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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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many times before. >> it ar down and i picked it up and came over here and raised my shot gun and blast today out of the sky. >> with just one blast from that shot gun the drone was shot out of the sky and into many pieces and it fell down to the ground in this nearby fiel field. meanwhile two guys jennifer believes were flying that drone started walking up the street towards the house and she said no trespassing and she was going to call police and remember, she was holding a big shotgun. >> but it did get them to turn around and with haste get out of here. >> jennifer has not seen them again and there was never a police complaint filed and what about her famous neighbor. >> mr. duvall has he contact the you. >> no he's lola round here. you need to give people their space. >> by the way if you wonder about the drone itself, she says she blew it out of the sky and it came to the ground and she picked up all the pieces and made sure she put it to the recycle
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recycling bin. so m hillary clinton is learning about our nation's national security secrets and donald trump appeals to voters in america's heartland. the latest from the campaign (whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss.
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>> with a little more than two months to go before the general election donald trump is cam paining in the heartland this weekend and hillary clinton gets her first national security briefing. peter duce has the latest from the campaign trail. donald trump is kicking off the weekend at the annual roost and ride veterans bikers events in iowa. and he has been mixing words. >> hillary clinton thinks she's entitled to be president and her criminal conduct at home and her failed interventions overseas
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make her unfit. she oval office. >> trump is working hard to clear up any confusion about his immigration policy after critics implied it might be softening. >> on day one i'm going to begin swiftly removing crimina criminal, illegal imgrants from this country. >> also stirring up controversy on twitter after murder of nba star dwayne wade cousin he tweeted dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago just what i've been saying african americans will vote trump. part of his message is inner cities are dangerous and people that live there are looking for someone to come and clean something up. hillary clinton found saturday morning getting first national secure di briefing as parties nominee. donald trump had his first briefing earlier this month and the meeting comes after the clinton campaign got good news from the
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announcing all her meeting of secretary of state logs will not be fully released until december this comes adds her campaign it viing to get back on mentionage attacking done didn't releasing this new tv a ad. >> you cannot make america great again if you don't make things in america. >> we're less than one month away from the first debate when trump and clinton will face off on the same stage for the first time. >> as you just heard donald trump is sounding offer about the death of dwayne wade's cousin in chicago and we'll have the light
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>> and new tonight the shooting death of dwayne wade's cousin in chicago continues to send emotional waves throughout the country and fox news correspondent brian guinness has the latest and why shooting is part of much bigger problem. >> there was a reception going on in chicago. >> strong emotion centered at a prayer vigil for 32-year-old nakia aldridge killed friday afternoon as pushing her newborn in a strorl and don't want to bother nobody going to register kids in school and ply around and have no names decided to find its way to
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>> mother of four was cousin of ironic le he was part of espn special on violence chicago. >> this is something that didn't started. this is something that won't end tomorrow. this is something we can start a conversation and we can start to work today and hopefully eventually, you know we can stop it. >> according to "chicago tribune" there have been 455 only shidz in chicago this year and compare that to the 490 murders in chicago in the whole of 2015. >> our children are lliving in fear how do you go to school and get an education when you are afraid to go to school and praying you get home from school alive. >> police say aldridge was not intended target of the shooting and her baby was not hurt and is now being cared for by family members. in new york, brian yen is, fox news. >> the late edition of fox news at 11 continues right now.
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>> right now at 11 incredible picture out of montgomery country where a maryland state trooper car was mangled during a traffic stop today the message first responders have for drivers along busy highway highways. >> and tonight a nice break from humidity and it rises again as hot weather continues i have the forecast. >> and popular smoothie chain linked to several dozen hepatitis a case as cross northern virginia and what the company ceo is saying about the infection. is it safe to eat their now. good evening, everyone, thanks so much for joining us i'm matt ackland lauren has the evening off. we gib 11:00 in montgomery country tonight. take a look at this from earlier today aix drunk driver plowed into a maryland mar state trooper car was a trooper was conducting a traffic stop on i 270 near montrose road and this is just latest example
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a driver failing to move over for emergency responders. and "fox5" lindsay watts has more on this problem and a closer look at that damage. >> reporter: fortunately the trooper was noted in the car at the time of the crash he was out with the driver he initia initially pulled over you can see the side of the car dented in like a tin can and this rear tire type out and this is not the only patrol car on the lot damaged in exactly the same wa way. >> making contact and you don't know what is in the vehicle and the harm they can do to you as well. in the meantime we have to worry about on coming traffic as well. >> and the possibility of scenes like this are a concern for all first responders and but especially maryland state patrol after what happened lately and this dui crash earlier saturday. >> thank god he was noted in the vehicle he would have been injured there. >> two days before sky fox was overhead after montgomery county police car was
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during an accident investigation and trooper spdeluckily, no serious injurie. >> this is car accident back in june. >> yet again a state trooper was conducting a traffic stop on i 270 when alleged drunk driver slammed into his car. >> however this troper was inside of the vehicle at the time. >> he was seriously hurt but survived. they say he's lucky. >> lucky, not lucky blessed. >> it's an under statement. next time you see the flash be lights think about this moving over is not a suggestion but a law in all fivety states only d.c. doesn't have it on the books. >> if you can move to the next lane do so and if you can't slow down, slow down tremendou tremendously and pay attention to what's going on on the shoulder. >> violating move-over laws can result in fines of hundreds of dollars and of course a bigger tron move is so you don't injury or kill a first responder and we'll give you another look inside this vehicle that belongs to the trooper who was seru
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in june. just incrediblerooper is still f work two months later and i'm he is expected to return after he is recovered. in rockville, lindsay watts, "fox5 local news". >> all right. let's take a turn to weather and take a live look outside. beautiful evening this evening it's a bit hot out there and squen joins us now. squen we were talking earlier about the pools closing down and in a couple months we are talking about snow instead. >> everybody tell matt don't say that word. >> i'm from floor i would like the heat any day. >> are you a cold person. >> i'm from canada believe it or not i don't like the cold. i like the heat but not the cold. >> that's important. >> telling people snow. >> that's owls always fun. >> we don't have show in the forecast but #unwanted house guest we know what that s. humidity. right? >> sneaking back in. yes, that's right, i do
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one of the ones i throw out s. low 90s all three parents and we broke a record or tied a record at dulles and not so today and it's still a hot one and temperatures should really be only in the upper 80s. well, a far cry from that and humidity a little bit of a break today. that is going to soon change however. and here's a look at where we stand now. 81 in d. crk the same at annapolis and 77s to the south quantico this hour and 73 fredericksburg and 72 winchester avenue 77 cumberlan cumberland. and 70 at frederick. let's take a look at dew points. because this is really a reflection of all the moisture in the atmosphere and just how humid it is. rights now dew points into the low 70s and we got the 60s pretty much across the board on that as well and not quite as high as they have been. and that has given us a break. as a result of that what we end up seeing is heat indexes pretty close to the air temperature. so
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that front actually pass through yesterday and humidity drops and today, we're going to see -- tomorrow i should say we're going to see a little more heat coming back n humidity will gradually, gradually build in all over again and that will set us up for monday hot, sticky day and by tomorrow night pumping up the ac all over again. you'll have the 7 day forecast and we'll let you know when it cools down in a bit. >> looking forward to. it next tonight at 11 d.c. police are trying to solve two murders that happened last night in northeast and we'll have the latest on the investigation for you and plus, today marks 53 anniversary of the march on washington and, doctor king's "i have a dream" speech. how people observe the holiday in the disstrict today by making a plea for gun safety reform. all that and mo
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>> welcome back now to the district where police are
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investigating at least two shot ingdth4 hours and someone fired shots on 34 street area of north east around 11:30 last night and two men were hit by the gun fire and later died and police say the victims are 4 40-year-old blue and 27-year-old trayvon johnson. both men lived in northeast. no one is in custody. police are still trying to determine motives for the killings. and also in d.c. around noon today a man fired shots at a robbery on f street southeast and police tell us two people were robbed and one victim was shot in the leg and the victim is expect todd make a full recovery and the robber got away way wall the and phone and police need your help if you know anything more about this one. staying in the district, marc marchers rallied today to demand that congress pass common sense gun control legislation and dozens of civil rights and labor unions joined in the
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demonstrators marched in sohe association lobbying office and organizers say too many people are killed each year by gun violence. we need to have common sense gun violence laws so that we can reduce gun violence and we need to stop letting hate be normalizeed in this country or indiscriminate killings by guns be normizeed in this country. >> they plan to keep the pressure on congress to enact common sense gun legislation including gun gabbing ground check and reducing sale of high magazine clips. >> and metro safe track surge 8 will last through september 11 and affect blue line service in northern virginia. right now the franconia springfield stations and vaor
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closed. they will remain c weekend and f september 10 next weekend metro will close all between fran frankonia and old town and single tracking during the week franconia springfield and vandoren street and trains will not run as often and remember, passengers should expect delays. >> whether you're waiting for metro or just enjoying the weekend outdoors, it's a hot weekend out there and we're not looking at much relief in the workweek forecast. gwen will have so much more on that and more as your saturday night news at 11 continues.
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>> time for weather. gwen and i were talking during the commercial break. >> where did it go do you think it went quick they are year. >> too fast for me it really did. >> what did do you. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> maybe it didn't get hot until later in the summer didn't we have a cool first part of summer. >> little bit yeah. >> when it started heating up we were like be careful what you ask for we have the heat. >> we have it tonight. >> we did. >> it's for a few days more at least before we get a break we will get 'bit of break into the week. it will give us something to look
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that's a beautiful shot outside our beautiful national cathedral. it is masonic lodge. i was going to say my glasses on i need any glasses on i'm being vain not wearing glasses. anyway, hot and sticky and gets worse as humidity but back n you know a few early clouds by the time we get to morning hours and can't route all fog. we're talking humidity. not oppressive once we start tomorrow and get into tomorrow night we'll start to see humidity increasing and heat will continue into the workweek as well until we get a little break later on in the week. we'll see a chance of storms popping up and cooler air. not cooler air today though. don't need my glasses to tell you this look at this low 90s right across the board and we still have pretty warm conditions right now. let's
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81 now in d.c. and we have 76 dulles this hour and 75 martin martinsburg and 72 winchester and 74 baltimore and 81 at annapolis and 77 quantico and leonardtown 72 dew points in the 6 0s and 7 0s. good news is humidity is not so high with dewpoint values that the heat indexes is making a difference and pretty much the same as air temperature. we don't have much sgripcy. no triple digits at least. few clouds across areas of west and also a little bit of rain activity picking up there. i can't rule out a popup thunderstorm or two over the higher elevations tomorrow and same story monday. and it doesn't look like none of that will move its way east toward the metro area at all and no concern there just clouds in the morning that i spoke about and the heat indexes and humidity and hot weather in place because the jet stream is well norm of us and remains there. and ridge of high pressure has been in control.
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door for more humidityk in agaid that is what it going to happen. we're go to end up seeing plenty of sunshine tomorrow and we're going to see that humidity making itself back at home again later into sunday and by monday it will be back in full force. so a really hot, sticky start to the week. just be prepared for that. i say get some pool time while the pools are on by the 11:00 hour, 85. 3:00, hot 89 with sunshine and 85 degrees by 7:00 hour and you know what i say you don't have a pool find a frnd with a pool or make a friend with a pool. how about that? gaston now a category one hurricane. he said earlier it would become a hurricane tonight and that already happened. no warnings or watches anywher anywhere, however, two areas of disturbed weather one between cuba and bahamas and will move northwest. we have this little piece
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here in bermuda that started to affect carolinas at some point. not a lot of activity with either of these at this point. >> 75 tonight, mostly clear. few clouds, very warm. tomorrow, heating it up. however not a lot of humidity as we start the day. 92 degrees. few early clouds and little bit of early fog. very possible. here's "fox5" accuweather in the 7 day forecast we are talking cooler conditions by the time we get to late week, thursday, friday, saturday, welcome to 80s not before a storm coming up maybe on wednesday. slight risk much lower however tuesday. warm start to the week. >> i look forward to tomorrow. >> you can't come to my house. >> you can't. >> how many fingers do i have up. >> glasses are not to be worn all the time. >> age --
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