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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  August 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> this is fox5 news morning.s x >> right now at 6:00 a 911 outage over the weekend in the5s n t district causing major concernce about the safety of residents and law enforcement.nforceme we'll have all the details andas what's being done about it. i >> metro riders in northernorer virginia pack your patience.atnc safe track surge eight under way. i'll let you need to know if you're a blue line rider. >> august 29th, 2016, we're at,t 73 degrees.73 not too bad out there. dbaout t little heat, little humidity.umt perfect heading back to school we'll talk weather and trafficff coming up on the 5's at 6:05. 60 good morning, i'm holly hol morris.rr. allison has the day off.s e d >> i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning. mr happening today time forime hundreds of thousands ofusan student in the area to go back to school. school. here's your list. calvert county charles countyesu montgomery county and prince pri william county.iam county. >> also heading back loudoun ldo county school manassas cityans schools and howard countyar cout schools all back in session. ssn so here's the deal.ea your first homework assignment.assign tweet us
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head back to school this monday and don't forget to use #fox5 first day. while prince george's county schools went back lastill week today is the first day ofso the head start programf there. e they will begin as planned plaed despite the recent terminationin of federal funding for theor the program.ogram. fox5 was first to report onon that.that. county and school officialsic vow to find the $6.5 million to fund head start this year. t. no word on where they got the money. mone today countyy. executive rusherr baker and school ceo kevin kev maxwell will visit a head a hea start program in oxon hill. >> residents in the strict, the 911 system down for more dor than an hour and a half aal yesterday morning isn't policeoc and fire crews were forced to f respond without being able tobea communicate with dispatch or or use their radios. fox5's melanie alnwick livelnwik in northwest with the latest. ls this is a big concern, >> reporter: right. so what they had to do at some fire stations is those fire personnel were ordered to ordero station outside of thede o the building in case people needed e theha
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at d.c. police stations there was some confusion. someere stations called allleal officers back in off the streets for roll call so theyrol could physically say whereayhe every officer was and account ac for them while other d.c.ther police stations decided to send their officers out ontonto the streets in very visiblevisil ways again so people coulde cou flag them down.fl the a lot of confusion over this almost two-hour period from saturday night into early ay mor.morning.m here's a look at some of theme e chain of the events. aboutt began at 11:50 -- 11:30 saturday night nt and that is when there washe some kind of a power outage atu the office of unified unied communications and a backupacku now, there were residents who wd were alerted through text or e-mail through that d.c. alert service.ic well, if they had signed up h for that service they wouldy wo have received a message with aia phone call to d.c. police andnd a different for d.c. the power was back on at about 1:15 in the
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security explained that this was not an external p epco pep power issue, it had to do with some kind of a power router rte inside the building that then te fed power to different parts par of the building. d.c. department homeland security director christyirecto geldart said that this was not something that was suspicious.ui >> we know exactly what wha happened. but we he don't know exactly ect why that happened to our system. we are able to rule out the possibility of nefariousio activities or some kind of hack into our system. s we know that that is not a a probability. ep reporter: now, on>> r average, d.c.'s 911 call c center gets between 300 and and 350 calls during that samehat sa time period we're told thatold t 911 was down.ow d.c. fire said on those backup u phone numbers it received 35eiv calls for service. d.c. police reported receiving i five calls for service so it sot does bring into question,ueio guys, what happened to all ofll
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calls that went unanswered? wer? chances are probably prettyroy r good, although it may also be a very difficult to put an exactna number on that.n we can tell you that at the office of unifiedunif communications they he will have system engineers there today trying to understandtem ot exactly what happened.appened. live in northwest, i'm melanie n alnwick, fox5 local news. >> troubling that it's not an automatic forwarding for the foe calls that come in. all clear at lax after> ala reports of an active shootinghot late last night turned out to ot be false. be false caused panic evacuationscuio though while flights to and to d from the airport in losirport is angeles saw major delays. delay a search through terminalsh te brought no evidence of aght nodc gunman or any shots fired. fired the reports apparently spurred d by loud noises and police wereer still investigating to findting the source of those >> well, here we go again. ain it's a new phase of metro's m safe track program now undernder way, surge eight and it will wil last through september 11th. it will affect blue lineblue service in northern virginia. right now theservice in norrighow tfranconia-springfiea dorn street stations are stati e closed. the w
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through the weekend and thenhe the weekend of september 10thmbt as w next weekend metro he willtrl close all stations between franconia-springfield and king street during the week singleur tracking will takeing placelace between franconia-springfield and van dorn street.vadorn trains will not run as oftensft so passengers of course can expect delays. d >> new information now on the on high lead levels found in d.c. schools.schools. district officials tell us they finished putditing friiltel on all of the school'sool' drinking sources just beforeinkg classes started but they' sreou' still working to get those tho filters in place in d.c. rec.cre centers. that should be done by the endee of september. fox5 the first to report on plans to install those filters.filter the move came after major criticism from parents that t proper steps weren't taken when unsafe lead levels weree al initially detected. >> ♪ >> 6:05.05 mr. barnes in the house on a monday.nd >> hot weekend. heeke >> yeah, warm. w >> both saturday sunday.aturday. starting off today withstartingf temperatures in the 70's.
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afternoon.s th afternoo should be dry,n. though. tug big changes by the end of thendo week.we. >> really. >> might be the last super hot week we have.>>ight b >> it should be i hope.ope. that means i could guarantee that it will be but i'meaut i'm hopeful. >> you're the one we turn to.n >> reagan national down to 72 now. that's breaking news.> thatk >> this just in.n. >> yeah. y you said it was 73.aiit was 7 now it's i >> i gott' it. our screen still says 73 he. >> it will catch up. u it will be in the low 90'sow 90' yesterday we made to it 90. 9 more of the same. s i mean, it won't be the excruciating 100-degree heat we had a few weeks ago but but plenty hot for this time ofe of year with maybe an isolated storm in the mountains out to the west. i don't think we'll get anything locally.ountains ou if you goti don't tng locally a, uh-huh, you should be just just fine. fine you know, meet that specialtcial someone you want to walk them te home from school. >> uh-huh. >> nice conditions for it, steve. romance.ot,f >> 93 degrees. >> budding on the first day. >> you bud
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>> you're good to go.o g check in with erin como get ao look at the roads see iff anything is moving fast outas there this >> lots of problems and weerof o know what's onblems tucker's mid clearly not homework.omework. right now a lot of folksf fks heading back to school, we'rel,' seeing a lot of extra trafficff around the d. earlier crash c 295 southbound after benning bni cleared to the shoulder.houlder. stacked from eastern all the ey down to east capitol. give you crsapelf about 30 extra minutes. let's take a live look at thisos crash. right now the express lanesss are blocked on the outer loopheo dealing with a serious crash. ch several police officers.ral ff keep it to those main through tr lanes to get by the area. are this is out near gallows asllow you make your way towards towar little river turnpike. turnpik inner loop normal congestionormt from springfield interchange past gallows. now we'll move over from aver live look at this and show you u a look at our maps where we're e dealing with several otherral or crashes around town.und t beyoncé as beautiful as she issh and as great as herer performance was she's not a part of traffic but thatha brightened up my day.ay. 50 i
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295 you can see that delay idel told you about be and then the t outer loop, top of the beltwayba looking good 4295 over to georgia.look 270 south congestion pickingioni up from the truck scales down past this crash again cleared tole the shoulder and as you make yok your way out a crash cleared cle 123 north near sayville it had been dealing with an overturned vehicle causing big vproblems.oblems. gw parkway north and south s moving just fine. fine. this crash in prince williamilam county one lane blocked 123cked north after 95 and then ahe a crash on the shoulder the inner loopr at 50 in maryland ml safe track surge eight impacting the blue line singlens tracking franconia-springfield to van dorn. we'll check in with that with a closer look later.. holly and steve. >> thanks erin. football season is h >> with that comes concernomrn about injuries and concussionsos this morning a new study ondy o why if you get a concussion conn what the recovery time may be. . >> plus, a former politicianitia known for sending racy texts back at it again. we'rebat t ialking
6:09 am details on his latest textingexg scandal ahead. >> ♪
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study says playing sports with a concussio sn can double your recovery time. tim study says athletes who keep k playing sports despite having hv a brain injury are looking at la a lengthy recovery he and and doing so can worsen an athlete's short term memory.em >> more controversyontrover surrounding former congressmanor anthony weiner. he was the avid sexter nowxter back doing it again butut apparently in private. pva the new york post reporting repr weiner has been sending explicit pictures to a woman tow over the past year and a a the t post reached out to weiner.ei he said they were friends andena the conversations were private and appropriate. ever met thecete n woman despite inviting her tog h visit him.t him >> this is crazy.razy. two friends living in a small s rural town in canadaa discovered they were switched sc at birth 41 years ago. the two men in the center off this photo were born threeorn te days apart in 1975 but were w somehow switched at birth.dt now, the men found out through r
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they say it's criminal. cmina this isn't the first time this t has happened.spe two other men were also switched at birth at the sameed hospital. investigators are looking into the incident. >> at that poinidten what do yoo do? looks like they're there l' with their parents that they thh thought were their parents the n whole time.whe t >> that's crazy. >> it is. >> and what made them think to.m check it.t. >> something tipped them off and then they got the testing done. >> weird. all right.>> w our time. t today is the king of pop's's birthday. we're talking about michaelut ml jackson of course. >> believe the or not michaelr c jackson would have been 58 years old today. find out what new exhibit b iset coming to d.c. though wherehough you can check it out if you're a big michael jackson fan.michaf >> take a live look outside aske we go to break on this monday august 2 beautiful sunrise already onlrdy tap for this monday morning. moi we're going to talk weatherkea and traffic as well bothl bot coming up on the 5's next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ [laughter] >> we he do wish our bed was readyad made. actually we wish we were in in bed, right. rht but a lot of people getting upnp early heading back to school. 6:15 is our time right now,gh nw 73 degrees right now.ight n. really not a bad day on tap.. >> no, it's going to be a hot day. day. holly guess where i was fiveas f years ago ti weekend? >> where were you? >
6:16 am
>> my five year anniversary of the sea foam incident. incident. >> when i'm outbound people obod still ask me about it and ask ad me about what it was like and obviously it was a once in a lifetime opportunityppor experience.exence >> you're like dude it's what y landed me on louet'rterme anli.m >> did get me a little top 10 10 list on letterman.etrm most importantly it was an incredibly new experience of afa hurricane right near ocean nea city. >> how many showers did you take after that. ke a >> serteve, tookha a nict.e lonn you know what, honestly later that night it was raining so ras hard that, you know, i wasas completely clean 'cause we had'a i think 15-inches of rain or or something out in ocean cityn occ for irene. for i that was five years agore ago yesterday i think that itk tt moved on through.ved on through. there we go.e temperatures this morning for fr our bus stop 65 to 75 and then after school we're right backrec in the low 90's so we're going g to heat it up again but itin but should be a dry afternoon. afteo i don't think we'll get athink g whole lot in the way of the way thunderstorm activity this week. in fact, today maybe may one or two. t 72 now in washington.asngton. certai
6:17 am
it's not terrible out there. the 64 in leonardtown, 68to, baltimore. 67 dulles. ul 64 in manassas. we're looking at clear skies64cr to start your day.tart your day. mostly sunny for us, hot, we ust have high pressure right overhead.he so, that's, you know, justnow,ut going to be kind of ourur continued weather pattern herete for the time being. b this is tropical depression --ss i can't remember if it's eight or nine. i think that's eight and theha'e one in the gulf is nine. is nin. we'll watch that. certainly a possibility a possii tropical storm will clip thep outer banks and then be pushedne out to sea. if you're going to be down atowt the beaches rip currents and high surf certainly a surf rtai possibility if that storm getsis going.go that's eight, that's nine. nin neither are tropical the next one thahetr ar gets hes will be hermine. hmi that's hurricane gastonly gtonly we're not worried about that so much but we have to watch w eight here as it will clip the outer banks and be pushed out to sea.ou we'll probably see a little bit of cloud cover for partsf cv of our area as that moveser f os to our east over the next the nx couple of days.couple of days. otherwise we keep the 90'ss around for the next coupleext days. we are getting a real bigea b relief from e
6:18 am
end of the week. w high pressure off to our northfr and by thursday, particularlycul by friday check out ourut our daytime highs. yeah. yeah. hm? let's get this party started, erin.d, >> i like it. >> yeah, sea foam party. p 93 today. isolated best chance for a storm this t week will be kind of wednesday into thursday. just a few ofinto them.f the and then look at the cooll weather for the end of thehe week. we friday, saturday, sunday lookook fantastic.astic. that's weather. wth now a look at the roads.oa >> i've never seen that videoido before. >> legendary. >> looks like you were at one of>>oo tkshose foam parties froe late 90's. [laughter] right now we can see a > scene blocking theckg express lanes. this is just past gallows road approaching liver riverchinve turnpike.. main through lanes getting byetg but delays on the outer loopbu from 50 on plaast that point.hat inner loop really heavy fromea f the springfield interchange inth all the way through gallows. gls rubber neck delay in the mix dey as well. w let's take a look at our maps. p first we'll start you
6:19 am
these cameras. 95 on the northbound side you su jam up dale city to 123 south of that point centreport parkway six tone stafford as well. a lot of extra time needed to get towards the beltway. bel we'll take a look at the maps in a few moments. moments new york avenue slows by bladensburg. hole and steve. ste >> madame tussaud's in d.c. celebrating the king of pop's birthday.birthd today would have been his 58th tobirthday believe it or not.dar tonight at 5:00 the museum is unveiling three new tippingsew p at the mansion on o street.sione each figure will embody a different chapter in thehapter n singer's career.sing now over the years there have t been a total of 18 figures created of michael jackson atckt madame tud >> that has to be one of the records. >> i wonder who has most.onr whs >> i think we'll get a preview p on good day today.. >> excite.
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>> ♪ >> time for the business beat at 6:22 right now. it is a landmark day for i dron lesan.dr the faa rulones for commercialmc use of drones go into thats go effect today. let's check the markets.check t. first joining us from fox business network studio, hellodl lauren simonetti.lauren simon >> reporter: hello.r: hello. >> good morning. >> reporter: monday long weekend labor day. markets are closed. ek enso, having saidd las a clo thn anticipation of that, we have
6:23 am
this many traders at the beachhe kind of sentiment going on and i we have a down market on light volume expected for today. tay it's basically what we sawte s last week on friday, the dow and the s & p fell essentiallyen we heard fromti janet yellenn anticipating her speech allti h week. we got it on friday and yes, she set the stage for an for a interest rate increase, maybee,e two by the end of the year. but no one is pulling off the bands aid just >> parter of me just want to think about labor day and aut ly day off. off. let's talk about the drones. i don't quite get this. we see drones fly all thefll t time. i know there are regulationsul put into place. who does it affect now that i has to be licensed tot use a ue drone. >> reporter: this is for f drones.l use o o new rules in effect today. tod this is a step towards eventually companies beingally c able to do drone deliverieserie and the like. so, a pilot must be licensed. ln you can take the exam more than 3,000 people already signed up for today. today the
6:24 am
than 55 pounds. it can't go above 400 feet in i height and altitude. it can't go faster thano fastern 100 miles an hour. many restrictions but essentially if technology andhnl the rules can keep pace withce t one another, if the rules canan keep up with technology, we'lly' set the stage for dronero deliveries which are happening, which are being tested in other countries, think dominos therefore pizza via flown new zealand. zeala this can create 100,000 jobs,ob, be worth 80 bill done dollarsla in about a decade so we need w e to get it moving safely. >> obviously privacy concerns cs though too that they need to address as far as flying overg e your property et cetera. >> reporter: absolutely. reporut >> all right. right let's talk about staying clean right now. so, you go to shower up andwer d you use your soap but don't don touch that bar soap 'cause that's old people's soap and and it's yucky and nasty. andas >> reporter: it is old people's soap i like how youi lw say that. most people say bar soap has h germs on it,
6:25 am
but 60 percent of millennialsles think that bar soap is gross hence there are worries that arr because millennials briiggestst generation aren't buying barar soap, that bar soap might go bye. comes from a report from f intel. what do you think? do you use e bar soap. >> i don't. it's actually funny you saidctua thisll bunecnyause i haven't us it years but i just went to my parents' house last weekend ofee course they had it. i i was like i haven't seen thatet in a long time. te. both most of the companieshe cos that make it make like softike t soap whatever you call it liquid soap, >> reporter: i never thought i n about it but i guess we have h to call it -- what is liquid liq soap called? body body wash. >> maybe. depends on your marketing campaign i m guess. gue >> reporter:. reporte [laughter] i use bar soap. use b soa >> and you're not old.ld. so there you y go. going against the theory. the all right lauren that was fascinating discussion. we'll do it again tomorroww looking to it. i >> reporter: we got the feds drones and
6:26 am
>> now you're dropping names like you own this thanks lauren. we'll see youth tomorrow tomor morning.nig. it's 6:25. 6:2 i was a dial fan so that makes s me super super o >> reporter: i was glad that wad she said she used bar soap bar p because i'm like i might be mhte old because i use bar soap. s >> i'm a bar soap kind ofki person. >> either i'm ahead of the curve or i'm out of t>>he eitm m i don't know. >> steve uses one of those useso roof at,, loofahs, too.hs, too >> we'll be in the low 90's 90' this afternoon.ernoon. there's your storm trackerer radar. radar. i don't think we'll be ki stong any storms thisi do afternoon. anything we get will be widely l isolated but the heat is persist tender here for a fewerr more days but real relief byie b the end of the few more days of low 90's withsh plenty of afternoon sunshinenoon and then look at thursday,day, friday back into the 80's. friday by the way for zip trip our last one of the season in i silver spring looks fantastic. c >> giving away a car.y aar >> going to be a huge day.e day >> check in with erin speakingin of cars, the roads, the rails.hs good morning. >> before we get to the roads
6:27 am
note i also use bar soap.oa grew up on it. i skyfox is overt express lanes.en they're blocked on the innerhe n loop. this is as you approach appro gallows road just past thats roj point you're going to seeust p a closure.e. really nasty crash involvingnvog two very smashed up front end. up . still under investigation.der i main through lanes getting bnvyi this is also a you headea towards little river turnpike.ur inner loop remains slow fromom the springfield interchangechan past gallows. let's take a look at our live camera from this scene so you can get an idea of what it's it' doing to traffic.ic. again the express lanes blocked. oc main through lanes gettingng through.h. then you're jammed up on the inner loop. we'll take a look at our map e j anamdmed m aetrot o m next. holly and steve. steve >> thanks erin.nk eri 6:27 right now. rigow and next at 6:30, a top trending story this morning.orng >> nfl player colin kaepernickpc says he's going to keep sitting on the sidelines during the national anthem. ante kaepernick, though, favoring maor backlash over this. we'll have the details coming up.
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6:31 am
officials say the power wentowen out at the office of unified communications and at its a its backup facility.acility. no word yet on how many 911any 1 calls were missed. mis police officers dispatchedicersd radios were also not working properly.properly a big concern this morning.s there did not seem to be a m be city wide backup plan in placene for a situation like this. t new phase of metro safeetro track program now under way. surge eight will last throughhrh september 11th and it will affect blue line service ine li northern virginia.rthern virgini during the week single trackinga. du will take placela between franconia-springfield and van dorn street.rn s passengers can expect delays. d. other top stories at thisrit hour, at least two people aree dead 40 others hurt after a charter bus lost control andontl crashed while heading to helpo p flood victims in the bus reportedly carrying ag group of volunteers heading hdi from new orleans to batono rouge to help flood police say the driver behindin the wheel did not have a commercial license to operateo e the bus.
6:32 am
he's now custody pending multiple charges. and italy rescue crewscue cr continue searching forarchi for survivors and bodies after last week's devastating earthquake.ea italian police are now investigating whether negligence or building code fraud played a or role in the number of the fatalities.atalie. so far 290 people aree confirmed dead. the popeconfirme is planning tos the region and meet with those who lost their homes.. >> 6:32.2. the morning line this morning bad news and good news from the baseball diamond.l diam nats lost to the rockies rki yesterday five-three.e. rockies took two of three fromrm the nats in town over ther t weekend. en bright spot, bryce harper's har' 23rd home run of the season.ea and that's good news becauses be he's starting to play much, mh, much better now since he satat out those few games. games very hot at nats park over thehe weekend.weeken crowds not strong. str great baseball news. united states celebrating aratia little league champion.eaguhamp the team from endwell new york beat south k
6:33 am
williamsport pennsylvania little league. first time an american team has wones steince 2011. 01rsince 2 new york's first little league a crown since all the way back in 1964.4. congratulations to those young men. >> kudos to them. that's exciting. eing. a sports star continues tons be em floyd a star-spangledsp saga this morning.hisning >> 49ers quarterback colin c kaepernick's decision to sit de out the national anthem duringin a preseason game friday not sitting well with a lot of witht people including some of hisf h teammates.tes. >> wisdom is back to talkack tok about it. we know the team met yesterdayee in the wake of all this zoey tho kind of the outcome of that. t >> what they're trying to the tt right now is they're trying torg focus on football and get on gen the same page and at the same time respect his right to protest. so it's a tricky sen fair her yo', a tricky scenario here. colin kaepernick apparentlyy needed to be clearing the airg a after what happened.d. he sparked some controversy byro sitting down during thettinwn national anthem. ahem. kaepernick says he sat because u he won't stand for a flag for f a country that "oppressespres black people and people of color." he went on to say
6:34 am
great respect for men andor mnd women that have fought for fgh this country. countr i have family and i haveve famid friends that have gone and fought for this country i. havft they fight forou fryreedom.reedm they fight for people.ey fig fop they fight for liberty andeopled justice for everyone.verye. and that's not happening people are dying in vain because this country isn't i't holding their end of thef the bargain up as far as, you freedom and a justice and liberty to everybody ."erybod . now over the weekend socialke media was in an uproar overve kaepernick's comments. we had more than 500 commentsomt on our fox5 d.c. facebook postck about the story.ry several supported cab nick's actions and the the right to t take a stand. sta several burned replicas of the r quarterback's jersey ands jery a posted video online. onlin some people are telling tel kaepernick to move out of the country.coun >> my favorite team's players disrespected our country. coury. and he did this by not not standing up for the national anthem. i'm sorry, listen, youten, y ignorant
6:35 am
every single day defendingefen that flag that you refuse to y f stand for. >> the team says it's it' kaepernick's right to nothtt stand and the nfl says playersrs are encouraged but notd but required to do so.ed do s after that team meeting yesterday players said theyhey left unified while they still have their individual police;, beliefs. kaepernick says he plans to sayp continue to sit until he sees h anange in the united states specifically with regard to race relations. he says in part this is big in e rs big than football and it would bet selfish on my part to look the other way so.ay s very controversial decision soss there's a lot going on here oer because this could not only -- it's in one sense brave to step out there and putre a p yourself out there knowing knowi that the consequences and the repercussions of what's goingt'i to happen because you aree y are going to get people that aree ae angry. this could possibly, inossibl i addition to all the other oth troubles he's having couldtrbles possibly be the end he' of his career. career now you're. putting yourself yos out there. >> possibly he did thise d because he knows he has the platform.plat
6:36 am
>> because he's not playing well. >> right, he's not playing g becying right, off he' as couple surgeries in the offurri season. so you have to remember thisou h is not the first time this hasa been done.this back in 96 mahmoud abdul ended d up getting suspended and theyhe came to an agreement aboutme this. this was towards the tail end t of his career.ofis caree back in the 1968 olympics in mexico, carlos and smith twomi o track stars with the black fists in the air lots of o consequences from that.t. they were standing, same thing, racial oppression, samep, thing, suspended after thathat happened, they won the goldon td and the silver, suspended andnda then they were kicked out of kiu the olympic village and theyy had consequences that lastedt le for decades.ecades. >> one of those stories that you really can argue allone sides.sis. >> right, absolutely.ight, absol >> you really canut. really can. all right. l 6:36 is our time right now. >> hi, tuck.i,uck. >> hi guys. nice weekend, hot weekend, and lot of sunshine.t o sun we keep the streak going today. low 90's this afternoon. 72 at reagan
6:37 am
60's at dulles.le bwi marshall 68 will be hot this afternoon.thiso generally drive.ra the exception if you're in thell mountains out to the west youyou may pop a thunderstorm of theore some pretty good daytime heating but otherwise we'll keep the 90's around for a fewew more days but we got reall relief on the seven day.evay got a lot going on in the tropics. we'll look at those conditionson in a minute. 92 for us soony thisoony thi afternoon. isolated storm out to the west.. >> thanks tuck. following breaking news actually coming out of the northwest d.c.s the 2700 block of blo o porter street. right now the area closedalosed because of police activity. so we're checking reports from a nea wrby resident who calledale the station telling us theys the heard what sounded like gunlike shots several hours ago and h aa there you can see severalee sev shell casings on the ground. grn a lot of evidence markersma right there so we'll let you know what's happening butut again this is porter streets po northwest. we'll get you details soon onlso that. th >> meanwhile erin is here toleo talk a little bit of traffic. ohio, erin. e >> i want to get you around aund that one. this is east of connecticutut northwest.rt you can take connecticut orcticr
6:38 am
we're also tracking a crash 66, there's that live look.k. take tilden or couldn't done ce get around that.hat. 66 on the eastbound side as sid you make your way out byy westemoreland street caution there. we're backed up for severalauti miles inside the beltwayelay through falls church because of that let's go ahead andt leto take a look at skyfox right rigt now.w. two car accident causing big problems.oble. the express lanes skyfox just o we'lov so we'll move it back over so teo see if we can hean e throw something else up.p. they're getting ready to towo them. them express lanes are blocked.neare keep it to the main through thrh lanes. we'll have more traffic inore tc just a few.ew >> thanks erin.rin. health taking center stageer at the election yet again. ain >> donald trump challenging hillary clinton to release her h medical records. we'll have those details still ahead at 6:38.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> 6:41 right now. back with what's trending on the web on this mondayck with ws morning. first up donald trump not letting up on rival hillary iv h he raised questions about her health using twitter he challengeden her to release her detailedaile medical records say "i think that both candidates crookeds ce hillary and myself shouldelf sud release detailed medical records. i have no problem in doing so. hillary ." earlier this month trumphionth t claimed in multiple speechese sh that hillary lacks the mentalta and physical stamina to beamin president.
6:42 am
continuing the centennialte celebrations for the nationalhe park service. mas oba took a hike throughike through the prince william forest park in triangle virginia. with 37 miles of trails over 15,000 acres prince williamcresc eforest is the largest protected natural area in then d.c. region. a luge get for the maryland terrapins football team. they recruitednd t another starr from dematha high school. marcus minor a offensive offen lineman committed to the terpses on sunday.on sunday. he is ranked twenty eighthenty e over all rated tackle in the country. >> awesome. >> i love it when local boys. >> stayovit l wocal. local. >> stay local. t's>> great s. gat >> good luck to them. to t thanks holly. time is 6:42. 6:42. it is today's top talktory.kt last night's mtv music video v wards. wards. highlights from the stage up like britney spears return after a 10-year hiatus. . but who was it that really reall stole the show? we've gote've g your
6:43 am
morning's fox beat. >> ♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now, get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online, cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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>> nice look at the beach in ocean city this morning. nic >> yeah. >> birds flying. just a few hints of sunrise inri the distance this >> last unofficial weekend ofcid summer coming up. people going to the beach for the last >> lucky enough to have >> if you do invite us.
6:46 am
about like most weekends and i strolled into macy's downtownowt and i ran into a bunch of fox5 viewers.viewers. i want to show you a picture ptu very quickly and thank themhankt all for being so nice to us. u hi everybody. we got roscoe, olivia, sharon. . they watch us each and everydry day. they know all the charactersracr here at fox5. they like some of us more thanhn others. othe they watch every dane they're they're -- day and they're super-duper nicely.r- >> target in gainsvillennsvill virginia watch us.ia wch u hi everybody.hi eve they and their three kids and k one more at way so they have aaa full family. family. >> oh, wow. >> love it. >> all right. >> rea aler rea quick everybody getting backy gb to school today, montgomeryomery montgomery, loudoun, did i say them all? no. okay, i'll just start making man up counties temperatures in the 60's low0'sw 70's. after school we'll be dry fore y whatever practice you mightht have but temperatures going tope be hot.tu be low 90's this afternoon so s plan accordingly here. accor her currently it is 72 iny it i i washing
6:47 am
60's to the north and west. 66 gaithersburg.ersbg. 67 out at dulles. dle 64 manassas.ans. not terrible out there early. er it won't be terrible latereat today but it will be very warm if not hot, a littleittle uncomfortable later today astab we're going to build plenty plet more heat.t. we got high pressure overhead.v. that will keep things only chance for a storm later today will be out to the westes in the mountains.ntai everybody else remains dry.ry tropics getting active. peak of the season beginningni of september, september 9th or 10th. 10 we'll watch t d-8 its not a tropical storm yet.torm it will clip the outer banks.ans we showed ocean city a few cit f moments ago.mos ago. we're concerned about some possible high surf there and rip currents that kind of thing as the storm passes to our east over the next coupleha days. keep the heatkind a orounf ed tx wednesday. then a big break for the end e of the week. look at thursday, friday and your weekend. we don't get out of at thurs the 80's, yeah, erin doesn't remember the 80's but i do. d >> i do,
6:48 am
i was born in 84.i was born i >> there you go.n >> i remember it. 8 ff tic.g to do some t >> like it was yesterday.aseste 6:47 tucker and we're movingre n to traffic right now. n dealing with a lot of problemsrl around town.around tow this is in northwest some some breaking news that we're tracking, police activity, po shutting down the 2700 block of porter street northwest.or this is just east ofth justast keep it to connecticut andicut a tilden to get around that. they're reported shooting activity there. th let's show you what elset e stu're up against thisu're uagan morning. very slow traffic on 5050 inbound. we're dealing with a crash out after 202.02 it's backing us up from 410 so inside the beltway 50 remains ri very backed up left laneleftan blocked at that crash e we'll move it over now and show you a look at the outer tho loop where the express lanesresn still blocked. blocked. this is out between gallows galo and little river ti. you can see those main throughnh lanes getting by but very slowlo traffic from north of 50 to that location.n inner loop also jams from interchange towards 50 as you crews past that location.ocio metro
6:49 am
franconia-springfield and van a dorn on the blue line.. back to you guys.uys. >> thanks erin. >> t> today thousands ofha kidss across the dmv will head backeac to school for the first timeim saying adios summer. >> that's it end of the line. l. bob barnard on back to school so duty this morning.orning where did you find yourself first bob. bob >> reporter: montgomeryr: m county school depot. it's exciting.county excin kids are getting ready ready rea to go back to school. soo there's excitement here at thexn bus t depot and these guys in g charge of transportation, some s of the drivers who have later lt routes waving at the bust th drivers and it's kind of a fun morning here as they'res an getting trod hit the road and pick up all these kids about abo 100,000 montgomery county school children take these buses every dane it starts today. joining us now is jack smith,ry, dr. jack smith new superintendent of schools here. good morning, sir. >> good morning. how are you >> reporter: doing verooygo shoy well. i understand we have again ade ofcord number of students in nr our schools this year.ear. >> we do. we're
6:50 am
students. that's almost 3,000 more than last year. >> reporter: how do you fitthat do y n all these buses a's andn fall thoitse and classrooms.ssrm >> we have 1287 buses and we a w have to always be making sure that we have enough space a a seat for everyone who needsee one and we also have to make sure we have enough facilities for every student. >> reporter: and enoughfar: andg teachers so classrooms aren't overcrowded more than they've been. tha >> absolutely. we've hired almost 1200 teachers as of today and that's about 80 percent more than last year. >> reporter: got you.'vhi abo the first day jitters for ther t families for the kids maybemilir going to a different schoolchoo this year what should people be looking out for in termsner of, you know, any potential changes or sometimes a rough aoh start to the school year inl terms of transportation, maybeny class sizes, what have you.haveu >> well, we certainly wantan every parent to watch out for of anything that is a problem andea let us know. k in terms of buses, they needyee to pay attention to theon to cameras that we're installing on the sides of buses so thehe people who drive around aun stopped buses will be issuedued tickets. they need to pay attention toent those red lights,
6:51 am
signs, those arms. arm if they're down stop your car. r >> reporter: unless there'ssre a divided highway a median, meda right. and it's a $125 fine. fe. dr. jack smith thank you verymih much. i will tell you there arehere about a hundred buses thates t have these cameras and guyss that's one thing they're really stressing here in montgomery county this year is remember now, summer isou over,, you're sharing the road withoawh these buses.ese they say it happens all thellhe time when a bus is stopped,toppd the arm is out, the red lightsdt are on, do not pass it. i you will be fined. fin >> as it should be. b i'm surprised how many times you see that happeningri see t achat hatually. >> i know. ple pass itked peopletu pass itl but they do. d sends us your back to school pictures.pict we would love to see themee t whether it's tenth grade likeral shane is getting ready for at at mcdonough high school or maybeae you're a little bit younger getting startered. >> he's excited at 5:00 a.m., yes, he is. is. >> make sure you use the #fox5fo first day just like you see with jalen's first day of middle school in bowie. keep those pictures coming.ep t we'll hoshowic them throughout e day today
6:52 am
whether they went back totack school last week in prince in in georges county or all throwsll s schools going back today.ay >> those boys look soook handsome.handme. love it. 6:52. time for fox beat monday. monda. >> steve and holly i just landed from l.a. six hoursx hou ago. good morning. morni >> good morning day.>> good mord >> spent my entire day young youwith aay. 10-year-old who joined me inr-o myo jo interviews for this moviv called storks.rk his name is benjamin price. he did half my interviews with me. me. it was verily. >> is he one of the stars of the film.m >> no, he's an 11-year-old1-yead local film critic in film critii washington, d.c. for kids d.c fr first. he joined me on my interviews.e. i sat down with this gentlemanst yesterday which is insanee captain sullenberger who landed a plane on the hudsone ho for one of the greatest gre stories ever and mr. clint mr. eastwood made a movie about a him called "sully."suy. >> and i ran into.nto. >> tom hanks who is playing him. he's incredible. >> he looks good for his >> our interview was an int
6:53 am
i ran into him a couple timesoul in the hotel.ot ended up having a five minute interview. >> did he ask you why are youiny stalking me. >> exactly. last night the vma's huge last night.t. big stars coming outer for the t show and we had britneyey spears. that was one of the biggestas b things happening in the show int because we all wandered toan know how her performance was going to be. we've seen her over the yearseas with the snake, the kiss from madonna.manna. she's had legendaryegenry performances at the vma's.e vma this was not one of them in my m opinion. this is fully lip synced. synce >> was this live or tape.or tap. >> the actual show sterile. >> her singing. >> the show was live. sho was >> her performance.rm er her performance was liveer fobut the singing was not live. you pay millions of dollars to s perform. why can't you sing live.iv >> people are paying you. >> try to sing live.sing liv >> why does she need to if she can do without.ut >> because she's a performer.>> that would be becau she
6:54 am
on the news and very good new voice dubbed as you're -- having your voice dubbed. dubbe. >> people are paying her to dopl this.e e pa this it's not her.. >> she's found a secret to her success. isu don't agree i think shehinks should sing. >> you can rock that yellow raty outfit.outfit >> but the dancing, it wasn'tit' even that big of a deal. dea >> she's not known for her dancing.danc >> it will be a been for awhile. >> it's a mystery.beenry >> here's the thing. that was a four and a half h minute performance lip synced. n look at beyoncé 16 minutes fully dancing and fully singing.sig. >> but i don't think -- >> that's how you do it. >> and i think people agreenkeo with you. >> she is y that is a talentedous i singer. i like britney spears for show, it's fine in regard toar t her performances and the snakeha and the kiss from madonna >> the difference is britneys br spears is never going to beoingb known for her singing skills. >> then don't perform
6:55 am
don't perform.n't pe >> why not.>>hy n she's getting tons of money o for performing. people are willing to payfor p . >> you could go see like -- lik >> for what she does. sheoes. >> thank you tucker.>> if tha beyoncé can perform for 1 minutes like this and sing. andn >> nobody is ever sayingis everi britney is better than tha beyoncé. >> i'm never going to comparere britney spears to beyoncé. >> don't tell me you're a singer if you're notbritney >> sgi >> i didn't say that was shawha singer. singer she's a performer. >> thank you. she's not a singer. >> she's a perfoshrmer. erform doer people buy tickets to seeks her. >> yes, they do. >> her entire vegas show. >> see cirque de soleil and cir nobody issoleil ever going to wn their mouth.thmout >> beyoncé won eight awards wigt including video of the year. beyoncé stole the show 16 minutes performing songs fromerm lemonade and it was a biging show. ow. she's now i believe the most vma winner of all times.ll times >> i think i heard that too. h t >> very cool. she thanked her daughter blue ivy. >> did you miss taylor swift. tf >> i didt. not.ot >> kanye called her out a lit
6:56 am
say. 6:55.6: let's check in with tucker t real quick. >> love the passion.assion. >> i'm sorry. you're getting paid millionsd of dollars.mi >> it doesn't matter kev. >> until people don't buy her dy tickets anymore it doesn'toesn matter. ma >> it's she's fake singing. singi >> let's do the hey, we're going to be in then t low 90's later today.ay 73 right now.ow winds out of the north here at t six. six. clear skies, sunshine, just at a hot one for you today whenoday e you're making plans.lans after school 93 degrees withith quiet conditions. look at the cooler weather forrr the end of the of look at thursday and fridaynd f fantastic around here. earlnty sevasen. love how are the roads. >> britney just goes to showoho you don't let anyone stand ine n the way of your dreams. kevin is so heated. hte skyfox getting ready to towdy t this crash out of the way. way inner loop this is traffic moving outer loop the expressp p lanes still blocked. the main through lanes gettingei by between gallows and little ad river turnpike.r inner loop seeing bigger delays there. inner
6:57 am
lots more news, weather andweatd traffic to get through andfic tu we're just going to talk to to kevin all about britneyut spears. we'll be back in just a few minutes.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 7 o'clock ght this morning, demanding answers after a city wide 911 answge over the weekendg leavgeing d.c. ove t rheesidentd leaders concerned now as toncera how the police
7:00 am
departments communicate when coe it comes to w an emergency. >> a shooting scare inside an an american airport.irpo. fears of gun shots sending passengers fleeing for theirengs live fles. what is believed to have triggered the widespread >> personal right or sign of disrespect? an nfl star's s refusal to stand during the national anthem causing aon ant major debate this morning. why he says he'll continue towh sit down and howay hs is team is now responding.espoi >> a live look outside on thiss monday morning august 29th,t 29h 72 degrees right now going to be a little bit hot, h little bit humid.. not anything we can't handlean'e though. we're going to talk more weather and of course trafficgh awetather and of cou 7:05. 7:0 >> all right, thanks for beingeg with us on this monday ts mo morning. hope your week is off to as offo great start. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm holly morris. allison is offey today... we welcome you to fox5 newsox5 s morning and we say happy first f day of school to many students s in our region that are heading i back this morning. calvert county schools charleshs county school montgomery county prince william countyiamy loudoun county manassas city cit s


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