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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the bacteria, however, the investigation is continuing, the neonatal unit will remain closed probably through the end of this month, and possibly into september. any babies who are now in the hospital and not in the neonatal unit are being bathed with bottled water. there is also a new water filtration system being installed in the hospital. now, a news conference was held at about 1:30 this afternoon with number of officials from dimensions healthcare. we want to tell you what sherrie perkins had to say about those seven babies who died in the neonatal unit since january 1 of this year. here's what sherrie had to say. >> we have taken care in our nicu of 116 babies this year. these babies are specially precious to us, as patients, and their families are specially precious to us. and it saddens us as a t
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in this year, in 2016, seven families from our nicu have had babies that did not survive, and our caregivers grieve with these families. these premature babies had conflict, medical problems, some were as small as one to 2 pounds. epidemiologists and neonatal experts are investigating any links between the deaths of any babies and the presence of pseudomonas in the water supply. >> now, the cdc is involved in this investigation and you may recall when the hospital officials admitted that they had a problem with this bacteria here at the nic unit earlier this month, they brought in a number of ambulances from area hospitals to transfer some of these babies from the nic unit over to other hospitals. we know nine babies were transferred over
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hospital and three of those babies were known to be showing the pseudonomas bacteria. we'll show you what sherrie perkins has to say about those babies. >> we had nine babies who were transported, transferred to children's national medical center, and of those nine babies, three were what are called colonized with the back tear crashes but none of the babies were sick, had been sick with the pseudomonas infection, given the amount of time that has happened since that colonization, we're optimistic that they'll remain free of the infection. >> reporter: now, hospital officials also said today this bacteria is very come on, here, in our area, and across the united states. and, in adults it, can be treated. but with tiny babies, premature babies like those
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fatal. so this investigation continues, as to how those seven babies died, and at this point hospital officials are working around the clock, they said, to make sure that the water here in this hospital is safe. live in prince george's county, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> new tonight, a 911 call from a killer. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> calm down. calm down. >> not breathing? >> no, ma'am. >> we just got that tape. dc man calling for help after he shook his girlfriends' baby so violently the six month olds later died. that was in january, prince georges county, then this week kareem bryant took a plea deet. lindsay watts has more from that 911 call and the shocking statement from the baby's mother in court. >> my name is kareem brown. i am calling for my girlfriends. >> okay. >> oh,
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give it mouth to mouth. >> the man on the line seems frantic. >> the baby is six months. let me do it. >> is it male or female? >> female. >> she is not awake? >> yes, she is still breathing. >> investigators say kareem bryant's concern for his girlfriend's babe. >> i yes, i think she caught a seizure. >> oh, you think she had a seizure? >> his confusion about what happened is all an act. violent past offender high on synthetic marijuana when he shook the child when his girlfriends was in the shower. >> this case again leaves us speechless in a lot of ways. but it has to be domestic, parents, all parents, must do better job of protecting children. >> the state's attorney general for prince georges county announced bryant will spent 12 years in prison after taking a plea deal. she says the baby's mother spoke at the sentencing. her
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as shocking as this horrific crime. >> she wanted to thank him. she wanted to reminds him of her love for him, and simply wanted to tell him thank you for helping her to take care of her children. i'm very concerned about it. i think we should all be concerned about that. and it just speaks to the education that has to happen for parents. >> lindsay watt, fox5 local news. >> we now know what caused last week's massive explosion and fire that leveled an apartment building in silver spring. police confirm, a natural gas explosion in the meter room of the flower branch amounts triggered that blast. at least seven people were killed. this afternoon we spoke with the president of k apartment communities, the company that manages the apartment complex, he says while there were couple of complaints about gas odor since the beginning of the year, what happened last week came as a complete surprise. >> since the beginning of the year, we've had two complaints, one in january
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one in may for the smell of gas. both complaints were investigated, technician went to their apartment with electronic sniffer and found no gas. it dissipated by the time we were there. investigating probably the stove. no smell of gas. everybody knows there was another report on july 25th, the fire company came out, 911 call, and they found no source, no leak of gas. i can also say that in this particular building, our maintenance supervisor was in there just this past week, on monday, and the room was pristine, absolutely no gas odors. that room is connected to our maintenance shop and our office. if there was any gas odor in there, you would know that the gas company puts odor eyes nerve there. it would have been noticed right away, and we would have addressed it. >> police have identified three of the victims killed in the apartment building explosion. fox5 jennifer dave list have a report coming up late nerve our brought cast -- later in the broadcast. >> m
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point circle was hit and killed by a driver earlier this morning. it is the second pedestrian killed on a dc street in as many days. our died at the crossing as he was crossing ninth street northwest yesterday. that driver stayed on the scene. that investigation is ongoing. police say the driver in today's crash kept ongoing. tonight police need your help. fox5's alexandra limon live on the scene tonight. alex, what happened out there? >> reporter: well, this is where that victim was, crossing the street, in the intersection of n street and new hampshire northwest around 2:40 in the morning when he was hit by a car and, like you said, that driver took off. now police need your help. take a look at this surveillance video. they've released from nearby loading document there you can see the car, dc police say, was involved in this hit-and-run. the video's quick, and it is blurry. they hope
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the area might recognize what they call a dark colored car that was involved. now, what we also know is that the victim is identified as 29 year old david narvias. johns hopkins university confirms he was recent graduate of the dupont campus, in fact, he graduated just this spring with a masters in applied economics. again, police are asking for the public's help, hoping they will get leads about the driver that fled the scene of this deadly crash. >> there are a few bars in the area, like specially on l street, up closer to georgetown, but even still, still pretty safe around here. i haven't really seen a lot of accident or stuff like that, so just shocking, to actually hear that. >> reporter: now police say 17 people have been killed so far this year in t
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result of car crashes. five of them were pedestrians. again, they're asking if you were in this area, take a look, there is a run of hotels, restaurant here, rosica a popular restaurant, if you were in this area last night and you saw that maybe you have more information on what kind of car that was, a partial plate number, any information, contact the dc police department. reporting live in northwest, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. a dc man arrested in a fatal carjacking in prince george's county has been formally indicted. twenty year old demarco wheel is her charged with killing 68 year old alonzo jackson during carjacking last month. police say wheeler approached jackson as he was filling up his karat a gas station, shot him, took off in his car. wheeler faces several charges including murder and armed carjacking. if convicted every all of the charges, he faces the possibility of life in prison. >> it is a new twi
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scam. scammers calling people, pretending to be the irs. then they are demanding their victim pay them with itunes gift card. the louder county sheriff's offers is warning resident about this crime. they say the criminals are telling victims that they owe back taxes, and they could be arrested unless they fork over those gift cards. if you received a call like this, police would like to hear from you. >> coming up: cracking down on fictitious candidates. what the federal election commission says it is now doing to eliminate candidates using fake names to run for office. >> and how president obama is getting hammered over his louisianna flood response. >> zika in south beach, miami on high alert as officials warn of the virus transmission, how it is already @ texting tourism there. we'll have that ahead. >> today, not too bad. still a little bit that far humidity sticking around. that's the story for the weekend. we have some active weather to talk about. i'll have all of the details,
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of course a look at the all important seven day forecast. stay with us, we'll be back after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> fall mantafort has resigned, he had monetary connections to r
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statement, trump praised manfort's work and called him true professional. just the latest in the ring of recent staff changes for the campaign. earlier in the week they added two top officials in a move widely seem as demotion foremanafort. >> e-mail scandal that has dogged hillary clinton's campaign bubbled up again today. clinton has always maintained she was not the only chief dip low man to have personal e-mail account. former secretary of state, colin powel, is admitting he did, too. he tells the associated press he used an aol account to send messages to staffers. powell wrote to clinton in 2009 telling her the personal account was very helpful and vastly improved communications in his department. the federal election commission is getting fed up with fake political candidate, like the one you see here at the bottom of the list. these nuts, you may remember that one, appears to have 9% of the vote in this pole. well, the commission says,
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letters to people listing fictional characters, on scene language, and celebrities basically anything that doesn't sounds legitimate, this comes as a response to an increase in questionable candidacy forums, that they've received this election cycle. >> almost broke the double digits there. >> they did. now i can see why they're looking into this. >> exactly. >> probably ignite add onslaught of those. meanwhile, president obama facing big criticism over his handling of the deadly flooding in louisianna. >> the president has continued his vacation in martha vineyard instead of visiting the devastated area. some people are not happy about it. mike huckabee hammered the president today, calling him disgraceful, for failing to survey the flood damage. donald trump made a stop in louisianna today, where he bashed the president for not being there. the white house has declared the damage part of state of disaster area, and louisianna governor has brushed off the criticism saying he
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state has what it needs from the federal government. >> former president, bill clinton, meanwhile, marking a major milestone today. today is his 70th birthday. the 42nd president of the united states has a lot to celebrate, too, he now has two grandchildren, and of course, you know he's been keeping very busy with the clinton foundation and as well he do just be a few months away from becoming the first gentleman, if his wife, hillary, wins the general election in november. >> i would say that's what we're calling him then, is that the official name? >> first hubby? first gentleman? >> i like all of them. >> what i would like is a break from all of the heat we've had. i think we had a little bit after break today. >> i am happy to say that i missed the heat. really thrilled about that. >> yes. >> breathing it from a far. >> i'm sure. thank goodness, you were probably on a beach or something? >> probably. >> hey, gwen, she is rubbing it in.
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a lot cooler than here. >> not much cooler. >> okay, we still have a little humidity, though, sticking around this weekend, but we have great break ahead from that, i am happy to say. let's take a look what's going on right now. you know what, we've had partly cloudy skies, to the south of us and to the west of us, we've seen some isolated storms popping up. can't rule out maybe isolated shower or two little later on, but we will lose all of that with daytime heating little bit of instability in the atmosphere. but, temperatures oday, still into those 90s, not getting a break from that once we get into the seven day forecast, we are going to finally get a break from happy to say that. but, in the meantime, 90 degrees right now in d.c. we've got 86 degrees at baltimore. eighty-eight at fredericksburg, 87 at dullos at this hour, manassas at 90 degrees, and we've got 84 degrees at gaithersburg. so let's take a look at the humidity. dew points actually not as bad as they have been. that is a good sign. dew point currently into the 60s, pretty much right
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but just translates into that the heat indexes is pretty close to what the actual air temperature is. and there is not this big wide margin that we're dealing with. so, here is a look at your planner for tonight. by the time we hit the 7:00 hour, 89 degrees, eight an at the 9:00, 11:00 about 81, and we're talking mostly clear to partly cloudy skies tonight, and as i said, still sticking around with that humidity. next couple of days, a lot going on, however. saturday is the day, which is going to be pretty much like today. can't rule out maybe pop up storm or little bit of shower here or there, primarily to the west and to the south of us. but, sunday iós an action day, folks. looking at cold front coming through, and we could see some pretty strong storms, as a result of that. 91 degrees by the time that rolls around. so, just be prepared, looking at a chance at maybe some even severe storms. the weekend, staying hot, humid. the seven day forecast will give you some relief. all of the details in just a bit. back to you. >> thank you,
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annual 9/11 ride making its way into virginia. >> but may be for the last time. >> reporter: thousands of motorcyclists rumbled through our area as part of 9/11 tribute, but it will be for the last time. why a disagreement with law enforcement ended this tradition. that's coming up. >> and historic medal won in women's freestyle wrestling, coming home to maryland. ahead we're chatting with helen, about her big win in rio. stick around for that. hat. ma
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man for the
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics.
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with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> you may have seen a patriots i can parade of motorcyclists rolling through our area today. thousands of bikers road from shenksville, pennsylvania, down to the pentagon, as part of a 15 year long tradition of honoring 9/11 victims. live near the pentagon,
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a disagreement with local law enforcement, is brinking this event to an end. this has been a big event. >> reporter: it has, a lot of support through the community, more than 1500 motorcyclists and entourage here, are spending the night at hotels near the pentagon tonight before they leave for the second leg of their trip to new york sit. you can imagine coordinating large group like thereon dc area highways during friday rush hour can be a challenge. which is the reason this will be their final ride. >> for more than a decade, thousands have made the ride since september 11, 2001. >> our purpose to remember what occurred and say thank you to all of the first responders across this country for doing their job. >> the ride has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for first responders, and their families. and many of these bikers were fortunate to survive those terrorist attacks themselves. >> i was at
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in tower two, on the 35th floor. and i was in the building, when the second plane hit. >> but this will be the last time this patriots i can parade will ride. disagreements with local law enforcement has forced founder to cancel this long standing trace. maryland state police say in recent years the large motorcade that passes through the area, has caused significant traffic tie ups, spurred safety concerns, every year receive several complaints. >> some people say, you know, damn bikers for trying to do this. other people, they're like the whole country ought to be here doing this, you know what i mean, and doing this tribute with you. >> reporter: state police say they've tried to work with organizers even suggesting breaking up the riders into several groups. >> can you imagine breaking these into groups of 20 or 100? it's not going to happen. >> reporter: so without solution, organizers have decided to cancel this long standing tradition, which has some supporters heart broken. >> it kind of hurts.
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inherited or grandsons inherited the ride. it is what it is. the time has come. but i will say the american public never forgets. >> in they have others that assist in the escort duties. they hope to keep this fund raiser going, just have to find another way to raise the money. live in crystal city. fox5 local news. >> so sad to see it go on the other handy do understand where law enforcement is coming, from it is a lot of people. thank you. >> up ahead tonight: deadly tour bus crash. hear what the driver may have done moment before the violent accident. what investigators are looking into tonight. and, the us swimmer scandal continues today ryan lochte apologized while sticking to his gunpoint story. what couldn't next step in the controversy ahead. hey, brody? >> reporter: hey, liver at fed ex pre-season game number two, they say number two and three are the
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of the pre-season. find out what we can learn tonight on this field versus the jets coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. new tonight, officials say a natural gas explosion in the meter room of the flower ridge apartment builds something what caused the builds to go explode. august 10th, killing seven, displacing nearly 100, the process every identifying the victims is proving to be slow, but there was progress on that front today. >> fox5 jennifer davis has the story now from silver spring. >> we are prepared to say that this tragedy was the result after natural gas explosion, that occurred in the meter room
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>> now led by the ntsb will continue at the flower branch amounts, because there are several possible ignition sources inside that meter room. but they can say now they don't believe this was a crime. >> there is no indication that a criminal act occurred. there was no inch sinned area or ignition device recovered in the location of the blast seat or the blast location, and there is no indication of unauthorized access to the meter room prior to the explosions. >> police say the process of identifying the seven bodies found in the debris is slow and painstaking. and requires dna dental records and more. but the remains of three people have now been identified. two were among the first bodies discovered. >> maria casion martinez, and saul, have been identified to our process. >> this man's cousin is still missing and unidentifie a
5:31 pm
side, he says his family is in agony as the identification process stretches on. >> i just don't understand. we provide dna evidence, dna sample five days ago. >> they don't tell us nothing yet. >> this man said he called 911 on july 25th when he smelled gas, firefighters gas detectors didn't finds a hazard that day, he says, he smelled it again moments before the building exploded. >> we have information that the management company was repeatedly told that there was a gas leak and they should look into it. >> a different time ... nothing has been done ... i just believe that this could have been avoided. >> ntsb officials say they'll remain on the scene here in silver spring for a few more days to continue
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investigation. in silver spring, jennifer davis, fox5 local news. two people are dead, more than dozen other injured after two commuter buses crashed in new jersey. it happened in newark just after 6:00 this morning. authority say a new jersey transit bus that had no passengers on it slammed into another bus. the driver of the empty bus and a woman riding on the other bus died. the other bus driver had 17 passengers, were injured, six of them are in critical condition tonight. investigators trying to determine if the driver who died ran a red light. >> tonight us health officials are warning pregnant women to avoid miami beach, where mosquitos have spread the zika virus to five people. cdc says pregnant women should avoid travel to the south beach area which has now been identified as an infection zone. the agency says pregnant woman should also continue to avoid travel to miami's wynnewood arts district. that neighborhood was the first site on the us mainland where health officials determined mosquitos
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transmitting zika. the tourism industry in florida's particularly concerned, but the impact it may have on local businesses. >> olympic swimmer ryan lochte is now apologizing for his behavior that caused a major scandal at the rio games. lochte initially claimed he and three of his fellow swimmers were robbed at gunpoint while returning back to the olympic village after a night of partying. police determined lochte fabricated the story and left out the fact that he and his mate vandalized a gas station. while lochte did not specifically admit wrong-doing, he took to twitter and issued the following statement, he said, i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and candid in how i described the event of that early morning, and for my role in taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling their dreams of participating in the olympics. i wait today share these thoughts until it was confirmed the legal situation was addressed and it was cleared that my teammates would be arriving home safely. the us olympic committee also
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apologizing for the action cents of the swim team members, three of the swimmers, lochte, gunnar bentz and jack conger are back in the united states, and golds medal winner jack feigen should be returning to the u.s. soon. feigen's lawyer saidel donate nearly $11,000 to a sport academy for kids in brazil so he can leave the country. the whole ordeal has left many disappointed over the actions of a few, but olympic officials attempted to take the high road today, now that lochte has apologized. >> i think that the brazilian population we will accept his apology, and we want to put this matter to an end and i don't think despite the movement of last couple of days, i don't see this as being affecting the games. >> us olympic officials have publicly expressed disappointment over the
5:35 pm
they say they'll examine it further once all of the swimmers are home and decide whether or not to punish those involved. laura? >> if you are captivated by all of the drama surrounding ryan lochte, you are in luck. the entirety of his short lived 2013 reality show will air on the esquire network. what would ryan lochte do marathon starts in less than an hour. you can watch him partying, dating, and dabble in fashion design. meantime, lochte sponsors are following the latest out of rio, and deciding if they are sticking with the athlete. on the other side of the spectrum, huge pride in maryland tonight for gold medal winner helen maroulis, the rockville native claims the first wrestling gold for the us women yesterday in the rio olympic games. and we are thrilled to have helen joining us via skype right now from rio. helen, congratulations. >> do you have your gold on right now? >> tiff right here. >> close to me
5:36 pm
>> it is beautiful don't let that go, our native, you are greek-american, you have lots of people who are very, very proud of you. congratulations. what does it feel to be a gold medal winner? >> it is incredible, it is fulfilling a life-long dream i have been wrestling since i was seven, and i know so many people dedicated and time for me. i have been away from home so long just to pursue this goal. so to have this gold on my hand, to have my family and loved once with me is a dream come true. >> even more magical, you went into this match, the underdog, beating japan's, three-time defending olympic champ, also won 13 consecutive world championships, some are calling this possibly biggest up sit of the game, heavily favored to win. so take us back to this match yesterday. what inspired you, helen? what lit that fire in you? >> i t
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2012us olympic trials lit that fire in me, just because it made me realize that i had -- i felt i had a lot of potential. i was under performing because i was my own worsen any in terms of not being able to handle my own fears, and so these past four yeast have just been trying to overcome a bunch of battles in myself. and going against the accomplished wrestler, really just me battling myself just make sure that i don't get in my own way, and i can just compete with joy and just to give it my all, so i just kept saying christ is in me, i am enough, and that just totally freaked me out that i went out there and wrestled my heart out, and the results went in my favor. so that's incredible. >> we were just taking a look at some of the pictures, you came out of it surprised. there were so many pictures every you so surprised. were you surprised that you beat her? >> you know, when i was wrestling her, i knew it was going to be a long six
5:38 pm
japan's style, they have four gold medals in the other weights, all in the last couple of seconds, so i new i would have to wrestle the whole time. i was so determined to win. but it was just one of those surreal moments, that once the buzzer rang, and i realized that i actually had done it, it was like -- it was almost like i transformed back into seven year old helen, and i was a little girl, and i was like me, this girl that just started wrestling boys, and now 17 years later i'm here, did i just win a golds mediale so i was surprised. it is like you're all in for it, then it happens, and you can't believe it. >> as you started out wrestling, because you were wrestling with your brother, i understanded, is that right? >> yes. and did you wrestle also at magruder high school. >> did i for three years. >> what does this do your win for women's wrestling? what does it do for women's wrestling in the united states? >> well, i don't even want to put a cap or limit on it. i am hoping that this
5:39 pm
totally propels women's wrestling, in colleges, universities, my dream, to see women's wrestling grow, and to just get that support and recognition that i think it deserves. and i think that every single girl would benefit from wrestling, because there is a misconception, i don't think you have to be tough to be a wrestler. i think wrestling will teach you to be confident, strong, because i started as shy insecure girl, and wrestling just totally changed my life. so i would love for young girls to get to experience that. >> a lot of girl power in these games. what's next for you, helen? >> reporter: actually i'm trying to book a vacation in the greece in the next few weeks, prices are really good, hearing that the weather is really good, so i'm hoping i can get that in. >> excellent. i just got back yesterday. >> oh, no way. >> so i can tell you it was great, it was great. well, wonderful to talk to you. we are so proud of you. and i'm sure it will be a great homecoming party for you. but enjoy, go have fun in
5:40 pm
for you when you come back. >> thank you so much. >> congratulation cents. >> thanks for all of the support. thank you. >> congratulations, helen maroulis, golds medal winner. >> i loved how she was talking about a lot of it just getting over the jitters, it is a mental game. you play with yourself you know after she lost during those trials and then to come back and really kind of focus. when she said i realize i was enough, it just lets you go, you just go out there and do your best. >> and she talked about the battle, too, she won the world championship in a 55-kilo classification, and they don't have that at the olympics. it is a # 3-kilo classification. so she had to battle to lose weight over the last year, and it was a real tough thing for her challenge, so she said she sack files add lot socially, eating, you know, only chicken breast, over and over, and but she made it happen. and that was really a big fight for her. >> paid off. >> accomplished a lot. it paid
5:41 pm
redskins, they take the field for the pre-season home opener. >> brody logan live from fed ex field with what's at steak, and tonight's second pre-season game. hey, brody? >> hey, yes, it is pre-season game number two i'm here with grant carlton. now, grant, a lot of people say pre-season game number two and three, when you learn the most about the team. what are we going to learn tonight about the theme. >> what i would like to learn about the team, they can run the game. in pre-season game one, on the feel, even the second string group, they weren't able to. projected to be on the 63 man roster, eight rushes, 0 yards, that wouldn't have been a big deal, just one pre-season game and time i sample size. the final 14 games and 15 weeks last season, the redskins didn't run the ball well. i want to see them do that tonight against real good defensive front. >> and that's a big time position battle going on here for the running back, the back up running
5:42 pm
the guy, number one guy. now, earlier, coming in, into the stadium, saw kurt cousins coming in, he had the headphones on, getting his game face on, and then davis, coming in with clinton, had to teach him where the lockerroom is. you know? >> pre-season. >> he has to learn where the home lockerroom is. now, kurt cousins, he was fiery earlier this week, talking about what is at stakeout here if the pre-season for the guys on this roster. >> imagine if we had two journalists here in this room, we said in three weeks, one of you is gone, one every you staying for the season, but the other one we're paying this much. some stress, some competition, and i don't care if they said you have been around for five years and you haven't. no matter how safe you feel, you better bring it every day. >> if they're improving, feeling they are staying the same, getting worse, and, you
5:43 pm
lie. keep watching these guys. >> you know, i'm a little fair. you have kurt cousins talking about journalists losing jobs, you have jay gruden eye in the sky, always watching. i feel like we're being watched now. who will be out there playing for a paycheck? it is real. some guys will lose jobs, other guys will gain jobs. >> i'll give two names to look out for, i think it is an important evening for steven, he was signed last off season, came over from chicago, about 20 million bucks, and real had i a disappointing first season here, training camp, hasn't been a stand out. made some upgrades, defensive line position. i no longer think it is a lock and he is going to make this team. he has got to play well these next couple of weeks. other guy on offense, richard ross, one year ago, pre-season, this is kind of his time to shine. but he needs to. remember, they draft add wide out, josh, 22nd overall, whether he is healthy or not, he'll be on the roster, and count for the 53 man group. you have desean
5:44 pm
pierre garrison, marquis players taking up a lot of money at that position. so if ross had a gone last week, you cannot put the ball on the gals. make plays when you have a chance, kitted, only few of them in the next few weeks. >> interesting, i talked to ross at practice this week. i asked what do you do, do you turn into practice reps or on the field. practice reps, you guys that do every move you ask. he likes these games, going up against where you can try something new, maybe don't know what's coming. >> he should. he always mentioned really when he saw him rise, in this town, he can strike up the bands. he has speed. smoking, bubble screens in the big games, but needs to do it again. last year doesn't matter any more. they have spent money and draft picks for that pokes. so for him it is about this week, and next week. >> all right, well, tonight is a big night for the team, starters, get about quarter out of them, big night for curbing
5:45 pm
28th birthday, hey, 28th birthday you get to say bring the toughest front seven to the nfl. >> happy birthday, enjoy. >> i'm looking like late 30's, you forget, these athletes are so young. all right, thanks, guys, appreciate it. >> have fun. >> straight ahead, dream come true for special little girl. >> our favorite little princess, eden, is having another big night tonight. >> hey, lindsey? >> hey, we are here hanging out with princess, unicorn, and very special little girl at the sender of it all. stay with us here on fox5. ox5.
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>> storms well to the south every us and well to the west, that's about all we'll be seeing daytime heating will take care that far a little later. so from partly cloudy to
5:49 pm
highs today we range from the low the's, to the upper 80s, all three airports, and that humidity still kind of feeling it out there, not quite as bad as it has been over the past few days, but we are going to see the humidity sticking around for this weekend. 90 degrees at dc, 86 at baltimore, 86 at frederick, 87 degrees at dullos, and we've got 87 degrees at culpeper. so right now the dew points are into the upper 60s. so not too, too bad. you are still going to feel that into the weaken watch we are dealing with major cold front, it will move it way across our area once we get into sunday. and ahead of it we'll see pretty strong storms, once we get into sunday and into the early afternoon and evening hours could see severe storms, still humidity kicking in, some sunshine, can't room out maybe isolated pop you are shower or storm, once we get into tomorrow afternoon. primarily, we are looking at mainly to the south and to the west of us. and, as far as sunday goes,
5:50 pm
start to get a little more intense, probably going to be through central maryland, north of dc, southern maryland. for tomorrow, by midday, 88 degrees, by the 4:00 hour, 91, chance of a storm. beaches are looking great. not bad at all. could see some storms by the time we get to sunday. here is a look at your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast. take a look, finally get cooler. back to seasonal, and low humidity. we will be back right after the braining. stay with us.
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5:53 pm
>> over the course of the past year, we have brought you the struggles of a six year old maryland girl battling brain cancer. >> her name is eden, last december she had a joyous day through the "make a wish foundation", arranged for her to go on a far i tail
5:54 pm
scavenger hunt. >> if you could take him anywhere right now, where would you go? >> to the enchanted forest. >> linsey watts joins us from woodlands, maryland, more about what eden is doing today. >> hey, lindsey. >> hey, guys, it has been such amazing day here, the folks here have really gone above and beyond, to grant eden's wish, you heard, was ride into an enchanted forest, so we have princess here and more than one horse, check it out, there is eden ready to take another ride. has been riding for quite awhile. you guys can take off. i'm going to walk over. >> let's go eden's dad, how has it been for to you see your daughter today here? >> amazing, i would say for us, we did a lot of joy in just seeing her smile and watching how happy she is, and, you know, she
5:55 pm
this she loves horses, she lovers unicorns, so this has been amazing, seeing her smile, seeing her happy has been amazing feeling for us. >> we'll show some video from what you first arrived. eden was a little shy, wasn't feeling too well, really just seemed to perk up. but she battled cancer twice now, and then just recently, you got news? >> yes, you know, she has been brave little fighter long, hard journey, you know, has beat it twice, and we got the news about three weeks ago, that her tumor cancer is growing back, and the doctor is not really sure what to do at this point. we're going to keep hoping, keep bleeping, cherish every moment, every day that we have with her, and things like this, seeing her smile, seeing her happy makes it good for us, as well. >> and i know she had really wonderful day with us
5:56 pm
december, did she talk about it at all? >> still talks about it, talks to her, and even friends come up, hey, you made me believe unicorns are real. lasting memory for her, something she always remembers, great day for all every us setting here, thinking back to the day, yes, she clearly cherishes. >> take a look, one more like, there she is on her unicorn. is that her sister with her? >> i want you to know that your daughter, so many people have contacted us, asking about her, you know, also the staff at fox5, so she is just someone that has really touched a lot of people.
5:57 pm
know, like there is one, take comfort inn all of this: >> so you're watch eden thereon her unicorn and her wish has been, now, to ride an unicorn into an enchanted forest, and sad to report that her brain cancer has come back, the tumor has come back, and she is no longer in remission, but she is getting a happy moment there with her family and the unicorn, once again, and i know that she watches the video from her unicorn wish often. >> it is good to see her, see the smile on her face. thanks for being with us, everyone. fox5 local news at 6:00 starts after the break.
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this is fox5 local news at 6:00. >> and we thank you for joining us at 6:00ment i'm


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