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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  August 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 10.0. right now at 10, new details are emerging about the death of a democratic national committeemit employee murdered in northwest d.c. one of the last people to see the victim alive spoke to fox5. > prince george's county publie schools at risk of losing billsn of dollars in funding because of mistreatment of students. a head start program serves multiple students. > tonight, a member of the school board tells fox5 he was blindsided by the investigation. > plus, ryan lochte and three other you s olympic swimmers called on their lie.. turns out they were never robbed at gun point in right oh. so what really happened. the news at 10 starts right now. we begin tonight, though, with the latest in that murder investigation into a democraticm national committee staffer. thanks for joining us at 10, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. tonight new details about the final hours of setting richeshes life as told by
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who knew rich as a frequent customer. fox 5's marina maracco joins us life in northwest with the haters. >>reporter: tony, h this is columbia heights sports bar. seth rich was a regular here. he was sitting that sat night when he came on that cornert stool on the bar here. he knew this bar very well. he was a packers fan and this is a packers bar. it's packed with folks who knewo seth rich here.e. one the bar closed at about 16789.1678 45 he walked out those doors, walked out here to the sidewalkl and started talking with the the manager. the manager on duty who knew set rich very well asked him if he wanted a ride home knowing that he still had about a mile trekek to walk. but instead set rich said no, it's okay i'll go to the bond land ballroom and that's at's couple blocks down the. on his way home that bar would have closed about 3 in the morning.morn now, there were reports that he was highly
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well, sources say that those toxicology results still are not back. and according to witnesses here they said, yes, he had a couple of drinks on him, but police source believe that two hours after he left here when he was begunked down that alcohol, ifaa you will, would have already worn down.n. and he had about a mile walk home from the wonder land barde ifs that's what he went, but police cannot confirm that he was at that bar. that walk home would have taken him roughly 30 minutes to the bloomingdale neighborhood. he would have reached that areaa where he was shot and he was on the phone with his girlfriend at about 4:20. now it was half an hour from when he left the ballroom he would hive gone home at about 3:30. the call for the shooting came in at 4:20. so right now police don't know what happened in that one hour time lapse. what we do know at this point is that wikileaks offered a $20,000
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would lead to an arrest and a conviction in the case. in and then just after we heard wikileaks founder himself, julian he sang fueling rumors that richest death was a hit because of his work at the dnc. that was just a robbery, i believe, wasn't it? there's no finding. so what are you suggesting? >> i am suggesting that our sources take risks and they become concerns to see things occurring like that. was he one of your sources, then? we don't comment on who our sources are. now police sources say they're aware of these theories. they've seen mr. ahsanestt interview, but right now those police sources continue to contend that this was a robbery gone wrong and they
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them in the direction that this potentially could have been some sort of nefarious hit. now, police sources with insight close to the investigation alsov say that there have been sevenvn arrests linked to armed robberies in the bloomingdale neighborhood that happened just days before set rich was killed. those arrests have been after and there were three guns that were recovered in those seven arrests. those three guns, none of those guns have matched with the ballistics in set rich's murder and at this point we're six weeks after that murder and still no answers as to who was behind that killing. > life tonight in northwest, marina maracco, fox5 local news. the midst try continues.ntin > developing tonight, two us olympic swimmers are heading home from brazil afterzil testifying about an alleged robbery. they checked in for their flight just a short time ago.
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about the robbery in rio. surveillance video obtained by tmz poked some who else in their stories. sarah simmons joins us with the investigation. >>reporter: these are the four swimmers, gold medal ryan lockey he made it back on the statesstt before the story blue up. gunnar bentz and jack conger who are on a plain right now presumably headed back to the us. brazil and police are saying the swimmer vandalized a gas station bathroom but left before police officers arrived to the scene.n. here is surveillance video first obtained by tmz. it doesn't show the robbery.obbe it shows the four swimmers walking the gas station in right he. brazil and police are saying thy four urinated on the side of the bathroom and then vandalized tha sign and that they may have been intoxicated at the time.e. i spoke to tmz's harvey levin about that video and thend important parts that were mysteriously cut out.
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swimmers go back to the yellow cab they were in and then there is a three-minute edit in the video. they insist that what happened, and it seems like the police are now supporting this, is that when the video was off or the gas station edited it, a gun was pulled.pull somebody from the security team pulled a gun on them. > now, there does seem to be agreement on that. police confirmed a security guard pointed a gun at the swimmers only to con contain the situation. but no shots were fire. it's still a different storyry from what lochte initially saidi which is they were pulled overer by someone portray themselves as police.poli brazil and authoritiesutho apparently saying the gas workers did demand money for the damage done to the gas station.n either way this doesn't look good for the swimmers and certainly not for ryan locketoce who could stand to loosen doesments from this if thisom t story doesn't go
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soon. >> by him doing this stupid brat ability particulars what it shows is lack of judgment. what it shows is nobody is going to be willing to say you know of what, that was l too issue, that was childhood nonsense. we're going to trust this guy th and we're going to put our build brand in his hands. ain't going to happen. ryan lochte understood $2.3 million from endorsementseo in 2012. it's clear how far brazil andazl authorities will push this. they could face charges of fals communication, but the police are still investigating. the swimmer maintains he's telling the truth and a robbery did take place. > tony. >> now to a story you saw first on fox5 tonight tonight thereigt are new details about what the prince george's county schoole' administration did and did notid know about a federal investigation into child abuse in the county's head start program. the board apparently had no ideo about the scope of the federal investigation and they
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county was at risk of losing mills of federal dollars to funn head start. fox5's teisha lewis joins us with the story.wi >>reporter: tone initial schooa board members and teachers aren't the only ones who weree apparently in the dark aboutk this federal investigation. parents may not have known as well. we did do some digging and forad parents you can go to the administration for children and family's website, find how and then type in your child's head start location to read any reports and the outcome. this information is public. now tonight we're told theld county school board plans to launch an investigation to find out who knew what andwhen. > i'm outraged, disappointed, and i am hoping individuals are held account allocable becausena of this. $5.6 million. the head start program serves our most absolutely herbalst students. almost a thousand of them. for us to be notified in the 11n 1 #th hourik
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completely unacceptable. > that was prince george's geo county school board member edward bros. he found out about the millions being pulled from the program wednesday morning after fox5 first reported the alarming child abuse findings in the federal investigation.vest if the board knew that we were at risk of losing 6.5 mills for the head start program we could have held the system accountable over a serious of months, audits, investigations of our own to ensure that this programs stayed with us. students go back to school nextt week. likely not enough time to address itself outstanding concerns thousands of federalans investigation including makingin sure employees do not use corporal punish president, humiliation or abuse. > it is impossible to correct r problem or monitor a problem if you don't know it exists. and when a select handful of folks normally withhold this information from our board members that's a huge
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issue. bureau plans to write the county execute i deunder maaing thataig they launch an external investigation next week to find out what the the federal government communicated to thedo board and when.n. how long they gave the board tod correct these deficiencies andd why they were not corrected. he also says anyone who failedid to act should be terminated or should resign. this is all the aftermath of several incidents including where one girl was forced to hold heavy books and boxes ines the air as punishment for notno listening to her teacher. teisha lewis fox5 local news. for us post office were arrested and charged with bribery and conspiracy to marijuana. alicia norman kendra brandtly and devon row worked together tr make sure packages of pot were distributed in exchange for cash they were deposited $30,000.po paulsi wagner tried to talk to norman as she left court. you're
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amendment right.t i would please appreciate it if you would leave me alone. thank you very much. > did you do anything wrong,ng ma'am? did you break the law. >> that's none of your businesso > what do you have to say abouy the charges against you? >> the post office says it is on look the lookout of packages of addresses being extent to addresses with fake names.with > still ahead at 10, a man stabbed final a violent bar fight in silver springs. the guy who did it almost got away. how a k9 unit helped track down the suspect. transit police are opening annig investigation into a train derailment that happened on july 29 in east falls church. the questions that surrender that accident. > and later, it seems like he's a little delicious al. > 911 calls that a floridalori state university's mother made before shortly before her son was accused of attack a couple in their garage and was accusedd of eatin o
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faces. we'll have the latest when the 10 continue disclosure.
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> dozens of d.c. families are c still out of their homes tonight thanks to strong storms that blue through the region last night and ripped the roof off of their apartment building. construction crews have been working on their building at k and 11th about 50 people had to be put up in hotels last night because thh building was unsafe. we're talking to several of the residents who say the storm caught them off guard. i heard a big boom and i looked back and the roof was coming off. i immediately went back to check on my kids and my when i got back it was just debris every where. fortunately no one was hurt.rt. the d.c. housing authority will hold a meeting to updatepdat residents on those repairs. meantime here in our region it was a little bit cooler todaycol but we were still in the 90s. we still got to 92. still a little bit humid, but i think it felt better. certainly we got a pass on the storm that we sawla
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we're just seeing a little bit of a loan ranger and that has had a little bit of lightning with it. otherwise just a few cloudslo around. what a dramatic night we hade last night. i just wanted to give you anive idea of all the storm reportsorm and they started out west and continued right to the district between about p 9 and 11 last 11 night all way over the beaches. every single one of these little balls is indicated where we either had reports of trees down or damaging winds that reported between 6 # 4 and 66 miles an hour.ho we'll are partly cloudy and i wanted to show you what we're looking at for your friday is another day in which we get up and over 90.ver don't worry they're going to be coming to an end soon. still a little bit on the humid side.side coming up at 106789. 30 we'll talk about your weather headlines and i'll have yourav weather forecast. back to you. >> thank you, sue. metro police have opened an investigation into a
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derailment that happened last month. on july 29, a silver line train partially slipped off the tracks outside of the east falls church station. one person was injured. the safety department found out that deteriorated track ties led to that derailment. but metro says newly uncoveredly information is now raising serious concerns prompting it to request police the agency has also hired two former federal prosecutors totos help in that investigation. new tonight, a silver springsspi man who stabbed another man and left him for dead following a violent bar fight could spend up to 25 years in prison.son. fox5's lauren demarco isco following this story and joins us life. lauren, i understand that if it wasn't for a key witness and a k9 unit this man might haveight gotten away with this crime? >>reporter: that is exactly the case tony. this happened right in busy downtown silver springs at oh dallas restaurant and bar right here along georgia avenue. > the suspect pulled out aut knife stabbing the
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leaving him onim the sidewalk. today that suspect was convicted on first degree aall the. the jury stopping short anng attempted murder charge.rd they couldn't come to an agreement that there was an i tenth to kill, but some of them did certainly believe that that was the case. he pulled a knife out, you pullu a knife you're not going to mak, especially if you're in the middle of a fight.ight you're going to do some harm to someone.some according to the police reports, 21 year old row bell so lobbyel stole iphone belonging to thle victim and the victim's girlfriend during the fight. this all happened on the fight of august 7 last year. and then the fight spilledlled outside and the victim con fronted highly saw lash i trying to get the phone back. that's when they pulled out thee knife and stabbed the men several times. a woman saw all this happening. while most of the
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witnesses scattered she called police. you're about to hear some of her 9 # 1 call as she witnessed ofns how the attack began and then we'll hear from one of the officers who arrived and tracked saw lash i with the help of his k #. > does he have any weapons. >> yes, he tabbed a guy.. > which one had the knife. >> there's a guy in a black shirt and jeans. he was on georgia avenue. he just went down silver springs avenue. > i just ran around the cornern to see if i can follow him. >> the suspect took off running plane clothes officer were able to create sort of a perimeter and then you guys were called in with these k9 units. >> that is correct. > this was about one mile stretch. >> this isn't a small area. the cellphone was found first and then the shirt. >> the dogs were able to use the scent. >> the tract continued to the backyards where he was ultimately hiding next to a house. > would this have happeneds ha without these
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>> no. > thanks for introducing us tou case i, the doing. he was convicted of a lesser assault. but he could spend 25 years in prison. the victim was stabbed multiplee times, including once in thee kidney and doctors said that if he didn't get immediate medical attention he likely would notwo have survived. had it not been for that womant who called 911 and got first supports here so quickly thiss could have been a much different story. >> life in silver springs, lauren demarco, fox5 local news. > tonight we are hearing the 911 call from the mother of a florida man accused in ad horrible attack. >> he was out to dinner with hir dad today and he took off.f. we're just, you know, he wasw, h with his sister and he says, you know, he feels i mort alan liken a super hero. i don't know what's going on with him. > 19 year old
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mother called 911 to report here son missing of after he stormeda out of that restaurant. that night police sahara rooflie attacked a couple, killed themil in their garage and then about it one of the victim's faces. hear roof police have notoo determined a motive.f ive. they are still looking intoto whether drugs like flakka or bat salts may have played a role at this point. no charges have been filed. > questions are being raised tonight about donald trump's campaign manager and his dealings with the you drain and government president associatede press reports a consulted firm helped a russia political party in the ukraine secretly route more than $20 million to prominent washington lobby firms. it was to swear american public opinion. man forth denies any wrongdoing. the news comes as donald trump faces his criticism towards his friendly attitude towards vladimir putin.utin > when we come back
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african-american museum opens up in less than a month. if you want to be one of the first to visit, you might want to sign up now. details are ahead. and as we head to the break, are you a workaholic, more workers skipping their vacation days. a new survey shows more thanws m four in ten employees who skip vacation are my len yells. that's more than any other age group. more reason why more people want to show they're dedicated toicat their jobs.s. we'll be right back
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> new tonight, a busy bridge ig the district is shining brightgt and beautiful for the first time. mayor muriel bowser flipped the switch on a brand new light installation on the francis case memorial bridge.ridg the event also featured a stunning fireworks display as you can see there. the $2 million design was designed by the same architects for the evil tower and thean london bridge. the goal
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illuminate southwest waterfront every night and turn this busy bridge into a work of art. but the lightening and the wayay that we create those faces isacs something that really creates a wonderful public space. it does look cool. > the city hopes to continue developing this area of the waterfront while staying true to what keeps the neighborhood. nei > that's pretty cool. there is a little more than a month until the grand opening of the brand new african-american culture museum. they're expecting large crowdsro and to make sure too am people t don't crowd the museum at once. they will require timed wil admission passes for the firstte month. each of the passes will be printed with an one hour range meaning that's when you shouldhn show you can get them online or over the phone.e. or you can get them the day of y your visit it officially opens september 24. i just checked you cannot getann them online just check. so keep checking back with the
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museum's website.'s still ahead tonight, a localocal doctor's office has become the victim of hackers. that's right, criminals are holding the stolen data for ransom. that includes patient's personaa and medical records.tid what youme should do if you bece a victim. the morning show is hitting roa for another zip trip.anot this time they're headed toto rosalynment they're going to visit the art institute of washington and check out some of the best places to eat inin arlington and toast to theand weekend at a local alien house. the fun begins at 4:25:00 a.m. we'll be right back.
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> this is fox5 local news at 10 investors first, new details on the murder of a dnc staffer. >>reporter: there are still
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last hours before he wass begunked down roughly a milele from where we stand here in columbia heights here at lieu's sports bar. this is the bar where set richch was last seen about two hours before he was gunned down andown still questions about where he went from here and who he spokee with on his way to his house. investigate os looking at all sorts of possibilities as to who may have been behind the deathhe of the dnc staffer. > police in brazil are accusinn four us swimmers of fabricating a story about being held up at gun point. surveillance video obtained by tmz shows gold medal winner ryan lochte, jack conger and two other swimmers walking around a rio gas station. lochte maintains they werent robbed of their money at gun point.po they say a security guard pulled a gun on them after theyy vandalized the building. brazil and police are still investigating. > and ts
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first on fox5 and now tonight there are new details about what the prince george's countyince school administration did andtrt did not know about a federalut investigation into child abuse in the county's head startar program. a board member is demanding anai external investigation to get ta the bottom of it. the board apparently had no ideo about the scope of the investigation and they reportedly did not know the county was at risk of losing millions of federal dollars to fund head start. > all right. let's check in with sue for a look at tomorrow's forecast ands the forecast for the next seven days because i know there's some relief in site.n you know what, everyone is did d for that relief, aren't they, tony. we're going to start youou out with a loot weather headlines. tomorrow will still probably ger up to 92 degrees. but what we won't have to do iso deal with any showers and they've only been isolated tonight. friday is a dry day. still warm and humid at 92. at the weekend is going to be humid, ne 9
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some significant storm risksto mainly on sunday and the reasono sunday will be rather a stormy day and maybe a damaging day in terms of storms is because it'ss pushing in some fantastic airtat for next week. and the contrast between the departing who the and humid aird and what is coming in will be pretty dramatic. we're going to flag you to sunday. there might be some isolated storms on sat as well with a temperature of 91, but a muchh better chance of storms on sunday, but look what it's going to do for us tony and shawn, mid 80s, maybe even low 80s on tuesday with 60s atomicities.mii we're only two weeks away from labor day weekend and i think t it's going to feel a little bit like september once we get through this warm weekend. > bring on september. >> a nice weekend, already. > fox5 is in fairfax county fai tonight where the dermatology practice is the latest victim of serious hacker that put thousands of patient's' informs at risk. fox's angle
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details. >>reporter: in the age of computer world businesses are having a hard time against hackers which makes you think twice when you give out any personal information even at the doctor's office. pam lucas is like thousands of others. hackers stole her personal information from a third partytr to run amuck with her credit. it's really ashame because we end up paying for it in the end. now even a trip to the doctore o can make you susceptible.cept the latest hacker hit was the professional dermatology practice in reston.ston it's filled where thousand of patients' records, personal andn medical information and are holding them houseage that. ransom wear infection is a type of malwear or a virus whichhich means the user linked a liquor opened an attachment to an e-mail and when they ran it it ended up locking the system. the negotiate is the next
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generation of a company can. they say ransom hacks are becoming more and more prevalent. fortunately most of those products today are not equipped to deal with these types of threats. ghosts says for now ransom wear attacks are just after thethe money, not so much the stolen data. however, ghosts says soon thatn could change. we need to put pressure onss industry to do the right thinght to protect the data. personal health records containn vital personal information. i think over time you may see the threat evolve not only willn i hold your data hostage for a ransom, but on the back end they might actually sell it. > it's pretty scary. sometimes i just can't even can think about it.k ab i just have to live my life and you know, just try to put up all the checks and balances that we have. ghost says unfortunately we as coum
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can do this.s. if you do become a victim youti should sign up for a credit monday are ting service that will monday notify you if anyonn tries to take advantage of your credit. > very scary.scar still ahead tonight, zika fearss are growing in miami why doctors believe we can see an increase in the number off infections in the south florida beach town. > as we head to the break, ana, inside look the at pandanda sanctuary at the national zoo. take zoo keepers brought theught facebook life video showing baoboa's skills.s. > mr. at that little guy. he's not so little anymore.ymor he's actually a big guy. they used treats to get them to lie down.n. that teaches the zoo keepers and pandas cooperation. it helps them so they caney examine them and do other medical procedures. baoboa will be three very soon. we'll be right back. .
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send the car, leave the driver.. the popular car service uber will start using self drivingvig cars in pittsburgh over the next few weeks. uber using vehicle also made by volvo and ford as part of its test fleet. there will be human backupback drivers for each ride. meantime, oil prices rising for six straight days. the longest stream streak we'vea seen since april of last year.m we're now above 48-dollars adoll barrel. if you're in a market for a home you're still looking at historically low mortgage rates. the average for a 30-year fixede rate sticking down this week to 3.43 percent. and how far would you go to get that new job? according to ao new survey, a lot of job seekers are pulling some over the top stunts to get noticed. some highlights, one candidatecd had a priest call the hiring manager to put in a good word. another candidate maled a potential boss some moneyment is think that's called a
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well, that's business and i'm stuart varney. .
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> here's heads up if you'res he planning a trip to miami in thei new feature. officials say mosquitoes are actively transmitting the zika virus. they are trying to stop the virus from spreading. wynnewood confirm the first t local transmission of the virus last month.mont since then, seven new cases havs been reported outside of that one square mile area. > all right. sitting all day is bad for youfo anrd exercising won't help. hel that is the word tonight from the american heart association. experts say a lack of activity is a risk factor for heart disease antirock, but the largel problem is that exercise and1w! alone won't safe people that
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are. the experts recommend sitting less and getting 30 minutes of exercise every day. > coming up at 11 1 # tonight,i new details in a baffling murder mystery. what weave he's learned about the final hours of a dnc staffec killed in a local neighborhood.h plus do you keep getting annoying phone calls from tell he marketers? maybe even scam artists? why it's getting easier for them to get your number even if it's your cellphone. find out why this bunk i jump didn't go quite as planned.lann ouch. okay. more on this one coming up at 11 ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design.
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heads up the washington monumeni will be closed another day due to more elevator issues.issu the national park service
10:45 pm
an elevator cable broke looseke yesterday morning. visitors were in the elevator at thehe time, 80 tourists had to walk all the way down from themt top. this is the second time in less than a week that elevatorat troubles have closed the monument. it is not related to power issues that closed the monument last week. in ellicott city there has beens a range of plans you immediateie to know about for all the flood victims who are trying to collect their belongings fromoni the damaged homes and businesses. main street residents andiden business owners can access the street tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. through august 22. they pushed back the time to allow inspectors to than could duke safe inspects. > they are trying to con con contain the blue cute fire.e. the blaze has already burned more than 31,000-acres and it's growing. the fire has forced the evacuation of more than 83,000 people and
10:46 pm
4 percent contained. and in northern california, the clayton fire has burned 4,000 acres. officials say the fire is 55 percent contained, but has destroyed more than 150 homes. > turning to our weather hereeh at home, sue, the temperature felt much better today although i know it was still in the 90s. it beats the upper 90s, doesn't it. >> it sure does.sure > we are definitely on a much better trend and we're knot certainly not seeing any where near the storm activity of last night. a few storms have popped up near southern prince william county. nothing with thunder, just a quick down pour.r. you've been tracking one more storm that is moving over toward the eastern shore northeast of baltimore that has been tracking toward delaware and maryland's eastern it was 92 again today. dulles hit h 90, but at least bwi did not crack
10:47 pm
mark and friday will also be another day in which we get upgt and over 930 because that high pressure down to our south is going to send a little bit moree warm and humid air in ourin direction.di it won't be he as oppressive ass the earlier part of the week has been. watch this temperature trendend because average high as ofs tomorrow is 86-degrees.degr while we're still above it 92 friday we're still a little bita above it as we head into the weekend. the weekend will probably feature a few tomorrow.ur but then the storms thate brint the cooler air into town sunday afternoon and evening will given us a temperature of 85 on monday and that will come with lower humidity as well. so starting you out on your tgif forecast for friday, sunrise tomorrow at 6. 26. temperature of 75-degrees. karen, summerville thank you for the beautiful picture. she sent that to us on social media. if you get a great shot send itd to me we'd love to share it. we're glad that the weather will be cooperating for
10:48 pm
crew. they are zip tripping to rosalyn. the temperature at 7:00 will be 76, by 9:00, 81 and by 11:00, 85. you're not going to need tod bring any umbrellas, butrell definitely bring your sunglasses and sunscreen as we're going to head up to 92. maybe in the 80s and northernthr suburbs and low 90s in our norto and west. the weekend is a littlele unsettled. i would say sat is less unsettled, but still 9 #, a little bit humid with some storms around in more of an isolated fashion later in theeri day. sunday is the day we have to much what.t. it could feature more severe storms similar to what we had yesterday. these would be late day temperatures. and it's the huge contrast of air masses that will be fuelingl that up. it's a stormy setup with cooler air. itself using to be blasting into the humidity and that will mean strong afternoon and evening thunderstorms will be possiblesl on sunday.on but look at the seven daye se forecast again because this isst what you get afterwards. we get to our stormy sunday andd
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afternoon so not an all day affair, but definitely keep your fox5 weather app it's free handy and get it downloaded on to your phone and then bring on next week. my good, in i'm in the going to know what to do with myself. we're not going to have highi heat, not going to haveve humidity, this is the time thate i said i'll detail your car andr i think i'll have plenty of time next week. that means i get a day off. >> tony gets a day off. > very good. that's fun. that's very exciting. the weather, then, will feel warm tomorrow. >> yes, it will be. it's not as bad as what theyy practiced in. but it will have an effect. > let's check in now with brody logan to talk about that.bout >> how do i get in on this car detailing. > you're already in. >> thank you. > well, last fall anton brooksn was the top high school football player in prince george's counte when he suffered a gruesome leg injury that he said his foot
10:50 pm
its wasn't just question if he played football again, brooksagi questioned if he'd walk again. he went from over 20 fellow pship offers to nearly with onen bad break. the university of marylandty o offered him a scholarship. when we saw brooks and his family back on signing day, brooks was thankful for the chance the terps gave to him. the chance to get an education and to play football in front on his father who works at the university. this week, brooks was out on the field in uniform for the firstrt time since that horrific injury. brooks has lost his steps but he's put on about 20 pounds off muscle and is porting a new position, linebacker. cut throw nature of recruiting you're never granted a scholarship, something he didn'i take for granded. i wasn't supposed to walk,
10:51 pm
i'm walking, just not as fast as i used to. everything is pretty fine. everything is going good. he's from our backyard and we're doing right with our kids in our backyard. anton was a guy we're taking him no matter. now it's gravy because he's healthy. he hasn't missed anything and he's doing phenomenal. > congratulations to helen morales, the rockville native won the gold medal in thethe 50-gram resting division upsetting a three-time goldee-t medicine list. the united states first of olympic gold medal in wrestling. area athletes are owning all the games. american university finishedity third in his semi final heat tonight to qualify for sat's semi 100-meter. his father ran the 1500 in the 1976 games, but did not medal. his father qualified
10:52 pm
munich game that team usa had to boy cot. now his son gets a chance to go for a medal sat night. >> and so many local athletes.le >> this is a hotspot for the olympics. >> yes, it is.>> y > thank you brody. still ahead at 10, it is one of the most popular home improvement shows on tv right now yep, but the stars of finger upper are a little l l upset about what some clients are doing with their newly renovatet home. we'll have that investor next on fox5 news at 10.
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the stars of hdtv's fixer upper are speaking out. joanna and rich gains host the show. at least six of those homes in wake oh, texas are on rental sites, including air b and b. people who own the houses say they're renting them out because they've drawn so much attention from the show.
10:56 pm
show to be used for financial game. >> i get that. if they don't like it, they're probably going to have to change the contract, because if it's your house they can do whatever they the people paid for the renovations. >> and make some money off it at least for the year while theile house is who the. the only reason i would be disappointed if i were them is they made it so personal. and now people are like, i can get a lot of money off of thists one. > we'll be right back with fox5 news at 11
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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, vandals, not victims, brazil and police claim ryan lochte and three other olympic swimmers made up the story about being robbed andand instead vandalized the gas station bathroom. plus we're learning new detailss about a dnc staffer's night out on the town and his final hourss before he was murdered in a d.c. neighborhood. who is that calling you? how tell he marketers and scam artists are bending the rules to target your cellphone.lpho your news starts right now. we begin in the district withth new details on a baffling murder mystery involving a dnc staffer. thank you for staying with us,


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