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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  August 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> right now at 10:00 a lawsuit filed against the owners of a silver spring apartment complex where a building exploded following a gas leak. why one resident says the tragedy never should have happened. >> new details about deadly bacteria found inside prince george hospital septemberer and an investigation is underway to see if the deaths of seven babies treated in the nicu are linked totd bacteria. what's done to protect other patients. >> and apology from u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte following incident at a rio gas station. lochte and three other swimmers said they were robbed and now admitting they lied. the latest on the scandal here at 10. >> many new developments in the deadly apartment explosion in silver spring. >> i'm tony perkins. >> i'm slawn shawn. i'm shawn yancy. >>
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apartment is filing a civil suit. lauren is here with the latest. lauren. >> top yes, i investigators say they dug through debris and reconstructed gas lines and searched through surveillance footage. they say it was a natural gas explosion in basement meter room that cause the fire and devastation at the apartment building long piney branch road in silver spring. >> on the left side, comes into the meter, washington gas meter and on the right side goes out to each apartment. >> the president of k management company using image from a neighboring building to explain how things worked inside the natural gas meter room in flower branch apartment where we know the deadly explosion happened. several residents said there were frequent complaints about the smell of gas leading up to devastating blast and fire. clark marillo says they have elaborate system of reco
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complaints. >> since beginning of year we had two complaints one in january and one in may for the smell of gas. both were investigated and technician went to their apartment with electronic snif sniffen and found no gas. it dissipated by the time we were. there everybody knows there was another report july 25 the fire company came out, 911 call and they found no source or leak of gas. >> the residents that made that 911 call on jewel 25 is pursuing a civil suit. >> we have information that the management company was repeatedly told that there was a gas leak and that they should look into it. >> the investigation into the explosion led by the ntsb will continue and officials say there were several possible iing nation sourcesed in the meter room. but they do not believe it was a crime. meantime, police say the process of identifying the seven bodies found in the debris is slow. it requires dna and dental records but they now kno
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three of the victims were agutso jimenez and maria martinez and sanul pantyagwa for those still missing the identification process is ago nizing. >> we provide dna sample for five days ago. and they deposit tell us nothing yet. ntsb reviews gas lines and says it will be here at the scene several more days as the investigation continues and just standing here i can tell you the people have been coming by and they sit here. they stare. and they are saying prayers. it's just an air of disbelief as everyone continues to look at this building nine days later the devastation here. live in silver spring, lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". we're learning more about the source of deadly bacteria found earlier this month at prince george hospital center
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pseudo know mass bacteria was in pipes leading to the hospital and into the neonatal unit. they are reaching out to the families of seven babies that died in the unit since the beginning of year. hospital officials say there is no evidence that the bacteria caused the deaths and an infectious disease expert is investigating whether there could be a correction. >> these babies are especially precious to us as patient and their families are especially precious to us and it's sadde saddening us as a team to lose a baby. epidemiologists and neonatal experts are investigating any links between the deaths of any babies and presence of pseudo mow nass in the nicu water supply. >> crews are testing the water around the clock and they hope a new filled traition system will be installed
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couple weeks. >> prince william county police have charged derrek trump of centerville of inappropriately touching a 16-year-old girl. trump was a youth director grennwich presbyterian church notesville and the abuse happened at the church and his previous home in fauquier county last may. trump was arrested this week and held on 3500 bond. and youth pastor is jailed in mannasas tonight for a similar crime. police charged jordan baird of warrington withself bus. he was a youth pastor at the life church. he sent inappropriate text messages to and inappropriately touched a 16-year-old girl at the church last year. police arrested baird yesterday and they're still investigatin investigating. he's being held on $10,000 bon bond. let's take it outside tonight. it's going to be a hot weekend. it will not be as bad as we've been dealing with the last few weeks. let's check in with gwen talbert to see what we
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expect, gwen. >> we have mixed conditions this weekend, shawn and storms are in my forecast. it will be an active day once we hit sunday. temperatures into the low 90s and the upper 80s. all three airports. now, we not where we should be temperature-wise and as we look ahead we'll see changes in terms of temperatures as well. humidity still stick around and that's going to be through this weekend as well. so just get prepared. here's a look at what we're talking about for tonight, a few clouds. and we're going to end up seeing partly cloudy skies to basically clear skies overall. humidity definitely still staying in place. we have the jet stream to the north of us and warm air continuing to move its way n you feel the stickyness this weekend before we start to get a break behind a frontal syste system. highs tomorrow into the low 90s and upper 80s across the board dealing with southerly wind flow and can't rule out maybe a popup storm here and there as well.
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saturday like it was today at 92 degrees. sunday, different story. some of those storms could be strong. more details later, back to you. >> a developing story tonight. he lied about being robed in rio and now he's saying he's sorey. u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte and three teammates are trying to move on after the embarassing incident. live from rio. >> how does it feeling to be back in the u.s. >> three of the four u.s. swim areas caused of lying of being robbed at gun point in rio are back 2349 united states. gunnar bentz and jack conger were allowed to leave brazil. a day after their passports wore seedsed and they were asked about sunday morning, vandalism, brandishing guns and drunkenness and public urine nation. six time gold medalist ryan lochte issued an apology on instag
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for my behavior for not being more careful and candid as i described the events of that early morning and take the folk us way from many athletes fulfilling their dreams of participate in the olympics. fourth swimmer jimmy feigen still in rio was ordered to pay $11,000 to charity after file a false police report when he's expectsed to leave the country. it was the u.s. swimmer story that got all the attention. and dwarfing games themselves for six days as police pieced together surveillance videos. the charge struck a nerve with brazilians who shoutd liars outside the police station as lochte version of he event changed the main fact was truxt robbery. a gun was pointed at the swimmers who paid money to leave the gas station.
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caused real damage to the reputations of before ill and american athlete while the four may have escaped any criminal penalty, they are likely to face lengthy bans from the u.s. swim team. >> we learned the fourth swimmer still in brazil jimmy feigen received his passport back from brazilian authorities and could be headed back on a plane as early as this evening n rio de janeiro, fox news. >> it's happened again. a technical glitch for national park service and sarah simmonds surprise live from the national mall with more. this time it's closed for a while, sarah. >> that's right, guys, i hope the washington monument was on the two-do list. it's closed again. find out how long this time around and what crews plan to do coming up, shawn. >> historic motorcycle fried shanksville pennsylvania to northern virginia coming to an end. we'll tell you why this ride honoring 911 vi
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final run. >> and plus a man hitnd killed by a car on the streets of northwest d.c. and the driver just kept ongoing. tonight police need your help finding the person behind the wheel
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>> it's the weekend i know many of you are headed to the national mall. heads up before you do, the washington monument is closed yet again. if you liver in this area you know this is nothing new. crews will give the elevator a full evaluation to see why it's experiencing all these outages. sarah simmons is live on the national mall tonight with the latest. sarah simmons after. shawn i have to tell you it's a beautiful night a lot of people are here taking in the monument any way they can. if you look here someone is laying down looking straight up i hope they enjoy that view that's the only way they'll be able to see the washington monument. not from the inside because as you mentioned once again it's closed. it's now going to be closed for ten days at least because of mechanical and electrical trouble and they're going into the big
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know they need to have a new elevator control system. that's something that they are currently working on. and so, it has been closed already since wednesday when a cable broke stopping about -- or elevator stopping 500 feet above the ground and also closed this past weekend due to another power issue and it was easy to find dispointed tourists tonight. >> we were really hoping to come back on sunday and be able to go to the top last night i was here i think i was in fourth or fifth grade and i was really hoping to get to go to the top. >> you heard the elevator was down and down the next ten days. >> it's a bummer we were hoping to get up there. >> well if it's breaking down since earthquake i would question the integrity of what's going on inside of ther there. but, i'm adventurous i would probably go up there. >> they dpraim canada to see washington and they came here
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and they came here today, we just came here, we didn't know it was closed. they said still repairing and it's disappointing. >> how dispointed are you. >> very dispointed people come from far away to see something we have but we cannot present it. >> and i got to tell you though, guys, even though the elevate ser out it has not killed the magic here. this lovely couple gotten gauged, right? congratulations. >> thank you. >> that's wonderful. who needs the elevate to work at the washington monument right? that's lovely. congratulations to you guys. it's at least ten days this will be closed. it's been closed 24 times since may of 2014. so i hope over the next ten days they're really able to try to figure out exactly what is going on down here at the washington monument with the elevator guys, back to you. >> that's really cool, thank you,
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>> well, you may have seen these patriotic motorcycles rolling through the area today. thousands of bikers road from shanksville pennsylvania down to the pentagon and it's part of a 15 year tradition of honoring 911. >> disagreement with local law enforcement means this is the last year for the event. and andrea helpville explains. >> for more than a decade, thousands of motorcyclists have made the trip to each of the terrorist attack sites on september 11, 2001. >> our purpose is to honor and remember what occurred and say thank you for the first responders across the country for doing their job. >> ride raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for first responders and their families and for many of these bikers they were fortunate to survive the terrorist attacks the themselves. >> i was at work tower two on 31 floor and i was in the building when the second plane hit. >> but this will be the
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time this patriotic parade will ride. disagreements with local law enforcement forced founder ted chertef to cancel. it the large motorcade that passes during rush hour caused significant traffic tieups and spurred safety concerns and every year they receive several complaints. >> tom people say you know, damn bikers for trying to do this and others are like the whole country should be doing this and doing this tribute with you. >> state police say they tried to work with organizers and suggesting breaking up riders to smaller groups. >> you can imagine breaking these up to groups of 20 or 100 it's like it's not going to happen. >> both sides please. >> without a solution, organizers decided to cancel this long-standing tradition which has some supporters heartbroken. >> it kind of hurts. i would not mind if my grand kids inherited the ride. it is what it is the time has come
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forgets. >> "fox5 local news". >> and for the second time in two days a pedestrian has been hit and killed by a car on the streets of d.c.. tonight, police need your help to find driver that kept ongoing. take a close look that surveillance video. it's hard to make out there. it shows the car police say was involved in the hit-and-run. it happened just before 3 a.m. along new hampshire and m streets northwest and police say 29-year-old david narvias of arlington virginia was crossing the street when hit. they hope someone there saw the crash and can tell them more. >> there's a few bars in the area especially l street and closer to georgetown. but even still, it's still pretty safe around here. i have not really seen a lot of accidents and stuff like that. so it's shocking to hear that. >> meanwhile, yesterday, armin tumaji died as crossing 19 street northwest and
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the investigation is ongoing. 17 people died as a rut of car crashes in the district and so far this year. well it's basically worst case scenario for any test drive imagine going to the dealership and hopping in the car with a salesperson and, ba bam, the car gets into a massive accident and you didn't even pull out of the lot. >> we hear from employees of one local mercedes dealership where it happened today. >> and if you drive with a lead foot beware more cameras are coming to alexandria. coming up next
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>> you break it you buy it let's hope that's not the case for the woman in this story. >> she hit the gas pedal instead of brake and hit several cars before flipping the suv on its side. lauren demarco
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>> you think you had a bad day, a woman smashes mercedes benz she is test driving at the dealership in arlington north gleeb road here i have a sales consultant you were here you saw all this happened. the woman was behind us here just getting into what model car. >> gle 350. >> what does that go for. >> $60,000. >> she's about to test drive the car and what happened? somehow she managed to hit the gas and keep foot on gas and goes from the spot there across where i'm standing through this spot where there was no car parked and ended you up on the side where that black c class is. >> we can see the damage from this. this is her vehicle her personal vehicle she left here. >> right. >> she hit her own car. >> right. >> and how many others. >> three others. >> what's the damage like to the other cars. >> i think it was reasonable, substantial i think. >> and her car or th
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was driving test driving that flipped over that was on its side. miraculously she was okay. >> she was okay. >> the sales consultant in the car how was he doing. >> he's going to be okay a little sore but fine. two air bags went off and the car did what it was supposed to do. >> if someone was standing there. >> yes, it would have not been good and the cars protected the showroom. >> lucky something too serious didn't happen. with something like this who pays for this with the insurance and i've been told. >> i don't know. >> they have to figure it out. >> the insurance has to figure it out between the woman's insurance and dealership insurance and definitely a mess and good thing nobody was seriously hurt here. thank you, joe. that's the latest in arlington back to you guys. >> you can imagine that? my goodness gracious. well the good news is everybody is okay. it's the vehicle that is not. all right. heads up alexandria is expanding it
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program starting monday a new camera goes up duke street and west taylor run park way. anyone caught running red will get a warning for first month and after that tickets and fines will be issued. this is alexandria's sixth red light camera. you can see the full list of all the locations on were you web site still ahead at 10:00 zika fears in miami florida and advised to stay away from certain parts of city has a transmission zone is expanding and we have details after the break. ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
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>> we're back now with a look at tonight's top stories we begin in silver spring maryland where new details emerged today in the deadly explosion at the flower branch explosion on tiny branch road.
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blast were oyvrd and we learned explosion and fire started in meter room and involved natural gas. one of residents is pursuing a civil lawsuit saying the tragedy could have been avoided ft. gas leak was properly addressed. details of this development is on our web site prince george country the prince george hospital center nicu is still closed tonight because of dangerous bacteria found in hospital water pipes. and infectious disease expert is investigating whether the deaths of seven babies in the nicu are linked to bacteria and u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is speaking out about international scandal stemming from incident in rio. last week lochte and three teammates told brazilian police they were held up at gunpoint and that never happened and they had a run in with security after allegedly vandalized gas station restroom and lochte said he's sorry for his
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careful and candidate with his story. >> let's talk about the weather again. not bad out there at all. temperatures in the mid 80s. the question is, what can we expect for the weekend? gwen gwen is here with a look at the forecast. >> hi there, we have partly cloudy and fairly clear skies tonight. not bad. wet weather popping up here and there not a lot to be concerned with. we could see the same thing tomorrow. sunrise, 75 degrees bright and early 6:27 tomorrow for you and we'll see a fair amount of sunshine. it will be pretty much like it was today. by the time we hit midday it will be 88. as i said, can't rule out maybe isolated popup storm here and there and 91 by the 4:00 hour and that's where we're headed low 90s and humidity stick around as well for the weekend. it's going to be a hot one and humid one. good news, though, take a look at 7 day forecast. will we get a cool down and we'll finally get a break in the humidity. once
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sunday we'll head to dryer days through to end of week and that's when we'll see a little relief. i'll have more details later. back to you. >> thanks, gwen. >> health authorities in florida say zika virus is spreading. five cases turned up in miami beach. >> and there could be a major challenge to containing zika virus. fox's phil keiting has the latest. >> breaking waves of south beach now accompanied by the breaking news that zika is actively spreading on world famous miami beach. five new cases under investigation involve two local residents and three tourists who visited the beach from new york, texas and taiwan. niming are case is connected to the health department previou previously declared one square mile active zika transmission zona cross biss cane bay in miami hip and trendy win ward district. >> this means we have a new area where local transmissions are occurring in miami beach.
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>> due to this emergency governor rick scott changed planned itinerary to change jobs and come back to miami to once again talk zika. >> we would like a detailed plan from obama administration on how we would like to work with fema. this has become mosquito born in our state. i usually ask for this on june 1 and request it by june 15. we still have not received it and i repeatedly called on them for this. >> florida second active transmission zone runs 28 to 8 on miami beach and from ocean to bay. cdc is advising all pregnant women to also avoid this zone, just as it has in wynnewood. all summer long the restaurants, bars and hotels that make this world famous tourist destination a 24 billion a year hope it stays on the main land and not to the beach.
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drop 25% in june and july. the new eye candy in south beach these mosquito control jeepz tossing months keets owe egg killing pellets into areas of standing water. michael grecos is cautiously optimistic. >> you have people running by and filling restaurants and they don't consider this as daunting as others. obvious think there's a concern. if this is something that expands. >> all these ocean drive airport deco hotels and people are within the second declared active zika zone which includes popular lincoln road and convention center. in total florida has 36 locally transmitted cases and more than 500 in all and 68 involving pregnant women and on friday night southeast as you can see ocean drive the party care free just getting ramped up as normal. in miami beach florida,
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keiting, fox news. >> that's scary stuff. >> it is, indeed. >> redskins were back for preseason home-opener. >> all the news is not so good for burgandy and gold. brody logan has an update coming up in sports. here's something drivers have not seen in a while, rising prices at the bump. the national average for regular unleaded up four days in a row we're at $2:14 a gallon and that's 50 cents let lower than this time last year. the jump at the pump coming from a leap in oil prices price of crude rising 9% this week and closing above $48 a barrel. oil up three weeks in a row. to wall street, stocks down on friday and the dow finishing week off slightly. meantime pandora might be oning a whole new box according to reports the popular online music service is close to signing deals with major
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companies for on demand music strooming and it allows to pick songs and play right away and could be up and running next month that's business, i'm stewart vonni.
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>> we're 30 days away from presidential election and donald trump campaign hit reset button again. paul manafort resigned his deputy stayed on. gate and manafort came under fire for their dealings in russia and ukraine. >> and hillary clinton's email controversy is not going away. last month you'll recall the justice department decided against filing charges against clinton and today a federal judge ordered democratic presidential nominee to answer questions in writing about her
10:38 pm
when she was secretary of state. the judge issued the order as part of a long-running public records lawsuit filed by judicial watch. judicial watch is among several groups including associated press that sued government over access to records about clinto clinton's service as secretary of state. coming up tonight at 11:00 new details about the deadly bacteria found in local hospital nicu and the source of contamination and what happens next. >> and also ahead tonight a detailed look at what led to the deadly apartment explosion in silver spring. >> and a couple gets incredible surprise after buying a michael jackson cassette from a thrift store. those stories and more coming up tonight at 1
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>> welcome back it's been more than two years since malaysian air flight 270 guess appeared. >> and experts hunting for missing plane are getting results. fox's paul 'tis ly explains how. >> modern day indiana jones, a man who spent over two years traveling the world on a mission to find answers about mh 370. she's come to south africa to join up with archiologist they're not to be lightly dismissed. all three found wreckage thought to be from the plane. kruger discovered what is thought to be mh 370 engine housing on south calf can beach they told fox news why they joined forces. >> between the three of us, we have found twelve piece
10:43 pm
malaysia 370 while the big underwater search has found none. >> we can go south and look where nobody was before. >> for us it's paying respects to people living with this fame and that lost their lives. >> they wasted no time they are already searching south africa coast. the search hundreds of people finding nothing and here in africa this tiny american led initiative incredible odds but these three giving it best sho shot. in johannesburg paul continuesly, fox news. over the course of the past year we brought you the struggles of a 6-year-old maryland girl battling brain cancer. >> last december she had
10:44 pm
wish foundation and a fairy tail hunt and loves unikornz. she got a chance to see them. she said she had another dream to ride un corn intoen chanted forest. today that dream came through thanks to days inn farm horse farm in maryland they arranged for her to go on the ride through theen chanted forest she was happy incredible day for her and her family. >> it's amazing. i would say for us we get a lot of joy in just seeing her smile and watching how happy she is and you know she lives for this she loves horses and unikornz and this has been amazing for us. so just seeing her smile and happy has been amazing feeling for us as parents it's always good to see her happy. >> you may recall in december when we first told steve hershorn cancer was in remission it since returned. all of us here
10:45 pm
pulling for eden and we wish her and her family nothing but the best. special day for her. >> it's the weekend. >> yeah! >> it will be good, right. >> part of the weekend willing be good. >> what's the part that will be good? >> tomorrow. >> great. >> all right. >> tomorrow is pretty good in compared toe sunday. >> yeah well you know. original think was all going to be good. >> it change. things are changing all the time. when we get to later part of weekend by the time we get to sunday we'll be talking about storms. and some of those storms could be severe. so, yes, tomorrow is the day to get outside and do whatever you want to do and you know, it's still going to be hot and humi humid. but it's watching the skies that we'll really have to keep a lot of attention too. saturday is mostly dry and it will be hot. still humidity in place. can't rule out a popup isolated storm or two and other than that not bad at all in comparison
10:46 pm
greater chance of seeing storms and some could be strong. next week looks fantastic. low humidity temperatures actually pretty close and back to seasonal. 81 in d.c. though we have 75 baltimore and 73 dulles this hour and double 7s quantico and 72 winchester avenue that's the same for culpeper. dew points right now are into the 6 0s. few 70s here and in xar san to where they were we're getting a a break and you're still feeling stickyness and hugeness and that continues into the weekend as well and dorms are on for warm, humid air mass to put in place and next weather maker is here to the west we're watching this cold front. that's what's going ob trigger for storms once we get into sunday. and in the meantime for tomorrow as it approaches still can't rule out a popup storm or two and isolated in nature. however, that ridge of high pressure for saturday will hold us pretty stayed.
10:47 pm
we will see a fair amount of sunshine out of it. surprised, a different story and we'll get more into seeing storms become fairly widesprea widespread, scattered and isolated saturday primarily norm and south and areas west. sunday set up though. that moisture moves in and we could see some of the storms create an awful lot of heavy rainfall. we'll watch for flood potentia potential. ocean city, beaches, saturday whatever you want to go is your choice day to go then and sunday another day to see storms at the beaches be prepared. 75 the overnight low for tonight then fairly mild and for tomorrow 92 degrees. once again a stray storm. here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. take a look. cooler days and sunshine. back to you. >> thank you, gwen. >> being bread winner you know could take a toll on health and apparently these are two separate things let me redo. it being the bread win kor take a toll on your health and apparently you're never too old
10:48 pm
>> right tony crews first crews are trying to get a upper hand on the devastating fire out west. here's fox5 on the fly. >> wildfire in san bernardino the fire destroyed 96 homes and other structures and nearly 83,000 people were forced to leave homes and some are being allowed to return. but tens of thousands of homes are still threatened the fire is only 25% contained. ♪ ♪ . >> hey, guys if you bring home the bacon you could be bringing home health problems too. a new study says pressure it taking toll on mental and physical health. ladies you contribute it's just the opposite. girls, keep roll in the dough. >> hello♪ it's me♪ >> hello, but goodbye. adel in the raw after that a
10:49 pm
she cancelled one show and despite the disappoint they're calling her real and inspiring. >> i'm a classic man and man is out and gepder indirectivety is out. workman like, no, no, skillful, man mate, no way, it's artificial. hand made or manufactured. business person not businessman deal with it. >> and check out how one grandma is celebrating her 100 rpblg birthday with a around of fireball. her first round she stinked and her grandson posted video grammy has mad skills. that's your "fox5" on the fly. >> a whole lot going on there eric carmen she did it you
10:50 pm
radio. baltimore ice cream shop honoring with a mouth watering treat. >> it's called phelp flat jack gold in honor of michael phelp and the name of chop is chartry pancake chocolate chip. is that him in the entry. >> will phelp be in the pan take when you eat it. >> it's a diner nob to frequent and you see hints of chocolate chips and golden swirls. the flap jack gold is limited edition treatment. take a trip to baltimore soon to try it out. >> we put him in the pancake. >> i don't think we did the charmry put
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>> there was excitement in the stands for fans to get their
10:54 pm
in home in person and after paying for tickets, parking concession and more those fans learned josh norman, trick williams, desean jackson and kurt cousin basically everyone one of consequence was scratched from tonight's game. >> i know it stinks. >> birthday boy 28 years old kirk cousins taking the day off. it was a smart move. colt mccoy leads the team do you. rolls right. lucky towards the end zone and looking for the wrong team. he was 7 for 7 on the driver and making it 8 for 8. to the jets duringle is known to do that. >> he redeemed himself. come out three yard touchdown and redskins in front 7-2. next possession mccoy looking deep. arizona state track star roth 39 year or -- four catches 58 yards
10:55 pm
now, matt jones anointed as the guy at running back after disappointing first preseason game. he had nice holes to work with today powering down. and then the bad side of matt jones came out. bad exchangement colt mccoy put the ball on the ground. he did it five times last year. outside jones gets slammed to the ground on his shoulder and it is an ac joint sprain on shoulder no word on severity could be out for days or weeks depending on mris yeah. the good news on defensive side of the ball right here mar tell spade watch him come up and it's possible deangelo hall johnny on the spot recovers two more fumbles and later he said he likes the season to be clos close. you got to let him know we cannot go over the middle.
10:56 pm
nice work in the secondary here. forcing turnovers for those keeping score the redskins win 22-18. a little insult to injury with the matt jones injury alfred morris had 84 yards tonight. hopefully he'll be back soon. >> hopefully. award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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>> right now at 11:00 a lawsuit filed in the wake of deadly apartment explosion in silver spring. we are also getting new information about what sparked that massive blast. >> plus washington monument mess and the landmark is closed to investigators again. what's the deal? >> and a couple got incredible surprise after they bought a michael jackson cassette from a thrift store. >> thanks for staying us with tonight i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> we begin with several new developments in the deadly apartment explosion investigation from the cause to victims to lawsuit. "fox5" lauren demarco is in silver spring with the details. >> on the left side comes into the meter washington gas meter and on right side it goes out to each apartment. the president of k management company using image


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