's i don't know if you'll be able ' to hold it.d i >> champions.. >> that's nice.>> >> what would you say to kids at home in their hometown i know mm hometown you get married, youaru have your kids you get the job.b how do you get outside the boxhb to and make it happen?n? >> i always tell kids not to trt what we do at home, what we doed is very are v dangerous we'reusw trained professionals.fessnals. but if you want to become a wwe super star i tell them to cut c promos in meres. meres like we find a character and then oncen you're old enough, find a a wrestling school that will teacw you the art of professionalssiol wrestling.g >> that's great question in g q terms of your character. how much do you get own are inn ship over it or --r >> own are in ship of it.n sh of are you kidding me? >> i'm a hollywood actor.ct. i mean -- >> do they tell you how to be. e >> this is all rea
9:47 am
they don't need to tell me how h to be.. >> your altar ego >> if you really look at i've at done marine three, marine four,, marine five will be coming out g these are huge movies that willi be coming out.g i've done two christmas movies. 14 time champion.mpio i mean i don't mean to brag bra about these things --out >> not at all. >> you can't be humble and be a wrestling star.tlin >> no. this event coming to verizon tor brinizg it back while you're ine d.c. it's huge.d.c. i huge. >> it's a big deal.t'a big d >> family friendly.>> family the crowd is i fnteractive.. they boo-hoo had he thought. tht they cheer who they love. w the hopefully they'll cheer me but t normally they don't.rm i'll probably get booed out ofeo the building but i don't care. . >> do you take it personallysonl because i often wonder that.r t. >> no, i don't. i encourage them>> to boo me as much as possible i'd rather thet boo me than some kid, you know, taking it at school and gettingt bullied at school. schoo >> look at you. you. >> oh, my gosh.osh >> and just think. and just thi. they're going to boo me.oingo b i'm saying things like this. >> amazing things. >> the show can be amazing a lol of great matches. m i'm taking on derr rin youngr rg
9:48 am
guy is talented in the ring butg he's just not as talented as me. >> okay. ticket prices start at $25. >> cheap, right. >> which is awesome they go upwe to $500. $ i wonder to know what 500 tickec get me.. >> you get sweat. swe >> when i punch derrick young ig the face you're getting that sweat. >> you met your wife in the wwee >> i did. my one and only love maurice. she's a beautiful inside andnd out. i get to work with her now whicn is awesome because i get to hana out with the one -- my bestyest >> yeah.>> y >> and plus when your wife is standing ring side you kind ofod want to show off.. >> right. >> show mows muscles you.s >> you all right got her youight don't have to show off any more. >> no, that's not true. tru >> keep the fire going.p the f isn't exactly.isn't exactly. >> you know what i'm talking i'n about. she's got it. >> thank you very much. >> all right.ou>> i'm just in love.. >> he's already taken.en >> i know. inow. he's already taken allison.on >> positivity. >> we'll go at it right now, yoy and i. >> come on
9:49 am
>> going at it already.. >> i'm scared.cared. time right now 9:48. 9:4 thank you so much for coming in. >> you're awesome. >> all i'm scared.i'care >> it's 9:49. 9 you know what mean.. >> my producer will put me inn for choke hold if i don't get tt the tease here. we'll go to baltimore.go t have you heard there's two steer on the run in baltimore? miz. m >> what do we do here? >> can you go get them.he >> thank you so much for joining us to you're amazing.zi ♪ ♪
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
♪ we wanting to life toti baltimore now where there's quite seen on friday. our bob barnard made his way there. bob, we've been saying there's bulls on the loose there and some people on twitter arew se taking up toe o task saying thee really steer can you please clarify for usoru whether they're bulls or steer or do we care? car >> i know look at bob. >> look at bob.ob >> how do you expect me to doto that the guys who would knoww over that trying to coral theset suckers.
9:53 am
they're too big black cows and boy, oh my goodness the talk ofk west baltimore. we are in the pennsylvaniaylni square apartment complex and yoy see there's little playgroundlan here. we're surrounded with police poc tape we've gotten as close as we get. ge you have baltimore police here, hell hoe and there bunch of andt people who live here.hele a man who with green shirt there against the fence.ains th the bulls are still on the o loose. i will tell you, we were inn arlington county, virginia, onno different story when we weree w sent here.e. we've gotten all the way here tt baltimore and the suck suckersue are still on the loose. the loo. if you look to the right you seu a trailer here. they are apparently on tha ht ae way to slaughter house right h r across the street when theynhe broke free this morning.orng clearly, they didn't want to beb ground up and sent wherever.r. so these two bulls took off running and they are now in thit apartment community.ty. they're kind of boxed in.nd o bx the entrance to the apartmentnt community has police cars like forming like a w to block it soo that they can't get out of here. and they've a couple of times o
9:54 am
and you see they're trying toret find them. fi they're kind of scramblingnd ofm around. i know we've had video tape thae we've got den from our baltimoro affiliates and from social med media. so we may have video tape toape show you of the bulls. bulls. we're looking for them.e lng every now and then they appear. once they got one of them justms kind of like walked its way into the trailer. and there were couple of theseue guys who were with his companypy that lost them this morning. also, hearing second one kind of and just as the second one gote to the back of the trailer itilr took off and the one that hadt h gotten into the trailer took ofk and ran out of the trailer. so while you're looking at thist you live here what do you makeak of this? >> it's too funny.ny it's too funny.ny it's hilarious. >> but it happens. happe >> reporter: you say it's it' happened before.happened bef >> it's happened before.s ha the last one took off down north avenue as i was going to work tw bull was running up north avenua as i waiting for a traffic traff light. and so now they're in my my backyard. >> reporter: ma'am, you were we saying that it used to smell. sl you know the slaughter house isu there, right.ere,ight >> the smell is
9:55 am
terrible. walking back and forth in the complex to the store every nowvn and then you get a bad stenchte smell from that slaughter house of these animals being slaughtered. it's just >> reporter: you're not reallyy blaming them for seeing a greene light and tan taking off? not t all. all. everybody wants to live today. >> reporter: i agree.r: agr >> they refuse to go to their final destination this morning. >> reporter: i don't blame them. even if it's going to beoing t b 100 degrees this weekend it's i' better than being slaughtered. >> sorry, you're not -- there te they are every now and wherend nelson jones is point our camerr you'll see them on the meadoww heading toward the truck and a then they turn off and run. offn okay. okay so, guys, we'll be here comee back to us because it's a a dramatic interesting kind of kd amusing morning here in westt baltimore, and you can't seean'e them from our vantage point thit second but they keep coming and going and coming and going, and, right now he
9:56 am
are we but we'll be back andack we'll be on bull patrol. guys. >> all right.ll right >> not the if the you've been oo bull >> that's right.s right >> thanks, bob. tha quote of the day. everybody wants to live today. d everybody wants to live >> i like that.>> >> fresh at 10a john stewartwa taking over the late show? the nba sending a strong messagege about equality. leslie jones back on twitter bur not backing down. >> adorable new pick% of he know land's future king on his thirdd birthday.hd look how old he is. man. ma you wouldn't guess he's three.e. >> cutie >> zoey sal danno opening up about a srecet health battle. >> first though it's coffee timt on good day d.c. if you have have been eye bawling our cool good day mugs m listen up.en u we have a new good day d.c. d.c./dunkin' donuts mug to givem away perfect cup for that greatt dunkin' donuts coffee so head td fox5 d.c d.c.'s com n contests s our facebook page at facebook slash fox5 d.c. tox enter our mug contest one luck
9:57 am
winner selected by randomdo drawing but hurry you only haveh from now until 11am to enter. it is just about 9:57. >> there's george, wave to the t camera. >> wave prince george. george. >> he's so cute! >> yay! >> aww. ♪
9:58 am
over the next 40 years, the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million people and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved into safe, clean, affordable housing, places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs and multiple transportation modes then the neighborhood begins to thrive and really, really take off. the oxygen of community redevelopment is financing. and all this rebuilding that happened could not have happened without organizations like citi.
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♪ >> fox5's live event continues s during the 10:00 a.m. we're highlight d.c. neighborhood ofro shaw. shaw it's our friday zip trip. t stay and side and let us ride.. >> trending at 10a the donald,d, the nba and a royal cutie. >> plus, collect before the diss
10:01 am
leslie jones speaks out, and did the biebs just drop the song off the summer? >> it is fry yea let's do itis y the. the 10a starts right now.. ♪ so take off all your clothes. co wait a minute. wait a minute. there's three ladies doing ther show and they're asking to usy'k take our clothes off.take what is going on? os g o >> it's friday! >> it's troy yea. yea >> we got a dude producer.ce that's's oka i'm okay with that. we are happy it's friday. frida. good day d.c. i am holly morris alongside ofdf allison and erin.ri steve and wisdom both enjoying y the day off taking their clotheh off elsewhere. elsre. >> okay.>>kay. (laughter).r) >> not in front of us.ot i all righty. what do we have to say about them both being gone on the sams day. >> they're on vacation.. we're having a girl party. a >> i had a whole joke about it t in the 9:00 o'clock hour. hou >> we have a hole hour. hole there's bull going on inere' baltimore.e >> steer clear.lear. >> that's all the jokes we havev bob, what's the late defendanted on
10:02 am
>> reporter: i think they're trying to shorten the space thaa these suckers are roaming.ckerse you can see the trailer here. h they're backing it into the yard here, the pennsylvania square s apartments across the street str from the slaughter house where a this trailer was taking these bulls, steer, these cows, to the slaughter house this morning. mi and they've been roaming rightei there. where the truck is we've seenk s them coming and going.g a goi we've got video tape we're we're showing you coming and going now i think they have they know whae these folks want them to do andd they're kind of hiding behindndh that building there.atld so they're going to repositionpi this trailer so they can kind oo like narrow in on them and focus in on them and not give them so much room to roam, full, as thee try to stay out of the slaughtet house away from the trailer andr so we're probably going try to reposition ourselves as well.el. the police here baltimore police are assisting and they've gothee police tape around here.round hr so they're limiting the peoplee who live here and us and anybody from where we can go but we'llow try to get closer so we cane actually see this when ithe i happens they're trying.rying they're still trying. trying. but es
10:03 am
them, what, quarter pounder and cheese whatever. there you go, brad, they arere still trying to stay alive onve this friday and we'll keep an kp eye on things. thing >> i know, bob, i said if we i come back to you and you're youe eating a hamburger we know how things ended.gsed >> oh, my goodness.>>h, let's go for hotdog orr chick-fil-a sandwich today in honor of these two >> there you go. thank you. >> all is well in the world. >> exactly. >> all righty.>> well it has been busy morning mr and a hot one too. >> so far we have seen the fivef must stops in shaw.haw we've hung out with the've hu ot firehouse and tasted some ice se cream, too.m, t and we even gotten littlen fashion show and believe it or a not there's still plenty more tm go. go. >> that's right. maureen, kevin and tucker haveue been hanging out in southwestth all morning. they join us now live.ow how is it going out there? it?i looks like a beautiful day.. >> hi.>> it is a gorgeous day. >> it's awesome to be here. be maureen and i have are having av great time. t one of the beauties of sip tript we get tinder act with the amazing fox
10:04 am
high a great time talking to engine company number sixumr earlier it's a great day to be o out here.out h having a great time.ha beautiful weather.l weather. and we're next to the carnegie c museum acros i was from the conv sent. sent come down and hang out with us.h we're totally having a greatat time. shaw is the place to be today. y come on and see us we're havingn great time.te. seventh and new york if you neeu a cross street that's where strt we're hanging ou tt.. got great crowd going and yes, , it is hot, but it is manageablea so hark it don't let the heat h deter it's gettin getting hot oh but all good. good. with that said shall we toss iti over to the tucker.ucker >> tucker is with a possible p future rorte >> someone trying to take ourg o jobs. >> i'm very very worried about this.this. >> tucker? >> maureen, i think your job isi safe but kevin might be in be trouble here. >> hello. >> say good morning toay everybody. >> good morning everyone.. >> you're 16 years of age. age tell me about yourself. i'm anar
10:05 am
bit of a poet.oe i love to read and write like lk just like -- i consider myself a hippie. hipp >> can i hear a little poetry. y >> i don't have any prepared,ave though. >> you don't anything just righr there ready to go? >> no. i do my best work like when i'mw irritated basically.. >> oh, yeah? so then it's good if you're little irritated when you wake up in the morning.heni. >> right. >> i love it. you live locally? you love d.c., love growing up here. her. >> i love d.c. it's pretty quiet around my aron neighborhood. i live up by howard. >> all right.ig before you ask me somee questions, you're a youngou entrepreneur and you have anrene event you got like a fashionu event you want to tell everybody bout. >> so i'm a washington buildern which is program that helps hels youth and change the community through under pure shiper pure i august 4th we're having 4 we' fashion show, and businesses launch for my group creating ai t-shirt company.ompa >> are you guys like youngou adults involved in doing this.s. we have young adults. >> okay, cool. c >> my particular group is called
10:06 am
multi free the soul basically we're trying to help peoplep peo express themselves and bes tmsee themselves out in the >> you want to see people likepl me at that event. event. >> yes, please. i would really love that. tha >> going to get a t-shirt for-st me. yeah, i will.yeah, >> let's get down to bitches ges to ask me questions as junior jn reporter. >> how long have you been working at fox5?onworkin f >> that's great question. almost 14 years.ea guess what? wha >> what?? >> i started as an intern theret you were asking me internships.r i started as an intern at fox 1x years ago.ars ago. do you believe y >> do you love your job. >> i love my job. you know what i love most? thee people.op everybody i get to work with.k w a lot of behind scenes people dd great job i get to work withit great people like allison and steve and everybody on the morning show every a great experience i get to meem people like you.. >> right? right? >> right. >> all right. stionsher questions? >> um, where did you go to t college? i was wonding that. t. >> oh, yeah. where did i go to college? ilee went to university of californir at berkeley.atke and then i got graduate degree at the university of
10:07 am
>> you want to go to i berkeley? >> yeah.h lot of hippies out there.ip >> rightpi? >> i got another question forerr you. >> all right. >> how long have you beenha youn growing that hair?ai >> about 12 years now. now >> 12 years.2ears. you're only 16.yo since you were four. f >> yup. >> you just got it cut, right.u. >> i took it apart little bit.. like pull it up a little bitittt because i felt like it was tooew long. >> all right. i love it. thank you so much for joiningucj me. >> we're going to toss it overr to maureen shows got your you hometown hero our junior jun reporter right here.repo ri big round of applause.und opplae thank you. than >> all right. tucker, thank you very much.h. >> thank to you our junior reporter.po around this time we like toime k honor monday someone in the t community doing so much to brino attention to good things t good happening within the communitywi and today one person supplementn applied that over and over again alex padre the executive e director of shaw main street. s this is a living walking triviai of shaw, ladies and gentlemen and we thank you so much for ala you've done to really just shinh a light on the beauty of shaw. it's got to be more than just aj job for you.b fo you >> it actually i moved into
10:08 am
neighborhood almost 20 yearsod s ago. i was elected as an commissioneo 16 years ago. i've been serve all of that ti time. and i help to transform a a neighborhood that a lot ofoda people were afraid to even visit to one of the places where everyone all over the worldor wants to be. >> you're right. when i moved to d.c. years ago,o this was not a destination poini by any means.eans and now if you haven't been toet shaw and some of these o the businesses i don't know where i you've been.. >> we have more emptyore storefronts and vacant lots that actual businesses that were in n operation. and it was a shame because thise was historically one of thene o centers of commerce andnd especially the black broadway b and the black wall street, yout, know, for decades in the first r half of the first 20th centuryry after 1968 riots and urban renewal, that all changed and ii took the construction of the csu convention center and the realization that we had aha a fantastic location to start the transformation.anorma >> i love the diversity of shet was. you've got yell ethiopi
10:09 am
diversity wise.ise >> shoutly. one of the great things is that we have made possible foror thousands of new people to comem to the neighborhood.oo. but we've preserved the abilityy of the long-time low-incomeow people of color that traditionally residents of thehe neighborhood.neighborhood. allowed them to be able to staye here as part of the revitalization so they can enjoj the good times. >> when someone says exactly exa what does s shaw main street let them know what you guys do.o. if we're a non-profit commercial revitalization historical preservation organization. we've been at the forefront ofet the ren nance of thecef neighborhood, you know, attrac attracting over three billionsrh dollars worth of investment botb public and private since 2003in2 and attracting 250 businesses,ue supporting the business that isi were here before and creatingren opportunities for the world to discover wonderful heritage ases well as the businesses that aret here. >> for everything you do and fod shining light on this beautiful wonderful historic communityty alex padre you are our hometownw hero.hero geico hometown heroo
10:10 am
we thank you so very much. continued success to you ando yd keep up the good work.d wor >> appreciate all of thereciatlo attention for the neighborhood.h >> we love being here and weng r thank you for all of it.k yo wis that said we'll send it bacb in to our colleagues in the clee studio in the loft for more goor day d.c.y.c back to you to >> thank you so much, maureen. e all right. all so i think there's a new hometown hero up in baltimore now as they have apparently cornered the big animals. ani bob what's the latest? >> reporter: in front of usfs there they've got the two bullso you've got the handlers litera literally taking that orange ora stick like a paddle and smackinn them in the face trying to getog them to go -- trying to get thet to go away from us toward theard trailer. tr the trailer is straiaight aheada us now. they're trying to get them to go in there. you see them wackining thesem wc things they brought another anor truck that's blocking our viewio now. we had good view of these bullsl just laying there against the fence here this sid
10:11 am
fence.fenc >> i guess they got them.. >> i guess they got them. the the old line meat company that t truck that we're seeing rightint here the white truck is the old line meat company, and that kind of blocked them in so theyhe couldn't get this way.hiay. baltimore police here and thee t workers just got them in.. ma'am, what do you make ofe what's going on here today?od >> i don't know much this alwayw bad. it's a blessing that they ining there. so i can go to work.o >> reporter: okay.orter: okay. but not a blessing for them. t you see the baltimore police arp lot people here guys. gs. a lot of people who live in thit apartment community across thenr street from the slaughter housee where we're told it was beforeab dawn this morning that these two bulls made a break for it out ou the trailer that now has them hs and you see this old line custoo meat company backing out.ngut they trapped them here.ey t we came all the way around thede apartment complex. they were there along the fencer there, guys, i'lle send it bact to you in second. youn s just while the truck gets out oo here. here i can show you the bulls wereoub lying there kind of trapped.eref they back the trailer in. they drove this truck in and they kind of swacked he
10:12 am
of times and that guy there in the orange shirt with thath t paddle was able to get them in the trailer and i hate to tell you but quarter powder andoder cheese are heading to the slaughter house.. >> the fun nest thing about thih whole thing, bob, we're like yoy don't see this every day anday a everyone in that neighborhood id like this happens all the time!t >> report roar i this lady -- you let led to used where we can get this good g advantage what do you make of what you'vea seen here todayt. >> i'm glad it's over it's bansn long three, four hours withourst these things on this property it was amazing experience to see ii all happen. >> reporter: you never got out o of your nightgown this morning. >> not at all. i was woken up to this.o t >> reporter: all right.all righ. have good rest of your fridaysty and weekend and as we say we s goodbye, guys, well show you swy there goes the trailer takingin off down the back of thishi apartment complex with the two t bulls heading across the street. >> hmm. >> i'm too tore up to think up i about it. ab >> it's not a happy ending.ndin >> not at all.>> not >> hungry or not. not >> getting spanked with thenkedt paddle.paddle. >> depends on your perspective.e >> i suppose.
10:13 am
you. >> locate those leather shoes? >> these are not -- these aresee fake leather. >> okay.>> o coming up, we've got whole lothe still ahead on good day at 10a.1 we've got the stories that areea trending on this friday morningm of course, rnc over. hillary clinton sent to nouns n her vvp. nba all star games changing cha locations and we'll serve uperve juicy celebrity dish.h somebody very special is back on twitter.r. she wasn't gone long much she'ss not backing down, though. thoug we're back in a moment. >> and justin biebs has a new song. >> he does? >> um-hmm. lots to talk about.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> live picture of shaw.e pi our destination zip trip 20001 i believe the zip code. ce our crew is out there having ain good time.ime. we'll check back with them in an master minutes. 10:16. 10:1 speculation brewing on the democratic side who hillary clinton will tap as hers her vice-presidential pick.ial p she could make an announcementnn today. here's who in the running peopll here control vol special reason to pay attention because local l senator tim kaine is on the lisn but not the only one on herner short list. agriculture secretary tomville l cab and new jersey senator corec booker round out the top three.e also reported to be
10:17 am
consideration of course we juste said that senator tim kaine from virginia is apparently very high on that list of three.. now, after shes expected to t inform her after calling her vpv pick clinton expected to informr her supporters via e-mail blast to avoid leak. >> she's going to come out withh it first.irst >> shows going call g she hasn't called one of themoit yet. i mean the last we know she'llhl call them, then she tells the supporters first.ppor >> i'm curious to see who shehos texts. >> the vetting process mindcess blowing.blow >> can you even imagine theou et questions they ask.hequ >> i can't even.estiven. well, it was the longest convention acceptance speech in over 40 years. yrs and donald trump he made thee best of it talking about a range of topics from lgbtx safety toy how to close our country's borders.s. trump also talked about how he e would use his business savvy toy help fix the economy.. and before the donald took theoo stage his daughter ivanka laid d the ground work for faux male voters.voters she explained how her father het trea
10:18 am
what he will do for women in the united states.tates. trump's youngest son 10-year-old baron also supported his father. >> he's just 10.t 1 >> he's just 10. hs j >> he looks like he's a teenag teenager. >> yeah.. >> social media pointed out howw much little baron looks like hie father.fa >> yeah. >> had laugh when the youngsterg nearly dosed off during his father's lengthy speech. s >> i don't blame him. >> to be honest i'm on thehe couch. it's 10:00 o'clock when it o'cle started so i'm like but i need n to see, you know -- i knew we ie are doing this.doinghis. i'm going watch little bit ofof it. at 10:30 i said i'm going to to have it on just kind of doze ofe because i can still hear it whew they make the point literallyer like at 11:00 o'clock schuyler y comes in the room my middle daughter and i'm like, is it over? ov >> she's like, like,o. i'm like okay let me look for f another second. i couldn't believe it was justaj that -- you fell asleep, felt revved, woke up and it was still on. >> yeah. definitely i was interested toto see how long it was. w
10:19 am
he touched oh and lot of topicsc and one thing that he did sayids that stuck out you mention the lgbtx comment, and afterwards i know that he probably brokebl b script and he said, you know, i'm really happy to hear the applause in this -- in thisn t space in the convention hall.veh >> for the rnc.>> f the >> for that when we spoke of equality for lgbt community.nity i thought that was an wn interesting point.te you sort of saw himre step backb and that he would take thehe chance is wawa it fetal like tot make -- take a stand on an issue that you won necessarilyecesri associate with the republicanitb party. >> so i mean i thought a moment, human moment.n m >> a real moment for him.ent fo. >> it was hilarious. it was i'm like is it done? don >> no. n let me go back and now it'sow is done.done. >> 10-year-old son need addee little nap, too. >> all right. well fans of john stewart andwaa steven colbert treated toreatedt something very special last l night when stewart crashed the late show took the rains fromm
10:20 am
c with his biting humor.umor let's check that out. >> the convention is over. i thought donald trump was goini to speak.. ivanka said he was going to comc out. she said he was really r compassionate and generous buteb then this angry groundhog camee out.t. (laughter).. >> he just vomited on everybody for an hour. >> republicans appear to have aa clear plan for america. articulated it throughout thegh convention. one, gel your political oppone opponent. two, inject rudy guiliani with speed ball and red bull end ma. and then three spend the rest of the time scaring the holy be jesus out of everybody.dy >> as you can fully see stewart held nothing back. b he was taking aim right there on the late show.ho he just want to do really lay it all line from the rnc.. his biting commentary there,he guys.guys talking aimed at broadcasterca commentators in americans on the whole with a 10
10:21 am
his years on the daily show. you know, his sense of humor hum always a welcomed breath of fresh air because he says things maybe lost people won say.. >> right. >> but will certainly get a giggle. >> he does.l hing is, drum is that nowt the republican nominee.ominee >> right. >> what's going to happen, youou know, come election time and iff he wins like -- that's the part that -- >> respect. >> that's the part i worryar i r about. regardless of who you're votingg for.r i hope he can try to get it geti together before then.he >> he's got from now untilowntil november.vember >> put on our happy nice major headlines coming out ofg the sports world.orld a coach had local university isi being investigated a major nba n game switching locations and a flamier nfl player make a big ag offer for second chance.nce >> first up let's talk the abouo nba moving the 217 all star camm out of charlotte because of itsi objections to the north carolinr law that limits antis anti discrimination protections for lesbian, gay and trance jentnc
10:22 am
for next february's events charlotte nay tough steph curryc sounded off saying quote it's is disappointing that my hometown won't be able to host all star s game as they had planned. obviously an unfortunate situation for the city. it ifos what it is. michael jordan spoke upkep saying there was exhaustivestive effort from all parties to keepe the event in charlotte and we'r' disappointed that we were unable to do so. >> are you surprised nobody isin like but we understand?nderd? >> right f i'm being honesteions those were innocuous tweetsweet because they supported it but i didn't totally support it.po i >> passive aggressive tweets.we. >> i found that interesting,er too. i'm glad i wasn't the only one that thought that some i feel i like at the end of the day,a green that's wait comes down to. maybe they rethink that. tha >> let's move on to football. form baltimore ravens playerr race rice making headlines muchc he's pledging to donate hising h salary to domestic abuse victims if the nfl have him back.k he hasn't played since theince e ravens cut him in
10:23 am
that wasn't after video surfaced knocking him then fiance' outut cold and dragging her from am a elevator.ator he's now 29 and he last played in 2013. 201 >> he's saying i will play for y free. i just w ant to play or is hee saying, i want to give thise t money which would probably be a nice little chunk.e chunk. >> probably little bit of both.t or -- to a worthy cause.le a w >> i think he's saying both.. but i think he wants it to be determined whether he still hads a it. i you see what i'm saying heing he doesn't want that to have endedo his nfl career he wants to provo that he can still play and if ad they don't want him because of o his ability, then they didn'tid' want him because of his abilitya >> the game is more important tt him than the salary andary obviously i think he wants toi h send a message maybe he learn >> he learn something.le here's what comes toar find pou me is michael vick i feel likeel he did jail he paid the price for what het e did when he was involved withnve the animal cruelty.. i'm trying to remember like thet penalty. i know that he was suspended oro kicked off the ravens. >> right. >> but as far as the fact that this was a crime he committed.mi so i'm
10:24 am
punishment besides like punitivv as far as losing his job. job >> social punishment.. >> social punishment do you getg to just move forward now.ow but i'm fuzzy on the details.n i so before you tweet me i will w admit that.ha my thing when i think abouthinkt michael vick i say okay he did the time. now i'm all for, okay.ka >> i think that people still thought michael vick had lot oft talent left in him, too.oo they wanted him back as well. wl how good you are might depends.s >> and finally, happy birthday a prince george.e. the little royal is now three rager.. >> he's a three rager.ager to celebrate kensington palaceac treated to us adorable photos pictures show princess charlottt older brother playing with thern family dog one of them is theree looks like a scotty or somethini close to that. t t i'm waiting for -- this is whata you call stalling for thating fo picture because it is reallythai cute. maybe we'll get it.t any who exploring the outdoorsdo and getting adventurous on o wooden swing i think we have i k that on the left there. the with the name of his mom
10:25 am
sgraved on the seat.n >> how much does he look likeesk his dad. his dad. >> just like him.>> j >> three even. eve >> exactly. >> i unfortunately remembernatey william when he was three.en het >> me, too holly in his littleil short pants. pan >> so cute. if you can see the dog pictureou online it's super question.. >> best fashion choices for asho three year old.n th >> i like that sweater. sweat >> i like the term three rager.. coming up we all no he it willei be hot hot hot this weekend.kend just how hot? mike thomas of ta course has the forecast for us all, and don't forget we need nd your fab5pics. >> people send in your see us nap chat filtered pictures.res use the #gooddaydc or fab5pics.s use them. he we want to show them off. o >> best haircut ever. >> give you a cheap thrill onl friday morning.. >> ♪
10:26 am
it's a great day for an adventure. surprises are hiding around each corner. come chase thrills that lead in every direction. yet somehow bring us all back together. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa. vacation packages start at $50 per person. a whole other world awaits.
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♪ >> this makes me want totter aot cha-cha line. >> there's only three of us.. >> maybe mike will come up.e u >> she's got the moves. m. go, mike.go, mike. >> there you go. >> cutest little thing.little tg >> with his haircut. haiut. >> looks like the groundhog in i caddy shack there. the. but any way --ay -- (laughter).ghter) >> tell us about the weekend, >> how hot it's going to be. >> fair enough, fair enough.noug all right.all rig we got heat coming our way thisi weekend we got a lot of it
10:29 am
hottest stretch of days in a couple years actually probablyby sips 2012 the last time we had heat wave this intense.nt i'm showing you highs fromg youf yesterday i want to you look ouo to the west. the wt we were 90 here in d.c. that's a not bad considering this time oo year but look at wichita, 103 degrees little rock 99. 9 st. louis 98.8. that bubble of heat sitting thaa heading our way as we head we hd through the course of thisrse oi weekend. so we're talking about upper 909 for highs. weaver talking about those heatt index values 105 to 1010 degrees it will be absolutely swelterinn out there all weekend long.g. today we have a saving graceinge right now. storm over pennsylvania not expected to imylpact us in any a sort of major way, except for f some cloud cover that will helpl keep temperatures maybe a degree or two below what we're callingi for today. today i don't think anybody willbody l complain about that.lain 82 is your current number herebh in d.c. 82 in annapolis.apol. 83 at baltimore. 81 at gaithersburg at this houru heading to the beaches, it willl be perfect weekend for it itt will be extremely hot
10:30 am
enjoy the cool weather.eath. water temp 73 degrees.degrs. temperatures at the beaches all in the 90's this weekendth 97ee9 today. some clouds out there. hot and humid. tonight will be hot and how midm as well. well. we take look at your fox5 accucc setter seven day forecast theas heat is going saturday, sunday and monday, i guess you can say we cool itooli down to 94 on tuesday.ay but really not a lot of relief e as we look ahead in that sevente day all right. rig that's quick check of the forecast i'll dance myself back -- >> you need music for that.hat. >> off camera for that.aor t >> feeling hot, hot, hot. hot. >> he's gone.. we'll do a cha-cha by end of the >> can we rehearse at first?? >> please. >> to make sure -- we can rehearse while they arey a highlighting shaw because we'vew got a lot more ahead with ouritr zip trip. tri we'll have a shaw style fashionn >> love. >> and big spot in shaw isin shs nellie's of course the sports ss bra. bra. i knew it.knew i. i knew i was going to say nellie's sports sports brass are a differentifre matter altogether.ogether we'll check back in with the
10:31 am
break. >> i wanted to go to nellie's and i haven't been there. i'm excited. >> it's fun.
10:32 am
10:33 am
♪ >> first star i see tonight. >> got to a little mad much op friday.iday 10:00. i want to tell you fun promotioo going on at the nats game this sunday he is bryce harper kidsrk day.y >> aww. >> take look at this.ok at this the first 10,000 fans that come through the oo
10:34 am
bryce harper jersey. i'm assuming that's the first 10,000 fans ages 12 and under.nd 12 and under. 12 you have to be 12th under toer t get this jersey i might see if can fit into this. t >> so cute. >> this is super>> cute. cute. also remember on sunday at their home games kids four to 12 can 2 run the bases after the game. which is really fun as well. >> most likely won't be 18't be inning game. ge >> no those are the only ones ii go to, right?? >> speaking of sports and fashion, you can never go wrongg with harper jersey, but we aree in shaw this morning and we're ' going to have little bit of a a fashion show and we'll go to sports bar like none other.. nellie potions one of a kind. kn isn't it, tuck? >> yeah it sure is. sure speaking of fashion show you'llu want to see this segment i mighm have one for you i'm joined bynd doug chance the principal ownern and found of nellie's.ellie's. >> nice to meet you. >> thank you for inviting thisgi over. this is you guys are a d.c. institutioni for people who don't know aboutt you.u. >> tell us about it.l >> i think we might be.hi
10:35 am
just a couple days ago, we're in our ninth year. y when i opened, it was a -- a gay sports bar. touted as straight friendly.. so it exceeded my expectationsen this day it's very main stream. still a gay anchor but we have sports fans, neighborhoodbooo people, everyone comes here. >> all right. right tell me first of all i want toao hear about your your great-grandmother maybe we can c take picture of that.tu of your family connection here wite nellie's. >> it's actually named after migrate grandmother nellie.elli her mother was named nellie, t too. the name comes obviously fromuso her and the idea that if you're nellie you probably weren'ty wen really good at sports.. so it's a play on the word nellie. >> i love it.>> tell me about what you seen in i recent developments here in shaa and what it means to theeans tot community.mun >> well, it was crazy when i i opened like i said nine years ago, i was basically the only to thing on the corner along withit 9:30 club, d.c. nine, everything around me was either empty shels
10:36 am
it now we have parker across the condos everywhere. every it's incredible.dible. >> any upcoming events you wante to talk about? you guyss olympics.ym >> olympics are coming up, ofg o course. the nats are doing well. the redskins we hope will be a a lot better team. t we have pokemon go on thursdays. every day -- every day of theaye week monday is poker, tuesday is karaoke key and drag bingo, bense trivia.ria it's a busy bar. >> speaking of drag bin goes you have lots of bag events. event >> i do. weekend drag brunch saturday and sundays. su >> speaking of drag shall weragl toss it over to -- >> kevin and our special guest.. >> speaking of fashion goes ion got one for you right here g i'm here. tucker had the best idea ever tr put some make up on me today.od is a quote tow thank you so mucs for think eye make up i have non idea what it looks like there ie is. how does it look?? >> it looks a mess. m you look good.yook g >> all right. >> you host the drag brunchgrunc
10:37 am
10:30 and 1:00 o'clock.oc talk about what the brunch iss like how people were c get tickets.s. >> go to nellie's sports bar.cor to our website. web brunch is every saturday anddaya sunday 10:30 and 1:00 o'clock0 c show time celebrate your officef birthday, anniversaries,saries bachelorettes. we have good old time.e open for everybody.body anyone can come all ages.. come all you can eat. first mimosa and blood mary is i it's all american cuisine they have -- (laughter). >> if i came here with one eyee done would i fit in okay? oka >> you'll fit in just great.t g you can use any bathroom youoom want.. >> tucker will get make up nextn join us for that. >> nellie's sports bar. bar thank you so much for joining mi us. >> tickets for the drag brunch.c >> go to nellie's sports >> back to maureen.ack toaure >> we'll toss it to maureen. mrn >> hey, guys, i know nellie's nl we
10:38 am
another place you will no doubtu enjoy in shaw is a place wherecw any fashionista who doesn't knoo this place check yourselfoo, because lady goose is the placel to be for any fashionistaista anywhere.anre. >> yes. the proprietor of this wonderful shop is theresa watts. wat we've missed you. you went away for while but ouro back. >> i'm so happy to be back in shaw. sh 10 years ago this is where ihe i started we opened up on ninthnih street and we're so happy to beb back a shaw on eighth and new shade development lots of other row tail.lo >> before we go, i want toant t introduce miss courtney snowdenn the deputy mayor of dc. o d thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. forh >> you are a lady goose shopperr >> big lady goose shopper it get to support small businesses busn throughout the district of the t columbia. always happy to support lady goose. >> to tell you how well it wor works. please tell us what we'rel us w looking at.t. >> i have my
10:39 am
shopping with me throughout 10g0 years.year we meghan coming with pre-fallrl look actually which is polka dot linen blend by the o'dells. and next behind all about the one piece this year. so we have her romper which iss really short and great for dayad like today.. >> beautiful. >> you can dress it up or dress it down. i >> all right. allht. >> next one. nex >> shannon is small list owner.n look at her. >> with all of this height.ght. she's guessing you the one piece look but it's actually two pieces in print. in all about print.all >> i love that. and jogger pants. pants. >> what is this little >> mix of pre-fall with cocoon.. crystal has on a jacket with cocoon print and behind her aer stephanie all about color.ol we love color.or >> look at steie >> stephanie has on orangee o'dell tangerine lookingoking beautiful. >> love it. >> and lastly.tly >> last wrap it up with it who w has on one piece yellow romperoe which looks like a dress. dre but it's actually coo lots.
10:40 am
it's making a come back.ack. >> it's making awesome comewe cm back. >> you gave me this wonderful -- >> all about yellow and golden tones for the fall and great on maureen's color. cor >> it works with the colorolor shirt. shirt. >> it does.>> i >> i need to brag about your you store. stor if you really have never beeneve here you have to because youe te have one of a kind pieces.ieces >> one of kind pieces. pieces. i hand pick everything.very it's important to try things ons you see most of these don't looo great on the rack but they looko great on the body. we say all sizes and shapes which is great and we only havev like four of one item. ite so you won't see yourself in the city which is another plus.. >> lady >> i love everything about the t shop. i love the one-on-one attentionn when you walk in and like i saii i love the theel clothes are great but theut jewelry rocks my world. wld >> the location?io >> the location is 19,218th218t street sweet 110 and the newhe shade >> north and shaw.ha >> ladies if you don't know noww you know. lady goose is where it's at. a check us
10:41 am
>> that's how we do it at shaw. >> thank you >> thank you maureen.. allison, holly, erin i know jealous.s. >> we'd be more jealous if iteai wasn't a hundred it looks super cute on you. you coming up next we're serving our celebrity dish leslie jones bacb on twitter.ontt >> love that.t >> and beiber has new song. >> i hear it the song of the of summer good really? >> we'll talk about it next. i n stay with us.h u ♪ ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
10:44 am
♪ love to see ya filter snapse chat. just for good day d.c. we love it. so fun. fun these are fab5pics today al. tay >> i love it. i thank you very i need my readers to see that t far away but i love the picturee thank you for using it. little snap chat. cha >> that is friday hairdo.aird >> it is and the bowl, you can'n really see the enormity of thata see ya bow on that pitched it ii everything. >> that's one of more favorite t snap chat >> more so than the puppy ones.e >> it's just one of one of. of. puppy is till up there. tre >> we want to serve up goo goodo celebrity dish on a friday. fday here we go. we g funny lady and new ghostbusterst leslie jones isn't let the racee zest trolls keep her offkeer o twitter. jones returned to the littleo tl blew bird yesterday with herit h signature sense of humor. she's a comedian. thanking fans for thei
10:45 am
jones previously quit twitterttr after being harassed with by racists and racist photos slurss and pictures, too on nbc late lt night she told seth myers thatt some have criticized her for messing with free speech. speec. clears her throat and shehroat e continues with the script. but says quote hate speech andnd freedom of speech are two different thing ".. i'm glad she's back.. when we talk about this storys y yesterday or the day before or what have you i totallyave u i understand.unde you take a break you step backac it can start to damage you. >> i'm glad to see she's back. . >> for sure.>> for >> sends a good message to goods anybody who's bullied she'sullis strong.stro >> don't quit. >> scharr trek beyond stars zoea saldano made personal revelatiot she says she has an auto immunen disease. she says the disease makes her h body not have enough energy too filter tox sips causing it tos believe it has an infection.. now, saldano sister and mother
10:46 am
also suffer from the samerom e s disease. that's hard to hear.d hea gosh i wish her well for sure. r >> for sure.or sure. >> well, it looks like tom hiddleston is a supportivee boyfriend. avengers star is apparentlyppen standing by his new girlfriendii taylor swift as she feuds this s on-going issue with the kardashian wests over kanye's controversial lyric about her in his song fame famous source toll e tom isn't annoyed with the bad press following his leading lea ladies and ensure she's focuseds on having a good time togetheret instead of on kim and kanye'san lee v.lee. the source also said tom knew te this sort of thing was bound too happen when dating swift.wi maybe he'll end up in song. hmm. hmm >> he doesn't want to be in so song. >> he's supportive because they're in >> yeah. yea. >> i'm the only one thatne tha believes in love around here.d . >> no, you're not holly. >> i believe that they are inrei love but i don't necessarilyly 100% believe that he may not end up in a song somewhere down thet line should it turn sour.urn s >> and i believe that they coul
10:47 am
quick. i just believe in taking a itaki little bit of time. >> allison seymour, how longhow were you in with mark before yoy got married. >> that's not it. >> but i had broken up with --i >> what's the answer.we >> we were towing a short time.t >> a short time? >> i had broken up from a guy ag and then just started datingatin mark. i mean i took some time.e. >> i've done that before.ef sometimes when you know, you whe know you don't need the time ine between.betwee >> um-hmm. >> love is blind. love is time les ls.ime les >> do you. i'm just saying you need a nee breather sometimes, taylor.ayr that's all i'm saying.ayin >> she's breathing right no tom. (laughter).aughte and finally, the biebs is at it again.. releasing music that's what hett does, right he just releasedea what some are calling the smashs hit of the summer, um, but i thought that was supposed to be for jt his song. song. can't stop the feeling. it's called cold water and it's a colab bow with a major laser -- do what does that mean.t >> take listen.. >> it's a ban. b. okay. i'm sorry.m sor ♪
10:48 am
>> i need to hear the hook. hoo >> i love the guitar. >> ♪ >> okay.>> o it's positive and i like that la song written with the help of ee sheeran sounds like ed sheerandn right there. so, you know, no doubt it will be a hot summer hit. hit >> major laser do they ever perform with kid cootie. >> major -- okay.kay. chris is being serious.. >> i was just being sillily.illy >> i'll be 100% honest.% hon i love me justin beiber songs. s >> you love major laser.aj l >> i never heard of them. the >> good.. >> i have research to do. 10:48 and no zip trip is i complete without some foodom sa
10:49 am
we could really go for them iny the lot of guess.e lot coming up we'll getting a tastet of and cheers to shaw with helph from the bars and restaurantsess you have to check out on yourr next trip to the kevin, tucker, maureen brings bg them on back. back. that looks amazing. >> how do you even choose inhooi shaw. >> that's good question. >> restaurant heaven out there.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
>> little pink. >> um-hmm. as we get set to raise glasses right at shaw for the zi>>p tri. here's to friday.da >> are we saying goodbye fromro the studio now? >> no.>> >> we're just saying, um, cheere to our wonderful crew out theree who has been going -- then goini to give us a true taste of the awesome neighborhood.rh hey, gang, what you got served e up for us today?oday >> hey, of course, we've got tht tasty treats of the shawf the neighborhood. we're starting with a wonderful restaurant here. the chef here cedric thank youhk so much for being with us. >> your food looks mazing. mazin it looks fresh much that's the's one word i used to describe it how would you describe youre y restaurant. >> french american cooking. coo can you tell my my accent. >> how could you tell.ow c >> flavor french technique andee
10:53 am
>> is this a fine dining establishment or more casual? tm how would you describe it.. >> it's avenuable fine diningin establishment meant for everybody. >> we can start dinner with celery roots room laid and lambm next we have a pickled fish with little bit of passion fruits fit avocado and watermelon radish. this is zucchini marinated with spice from italy little bit of ganache.ganache. ice cream. cre made it to ever everybody thatba came to the restaurant to havete dinner this is a fried chicken c cocoa van. >> the cheesecake and dessert. e >> where are you located. >> 801o street.treet >> let's toss it over to tuckerr you have amazing table. table >> i've got incredibledi presentation of seafood that's their specialty. this is drift on seventh sir i i want to
10:54 am
everybody your name. >> i'm the chef owner of drift f on seven.on seven we are on seventh street but right neck to the shaw howard hw metro station.tation we specialize in sustainable seafood which you can see pretty much. >> tell me about some of the fish. we got great big salmon >> this is how much salmon it comes from fire island nearr scotland. we have main lobsters come in the restaurant live. >> fun slider.lir >> we have crabcake sliders,, lump meat crabcake with old bay mayo. we have local pork from virginia which is stuffed with some time and garlic pan roast glad do yo use a lot of local fish in your >> we do use local fish. fis we have local wild rock fishocks that comes from chesapeake.pee we have local blue fish also a from chesapeake.ak porgie from virginia. we get soft shell crabs froms maryland. >> i love lobster. i l tell me about lobster night. >> we have lobster night on on sundays.
10:55 am
serving the with corn-on-the-c corn-on-the-cob, bake potato,, half priced wine on wednesdaysny which are great and we have really mikes meals.ea love it. >> and wine and crabs too.. >> does anybody drink straight i out of the bottle.t of bot >> our general manager doesagers sometime.sometime >> i'll toss it over to kevin. thank you.. >> hey, guys kevin here. h i have to explain this reallyeal quick i got this over at nellie's tucker had me get somes make up. up i'm here with alexis from s and d. alex how you doing buddy.. >> located at ninth and n street.stre we're southern mexicanexican restaurant.. we specialize in corn and -- wee call over 100 moscow' the in the restaurant. >> i'm excited about porpoisee tash show salsa. >> just a little different salsl than you would norma
10:56 am
of mexican restaurant.. >> um four months ago. a. southern mexican can possible reserve online orer how do they get seated at your y mace. >> get reservation online also a walk in. >> okay. >> we have 50 seats on the outdoor patio.atio >> great. 90 insid ge.. >> family owned, family res pose. >> we like to call ourselves family not so much familyil recipes lot of mexican mican influences but everything isrytn just modern.just >> very awesome. >> alex thank you very much.ank we're heading over to maureenyoe >> we like to say cheers to the weekend with dc's official drini called the ricky and this is dante. what goes into a ricky real akyr quick.quk. >> gin, lime and sparkling spark mineral water.. >> uh-huh. uh- >> and it's a -- >> and it tastes refreshing,resh crisp and clean. >> wonderful celebration. >> friday drink.rink >> this is actually a nay toughu washington i don't know drink d created in the 1880s by colonelo joe ricky the only way we can wc make this work to have a drink.d thank you all for joining us. >> here t
10:57 am
>> shaw, you're beautiful.utifu. we love you.we love have great weekend, everybody. >> what happened to your eye? >> i don't know.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: whoa! back at you. look who's looking cute -- me! in a


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