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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  August 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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right now at 6, a robbery in r prince george's county. g we areeo life as police try to make a break-in the mash. a big bash as bay bay turned one year o a big honor for one member of the fox5 family. brody logan throws out the first pitch. but he wasn't the first. > the news at 6 starts right now thanks for joining us tonight, i'm jim lokay in for matt ackland. and i'm lauren demarco.arco we begin tonight in prince george's county. we need your help to identify a
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it happened this morning in a store in clinton.nton here's fox5's lindsay watts wits the very latest. lindsay. >>reporter: gym and lauren we've learned that it was a clerk at this 7/eleven who was murdered by a robber h this h morning. police have cleared out of here but the store is still closed. you can see the parking lot isis blocked off by crime tape. what happened inside those doors is especially devastating to this community because this is i the kind of store where people know the employees. in the sort time we've been outt here i've talked to severaleral people who were familiar with the 31 year old man who was killed here this morning. i also talked with a clerk at the gas station next door. he was in tears when i was first speaking to him. he says heknows it could haveld been his store. i don't know what to do. i'm weeping in my heart much it's's the guy had a family. you know what i'm saying.
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their family for a couple a hundred dollars, they're not the going to get too ever out of it. it's a 7/eleven. it's not like they're robbing a bank or nothing. you ain't going to get a whole lot of money out of a 7/eleven. this is the man police are pol looking for.look we don't have a good shot of his face, but investigators hope someone will recognize his distinctive backpack and coat. not only did he kill the clerk at this 7/eleven, but after that he went onto rob a nearby hotel on malcolm road much the suspect obviously considered armed and dangerous. if you see him call police and if you do have information, you could be eligible for a rewardad up to $25,000. you can call police and stay anonymous by calling 816 # 6 tips. > lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > in other words it is hard too believe that it has almost beerr a year since
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bay. the giant panda cub turns one on monday. today the zoo held a big blow out for plenty of people turned out to wish him well, but he was camera cheyenne stayed in is enclosure. >>reporter: d.c. is a gorgeous i came here today to see the birthday with the panda. bay bay was turning one. this is actually my birthday as well and we're celebrating it with bay bay. we got here just in time and we just passed like every other animal and just went straight to the pandas. i absolutely love pandas and i've been watching bay bay on the cam photo and he's so funny with his mom, i can't stand it. i saw the panda eating his cake. they just never had anythingthin
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they're cute. i'm glad the zoo has them so weo can get people to realize how wonderful they are. so many animals are endangered. > and you know what, bay bayay stayed in his cage. he was quiet. another milestone was markedked today in honor of music legend in the t this is the second annual chuck brown date. still going on at chuck brownwn memorial park in northeast. no a number of bands and singers are performing. the event runs until 8 tonight. he died3back in 2012. he wasn a musical genius who was known to his followers as the godfather of going. last year several people turnedd out for chuck brown day and they're hoping the turnout will be similar for today.toda here's a life look outside, nice, clear beautiful skies outt there. i was not a bad sat. so
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a cool down in our future. we do have a cool down, but it's coming into the week.eek. today was spectacular. i'm the panda l hoelike in the station. i got to say happy birthday to bay things are going to change. not as far as today is concerney and tonight. cooling down into the week, butt tomorrow is an action day. let's take a look at the temperatures though for here's where we hit, 91 at reagan, 90 at dulles, bwi88 grows for a daytime high and temperatures right now stillll pretty warm, folks. 89 right now in the nation'stion capital. we've got 86 at baltimore. 84 at gaithersburg. we have 87-degrees at culpeper. 88 at manassas this hour and that's the same at frederickmenf those dewpoints right now into the 60s. you really felt a little bit of that stickiness out o still going to continue for the next day or so before we startor to get a break where the dewpoints are concerned so theso humidity will be taking a aboutg it of the walk. ke
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that are firing up ahead of thaf cold front. that cold front is our next weather maker and by tomorrow we are going to be under the gun as far as storms are concerned. and right now the stormrm prediction center has us under a marginal risk for severe stormss once we get into sunday afternoon and sunday we're going to have more details on that in just a about it. in the meantime, your eveningenn planner by the time we hit the 9:00 hour will be about 86-degrees. we're going to see a few more clouds roling in ahead of that system. once we get to about 11:00 tonight it will be about 77-degrees. we are definitely talking some strong storms on sunday.s one of the main concerns that ii have will be with the heavy rainfall and some localizedocal flooding. we'll have all the details coming up and a look at the all important seven day forecast an we'll let you know exactly when the cool down will arrive. back to you. it's been called the worst natural disaster since super sandy.sand it's now to blame for 13 deaths
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and it's left 40,000 people homeless. bryan llenas reports a number oe people are stepping up to help with the recovery efforts. >>reporter: after devastating rainfall in louisiana the hard work of rebuilding is just ramping up. the storm system dumping morempn than 20 inches of rain over four days leaving rivers and creeks severely below thed. officials say about 4,000 peoplp remain in shelters and more than 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. first ponders are still efforting rescues. we're going door to door. if anyone is unaccounted for -- you know, this is a tight it in community, but, you know, if anyone is missing or whatnot, we're just going through and making sure everyone is accounted for and taken care of. volunteers from across the country have been arriving to help. and hisser u burb delivering b more than 250,000 cans of drinking water and
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lowe's hopefully is providing free laundry service to effected residents. i'm not as bad as everybody, but still nonetheless, i saw people come it was amazing. president obama has come under heavy criticism for not interrupting his knew england vacation to be in louisiana. meanwhile republican presidential candidate donald c trumpan and his running candidae mike pens visit ited the district. president obama is receiving updates and plans to visit batob rouge on tuesday to get a firsthand look at the damage bryan llenas fox news. > coming up we'll check in on the raise for the white house. donald trump holds a meetingting while a brewery in chicago
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display their distaste for the nominee. i'm going to throw out the first pitch for the buy i socks.ks. there's myself and hopefully i don't hurt any of these finese f folks at the game. coming up.
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the nationals and orioles areare both having great seasons, but there is another team in our area that really creating a buzz. the boy i bay socks. they do a lot of these greatese team nights out there. brody logan is going to be there tonight for another special night. a few weeks ago i had the chance to throw out the first pitch. sarah simmons did one on fan appreciation night.appr tonight is brody logan's turn. what is the theme? there are so many possibilities.ny what are we p celebrating here tonight? it's it's very who the. it is very warm.
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the new fox program pitch that premeers on december 2 # they d will actually be showing it over on the video board after the game, so everyone will get a nice little sneak peak of the premier jim, i want to ask you, how did you do here's the thing. our sports producer, rich dun said we have to go practice. we went over to wilson high andh through from the mound.und. i thought we threw about 100 pitches. about 75 percent made it acrosst the plate but when i got to theo field in buy i they didn't let me on the mound. the pressure was you could throw the pitch. if you throw it too hard with such a short distance where doee it go. i wasn't pleased with
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. here's what he told me to do. first off youdt off youd good warmup in. and then when you get outjz the, you can't be/ww9athathathath=
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i did this. the grand if finale here. it is pitch night. you have to see the promows. it's about the first professional female majorjo leaguer and the gristle led catcher played by mark paul kessler coming this fall to fox. and jim, a little side note, our second pitcher right here is a player for earn base full, a semi pro female baseball in the area. a special female baseball
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player. these guys are going to have amazing pitches that make me look bad. b feeling good. a little waive to the crowd. this is going to be the standard here. this is go to be the standard. this is what you're going to have to match because she is a semi pro. here we go. brody, who are the -- never mind dog well. i had my tommy john surgeryurge yesterday so i should be okay to go. pitchers are stronger after tommy john. >> that is correct. c i heard you talk to jason garcia before the game, how did that go. >> he said hum it in there. all right. i hope that thing
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no, he did not. by the way, the grounds keeper there is going to be really ticked at you, brody. back to you guys. we're going to have to look at tape again. i think it was a nice job. nic i was a nice throw.i thank you, brody, good job. coming up, one animal hoping tog make it big in the entertainment visit. an ape who made it big in australia. also ahead kids can go crazyzy after eating too much candy, right. but is the sugar high really just a myth. that much and more after the news
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donald trump was speaking at amw campaign event inca fredericksburg, but we'llmp take out to colorado where there is a new donald trump campaign cam office. not a big deal, but the person running it isn't even able to vote yet. this is an interesting one. fox's joe st. george >>reporter: or when you the trup campaign office you might think the chinese massage next door is the most interesting thing isthn the most interesting thing, you would be wrong. it is the 12 year old who is
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in one of the most importanttant elections of our lifetime. i understand you signed up to volunteer for the trumprump campaign. in one of the most counties in the state, the donald trumprump campaign is relying on year old weston. we found him friday putting theg final touches on the jefferson county field office opening tomorrow in week ridge, the place where volunteers willolun gather to get out to vote. last year at school kids would bully me.e. weston sitting behind the big desk may not always be thehe coolest thing to do, but he loves it now and hopes to to inspire others. get involved. kids need to be educated. i'm putting these in.n. of course on paper his mom is is the official field coordinator but she hopes giving her son sos much responsibility teaches other parents, democrat or republican. you have a responsibility toes your children to teach them. > weston is on hoping to continue his role until school starts in september.
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boss proud and maybe launching a career. you want to be president of thee united states one day. >> definitely, 20 10, watch for me. 2040 and i'll take you as mymy running mate. by the way this field office scheduled to open at 9:00 a.m. at the corner of 27th avenue and young field here in jefferson county. cou this is the sixth campaign office donald trump is openingal up in the state. hillary clinton has 17 offices open. joe st. george. > by the way, did you note is he has the hands motions down just like donald trump.dona i was going to say he is ready to go. he sounds like a politician. > he has the political process. s that absolutely true. we all know before he decided to run for president he was thehe host of the celebrity show apprentice. he promised somebody to give a gift to the
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fragile ego was damaged when they lost. kardashian got a check, but it wasn't from trump she says the tv production company that com worked on the show put up the money. the washington post tracked alll the personal gifts that trump promised to the contestantsonte spanning seven seasons. they cannot confirm a single case where trump sent his home we come up another way to work the kardashians. some of the comments donald c trump makes may make a little bit of a bad taste in your mouth, but brewers in chicago are hoping to contact changehan that. reporter roar it's a phanatuss brew. we love the story behind it. that story stems from an early campaign speech donald trump candidate donald trump gaverump about immigration. when mexico sends its peopleople they're not sending their best,b they're seabedding people thatel have lots of problems
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they're bringing those problemse with them. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing the rapists. it was trump's golden alien that was supposed to be at trump's tower. that's when the brewery decidedd to rename the beer altogether. it's spanish. we can't say its name, but it is a vulgar put down of trumsmp's hair. even after the now gop nominee back tracked. i love the mexican people. i love the spirit of the mexican people. i respect mexico. the name stuck. how can you not help but laugh. i have a balled head and there is a gentleman with a whole heae of hair. they wanted to make light of the vulgar named beer by giving back to a more unified cause. we are going to donate a dollara for every pint donated. people
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beer. it's really summary. the beer will remain on tap on throughout the rest of the presidential election.ct regardless oiof who you vote for -- it feels like a tiny wayy to do a good thing while you're' sitting in a bar at 4:00 in theg afternoon on a weekend. > and again, donald trump, lifp in fredericksburg right now. hillary clinton has the day off. i believe it was the former president's birthday yesterday. >> he was 70 yesterday. > just a reminder that fox5 ha5 you covered when it cop to the raise for the white house.ouse you can join bob, ronica and fits for fox hill on the the th hill at 8:30. fox at 6:30 every weekend day nights. it is hosted by myself and shawn yancy. we're back after this. this week on fox news sunday, with less than three months to election day, donald trump hits
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the reset button again.gai with new leadership at the top will trump be able to reverse his numbers in the polls. rudy guiliani is helping trumprm prepare for the presidential debate. new developments in the hillaryi clinton e-mail saga as a judge orders her to answer questionsqs about her secret setup under oath. we'll talk to benicar son about the continued pressure from both the courts and capital hill.ill. all this week on fox news sunday
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welcome back.we with each passing day we are learning more and more about the deadly apartment explosion inmet silver the medical examiner has identified three victims and investigators have nowigat determined the cause of that blast. they dug through the debris, reconstructed gas lines and looked through hours of surveillance footage. investigators can now say they can now confirm that it was a natural gas explosion in the basement meter room that started the massive fire along piney branch road. from the left side it comes into the on the right side it goes out to each apartment.artm the president of k managementemn company, using an image from a neighbor billing to explain hown things worked inside of the natural gas p meter room inmete flower branch apartment where we now know the deadly explosionoso happened. several residents had said that there were frequent complaints about
6:31 pm
they say they have an he rate system about complaints.ompl since the beginning of the year we've had two complaints, one in january and one in may. both complaints were investigated. a technician went to their apartment with an electronic sniff and found no gas and it dissipated by the time we were there. everybody knows there was another report on july 25, the fire company came out. a 911 call and they found no source, no leak of gas. the resident who made that 911 call on july 25 is now pursuing a civil suit. we have information that the management company was repeatedly told that there was a gas leak and that should look into it.into the investigation into the explosion led by the ntsb will continue because officials say there were possible ignition sources inside that meter room. but they do not believe that was a crime. meantime the
6:32 pm
identifying the seven body founs in theev debris is slow. it requires dna and dental records, but they now know who w three of the victims were. agues toe amins and saw pool pen wag what.wa for families with loved ones still missing, thessin identification process is agonizing. i just don't understand. we provide dna samples about five days ago. they tell us nothing. and for the fire department to spring into action, earlier fairfax county hosted a traininn and exercise and police and fire departments from across the dmv took part. this is great because we get toe work on planning, operations. o we got people learning how the field teams work out how to do operational p
6:33 pm
planning. so it's great. during the day long training searches,. now to prince george's countyceg where an auto body shop caughtut fire this morning when firefighters arrived, flames hav already engulfed the building on atlantic em sever road in em atlantic a.m. and were shootinge through the roof. firefighters tell us it started accidentally. they were working this in aning area of the full tank when whatever happened and the flash fire occurred and the fire spread quickly, considering c there is a high amount of flammable liquids inside thesede type of repair shops, the person working on that recollect elks he's an adult male did sustain burns to his arms and was transported to an area burnrn unit. that than inic is expected to survive. the fire gutted the building and firefighters tell us it caused half million dollars. we are learning of the source of deadly bacteria at
6:34 pm
officials found the pseudomonas bacteria in pipes leading in the hospital and four sinks in the neonatal intensive care unit. the unit will remain closed until further notice.ce the hospital is reaching out to the families of seven babies who died in the unit since the beginning of the year. they say there's no evidence that the bacteria caused the babies' but anbi infectious disease expt is looking to see if there is a connection. these babies are especiallyar precious to use and it saddens s as a team to ever lose a baby. epidemiologists and neonatal experts ar investigating anyy links between the deaths of any baby and the presence of pseudomonas in the nicu water supply. they continue to test the water around the clock and the hospital hopes the new filtration system will be ine place in the coming weeks. > coming
6:35 pm
hear what some animal shelter is doing to help those in need of a new home. pretty creative. president obama starts off the week by heading back to work. the first family returns to d.c. sunday after spending two weeks in martha's vineyard. and it's a wrap for the 2016 summer olympics. the closing ceremony is scheduled to be held sunday in rio where the olympic flag willl be handed over to tokyo, the host city of the 2020 games 6787 america celebrates a major milestone. thursday marks the 100th anniversary of the national park service. in honor of the big birthday the national park foundation hask fo launched the find your park movement inspiring folks to support, connect with and enjoy america's 4 on 07 nationalonal parks. go to find your and use the hashtag find park for more information. another annivear
6:36 pm
friday is women's equality day. every year on august 26, the us commemorates the passage of the 19th amendment, giving womening the right to vote. meanwhile, don't forget to pause and show some love to your four-legged friend. it's national doing day started in 2004, the day aims to encourage pet adoption, raise awareness of the flight of animals and most importantly celebrate all dogs mixed and pour. that's a look at the week ahead. i'm jackie i bans, fox news.
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as the old saying goes, music is shooting. do you keepers noticed low i had some musical n talents.nts. so they let him with a music making app.p. the results, amazing. he's just learned how to play the cable on the iphone. so
6:39 pm
we got the phone out and we decided to turn the garage bandd up and let him rip. he came up with some amazingzing skills. zoo coopers tracked some of the music music clue created.reat i want to download it. lesson learned the hard way. where is anthony? why are you in that room? i wanted to see what the doing is > are you sure?e? >> this was in a movie. > what move write was it in? >> one of those british films. this kid's name is anthony and he ended uyp in the emergency room after accidentally swallowing his doing's toy. it was posted to facebook. it has gone viral.vira good news doctors were able to remove the toy
6:40 pm
anthony no longer squeaks when he talks. check out, this is a genius idei for an anal shelter in washington state. once a week the humane societyiy takes one of the doctors to the dog gets a treat and a break from the shelter and the starbucks posts details about the dog hoping they get adopted. there are photos of them chowing down their doing clean ohs. from doggy treats to human treats, the sugar high may be h just that, a myth. having a sweat tooth is not bad after ice cream,
6:41 pm
ate year olds just shared their first shake shack shake. give kids a lot of sugar you'll watch them lose their minds before following asleep.eep. an experience most parentsents probably know well. analysis conducted more than 20 years ago, and a bunch of studies also conducted more than 20 years ago found no connection between children. the perceived sugar high hasgh some parental expectation of how candy should effect their child. this is a typical disconnectonne between science and commonsense. pediatrician and likely every other parent on the planetnet believes in the sugar high. he says when a
6:42 pm
with fine suing arse at yogurtt and candy world, the child's body can't absorb that all that sugar. what happens to the body is that it releases adrenaline and we know what adrenaline does to everybody, gets you agitated. that might explain how the milk shakes got them excited. whatever the reason, no kids want to turn down the chance ofe a sugar high.h. whether or not doctors, parents, researchers can agree. >> i do like a cupcake. on the upper west side, fox news. > things to think about in the future. >> you have a long way to gogo with that. > i notice there was a trend that super markets would do no candy aisles so when with your at the check with your kids -- >> i still see them. that's a good idea to not
6:43 pm
it there. i don't want to go to the no candy aisle. they get too smart for you. the movie, by the way, it'ss snatch. it's a dog swallows the toy and then squeaks. > it's the dog that swallows it, not the kid. >> yeah. > don't go anywhere, the news at 6 is far from over.m after the break, gwen isingng whying to take a full look at your forecast. we'll be right back
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welcome back. we're dealing with heat and people in colorado got someot s snow. it's not uncommon for thehe highest mount and is to record some snow. denver hasn't seen summer snow. the september 3, some snowed out labor day cookouts.ooko it's hard to think about snow a right now it's been so who the around here. i think people would say maybe a little snow to cool us down. when we were complaining in january and february and look an where we are now. >> always complaining.ompl > we can't please everybody, that's why i call it the weatheh buff about a.. we still have that stickiness in the atmosphere, but now my mainy concern is tomorrow.
6:47 pm
storms that are headed our way so we're going to have to keep you up to date with how you havu to keep your eyes to the skies as we get into tomorrow afternoon and also tomorrow evening.ev some beautiful blue skies outkie there right now and some clouds and some pretty light winds sos that he on not too bad.bad. let's take a look at the numbers for today. we hit into the low 90s and upper 9s at all three airports. lauren asked a cool i don'tier.o we will see a cool down once wen get into the week. but it's not happening right now. we have 82 at gaithersburg, 86 for baltimore. 88 at manassas and fredericksburg, the same at frederick. 87 at dulles and 85 at martinsburg. dewpoints are into the 60s. a couple 70s here and there. that is just an indication thatt you are still feeling the humidity. however it's not so oppressive that we have
6:48 pm
values to be concerned with. the heat indices are pretty close to where the air temperatures are so not much off a difference. lots of lightning, lots of lot storms here, very scattered in nature. a the look of this is not no organized. but i want to say it's all ahead of this frontal system.fron this cold front is going to be our next weather maker.aker for tomorrows that to move its way towards us and it's going tn be exactly what's going toto produce some pretty strongrett storms for us as we move intoe the afternoon hours and into the evening. in the meantime, the warm airarm still moving its way through. we'll start to see some cloudsoe into the later part of the day. in the morning hours it's going to be pretty nice. not bad for the first part of the day but then by the early afternoon we'll zoo see some off the activity. the storms will be scattered in once the storm moves in, we could see some pretty strong once.on i'm
6:49 pm
flooding as well by the time we get to midday we start is to see a little bit of this activity ac starting to kick in and then take a look here for the 2, 3:00 hour we're pretty much right in the thick of it right along the i95 corridor. once we get to 5, 6:00 still lingering. i do anticipate its way out and crossing the bay by 5:00.0. by midnight things will be totally out of the way. we get a great day for monday. a marginal risk of severe weather for us from the storm prediction center for tomorrowrf and here's a look at what we're talking about. medium for wind damage, a low risk for hail. but flash flooding medium. we could see two, two and a half inches are possibly. would be we get into sunday, we, could be dealing with all of that. huge of high pressure moves in. monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures close to seasonal.
6:50 pm
monday, 88-degrees. i'm not going to say we won't see anythingic asking up in storms. we may see it west to the us. 74 degrees for tonight, partly cloudy and mild and then for th tomorrow we're talking a high of 90-degrees, overcast who the and humid with the storms. here's where we're going to start to see the differences for you. by the time all the storms gethe out of the6s! way, the frontal a system clears. behind it we have a ridge of high pressure building in.buil that'sing whying to open the door for more of a westerly flow which is going to bring us thehe dryer air. we have more humidity, hashtag unwanted house guest gets to bag a pack until at least the end of the week. you can't weed out seasonal temperatures, sunshine for fouri five days in a row and seasonal temperatures. that looks great. loo the sunny days are monday to t friday. all the season there. > we got to get throughhrou tomorrow, too. we have to get through thehro storms april then at the
6:51 pm
week we have another system andt humidity comes sneaking back in the back we have to enjoy that in thein t beginning of the week. >> thank you, gwen. coming up next, it has been a memorable olympics from team we're going to talk to helen beau limb as to took home thethe gold in women's wrestling. we're back after this.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
one woman from our area did jusr so many winning athletes fromm maryland. i love it. helen mow rule as is from rockville.e. she represented team sa by winning the women's gold medal in wrestling yesterday she took time out to speak with laura evans. helen,
6:54 pm
do you have your gold on right now? >> i have it right here. close to me all day. it's beautiful. you don't let that go. a rockville native you went to mack chutor high school.ool. you've greek american. you have lots of people who vere proud of you. congratulations. what does it feel like to be a gold medal winner.ner. it's incredible. i've been wrestling since i was 7 and i know so am people dedicated their time and their energy to sacrifice for me. i've been away from home for sor long just to pursue this goal. so to have this in my hand and to have my family celebrate with me is california. as you went into this match with the japan so heat oh. some are calling this possibly s the biggest upset of the games. shes what heavily favored to win, obviously. take us back to this matchat yesterday. what inspired you, helen, what
6:55 pm
losing in the 2012us olympic trials lit that fire in me just because it made me realize that i felt i had a lot of potentiale and i was under performingform because i was my own worst enemy in terms of not being able to handle my own fears. so these past four years have been kind of trying to over come a bunch of battles within myself.self to go against oh sheet oh it wat me batting myself to make sure e don't get in my own way and i could just compete with joy and just to give it my all. i kept say chris is in me, i am enough. and i just went up there and wrestled my heart out and the results went in my favor soso that's incredible. we were just taking a look at off the pictures. you came out of it surprised. there were so many pictures of you so surprised. were you surprised that you beat her in.her >> you know, when i
6:56 pm
wrestling her, i knew it wast going to be a long six minutesne and i know that japan'style. they have foraged medals all in the last couple seconds. so i knew i was going to have to battle the whole time. i was so determined to win, but it want one of the surrealreal moments that once the buzzer rank and realized i actually done it, it was like i transformed back into seven year old helen and i was a little girl. i was like me, this girl who just started wrestling boys and now 17 years later did i really win the gold medal.. you're all in for it and itd happens and you can't believeou it c. you started out wrestlingstli because you were wrestling withi your brother. is that right. >> yes. > did you wrestle also at mackk chutor high school. >> i did for three years. > what does this, your win for women's wrestling, what does
6:57 pm >> i don't want to put a cap, a, limit eulalio tordil.tord hope this propels women's wrestling across the nation. it's been to see wrestling grow and to see it gets the recognition it deserves. i think every single girl canl benefit from wrestling. i don't think you have to be tough to wrestle. it will teach you how to be confident. i started as a really cheyenne secure girl and wrestling justus totally changed my life. i love for young girls to get to experience that.hat. > what's next for you, helen. >> i'm actually trying to book a vacation to degrees in in the next couple of weeks.ks. prices are really good and i'm hearing that the weather is really good so i'm hoping that t will get that in. i just got back yesterday. >> i could tell you, it was great. > well, it's wonderful to talk to we are so proud of you and i'm
6:58 pm
home coming party for you. en jokes go have fun in degreesa and we'll beve rooting for youu when you come back. > thank you so much. thanks for all the support. > katie look deck i, michaelhal phelps. a lot of maryland people. > the first gold medal in women's wrestling.estl that's huge.that so exciting. and she was cute.e. > cute and very humble.e. > love it. well, storms tomorrow in the forecast. guy your eyes to the skies. some of the storms could be very severe. we're also talking about a lot of heavy rainfall so i'm concerned about some localized flooding, maybe two, two and a of half inches of rain withh these storms and then becoming pretty organized. we're under marginal risk of severe weather from the stormrm prediction center. plenty of sunshine, dry conditions, humidity taking a hike for a days.days i love saying that.t. that unwanted house guest. he it will be back by the end of
6:59 pm
the week. > good stuff ahead. we'll be back on tonight at 10, and 11. brody has his arm out. we'll see him later too.
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