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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  August 18, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> hi everybody, welcome to 5@6:30. republican committee making new efforts to attract black voters. question is is it too little too late. >> you can see running down the side of your screen, the hottest story at 6:30. before we go any further, we want to make sure you tweet us what you think brand new hashtag, it can be anything, has to do with politics, anything big stories going on, so let us know. >> the party added four brand new numbers for the engagement initiative. rnc says the goal of this initiative to grow the party and
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to every american. now, the move also comes after recent pole found presidential nominee, donald trump, has only 6% of black voters who support his bid for the white house. 6%. >> white house staffer joins us. >> did a stud what i it needed to do better. why now try to do this at this point? >> well, i think inaccurate to say why, as to let the audience know that this is something that was something that was new. you had lovelace, lea, were in this position, well before the new people added on. what you see now what rnc is doing, it is adding in reinforcement, added in and expanding the outreach effort, the engagement efforts to the black community, not something that's new, something that was ongoing annex i g, what you see is a smart move to expand the
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the building making smart decisions on behalf of the black community to have more targeted strait edge. >> i are you saying what they've been doing has been working all along, they just need to beef up their staff for this? or do they need to do something little different? >> what i'm saying, the increased staff what you see happens in campaigns all the time. once donald trump was maids our nominee, expands, with the hiring of a.m. rosa, with new person who handles their coalition efforts, and then you have other people on the ground like the national coalition, for trump, which is independent organization, on the grounds, which is national, that has a lot of different minority groups representing it. so it is a coalition that there is also the rnc, the campaign working together, to advance this minority initiative. >> paris, some say would you hit the nailon the head there when you mention the name donald trump. >> yes. >> could this be a reason to, is the concern, you have got donald trump, who
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disparaging remarks about hispanics, about muslims, about women. and he hasn't done whole lot of outreach in black communities. could this be why now we're seeing this step up even though you say it is just because the way it works, but i mean how much of this is because donald trump is your nominee? >> you know what, i personally believe, no, that no matter who our nominee would have been, we would have seen increased to ever do more target engagement in the black community. i disagree with your prem that's donald trump has said disparaging remarks toward the minority community. >> do you really think he said disparaging remarks? not disparage whg he called out mexicans, called them racist? are those not disparaging remarks? >> i watched that interview live. what he said was his belief was the mexican government was sending over some people that were rapists, but he also has said repeatedly he believes mexican americans specially the government, the leaders are a lot smarter and praised mexican americans repeatedly, and he has been the
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person who has repeatedly gone on record talking about the black community in a positive manner, and talking about what he wants to do specifically to the black community, for the black community, as relates to job creations, improving our economic state, school choice. >> you say he has spoken repeatedly, about he wants to help the black community. he had a talk in milwaukee the other day, he was outside in the suburbs. he's been invited to speak in front the national association of hispanic journalists, naacp. he has not gone to any of those events or accepted those invitations. he also hasn't had any event where he is in the black community talking to the black community speaking with the black community. so, do you understand why maybe people in the black community are minority community, might disagree you? >> as i a member of the black community, because i am black, as your audience can see, i would disagree again. i know mr. trump has had several meetings that with black clergy and other community leaders throughout the campaign, and he actually started that engagement 12 years ago, many o
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relations that you saw on the convention stage started back then. so, when you look at what he's doing, it is not just about what donald trump does as an individual, it is what the entire people group of people who are supporting him do. so if the engagement strategy, engagement that i do, as an individual supporting him at the national diversity coalition for trump dolls, the rnc does, many surrogates across the country who look just like me, proud to support donald trump for president. >> paris we are talking just a moment ago, you heard us say that 6%, from the community, and you're saying, you know, this is not a new initiative. reaching out to the african-american community. when you look at the numbers, though, what is the problem here? >> well, one of the problems that you have is that the liberals and hillary clinton are creating a narrative about who they think donald trump is, and who he is not, saying a racist, biggot, all these things, and he is not. when the media comes on, and reinforces that effort, that causes people to think differently about the candidate. so, i think what you are goin
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improvement. you know, when you look at the past performances with the black community with john mccain, and with mitt romney, the last time we had double digits, significant him pact, george w. bush, so i see improvement. the flip side to that is hillary clinton's high unfavorable, and the lack of support that she has, as relates to the support that she receives in the black community and millennials, as compared to bernie sanders when he was running, so she's been out there for many years, yet her unfavorable are very, very high. which is a problem for her. >> i think is a problem for both sides. paris, thank you so much for coming in. we appreciate the narrative. >> thank you. >> speaking of hillary clinton, she met with retiring new york police commissioner, bill, and other law enforcement officials today. days after donald trump met with police officials in milwaukee. >> now, remember clinton got some flack for having the mothers of the movement speak at the dnc. and though she had law enforcement officials speak at the convention, many criticized her for not giving police that same platform. also, tom
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weighing in on this now, so tom what's your thoughts on this? >> reporter: well, she did have police officials at her convention. but she had two. all right? she had the police chief in pit burying, and she had somebody we know very well, charles ramsey, the former police chief of washington, d.c., who went onto become the police commissioner in philadelphia, very popular, we should add, and now retired. this took place at the john j law enforcement school up in new york city. not only was brat on there and ramsey, the police chief of los angeles there, police chief of washington, there the sheriff of dallas was there, the chief of tuscon, arizona. what this was essentially is if you ever with someone who ate your lunch out of the re fridge or in the break room? >> weaver all been victims that far. >> this is example of the clinton campaign trying to eat trump's lunch. because what did we hear out of cleveland, that he is the law and order candidate.
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problems. but this is the clinton campaign trying to wrestle that mantle away from the republicans do say, women, you know donald trump may say those things, but here i am today, with all of this is police chiefs. so listening to hillary clinton today talking about what her view of law enforcement is. >> i want to support them, our police officers, with the resources they need to do their job, to do them effectively, to learn from their efforts, and to apply those lessons across our nation. i believe supporting a police officers, and improving policing, go hands in hand. everyone is safer when there is respect for the law, and when everyone is respected by the law. so we have a lot of work to do together. and we don't have a minute to lose. >> now, that lot of work, secretary clinton refers to,
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the deep divisions that emerged after that scene in philadelphia where the mother of the black lives matter movement were given large amounts of time on that stage, and many law enforcement officers feel that significant time was not given to police officers in uniform. also remember this: if hillary clinton is elected the 45th president of the united states, it is she who will be appointing the next attorney general of the united states, who is in essence chief law enforcement officer. now, e loretta lynch currently has gotten an better relationship going with law enforcement officers than her predecessor eric holder, there are deep concerns in many law enforcement arms about what kind of attorney general a president hillary clinton would appoint. so, if donald trump goes out there and says he's going to be the law and order candidate, the clinton campaign is out there today saying not so fast, we've got police chiefs of our own, which are ready to support hilly
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back to you. >> all right, fits, thanks very much. meanwhile the clinton foundation says if hillary clinton elected president, it will no longer except foreign, and corp. rate donations coming down within the hour, pretty being here, because remember they caused so much flack, foundation did for those donations, and they really accused her of being in the pockets of wall street, you know, i think that they have to do, maybe they should have done it sooner. >> because there can't be any sort of look of impropriety that outside organizations or other countries are giving money to the foundation, which we know her family is receiving the funds for, as they help even though they're helping all around the worlds. also criticized for taking large money for speeches through the clinton foundation, people are saying that she should not have accepted that. but she said it was going into the foundation, to help out with their work, all around the world. >> right. now we also want to make sure you are weighing in on this, tell us what you think, #5at630. we do
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getting in here, some folks talking about our interview with paris a moment ago. >> that's right, i was going to say tammy just sent one in, rnc wants more black voters, not sucker punch them at rallies might go a long way. keep your tweets coming in, use the #5at630. more coming in here at the bottom of the screen. >> meanwhile, baton rouge newspaper has sparked huge debate. hear what the headlines from the advocate, it reads, our views, vacation or not. a hurting louisianna needs you now president obama. if you recall in 2005 during hurricane katrina, president bush was criticized for not visiting the devestated area because he was on vacation. the question is, is this apples and/or ankles? media strategies, joining you now, curry, mouthful right now, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> were you a reporter during hurricane katrina. you remember what it was like back then, is this the same or is th a
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situation? >> i do remember what it was like. i think every time a president is either traveling, or on vacation, and something big happens, like a crisis, there is always the catch 22. if the president goes to ground zero, of that crisis, he could be seen as being opportunistic and trying to get a photo op out of t if he doesn't go he could be seeing a love, or somehow not sensitive to the event itself. so i think here, i think the difference to keep in mind is open innings every a presidential visit are not the same as the actual government response to the crisis. >> well, that's the thing. you know, we talked about back to hurricane katrina, there were a lot of regulation that is changed after that. fema really working closer with some of the local municipalities. do you think that's the difference in this case? >> well, i think for sure, katrina was a cruise recall for fema in particular. and as a result, as you said, a lot of process,
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were changed, a lot of local governments beefed up their emergency response apparatus. and built stronger ties with fema. so, what you are seeing this year, is in this case, with the flooding, fema by comparison to katrina, and other hurricanes in the past, they've been far quicker it respond, they've been on the case, and their response isn't getting the kind of blow back and criticism we've seen in the past. >> we saw people who were stranded inside the super dome for days. people on their roofs for days. people that were stuck on the highway and the president at the time george bush was criticized for being on vacation and just doing a fly-over, and it still was an optic thing. but president obama went to a fundraiser earlier this week for hillary clinton, so people were saying this is all about optics if he had time to go to the fund raiser why couldn't he just show up here for few minutes, and take a look at the folks down in baton rouge. >> and that get back to the catch 22, no matter
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barometer of the president or the government's engagement in this and the response is what the people on the grounds are doing. the president has several of his cabinet secretaries down there, the response to this, to date, has not been a big criticism. i think the bigger issue is the american public isn't really paying close attention to the floods in the first place. you have the elections, of course, and you have the olympics so the news cycle and the american public is kind of steered in the other direction. >> that's true. people might also look at he is a lame duck, as well, that, you know, maybe like you said just not paying attention to what he is doing so much, and as much as what's going on with the election. >> thanks so much for coming in, we certainly appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> things not as hot outside thankfully like they are on the elections. >> sue palka, starting to cool off a little bit now. are we out of the nine 90s now sue? >> unfortunately not. 92-degree day today. i think we have got to do it again tomorrow wa
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have are storms tonight. >> good. >> i know, i'm really happy to ditch those for little bit. check out your seven day forecast. because it is going to be getting a lot better. but we still have at least three days at or above 90 to get through. no storms tomorrow though. and we're zipping through rosalynn, we hope you'll join us fox news in the morning, should be in the 70s, still have little humid day. no thunderstorms expected friday. few isolated late day storms on saturday, i'll tell you what, i think storms are looking likely for sunday, late day and evening, some of those could be strong and severe, and the reason they'll be strong and severe is because look what it is bringing into town. monday, through thursday, of next week, low to mid 80s, 60s at night, we're going have nice change every seasons coming up beginning sunday night into monday morning. >> sean, sarah, back to you. >> thank you, sue. celebrity change when they endorse a political candidate. >> interesting. >> maybe depends on what they support. >> yes, i mean, f
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of the day. we want you guys to tweet us right now, let us know what you think, please use that hashtag 5@6:30, we'll share more of your tweets when we come back. k.
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>> all right, olympic medalist, michelle kwon, you remember her, right? she is now in the campaign trail as surrogate for hillary clinton. in fact, the figure skater trade in the her ice skates for career in government diplomacy. >> wow. fox5 ronica cleary spoke to her earlier today, so what she have to say, ronica? >> we had the opportunity to speak with michelle kwon today. actually works in the brooklyn headquarters for the campaign, not just out today. this is her job right now. you you can't help but notice, candidates
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presence after celebrity on the tail. >> scott baio, hillary clinton, probably much longer list, with katy perry, tony gold win, who we interviewed on the show before. so when i met with michelle kwon earlier today, i asked her a little bit about how she has been viewed maybe differently ever since she went from being this celebrity athlete to now a politician, working on behalf after politician. listen to this. >> do you feel that your fans support in the. >> there have definitely been differences, and you have to respect those differences, in sports, really, religion aside, differences, even within my own team. at one point in my career, i had a russian coach, i had canadian choreographer, german trainer, and all different working to the same goal. to your question, yes, when
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came out some people who were, you know, for other candidates, but more and more, just supporting hillary clinton, and i've seen that much kind of that ground support for her. >> reporter: so she took you through a little bit about how that was for her. so we took to the streets near in arlington, we asked you, does your view of a celebrity change if they endorse a politician? take a listen. >> does your view of a celebrity change if they endorse a candidate? >> no, not at all. >> yes, it does. >> makes me think of them differently, maybe i really liked endorse add candidate i didn't like, may make me like them worse, or vice versa. >> definitely would change my opinion. >> absolutely not. it does not change my opinion of the celebrity because i don't focus on other people's opinions, and i focus on what the candidate presents to the table. >> hey, ronica, remember bradley cooper, he was spotted in the audience at the dnc?
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because they kind of believed he was conservative because he played chris kyle. you know? so i can certainly understanded it. what else are you hearing there? >> reporter: well, this is an event where michelle kwon is actually speaking at happy hour where people can meet and mingle with her today. one of the things that did surprise me when i interviewed tony golds man, a loft comment back and forth debating his support of clinton. and then his role as an actor. so honestly it surprised me, but clearly people feel very strongly about the celebrities they love. and who they endorse. >> yes, they do. that's true. >> i'm just looking at our twitter pole real quick, so we asked that question, 74% of you say oh, hold on, different -- >> i was going to say, totally different question. >> changes your opinion of a celebrity. >> i guess unless it is somebody i strongly disagree with, what, why are they supporting them, at the same time it doesn't mean i'm not going to go watch a movie they're in or something like that. but, you know, in that way it
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thought about it. might still be good on tv. >> shout out to fox5 viewer right now and their baby, both watching, 5@6:30. >> awe. how cute is that? >> super cute. >> we love those. sends us your photos and videos on whatever you want to get off your chest during this election year. there is a lot. don't forget that hashtag 5@6:30.
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>> it is billy joel. the entertain over for sure. here is the question, is singer billy joel making about face when it comes to donald trump? in a recent interview, he said he would not want to perform at donald trump's inauguration. and said, quote, i won't be anywhere near that place. the singer dedicated his song you just heard there, the entertainer to donald trump during performance at madison square garden back in may. well, back then, trump tweeted
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acknowledgment, joel said recently i am an entertainer. i am in the entertainment business. in my opinion, donald trump's political campaign has been very entertaining. look at all of the media coverage the guy is getting. >> i like how he's trying to tow the line there. just like backing off. >> yes, a lot of times the celebrities will throw them out selves there, see what he thinks, but just trying to play it cool. >> for up, but, you know, i don't know, you're just an entertainer now. very interesting. we want to know what you any that and all of the celebrities again who are standing up lining up behind their own favorite political candidate. >> and we are showing your tweets at the bottom of the screen as well, hashtag 5@6:30, may show some of them on the screen. >> you never guess what popped up on the street of new york your favorite story of the day possibly? >> we'll take closer look, at what's popping up a lot of places. >> that's putting mildly.
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>> statues is around recall country, they say they want to show the gop nominee in a how many rating way.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: nicole scherzinger has done something that has never gotten props in the 10 years, 11 years of "tmz." ♪ she was singing to her own song. >> as fine as she is in a bathing suit. >> it trumps it. >> and it feels natural. she doesn't feel like she's doing it for the cameras. >> no, with no cameras and leg up on a stool shaving, dude. >> they just released video of the alleged robbery that happened with ryan lochte. they go to a gas station. according to the gas station, they go in and it's locked, the door. so they start kicking and like damaging the door. harvey: these swimmers were drunk and defiant. either the security guard or the manager said you're paying for the door, and they said screw you. right. >> katie ledec l


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