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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  August 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> coming up on fox5 newsing morning rising death toll.sing the number of victims in the italian earthquake has climbedbe past 200. >> today the humidity comes humt back reminding us all that it ta is still summer outside. oside >> good morning to you though. thanks for joining us. us. i'm holly morris.or 'm and i'm maureen umeh. i today is going to be a wonderful day. a lot of kids already back toale school and of course thateha humidity back.ack. mike thomas will be here toe talk about it.lkut i erin como will talk about the
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we have something you may see that you should not be alarmed about.out >> annie yu joins us with whatwt you should be wear of before you go outer the door. d >> heads up morning commuters. don't be alarmed if you see a sa huge number of first of fi responders and fire apparatuspps equipment near the pentagonhen later this morning.r th the pentagon and firstd responders are gettingsp together holding a mass casualty exercise fromro 9 o'clock this morning until 1 o'clock. it's going to be on the north n side of the pentagon.en the exercise will involve a simulated helicopter crash and a a fire.a and the scenario may be visible from the virginiaa state highway routes 27 and a 110 with a lot of police and and emergency response activity inec and around the pentagon mall. ml the pentagon says this is ayss a way for first responders tos t test their skills and by thend way the exercise will not disrupt normal employee orye visitor access to thesi holly and >> thanks, annie. appreciate it.prec let's go to amatrice
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italy where the death toll from that earthquake stands at 247. search crews are still digging g through the rubble. rub three towns were hite especially hard including a tourist area that was actuallyay holding a pasta >> taking you to burma where wre an. quake killed four peoplee ki it happened yesterday.y. 185 buddhist temples weretemplee damaged and police are guarding those temples againstst looters. there are some concerns more aftershocks could collapsecks fortunate >> a deadly attack on the american university ofe atvers afghanistan in kabul came to c an end good news there overnight.nigh however, seven students arent believed to be among the 12 people killed in the attack by militants. an ap photograph was in a classroom with 15 otherh oth students when he says at least l two grenades were thrownere rown inside. 30 other people were wounded. wd so far no groups have claimed responsibility. >> this morning, the hunt is on for app peeping tom caughtauh on camera outside a home inn alexandria.ex police released these images ima of the s
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>> and they're asking for yoursu hope to track him down.o tr fox5's anjali hemphill is live in alexandria now with the details. anjali. >> reporter: well, goodl,d morning. imagine you're just sitting in i your living room when your yr security system's smartphonephoe app goes off alerting that you y a possible intruder is on thes t other side of your glass door.oo that's what happened to oneo one family off south george masonrgm drive in a neighborhood that'sos just steps away from wakefieldwe high school on the border off arlington and alexandria.lendri. take a look at the video their r security system capturedapture around 10 o'clock mondayony night. ght. in it very clearly you can see a man walk up to their home, h pier into their doors ando th windows.nd fairfax county police also pe ao putting out the alert theyrt t believe the man may have alsoe a been touching himself inappropriately and we spoked wo to a man who lives at that a home. he was not comfortable showingrg his face on camera so we'ree're going to protect his identity but take a listen to what het had to say. >> alert, i was upstairs. uir she was pretty terrifiederrified sitting on the couch watc
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the perpetrator do whatever hera was trying to do. obviously thankful for havingg a security i don't think it was someone wae looking to get their jollies jol or anything, i think it was someone that was either casing or looking for w an opportunityi bottom line, she's still's sti ranked by it, i'm still by affected by it and it's by it something to all of our neighbors around here to be cognizant of.gnizant >> reporter: no word yet ifdet the suspect has targeted anygete other homes in this area buts in police want to hear from youom if you recognize that man int mn the video you are umped to t call them with anyh any information. any information that leads to an arrest also to get a cash reward.rd. anjali hemphill fox5 local news. >> officials in montgomeryls county looking to figure out how to dole out hundreds of thousands of dollars of donated money. mon >> they establish the moneythe y will go for four places replacing lost documents forlost the families, replacing car c
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costs of sending remains backaib to the victims home country. cou a cash allotment for everyor eve family displaced by the fire. f right now officials arere determining just how muchg justh money each family will receiveye but they say they recognizeze the urgency of the situationuatn and they are working quickly. q >> virginia facing not so goodd financial news this morning.l ne the washington post reporting ps that the state's budget is expected to be over a billionli dollars short.ho they say governor terryernor mcauliffe will announce thennoue news at a and that shortfall shl would be among the biggest in in the state's history.tory >> battle of the beltway is back here in the district. bottom of the ninth we go at got nats park, nats come roaringe rn back, they're down seven runs, daniel murphy rips the grand t a slam home run to right. r see ya'. then two batters later, guess what? anthony rendon drillsdonl the rbi double.ou nats down 10-eight.0-gh but despite the exciting and
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on to win it 10-eight. 10-ei that's that's a lot of runst's though for one game. f that's an exciting >> maybe not as exciting thexcit weather and this humidity hidit coming back mike thomas oh manan say it ain't so if i'.. >> i'm association maureen. >> heat and humidity spillingng back into the region.nto today is not the worst of it. humidity will be notice s it'se tomorrow that things crank uprak a couple notches.le satellite and radar here some sm clouds spilling in over thepill mountains this morning.ins some of those will make ite ll m across. we'll have a mix of clouds andfd sun here in washington thisgtons morning. enjoy one more comfortableab early morning here inere in washington.shingt 72 here in d.c. 66 in gaithersburg.ther 68 in westminster. 67 at baltimore here's your forecast for today. 92 degrees in washington.ashito. they're back those 90's. 91 quantico 93 for
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that's the forecast.'s t erin como has traffic.raff >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit buy a for special offers. >> 5:07. thank you for waking up withit us. as you make your way around wayn the dmv majors looking good. 301 north approaching branch avenue quiet.en as you make your way towards tor the bottom of the beltway we of are in great shape branch avenue through brandywine alsoyo looking good.lo problem free on four threwur t upper marlboro.per marlbo let's take a look at our maps right now.t we have road work however on wow branch avenue right nearea surratts road. rd. if that starts to cause any caua delays i will certainly keep you updated on that throughhr your prince george's county's ct commute n northern maryland and howard county traffic cruising along.crui early flight at bwi or headed he to baltimore for work traffic on 95 northbound and southbound baltimore-washington parkwayshin north and southbound cruising. u top of the beltway from the belm beltzville through kensingtonhr also quiet.alsoui and as we take an overview off our morning commute i likeute ik what i'm seeing on 395 fromro alexandria to the 14th stree
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bridge. all of our area bridges really quiet right now, the memorial,ia the roosevelt problem free andem the key bridge from rosslynsl into georgetown and as we takeek a look right now in arlington we're quiet.e q inner loop from tysons up to upt clara barton in great shape.toig not like the congestion we hadso yesterday morning because ofmo that overturned semi.ned si. taking a look in cheryl in cherl traffic quiet and 295 2 southbound is cruising from 50 on down. if you're taking 50 from50 fro annapolis to the beltway itohe b like what i'm seeing there as ta well none alerts on all of our meteorologist, david murphyogis, metro rail lines. this break from safe track has been much needed.eeded. surge eight does can ick in onnn saturday. we'll have everything you needu know about that.know if you have any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on titter gottteg your back. bac back to you maureen and holly.ay >> all right, thank you erin.ri coming up increasnsion inon the persian gulf betweeneen american and iranian >> a severe outbreak oftbreakf tornadoes in parts of indiana leaves behind a path ofh of destruction. >> jessie j singing domino asoms we head to break. break we're back right aftr
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time is 5:08. steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. >> this morning company mainedi enkokomo end endin a state of e. governor mike pence a warning conditions are still ripnce forr tornadoes to form. form. luckily, there have been noe b reports of serious injuries
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caused by the storms.torm >> on the campaign trailig pence's campaign partner madetnd some waves last night when heht used some pretty interestingesti language to take aim at hillary clinton's 90 minority voters.voters. just listen to >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beingsei worthy of a better future.r fut she's going to do something.hi >> well, at least one audienceic member had a strong reactionion to trump's use of the word w bigot. take a look at the woman toat t his left right there. her. he facial expression is priceless. she appears to jump a littlee at his word choice. c her shock doesn't wear off for several seconds afterwards.ftera >> for her part, clinton con responded to trump's criticismsm harshly saying "he is takingin the hate movement mainstream.nsa she then accused trump of pedaling big tree through hisre deportation policies andpo attacks on a ud
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mexican heritage. hitag >> bill clinton defending thetoe good work of his family foundation. he weighed into the debate at d a rally saying he would no longer solicit donations if hillary was elected and the foundation would no longero lon accept donations from foreignnso governments.gove clinton called questions absurd in an interview with cnn. cnn. american destroyer in theesr persian gulf on tuesday. the ships came within aboutbo 300 yards of the american the ship. sh the u.s.s. nitz was on a routine transit when the incident occurred. it changed its course to avoidvo a collision with the iranian the ship n january 10 u.s. sailors s were detained by iranian soldiers when their ship an advert tently entered iranian waters.te they were released after being g held for 15 hours.our >> it could be the imagehe ima comeback of the you will never guess what's in store for ryan lochte.ochte. >> oh, boy. boy >> and college students in texas hold an
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protest the state's open carry law. la >> as we head to break let's l go ahead and take a live lookoo across the d.c. there we go.e we this will get you going on an thursday. a little boom boom pow fromm por the black eyed piece. where have they been. bee fox5 news morning coming backg b after this. >> ♪
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♪ >> back at 5:14 right now aat 5 monumental problem for one ofneo d.c.'s biggest attractions.ttrat national park service says the elevator to the washingtonhingto monument is at the end of itsndf life and will have to be modernized which means thehe monument will be closed untild u mid september for immediate repairs and inspection. it will reopen while officialsic come up with a plan to rowow placto replacethe elevar
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>> okay.ka >> i think that's probably thet' right move. >> it was time.>> iwas time. >> everything has a life >> okay.>> o coming up on 5:15 on this5 onhi thursday morning you'reay looking outside, it is m a nicec warm start to the day.ay 72 degrees.. mike thomas talking about theut humidity that is creeping back into the picture.tu >> yes, absolutely right.olutely humidity is on its way back. bac say it ain't so.y it ain well, i'm sorry, yeah, i have, h to it's my job. hey, check it out. out satellite and radar just a fewd clouds coming in over theinin o mountains should make for ae f very gorgeous sunrise but we b should keep things relatively r sunny for the first half ofirst the day here in washington. all is quiet outside for the time being 72 degrees. 72 degr maureen just mentioned it i 78 percent relative humidityeid so it's starting to pull back pl in. south-southwest wind 10 miles per hour that is going to pullig up that humidity from the south. should be a gorgeous sunrise.une there it is. wow, wow, beautiful. 70 degrees later on thiser on morning for sunrise. sunrise sun is setting at 6:31 a.m. a si
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minutes of daylight each that is a sign that autumn ist i on the way. way summer is not done just yet.t utld front out to the this is the trigger for all of l that severe weather we haveve been talking about in theki midwest over the past couple the of hours. hours high pressure sinking down tonk the south. that's going to push in the heat from the south as well wel bring us back into the 90'sinto9 later on this afternoon.fterno there is a chance of a spotty i think the chances are much better over the highlands anddsa the mountains out to the west. s can't rule one out around theunh i-95 corridor.orrido 9 o'clock today a couplea couple showers in the mountains.nt watch has that energy spillsat out eover the d.c. corridor. co noon hour maybe we mix with ait little bit of cloud cover.clouce there we are at three,ee, 4 o'clock seeing a storm or stom two maybe popping pup around aro the d.c. area but again for ainr the most part most will stay dry today but we will mix with t clouds from time to time. 92 degrees daytime high today.t. 90's are back. bac even hotter tomorrow. h we'll get to the seven day in literally 10 seconds. sonds 76 degrees overnight that humidity is back. ac is going to s
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no more windows opened weatherdh at least not on the seven-day-d forecast here.forecast her here it is. 92 degrees today. tod tomorrow zip trip friday.y. yay! college park can't wait can to he sao you, 97 degrees.97 dre 93 on saturday. satday. 92 on sunday and then mid 90's s back next week. wk. hot, hot, hot. all right, erin you've got the traffic. >> bare with me mike. mik >> i'm bearing with you. beari >> mike's going on. mik >> mike's going on. o do you need me to do some traffic. >> we won't go there.. we won't cross that bridge. brig all right. so -- taking a look at thek at roads here, we've got some people, you know, driving, they're any other doing tooany good of a job but at leastt things are ain i can't hear you still. sti do you need my mic. >> i need taborer mike's mice'sc because my mic is on but mic i t unfortunately you guys can't can hear me. take a look behind me. a lot of traffic on the innerher loop. loop. police activity blocking theivit right lane between bw parkwaywe and route one soen please use
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that area. keep it to the left. l mike you're a really good traffic spokes model. >> this is like the price isce i right thing.hing >> you're my vanna white. we'll take a quick look at our maps. i appreciate the team effort.t. frederick county northernty maryland looking great.ookingret drive times as they should be.h we have no metro delays andan you know what, mike, do youe, d ever like see those people that have the that's what you are right now. >> i know, erin. [laughter] >> best traffic report ever. back to you guys. >> ♪ >> it looks like u.s. soccer.s.e is done with one embattled superstar as another athlete ate making headlines moves to theo e dance floor. >> here with the details on the what the trending on this thi thursday morning is wisdomningsi martin.rt hey, wisdom.y, w >> good morning.mor. first up west virginia have a center joe mansion staying silent about the dramaticrama price increase of the he pie pen in recent despite the fact that his rct t
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runs the company that producesuc the life saving device.ev several other senators requesting congressional hearings and investigations.ons. leslie jones once againieon the target of an onlinein attack. this time her personal web w site was hacked and nude photos alongside copies of hersr driver's license and passportas were posted. the hacker also posted a video v in tribute to the gorilla harambe in an especiallyy offensive racist dig at jones. n the web site has been taken tak down but snl is yet to issue a public statement on that next up hope solo's moutho't has cost her dearly. dea u.s. soccer suspended her forer six months and terminated herter contract with the women'sct nati wonal team which means shes may have played her last matchtt this is all over comments calling team sweden a bunch of o cowards after they eliminatedlia team u.s.a. in the rio olympics.olym other embattled olympian ryan lochte is also in theis headlines this morning, theorng, swimmer has reportedly joined je
5:20 am
stars." the show's 23rd season sea premiers in just about twout weeks and we'll be anxious to see if lochte actually gets out there on the dance floor.e f finally how about this, ending d on a good note the nhl has its first female coach.o she has been brought on as theeb new skating coach for thee arizona coyotes. coyotes. she was previously employed part time by that sameby that se franchise and she is, she says she's very excited about the abe opportunity and lookingity forward to working with the coaching staff. sta braid also said she takes "a ton of pride in being the nhl's first leading lady."ady. ending on a high note.ote. >> proud about it, too. >> you go girl.>> yo gi >> coming up on fox newsnew morning another automakeromak issuing another massive recal recall. >> and you might want to stayt o on dry land. >> as we head to break a liveea look across the d.c. region. this is nell
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app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios.
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>> 5:23 right now. this is a very unsettlinga veryl story out of pennsylvania.of pya a 14-year-old killed hisis grandmother because he didn't want to go to school.chl. police say hunter reeseer shotht his 60-year-old grandmotherrathr and then called histhenalle grandfather claiming that helath found her like that but laterutl he decided to call 911 and confess. reeseer is being charged as aneg adult with first degreee murder. >> not everyone approves of aprf new texas law which allowsll people to carry firearms on campus. several rallies were heldrall yesterday on campus opposing the law. law. most of it we can't show youho y on television because thereecau were sex toys everywhere.rywh the group which we can't sayan y the name of actually plannedlly the protest because they sayheys it doesn't make sense that obscene things like sex toys aren't allowed on campus but guns are. a >> the bab bing brooks and and
5:24 am
might not be as pretty as they look. lo turns out waterways havewate pretty high levels orwf human h and animal fecal matter. mte officials are now advising advis swimmers and kayakers to avoid a local waterways for about 48 a 4 hours after heavy rain storms.t. they're also asking localinlo governments to take steps to reduce pollution runoff into rof streams and rivers in thean region. not sure what the rescue of of that little guy has to do withit it all but hope up get the g pick her isn't florida ford is i recalling nearly 100,000y 0, vehicles. the cars and suv's can stall c l without warning because of awarn problem with the fuel pump.heue the part of the on boardn b computer which controls the pump can fail and when that wth happens, the engine might not nt start or even more worrisome wri the engine could stall whilell the cars are the o road. r ford says it's not aware of's ae any crashes related to the recall. >> ♪>> >> 5:24, almost 5:25. 5:2 mike thomas it's like a broken e record so i'm going pass it on i to y >> ready for round sev
5:25 am
>> let's to it.>> l >> round seven.>> >> heat wave number seven. numb. >> this is like our safe trackar surge. >> hopefully this is the lastise one. i'm trying to see maybe it is, maybe it's not. n >> i really don't mind it.t. >> i don't either.>> i >> it's summer.>> >> i'm trying to hold ionto oo summer as long as i can.long aca >> summer is almost over.ver. >> don't do it mike. m >> hold on as long as you can. n >> debbie downer just go ont g with the forecast.with the f >> kids are getting back toare a school. that's a sign of the times.ig all right.n taking a look at thingsthi outside right now, hi, we're taking -- we're -- let's get- lg to it. all right, there's the jet the t stream.ream. forgot what my first map was mas for a minute there. there's thee the jet stream.the it's heading off to the northheh today. to and when it does that, the heat, the humidity it startst st bumping up from the south, south those 90's coming back intog bto the picture later on thiser on afternoon. we're talking about 92,lking 93 degrees for daytime high.meig there's your planner. plaer 82 by 11:00 a.m., just a fewus clouds out there.ds out maybe a few more by 2 o'clock 2k this afternoon, 88 degrees.8 dee then into the 90's we go. we g we could pop a thunderstormor te
5:26 am
though it's not terribly likely. temperatures later today again highs 92 here in washington, wag 91 for quantico, 91 manassas maa 93 for fredericksburg, 87 for looks like those closest tolo the bay will be spared the baree first day of 90's here.t da that's a check of theheckf th forecast. erin como has the words with wit hopefully a working mic. hey, erin. >> 5:26 right now taking a look at your commute. c heavy traffic as you [inaudible] >> we apologize. obviously we're having audiog a issues with erin's mike this ths morning. morning. we'll continue to work on itin and of course she'll give you an update in about 10 minutes. t on fox5 news morning a mni lawsuit challenging maryland'san congressional district isional t moving forward. >> and local researchers plan to open a center to study the su zika virus. virus >> a look live across the dmv.
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rope. we kind of feel like we're walking a tight rope thisg morning and we might beg an falling off. off. 5:26 is the time right now.. fox5 news morning back rightac r after this. >> ♪
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steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> coming up on fox news morning no cause for alarm.ause a huge number of first responders will spend part of po their day around the pentagon. we're going to tell you why.l yo the number of victims inms i the italian earthquake h
5:30 am
climbed into the hundreds asinto geologists record a secondecordc quake. this one in asia. and federal regulatorsegat discover even more safety s failures involving metro fox news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you. goo thank you very much for wakingr up with us, i'm wisdom >> and i'm holly morris. today is thursday, august 25th. >> we don't want to gonto go backwards.back >> we only wander to goo forward.d. >> want to make sure we goe su forward.forw >> mike thomas and erin comoas i weather and traffic in a >> we want to start with the to news at 5:30.:3 very important information youti need to know this morning.o knot the pentagon is going to hold a mass casualty exercise toda today. >> this exercise is going tosesg involve a simulated helicopter p crash and a fire.h an it's happening today from 9:00 0 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. on the. one north side of the pentagon. pena pentagon says this is a wayays for first responders to test their
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>> ♪>> >> good morning, everybody.d i'm annie live in the news room. r happening this morning, the mng death toll from thefromhe devastating earthquake inn central italy continues to t rise with 247 people now confirmed dead. amatrice is a popular tourist tu town in central italy and waslyd full of vacationing familiesie before yesterday's tremblerre and the presence of so manye visitors is making it hard for f rescue crews to estimateat exactly how many people mighte m still be missing.still be m now,is following the quake there have been at least 150 lst aftershocks including oneluding measuring a magnitude 5.5 and 5 this morning geologists ins i rome are keeping a very close eye on seismic activity in thece region to ensure residents in the hardest hit regions arens fore warned about upcominging aftershocks. this earthquake is shaping upap to be italy's deadliest since the 2009 quake that left 3000 people did he do with an epicenter 90 miles south ofou o this most recent one. it's a devastating situation, si unstable as well and
5:32 am
continue to before you knowo you the latest as it for now we'll send it back upk to you in the studio. stu >> flew fta investigationti highlighting new concerns news about metro trains.metrains a report found metro rail yardaa workers have not been using the hand brakes to keep parked trains from rolling away.rom >> this is apparently beently going on for decades.. metro had three run away rail a car incidents just last year. fta officials also found the "widespread lack of complianceda with metro's internal rules for rail cars and maintenance me equipment stored in the railstor yards." this morning the hunt isor e on for a peeping tom caught on camera outside of a house inn alexandria.alex police released impatch of theht suspect. >> they are asking for youre as help to track him down.trachim fox5's anjali hemphill is live in alexandria with thethhe latest. anjali. >> reporter: good morning. well, this happened as ahis haed family was sitting in their t living room at their home off o south george mason drive, it's,' a neighborhood along theighb border of alexandria and and arlington and just steps away aa from wakefield high schooligchoo here behind me. and not only did their
5:33 am
security system cap whicher this incredibly clear video around 10 o'clock monday m night, it also alerted them onmo their smartphone app that a possible intruder was on thewas other side of their glass door r as that were just sitting in their living room.ei in the video you see a manideo walk up to their home peers p into their doors and windows win and fairfax county police believe the man may have also a been touching himself inappropriately.y. now, no word yet if this t suspect has targeted any otherdn homes in this in thi police are taking this very ver seriously. they want to hear from you.r frm if you recognize that man ingniz the video, you could receive a reward for information leadingon to an an a live in fairfax county, anjalial hemphill fox5 local news theretr 5:33 is the time. tim in maryland a lawsuitsuit challenging a 2011 redrawing1 ra of the state's congressionalsi districts will be allowed toowet go forward despite statepite officials arguing that itarguinh should be dismissed. dssed. >> the suit argues that that districts were redrawn toedrawn dilute the power of republicanel voters in there traditionallydiy blue state. the next step in the case is a
5:34 am
panel but that likely won'tely w happen before december. >> ♪>> >> all right. it's that'shat time of the morning when wehen say good morning again to mike k thomas and make our littleour lt stroll over here and talkll about what's happening ot wh outside. >> you guys have mastered theas stroll. >> we are excellent strollers sl at this hour. and it will be a an excellent week so far. far >> fantastic. >> it's really been amazing.zin. only focusing on the positive. t >> and that is a positive. a piv today it's not awful, it's low i 90's. humidity is back but it's not that oppressive humidity quite yet. tomorrow we'll be there.owll b and then we have more heat and h humidity coming back nextominbak week. i to want to start with the wh t bus stop, though.ophough. we got kids getting back to school this morning, anotherhisn day for d.c. schools. sls 65 to 74 degrees as you get the kids to the bus stop thiss t morning. a nice mild start to the day. again, not terribly humid out there. after school a little more more humidity, 88 to 93 degrees,deee hot and humid and beyond after school hours we could pop a p a thunders
5:35 am
early evening.early even i want to focus on the weekend e real jet stream staying off to thenge north is going to keep hot and a humid air in here.. 90's coming around.roun high pressure sliding off toss the north. that will filter in some drier d air at the surface so while it e will be hot we won't have ase as much humidity around ond o saturday and sunday.unda so, it is some good news n there. 93 trees, lots ofs sunshine on your saturday. 92 degrees, still hot and a sunday. humidity does start to return,or though, as we get into the next work week monday andk we mn tuesday. all right, more details other seven day coming your way inng just a few minutes.ewinutes for now, erin como on mico on m number three this morning. thren hey,er are in. >> 5:35. can you hear me mike? we're good to go.oo. right now unfortunately wenow un have problems with metro.etro earlier track problem at a eastern market has residualases delays in that area across theas orange blue and silver something to keep in mind as you wake up this morning. morni rest of the rail line should be on time. no problems into prince pri william county through daley tha city. nice and green on the maps.the p speeds as they should be.shouldb we'll take a live look
5:36 am
show you what else you're up're against this traffic 50 inbound fromound f columbia park road to 2011 smooth sailing, you can seeu cae really light volume on that t inbound and outbound side. volume is building a smidgeildii closer to the beltway.ltwa we'll let you know if that tha causes any slowdowns. slowdowns. so far your drive times as tim a they should be. suld be. we'll go ahead and go back tok our maps. ou want to show you some of yourf inbound traffic right now.t drive times on 395 from thatfroa washington boulevard to the 14th street bridge quiet south u of that point same story. gw parkway southbound 123 tound the key bridge cruising. cisin and i'm not seeing anynot e problems on cabin john clara jo barton or river road. frederick county minor delayinor because of volume.of vol truck scales to 109.scales t i'll let you know if anythingnyn else picks up this morning. any question at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. twitt let's get you moving on thison i friday eve.friday e back to you. >> all right, 5:36 is the time. coming up on fox news morningor the signing of a peace deal ined cuba mark the end of a 50 year y war. war. >> residents of one northwestnot d.c. community file a lawsuit aw against a
5:37 am
homeless shelter. >> live look outside acrossok o the region. rio this is michael jackson's hit "the way you make me feel." fee i remember that from back in the day. seems like there was a long time a time right now 5:37.:3 72 degrees outside. outside back in a moment.back in >> it was a long time ago. a >> it was. was i was just coming to theinto the realization it was a long timeil ago. >> ♪
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> ♪ >> one of the world's longestrl' running armed conflicts isme officially over. columbia and rebels have signed a peace deal in havana hn cuba. the two sides waged a drugs funded which killed at least l 220,000 people.0 pe 10s of thousands of others ohers have disappeared and millionsiln fled their homes because of the the deal still needs to beds te voted on in a referendumeren before it actually becomes law. >> two orlando hospitals which h treated victims of the pulsehe e nightclub shooting say theyng sy will not bill survivors of thefe massacre for their out of pocket medical expenses.edical n instead, they're going theng t write it off about five and aiva half million dollars in i medical bills for those whoho w weren't insured.nsur the ceo of orlando health saysay it's their way of paying the kindness forward that washa shown to the city after thehe ce shooting. >> a group in northwest nth washington suing mayor bowserng and the d.c. council over anc plan to build a homeless
5:41 am
shelter on the grounds of aroun police station just offtion wisconsin avenue.scon the group says they did not the have a forum to voice theirice r concerns about how the shelter s would affect the operation oftio the police station and the surrounding neighborhood.ghrhoo bowser's administration has h not commented on the suit.the s. >> in baltimore johns hopkinsopi medical center is -- medicineedn is planning to open the world's first zika center.cente. it will allow infect thet t patients to get care asare a researchers investigate thehe virus. the new center will bringl in together experts from johns hopkins medical center and thern university school of publicl of health as well as specialists in infectious diseases,isse pediatrics and social work. a maryland currently hasnd 64 6 known travel related cases ofaso the zika virus.irus >> coming up on fox5 news5 n morning celebrities areg ce helping to bring attention to t an ongoing protest against a pipeline on native land. >> and new research suggests aging should be a time of joy for all of us.ti >> really? [laughter] interested to hear that.o as we head to break though let's take a live look acrossos the d.c. region
5:42 am
grande sings arianna, oh, aryan marks, well, how about you know it is, you 60 at home, it's "the way." it's 5:41, 72 degrees rights rit now. fox5 news morning back after this. >> there she is. >> there we go. we go. >> there she is. re she is. flin
5:43 am
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fading and fuzz... so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner wash in the wow.
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>> ♪ >> 5:44 right now. live look outside. loo we've enjoyed a beautiful weekte and now we're going to enjoy a a return of summer.umme >> yes, absolutely right.y >> it's all in how you look atoa it mike. >> that's true.>> ttrue >> i agree. >> it's all about the process.or >> we're glass half full here. r >> i'm all about that. ahat. we'll have the sunshine, noin severe weather in the inhe >> i like how you're thinkinghi mike. >> it's going to be a hot glass that's half full. fl. >> a hot half full glass. >> wow wow wee wow. >> dottler earlier.. >> the wow wow wee wow. wow >> we were talking about thebout seven day. d it's hot wow wow wee wow.ow. word of the day. it's not one word. you got to put a space in it. i >> got you. you. >> okay. >> we'll talk more in a bit. bit i want to start with the traffic. we have two systems we're watching.hi the first is gaston a hurricane category one.y o the bigger concern is this is
5:46 am
yet, it's invest 99l. 9 where you see red on your screen water temperature in tem the 80's.the these purple splotches arehe are where water temperatures areture 90 degrees or above. that's fuel for the hurricaner fire. we're watching the track ofhe this right now winds at 45 so it's approaching tropical storm sto strength here.streng check out where all the modelsol bring it, miami southern florida. might not be too strong when too it gets there but if it takes t a southern route and makes it ms into the gulf of mexico it gulff could really fire off pretty quickly.qukl so, that's why we're going to be keeping our eye on it overver the next several days. sev possibly it could swing up iup through the united states andun bring us some rainit though itut wouldn't be a hurricane aturrict that time. again, one really cool featureeu we're watching this morning is the hurricane hunters actuallyhe out and about as we speak. speak they took off from orlandoo earlier.earl there they are flying oney a through and right now they're te just now getting to where the t storm is and we'll get the
5:47 am
latest date from them by the 8 o'clock upday. looks like they picked up a maximum gust of 35 miles per o35 hour so far.ho so little piece of energyle swinging through the mountainsoh this morning. most of that should not make not it to us but definitelyefely bringing some showers to westt virginia, maybe the maryland panhandle this morning. near d.c. we're keeping iteepi clear. cl 72 degrees relative humidity h is up, 78 percent with thoseh to winds out of the south andouth d west. next couple of days, yes, unfortunately heat and humidity are back. this cold front will swinglwi through tomorrow afternoon andrw kind of clear out the humiditymd a bit but we'll keep the heatea around for the jet stream off to the north soth we'll have 90's both saturday st sunday. for the day today, 92 degrees,dr sun mixed with clouds fromlos time to time a spotty storm spo can't be ruled out but it's i not too likely. l 76 later on this evening so eveo again heat and humidity back, b no more 60's during the overnight unfortunately. at least not for a couple of o nights. zip trip friday we'll quick q college park tomorrow morning. n it's wisdom, it's tucker
5:48 am
it's hole.'s what a crew.what a come on down and see them. the here's your forecast.ouc it's going to be a hot one.o be. it will start comfortable 77for7 but will quickly get into the it 80's so dress lightly. light take a look at your fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecast.orec 92 today, 97 tomorrow.omorro we'll keep the 90's aroundrod every day on that seven-dayn-y all right, erin comore has got traffic.trfi >> 5:48 right now.>>:48 we'll start you off with at youf look at metro.lo at me dealing with delays.s. we had an earlier track tra problem outside of eastern as a result residual delayst re across the orange blue and blue silver line. l the rest of your metro commute c looking fine. f white hurts freeway -- actually this the key bridge.ri inbound commute looking nice nic from rosslyn into georgetown.rg no slowdowns there. we'll.e' switch over our cameras. over o this is a look at the 14th the4t street bridge where as youwhere come from 395 northbound andd gw parkway you are slowinglo down so watch out for that. t a lot of brake lights andights d reduced speeds.ce things picking up south u s capitol as you make your way out by suitland parkway. par
5:49 am
moving along just fine. white hurts freeway by krts frey street is moving along with wh some volume building.uig. back to our maps rider nows ridw we'll show you that other areas of county like princeikenc william county 66 through centreville drive time doubled prince william parkway toli fairfax county parkway witamhkww congestion so about a 10 a 1 minute early start.ta keel what was that youel w updated. that's your any questions at erin fox5 fox d.c. on twitter.. holly and wisdom. wis >> bryce harper fans yourper far favorite m.v.p. released a new n line of >> that's a story the nats fans are all over on socialn ci media this morning.dia let's see what else ise trending. maureen umeh good morning.ning >> first up actor susan sarandon and shailene woodleyoo outside a courthouse here inre d.c. to protest constructiont ct of a pipeline that they say would pollute water sources sou and desecrate sacred about 100 members of thef the native american groupcan g demonstrated outside d.c. d district court while
5:50 am
filled a courtroom inside where legal battle unfolded unfl over the $3.7 billion project.rt a status hearing has been setn for mid september.teer. next up police in upoli baltimore are under fire forundr not letting residents knownow about widespread aerialead surveillance programs thata they have been using for over six months now.eesi x a new report by the bloom -- - by bloomberg reveals that ant a ohio company first provided prod police with the technology to monitor unrest after the trial i of officers charged in the freddie grayha case.ase. and claims that after the the protest police continued tonu crews it to investigateit t crimes. officials are defending the program saying it has helped hal solve dozens of crimes. cme bryce harper has just unveiled a limited edition baseball cap collection heap c designed for harper's heroes a s charity for children who havechl or are battling cancer. a portion of the proceeds fromc the cap will be donated to the leukemia and lymphoma society.oe and exciting news. n one planet that might be another earth.another earth. astronomers announceds noun yesterday they have detecte
5:51 am
planet orbiting nearby that could be home to liquid water and, therefore, life.e. scientists have named thehe planet proxima bachelor ofache science b. astronomers are opening they'll be able to view it iniew the next decade.ecad pretty cool.tyool. speaking of space the latest batch of e-mails reveals bono featured footage fo from astronauts on the issss during north american and european legs of its u d-3 60-3 tour. so there you have it. y have it. >> all right. interesting. >> pretty weird. >> all right. >> thank you maureen. >> uh-huh. >> let's talk about this. former redskin>>s yk player der manly due in court in montgomery county accused of o assaulting a man who says he was looking at his phone when manly punched him out.punched h manly arrested several times
5:52 am
before on drug possession.ssessi >> turning to nascar. as dale earnhardt jr. will be out e for another couple of races.f rc he's still dealing with w concussion symptoms as a result of a june crash. alex baumann will fill in this s week and gordon will fill in i again next weekend. gordon had been filling in.ling. >> social media was kingl during the rio olympics ratings show viewership viewersp averaged about 25 million inion prime time. that's down about 18 percent from the london olympics but b on facebook, 227 million 227 mil people put out one and a half billion posts. pos twitter users sent 187 million8i tweets resulting in 75 billion i views on and off twitter. nearly 50 million viewers streamed 3.4 billion minutes of rio coverage on.4 the web and mobile devices. >> changing world isn't l >> oh, yeah. >> arlington public schoolslic s ushering in the new school schol year with a new unique sportquet for students to play. ultimate frisbee. fee. >> okay. >> i love ult
5:53 am
>> school officials say itl of will be available to middlelabld and high school students.l practice starts next month.xt m. games will then begin inbegiin october. the search for players trainers and coaches is happening right now.ppening righ have you ever played ultimate frisbee. >> no, i haven't.o,aven >> it's hard to throw thehe perfect >> you got to throw theow frisbee and then catch it.h >> no, there's an actual gamega to it. >> is it. >> yes. >> okay, all right.ll rig wonder if they give outive ou scholarships 'cause if so i 'caf need to get my kids involved.ol. >> they might in the future. >> sounds good to me.ound great news to report aboutws aging. >> do tell. >> new research shows that despite th>>e increased achesedh and pains, people in theirople h 40's and beyond are happier hap and better able to handle stress.stre >> hm. >> researchers found your bodynu may be better in your 20's and 30's but suppress anduppress and depression are bigger problems m for that age group.roup there you go. we got aches and pains butai we're happy. >> we are happy. >> he were hurt but we'reut we' happy. [laughter] >> take some med
5:54 am
all good.l good. if you're free at 10:00're a.m. this morning consider mng n heading down to the washington n monument to help the nationaliol park service make history ando d that's because thethat's organization is asking people i to help them form the world's largest living arrowhead toad help celebrate the 100th anniversary. >> participants shouldpants ul preregister online and firstirst 1,000 people will receive a t-shirt and umbrella.mblla. >> all right.>> all rig >> and i think the hundredthnk t anniversary is actually today.yy >> cool. >> super fun. how about some even betterst news than that? it's our nextt fox5 zip trip. >> that's what i'm talking about. ab the crew tomorrow will head towd college park, maryland.aran we're going to be right on o baltimore avenue and lehigh l road right next to college park city now, that crew that i wascrewha talking about, that would be one tucker barnes, one holly morris. >> that's me.>> >> and one wisdom martin. mti >> that's you. y >> tucker gets things going atng 6:00 a.m. a.m >> and then we'll be joining joi him around 7:00.:0 it will be a whole lot of fun.fn >> yes.>> >> looking forward
5:55 am
time to say good morningorng to our facebook fans of theacebo day and today we say hello to kala and meeka. ha what. >> look at how beautiful theyife are. ar they were nominated by theirheir owner hattie. >> is this a first. fir >> it might be.>> it i don't know if we've had aowf e dog be orphans of th our fans od >> they're gold medal winners wn dressed up with an app feature. featur >> so they're not actually'rt wearing those.e. >> right.>> >> don't write in. don they're not actually wearing those. >> right. she says the three of them t watch fox5 every morning from 7:00 to 8:30. they also love steve andve a allison in their matching outfits. >> match they to. let's talk weather. we're turning it right mike. >> absolutely is. abs we did the dogs on the wrong the day. tomorrow is national dog day. d. >>
5:56 am
>> 92 degrees later on today.od heat and humidity are check out friday.fri 97 degrees. yes, it's summer we're used to heat here in in d.c. but this is impressive by late augustan cards. car the weekend is hot but it'sotuti not terribly humid on saturday and sunday but the humidity isiy back for the start of the nextht work week. wee 94 for monday, 95 on tuesday tud and hot, humid and sticky one more time wow wow wee wow. >> wow wow wee wow. >> that's your forecast.t's erin como has traffic. traic. >> i done we're still dealing da with residual delays across the orange silver and blue line. line. moving over to our maps, as mapa you make your way out downtownot things good on the freewayonhe w problem free through the thirdht street tunnel.street t we're looking -- we're seeing sn some volume building acrosscros the 14th street bridge from f 395 inbound so watch for that. t a live look outside we'll showll you what else you're facinge fac this morning for your ride. for 295 south at eastern avenuevenu volume building but so far you're much better than wete typically see this time ofe is t morning. northbound side quietly anyid questions at ee rin fox5
5:57 am
twitter. keep it to fox5 news morning.5 e we have your 6 o'clock alllock l right right around the >> ♪ >> ♪ steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪ this is fox5 newshi morning. >> ♪ >> straight ahead at 6 o'clock this morning the desperate d search for earthquakethake survivors continued overnight in italy as the tragic deathc dh toll continues to to
6:00 am
quake zone coming up. >> and it is just a drill.a a warning for what you might mit see at the pentagon today as as something military officialsy o really want you to know about.b. plus. >> hillary clinton is a >> more name calling on then presidential campaign trail. a strong charge from donaldge trump and it caught some at a his rally off guard. that's coming up.p. >> first though live lookook outside. it's thursday morning, friday, a eve around it's august 25th.ugust 25 we'll have weather and traffic a for that you on the 5s at 6:05. good morning, i'm allison ais seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning. mi >> we begin this morning atisori 6:00 in italy again, the deatheh toll now continuing to rise ris after that massive earthquake. the number of dead now up to 247.24 the quake is the country's coury deadliest since 2009 when 300n people were killed.ople we ki rescue crews are still are sll searching for signs ofching survivors.ors. officials say it's hard to estimate how many may bey missing since the summering sit season brings in a


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