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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  August 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of the drug has skyrocketedkyet 400 percent in years. y it wasn't enough for the drugmaker spokeswoman who quitm today saying she can'tan't comprehend child's life might'sf be lost over money. >> fox5's jennifer davisnifer joins us live with the latest lt on this epipen issue. iss >> reporter: mylan ceo heather bresh is a senator'sentr daughter who has seen her salary rise n area in yourin you view with c nbc today she tay s blamed the high cost of thishi life saving medication on a a broken healthcare system ande sa says nobody is more upsetepset about these rising costs than her. allergy families we spoke with today say that is doubtful. juanita has been buying buy epipens for a decade since her h now 20-year-old son had a life-threatening allergicteng ac reaction at the age of nine. ofn she says the only thing that's a changed about the medicationabo in that time is the price.tis th >> nothing has changed in the
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it, they haven'tve made itad safer, they haven't donee anything different.hing it's the exact same epipen we have been purchasing for thesi last 10, 11 years so nothingo has changed except the price pri and that is choosing profit over lives and i dork i thinki n it's'sis >> reporter: the outrage o factor is high among those whogo have to fill these the prescriptions, too.c the owner of river rx inxn bethesda sees people not ables to fill entire prescriptionses because it's so he says that's especiallyspially frustrating since the epinephrine in these shots costs less than a dollar butr b the price set by the drugmakerer for a two pack on his shelf is s $600.$6 do they normally buy more thanet one box. >> in many cases they wouldhey l like to but when they see the se price they usually settle fortle one box. box you talking about about 40-year-old drug. dru when you have a 40-year-oldava 0 drug that is still basically bac controlled by one company, itmpt makes no sense.en there should be a dozen a doz companies making epipens. epipe >> reporter:
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his outrage grow as he watches h prices rise for so many m prescriptions he fills and hee wonders what will make the madness stop.madness stop. >> let's face at this time.e at we all know what the issue is. congress has lots of moneys of coming in from lobbyists and who are two biggest lobbyists,, pharmaceuticals and insurance ir companies. >> reporter: now, as a comparison at lifesaving injectable narcan can safecan life of a heroin addict bydi b reversing the effects of anf a overdose.over it's the same kind of pen. pharmacist said same amount of i medicine costs $15 a shot. sho >> that puts it in perspectivese and that is the egregious partus of this and i think that will w outrage people even more onor top of what's going on o already. >> i think it really does.s. and, you know, so this is ans a issue that matters to my m we deal with anaphylacticylacti allergies for my daughter.r. we have so many friends andan family that do they same. s >> it's important this time of o year because you have to reup,ou get more epipens for schoolfosco and they expire don't they.irt h >> so, ye
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children you need a set for home, you need a set for school, you need a set in our o case fore grandparents and youad need a set for child caree providers and they expirey expi within a year. >> oh my gosh. gos >> even if you have a card you that's going save you $300 on0 each one of these you'rese you talking over a thousanding ov dollars for these four setsr s and, you know, we talk tok to families today have multiple m people in a family who need weed these, they were spending, yougu know, as much as mortgage,orage, thousands of dollars.s of >> thousands of dollars.ands o really at this point is theret e anything families can do aboutie this to get these, save moneyavn and not have to pay these the outrageous prices.outr >> i think the most important m thing we want people to kosnowow is if you have your epipen look at the expiration date,e ex ask the pharmacy before yoube y buy it.y i talked to a lot of familiesf today who said they went tohey t the pharmacy they went throughou all this spent so much money moy they got home and the epipen thi they had expired in a couplepir of months it wasn't lasting a year. year so make sure that you look at t it bhaefore you buy it and check and make sure it's good for a fa you can also contact the company see if you can get aou a
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you can reach out to youro congress person and expressnd es your concern her and you can talk to youro your there is act generic.ic it's got some differences in terms how it's administeredered and it can be harder to get, get it's not always available, sole it may or may not be an option for you but you can talk to talo your doctor.your doctor. >> but there is a genericgeneri that's coming out too but it's not right weigh.righweig >> yes, something is in the works with the fda it needs toto go throughout process andghout that's not quick so you'llou'll have to work with what'shhat' available right now.e ri now >> jen, thank you.>> j >> and there's more to thisore s story, too for actor sarah sar jessica parker the epipen epi price hike is is rsn parker whose son has a life-threatening peanuthreate allergy announces she has quit her job as mylan spokespersonker n a statement she says the epinephrine auto injector isor i vital past our family'sily' healthcare as it is for thehe many who are at risk.t she says i'm left disappointedan saddened and deeply concerned cn by mylan's actions.ctions i do not condone this decisions and i ha
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relationship with mylan as as direct result of it.t. >> talking about metro now. n. metro transit police have launched an investigation intoti the derailment of a silver line train last month near ther east falls church station onetan of several safety issues thes transit agency is dealing witheh right now. as a result, a special metro met board meeting was called todayod in northwest.thst. and during the meeting boardtinb members peppered metro's met' management with questions fromio red light running to theru recent arrest of ann metro m police officer.ic fox5's matt ackland was at the meeting and he joins us live now with more. mor matt what's the latest fromest r that meeting?that mee >> reporter: hi, sarah. sarah board members just like soike so many members of the ridingidg public are frustrated about the safety issues that it tha seems like we hear about everyoe day. in fact, today chairman jackirm evans began the meeting saying, "this has got to stop." let's take you to video. vid jack evans also brought aht a picture of a man you might remember this man major general
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killed back in 2009 on the reded line in meteorologist, david murphyte metro crash near fortrt totten.totten evans brought this picture too remind members of the need totht focus on safety. evans and other board members mm then asked metro management mann about a number of safety issues, one big discussionone gi surrounded the derailment atlmtt the east falls church metroh tro station.station. metro announcing that it hast asked for a policee investigation to begin after hearing conflicting information during its its the general manager made it madt clear he did not know if any any crime was committed but wantedd to make sure the incident was investigated.ig take a listen to the general manager. >> and we're going to do d whatever it takes and it will wl lead where it leads.ea that's what that is about.s bou. we're not going to go very fary into that.t. we don't want any statements that we all make to jeopardizerz anything that may come out of that. that but i think it does reflect r the seriousness that we takeak and the commitment we're we're taking to,
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accountability for the safetyorf of our customers and our fellow employees.lo >> reporter: all right. another big issue on the table b today was talking about thebout arrest of metro police officer c nicholas young. young. you'll remember that happened recently because of alleged connections to a terror group. one member asked does thes community need to worry about possibly others connected to aet terror group.terror g take a listen to the police chief. >> what are the chances theree are others out there like this? do wechut have any idease >> i think as you may haveay heard throughout the lawaw enforcement community homety hoe grown violent extremists arests our biggest threat right now.htn when you look at the home grown terrorist type peoplerror there's no warning signs, war there's no precursors.s. so, i think the threat of home h groan extremes are always out there. there. are there any internal to the metro transit police now? no, i'm not aware of any nor is nor th
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>> reporter: getting back toac the track inspections for ans f minute we are told that thosese inspections continue.continue. also, we are hearing that at special team from tennessee isn being brought in to do someom extra training so thatt employees here with metro canan recognize if there are any problems with the rail. r they'll be trainedined extensively. also, there was something newwa that was brought up todayod about technology.olog one member said -- or oner person working for metro m management said that they are considering hd cameras to be positioned along the track way basically to give a look at the tracks around the clock sols they can spot some kind ofkind o issue before a train comes com along. those are not in place right now but they are beingei considered. live at metro headquarters,rter, matt ackland fox5 local news.. >> ♪ >> baltimore police department l is catching a lot of heat overve a test program that uses cameras mounted on airplanes ail to surveil the
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even helped solve some crimes.dc >> but is it a safety measure m or invasion of privacy? fox5's alexandria limon has more on the story and the big tb question how do we know it'sw not happening right here at a home.hom >> reporter: the answer isete it is happening inr: other cities, both the baltimorealti police department and the los angeles police department have had pilot programs.loogr there was also an attemptedpt pilot program in dayton, ohio,hi and the aerial surveillanceurve technology has been used in other u.s. cities for singlein day sporting events, things t like nascar and football games. this all -- there's always alway been more widely used in other countries.s. >> it's wrong.ron. that's like being in a i communist state almost. >> you don't expect somebodyt sy is going to be trowelingwe around following you for weeks w on end. if somebody did that you wouldd ask for a restraining order. that's what this technologyec does. >> reporter: an eye in ther: a sky, a step too far and a privacy
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stanley from the aclu callsal the video surveillance programro made by persistentsist surveillance systems and used u by the baltimore police pe department. >> even if you disagree withou d us everybody should agree wedeee live in a democracy and these decisions need to be made by the people.thopl that can't happen if the the police department does not consult with the communities.tht >> reporter: the presidentr: t of psf told fox5 on the phone to the technology is not ann invasion of privacy because details like license platesensep aren't visible in the video. and that the police departmented only reviews the video if and a when a crime >> i always think that when you go out in the public youublu conduct yourself accordingly.cci if you not doing anything thenge you shouldn't have anything to t worry about. >> reporter: the idea thathe i somebody was watching residents 24/7 is wrong.rong the technology was only used use for a total of four months so far this year and less than t 300 hours.300 hours they also credit the programam with helping them catch a
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murderer.murd now the big questions are what's more important, privacy i or safety? and how long until i the technology is used elsewhere? >> this is a big leap into aeapo much more intense surveillancevc system and we need to thinko t carefully about what kind of america we want to >> reporter: now, i did talk t on the phone to the president of pss for quite some time. tim he told me he thinks his h surveillance system can evenve help prevent crime by as much as 20 percent.peen he also agreed to do a skypekype interview to expand on that that and answer some of the otherof r invasion of privacy questions. s however, once we went to go do that skype interview he saidvi he was no longer available.vail. reporting live in arlington,ingt alexandria limon, for localr loa news. >> sounds like someone islike always watching you no matter mt what. at >> yes, ma'am. >> all right, coming up comin insulin in pills. >> a new method could spellho the end ofd painful jabs for diabetics.diabics. the
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that had previously prevented p a pill from working.a ll >> a shocking discovery about adhd diagnosis. dia why a new study says doctors doc seem to miss adhd in children who are not white.hi >> and wait until you hear howeh your coffee addiction may be written in your dna. dna >> hm. hey, sue.hey, sue. >> another thing to swab forb right there. i have a feeling i might haveave that one, too but only for thefe morning hours.morning you won't need much caffeineuchi if you're heading out intog t i these temperatures. t the hot stuff is beingng provided by mother nature n today. we've been as hot as 88 degrees.88 d a lot of places up and over 90 and the humidity is back in ak n big way.ay and doesn't it look like itike wants to rain out there? ire? i don't think it's going tok goi tonight but we're going to talk about that with a first look at your weather that's coming right up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> back now with tonight'sk no health watch. new research suggests yourse child's race may impact the likelihood they are diagnosedhen with adhd.d. >> according to researchers white kids are the most likely k to be diagnosed and treated for the disorder. >> african-american and latino children were least likely. the study examined 4300xad children in fifth, seventh and tenth grades. researchers say thearers disparities could be due to under diagnose ofdiagno of african-american and latinon-ama children. those groups could also have
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mental health services. servi >> good news for diabeticstics tonight and scientists believe they may have discovered a new painless method to administerdm insulin. right now they're testing an a insulin pill to replacen pillo e painful injections. the new oral method uses tiny t stress sick kelce that can deliver insulin exactly wheresut it needs to go to manage bloodna sugar levels.r it can withstand acid in thed it stomach which previously prevented a pill from working. g researchers plan to conduct to more animal testing and then t move on to human trial a new study shows yourr coffee addiction could all be b in your jeans. jea >> another thing to blame yourly parents for. f >> researchers analyzed genetic data from italians.lian. those with a specific genecifice variant drank one cup a day cupd less than those without it. the finding suggests the gene te reduces a cell's ability tobilit break
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people with this gene vair gen quander needless caffeine toess get the same buzz as those without it.ou it. >> very interesting. interesting thought it was just about like your tolerance levels. lev more you drink the more you mor can handle. >> right. i thought so, too.o, too. i didn't start drinking coffeett until very late in life. iif >> i did in college and iol never looked >> all right. taking a look outside right now it's a beautiful dayoueaut y although i think us anks mentioned sue it might be asu day to maybe use the icedced coffee instead of the hot hot stuff. >> that's what i'm thinkinghinkn too, sarah although tomorrow will like be even hotter. eve we're bringing up a little bit gradually and that water islly t going to start to boil in the atmosphere here as theas t temperatures continue to rise. r we showed you the temperatures a few minutes ago.w tes another look, though.othegh here we find the district at a 87 degrees but dulles at 90, at9 frederick hagerstown westminster all at 90. culpeper 91, fredericksburgsburg 90 degrees and what you i'mou sure noticed if you spent anypet more than a minute outside isuti that humidity has come back in b big way. looking at dewpoints earlier ear this week in the 50's. 50' now they're up a
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just about everywhererywh including a very tropical 75 tpi right now here in the district r which means your old friend oldd the heat index is back.heatndex our heat index temperatureem right now in the district 96,ic feels like 103 in culpeper, 99u9 from fredericksburg, 89 in9 leonardtown and 93 in baltimore. look at frederick, maryland,ary, too, feeling like 102. 1 definitely some hot spotsot s tonight. you probably noticed we haded some cloud cover move in through earlier.ugh earlier. there's less of it now butso for a little while it looked i like it wanted to rain but theue clouds prevented the atmosphere from thathererom th destabilizing and kept us fromir getting higher into the 90'sern but there are one or two or o little showers you might be sho able to see towards theards t charlottesville area.ville everything continuing to push t we'll keep an eye on more developments towards westernds pennsylvania later tonight.ania otherwise i think we'll getis through this nige ht dry. dry should be a beautiful sunset tonight though if some ofme those clouds are stilloudsre s lingering. if you get a great shot pleasehs send it to me like christinahris hogan did and we'll make itak part of our s
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map. sun goes downton flight at fliat 7:48. 7: again the temperature right around 87 degrees. we might go up a degree or two o before that temperature begins to drop. d and we expect that warmhatar southerly flow tonight so a a couple nights ago we wereig saying keep the windows k opened. tonight we're saying yeah,ee ingea keep the windows closed. clo it's definitely going to be ay humid night and again we'llgain' continue to watch to see iff any rain or thunderstormrsto activity develops later d tonight from some complexes that we've been watching outchiu through ohio. yesterday about 42 tornadoeses touching down in indiana and ohio. little bit of severe weatherse out there again tonight. tomorrow is another hot one h o we're anticipating mid 90's sods even warmer than today and the a humidity is not going anywhere.anyw we're going to talk about theabt tropics and the weekend comingen up with your full weatherfu w report in just a few minutes. sarah, laura back to you.k to >> thank you sue. the death toll continuesath to rise after a massiveve earthquake hit central italy.ta officials say at least 250 250 people are now dead andd and hundreds more injured.ed
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being slowed by frequent fquen aftershocks. there have been more than 400ee since the initial 6.2 workers are using heavyng heavy lifting equipment search dogspmn and more in every attempt to to find people who are alive but ae trapped in the rubble. rbl the italian civil protectiontein agency has issued its initialal estimate for the reconstruction at somewhere around $11 billion.illion. >> unbelievable. meanwhile a woman who was fulfilling her bucket list has died on a zip line ride and tonight officials say she had disconnected herself from thelff ride safety system. the operator at the go april a course at the state park in delaware says teener westerner was nearing the end of the the course when they she fell nearly 40 family her daughterfa says the 59-year-old died 5 d while attempting to full tillul one of her life long dreams.ream >> two orlando hospitals thatano treated the victims of theof the deadly pulse nightclubul nig shooting say they will not wl nt bill the survivors of thers o massacre for their out of pocket medical expenses. m instead, they will write offitef ab
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dollars in medical bills for those who were not insured.t inu the ceo of orlando health saysh it's their way of paying theayg kindness forward that was shown to the city. c >> britney spears raisingpes r money to help flood victims in m her home state of louisiana.ouis the musician announced thatnceda there are two raffles that t she's hosting, one that wouldth see a lucky fan win a trip to see her perform live this isrf week in new york at theor mtve v music awards. awas. another winner will receive the outfit that spears wore during her performance. and an autographed copy of her album "glory" set to be released tomorrow. each raffle ticket will cost $10 and all proceeds from the raffles will go to thes will goe american red the cops want ryan lochte. rio police summon the swimmer i to testify or hear what lochte is saying tonight. >> no safe space.>> n why one of the most mos prestigious u.s. colleges iss warning its freshmen students st against sparking upainsspar controversial conversations on
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>> and why one man says women wm need to dis' the engagement or wedding ring on the next job interview. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> there is mixed reaction tonight about a letter centera to incoming freshmen at the university of chicago.le >> the school ises warningng students not to expect safeect s spaces or trigger warnings. wni this means the university willyl not cancel invited speakers sak because their topics might be controversial. they will also not allowll students to avoid perspectivessi different from their own.wn some say the move will wil challenge students to think thik others say it's insensitive to people of color. >> if you're going on a job interview should you leave your engagement ring at home? h? >> so, in a blog post, a male m job recruiter says, of course cu male job recruiter said this
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said yes, leave that ring att home it's causing of course cou some debate on his lind in page bruce horowitz saysz says diamonds indicate a woman is is high maintenance and to other oh women their diamond is a dia threat to others he gave an an example saying a woman whoho couldn't land a job left heref r ring at home for her lastt interview and she finally got g a offer. horowitz has faced backlashas from some people who called cal the blog sexist.g se. so, his other thing is that iftf your rock is too big, that the potential boss might thinkt thik that you expect too great --at - too -- too much.oouch. >> so, what, it's like just likt for the job interview, whatviewt are they going to do when youdo show up and you've got thehe ring on? it's too >> it's the yeah, he then posted another trying to defend himself
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and -- yeah -- he needs to stop posting. pti just stop talking. talki >> all right a helicopterelicter crash and a fire may have been seen today at the pentagon. peno but hear why there's no causeo e for concern here.for concer >> and he's not giving up yet. t how bernie sanders is keeping kg his name relevant in the race tr for the white house. hey, ronica. rica. >> hey, laura and sarah s donald trump a part of the alt-right and what is the alt right? the answer to thatoha right after the break.e break jim. m. >> redskins preseason about halfway over.ha now the so-called football foo pundits are weighing in. the skins proved them wrongth last year. can they do it again? beer? be whack after this.hack after t >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00. >> police in prince georges i county need your help tonighturh identifyg insuspect in a
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deadly shooting.hooting. let's take a look at thisook ti sketch of the man they're of th looking for.malo the shooting was on joplin onop street in seat pleasant.ant. 37-year-old oscar garcia hadciaa been shot and died several hours later. lat if you have information call police. >> in montgomery county, a carbon monoxide leak forces residents out of their homes. hm it happened on piney branch brah road in silver spring at a 12-story apartment building. bui emergency crews came out to the scene after some residentsts reported getting sick.ic they partially evacuated the t building and the ventilated it.i two people were taken to the it happened two blocks away from a gas explosionyxplosi explosion that killed seven people. >> a mass casualty training tran exercise involving a simulated helicopter crash a fire lotss of police firefighters and their equipment.nt pentagon officials did put out t a warning on social mediacial before the drill just to makeril sure no one was alarmed.rm >> now to the race for theo th white house. >> hillary clinton spoke inke in reno nevada today about what
5:32 pm
trump's divisive alt right candidacy. >> fox5's political reporter rer ronica cleary is here to further explain clinton's message and haons directir reaction from the alt right. ronica. . >> thanks laura and sarah. sar >> the alt right a term you ter may not have heard before it's i short for alternative now, it is an organizedrganiz movement that is mostlylineylin and it has been defined byed by some as a group that embracest s the idea of white nationalismati antisemitism and hillary clinton made a direct ar connection between this alt thit right and donald take a listen.iste >> and the latest shakeup wasp w designed to "let trump be trump." so, to do that the head of a right wing web site calledd as the campaign ceo. ce according to the southerning tot poverty law center whichr w tracks
5:33 pm
embraces ideas on the extremist fringe of thet inge oe conservative right.conser thisva is not conservatism as we have know it, it is not republicanism as we have knownhe it. these are racist ideas, race baiting ideas anti-muslim,im, anti-immigrant, anti-women. all key tenets making up the emerging racist ideology known n as its alt right.ight >> spoke with jared tail tail lower. he's the editor of the american renaissance.aiss this is a publication that tha defines itself as part of therto alt right.ight. now, taylor he disagrees with clinton's description of bothdec the alt right and also donald trump's -- and also clinton'slin assumption that donald trump tha is associated with the alt right. right. okay. so, taylor, he describes the alt right as a dissident d movement that does not believe racists or equivalent orr interchange i can't believe. he says, these are hise words,r
5:34 pm
that races are not equivalent or interchange i can'tge believe. he goes on to den fly thaten flt donald trump is a part of that t movement take a listen.e a list. >> he's not part of the altrt o right and for her to somehowo sw hang the alt right viewsight vws around his neck is just a dishonest campaign track cam particulacampaign tactic.there o his campaign and certain c policies of his that we support. that by no means implies thats t he agrees with everythinges w there we say. >> well, donald trump don responded to clinton's speech sc today via twitter though he thog did not directly address this ti alt right accusations.ns. he first tweeted just watched recap of crooked hillary'sla speech.sp very short and lies. l she is the only one fearfear mongering. he then tweeted hillary clinton's short speech is pandering to the worst w instincts in our society. she should be ashamed of herself. well, we always love tos t hear your you can find me
5:35 pm
and twitter at ronica cleary.le sending it back to you. you. >> tonight i want to introducenu you to a new independentependent nonprofit organization called our revolution which isis inspired by the historic bernie 2016 presidential campaign.caai >> speaking to supporters ing rt his home state of vermontf vermt senator bernie sandersr be announcing the launch of our revolution. the nonprofit group willrogrou support progressive candidates a across the the count it will also work to support ballot initiatives and promotero progressive ideas.e ias. the former democraticemocrati presidential candidateidenal c supported during his campaign.ig >> ryan lochte says he may -- m- he may have to return to the toe scene of the crime. cri we'll hear what he has to sayhas in a mom officials in rio have called cae on the swimmer to testify intin front of the country's justiceos they want him to appear at thept hearing where he could faceac possible legal action over thehe gas station b
5:36 pm
tmz is reporting that lochteocht says he will not go back to baco the country out of fear thatha he could be prosecuted orrosed jailed for his involvement. the three other swimmersother ss involved in the incident allth agreed to donate to different clarities to clear their namehem in the investigation.tigaon olympic gold medalist medal katie ledecky is passing up an estimated $5 million inlionn why? well, she says she justhej wants to be a normal college kid. she said she wants to stay at the amateur level and swim form stanford universitily she wony an impressive five medal atal a the rio olympics, four gold, one she will begin her freshmansh year at stanford in the next few weeks.few i gotta hand it to her. her >> isn't that't >> amazing.>> a >> maybe if you're in the the spotlight like that for sot for long you're like i want to bee i normal. i just want to go into the background and just do my thing. >> i would think nine out ofineo 10 kids would -- she's not a a kid but would take the the 5 milli
5:37 pm
>> exactly. >> yeah. >> be careful with a kid characterization because ryan r lochte that's what they were we saying zero eases just a kid,ea he's 32. yeah. good for her. for her >> yeah. >> you know, that patrioticri theme from the olympics and wend like to see local sports teams a get involved with theolve military. that's what the redskinst the today. 33 went red white and blue b today taking their annualnn practice on the road to joint jt base andrews before members of the military and theirry and families. they do a full run through ash the redskins get ready foror friday night's preseason gameseg three against the buffalo buf bills and you could see them s m shaking hands. han a lot of family members.. there's head coach jay members of andrews and nasalndas air facility washington werehit there along with family fam members posing for selfiesposing there you see right there andhea jay gruden calling it a mutual admiration society betweenocietb players and the military.y. >> we're in awe of these t people and what they do for us f and any chance we can to doo something like this and let let them check us out and we can get some autographs and meetapnd them. everybody thinks they wantinks tomes us.tome it's the other way around we w
5:38 pm
them for the service they giveee us. >> it's a special deal andeciall it's fun. it gives us that extra motivationot when we go on the field f tomorrow and games ahead whenn we realize how many people areeo behind you and people that are e making a difference for us andsa for our country.ntry. >> speaking of the redskins redn sports illustrated has come out with its predictions. you probably won't be in in agreement how they have thee east shaping sping up. they think the giants will gos g eight and eight and they think i the redskins and eagles areags a going to go seven and nine a piece.pi max scherzer on the mound tonight as the nats try to avoid a sweep by the orioles. scherzer silencing the mets t ms for the seconds no-hitter ofecon the season and win or loss tonight the nats are handing hag out about 20,000 of these. >> bobble heads.>> >> you're going to come forin the baseball, you'll stay fog rr the bobble head or come forome o the bobble head and stay foreada the baseball.ndb these are being handled out o when they host the rockies at a nats we'll go back to the olympic max won the gold and his win his means dozens of babies areiear
5:39 pm
nikes. why you ask? in honor of the annapolis native he's the he' t first american to win the golde in the 1500 meters.mers the shoe giant is donating g 70 pairs of the orange andthe green kicks to anne arrundelto n medical center.dical cent >> so cute.>> s >> if you think that's cool an unnamed hospital in thed ho immediate dmv is also sespt to get a shipment of baby shoes this time in honor of kevinfev durant who won gold as well but nike would not tell me which hospital it is. who >> it will get out don'tsp oon't worry. >> keisha louis is going to beot delivering on. >> ooh, that's right. right >> , that's right.>> , t >> that would be really cool. c >> some tell path thick messages to nike. yeah, that's exciting.xciting. we have another baby coming onyi the on.then. we had lauren's baby nowow tisha's baby. b so many babies. bie >> when are you due.>>hen are y. >> i'm not.. >> oh, geez, we better movez, on. >> coming up.>>. >> i'm available for'm a babysitting guys.g >> i thought you said you wguerr available for babies.. i'm like w >> okay, bye. >> get out of here. getut of >> that's not happening.pening. >> it's getting hot in here.t ir >> coming up hear why ryan r lochte is trading i
5:40 pm
swimsuit for dancing shoes.ho >> and cake controversy.ake co oh, yeah. transgendered ken doll cake sparking some outrage but thetrt bakery says it's all in goodood taste.ta >> snapchat copycat.opycat. the tech company that's now com making its own version of theonh popular social media and why med it could be easier to use on iphone. lay, sue. >> hr is looking for jim . >> [laughter] >> we'll track him down. tra we're also tracking down our dou next heat wave.eate. we got it started today, not not officially at reagan national,a, should have hit 90. have hit 90. cloud cover prevented us from f going there but 91 at dullest de so the heat's under way.ay. 88 degrees at bwi. bwi nats are playing tonight. tonigt don't worry about rain. humidity will be noticeableot but i think you can getin throughk it. it. tomorrow another story.ry. our hottest day of the week o just ahead we'll have your forecast in minutes. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >>♪ the fashion world isas
5:44 pm
french designer soniahios rakelr flown for her relaxed stripedtrp sweaters but her globaler glo fashion empire included men'sens wear and children's lines ass well as accessories and she reigned at the top of the t fashion industry for nearly 40e0 years. she passed leadership of her company to her daughter. dter. she was 86 years old.ld well, believe it or notr the fear of becoming old may actually outweigh the fear off dying. that's according to a new to a study where researchers found more than one in six peopleeo would prefer to die beforer they turn 80 years old. old >> hm.>>m. >> not me. quarter of adults want to live e until they reach their 90's. 90' researchers say hispanics haves the highest preference for aren shorter life whileshorter life african-americans are moreeric likely to want to live for 100vf or more years.eea gender age and education will ad nhadno impact on the results.esl >> so interesting.eresting i feel like people are aging really well these days. >> exactly.>> exa >> with exercise and all thatsea we know about how to take careoa of your
5:45 pm
>> as long as i'm healthylthy kicking and doing all right i ag want to >> and botox. box. [laughter][laughter] >> all that good stuff.hat >> my parents are 89 and 90, 90, still driving attended myended daughter's wedding recentlyec they're thriving go out torivino dinner and lunch.nd lch. >> keep on living, people. >> that's right. >> exactly. >> i love it. [laughter] >> if you're shopping for'r seasons i got to deliver youelir another really hot day for tomorrow. looks like we'll head for thell mid 90's. >> okay. >> as we head into the weekend we keep it hot but lower h theet humidity a little bit.. >> yes. we can deal with that. dl wi >> absolutely. it is kind of tropical out of there tam you can see the haze e right as our skies are filling l up with a little bit of o moisture but nothing falling from the clouds. it looks like thunderstorms l are going to leave us aloneik l tonight. there was a chance we couldeaane se we e something isolated westt but most everything has beenhinh down to our south and west closer to charlottesville and a the roanoke area. let's start with a look at aat your weather headlines get youou ready for what's ahead.r 's a a sticky nig heading out to the nats games gm it will be definitely humid
5:46 pm
but i don't again think you'renu going have to worry about anyboa thunderstorms. friday, though, that combination of the temperature and humidity is going to makofeo it feel like 98 to 100. the weekend will also be hot b t but there's a front that'sa onts going to come through tomorrowu and it's actually going lower the so, the hot stuff stickstuff sti around but the skies will be ale brighter blue for the weekende as we ditch the humidity andthe we're going to keep the 90'sp t' going into next week. w may last through the middle of next week as a matter of so let's show you what you can n expect. tomorrow's definitely ah up up e at 97 degrees feeling like it'sgr over 100. 1 is a saturday 93, sunday 92. 9 humidity returns a little bitnsb as we get into tuesday tue wednesday there, heat indexy th range between 96 and 100twee tuesday, wednesday. a little better on thursday atdy 91 but clearly we do have ave a long stretch of warm days to das get through. thr how are we doing right now? n we're down 1 degree from oure fm high of -- actually it wasy was 89 degrees so down 2 degrees 2 s now but it's still 90 att dulles, frederick hagerstown
5:47 pm
westminster and fredericksburgrr and again with that very highigh humidity, it does feel likee it's in the mid 90's in many m areas to as warm as 102 inn frederick culpeper and 100 inn fredericksburg.ic so, the planner tonight tig t-about 87 at 7 o'clock so'clo s temperatures will be slow to fall. we'll be partly cloudy bybeartl 9 o'clock, 85 and by 11 o'clock, 82 degrees with8 partly cloudy conditions.di we've had some clouds comingco through as you can see. see there are a couple of showers down toward the charlottesville looks like might be getting aht little bit of a thunderstorm btd there and on friday this weaks a front approaches.pproac now it pushes a lot of heathes and humidity in the directionec of our area but a stray stormayo is also possible as that frontto gets closer. clor. it's a small chance because weew think this front may coment maye through in the morning and ithem might not be that unstable.nsbl so, not a lot of rain expected e tomorrow but definitely a lot of heat. let's take you to friday inriday terms of 9:00 in the morning most m places will be in the 80's.ill by the time we get too 1 o'clock, we're into the lowo 90's. 90 and into the afternoon again ain
5:48 pm
the city and we'll be coming com down by 7 o'clock.clock by 11 o'clock, down to the t uner 70's and low 80's.0's. so, we'll keep that humidityity pushing out of the region asiona we get into the weekend. wkend but definitely still hot andot a just a quick look at how thehe jet stream is going play out with high pressure againssuragan continuing to bring dry but to very warm temperatures sorature we're going to go 93 saturday. 92 on sunday.unda and your seven-day forecast, fas let's take a look at that t because while we showed you shoy the heat, what about chanceschcs for thunderstorms? they'rems te only isolated on monday, maybedm a few storms tuesday andnd wednesday and a lot of thatha will depend on what's going on with anything in the tropics. t. we're going to talk about the tropics coming up at 6:00 but0 t don't go anywhere we've got we'e much more to tell you about. abo fox5 on the fly is next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ryan lochte taking thechte dance floor and a ken doll cake that's causing an uproar. >> but first doctors are drs a learning more about zika anda they say it's troubling. here's today's fox5 on the fly. ♪> ♪ >> zika can live in newbornsn for as long as two monthson after birth.g that's the finding of a new it describes the case of a momhe with zika symptoms, baby born healthy but an mri revealedevead problems which got worse over o time because doctors say the virus stayed in his system.m. >> ♪ apple wants to catch ato c a piece of snapchat. reportedly testing an app allowing iphone users tose record videos and use filters and drawings like snapchat does. look for it next year. >> ♪ what you going to do? he's going to dance. d bad boy ryan lochte on "dancing with the stars," t that's the word. wor his deal has reportedly beenyee confirmed and word is it wasit w in the works before his olympic
5:53 pm
>> ♪ no drama here.> no meet melody ellison american girl's newest historicalistoricl category representing the civil rightse rights era. era. >> ♪ and here's another dollnothd sparking a whole differentiffere kind of buzz.kind obuzz. a transgender ken doll cake.ol some people are all up ine l arms over the northernorthn california bakery that madethat it. the bakery posted a photo andnd the social media backlashacas began. and that's your fox5 on the fly. >> ♪ >> cute cake. >> it is. >> pretty nice to me.o all right. talk about making the cut.akingu how one local barbershop isp is celebrating an impressivess milestone today, 75 years in the making.ak stay with us. >> ♪ ♪
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5:57 pm
>> fox5 is in prince george's i county where a local business a is boasting an impressiv le milestone.milest queen's clap pell barber slopl is celebrating its 75th anniversary.niversy. >> hyattsville staple firstsvils opened its doors way back in 1941 and since then people arepe from all walks of life haveif h come in to get their hairir h styled. more importantly feel a sense of community. cmunity >> this is a place where you whe could come, cry, talk your differences over opinions,pini make friendships, relax, rel socialize and just kind of relax. >> that's nice. >> yeah. frank has been getting hisen gtg locks cut at the barbershop b since he was just six monthsth old. that's because actually gety this, his father worked there for 50 years.r >> isn't that great? i't t >> wow. >> it's funny. and my son gets his haircut at h the same barbershop where myhe m husband got his haircut.
5:58 pm
the haircutting barbershop,arrs the salons, they stick around a in these communities for soommus long and people just k feepple k going back.going back. so it is a sense of community.oi >> and they kind of bond andnd all that, the guys do.s not that women don't go in there, too. too it's a guy thing. thi >> girls are gabbing too forbi t sure. thanks for joining us joini tonight's. >> the news at 6:00 startss right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 loca>>l news at 6:00.00. >> ♪ >> big brother secretly watching you in one b maryland n city. next join -- thanks for joining us i'm jim lokay.ok >> i'm shawn yancy.ha we're talking about a test program that uses cameras mounted on airplanes its aon ain story that bloomberg weekly weel broke.brok the program has helped solve he some crime, it is a safetyafety measure on an invasion ofion o privacy? fox5's alexandrialexad limon joins us now with more mor on the story. alex the other big question,ion, how do we know it's not it' happening here in our area? a >> reporter: well, thel, the answer to that is it's not
5:59 pm
it has happened in other u.s. cities like baltimore policetimo department and also the l.a.. pd had a pilot program. pgr we've also learned that it'sears been used in other u.s. cities t during sporting events,ve football games, nascar races r and that it's been used moresedm widely in other countries. >> it's wrong. w that's like being in a's le be communist state almost.ate alt. >> you don't expect somebodytomb is going to be trowelingoing around following youar everywhere you go for weeks on end. en if somebody did that you would probablyy ask for a restrainini order but that's what this technology does and let's the ls government document an eye inntm the sky a step too far privacyiy disaster is what jay stanleyy s from the aclu calls the videoid surveillance program played by persistent surveillanceur systems and used by the by baltimore police department.epa. >> even if you disagree with you us everybody should agree weulae live in a democracy and these decisions need to be made bye m the that can't happen if the police department does nottmdoes consult with the communities. t >> reporter: the presi
6:00 pm
the technology is not an a invasion of privacy. pva because details like faces or even license plates aren't visible in the video. and that the police department r only reviews the video if and when a crime happens.ap >> i always think that when you go out in the public youubly conduct yourself accordingly. ag if you not doing anything that you really shouldn't have hav anything to worry about. abo >> reporter: bpd says the t idea that somebody wasebod watching residents 24/7 is wrong. the technology was only usedy u for a total of four months sos far this year. y and less than 300 hours.ou they also credit the program with helping them catch a murderer.murder now the big questions are are what's more important, privacy i or safety? and how long until t the technology is used elsewhere? >> this is a big leap into a lpo much more intense surveillancela and we need to think carefully t about what kind of america we kn wander to


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