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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 16, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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. fox 5 local news at 11:00 the aftermath of the apartment building explosion, another grim discovery made and also a what crews were inspecting tonight a scary new metro report. trains blowing through red lights. in some cases coming within seconds of a collision. what's going to be done to keep you safe? >> hacker targeted hotels and stole customers' information, details on the big name chains and what you need to do if you stayed in one. your news starts right now. we're following breaking news right now in fairfax county. police are investigating gunfire outside of a nova fairfax hospital. a witness tell us us shots were fired near the parking garage at the hospital. right now, police trying to determine if anyone was hit. the hospital we've just learned is currently on
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we have a crew heading to the scene, we will bring you more information >> fairfax county police tweeted out a second ago. a possible deputy involved shooting. again, fairfax county police saying this could be a possible deputy involved shooting. we will keep you posted with the latest on that. talking about summer storms marching across the dc region. i'm shawn yancy >> i'm tony perkins. the heavy downpours and whipping winds did damage in maryland. several trees came crashing down in olney. as far as we know, no one was hurt. sue palka been keeping a close eye on the storm. fortunately, the storms are not as strong, which means they're not creating the kind of wind that took down those trees. that was a widespread damage report we had. tonight it's mostly heavy rain that is pushing into our eastern suburbs and still pretty heavy rain down to the south. no severe thunderstorm warning at this point, you can see as we look down towards chesapeake
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he will yet to saint george island. a lot of red showing up. a lot of these areas received at a to four inches of rain, these are some of the damage reports in the last 12 hours, a lot of reports of trees down hail and high winds, some gusting almost 60 miles an hour, around university they had hail almost to penny size, strong winds in the washington grove area, almost to 60 miles an hour. that's in montgomery county. and many reports of entries down as you saw in olney and also in laurel. this will be winding down overnight. one last stop, a flood warning remains in effect in that 1:45 for the seated of fredericksberg. a little bit of bend in this heat wave and that's coming up with your seven-day forecast come a few minutes's tony? >> thank you. crews pulled a sixth body from the rubble of the flower branch apartment fire and explosion in silver springs.
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person. of there is some good news to report. a man who was initially believed to be missing is safe. he had actually moved to and was no longer living in the apartment complex. fox 29 lindsey watts is live at that complex. we know the gas company conducted tests. what do we know? are there dangers people still in the area? >> reporter: tony, the latest from the gas company is everything does appear safe here. you can see that washington gas is still on scene right now keeping an eye out. earlier, workers had to wait out the rain to test the building rate next to the explosion site. it's just across the street from us here. this is a huge apartment community. hundreds of folks who have to can't to live here after such a catastrophe. people watch as the gas line was underway earlier and some residents told us they're wondering if something else could go wrong. there's a lot of
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we still don't know what caused the building to explode and go up in flames last week. fire investigators tell me it could be days or longer until a cause and/or engine is determined. i've spoken to people who lived in that building that was destroyed who say they've smelled gas here before. some feel their concerns and complaints to management have been ignored. most people who live here only speak spanish. >> this man told us he has there's complained about the gas odors in the days and weeks. for her, it was just right before the explosion that she smelled a lot of gas in the air. right now, there is a huge investigation underway to figure out what happened. not only involved montgomery county fire and police. the gas company but also the atf and today we even spotted officials with ntsb. we're told they're here because the agency oversees incidents involving gas pipes
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infrastructure. officials are taking this as an opportunity to remind people call 911 if you should smell gas. there are also gas detectors. stores like home depot run about $40, they let you know if there's any kind of combustible gas. lindsey watts fox 5 local news. tonight there are more problems for metro. in fact. new report from the federal transit administration shows metro needs to crack down more on train operators who overrun red stop signals. the fta found metro experienced 68 stop signal violations since 2012. the feds are telling metro how to fix it. sarah simmons us with story. >> reporter: there's a significant problem since 2012. metro averaging more than one stop signal violation per month. even though the fta report credits was already taking s
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metro rail still has a long way to go. the fta says it found three areas of concern. number one, train operators were not familiar with their routes. two, operators were unaware of speed commands, problems with inattention or confusion. poor communication 'tween the operator and the rail operations control center. now, i talked with wamu transportation. he said the fta has a whole list of ways for metro rail to improve its signal violation track record. >> the federal transit administration issued 11 corrective actions everything from making the signals more visible to better operator training. they also credited metro for implementing many rules on their own and for improving some own protocols and operator training as well over the past several years. this isn't a totally bad news
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>> the fta is telling metro to expedite its corrective measures. metro also discovered more defective rail fasteners outside the eastern market metro stop today. of those fasteners hold the tracks together and prevent train derailments like we saw at the eastern falls church station. metro was inspecting all of the fasteners after that derailment. shawn? . >> a 5-year-old girl killed in a chain reaction crash in a chain reaction crash in prince william county. state police tell us at the driver of that pickup crashed into the back of a chevy which led to the chain reaction crash with two other cars. capable in the chevy was seriously hurt, their daughter killed. police charged the pickup driver with reckless driving. staying in the county now, we're learning about a major drug bust that has netted 28 arrests including the arrest of a psychiatrist. police began their investigation last october after discovering a website that allegedly was in
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prescriptions of xanax. investigators say last february, police contacted dr. craig krauss and warned him that the xanax he was prescribing was being abused and distributed by one of his patients. they say that despite the warning, krauss continued to prescribe that medicine. >> he was selling to one of our suspects the. we approached him, advised him of what was going on in hopes that would cease the activity. unfortunately, it did not. we learned that he had sold to other suspects and other operations that we've had in the past. >> krauss is back at work after posting bond. we bade several attempts to speak with the doctor today to know avail. police arrested and charged a 15-year-old with shooting a man inside a mcdonald's rest room near the central detectives center on f street. they believe the victim got in a confrontation with a group of people inside the rest room moments before he was
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the 15-year-old been charged with assault with intent to kill. victim is in serious but stable condition. police looking for two other persons of interest judgment day foreman who admitted he ran an illegal shadow campaign for vincent gray and other politicians. judge sentenced jennifer thompson to three months in jail and three months of confinement. they wanted him to follow six months of confinement and undercovering corruption in a number of political contests but the judge decided some jail time was appropriate. we should note the former dc mayor vincent gray was never charged in the investigation. still to come, a hack attack target hotels. they hit locations in ten states and in the district of
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. we're continuing to follow breaking news. police are investigating gunfire outside of a november is a know have any fairfax hospital. >> marina marraco arrived on the scene. we know fairfax tweeted out something about a deputy involved. what have you heard so far? >> reporter: well, right now, seems like there's sta
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sort things out. we saw cruisers race away from the hospital. they have the area just outside the parking garage roped off. at this time, we understand that the hospital is on lock down mode. we're seeing a lot of foot traffic in and out of the women's hospital. the children's hospital. not sure how much trickled down. you do see fairfax police on the scene's they reported 10:30 a call for gunfire. i was talking to someone via twitter who heard three gunshots on the premises. right now, a fairfax police trying to determine if someone was injured. seems like it happened just outside the parking area. we're being told we have to remove from the premises live on televisionally we're being told that to move here. you see still a steady stream of police officers coming and going. of course, as soon as we get an update whether in fact this was a police involved. we'll bring that to you coming
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back to you. with the latest, we will keep you updated. we're following more breaking news this time in the district. is. dc police say and this is just coming into the newsroom. dc police say around 9:vinny this evening, a dc fire truck was involved in an accident at homely place and monroe streets in northwest dc apparently theed either a car hit a fire truck or a fire truck hit a car at this point. >> according to dc fire and ems, the accident, there was some sort of end tram, meek people were trapped in the car, two civilians and another vehicle. we understand five people were taken to the hospital. four firefighters are being evaluated for injuries. the engine was en route to a reported fire. details are just coming in. of we're trying to keep you updated as we're getting information. we're i'm going to stay on top of this and bring you more as we get
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we have information about the security scare at new york jfk airport last night. may have been caused bay people cheering and celebrating the 100 meter dash victory at the olympics. investigators say a large crowd in a terminal became very loud, excited and disruptive while watching the race. some travelers ended up running away from the commotion, led to a panic, someone called 911 reporting gunshots. terminal was evacuated while officers were i guns drawn search re searched the area, determined no shots had been fired. hotels in states in the district may have been targeted by hackers months certain hyatts, ensure tan were hit. malware. of they may have collected credit cards and verifications codes of customers, likely between early december and late june could have started as early as march of 2015.
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disabled the malware and upgrading security. anyone who may have used a credit card during that time check their statement for any unusual activity. there has been activity in our region in the form of strong storms that have come through. >> hail, wind being entry damage, gust to 55, 60 miles an hour. >> did i say welcome back >> couple weeks off, it's good to be back. >> welcome back >> come back with the high heat and also good news in the forecast. we're going to go to start ditching the hey heat as the week goes on but today we hit 100 again at reagan national. that was not a record. record was 103. with a front trying to move through the area and head north, it allowed these storms to really fire up and geting or pretty quickly around the time of the evening rush hour and some of that a heavier rain lingered. this is what we'r
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most pushing east of 95 and down to the south it's been stronger more intense. some brighter colors, reds from chesapeake to he will yet over to saint george george. we've had reports of two to four inches of rain, that creates a lot of runoff. we have a flood warning towards spotsylvania. it is also cooled the area. still humid nice to see the 70's instead of the 80's. winds out of the south. keep the humidity pumped up and it is still raining at reagan national. here's the temperature. 76. a lot of other places in the low 70's. perhaps a bit more comfortable in terms of the heat overnight. we have not done anything to get the humidity lowered. it's still due point at 74 in the district which is pretty high. that's also uncomfortable. so tonight, were he keep it around 76 degrees. the showers and storms that we're seeing around the area will taper off here in the next hour to hour and a half. tomorrow, we'll have a m o
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a hot day. of a humid day back up to 98. thanks to that south breeze of ten to 15, the heat index could be up and over 100 to 105 degrees and a couple of pop-up storms in the forecast. not as widespread as what we had today. as the week goes on, the hot air invasion will get better. we're under a heat advisory for tomorrow, but we'll see a front approaching wednesday and that bed help to get temperatures into the low 90's wednesday and upper 80's most of the rest of this week, tomorrow 98. we wrap it up with your fox 5 accu weather seven-day forecast. high heat tomorrow. not quite as hot on wednesday, still very noticeable. then at least upper 80's. that is a bit of relief for us, heading on into the weekend upper 80's, couple thunderstorms, monday 86, that is going to feel fantastic. that's your seven-day forecast. and don't go
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♪ . hor breaking news, video from dc, we were telling you about a serious accident. a car, a silver honda got into some sort of accident with a dc fire truck. four firefighters are being evaluated >> it happened just about an hour or two ago in northwest dc in northwest dc. we're told five people were in the car taken to the hospital. as you mentioned two apparently trapped in that car. we don't have word at this point on the conditions of on the people including the firefighters. the fire truck was en route to a reported fire. hopefully everybody is ok. four firefighters being evaluated. you could see video here of those rescue crews those rescue teams working to
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trapped in that honda out of the vehicle. if anything else happens before end of the show, we'll tell you about that too. this is a good stretch for baseball fans, they're in the midst of playing 20 games in 20's dates. the nats beginning nine game road trip with a three-game set in a mile high america. mark scherzer on the mound, charlie blackman with a screaming line drive and somehow first base man daniel murphy snares it. the combination of luck and self preservation. not a good start for scherzer. he surrendered three earned runs in the first inning, two-run double by david dole off the wall. nats 3-0. jason werth changes that. measured
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werth who walked earlier in the game knew reached base in 43 can we have games. seventh inning and now the nats are leading 5-4. simone biles game the first american gymnist. today a hick cup. the all around gold metal of iti waivered a couple of times and had to put her hands on the beam. she had to do that to steady herself. she still earned the bonds metal. she finished with the silver metal. congratulations to both of them look at this. really something. talk about it. the race, take the banner down look at the picture, it's the women's 400 meters, allison felix with her fifth gold metal in her sights finished second when the
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line to win the gold metal. yes, dove despite the disappointment, the silver gives her seven career metals the most by an american woman track athlete. that is great. i don't know. i don't know diving across the line should count >> we're having the discussion on facebook right now. a lot of people say no, diving should not >> you're just diving for the
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. an update on the breaks news, several firefighters hurt. at least five civilians hurt when a car crashed into a fire truck. four firefighters being evaluated. several people hurt from that car accident following breaks news in fairfax county. police investigating a reported deputy involved shooting outside of a nova fairfax hospital. shooting fir
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