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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  August 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> in case you have not heard carlos daipinger is back in the head lines. don't know who he is? that's the nickname former congressman anthony weeper gave himself during a sexting scandal today his wife says she's done with him. >> and this is kind of unedible. hottest story today 6:30. before we go this is hot social media question. tell us what you think about this or really anything in the news just use 5@630 let's talk about new york post shall we weaner is back at it sending explicit pictures to women over the
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he admitted he and the woman were friend and conversations they had were private and appropriate and posted pictures and messages they shared. >> donald trump said the issue was a matter of national security and hillary clinton was careless to have so close promismty to highly classified information. it's an example of hillary clinton's bad judge: he's trying to link her top aid huxt ma, abadin saying she gave weiner information. >> there's no proof of this and you wonder -- if you have not heard huma said she is separating from her husband. >> let's bring in veronica cleary. veronica he's at it again. >> oh, yeah we saw the headline it broke yesterday it was front page of new york pos post. it it was funny i went on streets today to talk to people about this line donald trump is drawing between
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drawing between huma abadin and hillary clinton and a lot of people did not know it was a scandal and they said she is not new to this type of skanldle. as you mentioned in this introduction at this time abadnin is saying she's leaving weiner but we want todd know if this it train of thought the first time trump brought this up was baca around the time people were talking about security briefings and somewhere saying trump could not be trusted about the information in the briefings and trump brought it up back then drawing connection and talking about anthony weiner and if abadin would share these security briefings with her husband that she might be prevy to as top aid to hillary clinton. certainly not the first time trump brought this up. now with it back in the headlines we ask people, does this
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does it make sense to you? take a listen. >> this has nothing to do with hillary clinton at all. >> this is all you know it's a man and wife being married and it's their you know internal trauma and it just happens to be that she's hillary clinton's adviser and the end. and she married sorry a weiner. >> do you think there's a connection to be drawn. >> i absolutely do. because i think all politics aside people make choices every day and whether it's in political life or professional life or spiritual life or family life those choices could change your path and other people's path i agree. >> i don't agree. it has nothing to do with her. i understand she's our top aid but at the same time she's her own person and he's his own person and that's something they have to deal with when they get home. >> that's someone's pernal life. we look at candidate and what everybody on the staf
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hold candidate accountable for that. we would never get anywhere. >> i think i have to agree with folks you talked to. i love the first lady that says he's a weiner. personally i think it's between the two of them and you cannot make the connection to hillary clinton that's my thought. >> yeah it's interesting though it only one woman really said she saw that connection could be drawn. >> right. >> but it's funny i was looking at twitter and people were commenting that they saw the connection and many people think you are the company you keep and there's this degree of separation and because it's not huma's wrong doing but her husband's i think many people are hesitant to sort of walk that line into a person's home life and marriage. it is uncomfortable line to walk. certainly donald trump is not one to shy away from controversial comment on statement or at least try to get people to think about that connection. >> that's true. >> veronica we
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thank you very much. >> speaking of trump not shy ago way he stepped up his effort recently to out reach to lack communities and comment on nba star dwyane wade cousin over the weekend may have gone too far he said the shooting death is a reason for black vote others to support his candidacy twitter lit up with backlash and he tried to smooth things over expressing hits his thoughts and prayers for gain weighed's family. >> he d.c. based attorney and coauthor ofen counters with police black man survival thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> what's your take away. this say vote donald trump thinks he can win over. with the tone we saw over the weekend with the tweet, it seems like a lot of people say he has a long way to go. >> i would agree with that. i think when you deal with an issue as sensitive as race you have to come to that discussion on a based on foundation of trust,
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then forgiveness. and i did not see any of those sentiments in that tweet. >> eric, so if we -- we just look back at donald trump in recent weeks he said he's reaching out to black community and hazmatings scheduled in the future where he's to go to black church in detroit. what does he need to do to sort of as you say establish that trust. reach out across the water here and extend himself to the black community? what does he need to do. >> i think you judge a tree by its fruit and i'm not sure that you can comment at this lathe stage to the community and offer solutions particularly in light of some of the comments that -- some of sweeping and faulty generalizations that he made about ethnic minoritys in general it would be a difficult task for him to convince people he has authentic interest in seeing advancement in those communities. >> did donald trump mke
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he said hillary clinton exchanged the entire democratic party taken black vote for advantage and taken advantage of black community and taken advantage through the years. >> that septemberment has been out there the democratic party has taken the black vote for granted. but whether that's occurred or not there's still needing to be a sort of thoughtful and respectful appeal to the african-american community and again african-american community is not monolithe not everyone speaks alike. you heard that sentiment out there many times. >> we focused on donald trump. let's focus on hillary clinton. how well -- do you think she's done a good job reaching out to the black community? >> question, i mean look. i'm not sheer -- look i'm not here as trump supporter or detract terror clinton suppor supporter or detract tore she as a life
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in the community showing up and she's been doing that for 35, 40 years. >> but a lot of people look back to that super predator comments she made about a young black man how does she reconcile that or has she done it already. >> yeah, i mean, i understand people being upset by the use of that term and when you judge the entirety of work and history i think again using the same analogy of judging a tree by fruity think it's hard to you know put negative spin on her based on the one comment when you look at the pody of work she's done over her life. >> thank you we appreciate your feedback. >> thank you. >> let's talk nfl. we're not talking about the field but what happened before. colin kaepernick says protest against the national anthem is starting a conversation. we've seen pictures over the weekend social media
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after he didn't stand for national anthem. we have more than 500 meant on our "fox5" d.c. facebook page. most supported him and his rights to take a stand. kaepernick is criticizing presidential candidates to. >> the candidates we have also represent the issue we have in this country right now. i mean you have hillary clinton who has called black teens or black kids super predators and you have donald trump who is on liing racists i mean we have a presidential candidate who deleted emails and done things illegally and is presidential candidate that doesn't make sense to me. if that was any other person you would number prison. >> so, what is it country really standing for. >> as we mentioned twitter, social media. this has people talking everywhere. let's bring in tom fitzgerald to weigh in on this one. fitz you. >> know colin
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getting a lot of heat on this from twitter but the nfl itself has taken a pretty straight line with this. you know the league points out that they have no policy requiring players to stand during the national anthem. so, what colin kaepernick did he was within his right to according to the nfl to do. a lot of times people like the first amendment when it's being used to say things they like. sometimes it's not popular when it comes to things people don't like where in the game the other night kaepernick did not stand up during the national anthem because what he sees as injustices against african americans in this country. so we came here to redskins park today in ashburn to we talked to them to get a sense
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of their opinion and a teammate of his while on the 49ers together and trent williams, kendrick olsen. the bought 078 line was this. a lot of people said basically yes he's within his triingts do this from the team's perspective at redskins park we take our relationship with veterans and take our relationship with the military very seriously. redskins just practice over joint base andrews the other die for military families and veterans and spent a good portion of the time after that practice was over signing these autografts. we want to you hear some of these reactions that we got today. got only from head coach jay gruden but some players in the locker room after the practice was over. >> we went to andrew's air force base the other day and everybody was there and stayed after and signed autographs and top of respect for what is going on for our country with those people and for three minutes for us to take our helmet off and give respect this is how we are treat it here with the redskins.
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teammate and great person and hoard worker and every day he brought his lunch pail ready to work. as far as politics and social justice and all those things you know i didn't really get into that. >> i don't know colin. i cannot speak for his beliefs. i stand out of respect for the men and women that are given ultimate sacrifice for the freedom we enjoy. >> the media will often find limited things an he explained himself and why he did it and i think that should be enough. >> and here's a thing. baseball may be national past time but let's be honest football is national passion. and you know when it comes to any issues that are affecting american life and where people are both in politics and lives when it touches down on nfl that's why it's news because everyone in their own
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time is so plugged in to these 32 teams and what goes on. so when something like this the touches down on nfl you can assure that everyone one of those locker rooms today were getting these same types of questions from other reporters and other cities. >> no doubt. all right. go ahead. >> i was going to say i appreciate -- it's interesting to see nfl saying hey look this is optional you don't have to do it. it stirs passions of a lot of people out there and that's why this became hot button issue. tom fitzgerald we appreciate it sir. >> not to mention it we were talking with floor director mark he said people go to these games to relax and not think about everything in the outside world. they don't want to go there and think and talk about politics they want to watch the game. >> that's a good point. when the dixie chicks scandal or couldn't versey erupt today was shut up and sing. there you have it. >> all right. >> sue palka we want to you keep talking to us about the nice stretch of weather we have coming in here. >> oh, yeah, we have good stuff coming for you. now short
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now short time torm, jim, shawn, we have to do another 90 degree expected tomorrow and that is number 22 so far this month it's been mighty hot and it looks like we will make 23 days at or above 0 in month of august and that's what we expect the next two days both tuesday, wednesday, will be dry and if we see any rain at all this week and we're kind of dry now, it will likely be thursday when we have a frontal boundary coming through and it will drop temperature to 86 and this is part you're talking about, jim, look at the weekend that is coming straight through labor day. temperatures comfortable in the 80s and looks like tropical passenger that has been kick up here along the east coast and gulf will miss us. so bring on labor day weekend. i feel like it got here just like this back to you guys. >> it's going so fast. >> i think that's family truck from national lampoon vacation on labor day. >> looks like it. it is as a matter of fact. >> i'll have to talk to mike about that. >> thank you, sue. >> all right. >> you know the song aleha age ain't nothing but a number
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if you asked hillary clinton and what is donald trump saying about his owe bone excellent and send tweets 5@630 we'll show them on the screen when we come back.
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#5@630 >> if trump wins he will be oldest elected and if hillary clinton wins she will be second oldest behind ronald reagan. he challenged hillary clinton to release detailed medical records. it's not the first time he's questioned her health before. >> incident after incident proves again and again hillary clinton lacks the judgment and also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on
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sayreyes we face. >> and i think we should note, too, she said similar things about him lacking the judgment to become president of the united states. >> we're still waiting for medical records on both sides. that brings us to this. in an interview we saw this letter donald trump's doctor came out satisfying he is healthyest man ever elected is a sham. he said the doctor wrote it in five minutes while a limo waited outside. still personal doctor. it is not just a random doctor. that is his personal doctor. but the wording was very hyperbolic i think at first. >> in the interview that the particular doctor did he said he would say trump is healthy and fit to be president and he listened to some things he said prior to releasing that saying medical records would come out and say he was in perfect sellth and the doctor say he took what he heard and wrote it very quickly and put that in there. he still says donald
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as healthy as anyone that works out and doesn't smoke, drink and eats healthy. >> you have one over 70 and about to hit 70 and it's amazing how times changed 70 was towards end of line and it's still a long way to go. >> absolutely you. >> live right there you have i it. >> and it's not only twitter that people are talking about it'sp not the only stuff twitter is saying donald trump tweeted crooked hill hi that tried far was unable to pass bar exams in washington d.c. and was forced to go else wrxt guess what donald trump is absolutely correct about this one. >>to do voters care. the question why is this an issue. this comes down to any election when you have an opportunity to put for lack of better word chink in someone's armour there think about jfk junior remember how many times he had to take it hunk nrunk was the front
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interesting it came up now. >> i'll tell you it's interesting. it's not the first time it came out. she talked about it in ab autobiography took it 1972 didn't pass it didn't matt to her at the time she took in arkansas and was missing bill to headed back to arkansas. so interesting. >> there you have it. >> now we'll continue in talking about -- coming up after this talking about a -- first day between president barack obama and mrs. obama how much is true. >> kevin mccarthy is here at nighttime. talk about this come in here kev sglin here's a shot. kevin had red bull before. this will be fun. >> we'll be right back everybody. pats
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♪ >> i lover that story. >> think back to a summer of 1989 what were you doing in
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>> well i was five. >> yeah. >> i was five. >> a young man by the name of barack obama and michelle robinson went on first dates in new movie south side he tells a storey of faithful first day that almost was not. >> movie guy kevin mccarthy is here. kevin aside from tk a love story and cool because it's about the current first president how accurate is this movie. >> it's interesting i a couple months ago sgoy i was talking about this time period of movie and there's so many political fills ms coming out it's not a movie but it has political ideas and snowden is coming out next week and bp oil smil move move iny and a lot of political movies coming out. this film is fantastic. shot in 17 days and very low budget. patrick soyrz plays barack obama and phenomenal and michelle robinson they were working together in chicago law firm the move write take place one day on first day.
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did you know barack obama worked at bass kin rob ninz hawaii when a teenager. >> no. >> no way. >> their first kiss they ever had which is actually true it's in the movie took place after they had bass kin robins ice cream and they actually have this historically marked at dorchester avenue and 53 street in chicago apparently she was eating chocolate ice cream and fwhents and kissed her and it comes in the movie that way and also on that date they saw spike lee do the right thing and that happens in this movie as well. the movie takes artistic liberties they shift some things around some happened later in the relationship that napped this movie but generally speaking it is the idea of their first date. 1989. >> this is about the romance not talking politics don't sit around and deliberate rats what he does in 20 years. >> it's surreal. when you're watching this prov provey you know who they become. so you kind of look at them going, are they -- like looking for a little thing that could connect them
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president and first lady and there's a moment where barack obama is kiv giveing a speech and it's so presidential and feels like it but the actor, 2 28, 25 that's how hold they were at the time in their lives it makes it brilliant you find yourself wondering how did they get to where they are. this is how they did it. they were very, very powerful and had a lot of courage and wanted to do thing and make opportunities better. >> it's out already. >> playing in theaters all over the d.c. area and me bethesda and virginia and d.c. definitely check it out south side with you first time direct tovrment first time director. >> john legend produce today. >> and obama's they have not seen the film according to john legend. >> kevin we have to go. >> i'm caught up up. you do your thing. >> back after this
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i takbecause you can't beatrning zero heartburn! for my frequent heartburn ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> welcome back ice skub not voting for donald trump. the rapper said he would never declare trump not surprised. >> not a surprise at all it
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annie yu old interview he mentioned donald trump as being a boss. >> he said he will not vote for him and there you have it.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: after the v.m.a.'s, diddy, kanye and jay-z all went to dinner at the same place and brought the little ladies. who's the biggest couple at the table? >> j & b. >> beyonce and jay-z. harvey:: does kanye think it's him and kim? >> no, i don't think he can possibly think that. >> this coming from a guy who thinks i'm leonardo da vinci. justin bieber to be -- skipped the v.m.a.'s but he still went out. he did some karaoke. he did "great balls of fire," jerry lee lewis. harvey: that's a hard song. >> wasn't jerry lee lewis dating a 14-year-old? >> he married his 13-year-old cousin. >> don't you want to stay away from that? harvey: i totally forgot. >> drake and rihanna, they went to up and down after the v.m.a.'s. i felt like drake put his heart out there. he said --


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