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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  July 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> five at 6:30.t 6 thanks for joining us i'm sarahs simmons. >> i'm jim lokay. thanks for joining us.ks f we have the run down with all the stories we're talking about here. we want you to share tweets wita us. want to get to the hottest story, unfortunately its the bad news we saw out of munich. city's on lockdown. at least nine people confirmed n dead in that shooting rampage near a shopping mall. report as many
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could have carried out that situation. we'll keep you updated online and fox 5 news at 10 and 11. >> we'll talk about how that relates to the presidential race and what they're going to be talking about want to know theio stance on that and tweet us whas you think about the race.ace. brand new hashtag, five at 6:30. as re pub dan's took stage t hillary clinton taking the spotp lot down in tampa florida. >> former secretary of statery o what is expected to say who her candidate might be.caid she didn't make the announcements that's what trump did after the baton rouge shoot ing. >> in next day. >> the thing was everything had leaked out.gleak we kind of new pence was coming.
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nonetheless, they of courserse sealed the deal last night, which we'll get to that in a minute. >> speculation surrounding who s hillary clinton as well is going to pick. a lot of people have been .ingig at tim cane. >> here's a guy who when you about it, he became governor no, very tight leader. served one tame and went to thed senate. then he ran against george allen. in a was the last >> you know what, its w interesting because people are saying he looks like i would bel -- when you look at who hillart clinton needs to kind of have aa her side. she doesn't do well with male voters she has a hard time in rural america. ame so senator tim cane is well respected. he's actual from, a lot of of people may not not originally from kansas city
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he has easy to get to know guy thing about him. h little bit more personable, something hillary clinton has had a hard time with. >> whole kind of show personality, sometimes it works, hillary clinton hasn't translated as much. muc tim cane has been non commitomm tell. he says he loves the job he has. >> there are also others have had been talked about you know tom mil chap that's when youhat start to look at the people whot have been talked about you realize they have roots. roo also i know people talk about elizabeth warren. >> this is the stage, from fits is on withs hey to philadelphia, hillary, she made a stop, i thought that was somebody there with her far moment,
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wasn't video from today, was it, josh. the reason i mention it because okay she visited outside the stone call, this if it's new t york pride parade, the reason i was making the confusion there was because before her event in tampa bay, clinton stopped by by the pulse nightclub, she stopped to put flowers that. we arers going to hear so much over the next couple of days as to what she might do with the delicate particular national convention,o what she will say what the whole tenor of the convention will be, there was a certain tone from tn the republican convention, certainly unpredictable which ii think trump wanted unconventional convention.ti a lot of people saw the speechh last night from trump. tru we're anxious to see whatnxio hillary clinton isus going to s, what she's going to do. you figure only about 20 percen0 hasn't made up their mind. will she say snig to change minds that shall be
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>> trump caught flack for not having a very specific speech. everybody was all about the face that this is not conventional which seems to be what people wh want or a good segment of thef t population is really wanting, something unconventional, they are tired of hearing to them. >> promises s promises. >>the usual speech that comesom with these conventions, this was definitely different, which is what i'm sure trump was going for. >> yeah. all so, we caught the speech lasth night it was on very late. we were weighing to go on. we were watching it carefully. f >> mirrors a little bit of whatt he had to say in case you didn't catch it. >> maybe. >> or not. >> all right. here's what we'll do we're going to talk a little bit about what thoughts were on the speech and really moving forward. we want to go over to american university professor
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licked man standing by with sta really his thoughts. hits going tonight. >> going great. political junkie what more do you want. >> exactly. got to get your take on last night i think it was a standarda speech he didn't really go off the trump play book what did yoy think. >> it was absolutely um from p being trump. i'm not sure if i was trump a guy would that want to channel is richard nixon, is not good go fort guy that says i'm going toa be law andys order president frankly compared to trump's trus speech nixon, speech was rebecca from sunny brook farm. >> let's talk about the fact they likes you know being bei different than the avenue catch ran cat that's what got him to t the place where he is. do you think this is really i going to hurt him at all having this type of very vague speech. >> night doesn't matter whethere its going to hurtsn him or not this is a
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he's not going to turn into hillary clinton or president obama filled with policy proposals. trump is selling one thing and one thing only and that's trumpp th if you think that's damaged goods you are not going to vote for him, and you know if you think that's something wonderful, then you will. you that's it.'s that's the choice. its trump university all overvet again.n. >> but, there are a lot, if he'' selling trump there's still a lot of buyers they don't care what are hillary clinton islin going to say they are buying trump. >> the buyers are not going togn care but look at the poles hadad polls its very close. its what strikes me about thebo polings no one talked about this, is a huge number of un decided. you got 15 to 20 percent of son daunts who aren't picking either one of these folks. >> what do you think going into next week the dnc what does w hillary clinton need to do, who does she need to have by her side to grab the un decides. >> number one she needs to 12 a
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theme an a rational. put some sing into her canada see. yes she's got to have solutions its got to be more than that.ha. every successful democratic percent rental -- presidentia candidate had a defining theme from new deal to hope and change. we don't know what her defining theme is. give it some zip and quite frankly without email e scandal she might be running away with this race. she can't ignore it. she's got to deal with it. and don't try to out trump trump don't be gloomy and negative be positive and optimistic letc l others attack trump. trump does a good job of that ot his own. ow >> we were talking about tim cane i want a one word response here, will tim cane by, will til cane be a good choice for hillary clinton. >>
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choice he's a good and safe choice i don't know how much kno he'll help. >> chaining you for joining us s here five at 6:30. >> last night was not the lasthe we heard of trump. he gave a speech today and had strong words for texas senator ted cruz. he got all the boos. the here is what trump had to say about the texas senator today. >> honestly he may have ruined his political career, i feel sol bad for him.o i feel so badly. and you know he'll come and open course over the neck, well he has, but i don't want his his endorse many. what difference does it make p i have such, i don't want his endorsement, ted, stay home. re lack. enjoy yourself. into institute a.i so cruise wants to be president which he clearly does in 2020 he may have damaged his chances, trump, no sense looking back move forward. for >> you know he likes a good
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fight, people pr going to wantpe him to respond. into that's exactly it. >> so, was think about that. >> counting down to tram 7 and megan kell and then they had a great inter argument only thingg hoarder than the race forum thee white house r the weather. >> fleets check in with gwenen tolbert what's going on besides the heat. has been a pop up storm we could see that over the next dav orer so. even tonight possible by the 7:00 hour. hot and humid as we head to the low '90s and partly cloudy by nine clock at 99 dreams it is going to be hot hope. 98 degrees.rees factor in the heat and humidity, and the heat in dc is what we wa are going to keep an eye on. its going to be in the triple digits. that is going to be very oppressive. however no, heat advisory has been issued at all. criteria is 105 to 110. here's a look at 7-day for
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weekends into the beginning thee week. we will not get much of a grabbing until we hit tuesday oe wednesday. relatively speaking at that . the low '90s are going to feel a little bit we are going to have dangerous d heat for the next three daysays really take care and try stay safe out that. back to you.o into institute a also we want to see our twitter page heat up as w keep the tweets coming. hashtag five at 6:30. >> we're going to go to florida next. >> why not. where hillary clinton juste hi wrappedll up a rail. as we all anticipate her pick for vice president. back after r this.
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>> welcome back. hillary clinton possibly announcing vies presidential pr pick which hasn't happened. >> we are hearing
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night. we'll coop you posted here. ed joining us now from tampa where hillary has been towering arouno a reporter from our sister s ion wtzt evan give us a lay a of the lands and how things look. >> well, jim, say remarks the news here tonight no announcement of a vies presidential running mate. she wrapped up her speech just a few moments ago and really workr the room taking selfies spending a lot of time meeting peopleting after wards. she spoke for about 30 minutes.3 and spent much0 of that time hitting back to the republicanan nominee and the on the speakers at the rnc convention in cleveland this she says that it was flatted ring watching some of that they spent so much time attacking he and no time talking about jobs and economy and she also said that trump comments
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acceptance speech have been aree have been dark and he's offereeh no solution. again, though, shg was, we had been hearing she was supposed to announce her pick for her running mate, that has not a but we do know a shortrt list has developed virginia vir senator tim cane topping off that list according to several. >> yep. >> self source we expect to hear that at some time soon. so she has an event tomorrow in miami. we heard that timeline was thrown off because of 12 pink attacks in munich. that we did not hear it today. >> where was the speech at todat where are you at right now a school auditorium? >> reporter: we're at the florida state fair grounds and that's where everything tooktook place. you can see a little bit behind us that pretty, smaller venue ie was really packed in here with energetic hillary sporters. >> give us an
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talking to people, what is really the buzz on who folks there think is going to be her vp pink does it really seem tim cane is the guy everybody think its going to be. >> reporter: it seems like everybody just asks that question in their mind. they don't really no because bec they heard a final decision hasn't been made. but we have been hearing tim bee cane's name for a while, the th reasons that he looks good for hillary clinton to choose, so, o people just don't know and they're being cautious before they jim to any we are told that announcement may come out first via text messages. followers we're told to sign up for a text message, we thought w it was going to be confirmed here today. >> before we let you go, you've covered the tampa ark worked in florida for a while, trump loves to sayru florida is his second home, he has so many propertiesy down that, do you feel the love for donald trump down there a little more so
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romney four years ago. >> reporter: you definitely seee it flit one way or the other hillary supporters are extremely energetic so are the trump supporters, we've seen rallies here over the past few months ii the year since he announced canada see. shies venue a little bititt supporter uconn get lea gage. i know some of his venues haveee been giant, so you really get people packing in for both. >> evans lam bert for us on the ground in tampa florida, thank you so much, sir. >> coming up we're going to takt a lister look at the word of of politics.tics >> we're going to bring in a real life comedian. com get ready for that.hat. and we'll talk about dnc when wn come back. you are watching five at 6:30 60
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>> i certainly feel good its friday. >> a good laugh depending on who you ask the dnc had some intention and somee unintentional. >> breakdown all things political comedian thanks forr joining us. u tim, tom, what is your name? >> it doesn't matter. let's talk about obviously rnc a lot of people had money fun wity it. let's talk about the air kiss, can we please one of those awkward moments.s. >> has a presidential candidate every tried to kiss a vice president, he went
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am i doing. >> we learned a lot about mike pence, he never kisses on then first date. >> a little weird you've got pence a little more conservatism. >> trump wants to play godfather you got to. >> lean in there. >> yeah. >> and you know the other thing back in 2008 when obama was speaking is he some kind of god. >> they made fun of him, depending on who you asked the entrance the on the night was interesting. >> he descended from space and illuminated the stage with his wife. i can't do an intro like that. >> it's very
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before he turned to the side if she didn't know he was coming out. >> i don't know if you guys saw. i have a feeling that was the plan but they kind of cut it back after people commented onmn that. >> let's talk about identical twins apparently that were there >> they said she plagiarizeed her speech she took good tips for. >> ma lain inias space is more expensive. >> two men onset with me. very progressive of you both. b >> all angles here. >> speaking of two guys,
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and cruz we know they didn't like each other a lot thought maybe there might be reconciliation.. >> what was fun about the speech nothing says that you screwed up in your speech better than whenn they turn the screen off completely behind you and the a boss walks in, like that was exactly what happened when cruz suggested vote your conscious mind which is the vote against trump, many. >> there was a video cruz did an event earlier that day as he was speaking out trump's people landed their plane right behindd cruz, cruz saw it, trump is a master of rolling ted cruz. >> we're not going to see the last. he says if cruz doesn't endorse arm he doesn't care he doesn't want it. >> don't care. >> do you think that's going tok be a good amount t of comedy gom ouedt of dnc. >> sanders, i.
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>> when you turn around, there n are many people who are bernie sanders a who are protesting byb doing a fart. >> i'm not making this up. >> okay. this disgusting gone down awn a whole different way. >> tom young. >> coming up we're going to crown the winner of the week. >> with every winner there must be a loser. 5@6:30 is back.
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and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪ >> welcome back. week, its been a crazy one as ww head into the weekend we wantedn to give our pick for the washington wier
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>> we're going to start with the winner, i thought long and hard about this, it was a, i decided to go with cleveland, he did he very well with the cleveland they got a lot of people, eye 'e on them they didn't have a lote of problems. and you know in the past they've had kind of like a negative reputation cleveland. >> its actually pretty decent city to go to check out a ball came >> sough they're winners. >> with every winner there has w toin be a loser. >> dc downer ted cruz. c here's a guy who really went all in talking about speaking, he was getting bad while talking about his family, but the reality is in the end, it was aa no win situation if you weren't going to go in and endorse thene man of the hour what do you. >> do you think he's second guessing. >> he's a man of his convictions. >> all right. we'll see how he thinks about it several years fr n
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that does it for us tonight.ight >> sarah and i are back at we'll see you back
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harvey: so donald trump was confident last night. he was rousing. so why at the end did they play "you can't always get what you want." ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ people on the campaign said, oh, it was on the playlist. >> we just do it. it's on the playlist and who cares? harvey: what else was on that playlist that could have come up? >> r.e.m. probably wouldn't let them use "it's the end of the world as we know it." >> i like that one. >> amber heard, she's apparently hanging out with elon musk, who's worth over $12 billion. harvey: she was hanging out in his bungalow in miami last weekend. they went to cape canaveral. harvey: they're not saying whether they're dating or not.


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