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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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obtained by "tmz", it does not show an armed robbery it, shows the 4us swimmers walking around a gas station in rio, in a news conference today, brazil police chief says that the four urinated on the side after gas station, then allegedly vandalized it, damaged a sign, all allegations that the four may have been intoxicated. police chief there says the gas workers confronted them and kept them there at the scene until they later allowed them to leave. no gun is visible in this video. that will was key part of the swimmers ' story. of the four, ryan lochte is already back in the u.s., james feigen remained in rio while gunnar bentz and jack were pulled off a plane last night. now, this is conger, his family covered in the olympic flag, signs cheering him on at his own pool today. meanwhile folks there weren't ready to talk about the hometown hero sticky situation. others in rockville
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should let jack conger come home. >> they've got to let him come home, unless they have some serious, you know, evidence against them, and all of that. >> i'm a swim team mom and between phelps, rideki, him, we're happy. of course everyone will be worried about him, everybody has been worried about the whole brazil olympics. >> to me they should come back home. and whatever the brazilian decide, they can call them back. >> reporter: well, this isn't over yet. the us state department department tells fox5 they are not only away of the situation, but the us consolate in brazil has met with the two swimmers to ensure they're being treated fairly. now, the police chief in brazil today said that the four could be charged with, quote, false communication, although they said it is unlikely that they would be arrested for this.
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attorney doubles down on their story today, saying that it is his client that is being the victim of all of this. live at the brazil embassy tonight, fox5 local news. and, "tmz" has the inside scoop on this whole thing. it was the first to public the gas station video on the 4us swimmers. more on that video, what it doesn't show in a interview with "tmz" harvey levin coming up at 5:45. >> developing tonight, in the district, 3us postal workers were arrested today, and charged with bribery, conspiracy, to commit bribery, and conspiracy to distribute marijuana. >> an indictment unsealed today says two male carriers and a supervisor worked in concert to make sure packages of pot were delivered and in exchange the three were paid cash. fox5's paul wagner joins us live from us district court with the story, paul? >> reporter: ladies, the us postal service works very hard to try and prevent drugs
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postal service. and this is the story that we have actually told the four. we've done stories about this, and how they try and detect drugs being sent through the mail. but this, according to this indictment, these three postal workers worked around that. and they had a scheme to make sure that drugs were able to be delivered. now, kendra brantly, alicia norman, dean braun val all arrested today, three worked together at the lamont rigs post officer in upper northwest on north capitol street. made first appearance here, and us district court earlier today. dean vaughn row, who was supervisor, was orders erred held for three days, the two women were ordered released. >> according to the indictment, kendra brantly anal leash a norman, seen here living court today, worked with dean vaughn row since september of last year, to make sure those deliveries went through. and in return, they received cash from the driver of arrange rover
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on the street. the indictment says row deposited more than $30,000 in cash into his account from the bribes over the last year. the indictment says row would use his post office computer to track specific priority mail packages coming from california and oregon. when they arrived, would make sure they got into the hands of norman and brantly who would not take the packages to an address, but, instead, would meet a driver on the street in upper northwest. the scheme appeared to be a way for deal tears avoid putting false names and addresses on packages of pot with hopes they would get through before postal workers recognize the the bad address and flagged the package for further inspection. we attempted to speak with alicia norman as she left court today. >> you're violated my firstmentment right. i would appreciate it if you leave my alone, thank you very much. >> did you do anything wrong, ma'am, did you break the law. >> that's none of my business.
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about the charges against you? >> that's none of your concern. >> reporter: dean vaughn row, again being held for three days, was working as a supervisor at the lamont rigs station, he was then transferred over to river terrace in northeast, where he was arrested today. live at us district court, paul wagner, fox5 local news. i without out on the balcony. it actually took me up in the air and broke the door, i was up in the air, off the grounds, then i came back down, ran in the house, everybody get in the house. my mother then screaming and the roof came, boom. >> on dc public housing building in southeast dc are temporarily homeless after strong and damaging storm ripped the roof right off the building last night. >> fox5 alexandra spoke to residents in the building during the frightening moments, joining us live from southeast dc
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latest? >> reporter: damage of the aftermath of the storm is actually still laying out here on the lawn in front of the building, those are chunks of the roof, and insulation, that should actually be on top of the building. now, this storm hit the area last night, but also today crews have been out here working to try to get started on some of that repair work. we've seen some of these workers standing up on the roof inspecting it as well as the building for safety. we've also seen them actually ripping up additional chunks of the roof, they have to do a little demo, and cleaning up, before they can begin the repair work. and what all that means, is that the 50 people who live in that building can't get in, they can't stay there right now, so they are being put up at the capitol skyline hotel. we spoke to some of them there about the moments when the storm hit. they said it seemed to come out of no where. some of them were al
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bed. others, though, were sent scrambling to find their kids who were actually playing right out here. >> i heard a big boom, and i looked back, and the roof was coming off. so i immediately jetted back, to check on my kids and my family. so when i got back, it was just debris everywhere. >> you just heard this noise, we never heard, people, more like shaking, and the building shook. i guess we was anticipating the impact. you know what it was, but didn't anticipate the impact, then boom. and we just looked at each other, was like what was that? then heard whole lot of water come in. we looked in the kitchen and water was just pouring in, in the kitchen. we looked outside and seen the roof sitting out front. >> reporter: some of these people tell me that the dc housing authority tells them they will be escorted into the building at some point to collect some of their belongings. they're also waiting for a meeting to update them on the repairs and the progress, and when they will be abl
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reporting live in southwest dc, alexandra. >> incredible mess out there. i got to say if you are in that building probably thinking my gosh, this is tornado or something? not very often talking about roof being ripped off. it definitely wasn't the case there. >> that's a look at northwest dc. much different scene from what we saw last night, sue. >> sure is. and i tell you what, sarah, not expecting any more thunderstorms today. maybe an isolated shower, well to the south, so, it is a site for sore eyes to see those blue skies, you know, yesterday at this time the sky looked very similar, then the storms came rolling in, which we anticipated. and they were right on schedule coming through the district, belt way between 9:00 and 10:00 with all of that tremendous damage, incredibly, strong, straight line winds. let's show you the storm reports. because every little dot you see here report of either trees down, or gusts that were over about 40, 50, even 06 miles an hour. closing in a little closer on the di
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national had gust of 40. but inside the city itself there were gusts to 64, and, you know, that's measured at pretty low elevation. so when you get to up those building rooftops, the winds were likely stronger, there was 66-mile per hour gust, also, in prince george's county, but the radar is sweeping pretty clean tonight. there is a couple of little showers, between harrisonbergin charlottesville, not much to speak of. anything that does fire up tonight will likely stay well to the south. and here is something else feeling pretty terrific. it is not in the 90s in the district right now. we think our high temperature was about 91. we're down to 89 now. still pretty toasty out there. no doubt about that. the humidity is slightly lower. we can see that more easily when we check the dew points, 67, that's not terrible. we've been at high -- as high as 75, even 80 during the heatwave. feels like the dew point is 66, in gaithersburg, what it feels like, feels closer to 92 in the district, 88 for gaithersburg, after this long stretch of very hot days, we are starting to trends in the
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right direction. so your planner for tonight at 7:00, 86 degrees. i'm going to say again only the most isolated chance of a shower mainly south, by 9:00, 83, by 11:00, 80. coming up in a few minutes, let's talk about the weekends, what you can expect then, also a look at the beaches. that's just a few minutes away. sarah, marina, back to you. >> thanks, sue. head start orientation continued as planned in prince george's county today one day after fox5 broke the story that the feds are pulling their $6.5 million head start grant to the county. thi happened after complaints of abuse and poor teacher training surfaced during a investigation. a skating report released by the department of health and human services says the grant was terminated because the county failed to correct the series of problems in a timely manner. the report outlines trouble examples, including three year old boy forced to mop up his own urine. children forced to hold heavy on the over their heads for long periods of time, after being disruptiv
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time. and a five year old who left the program alone and walk home. families bringing their children to today's head start orientation were worried about the news. >> it is concerning, definitely, that's something, this is my first time hearing about it, but i hope everything works out. because we definitely need head start. like i really don't want them not to. >> despite losing the grant county officials say they're weighing their options, vowing the program will still begin on time on august 29th. what a disturbing report and the store its just keep coming. >> i know, really scary, that's for sure. still to come here at 5:00 local doctors office hit by hackers using ransom wear. >> what exactly is ransom wear? and what can you do as a consumer to keep your personal info safe? plus, those spam calls you get on your phonecalls may only get worse. how telemarketers are skirting the rules. >> could your uber driver soon be out of a job? the company says it is ready
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to put some self driving cars on the road. we'll show you next.
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>> a dermatology practice is the latest victim of serious hacking that put thousands of local patients personal information at risk. the criminals now hold that stolen data for ransom.
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with more on what you can do to protect yourself. >> in the age of consumer wormed, businesses are having hard timekeeping up when it comes to hackers. which might make you think twice the next time you give up any personal information even at the doctor's offers. -- office. pam lucas is like thousands of others. hackers, stole her personal information from a third party, to run amuck with her credit. >> it is really a shame, we end up paying for it in the end. >> now, even trip to the doctor can make you susceptible. latest, dermatology office in russ continue, where hackers had access to their system with thousands of patient records, personal, medical information, and are holding them hostage. >> ransom wear, type of malware, or a virus, which makes the users probably clicks on link, or more likely opens an attachment to an e-mail. when they ran it, it ended up blocking up t
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>> new govh, anti-virus company, says ransom wear attacks are becoming more and more prevalent. because most businesses lack security expertise, relying too often on just their fire wall security. >> unfortunately, most of those products today are not equipped to deal with these types of threats. >> says for now, ransom wear attacks are just after the money, not so much the stolen data. however, says, soon that could change. >> we need to put pressure on industry to do the right thing, to protect that data. >> personal health records contain vital personal information. i think over time you may see the threat evolve to say not only will i hold your data hostage for a ransom, but on the back end, might actually sell it. >> it is pretty scary. sometimes i just can't even think about it, i just have to live my life, you know, and just try to put up all the
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checks and balances that we have. >> reporter: unfortunately, says there is not a lot we can do as consumers to protect ourselves, it i really up to the business to properly protect our data. however, if you do become a victim, he recommends signing up for credit monitoring service that will notify you if anyone tries to take advantage of your credit line. of course a lot more information on this on our website. go to click on our story, you will find a link at the bottom. fox5 local news. well, you could soon be getting more spam calls on your cell phone. sorry about that bad news, because rules supposed to stop these calls, just not working any more. experts say telemarketers are now buying new software that allows them to cycle through millions of combinations of numbers to reach more people. as a result, people are losing an estimated $350 million every year to telephone scams. and many of them are simply executed through only a series of recorded messages. >> i got it as a call. i called back, the very first thing it says is do you want to be put onur
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list. so i automatically assume they want to verify i am a human in the future. >> like spam. we live in a digital age. spam everywhere. >> automated -- >> new bill back by new york senator charles schumer known as the robo cop act would force phone companies to arm consumers with tools to block those robo calls. changes are coming to the ride sharing company uber. and in a few weeks they plan to launch new test program that would allow customers to request self-driving cars. the test program, how much, is only available in pittsburgh, where uber has built their very own self-driving research lab. the vehicles also come with their very own human back-up driver, to handle situations, the self-driving cars have not yet encountered. the rides will be free to those willing to take part in the program. >> yes, probably, because you don't know where you will ends up. >> wait and see, guinea pigs, how they end up, where they ends up. >> little scary. afraid i would drive into a lake, or that thing would drive plea into a lake or
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still to come here at 5:00, ellicott beginning to rebuild. taking after last month's devastating flooding. >> then, researchers may have discovered a new way of zika virus can be transmitted, blood donations, and bowbow showing off her skills, glimpse inside her training at the national zoo. >> and if you have a story idea for us, call the fox5 tip line. that number: (202)895-3000. or e-mail your tips to fox5 tips at >> ♪ >> ♪ >> three people recovering after triple shooting ... he will could the
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>> trying to collect their belongings, howard county officials say august 19, through august 22nd, main street residents and business owners can actual -- access from nine p.m. to -- 9:00 a.m. to seven p.m. to pack up and move out. allowing residents off the street earlier in the morning,
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for time for safety inspections. all right, let's get another check of the weather right now. taking it outside, it is 89 degrees, but i have to tell you much better than what we were experiencing yesterday before the storm. >> over cast, but not expecting at least for now the storm that we saw last night creep in through our region, right, sue? >> that's right. not seeing any storms in this area at all, marina, czar a little further south, not much to the south either. so we have a little bit more stable air, some drier air coming in. and it is actually kind of pleasant out there tonight. and you know what? here is your headline for tomorrow. make your plans to maybe spends little more time outside, because it will be a warm day, but i think generally a dry day in terms of showers and thunderstorms, humidity still a bit noticeable. one -- want to talk about the weekends. getting ready to enjoy another august weekend? it won't be in the triple digits. that's good news. here is a look what we are expecting this weekend. we think the temperature on saturday will be 91, and there will be some late day but very isolated storms saturday.
5:24 pm
day keeping close eye on, storms will be likely, and we put the chance of the storms at about 70%, as a strong cold front approaches, with temperature of 92, better day of the weekends will likely be saturday, keep an eye on the sky for sunday. here's why. sunday looks particularly stormy, we have some drier air that will push in, and bring us an incredible week next week as we transition, strong storms possible with gusts, again, possibility of trees coming down, some very heavy rain, that's sunday. looking at the beaches, you will see, we've to keep the thunderstorms at the beaches, as well, but over the water so warm out there, so get out there, enjoy it while you can we'll have your seven day coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks, sue. the national zoo giving panda lovers an inside look at the training for panda cub, bowbow. showed off her skills in this facebook live video today. trainers used treats to get her to do things like lay down, and put her pause
5:25 pm
the on the cage. so the panda's need to cooperate when they need to examine them. bowbow about to turn three. zoo having birthday celebration for her, her little brother, bay, bay. >> kinds of like training a dog? not much different, right? >> little larger than a doing, could probably do some real damage. >> probably. >> coming up from the skating rink to the campaign trail, olympian michelle kwon in d.c. promoting her pick for president. >> then seven chicago police officers could be fired over the 2014 shooting death after black teenager so why hasn't it happened yet? >> and transmission by transfusion, doctors are investigating what could be the first cases of the zika virus that came from blood transfusions.
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>> all new "tmz".  limb own
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this is fox5 local news at 5:00. olympic golds medalist is hitting the campaign trail for hillary clinton while donald trump is claim agnew nickname for himself. fox5 political reporter ronica cleary with your headlines of the day, hey, ronica? >> reporter: hey, well, michelle kwon will be here at this restaurant in arlington in about an hour. earlier today she was in falls church, where she toured the eden shopping center. to tell you a little bit about this shopping center, the tenants cater to the asian-american community, specifically, mostly the vietnamese community. kwon was there and speaking with the tenants, telling them to vote for hillary clinton. and one of the issues that she was promoting is the importance and ability for hillary clinton's to connect to the asian-american community. take a listen to this. >> so important to reach out to the
5:30 pm
community, and the issues that really affect asian-american community, closing the wage gap, it is making college affordable, making it easier to vote. these are issues and challenges that not all asian-americans face, but americans. >> reporter: well, earlier today, onto another story, writers report that sources told them that the clinton foundation actually hired a company to help with apparent cyber security attack or potential attack. but then the hill reported that a source close to the foundation told the hill that there was no evidence that the clinton foundation systems were breached, than they had not been notified by law enforcement of the issue. so we will certainly continue to follow that. and then finally, when i woke up this morning, and check my twitter feed, i noticed sort of an unusual tweet from donald trump t really seemed out every place. let me show you what it said. it said they'll soon be calling me mr. breakfast. now, you may
5:31 pm
brexit it, stands for the british exit from the european union, and britain did vote to leave the union. now, many people compared the anger and frustrations in britain to the anger and frustrations that many identify with those trump supporters, but, what made it seem sort of unusual is that the brexit happened back in june. so nobody is really sure what donald trump was referring to, when he said that. we're sending it back to you. >> ronica, thanks. meanwhile developing tonight, chicago police superintendent says he's ready to fire several police officers, in a fatal shooting death after black teenager. in 2014, a chicago police officer shot will he quan mcdonald 16 times, he's been charged with first degree murder. well, today, the police superintendent says after reviewing evidence, he is recommending seven officers be fired for lying about what exactly happened during the shooting. the city's police force will make final decision on
5:32 pm
officer's termination. >> new tonight, dramatic video out of tampa, florida shows wild police chase. authorities say yesterday afternoon, they were pursuing a man on a motorcycle, who was riding the wrong way on the interstate. at one point, the suspect gets out of the motorcycle, and goes into a gas station, to buy another shirt, in an effort to change his appearance. he then runs back to the highway, and tries to carjack a man in a uck, the driver fights him off and deputies eventually arrested him. he's now facing several charges. to the latest now on the zika virus outbreak, doctors in brazil believe a cluster every zika infections may have been transmitted through blood transfusions. researchers say a donor alert add local blood bang, zika virus symptoms, that developed two days after they gave blood. last tests confirmed the blood was con name dollars with zika. but the time it had been confirmed, the blood had been
5:33 pm
strong evidence that the transfusion was the source of that infection. anyway, still getting around to people. >> it is not going to stop, we'll keep hearing these cases, unfortunately. still ahead at 5:00 warning about stroller safety. >> research staggering number hurt in accident. what par kents do to prevent injuries. >> "tmz" broke the video of ryan lochte and three other olympic swimmers, that's casting big doubt on their robbery claims. we're talking to "tmz" about the surveillance videos, and what wasn't on the tape coming up. hey, brody? >> last fall he suffered an injury that made him question if he would ever play football again. yes, less than a year later he is back on the field and getting a college education thanks to a college coach that took a chance on a local kid. ahead in sports. >> ♪ >> ♪
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crews continue to battle wild fires across the state of california in the southern part of the state firefighters trying to contain the blue cut fire. the blaze has already burned through more than 31,000 acres, and continues to grow only 4% contained at this point. and the fires forced evacuation of more than 83,000 people. and in northern california, the clayton fire has burned 4,000 acres. officials say the fire is 55% contained. but it has destroyed more than 150 homes. montgomery county has deployed a team to louisianna, as the state continues to deal with massive flooding t includes members of the urban search and rescue team. governor he will wards says the death toll has risen to 13. 40,000 homes have been damaged and officials estimate more than 30,000 people have been rescued since friday, the red cross has also mobilized a thousand volunteers to louisianna. even down there, the
5:38 pm
having trouble just getting around, all every those different agencies that help out. >> totally flashback to katrina. >> i know. >> so heart breaking. you know, combine that with what we saw ellicott city, a city of flooding. >> horendous downpours, saw it yesterday, we were worried about flashflooding, instead we have the severe storms with the straight line winds, trees down everywhere, it is so nice to get a lot of damage, yes, nice to get a break. and very scary for people who weren't aware those were coming in so late, right? we're going to get a pass from storms today. let's take a break from them tomorrow, as women. i'm up for. that will looking at beautiful skies tonight. feels little better out there. have you been out? our high of 92 has now dropped to 89 degrees here in the district, and if you are really sensitive to the humidity, notice that dryer air temporarily moved in for this evening. it will be a little on the humid side tomorrow. in terms of showers and storms, we're going to keep that isolated
5:39 pm
to the south of dc tonight while friday still on the warm side, maybe up and over 90 again, it will still and bit humid, and uncomfortable, but i think we can roll through the day storm free. not the case for the weekend. some storms around, late saturday, fairly isolated, but the risk really kind of up ticks on sunday, and there could even be some strong if not severe storms on sunday, now, the reason, though, those storms will be very significant on sunday, is because much cooler air is going to push in behind it, much dryer air, so as we change air masses, with that return every thunder, maybe some strong, severe storms, we will be looking at fantastic week next week, we're excited about the refreshing change that's coming in. not much to see on radar tonight, if you look really closely, you can spot a shower that is south and west of rutgers, headed towards charlottesville, moving away, cloud cover and showers generally confined down to our south and there is not even that much to see tonight. so we're getting a pass in that department. -- department. pass from the very high heat,
5:40 pm
down from that high of 92. eighty-eight for westminster and baltimore, culpeper, winchester, martinsburg, isn't it funny when they all show up the same. nice even air mace around the region, yes, little drier. not seeing as many places with the dew point up and over 70, which is so uncomfortable. sixty-seven here in the district. a check of other places, binghampton, more september-like 75, must feel great. pittsburgh l three, detroit, 82, and even toward lexington, 79. so you can see that there is more comfortable air just up to the north. we've still got high pressure in position to keep us on the warmer side of things, but it will get a big shove on sunday. so, getting into tomorrow, again, on the hot side, if not warm, with 92 degrees, expected, so, we still have not dropped below 90 in the city for quite a while here. saturday, about 91 degrees, and again, those showers and storms that we see saturday, fairly isolated, later in the day. tomorrow, we are zip tripping to rosalynn with
5:41 pm
morning crew. if you're going to come out and watch, don't worry about bringing your umbrella, in the morning, 76, by 9:00, 81, by 11:00, eight a degrees. the rest of the day, again, will get hot again, will be little more humid, bit more noticeable tomorrow than it was today. but into the weekends, here comes the humidity buster. it rolls through on sunday, and while we'll have storms both days, more significant threat is definitely on sunday, as those storms common in. all right, wait until you see the seven day forecast, it is going to feature change every seasons, basically, we go out on the dog days, and as early as monday, much less humid, eight a degrees, look at the 60s at night, 83 on tuesday, lots of sun as we head into wednesday and thursday, of next week. so, a perfect ending as we start to winds out of august and get a little hint of the september weather in here, as well. the latest on tropical storm fiona coming up at 6:00. we send it back to sarah, marina and brody. >> we have really good feel-good
5:42 pm
>> it is about per severeness, it is about fate, fate of local coach, giving a kid a chance. sometimes we hear stories about the recruiting, where a team lets a kid go because of injury or grade problems. >> have to believe in them. >> do you have believe in them and they will pay you back. this is one of those stories. the top high school football players in prince georges county, suffered gruesome leg injury, that result in the five hours of surgery and put his football career in jeopardy. went from over 20 scholarship offers to nearly zero with one bad break. then three days before national, university of maryland offered him a scholarship. when we saw brooks and his family, thankful for the chance the turks head coach gave him. the chance to get an education, and play football in front every his father who works at the university. >> this week, brooks was out on the field in uniform for the first time since that horrific injury. brooks' lost steps since his compounds, put on 20-pound every muscle, learning new position, linebacker. today's cut-throat nature of
5:43 pm
you are never guaranteed a scholarship, something brooks learned the hardware, taking nothing for granted. >> i'm very excited that i'm here. yes, it gotti wasn't supposed to walk, but i am walking, i'm running like i used to, just not as fast as i used to, but everything is pretty fine, everything is going good. >> antoin was a guy that we were taking him and let's go, now, it is just it is gravy. because he's healthy, he's full speed. hasn't missed anything. and he's doing phenominal. >> after disastrous split, team usa will get another shot. felix dropped the baton end on four by 100 relay. knocking the team out after event where they're considered the favorite. but usa track and field appealed saying felix bumped by brazilian runner, relay confirmed, brazil disqualified. american team will run alone in a time trial tonight with a place to replace eighth place china in the final. congratulations to the
5:44 pm
medal today in the women's 53 wrestling division, the united states first ever olympic gold medal in women's wrestling. so, congratulations to her, that is the good side of the american news coming out of rio, then there is the ryan lochte store. >> i all of these being clouded by this crazy story. >> i know. >> it gets crazier by the day, and it is one of those things, started as a small lie that he just kept going with, and it spiraled out of control. >> we want to continue to talk about it right now, because it is that developing story that's got everybody talking tonight. "tmz", in case you didn't know, got its hands on this video of four american swimmers in rio, on the night they claim they were robbed. this video is a key reason brazilian police are saying the robbery did not happen. we're joined live tonight by "tmz" harvey levin. thanks so much for joining us tonight. a lot of these people are saying this doesn't show what really happened, explain. >> well, what lochte's team is
5:45 pm
was mostly true. now, here's what they mean. they say that, yes, he was at the gas station. yes, that the damage to the bathroom occurred, and when you see the video, you see ryan and the other swimmers go back to the yellow cab they were in. and then there is a three-minute edit in the video. they insist that what happened, and it seems like the police are now supporting this, is that when the video was off, or when they -- the gas station edited it, a gun was pulled. somebody from the security team pulled a gun on them. now, the reality is this. when you look at it, two things, number one, they pulled a gun soy they wouldn't leave, because they wanted to get paid for the door. that's number one. and so, you know, right there, is it a robbery when they say look, you guys pay for the door you broke,
5:46 pm
vandalize our place and lever, they held them there at gunpoint saying pay us our money. and they finally did. now, that said, the other thing that lochte is not being honest about is the circumstances surrounding all of this. he made it seem like the cab was cruising along and these guys came up, pretended to be cops, then put guns to their head. and really suing rio as a result of that, we are told rio police, there is kind of mixed stories here, but there is a chance that rio police are going to charge ryan lochte and maybe one other swimmer, with filing a false police report. >> well, the one that touches on what i want to talk about here. so how much trouble could the swimmer be in with the authorities in brazil, could lochte be extradited back in brazil in order to deal with this? >> well, they could try for sure. here, look, here is the reality here, do police have to file criminal charges against ryan lochte, or do the prosecutors? no.
5:47 pm
is he trashed their city. he made the city look really bad, and at least the pre text of it all was a lie. so are the police -- are they upset and maybe do they want to do this to get a pound of flesh? they may very well want to do that. nan that case ryan lochte is by no means out of the woods. >> yes, definitely not. the story not over and will continue. harvey lever inch, thanks so much for talking with us tonight. we appreciate it. >> okay, sarah. >> marina, over to you. >> the obama administration says $400 million cash payment to iran with contingent on the release after group of american prisoners. the state department spokesman, john concern i, said the negotiations were conducted separately from the talks to release the prisoners. kurby did say the us withheld money as leverage until the us citizens left iran. house financial services committee has not decided whether to hold the hearings just yet. all right, still to c
5:48 pm
at 5:00 why aren't you using your vacation day, people? >> i'll take them. >> a new survey shows more and more americans are skipping those days off, and one age group is the worse about taking time for themselves. really? >> oh, people, don't do that to yourself. plus, feeling home sick? a line of candles claims it could help. we'll be right back. ack.
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>> in tonight ace fox5 on the fly, doubles the turn table, candles could be the cure if you're home sick. >> first, a flow of lava people are lining up to get
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close to. >> check out this lava going into the ocean, coming from the volcano, on hawaii big islands. visitors say keep a safe distance. >> parent, listen up, warning about stroller safety. finds children visit the emergency room every single hour for strollers or insecure related injuries. experts say, parents should make sure strollers are size appropriate, have wide bases, and wheel locked for safety. don't hang back from handles, that cause tipping. >> well, workers are skipping their vacation days, especially millennials. new survey shows more than more skip than millennials, more than any age group. one bye reason why, they want to show they're dedicated to their job. >> feeling home sick?
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to comfort you, to help take you back to your home state. the maryland version comes of hint of water and old bay. >> ♪ >> rock that beat. pizza hut, what it is calling the worlds' first playable pizza box. hook up to your smart phone, blue tooth, only available in the uk. that's your fox5 on the fly. wow, turn tables, pizza boxes? >> remember the birthday cards that only played 30 seconds of the same song. >> still to come here at 5:00 a squeaky toy sends a boy to the hospital. the lesson he learned, the tough way. up next.
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>> oh, my gosh, anthony wounds up in the emergency room, accidentally swallowing his dog's toy. video post today facebook is of course going viral. it's been watched more than 30 million times. the doctors were able to remove the toy safely. anthony no longer weeks. >> i was surprised he was able to talk, you know, and actually breathe --
5:58 pm
dog toy in his mouth? >> maybe playing with the dog, who knows? i don't know. but we're glad he's okay. >> check out this genius promotion from an animal shelter in washington state. once a week a volunteer at the humane society takes one of the shelter dogs to starbucks for a delicious pupccino. the dog gets a treat and break from the shelter, and the shelter local starbucks post signs telling customers about the dog of the week, and in hopes that it helps the animals get adopted. the photos of the dogs chowing down on their pupiccinos are also shared on instagram. pretty brilliant way of getting publicity there. so cute. >> well, one of the starbucks, human society, how to flyer up about, not donating but adopting cats. the cats that they have there. so, you know, something for the future to think about, that's for sure. all right, thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00. fox5 loc n
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right now. >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00. brian lochte, lied according to breast ill yan -- brazilian police. >> olympic chance john story has people buzzing today. police in virginia -- brazil say lochte and three other olympic swimmers lied about being robbed at gunpoint. and they released this video to prove it. brazilian police say it shows the athletes inside the same rio gas station, where the athletes claim they were held up at knife point. fox5's tom fitzgerald is at the brazilian embassy tonight with reaction. >> reporter: sean, tony, strong words here at the brazilian embassy today. diplomate here telling fox5 tonight, quote, listen to this. we are clearing it up because they lied. now, these 4us swimmers claimed that they were the victims of an armed robbery. we want you to look at this video, it was obtained
6:00 pm
"tmz", released earlier this afternoon, what it shows, in fact, is not a robbery, but the 4us swimmers walking around a gas station, in rio. now, in a news conference today, brazil police chief says that the four urinated on the side after gas station, and then allegedly vandalized it, damaging a sign, also allegations from brazilian police the four may have been intoxicated. the police chief says that it was gas workers who confronted the four and kept them at the scene until they were a through leave. now, no gun is seen in this video, and you will remember, that was a key part of an us olympic swimmer's story. now, of the four, ryan lochte already back in the united states, james feeling and remained in rio, and jack conger, were pulled off airplane last night, and not allowed to leave. what you are looking at there is the swim club where jack conger used to sm,


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