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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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awesome. you're waiting for your own ice cream flavor. >> no. > the news tonight is far from over. the news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. i don't know what to do. i'm weeping in my heart. he moved here just three monthsing a but tonight a storea clerk is dead after an attempted robbery in prince george's p county. more on the search for suspects. i was nice out today, but tod tomorrow you're going to want to take cover. gwen has an update on storms that will be passing through the area. the national zoo going all out for bay bay's birthday, but it's the panda cub's mother who actually takes the i isn't actually cake. i'm gym low kay and i'm lauren demarco. police are searching for a killer. you want to take a look at
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who was robbed earlier this mont in clinton. tonight we're learning more investors about the victim andd what he meant to the community there. this 7/eleven was closed forsed most of the day and what we've been seeing tonight is people who saw the crime tape earlierlr coming back to find out whatat happened. you can see on the door there police have posed flyers withed the suspect's photo. there are a lot of regular customers here who are devastated that this clerk waslk shot and killed. 31 tie other wood wall a only moved here a couple of monthsing a but this was clearly the kindd of man who made an impact on the people he met, even only briefly. i'm ' just thankful to know who he was and god had given me the gift that he would come across my path because he was such a genuine, kind person.pers such heart felt words from a woman who only knew owed wall i from se
11:02 pm she was one of those who saw this crime scene today. a man tried to rob the storere here on brandywine road and ended up shooting odd wall i behind the counter. here's more from customers grieving for the clerk who meant kids would take stuff and he would just tell them, look, you don't have to take it, i willll pay for it for you before youor will even allow you to walk outk of the store. he was very intelligent. he was working on his master's degree. he was working here to help himp pay for his education.uc i'm at a loss for words. i can't believe that thist happened to him here's anotheroe look for the man they say is responsible. we don't have a clear picture oe his face because he was wearingn a mask.mask but we're hoping someone will recognize his
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backpack. he went onto rob a comfort inn not too far from here on malcolm people are very on edge tonightn the gas station right next, the man was in tears talking aboutln the crime. back at the 7/eleven you can see the crewser that belongs to a security if you do have any informationan about the crime or the suspect contact prince george's countycg police. you could be eligible for a re a ward and you can stay anonymous by calling 84166 tips. lindsay watts. new at 11, police looking forkig the person who shot and killed an off duty firefighter. the firefighter was with a family member. he was taken to the hospital foh treatment and is expected to survive. the shooter was on a plague ande white motor vehicle.ite they want to hear from you ifu you happened to witness
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that happened. > tear t imac cullive at it again. he will announce monday he has restored the voting rights of 13,000 felons.s. just last month the state supreme court they struck downsu his standing order to. they later ruled that mchughive over stepped his authority when he took the action instead ofted making it on a case-by-casese basis. he is doing that restoring the voting rights one at a time. time to take a life look outside right now not a mad day and it turned into a meet ionize evening as well. tomorrow a different day.y. we're keeping a very close eyese on what could be some strongong storms for our area.a. here's a look at this cold front that's going to be a weatherer maker. it's going to make a move toward the east. as the front moves through we can see some organized storms o and some of those could be severe by tomorrow.omor the storm predict
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us under a marginal risk for severe weather for tomorrow afternoon and evening. so definitely it does bear watching. one of my concerns is the rainfall because we could see some local itissed flooding inon some of the heavy down pours. temperature wise 8 # 0-degrees at d.c.. 77 at baltimore, 72 at gaithersburg, 77 at dulles and 73 at manassas this hour.r. you're overnight low, 74-degrees, partly cloudy skies and a very mild night, but get ready for tomorrow, we are definitely talking a chance of those strong storms. i'll have your full forecast just ahead. we keep showing the images, thei life pictures of the washingtong monument still closed because oe elevator issues.ev it'sing whying to be closed for a while. >> at least nine more days. > ryan lochte could soon learn his fate following the riorio robbery scandal. he could be disciplined after he lied about that story. we'll have the story coming up after the break.
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> the summer olympic games inrl rio wrap up tomorrow, but there could be some long-lasting effects for the game for four american swimmers. the international olympic committee will investigate ryan lochte and his teammates, including jack conger. they are saying rock tea lied. they will examine what happened and decide whether to punish the athletes for their behavior. the nbc did an interview with ryan lochte this evening it's his first comment since theyey determined he had lied for what happened. he said he took fullk responsibility for his actions and he's sorry that he let his teammates down. they said the city did a great job hosting the game.
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i can understand rio being upset about that. there were some incidents durinn the games whercie you had someme athletes who were some things did happen to somee athletes there, but unfortunately it got so much press at first, what are they doing. after that, all these game out of the fact. he died his hair back before the intire. > going for that better image. mother nature getting ready to strike. gwen tolbart joins us to talk about how much rain we can expect to see tomorrow.
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> i know it from working right here with you, sir. time flies when you're havinging fun. for better or worse. bay bay turned one on monday.da. earlier today bay bay was hanging out with her mother pay joining. they marked bay bays of birthday they flew birthday bash. it was 100-pound block of ice filled with apples and sweat potatoes.po visitors to the zoo were happy to join in on the celebration.ea i absolutely love pandas. i've been watching bay bay on the camcorder. he's so funny with his matthew s mcconaughey i just can't stand it. here's the thing. bayba
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own celebration. he stayed indoors when the cakek was brought out.out. not to worry because his mom chomped into the sweat treat much to the delight of the crowe that was carried there to wish bay bay well.l. officially turns one on monday. they are so tiny when they're born. so weather looking a little dicey for tomorrow. yes, definitely looking a little dicey for tomorrow. we have some pretty strongon storms that can hit our area. we're really going to bring you up to date on that. it's a little warm out therere today, a little sticky and humid, but you know what, skies were pretty noise as well. and it was a dry day, not muchot going on. pretty calm and fairly calmr tonight as
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some changes as we move throughh into our next 24 hours. quiet, but humid in the overnight hours here at home and less sunshine for sunday because we are talking a chance of storms and some of those couldud be fairly strong. early week, finally the humidity takes a break. we have a little bit of dryerf air moving in and that's whatat we'd like to enjoy.njoy we've had the humidity for so long. we're going to see seasonalsona temperatures in my seven day in forecast. right now we're at 80-degrees at d.c. the same for quantico.ico. 77 for baltimore. 73 at manassas and 75 at winchester. our next weather maker is wellei to the west right now, take a look.look it's this cold front right here. but ahead of it lots of instability starting to billion dollar in this warm humid air mass we have in place right heri in the mid ex s of the country. the same thing is going to be happening right along th
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atlantic. as the front moves its way through to the east for tomorror we're going to see some the scattered storms starting to develop ahead of it, but along the frontal system some of the storms will become a about it more organized and we are really concerned that some of those could be severe. very warm moisture flow pushing its way up the mid atlantic. we are talking a warm dayay tomorrow and a sticky humid daym as well as we keep our eyes to y the skies for the storms. they have us under anal risk foa thena weather. that does have us i'm also concerned about local c flood issues because we're going to see some pockets of pretty heavy rainfall with those storms. futurecast has now advanced the approach of this system and the storms once we get into tomorrow from the 6:00 hour.. now we're seeing 7:00 starting to see a little bit of thisis active move in.n. here's a look at 8 in the morning and by the time we get into the afternoon hours once again it continues to pick up. it looks fairly scattered in nature but
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will become more organized at 3:00 in the afternoon. it starts to move its way toward the beaches and then behind it t look at the dryer air. that's going to billion dollar in with ta ridge of high press and we're going to see the humidity start to drop.op low chance of tornado risk,sk, medium risk as far as the wind is concern. low for hail, but medium for some flash flooding. that dryer air is going to setto us up for monday, tuesday, wednesday. good news, ridge of high pressure comes in, humidity gets pushed out of the picture. we get a pretty good break untib we move into there end of the wk and we really need it with theth humidity having been so strongo and having to deal with it for so long. planner for tomorrow by midday, 88-degrees. can't rule out a storm at thatt interest post office or even earlier. tomorrow we're talking about a high of 90-degrees.degr here's a look at your fox5 seven day forecast.da temperatures are going to be seasonal into this week and you know what, we are
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pretty nice conditions for the first four or five days. not bad at all.t by the time we get to the end of the week, though, that's wethat' next system kicks in and we're talking about a risk of anothert storm. but enjoy monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday.dnes i don't want to spoil theil surprise because they may be watching, but what did you getu bay bay for her birthday. >> when weigh weigh didn't comeg out, we were having a little special time together. > gwen is crazy. there's probably a sign that says totally addicted. > thank you, gwen. bamboo. that's true. all right. brody is back with sports after this.
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♪ ♪ a lot of people in the nfl sayel you can learn the most about ast tell in the second and third preseason games. we learned last night that theth redskins don't really think that preseason has a point for their starters. jay gruden pulled every major league player out of the game. coach gruden explained his last minute changes. cha my decision this morning, weorni have a lot of good players inyes this locker room and i wanted tn make sure that our backups weree ready to play at all times. we had a lot of our
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starting locals last year and i thought it was important for kohl's to get some work against quality defense. d even without kirk cousins and company in the game it was a roller coaster of sloppy play early.earl last night i talked to fox5's grant paulsen to break it all down. hard to clean a lot from a game where so am starters sat out, but what are your take away from tonight's game.t's a couple things. we got to start with matt jones. after he left with an injure and was evaluated, got x-rayed on his shoulder was that he sprained an ac joint.join you'll have to monitor at thisoi point how many weeks he can miss. he's a below jected starter at this point. they don't have any proven veterans on this team. after this year as a rocky when he under achieved a about it, ao they were banking on him carrying the male. that could change a li
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that's the first and foremostmo start. he started to establish a ground game. he was falling forward using that body lean they wanted to see, was running with some power, but then he got hurt. and then office a couple of verr young, very talented players p a step up, are had ross i being be one of them. of toward the end ever the game t they mounted a nice come back.bk what did you see from thatrom squad, especially the late touchdown there? i liked it first p of all, the redskins were still at the end of thef game coaching from a blink on on standpoint using this time to win the football game. i think that's important, regardless of whether or not aln the starters play and whether oy the not they are he going to make the 53 man roster there'str something to be said for winning becoming a mindset. you saw that they wanted to come back and still accomplish thatcm with guys throwing and catchingh touchdowns that aren't going tot be a factor this fall or this winter at fed ex field. ex specific to the end
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scenario, the rookie quarterback late round pick who is trying to make this roster rather than being played on the roster squad one weeing a had a chance to a come from a come from behindeh lead. that wasn't the case this week. that's the kind of progressrogr you're looking for on a week to week basis. i think you daw that from sun felt tonight. grant i'm going to give both off us a pat on the back. in the 5:00 and the 6:00 we talked about p are had ross. there's a the lot of tail evento is this a chance for him to take one of those spots? i think itt is. absolutely. they're probably keep five toive six wide receivers.ece he's very likely to be one of them. just like last season made aeas couple of plays tonight. the ravens and colts in preseason action tonight.onig no joe flacco tonight. the second
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three. 14-yard touchdown. four minutes left.ft the colts up one going for twofo to make it a three-point game,ae david morse, kicked off byby anthony levine and he's takinghs it back, 98 yards all the way. w that is a game winning 2 point interception. you don't see those all the time.time > the ravens win 19 to 1.o after three weeks out with an injury fresh off being cleared of doping allegations, ryan zimmermaner in the lineup andd back in a big way tonight.onig his first pitch back homered tonight to give the nats a one-0 lead. he kick started an offense who scored 11 runs who held off the brace to win 11 to 9. matt sin wits
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american in 108 years to win the god medal in the 1500 meters fulfilling the dream of his dad who made olympic events, but did not medal. a great night on the track.rack both took home gold.d. allison felix, six gold medals. > team maryland. we're back after this.
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> take us home, gwen. tak all right, everybody, get ready foretop. we could see some strong storms across the area.rea. our storm prediction center has under a marginal risk of severe weather, but after that things are going to be nice for the week. that is good news. we'll see you here tomorrow. the morning show show will be here at 7:00 a.m.
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mike: previously on home free... we began the competition to build ten homes in ten weeks. nick: this is crazy! mike: eleven contestants set out to win a dream home for their personal heroes, and $100,000 for themselves. we're building an entire neighborhood. mike: every week, the houses get bigger and better. we will be turning this house into a beautiful cape cod home. last week was all about pushing past limits. aah! come on, val. we're almost there. come on. no, no, no. pick it up. -got it! mike: orange team conquered the drill down challenge, and patrick was given control of the gold tag. way to go, team. mike: in their work orders, some contestants failed to deliver. red tag. red tag. red tag. that left ben, carre, and valerie up for elimination at the end of the week. i have to convince val that she should go in-- and want to go in-- to the final cut.


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