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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  August 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> as well as bringing system engineers to try and determine what exactly happened, and how this can be prevented in the future. reporting live tonight in for the wets dc, fox5 local news. >> we'll stay on top of it here on fox5. meantime we go outside, yes, it was hot today. just little bit. so how long is the heatwave going to last? again is in the weather center, looking for good news, do you have it? >> little bit of good news, it will be
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humidity kicking in, you probably felt that, although not quite as bad today as it was over the ends of last week, as far as humidity goes. high today, folks, once again sailed into the low 90's for daytime highs we're 08 degrees at dc, annapolis 81, seven # fredericksburg, 77 this hour at baltimore, and 76 at dullos. and 73 degrees at winchester, now, dew point right now, you know what, they've been pretty much the same all day long, ranking from the low six's to up to 70 degrees. but i want to tell you difference in the heat index is really not that much, just degree or two, not making anything significant here. but, for tomorrow, different story, heat, humidity building in, code orange, for air qu
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definitely is unhealthy for seitive groups. we tell to you limit your outside activity tomorrow. it will be a hot stagnant one. 57 degrees for tonight. >> warm night look ahead, heat continues, at least for the first part of the week. more details when you'll get that all important long awaited break-in just a bit, back to you. >> imagine not having access to water, in your home, that was reality for some in southeast today, water main burst on minnesota avenue, leaving homes without water for 24 hours, linsey watts has been following this story, lindsey, there were thoughts that the water wouldn't be back on tonight? >> what people were fearful in this apartment building, all of the homes stretching down the block, talking about 40 houses and ants, that were left
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>> water did come back on just few hours ago show you now where this pipe burst. right underground, here, and part of the reason it took so long, to restore the water, is that there was huge tree, that was standing right here, and dc watt her to call in tree removal company to cut down the tree, and then drill down into its roots, to get to that pipe. a lot of activity, minnesota avenue, was shut down, and as people were watching all of this from their homes, they judge just wondering when they would have water again. >> we was very inch inconvenienced, couldn't take baths, flush the toilet, wash dishes, that's what we were thinking, when we woke up it would be on, they actually told my daughter that it might not be on until monday. >> and what
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ow is that pipe that burst. ut on the sidewalk for awhile. and you can see, the hole there, also, that patch, we found out that the same line broke couple of years ago, also. and just fyi, if you should experience something like this where your water goes out, at least in d.c., you are on your own for water for the first 24 hours. dc water says at that 24 hour mark, they'll send people out with bottled water to help those impacted. fox5 local news. >> a lot every you may have heard sirens and police and fire presence, the good news is nothing bad happened, just drill, metro doing it, first responders from local of number fire and police departments. the emergency response exercise took place on the yellow line bridge, which is the elevated section of track that approaches the pentagon station, metro transit police chief with some advice to metro passengers, if they were faced with a
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en if a customer ever find cy on the train, listen to condition duck tore, first responders, last, rider to evacuate the roadway. >> says riders could face number of dangers if they selfie vac ate. recommend stay under the stable train until help arrives. >> new phase of metro safe track shall, program underway, surge eight will last through september 11, and will affect blue line service in northern virginia, franconia fringe field, stations closed this weekend, will also shut down the weekend of september 10. next weekend, metro will close all stations between franconia, springfield and king street. during the week single tracking will take place between franconia springfield and van door end street. trains won't run as often and passengers can expect delays. >> let's take to you developing story out of chicago tonight, police say two brothers are now in custody, charged in the murder of cousin due aid wayne. say the brothers were
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opened fire and shot and killed wade this garnered major response on campaign trail. here's brian yanis. >> reporter: two brothers behind bars, arrested in the shooting death of basketball star dwyane wade's cousin, darren and darwin sore he will, each facing first degree murder charges, both documented gang members, and on parole for previous gun charges. >> this reprehensible act of violence example of why we need to change the way we treat habitual offenders in the city of chicago. when will enough be enough? >> thirty-two year old nikia aldridge killed friday afternoon in chicago pushing her newborn in a stroller near an elementary school. >> she wasn't aware that her short live was standing as an example of what is a clear failure in the criminal justice system here in chicago she was just another mother who wanted her children to get an education just like any good parent woul
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>> civil right leaders across theosayi much larger problem. >> clear none every russ safe, too much violence, drugs -- >> according to the chicago tribune there have been 455 homicides in chicago already this year. compare that to the 490 murders in chicago in the whole of 2015. investigators say, aldridge was not the intended target of the shooting, her baby was not hurt, and is being cared for by family members. in new york, brian yanis, fox news. coming up the latest on the race for the white house tonight, and issue that's been coming up a lot literally. we'll talk about the health of both donald trump and hill had i. >> and more coming up after the break
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we're just ten weeks away present the presidentialwedent election and new questions areto being raised about both hillaryy clinton and donald the campaign continues tos against paper p one of the issues for the trumpp campaign right now is whether he's changing is his position on immigration. latest from fox's's kristin fisher. >>reporter: neither candidateda held public events. hillary clinton attended campaignllar fundraiser while hr supporters held fundraiser. the clinton donors were given special treatment while she was secretary of state. while republicans meet withet their supporters they call it a meet. when democrats do that they caly it a conflict.
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the ' not pay to play unless so. you meet with them because they want to bring a matter to your attention. on the republican side of thee aisle donald trump's campaign manager made her own rounds with the press working to clarify any questions surrounding number p's immigration policy. what he has said there's no legalization and no amnesty. he also said this week, chris,r, if you'll go back to your home country and if you'd like toke come back to the united states as an immigrant you need to apply through the differentffer channels that allow people to apply for sightseenship for entry into the united states sta legally. that's important. we all learned in kindergarten to stand in line to wait yourur turn. there's a massive problem with illegal immigration while hillary clinton's plan is to ignore it. hillary clinton is to the left of barrack obama for immigration. he's for catching the least. the cities that harbor the
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illegal immigrants. hillary clinton will be in ohioi and donaplned in arizona. in in washington, kristin fishe, fox news. > take a look at this this is from a deli in canada. it's a new sandwich in donaldnad trump. it's called the windsor sandwich. it includes two slices of white bread, a ton of what blown i and it comes with a pickle and thee whole sandwich is surrounded by mexican chips. as you can guess they do not support the gop nominee. he plans to cast his vote in florida for hillary clinton in november. a lotfor of people -- i apprece the creativity there. supplementing their political use by the way of foods. the issue of of the health ishel the the nominee's grabbing headlines. his supports continue to criticize hillary clinton. they say they doesn't have the physical or mental capacity toai see
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there are questions about trump's own cl bill of it b health. fox'sof garret kenny has the latest. >>reporter: the issue of health is a notable issue this election. if donald trump wins in this novel ' be the if clinton wins she will be the second oldest candidate just behind ronaldolde reagan. both are not as forthcoming with their medical history as compared to previous candidates. she doesn't have the strength,et the stamina or the ability toto straighten out our country. the clinton ham cane hass responded with multiple statements saying she is in excellent health and that trump has failed failed to provide thd public with the most basic information disclosed by every major candidate in the past 40 years much it's time for him to stop using shameful distractions. it is raising distractions about his
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includin his doctor.cto hill trump to be the healthiest individual ever declared president. he threw that doctor letterctor together in five minutes while a limo was waiting outside to pick it up. i tried to get four or five lines done as pass as possible. i think some of the words didn't come out of that. now former candidate and current trump advisor doctor benicar son is calling to both candidates tt release a more det tailed history. the trump's campaign they willll release the record when clinton does. but they say they have no plan to do that on either. a big honor of one of big hollywood's biggest. we'll
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don't breathe scared enough moviebrea goers. number one.r with just about $26 million, suicide squad fell only one spot to number two with 12 million. the animated film queue beau finished third with nearlyne 8 million. another animated film, saws and, i party. this is the dirty one featuring several celebrities. do not take your kids to see see that.tha meantime, the new film mennic reservation. sat down with the star of the film jason state i am to learno about the latest installment in the franchise.anch one of the coolest things in the film is the pool
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that blue my mind. wondering how that's filmed or what are you really hangingngin onto. what are you going up on? how o are you doing that moment? t? there's a law of elements tonts that and how to make that real,, how to make the wide shots tighg shots. it's a combination of all those things put together and to get the practical aspect of how we can stay on with thesis.h are you actually moving fromvi suction to suction? are you doing that from yourself.sel >> yes.s. > you have do do it's awesome. we chose that -- we have two different option because we're going to use a climbing rig where he's constantly under thee rig of
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saw a portion of the rug attached to the cup and then keep it a little bit more dangerous. you look at someone and you comu from obviously a phenomenal film makers there and then you goen into the amazing action environment. what do you use from richie now do you use anything from richie now? >> he is would the one that gave me my first shot. > right. >> i remember the first days ofs me preparing for an audition wai in his house with a video camera he gave me a monologue to bring on camera. i remember a few short pointersp that he had. whether you like it or not, that's key to who you get further on down the line. we have a push to try to be a b guy robbing a guyana guy thaty liens on technique becausech
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develop a technique in classroom and he want, no, no, that's the not for you, mate. you want to rely on yourur intuition and that's what's going to serve you so i kind ofd stuck with that. > all right. cool stuff. first, he body slammed the wrestling world.rld. now, duane the rock johnson ison number one when it comes to pay day in hollywood. forbes a has named him the highest padaukor in the world. he made over $64 million since june # # of last year. must be nice. number two was jackie chan followed by mat damon who made $55 million.$55 rounding out the top five, tom cruise and johnny dep.p. > from the big screen to thecre world of music several new albums hit shelves this week,k, from see lien dionne to brittany spears to
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>>reporter: winning superstar see lien deon headlines this week's new musicc releases paying tribute to her husband and brother who bothbo died earlier this year with a french language album called on core unsaw. international pop icon brittany spears drops her ninth record single with a lead singer makee me featuring local rapper g easy, making their presence known as rap super group profitp of rage out with their five track et, the party is over. it doesn't have to make sense. it's the sixth effort from pop singer in grig mickelson. country music duo florida
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and roots. bbb and cd of kiss rock vague as captures the legendary glen rockers in the midst of their 40th university world tour sin city that features rock and rold all night, shout it out loud, love gun and more. and pop punk band blink # 82 reissue their greatest hitseate album on a limited issue 80-gram audio file. in hollywood, michelle beau liei oh, fox news. > a return to vinyl.ny >> every time i see jean simmons i was once if in front of him at a starbucks in new york. > i don't know if i wouldld recognize him. good day new yorkrk that
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i said hey, saw you on the show. nice work.nic > nice work, buddy. > what did he order? >> i don't know. > i wasn't that much of a stalker. >> all right. coming up the latest after a deadly police shooting in milwaukee that led to riots in in the city. the angry stems from people feeling hopeless and helpless. charley leduff gets to the root of the problem.ob coming up next. .
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this is fox5 local news at 10.1. put aside for a moment who may be at fault for pulling the trigger and you'll realize whenz police are involved in any kindn of shooting it rocks an entire community.. fox's charley leduff take us tos milwaukee where the pain of a recent shooting of a man isan still fresh in the minds of many
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the songs become the same, black man, angry crowds gather. the cops back out and corner burns and then the cops come back and the crowd goes away any the corner is ash and withand nothing more to see the media packs up its lights and it was a for the next one. that first week, new elected leaders come to this corner on the north side of milwaukee, the black side of milwaukee. not the mayor, not the big talking sheriff, not the governor, not the presidential i candidates, they talk big from far away. but the corner runs itself
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you have an accomplished mainac street media in milwaukee, but this also happening nationwide that prayed to the dysfunctional under class.lass the democratic party has failed and betrayed the african-american community. the father of the dead manan eventually takes somee responsibility, but only afterae the deed has been done. i just got out of jail a couple months ago. i'm like the power guy. this is a role model they look up to. this one is a little different.e seeville smith a black man waswa killed august 13 by a black cop. he had a stolen handgun and 500 rounds of a.m. nation. that's the extent of the official version of events.n there is body cam video, but itt has not been release, nor has the officer's name. in this vacuum the neighborhood fills the void.
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some of it conspiracy, none of it good. the officer and the dead man may have known each other. the wisconsin attorney general is investigating. i heard there was always someala beef with them.h you know, it was something with the bill and the guy and his girlfriend. something like that. thelf baby's' mama or something. he's our age and he's black, too. that's really ironic to me.e. that makes me feel it was moreoe of being a police officer theree was some personal feelings in there, too. around here you might say thehe true city hall is located onca aboutte yourly street just down the way from gas station. you see
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police officer -- i keep on the news 24 hours. come up here. come up to the park.k. it's lights, camera, action. you never had this in milwaukeew you have a cop killing. never had this. you got kids that never had a job in 10 they want some kind of recognition, what you've seen, what we heard.ard. we need help. every community around theound country needs help because theyb put all the monies downtown in those shiny big time buildings downtown. they're not me. the kid is
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so now they decided to leave the house. no, no. us black people, we got so many causes of why this is going onn or why this is. but take responsibility.e there's jobs out there, go findd them. i was a incorporate s l l mom. i worked every day. i take care of all my chilled remember. man to do what i got to do. there's too am excuses. it starts at home. momma, daddy, you takeake responsibility. snatch your kid up and let them know h this is what it is. this is how i take care of you. black and white and blue. we have a problem in america, that's for sure. we've always had problems inin america. today it's more than just blackk versus white says the barber onb abouter yur
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the bigger problem green. money is money. there's none here. there's none here. > a lot of it does come down to money. >> it really >> coming up we're going to take a trip around the world.ld. we're going to lighten it up anp take a look at some of the unique contests being held. we'll be right back. .
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if you are up for a challenge wc wantha to show you what some people in wales were up to this weekend. they hopped on a mown and i bike and road into a water filled
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trench.enc they wear a snorkel so they cane trench in one piece. this year's winner says he's competed in a lot of bike raiser but nothing like this. he considerske it a big honor to be crowned world mountain bikean bog snorkel l champion. good for him. i mean why not? it's a mouthful of a title, though. maybe there's a nice a littlece trophy. now to mexico where as world record has been set. they built a mosaic made out of sombreros. at the international marriott summit. which i would love to be there much the event ends next sunday. in case you're wondering canadaa held a previous side of milwaukee prepare oh mosaic summit. golf that line. that was pretty cool
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i love marion i mic. it gets you going. >> it does.> > an event held in germany.any. it's the kentucky derby or the preakness but more than 1,0001,0 people turned out to watch an ox raise. it happens every four years. the very first raise began nearly four years ago. it's definitely a challenge to raise on an ox. that's the pay off. that's what we wanted to see. to you you should have seen us from the get go. of course they have to keep their balance or the ox will throw h them off, which is never any fun. how fast do they really go? >> i'm trying to -- > there they go. coming up we're going to have gwen and your local news.. > we'll tell you if the heat is going to stick around or if we're going to have some cooler
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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before we talk about weather we a big daygh -- it's for teisha lewis. >> tuesday. > but she's also in the hospital having her baby. she's watching us. hi, teisha. she is in the hospital, but the big day is coming, but it would be a great birthday gift for her h. >> she's in the hospital becaush she's about h to have her baby, folks, if you haven't been following. happy birthday.rthd good luck, momma.a. > will this baby be born into some heat waive or is it going to cool down? h. d >> it depends on what day itat d comes. > the luck of the >> we're starting off this week with plenty who the weather. went will cool down a little bil later in theee
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that's some news for some so of you you later this week. it will be arriving. cooler means pretty close toe where we should be in terms of our seasonal average maybe evenb a little bit problem but it means we won't be in thee 90s. let's just say that is what it means. before we get do some sunshineni tomorrow, it will be a who the w day and yes, we're still tre talking humidity. we actually have a code orange alert for tomorrow. and that means the air will be very unhealthily especially forr sensitive groups. just be aware of that. the week is starting out who the in the 90s but then we'll see some l cooler air starting toari move in.. once we get to mid week we'll see some improvement. today was not one of those days. we still had the humiditymi sticking around there.und right now it's 80-degrees at d.c. we have 72 at frederick, 81 at hagerstown, a little bit warmer there. 7 p at martinsburg. to the
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at manassas.ssas 77 kicking in at baltimore 81 at annapolis. here's a look at our current dut point values. i do want to say that the due point values are not so high that we're seeing some real significant heat index becauseex we're not. we're a degree or two off our air temperature so that's at least some good news. tomorrow we will see some w changes with the air is going to be pretty stagnant for you. satellite radar not much happening. we have some pretty clear skies and that's because we're under the influence of high pressureoh and that's going to hold its sted all for tomorrow as well. seeing some activity over thee upper elevations. none of it is going to move its way into the east into the natural area at all. who the,, sticky and humid, yes. the jet stream still staying well to the north of it and what does do, opens the door up for the air to move its
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we're not going to get break.. fog in the early morning hours, hazy, who the and humid. the air is going to be kind of stagnant and muggy and down right uncomfortable tomorrow.rrw so, yes, we do have a codede orange alert for tomorrow and that means anybody who has any kind of breathing issues orues heart issues do not spend anyy lengthy time outside it's not going to be good for you as well. that goes for small children and elderly people as well.l. the traffic, things are really heating up. this, gas ton has become our first major hurricana of the atlantic season. category three good news no warnings or watches. we have three different areas of disturbance. we have one that is getting ready to effect southern areasue of texas and louisiana. and then we have these two ate and nine which looks like theyke are still going to become tropical season and
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named tropical storm and look a that closely much outer banks are going to be pretty much the target of that with some high serve, but the second one is going to move into the gulf but it's also going to move itself its way across the floridaida straights. we're going to keep a close eyee on them.on by the time when hit midday, 88-degrees.88- 73 for tonight. as we put it altogether for you. as i said, # 92-degrees, the heat, the hours, the unwanted house guest is back. by the time when get to wednesday we have a cold front moving in. it will bring us some scattered isolated storms. it coolerolerde of air for friday, sat, kicking in and we head down to the 80s right where we belong. baby's first weekend is going to be a nice one. if it's here by the weekend.
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thank you, gwen. > coming up is a story that is making national headlines. quarterback refused to standfu during the national and the anthem. that's coming up. pass pressure system
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a little baseball. the nats are riding high coastst ily ahead of the marlins by ate games. there's still a month of baseball left. dustin baker squad looking tokig take the rubber game in the series. the nats were down 3-1. deep and out to left. that solo shot made it 4-1 rockies. not a whole lot of bright spots for the nats today, but in theth the ninth bryce harper continues the resurgence. his 23 of the radar
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meant they drop two of three to the rockies with the 5-3 loss. we go from the major leagues to the riddle league. as in the little league world series. featuring a team from ed well, new york taking on south korea, fourth inning, no a single over short to give new york a 1-0 later on, a guy by the name of jack hospital else strikes out. in the sixth inning it's the last chance for korea, but hear loss gets the swing and misses. new york wins, the first title since 2011. and new york's little leaguee crown since good for them. meantime the san francisco 49ers standing behind the quarterback who would not stand up for the national anthem.hem. i am not going to stand up for a people who oppresses people's color during a silent
10:55 pm
he is by racial. he was adopted by white parentst with whom he says he discussed the idea beforehand. they say it is their right not to players are encouraged but nott required to do so. there has been a good amount of backlash against him, too, but a lot of people are saying it'syig all about the first amendment. he certainly has every right to do that whether you agree with him or not. > coming up we're going to introduce you to one facultativa certificate year county woman you a may not want to mess with. she she took some measures to protect her neighbor from a drone that was flying over his property. property.
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drone droners be beware, a local women took action to protect her famous neighbor's privacy. her name is jessica young man and she decided to take matters in her own hands when a drone flu over her property. here in the planes, virginia, it's measleful, beautiful and a place where people really value their but one day not longing a the site and sound of a drone similar to this grew into all of that. jennifer young man was on
11:00 pm
porch cleaning her shotgun whenu she spotted the drone flying over her famous neighbor's property. robert due val owns the property across the street.ree he's a national treasurer to this country. when the drone came back towards her house it was time to protect her neighbor's property and shed took aim at the drone.dr it started to come over and i came over here and raised my shotgun and blasted it out from him h.h. the drone was shot out of the sky into many pieces. it feel down to the ground in this nearby field. meantime the two guys who jennifer believes were flying the drone started walking up the street. she said no trespassing, she was going toespa call the police. remember, she was holding a big


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