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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  July 24, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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remember bernie sanders and others were kind of pushing elizabeth warren she was passed over. kaip was a solid pick. has the experience and was considered in 2008 by barack obama. but, i don't think it generated news that mike pence pick generated because it was expected. >> it was expected and now we have to really consider this choice in light of the wikileaks leak of those dnc emails and attacks. you and i were talking about this before the show about debbie wationerman schultz role at the con veption and how these emails do not point to the impartial relationship that the dnc should have with candidates tom, what are you expecting at this cop veption and how contact dnc really pick up the pieces from this really damaging leaky think to the party and to hillary clinton as well? >> well, i mean are we suri
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siding with hillary clinton? i don't think so. i mean bernie sanders and the bernie supporters were complaining all through the campaign that there was first six going on to the clinton campaign so. to read t. you know, she called somebody names and stuff like that. not all that surprised. it's a battle here though in philadelphia is going to be kind of reverting to what we saw on monday at the rnc the rules committee. why did bernie sanders you know finally cap pitulate and turn around and endorse hillary clinton and says he will continue to fight with her. what he means they want to get rid of super delegates they believe super delegates of democratic party control this thing from the gecko. most delegates were awarded before the first candidate announced the side. apparently now there's an agreement to reduce the number of super delegates
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democratic party. we'll find out more about that tomorrow but they're not gone totally. so, do i think debbie wationer man shows trouble here no, i dent i think she's close to clintons and they like her. if she deposit hose her show after the senate i don't think she's going anywhere for the rest of the campaign. >> one thing with wasserman she's not going to be speaking at the convention. tells extremely rare. it remains to be seen if she'll on the convention. she will get bood because the emails prove the fix was in she better have security detail. someone is going to get in her face. >> tommy see your point it's not being a surprise. i think it hurts hillary clinton even more with those bernie sanders supporters she needs to court and she does snot choose he liz wedge war who
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tapping into this progressive base and this adds to the conversation that the system is rigged. it may not hurt her with her core base. i think tim kaine was a good choice. but getting people out to vote that are sanders supporter and others frustrated with hillary clinton this adds to that idea. the system is rigged. it makes people feel that way and frustrated. >> you sound like bernie sanders and donald trump now. that's what they were saying this week the system is rigged. i mean --. >> what does it make -- what is it then if it's not right? you have to ask -- i one of the things i thought when watching rnc ryan's role i think he handled a divided party in a way that you could argue quite well. consider wag we have watched over the past several months these 1 candidates. >> he dealt with it about as ll
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sixingts don't know a lot of people in that position that would not just have thrown their hands up in the air and said forget. it he stayed in there. it's his party. yeah, maybe everything didn't go according to their plan as they wanted but these jobs, dnc chair, rnc chair ultimately you need to make one person happy. and that's either the president of your city party or the nominee of your party. and right now, i think donald trump and hillary clinton have confidence in waserman schultz and yeah you know what bad timing for democrats on this thing with the email but again if anybody didn't think there democratic party was favoring hillary clinton through the entire process they were not paying attention. >> in beginning of convention as you guys know there's not much news. media
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that's why melania trump wapz a big story with plagiarism. >> thank god for melania trump. thank god it gave us something to talk about for 4 hours. >> this is what we will focus on here waserman shut will say are these real? of course they are. >> sanders will ask about. it at a convention you want unity. this is not about unity it's a problem between the sanders people and clinton people that is just not going to go away. >> and with that, the is announcement of tim kaine one of the things laughed at i couldn't helpty thought it was a lot of fun how people had fun with kaine's name and couple tweets people took to twitter. brent griffin sees reporter out in iowa i met him and used to see him on the trail he treated kaine' t touch this and kaine is able and
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campaign logo you cannot see it it looks like calvin kline logo which was funny. >> i can see it it's right there. >> okay. just keep your eyes on the roa road, tom. >> nobody did big daddy kaine nobody. >> those were just the ones i picked tom and donald trump took to twitter responding to this we'll read you the first one where he spoke about he says bernie sanders support railroads furious with the choice of tim kaine that represents opposite of what bernie sanders stand for. he tweets philly fight question mark and maybe he's looking for trauma because his convention was many people expected something more dramatic to come out of it. i know you and i bob spoke about it last week. family at home thinking are you going to be okay. and it was unevent full and will the democratic one be more eventful. what do you think. >> security in cleveland did a great job. i never see
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officers in one area. there were some protest but everything was under control. and after the first day or two there just was the anxiety that was there that you felt kind of dissipated. so that was a big deal. you know the funny thing about trump and cane here with nicknames little hillary and i think he settled on corrupt kaine because of gifts that were completely legal in virginia lax ethical laws. corrupt cane and hillary clinton crooked hillary clinton you'll hear a lot of that. >> and you're expecting more drama than we saw in cleveland. . >> overwhelmingly massive security they had. when we went out to cover the protests
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not go anywhere without -- i mean it was not just cleveland police and secret service, there were state troopers from indiana, michigan, pennsylvania, you know, philadelphia was there as well to kind of get a primer on what to expect. bob i don't know about you i never seen anything like that and we work in washington and cover up august ration and did you ever see anything like that. >> no the only thing close in 2004 in new york had you post 9/11 environment and protests with iraq war going on. this was unprecedented and a lot of speculation as you know that cleveland was not ready. cleveland was ready. they did a fantastic job. >> there was really nothing. there was you know there were more rye the and demonstration demonstrationss in washington d.c. last week. ly reporters i was working with coming up to me
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saying what is going on in d.c.? than we did on the streets in cleveland. yeah they burned a flag and i think maybe there were less than 25 arrests the entire wee week. but what was going on in washington d.c. last week was it a lot more wrong than going on in cleveland an a lot had to do with two things. security got prints they put down and geography. a lot of the protesters on the east coast are easier to get to philadelphia than it is to get to cleveland. and. >> tom that's interesting and insight full about the lotion. let's take a poment to look further little more at the rnc. there were a lot of up believable moments. let's start with some of the best moments. one thing i think most people are agreeing on is the success of he vank atrump remarks introducing her dad.
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this year at the dnc they did a wonderful job introducing her dad. one moment that was memorable and effort to engage bernie sanders supporters she said as millennial like many millennials i'm not categorically republican or democrat and i thought that was an effort i don't know if it>ú was really picked up in the way it would have been since her father spoke that night and there was so much to talk about there but it was a direct effort to engage those undecided democrats. >> trump kids i mean they're adults but they did a great job. and really ivanka hit a home run and she needed to as well as donald trump because the convention had so many that melania trump plagiarism and ted cruz getting booed and they needed to do well in con veptions it's how you finish not start they finished strong and honestly they needed it was rough week until then. >> tom we thought eric trump was stellar and r
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donald trump jr. the talk after donald trump jr. finished was this guy wants to run for office one day. when we talked to eric he talked how much he loves his father and father was best friend that's what we needed to hear from one of his kids righ right. >> bob have we reached the age now we're calling 30 year old kids. >> is that happened? we're that old? when did that happen? >> listen all right. i found ivanka grace full and pleasant. and i will tell you that was not the theme in most of the speeches we heard last week. they war dark and scary and i think they were in tune with a lot of concerns in the worries about people that have right now in this country. you know also i would say melania, put plagiarism aside
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they came out and it was you know a moment of grace and it was nice. but what followed in both cases with melania trump and he advantage atrump was out of wack with what they presented. so, in a way their speech represented a bit of pit stop from the constant hammering of hillary clinton and what has going on in the country especially with regards to security. now eric trump why wouldn't donald trump be his best friend f they were my dad he would be the absolutely best friend in the world he's donald trump. >> that's funny, john. >> i take it with a grain of salt. great, kids love you. you know, you all get along and everything like that. ultimately what does that mean to me, though. it that going to get me a job. it dad that going to keep my kids safe and your kids safe and it goes
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and all the political speeches democrats will do this, too, we'll hear from chelsea clinto clinton. i don't know ultimately how much it leads to day in and day out lives that people are living and use compare and choose these candidates. >> i think hat some voters are very pro trump voters gives them more reason to be excited about him. >> is anybody going to vote for donald trump because his daughter or son says they like him. >> i don't know. i mean i don't think. >> i don't think so. >> it's part of the play book. >> i think it's important. >> any favorite story tiffany talked about donald writing notes on her report card. it gives you insight into the man. >> my dad did that too they were not such nice notes. >> tom we can talk about that after the show. for now it's down to the wire for trump and clinton. some say they have serious trust and character issues probably more than some. coming up next, what can they
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not that they really need to. p we'll be right back.
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tment through retirement. using data insights to customize that care, so it's responsive to the military experience. and by serving the families of wounded service members through innovative partnerships. health care built for those who serve. unitedhealth group. built for better health. >> image character and trust what do trump and clinton need doe to get the undecide voter. perception of candidates and how they need to brand themselves a
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voters seek is krista. she's the president of live ware needia relations good morning. thank you four being with us today. >> my pleasure thank you. >> what we want to talk about is not a candidate we're talking about trustworthiness and this issue melania had this week with the speech and allegations of plagiarism and administration that did come out by the speech writer that those words did come from michelle obama even though her job is not the be the politician it's important she's trusted as a first lady or potential first lady what can she do to build that trust bac back. >> her speech was bond full. she connected with her audience it was pro bust and had momentum and built excitement and people were connecting with her. and the problem was not her speech. it was what happened after the speech. right? and it's how the campaign handled it. and if they had come out and said, mea culpa made a mistake and if melania said i wrote the speech and said you know what
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when i watched and heard her and there's a lot of finger in the buy. and they can feel good about the problem next day when the chairman of the cam pain came ought and said emphatically this was not plagiarized. >> does she need to do that still. is it still not evolved or. >> she needs to be quiet now and go away for a little bit. and everything will smooth over for her. >> i think it would be quite a moment if melania trump said i admire what michelle said. >> exactly that would have been wonderful everybody would have loved that. >> let's talk about the candidates though those are the people voters should be only focusing on. let's talk about trump's speec speech. one of the things we mentioned before we came out here you said the length of his speech
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would affect the connection he had. >> it was a slong speech. tell me why that may be off putting to undecided voter. >> so you have his wonderful daughter go up and tee up his speech. everyone was impressed by her and thought she was smart and intelligent and articulated well. hi was restrained by his tell owe prompt ter. one gives him content and makes him sound more intelligent than is and on certain issues and then secondly, though, on the flip side is it restrains him so the thing people love about donald trump he's off cuff and you cannot restrain him and he is who he is. he's successful businessman and teleprompt ter strips all of
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and the length do you remember most anything he said. i would challenge any reporter or any person from middle america for this point to repeat five message points. you can't. it was too long and got lost in it. >> it was a long speech that we were listening to and i think that's interesting point that's something she cop signature ebtly struggled with and is there something she can do to rebuild the trust. >> yeah there's a lot they can do. she can continue to show up and when she shows up she has to be secretary of state hillary clinton because she was loved as setting of state and did a lot of things very well. but, listen over 50% of all supporters don'tnessly trust her or
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problem. what are your thoughts on candidates trusting expert her here. >> how about ser gats, bill clinton, michelle obama that had a testy relationship with hillary clinton back in 2008. when can former presidents do to help hillary clinton on her image this week. >> it's an interesting question bob brings forward it's people that speak on behalf of hillary clinton and the relationship they have with hillary clinton bill clinton for one and michelle obama for another what can they do if they know there's history behind the relationship perfect and speaking on behalf of her and endorsing her. >> this is one thing they did extremely well. and when you have the president sitting president and vice-president all speaking on
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pay attention. she's launched campaign where brand am bar doors are speaking on her behave. can tim kaine he's well liked around the country and trusted which is a word we need to connect to the cam bayne pain. >> and those are trusted and help build the trust people feel in her tim kaine was a smart choice for her. >> thank you so much for being with us. and they were in the mix at the rnc coining us next with their take and what it's like behind the scenes. we'll be
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. >> welcome back looking at rnc through eyes of media and tom f so are getting experience that as well. thank four being us with today. we want to go to fitz in the field he has a question for but experience you had. tom. >> i'm just keerious you know one of the things we saw at rnc this week this push on digital media. so, colle
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are you consuming most of your news? because god knows we saw a lot of newspaper people there and saw a lot of radio people there. but, you know, for that 20 year old age group here where are you consuming most of your news. internet? do you buy a print newspaper? how do you read the news and keep up. >> increasingly it's more online, social, digital media. we're always checking twitter, facebook, or even checking snap chat and going online to what the "washington post", all the other major newspaper outlets. we're always trying to diversify news conception to get well rounded idea of where we get all the information fro from. >> quickly what was most surprising thing at the convention. >> i think for me the most surprising things was i knew ted cruz was not going to endorse trump. i had that feeling from the gecko.
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but i think the most surprising aspect was just the way he delivered his speech and how he kind of went all the way up but backed away at last second i didn't expect. >> i. >> what were you hoping to take away. >> when watching it i thought maybe he'll go back and go back to the party you know ways and things he was promoting in his campaign. but you know i think at the end he was kind of realizing that he had to stick with his gut and made that separation. >> well, we'll make sure we get your social media accounts and tweet them out aft show. that sounds like a great way to get in touch with you. thank you for being us with and thank you tom for being with us as well drive saferly to the dnc. >> fox news sunday next. >> and you can always find us online at
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from philadelphia on the eve of the democratic convention, we speak with her chief strategist and donald trump's campaign chairman. >> i just can't think of anybody better to have by my side. >> let's go make history and elect hillary clinton, the 45th president of the united states. >> clinton chooses virginia senator tim kaine a as her running mate. we'll discusses the ticket with joel benenson. then the fall jaout from cleveland. from ted cruz's role. >> vote your conscience. >> to melania's speech mishap. >> you work hard for what you want in life. that your work i


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