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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, vandals, not victims, brazil and police claim ryan lochte and three other olympic swimmers made up the story about being robbed andand instead vandalized the gas station bathroom. plus we're learning new detailss about a dnc staffer's night out on the town and his final hourss before he was murdered in a d.c. neighborhood. who is that calling you? how tell he marketers and scam artists are bending the rules to target your cellphone.lpho your news starts right now. we begin in the district withth new details on a baffling murder mystery involving a dnc staffer. thank you for staying with us,
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yancy. tonight we're getting a clearer picture of what happened in the final hours before someone gunned down set rich. marina maracco is life with the latest. >>reporter: it was here at lieu's sports bar in columbia heights where set rich was last seen. his usual seat right there up on the bar on the corner. this was his barment he was a packer fans and this is a packer bar. july 10, a sunday at 1:45 thing4 here started to rap wrap up. he walked out with the manager on duty. he had a conversation with the manager and that conversation according to than withs, theths, manager asked set rich p he wanted a ride home because he had about a mile walk home. set rich declined saying that hg was going to go just up the road here a couple blocks down to the wonder land ballroom. that's another bar.ther that bar closes at 3:00 a.m., roughly an hour, 20 minutes before that phone call for gun shots fired.
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confirm whether, in fact, he was at that bar because no one at the bar remembers seeing seth rich. what they do know is that he had about a mile track home, thatat trek to the bloomingdaleloom neighborhood which would haveldh taken him about 30 minutes to get there.t had he gone there it would have been about 3:30, an hour before he was gunned down.n. the police at this time have no idea what happened in that hour timespan. now, just last week wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for any information that would lead too an arrest and conviction in the case. and then we heard from wikileaks founder himself julian area sann fueling rumors that rich's deatt was a hit because of his work at the dnc. that was just a robbery, i believe, wasn't it? there's no finding. > what are you suggesting? >> i'm suggesting that
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sources take risks and theyey become concerns to see things occurring like that. > but was he one of your sources, then? >> we don't comment on who our sources are. > now, police sources sayourc they're aware of the theory and they watched mr. area sang's. but at this point they still contend this was a robbery goner wrong and they have no efforts to suggest that this was some sort of quote, dnc hit, however, sources into the investigation v say there were seven arrests made after set rich's death and those arrests were made inre m connection to our robberies that happened in the days and weeks leading to set rich's deaths right there in his neighborhood. there were three guns that were confiscated. they've looked into ballistics and right now there is no
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between those three guns and set rich's death. right now in northwest d.c., marina maracco, fox5 local news. > also developing tonight, two us olympic swimmers are heading home from brazil afteril testifying about an alleged robbery in rio. they checked in for their flight just a short time ago.. brazil and police say they men along with their teammates, ryan lochte and jimmy feigen lied j about the rob i. tmz poked some holes in the story. i understand the us limb committee just released aease statement about the controversyv >> about 40 minutes ago, the us olympic committee did release a statement saying that they are apologizing for these athletes'' behavior. saying they're not acceptable.ea they're apologizing to theirir host rio and also confirming that there was an encounter. these are the four swimmersmmer involved in this whole
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gold medal ryan ryan lochte. swimmer james feigen is still in rio and gunnar bentz and jack conger are on a plane headed back to the us. they vandalized a gas station bathroom but left before police arrived. > this was first obtained by tmz. it doesn't show a rob, is but it does however show the four swimmers walking a gas stationao in rio. four of them urinated or one of them on the side of the gase si station and then vandalized the sign and may have been intoxicated at the time.e. i spoke to tmz's harvey levin about that video and the important parts that were cut out.out. m go back to the yellow cab they were in and then there is a three-minute edit in the video. theyde insist that what happenet and it seems like the police ar now supporting this is th
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the video was off or when the gas station edited it, a gun was pulled. somebody from the security team pulled a gun on them. > now, police confirmed a security guard did point a gun at the swimmers only to contain the situation, but no shots were it's still a different investort from what lochte which initially said is that they were pullede over by someone portrayortr themselves as police. pol they say the gas workers did demand money for the damage that was done to the gas station. either way it doesn't look for the swimmers and certainly the not for ryan locket who could stand to loosen doesments. by him doing these stupid fratpi and particulars, what it shows is lack of judgment. what it shows is nobody is going to willing to say that was l too issue, that was childhoodildh nonsense, we're going to trust this guy and we're going
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our build brand in his hands. fortune magazine estimates ryan lochte earned $2.2 million in 2012. lochte's attorney says the swimmer maintains he is telling the truth and a robbery did takd place and again the us olympic committee coming out and apologizing on behalf of athletes and to rio. > three us postal serviceee u employees in the district were arrested today and charged with bribery and conspiracy to distribute marijuana, an unsealed indictment claims alicia north man were together to make sure packages of pot were delivered in exchange for cash. earlier today, fox5's paul wagner tried to talk to normanan as she left court.rt. you're violating my firstfirs amendment rights. i will please appreciate it ift you leave me
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thank you very much. > did you do anything wrong,ng, ma'am? did you break the law.l. >> that's none of your businessr > what do you have to say about the charges against you? the postal service says they aree constantly on the look out for packages of drugs being sent to addresses with fake names.e > we have an update now on a story you saw first on fox5. we are learning new details about the troubled head start program in prince george'srinc county. as we first are the oned theed federal government terminated a $6 million funding grant afterer mounting problems, including child abuse were not fixed. we've also learned members of of the school board had no ideao what was going on until fox5 reported the findings from that federal investigation. i'm outraged, i'm disappointed and i am hoping the individualsv are held accountable because of this. $6.5 million for one of the most important programs.ogra the head start program serves se your most vulnerable students,lr almost a thousand of them. and for us to
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11th hour like this is completely unacceptable. > the school board plans to launch an investigation to find out who knew what and when.n. tracking metro tonight, transit police are now investigating a trail train derailment that happened on july 9. a silver line train partially slipped off the tracks outsidetd of the east falls church station. one person was injured, the safety person found out that deteriorated track ties led to that derailment. newly uncovered information is raising some serious concerns prompting it to involve police i involvement. the agency also hired two former federal prosecutors to help inet the investigation.igat dozens of d.c. families are temporarily homeless after strong storms ripped the roof off their apartment building last night.nigh construction crews have beenen working on the building at k and 11th streets southeast all day a to repair that damage. about 50 people were put up in hotels last night because of the
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> we talked to some residents who say the storm caught them off i heard a big boom and i looked back and a roof was coming off. so i immediately jetted back tok check on my kids and my family.. so when i got back it was just debris every > no one was hurt, the d.c. housing authority will hold ad meeting to update residents on the repairs. > still to come, how tell he marketers are bending the rulese to flood your phone with unwanted calls and scams. > also ahead tonight, a would be car jack ergot a big surprisb before he was on the the run for police. we'll have a little l more of this wild video when we return.
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> following some breaking newsm righe t now out of prince georgp county. police say an officer, a police officer shot aer suspect in capital heights. this happened around 10:30 in the 7,000 block of shady glenn terrace. we do not know what led up to the shooting, but we are told that the suspect doesn't have life threatening injuries. no officers were hurt in the we'll bring you more information on this as it comes in you havee to take a look at this dramaticc ending to a police chase in tampa,
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on the run after he got caughtgt riding a motor vehicle the wrong way down the interstate. he did a little switcheroo he s went back on the highway unaware a chopper was watching his every move. watch him as he runs away across the highway, the got to the second car, offered the driver money for a ride. guy said no. he tried to car jack the driver but the driver fought him off. the would be car jacker took ofk again. tried to get away. he finally gave up and as you can guess right now he is facing a very long list of charges. > tony. well, you could soon be getting more spam calls on your cellphone.cell that's because rules that are ta supposed to stop these calls just aren't working anymore. experts say tell he marketers are now buying new software that allows them to cycle through millions of random combination of numbers to reach more p. as a result people are
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estimated $350 million every$350 year to telephone scams. am of them are simply executed through a series of recorded messages. i got a missed call. i called back and the very first thing it said is do you want to be put on our do not call list i automatically want assumed that they wanted to market to me earlier.ea it's like spam.m. they're automated. > a new bill backed by new york senator charles schumer known as the row beau cop act would arm consumers with tool to block t robe oh calls. > 16789. 15 sue joins us with a look at the forecast.ecas things are a little bit cooler than they have been. >> i think you'll notice a difference tonight. we're not only dealing withth severe storms. we do have one or two down powers, very isolated. that's about the only placeace getting it.gett tomorrow generally a dry day, too. could there be somethinghing isolated in spot
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we're on a good we're still going to notch another 90-degree day, if not a 92-degree day tomorrow, but then bring on the weekend and big changes beyond that. tonight we are starting with thh look at radar because i want you to see that there's in the a loe going on. we've been tracking someckin stronger storms that he ' moved onto the maryland eastern shore. this is what we've been watchinn to our south around dale city and now it's moved beyond triangle l into western portions of charles down.rles maybe you're getting a about it more rain out of this than you'd rather see than last night. that will continue to move towards the southeast. you may be getting it on that it the next little while. nobody really seeing any rainain tonight. i think once we get that little disturbance out of here that will be it we're still 83 in the district, but 73 for martinsburg, 73 up towards frederick. humidity still up there, but up again all of that will get better. don't expect a less humid day
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tomorrow. it will still be humid. it will still be warm. high pressure is going to be inn a position to pump in that southern heat for us. but it should be generally a dry day. again, anything we would see around in terms of rain or even a thunderstorm would be very isolated and kind of surprising if bee didn't get it. a warm day, a sunny case, a little bit humid, but not oppressive. let's look at your plannerlann foretop. 77-degrees at 8 in the morning.g but then we jump it 10 moree degrees and then we're back at 92 at 4:00 to fill up this very warm workweek. 88 for gaithersburg and annapolis, 91 for fredericksburg. for the weekend we're going to be attacking the approach of dryer more comfortable air and r by monday it is in here. as we change over from the who the, humid air mass to this dry, more comfortable air mass, big time thunderstorms possibleposs sunday. that might be a day in which you're really going to have too keep an eye to the sky. that's what we're going to
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your attention to as we look at our weekend forecast.or the least stormy day will be sat with only isolated storms expected in the afternoon, buteo then watch any time after sunday afternoon into the evening for those strong storms to bring inr a change. we'll probably see a few of them at the beaches later in the day as well. upper 80s to near 90 for our forecast at the beaches. very quickly i just wanted to mention, our water temperaturer nice and warm at 75 and we continue to track what is tropical storm fee own a, but bu most of our computer models do have it moving more to the northwest. if that continues it's in the going to threaten any land mass. that's wrap it with our seven w day forecast.da we are going to see temperaturer getting back into the mid 80s by monday with less humid it's going to feel great to you tuesday, wednesday and thursdayy and the 60s at shawn, tone initial i cannot wait to open up my wind s at home. that air-conditioning feels likg it has been
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> i'm looking for it, too. the good day d.c. morning teamng are heading to rosalyn. they will visit the art institute. toast the weekend from a local alien we'll be right back.
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i'd like to be the nfl.fl. maybe people go wow they had a really goodyear.oody the san antonio spurs of the he pit my of steady, boring success. the spurs made the playoff 19 straight years and won five titles with narrowly a tmz head line line. deshawn jackson would appreciatd on of the spurs' anonymous accomplishments. winning a the look of games. i'm familiar with san antonio, winning a the look of games in
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the championships.ips. hopefully we can go out there o and dout it. > let's be boring.> l i want that on a t-shirt, let's' be tonight the nats and braves underway after a 76 minute rain delay. not a lot of people stayed s around after that. anthony rendon, no, probably going to blame the rain delay on that. bryce harper score on therror. lopez making his fourth career start. he was just massive.assi struck out ate braves in thehe first three innings, he has a career high 11ks in seven sev innings of work. the eighth inning, the nats lead 7 to 2 #. the orioles, six home runsome against the visiting astros. three run shot, leading 35th of the year. manny manchet oh added another.t giving out homeruns. the
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into a second place tie with the red sox.sox. i'm calling out the ioc.ioc. make this olympic event right here. yesterday's olympic events, a group of chinese gymnasts busted out the human jump rope. > oh, no. >> is it trampoline gymnastics in. > looking good on a horse. i think human jump rope. >> this has got to be an olympip event. > that's way was telling you tl guys about.ut. >> it's amazing. i've seen street performers in new york do something like thiss we would be good at human jump rope. > do it. >> i wouldn't want to be the jump rope, though. > we'll be right back, everybody
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> we are wrapping things upare tonight with a viral video thatt illustrates one of the mostost important rules of bungy jumping. yep, if you're going
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dive, empty your pockets. look at what happened to a man in south africa. > yea wholly beep. i dropped my phone. yep, take a look. it's hard to see. there it is. it comes out of his pocket. his iphone false out and down into the river hundreds of feet blow. that's the slow mow look it'sits sliding out of his pocket. it also appears he lost several loose coins as well. imagine explaining that to your phone insurance. >> i'm adding that to my bucketk list of things i'm never trying. me, too. > good night, everybody. we'll see you
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: nicole scherzinger has done something that has never gotten props in the 10 years, 11 years of "tmz." ♪ she was singing to her own song. >> as fine as she is in a bathing suit. >> it trumps it. >> and it feels natural. she doesn't feel like she's doing it for the cameras. >> no, with no cameras and leg up on a stool shaving, dude. >> they just released video of the alleged robbery that happened with ryan lochte. they go to a gas station. according to the gas station, they go in and it's locked, the door. so they start kicking and like damaging the door. harvey: these swimmers were drunk and defiant. either the security guard or the manager said you're paying for the door, and they said screw you. right.


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