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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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hours. the serious safety concernsrns surrounding the outage. d.c.'s top cop is stepping down. how will the city go aboutut finding its next police chiefef and how it will effect you. find find out when one car company plans to put driverless uber companies on the street. t > your news starts right now.w. right off the top sprintspri wireless customers across the region have been getting busy signals when they call 911.. thanks for staying with us tonight, i'm shawn yancy. > and i'm tony perkins. the problem has been ongoing fog most of the day. it continues tonight and it hast sparked some safety concerns. fox5's lindsay watts is working this one tonight and has more. lindsay. >>reporter: shawn and tonyy sprint customers shoulduld definitely know that this is still ongoing right now. i was just talking to firefighters here chevy chase who say this issue has meant
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phones at the station instead of relying on 911 dispatchers.patc throughout the day this has been a major problem and tonight somt sprint customers are furious with the way the company has handled it but it took hours and hours for them to put out an alert. it started last night with an underground transformer fire on 18th and l streets. sprint says this is what impacted cell service today. causing some customers to get a busy signal when they dialed out, including to 911. law enforcement took to social media to warn people. as for sprint, at around noonund the company posted on facebook and twitter that there may be landline issues but said nothing about wireless or 911 problems. hours went by. i.e. mailed sprint and posted to their facebook asking why there was no update and only after that, about an hour later did sprint finally send an alertler adding customer safety and security is a
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for some, it was too little too late. one customer wrote on sprint's facebook page, this illustrates that they are still misrepresenting the scope of the problem.oble outages can happen, but the waye the information is being handled with their customers is pathetic the very latest from sprint tonight is that service restoration is underway now. they are still trying to get this fixed. as this has been going on throughout the day, some counties have edged people to call 911 from a landline or a non-sprint cellphone and thennd other counties like arlington and fairfax have reminded people that they now have a text 911 service. i learned today that montgomeryo county is also expected to haveo that before the end of the year. life in chevy chase, lindsayds watts, fox5 local news. > new tonight a woman who felll into the potomac river has been rescued. officials say she was on thee virginia side of the river near great false around 6:00 p.m.roun th
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she was swept downstream througg the false and ended up near the american legion bridge. a kayaker found her and broughth her to the maryland side of thei river. the woman has a few minor injuries but she is going to be okay. meanwhile rescue crews are alsoo searching for another missing swimmer in the same area. sky fox flu over the scene around 7:00 p.m.arou screws were already in the area when they got a report that aat man dove into the potomac river near rocky island and never resurfaced. they looked for the man until dark. also new tonight workers have recovered a seventh body from the rubble of the apartment explosion in silver springs. crews will continue their search tomorrow. in the meantime washington gas has finished testing lines at the apartment site and they've determined that everything is i okay.okay crews didn't find any gas leaks. investigators have still nott confirmed the cause of last week's explosion. c.
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chief cathy lanier surprised plenty people today when she announced she is stepping down.. lanier has been on the force for 26 years, nearly 10 ever thoseay as d.c.'s police chief.ef she's leaving the district for new yorkri will she will serve s the nfl's senior vice-president of security operations. d.c. mayor muriel bowser made the official anounment this afternoon. i am vertey proud of the force that kathy has lead and a lot of people have worked together to build -- the biggest challenge is really -- has really been making sure that the people that we have understand that we do care what we do. we're police officers so to come to work and do the tough jobgh that cops do out there on the street every day and alsod communicate to people that we do care and we are compassionatepas and we do have feelings for the people that we serve. chief lanier's retirement is effective next month. she is the late
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member of the mayor's administration to leave in two years. marina maracco joins us with the very latest on that. >>reporter: chief lanier has exactly one month startingrtin tomorrow before she heads to the big lesion. our paul wagner asked her about the next step in her career. >>reporter: what do you think you're bringing to the nfl? >> i said to somebody i may not playy football, but i know my business. and my business over the past 26 years and my education has beenn security of management, of safety and security, as well as counter terrorism. i think i definitely bring d something to the table.j once i get there and start thett job i'll have a little better answer for you. i'm wondering, though, if your perspective as female in an alln male business basically is bringing a different perspective as far as the trouble that thet nfl has had over the years withh sexual assault and problems tham they've had there. when i started here in 1990 that was ve
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i had here. i mean, it was very much a very male dominated profession. the department was largely male. so i'm not unaccustomed to that. and i do think that there's some value that women bring to everyy profession. diversity is what makes the world go-round so i thinknk diversity is a plus no matter where you take it. > mayor bowser took office in 2013. d.c.d. as of today mayor bowser is the only one left standing for the long haul of the three. the high profile departurespart started back in ebb if. d.c. fire and ems medical director saw situate who saw hurricane that. instead she left publicly upset after only seven months and called the department toxic. then in april before he even walked in the door of st. elizabeth's hospital james
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resume proved to be inadequate for the job.b. just a month later, the mayor's communications director, michael sin exited the wilson building citing his then impending wedding.wedd although currently he's backck working for the district just not directly under the mare. in just the last few weeks three other detours. chris tore weaver in charge of a the controversial water led testing also stepped down citing personal matters and obligations. in october, d.c. ps chancellor kaya henderson will stop overseeing the district's public school system. today, the woman who has lead d.c. police for nearly 10 yearsl and a total of 26 years wearingr blue in the city also bidso farewell as part of the mayor bowser team. bowser took office about a year and a haling a and with six significant departures in that timeframe. she's now averaging one majoror exit from her team roughly every three months
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shawn. >> thank you, marina. tomorrow in the nine a.m. of good day d.c. mayor muriel bowser will join the crew to talk about chief lanier's retirement and the search for a brand new chief.ief. fairfax city is also undergoing a major change. scott silver thorn left his seat. tonight the city council held a special members voted to hold a special election february 7 of next year to fill the mayor's seat. in the meantime they have appointed steven stomach prays a as interim mayor.or a sheriff's deputy is on administrative leave tonight following a shooting at i inova fairfax hospital. they received 911 calls about a suspicion man outside a bus stop at a patient. the man was a patient who had been recently release. the deputy who responded to theo scene says the man charged att him with a spiked metal signgn po
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fire. the man was taken to the hospital where he later died. > woo 2000 we have an update now on the potentially deadly bacteria found at st. george's hospital center. they found the pseudomonas bacteria in a patient care area outside the nicu where if you remember the bacteria was initially found last week. they are treating the hospital's plumbing infrastructure. in several infants were transferred out of the nicu after three ofre them tested positive for the pseudomonas bacteria.teri the hospital says all services except for the nicu are open to patience. a grand jury indicted threeindi people on human trafficking charges. the investigation began with anh arrest last year in prince george'sr county. are she had most bi, tara perry and joshua jones are all accused of luring patience over a three-year period over the internet. instead
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they forced victims to selling themselves for seven. they say it is difficult to bust these types of rings. it truly is the challenge thatha we have con fronted in dealing with human trafficking. it's unfortunately the emotional bond that are involved in so am of these cases mean that the young women in these cases do not understand truly the dangerous nature of this particular enterprise. > the group faces a number ofue serious charges. if convicted they could face upp to 50 years in prison. > imagine getting an uber and a driverless car rolls up. would you get in, that's the question. >> no. > one company of car company says it's going to happen. also tonight, an officer was caught lifting up a woman,, pinning her against his crewser. tonight that woman is talking to fox5. check out some of the other o stories in our run down t tonight. stay with we're back in less than three minutes. tes.
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now investigating one of its own. the officer in this video holding a woman up off her feett against his police crewser. this happened yesterday at a bus stop near the howard theater in northwest. they officer accused the womanan of prostitution. she denies the t in can pennsylvania, we talked to the woman today. she asked us not to use her namr or show her face. but she told us she was arguing with the man who was disrespecting another woman when the police pulled up. so i guess they took that as a threat and pushed me up on the car which was harassment. but they never arrested me. they never told me i was undernd arrest for anything. i have no run ins with them whatsoever, so it was harassment. > we reached out to the policee union for comment. a spokesperson told us the officer's tactics are not normal and are not taught at the academy. the case is under investigationi > if you ride metro get ready for even more delays, the lates
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surge of repair work on the redline was supposed to end thursday. the transit agency says the work will continue through sunday. other scheduled changes will also be made.e. gm manager says they are manager so they can fix a number of issues including rail interlockings. they are supposed to comply with federal regulations. > if you use uber or lift you may be one day getting rideses from a driverless car. ford announced today that it plans to offer fully automated vehicle also to ride share companies in 202 #. fully automated means nons sterling wheel or pedals.dals the vehicle also will only be able to drive in a pre-determined area.pre- it would be one that's alreadyt been's mapped with 3d technolog. ford doesn't expect fully automated cars to be availableaa to consumers until at least 2025. i'm not sure about
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there. > all right.> a take a look at what at a firefighter spotted whilespot working to contain a wild fire i in this is incredible. this phenomenon is called a fire to n.a.d.e. on. the who the and dry air created a column of flame that reached high into the ski. experts say it's tough to capture this on video because they only last for a few minutes. look at that. that's very rare.are. special effects, right? >> really. > it's different from a tornado. it's a pound of fire tornado but it's really more of a whirl wh wiped. this is intense heat,eat 200-degrees fine hate rising up and all the ash and ember. erratic winds get it fired up. it is fascinating to so. >> it is fascinating to see.o that's the last thing they need to be dealing with out there tonight. those fire tornadoes can jump around and spark more fires. > spark more fires, exactly. >> scary, scary indeed.ndee > h
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too scary. >> not the at all. in fact, happiness we've got better news in the forecast president don't haveve any more triple digits, not expecting a heat advisory to be issued tomorrow. the heat advisories we had one today go into effect when we think it's going to feel like 105-degrees. it's going to be getting betterg each day. that is the good news. still tracting a couple off showers out there tonight. the heat wave is going to gradually wind down. let's give you an idea of when this is going to happen. average high 87-degrees. we've only had four days thishis month in which we haven't been 90 or higher. we'll have another one 92 degrees, but then thursdayurd 89, friday, 90 and sat 91-degrees.91 we'll have a few thunderstorms to dodge each of these days.s. we may not have to see too am on friday. but wednesday, thursday, satursd afternoon, a couple of stormsf around here and i think
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still be dealing with storms even as 11 or 12:00. i'll show you that timing soonn as well. > 87-degrees is what it stillll feels a little better in the suburbs where you had some rain coolingn thunderstorms earlier today,ay, hagerstown and frederick at 77. cumberland 73-degrees.egre 86 for quantico and a of course we continue to monitor that heah index or what it feels like toe you and we've dropped only to 95 in the city. 93 for quantico, 90 for dulles. definitely still quite a steamy night and just one or two showers and storms showing up tonight. we'll show you what we've been seeing on storm tractor because they have tried to move out of loudon county not too far from leesburg and they have been moving rather quickly. east of brunswick moving into western portions ever montgomer county.evcoun they're very isolated. you'll get a brief downpour and then it's going to fall apart. i'll put this in motion for the last it pulses up quickly ov
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county and it's winding down asn it starts to move into loudonon county. one or two other thunderstorms along the interstate 91. not even thunderstorms, showerss along interstate 91 corridor and very little of this is going too make it through tonight. the frontal boundaries, a week one that is approaching from the west is producing a little bitit of impetus. we only drop to about 77-degrees in the city and we're having a real hard time even cooling off to that. tomorrow about 9 #, not as who the. not quite as humid as it been. there will be more scattered thunderstorms popping up. 92 for us, maybe some upper 80s in the suburbs. just waned to show you the reason we're not going to have the heat advisoryor heat index temperatures noon still uncomfortable. a few places will touch 100. cooling thunderstorms also possible. watch for those after 6 and as late as midnight tomorrow.
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we're zip tripping to rosalyn on friday. 90-degrees for the morning show and the weekend definitelyee trending in a better direction temperature wise certainly compared to next week. we'll be right back.
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do you guys remember when signed jason werth to a $126 million12 contract. people thought they were crazy.e right now at the ripe old age of 37 werth is playing some of the best baseball of his career. tonight he had a chance to set a franchise record for consecutivn games against the rockies.rock werth entered with 43 tied withd ryan zimmerman.merm next at bat into third he comes through with a base hit to center field and a new train new choice record of reaching base in 44 consecutive games. there he is.ther werth will have to reach base his next 16 games to tie the t national league record of 60 and the next 40 games to tie the major league record of an
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incredible 84 games set by ted william. meanwhile the nats and the rockies are currently in a rain delay tied 2-2. the royals, here we go, right here, the umpire caught the man and. that could be a double play. pl for those of you keeping score,, the orioles lost 5-3.. situate monday biles bouncedounc back from yesterday's bronze medal disappointment on the balance beam with a dominating performance on the floorloor exercise which is considered her best event. the 19 year old leaves rio with four gold medals, a record for a united states gymnast, teammate alley rice man won the silver making it the first one-two by americans in that event. congratulations. we'll be right back.
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> finally tonight we're endingn with a funnyig hashtag that toot over twitter today. tod the hashtag was win me over i
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four words and of course there were plenty great responses. in fact here are some of of the better ones that we spotted today. here gauge wrote i'll share netflix passwords. >> that works. trevor mcdonald tweeted i love you daddy. i love that one. i'll rub your back. that's a very weird gift. row ma tweeted your place or mine. >> shut up brook tweeted i've got the boost. > lauren tweeted i did the dishes. >> that would win me over, too. that does work. you're in my will. i tweeted this a minute ago, you won the lottery. i'm going to go for is it the weekend. >> i like it. we'll see you tomorrow night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: tyga has been accused of selling his soul to the devil. >> he sold his soul for everything! >> these two girls rush him. harvey: are they a little cuckoo? >> maybe they are sent on a mission from god to save tyga's soul. >> he's materialistic and skipping creditors. >> but there's no commandment that says thou shall pay my jeweler. >> that's in the torah. [laughter] >> johnny depp and amber heard have settled their restraining order and divorce case. we're told it's around $7 million. harvey: that's a lot of money. because they were married for 15 months, and whatever they made, half of that goes to taxes. >> so you're saying $7 million is like a percentage of $30 million maybe? >> it is. [laughter] >> that is what he is saying. it is a percentage. >> justin


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