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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  August 30, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, still more questions than answers after a citywide emergency outrage. official blame it on human error but it may have exposed a majorr gap in protecting the nation'ss capitol. i'm shock she didn't leavena him earlier.m earer >> new drama on the campaignma c trail. hillary clinton's top aid now leaving her husband afterft another sexting scandal. and donald trump was quick to pounce.poce. ♪ if there's a heaven, he hass a golden ticket. this morning tributes ares a pouring in for gene wilder.ene we'll look back at willie wonka
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star's legacy of laughter and tears.te ♪ and later, summer too short maryland's governor might thinki so. and that can mean big changeses for the school calendar. so what do you think? good day at 9a starts now. ♪ that's row tory cal question iso summer too shore, of course,oue, right. always to short.t. good day d.c. on this tuesday.uesd. 9:01 is our time.ime. august 30th is the date.he d i'm holly morris alongside of o maureen, steve and wisdom.m >> also ahead this morning, thee colin kaepernick drama not going anywhere yet. yet everybody from the read skipser head coach to donald trump tonap the white house weighing in onwo his decision to sit out the o national anthem.nthem >> let's talk about thisbo gorgeous weather we're in storeo for the hot and humid day but bt the summery left could be inuldi here in time for the weekend. focus tropical weather if you'rr planning on a holiday weekend. e
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tucker barnes with our first o r check of the forecast.he forast. i said gorgeous weather it is a nicer day today.od >> you said everything.verythin hot and humid, gorgeous,geou something about the >> a mixed bag.ed b take what you want.t >> here's the deal.e's 90 today.90ay. >> okay. >> and then we've got cooler and drier air for the end of theor f week. >> there you go. >> something for everybody, ri setght?hi >> holly called it.. >> if you're a big tropicalropil storm lover we have those, too. all right? 78 now in washingt washington. humidit 60%. huor aout of the north and north and eastnd a nt ninely high pres off to our north. nor you know what it's still going g to be hot one today. upper 80s to about 90 but probably will feel little betteb than yesterday and a bright, br, beautiful start to the day and should be dry afternoon.ld be da so that's all goodfterno news, r those of you that like a changeg of pace in the weather and athed little bit cooler, drier air, w have that on the way as well. w. so a lot to talk but we'll focus on today and toy i'll be back in few minutes andd we'll talk about the tropics and the seven day.ay 90 today.90oday winds out of the north and easts
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yesterday we were 94.erday we w little cooler than yesterday. yd all right. r i promise we got lots of weathea all coming up.l com back to you. >> in fact that tropical weathew could in fact take a toll onln some labor day travel plans. pns as tucker mentioned right now rn people along the coast ofst o florida, north carolina arearole getting ready for the storm's so arrival. it is expected to mick landfallf later on this week. forecasters say top winds couldc be around 45 miles per hour andd heavy rain will drench the areaa in the meantime, people havee hv been boarding up windows andinws getting ready to deal with the storm. the fail took flip ofthe fa switch. 911 system was shut down in d.c. maintenance worker inadvertently surgeon off dc911 system whiletw trying to turn off an alarm at a the building.the building. >> there are still lot of questions this morning as to why mor thniis h toappened and what's bb done to prevent from itro happening again.hain this morning fox5 is gettingng answers.ans. fox5's mel nanny alnwick is livl in southeast now with theh t latest.te mel? >> reporter: goo
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guys. the headline i think thisins morning is that we've learnedea that d.c.'s backup 911 call center is being staffed 24/74/ until the city can put it in an test a better fail safe. s we know they are working thonkin right now, but we're told thatoa they're going to keep that system -- that second calld ll center staffed until they arere 100% sure that everything isthgi good. now the problems we're alsorels learning went much further thant people not being able to call 911. that there was a period of timet the city has now confirmed to us where police and firee communications were disrupted wd we'll have more on that just at ttttle bit. but right now we want to hear h some of the confusion and frustration in those radio rio transmissions.. >> the system is down. >> i we're trying to put 27 back in i service do you want to us stay s out of service? >> go by land line, larry.e, lar >> i can't. the phones are out too up theree tried calling them by phone.. >> com
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radios just came back u we're making a move up to mcmillan at this time.t thim phones are down. d >> much of that confusion came because the system backup suchh as 911 call forwarding arerdinga designed to kick in when there'e an external problem.em something outside the office of unified communications buildingd that would cause the system toys go down.go dow but because this was an internaa power shut down, those backup bc has to be kicked in manually,ll, and it took several minutes for engineers to realize that mainn power button had been switched off the entire communicationnici system had to reboot.emad to police and fire sources told usd that they felt very nervous nvo during this period of time where they could not reach communications. could not reach dispatch. d we are told that they weree calling each other providingng each other's location and back up basic looking out for their teams but not being a
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reach central command that maded them feel very very uneasy thisi morning homeland security director chris geldart addressed that. >> there was a system issue in e the radios because of the powerr outage. that doesn't mean the radios did not work.t w rheos still worked.or officers could still talk toalko officers on the street. firemen could still talk tol tao firemen out there on the street. we did have an issueremet withw talking from this facility to the field for about 12 minutes,t but that was fixed very rapidlyy but, again, we didn't lose radid coverage out in the we just lost an -- we had an a issue about 12 minutes of havinn full radio cover from here to he all the units in the field. >> still you can understand somy of theou can und stress and bewm on the part of the first the fit responder who's never had anything like this happen before.onder wytng lbefore. now, director geldart did assure us that in terms of anything atn like a terror attack or anr a earthquake some of thosekeome situations that we have postulated about that the backuc system would work just fine.. an
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now and have been working on sense yesterday is making sureur that now those backup systems also kick in automatically if if there's an internal power failure rather than those havinv to be done manually. manuall like at the office of unifiedie communications mel know alnwickn back to you >> melanie, if i had an emergency even called 911 durinn time would i gotten in touchou with somebody? would help haveh been on the way was that thehatt part that was completely cutpley off? report roar that's therep part that was cut off for that t hour and 40 so i think it is a lesson for everybody to please sign up forr your local community text alert system.syst because the minute they realized what were you going on, they did send out those text alerts andnd e-mail alerts to city residentsn who signed up to are thatt service. giving them the backup phonekuho numbers to call.numb so people who called those tho backup phone numbers did get through. it was really just the challenge of people trying to call 911
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did not get that text or e-maill message.mess not getting any answers.nswe >> maybe the silver lining is ws also learned a little bit moreor about how the system works and s what should be in place if andf when this baby would happenld hp again. >> one of the things they thing stressed that is new thiss new s morning is that they are going g to have primary emergency centee and then they have a backupac emergency center they're goingye to staff both now simultaneously they can go through this process of making sure that it doesn'the happen again and there's no n failures in the system.ysm. they'll run both at the sameat time. ti >> you brought up a point when you talk toou b the security -- adviser earlier.arlier. mentioned that the maintenance worker some shut off the switch had were screened.cree if some random person gets a job nefarious plan in place thisce t could have been disastrous.. how do they sure someone go witw the motive now that they know this is can happen and cause had serious harm and damage, youame, know, they're saying the persono was screened. but i'm still nervous about it. >> it shows they had contingenci
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natural disasters, terrorr attacks.tack but they didn't have a plan in n place for somebody hitting the e wrong switch that employee is nn longer with them. >> if the buttonhe had that mucm power that button should be clearly marked whoever would beu hitting it would kno know whatht they're doing. not someone let me try these t t switches kind of thing.itch interesting.interest >> rattles the nerves. >> 9:09. new this morning d.c. policeninp investigators have lot on theirn plate to look 92 from overnightt first homicide at northeast thet man was shot and killed in the 1,000 block of road rhode islanl avenue around 11:45 last night.g another man was shot intn southeast. he has minor injuries.ies. then four people were stabbed id separate parts of the city. c they will also survive.. turning to politic theit t campaign trail even plenty ofy o drama to say the least. least candidates are dealing with a lurid sexting scandal and comess as new poll shows hillaryho clinton holding a single digit d lead over donald trump which ish 10 weeks until election day.
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>> reporter: this goes well beyond just tabloid headlines because huma be a with dean is e central figure in hillaryy clinton's race for the white house.e >> hillary clinton not answerini questions as she left fundraisei sr. in the ham tons without herh closest aid huma in tow. tow the cover of the new york post shows her husband formeror congressman anthony weiner agaia caught exchanging lewd texts and pictures with another at least one picture showed him with his young s she quickly said she wasas separating from weiner. >> i think she did the rightig thing. after while how much can you muy take? >> i'm shocked she didn't leavet him earlier.m e >> reporter: i don't know the drama she is said to become a high ranking administrationisatn official should clinton withinlt the white house and she's a s's central figure in the e-mail controversy. donald trump couldn't resistcolt weighing in. i know anthony weiner well and she will will be far better offr without him he
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statement also calling it ang ia question clinton's judgment. jun >> but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. >> clinton with new ad aimed squarely at one of trauma's perceived strength.ved strength s both have were fundraisingundi with a poll showing clinton'son post convention bounce may havev evaporated but she's still still maintaining about seven-pointoit lead. >> there is a theory aboutut president he had shall campaigng that once you get into this part of the summer, the dynamic is is pretty well set, and only a spectacular collapse or fabulouu performance in the debates oreb big october surprise can reallyn change the dynamic.ynam >> that's why those debates will get so much attention.ttti the first one is now less than t month away. in washington, doug luzader, fox if you want to paint the picturu now they're trying to make a mae political spin on this as far aa anthony weiner and huma be a ha dean being a clinton supporter t and adviser new york media m saying the woman he was sexting with
9:12 am
fan. fa >> really? >> really >> you have somebody who's married to one of hillary? of hy clinton's top advisers sextingsx with a huge donald trumpld trump supporter.suorte >> wow! ow >> and there was also talk of ak the clinton cam main not wanting to revisit all that happened hpe with the bill clinton scandalond and when hillary clinton stoodno by him. h >> right. >> her standing by, you know,no, weiner for the first couple ofoo times until now they just didn'n wanting that it just kind of brings back of s memories that people -- people >> i wonder will happen in therh next two months, right.xt twoth, >> who knows? who kws? >> who knows were tomorrow >>wngs? >> that's right.>> tha rig 9:12 is the time.9:12 is the apparently it's the secret too making work a little bit bettert we're not talking about moreor time off. o coming up later on why why scientists say music could be the key to a more productiveiv office. of >> i believe that. first here's a question of thefi day. is summer too short? the answes might depend on who you ask butt it likes look at least one lst maryland leader wants to make ii longer and parents have some ham opinions on this one.ionshi we're talkin about it neck.
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we want you to too. tweet us with your opinion #gooddaydc. we're only at 9:12 right now. we'll be back.
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>> the the end of august. many kids beginning their school day. parents you probably recovering from the hustle, bustle everything it takes to get them out the door and on their way to class. >> imagine, if you will, having one more week of relaxation. many kh because that will do it. listen that is the propoevsaeritl t and og of maryland governor larryilo hogan ga that extra week would meanld classes in maryland wouldinaryl actually start after labor day. governor hogan alongside controller feet franchot arere expected to officially proposeye the idea tomorrow afternoonernon while school superintendentser oppose this idea, the controllee says extending summer by thosey few days will actually increasee family time and perhaps more importantly boost the local economy. >> we can't find anybody who isi opposed to starting school after labor day.r day everybody wants it. i and why not? it's a common como sense idea. doesn't cost the state a penny.. no new taxes.. it extends it increases the tower seasoneao which means we have more taxoret revenue for schools and roads.o. teachers love it. it families love it. i kids love it. it. everybody loves it except for ar couple
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holding it up. >> that person would be namedden wisdom.wisdom well talk about that in a a second. as you can imagine thisse storyi sparking a lot of conversationon especially on our facebook pageb we've got 300 comments already.. most people seem to be in favor of the like the controller said. daniel says schools should stars after labor day makes no senseen for students to be in school sch while the temperatures are still in the 90's. t 90' jesse wrote, kids should go bacc after labor day.r they do not get out any earlieri and it is not really a summerme vacation if they have to go back in the middle of august.ugt rhonda says, i wish virginia vii would go back to the practice oc starting school after labor day. summer vacation keeps gettingtig shorter and shorter. short >> let me ask you this, though.t if the proposal, does it include ending school at the same time it does now and just kind off making up for days along theng t way. >> that is the big question.he . >> hour would the end a week a later because it seems like ifmf you're talking about vacationaco dollars how many people thaty pa first week of school outgoing on vacation? you have the same sam number of weeks why does it
9:18 am
matter if it's before or after o labor day.labo >> under maryland schools there's certain amount of days o you have to be in thef d classrm >> writ. it's every state by the way. >> if you shift it back in every maftackryland, you're going to o to add those daysu're on to t r year. >> here's an idea you cannotdeat have as many days off during thg school year. >> again. >> again. >> because they have lot of heacher service days. >> that's right.rvic >> when we went to>> t shachoolo thanksgiving you were offgiving thanksgiving day and friday nowi a lotngay of a schools are off e whole week of thanksgiving. >> you can change that withoutht gohating through the proper channels. >> of course you have the number days.ays.onal >> exactly. >> we're talking about elimina eliminating vacation today's earing the school year. >> exactly.>> exa >> all of a sudden you're goingi to -- - >> christmas vacation might be a couple days less.coupleays >> again.>> ain >> you can just arbitrarily ende it. this is what he'll saying.g. >> why, they can ash trashsh tra change the start deodate? >> really? you can' c is he going to be able to do this? again if you have toto go -- you have to go that wase channeled to this.d s he can say this but i'm saying n there's a certain number of days you have to be in the classroom. >> if you push this back it wil
9:19 am
have to come on the on the endne or change something else.lse. christmastime.stime. which you can't just arbitrarilt >> show me the way this calhis l length works now are kids in fact learning more? are that tt the test scores higher than that we were starring school after at labor day? i want to know kno because in my opinion i don'tn t believe that's the case. i lithink it'e sth a wash.. it's sort of the what is wrong with starting labor we all did and we turn out justs fine went got out probably midbm may at that. >> last year in money countyeynt from the start of the school year till just december 31str 3t the kids went to school mondayon that was friday five days four times.s. >> four times. times >> now to me that says there's e too many off days in the regular -- within the regular wr school year.egul we should change thatscho.ol y t >> those days are built in touit the toll number of days that yos have to be in school. >> i understand that.hat >> teachers have work teachers w development day. they have this day. they hav.or don't get me wrong i t'sth is necessary. but i think it's gotten to the o point -- look at your kids kid calendar.. everything is mark off like blue.ue
9:20 am
you're thinking why are they not in school tanodd ay? mine isn't even tra dig al public are you kidding me? go to if you the school calendar where you had those education daysay built in i don't see whyn i don starting labor day makes i really don't. >> basically you're telling moo that the tax base is suflyfe yre because of one more week when you have from the middle off june, all of june, all of july l to travel. t >> you don't have all of june. n they can have the second andonda third week of june. je. >> five or six weeks in june.n n six weeks you get no eight weeks.t we to months is not enough time >> my calendar would be year be round. you don't want to ask me. >> 180 straight days gone to do school and six months off? >> that's awful. (laughter).(laur) >> that's awful. >> shenanigans, steve. >> shenanigans. >> let us know what you think use the>> us know #go woddaydc t is a topic of conversation tod today. >> stay in school. >> labor y
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♪ 9:23 right now. allison is back with a check ofc the other stories that areitr st making headlines on this tuesd tuesday. hey,. >> good morning. good to see all of you and good morning to youly. video you'reet about to see i'm going to warn w you four-year-old boy thrown off off a 27-foot bridge into a river. r you can hear the boy screaming. after that plunge the mother watching. yeah. takes your breath away. the man who threw thaty littleit boy over the bridge is acquaintance of the mother. mhe a local prosecutor has not decided if that man will be charged but luckily the boy is okay.. horrible.. >> you've got to be kidding me.. >> long wait for metro trainsra might soon get more bearable.ea the transit agency is launching a 45 day public wi-fi pilot program at six metro railai stations. the stations include metroet center, gallery blaze, l'efant
9:25 am
judiciary square and archives station.statio memetro plans to install wi-fi y the end of this year. y can't get service in the trainse but they're trying this not not permanent yet. pre cut 53 cheese sold at cl wal*mart public stores we don'ts have those around here wal*mart and sick on the stores being recalled over listeria concernsn texas based country fresh says s it's recalling 30,000 cases thee products the 45 varieties were w shipped to retailers in severall states including virginia underu the country fresh and storeto brand labels.s former nfl quarterback timck tebow getting a shot in the major leagues. today in los angeles, he's goins to show off his skills tos to several baseball teams. teams tebow train the last severaler months we reported on it in it i arizona and los but it's been awhile shins heshs played baseball and regular regl guess when it was, what folks, 2004 when he was junior in highg school.scho >> hmm. s?nts?ment >> no. >> try out will e
9:26 am
disprove this ability.bili >> you know i love me tim tebow. >> um-hmm.hmm. >> finally, we talked aboutd abt where tay tay taylor swift was.. why sean at the vma's right? she was at a jury pool. p when i saw this i thought thatht it really wasn't her. she looks so different withoutit makely she's so loafly. l she looks really cute she reported for jury duty juryd yesterday morning in nashville. swift snapped a bunch of selfies with her fellow potential jury roars being asked for aggravatea rape and kidnapping case. the judge expressed concernse en about her own up coming trial in denver involving allegations.egs she was groped by a fan. >> um-hmm.>> u >> at a meet and swift volunteered to serve onero jury in any other type of casee but she was dismissed.. >> how could she serve on jury.r >> come on? on? >> she could have been impartial. >> she could have made it from new york to nashville ht.veight she has private transportation.o >> steve, don't ask questions. .
9:27 am
i did it again. >> if we're going to askng t questions i want to go back toac the guy who threw --- >> ridiculous. r >> crazy. ersonally want to throw to thr him off isn't by the grace of god that boy survived. >> absolutely.ut >> stay tune. stay tu maybe we'll see what >> okay. oka >> yeah. >> all right. thank you allison. 9:27.9: brought us a world of purepure imagination but always rememberr the laughs. coming up next a look atth tehet life and the legacy of gene g wilder. >> first though some reliefomeie actually from the heat andt and humidity. just in time for our zip trip finale.file hooray for that. t what about tropical storm take e toll on the weekend. weekend. good question there.od q tucker will be back with a checw of the labor day holiday coming up. >> at 10:00 o'clock the we sit down with a nats super fan whoho will show his face because weecw saw his belly already on sports center. we'll be right back.
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>> i didn't know if you ever heard of me before but i used to be called the waco kid. >> the waco kid? >> he had the fastest hands inds the west. >> in world.ld. >> if you're the kid, then showw me something.ething >> well maybe a couple of yearsa ago i could have shown you something but today look at that. steady as rock.
9:31 am
but i shoot withea this hand. (laughter).ghter) >> all that's clip from blazing saddles the 1974 mel brook western spoof starring gene wilder as the wacc kid. the comedy legend hollywood heavy weight died due to complications from alzheimer's disease he left behind a legacyc of laughter and tears.. fox's adam housely hasly has highlights from his long career. >> reporter: gene wilder wasras born jerome silverman on on june 11th, 1933. 193 he was a shy kid growing up butb got the acting bug when he wasas 11. he study the at the actorsors stoudt crow which is where jerry became since he couldn't picturen't pte marquis reading jerry silvermann as hamlet he took gene from a a novel and wilder from play froay white. he started off on broadway andyd landed a small part in 1967's bonnie and clyde his big screenn debut. >> i'm going to tear them apart. those punks. pun >
9:32 am
brooks turned him into a leading man. in 1968 he appear in the brooksk hit the producers. >> under the right circumstancec producer could make more money with flop than he could with hit.hi >> wilder earned an oscarr eaeda nomination and name for himselfe in hollywood.od >> if i hadn't done that movie,, and was nominated for academymy award and all of that, i think k i'd still be doing supporting st rolls on broadway.way >> reporter: but there wereter:t bigger roles to come. in 1971, he captivated willieile won can the chocolate factory creating one of the most enduring characters the 20th century.. >> ♪ anything you want to do it, want to change the world ♪ in the 70's the wilder brooksr o collaboration continued withith blazing saddles.ades >> i used to be called the waco kid. >> and young franken stein whici he co-wrote. >> if you're a blue and yound yu don't know where
9:33 am
you don't go where fashion sits, putting on the ritz. >> another collaboration came in 1976. 19 in silver street wilder teamedam up with richard pry your for tht first of four film. fil >> how we going to get theo gete train. train. >> that's good question. >> reporter: tha on screen chemm tree was undeniable. >> help me! harry, >> and the pair took the box b office by storm.rm but there was one buddy comedy pry your wasn't available for. in 1982, wilder starred oppositt saturday night live alum guiltut radnor in hanky pan key.ey. they fell in love. married two years later. and starred in two more movies. wilder himself admitted his h marriage to radnor wasn't an an easy one and it ended tragicalll with radnor losing two-yearar battle with cancer in 1989.98 >> wilder married for the last>> time wilr ma in 1991 and later h own cancer battle beating non nn hodgki
9:34 am
he acted little in his later ler years staying away from the bigg screen but appearingring occasionally on tv including emmy winning spot on will and grace. >> when we think of gene wilderr we often think of him in pairs.i wilder and pry your, wilder andd brooks, wilder and radnor. but in a scope of americanrin cinema gene wilder stands outtau all on his own. o he will always be remembered as a gentle and insightful actor at and his body of work will endurr for generations to come. >> that's all right. rht adam housely, fox news.. >> kevin mccarthy is here nowern with more on gene wilder. wil >> good to see you. >> good to see you as well>> g.l >> that was obviously incredible pack watch by adam housely.ou very well done.ry wel don when he passed away on socialoca media every weren't was speaking specifically about willie wonka. >> yeah.. >> in my opinion he transcendedd that role.ol that role was 1971. obviously he met mel brook
9:35 am
soon to be wife ann bancroftt during a product of a that's how him and mel brooks mo come together.r. they co-wrote young frankenrank stein. he went on to do so many great roles, blazing saddle.addle young franken stein was maze the last film he ever starred in was 1991 another yous the fourth fou movie did he with richard pry p your.ur he wasn't in a featured filmil ever again. again >> i don't remember that one. in '91't r. >> another you.ou >> another you.>> another >> did he do well at the y boxhx office. >> i don't know the bock office numbers for it but i doce. knowo that he won an emmy later inn 2003 for will and grace. >> yeah. he kept going which is obviouslo very very cool.very vy c >> did he ever comment on theomt type of acting that he preferred doing more dramatic or comical?? >> i saw someone say it was it w mixture between hysteria and a sweetness.tns. >> um-hmm.>> um >> one thing i loved about him,h arc lot of people don't knowon'o this. i didn't know this until uil yesterday.sterday. in one knew this
9:36 am
the reason it was a personall choice from gene wilder in the statement at the nephew releasea he said that wilder didn't want anyone not smiling so he said aa kid walks by me and goes there's willie wonka he didn't want thaa kid going that adult is now illi that was the so he only cared about kidsutid smiling. that was the beauty of it.uty o. a lot of people chimed in including his long friend mr. mel brooks.rooks. mel brook tweeted gene wilderen was one of the truly great gat talents of our time. he blessed every film we didilm with his magic and blessed me bs with his friendship.dship jim carrey wrote, gene wildere e one of the funniest and sweetess energies to take human form andd heaven he has a golden ticketn t and finally billy crystal oneryo the greatest comedians geneiansg wilder was a giant of comedian his films are inspiring a true genius.nius i say this every single timeime someone passes we can connectct with them again much his work hk will live on forever.orever. his work toucd
9:37 am
some point and that quote from m willie wonka a quote fromte from somebody else we are the musicre makers and we are the dreamerss of dreams. sum him hu up. >> that was one of the firstst movies i saw. the the color, the music the sinking. to me it saisinkd everything aba being here in america and like e new start.. >> you go back to the producers too.. bell brooks one of the greatests movies of all time.f all he had such an interesting bodyd of work.. it's fun to go back and see everything he did. forever tve on hat'ser tt' why he's so time less.. >> i have be honest. tucker we'll get your take on this.this i didn't know mel brooks was still alive.l he's 90 years old.ars old. >> when is the last time saw ann image of gene wilder or melr orl brooks. good in some of the clips i saws him yesterday he was a lot older than what he was in my mine. gene wilder.gene >> i thought that was very smart move on his part to leave that
9:38 am
because he didn't want to ruinru that for anybody who was -- hehe had brought smiles to.. >> legend lives on.esn. >> rest in peace.n peace. >> what was the initial movie tv you thought of. >> definitely the stuff withff h richard pry your. you he had a string of hits.tring it >> stir crazy. >> see no evil, hear no evil.. they did four films together. te it was sad his wife passed awayy in '89. he was married four time.ime >> she was his third wife.ife >> gill at a radnor.r. >> yeah. >> tuck, take it away. 78 in washington. dulles 76.6. manassas 75. 75. about 90 today.90 t a little cooler than yesterday.d we have winds early this morninm out of the north so that's goodo we're looking at sunshine bright skies, nice conditions and mosts importantly dry this afternoon.t i don't think we'll get any ra rain. you'll see how the quiet we are across the mid'idtn not so quite along the the outerbanks of north carolina there. th they've got tropical storm advisers down there and weakndea tropical storm take close sr. look a t
9:39 am
weak tropical disturbance notcet even storm at this hour. hr all right. i want to focus on cold front.. this one as we get into theet ie month of september will actually be vigorous.ous it will mean business and bringg us cooler and drier en air by te end of the week. fridayinfridaying saturday sundy whole lot in tunheda way off humidity. dew point temperatures in theem 50s and high temperatures onlys in the low 80s. 80s it should be very very niceery n around here by the end of thehe week. not so nice in the tropic muchcc that is gaston you like that ac accept. gaston. gaston. i don't know if you say it that way.i n't 100 miles per hour.r. pressure 971 millibars. and then here's our tropicalropi depression number eight. eight. let's take close look at that. that remains with winds 35 miles per again this will be the trouble b spot here locally. lal the beaches not looking greatkit with heavy rain and some increased surges there andhere a possible al rip tied. really concerned about rip tidep down in the carolinas and thennd we've got o
9:40 am
depression number why do we care about this one? o it will impact the redskins game in tampa.ampa they'll move that game a day forward they're concern it willw track up right across tampa and across the northern tear of florida and out to sea over thee neck several days.neck seral we'll keep an eye on tropical dee for example number 91. 91. that could become hermine overhe the next couple of days.le of dy 90 today. tay 92 tomorrow. here come the good stuff. stuff best chance for rain this weekhw will be late wednesday and thursday.sday with some thunderstorm activityv with that cold front butit notie your daytime highs. 82, 84, 85, 87. 8 nice weather going to beer gng t beautiful for zip trip on friday morning.rnin couple it? beautiful and zip zip trip and cool? >> what?>>ha >> haven't heard that or seen that in while. thanks tthuckat. tk guess what? virginia own tiny dancer tapped his way intoo the so you think you can dance n final. he was right here in the loft.fl we'll have highlights from lasts night's 250th episode coming cog up next.ext 9:40 is our time right now. now. you're watching good day d.c.
9:41 am
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. nutella - spread the happy! the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. ♪ the fox hit so you think yok can dance celebrated it'sd i 250th episode last night.t nig it was even more special for virginia's own jt church whoho made the final four. fox's michelle polino has thease recap. >> reporter: fox's so you y think you can dance celebratedet its 250th episode monda
9:44 am
night. ♪ >> it's shockingly brilliantllit considering that we thought wehw may get away with one series, and here we are 13 series later. >> you hate that something willw be success and, you know, thatnt the audience will love it as le much as do you and but you justs never and then to be still going 250 episodes later is insanely >> ♪ >> reporter: series has helped l launch the careers of past competitors and brought dance tt the forefront of entertainment. >> what it's done for dancing is to show exactly the public howlh tough it is, how athletic youtiy knee to be now days. days. it's sort of put a face to choreographers. >> it's really nice to put them center stage and full front and in the spotlight and i thinknd i that's what the show does. doe >> reporter: the milestone was celebrated with a duet by judgee maddie ziegler and all starll s travis wall and for the first tr time the contestants took ove
9:45 am
by performing their own coree graphed routines.tine ♪ >report i was so nervouso nvo because it was our old choreography we never core ce graphed publicly for and it wasw going to be on nationaliol television which was pretty p >> it was so i just can't believe that i corc graphed a number because, like, obviouslobviously i've i'm not a choreography and it was s fun doing the dance with robert anda high a great time.reime >> they wowed me so much. they're phenomenal.nal they're great choreographers to be honest and they hreave such g future ahead of them and it's i like so cool that kids my age ae core graphed their dances andans they were on so you think you can dance. >> tahani. >> the night wasn't all funhe a another dancer was sent home. h leaving the top four focused ono moving to the next round.. >> ♪ >> next week they're going to gg expect a lot of unexpected things but we cannot deal withet it right now. rig it's a little treat. tl it's going to get really feisty.
9:46 am
yourself.self if you're not yourself stufff s goes wrong. wro you never want to not be true to yourselves. that's what we're going to tryhg to do to get through t theo t nx week.week ♪ >> reporter: in hollywoodlywo michelle polino, fox news.s >> you go jft. >> we're cheering him on. >> challenging me. m >> not going to happen.appe >> you go right ahead.head. >> next new episode this comingg monday night labor day make sure you tune in.. >> take it to to church jt. >> how to ditch a bad date and d handle a good neighbor with bad dog. sarah is back with another wit edition of love and order that'r coming up next. i called for help as soon as i saw her. i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects.
9:47 am
even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at
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9:49 am
♪ oh, yeah.h >> it is tuesday, that means thm it's time for some love and that is when -- hold on. >> that's when, heap me out. sarah fraser shares messages shs gets from fans and we try to w o offer little bit of voice.oi very little.very lit someone who has a nice neighborh but not that such a nice dog. sarah, we've been chatting aboun this. there's problem with the pup whp m
9:50 am
>> i want to know. i'm torn on this one, o,o this is a friend of mine whoa fo wrote in and she wants to know o she was bitten by dog couple off week ago in the neighborhood.oo and the neighbor was veryer apologetic.ap paid for all of her medical m bills but since then, it's comem out that this dog has bitten somebody else and now this woman her other neighbors are saying s to her, you need to report thiss dog. this dog is an issue. issue. there are kids moving into the so she's really torn because she feels like the neighbors wererse super apologetic they came forward and paid for all ofll medical stuff and she feelsee little bit guilty but what doha you do? do you need to.o >> report the dog. you have to.. have two things. one, i don't understand why the -- if the dog bit someoneomo else why didn't that person roan it. it >> or other people report it ift she doesn't folic she wants to w be the the r the other one is, i guess shess could actually have conversation with the owner of the dog and say, look, i'm very appreciativi that you paid for my medicaly me bills and suv is it but we've we got kids coming in and this dogt
9:51 am
is dangerous. >> i think it automaticallyutoml falls back on the owner of the h dog. >> exactly. >> having had your dogs that'sya your number one fear they bitee someone.e you dope want to lose your dog.. if that owner cares that muchuc about that dog take it upont upo themselves to make sure that dot doesn't bite everybody ever >> especially since it happened already. re the owner is aware of it becausb they paid for the medical stuffs >> i'll not report the dogno ret without telling the owner that i had to report the dog.. >> you don't want someoneant som showing up at the house and takk the dog away. >> you'll have to deal with that drama. i feel as though they cameyam forward. they paid for it, you know. the couple from the other part of the e-mail sounds like an a older couple they really loveeay the dog. maybe it was a mistake you heara it bit somebody else.lse. >> i don't think there are any n bad t phieople.e. a decision has to be made to make sure safety is the pore ra mount issue >> neighborhood drama. neighoo >> how do we rule.o we r >> i guess report the dog.
9:52 am
owner.ner. >> okay. done. o >> boom. i love it. >> this is good one.>> b >> all right.oom. >> how do you handle a bad dat>>e? this is good o i know i dat re?ead this i was s fascinated.ed this girl goes on a bad date. >> horrible, horrible date setbe up on this date by how much walo friends much that's alwayss alws tricky. tric she says the date was so badad this guy was offensive to her and she should have walked out at the beginning she ended upe p giving him three hours of her live she's never going to get gt she wants to know what should sl she have done in this case? do you just within the first few minutes when you know it's notnn going well, hey, thanks he'llhae out of here, two, her other option do you just throw a drind in his face?e? >> no. >> it sounded like she k>>ind of drank to put up with it and got herself she did not put herself in bad b position now she's drunk had dnk necessary what she'll say toaryt this person. >> exactly. >> you just walk away.ou juswalk >> go to the powder room and roa never come back. bac >> no. you just say look this isn'tssn working i'm done. >> do you ever say that. sayha >> i probably wouldn't walk outt riata way.riat i would like endure part of it i but find a
9:53 am
>> if he was offensive.enve >> if they're totally offensivei the level of offense -- >> is this bad date you sit through it. i >> you don't go on second date. >> bring enough money to catch c cab or uber home and don't put'p yourself in a situation you rell on this person to be the oneo be getting you to and fro the place you're going. going i would endure for a little bitb but then i'd say i'd like to gog i don't feel a connect i'm out t of here.ofe >> there's no point. poi walk out.wa out >> that is what's great aboutrea online dating now a lot of lot people don't go on official date any more. me. you just meet for drink or meetm for coffee.for like a quicker shorter -- short- >> fit works you go on anothernr one. if it doesn't it's not a lot ofl time invested.nves >> i've been on horrible datesba i'm sure you guys all have. hav i stay there and -- and >> did you walk out? no. i is it a there and get drunk, k too. this is awful. what do my friends think of me?? they're clearly -- >> i hear the one the one had hd has to endure this. t >> i don't think you should walk out without saying anything.
9:54 am
>> you call out the -- crawl out bathroom >> i walk out a movie theater. e i was on date with a person andr they were terrible.e i'm going to go to the bathroomt and walk out of the moviehe buth theater. >> wow! >> told him i was sick.ic >> low moment. >> yeah.>> (laughter). >> how are we ruling? >> date walk out of the theaterr to continue to watch the movie.e >> if it's a good movie. >> absolutely.bsol >> my ruling -- swear.k, iweng back, i >> he paid for it he probablyrol stays. if you paid for it he's like ehe >> i'm not going to chase you ie you run out.u r i'll tell that you. >> aww. >> my ruling on this is i just s don't think you can ever set ers yourself up for a full sit down dinner.. you got to do --o d >> no matter what you have to start small.. >> you neat a meet and greet. ae >> last one quickly a mom inomn wedding. what's going's going o >> what do you think about this one.t do this woman wrote to us and she s just got married to her husbands they had fantastic wedding thisi was about almost year ago, and, she says that her mom has
9:55 am
basically wedding envy andynd jealousy.jealsy. her mom has now gone ahead a married the boyfriend she wasas dating for about sick monthsicon already things are not goingre i well. . the mother calls her daughter fairly often to complain thecomt relationship seems to be headini south. so the daughter is wonderingri aside from telling her mom i m told you so, is there anythingnn that she can do? that >> that pretty much sums it up.s >> i don't think you say i toldt you so. i think you help her through ith help her get out of it. she made a bad decision and youn help her through the bad the b decision she made.decion s i think that's what real friendf is. her h basically encourage to she made the bad decision.. >> there's no value of saying is told you so. to >> in the beginning there isinns because if i'm mad as hell my mom did that i'm mad as hell i i will tell her i told you say.ay i might say it a few timesew t before i go on help you many may you're grown don't make stupid decisions ando expect me to come bailing youil out. no. i told you so. (laughter). >> like that, too.hat, i think you have to respect your mom's wishes that migh
9:56 am
cycle if the mom is staying inyi it and willing to put up withit it. it. >> when you get maryland it's not a cycle >> wheyc remelember what i told you in tt podcast. you see the hasn't right up t h front if you choose to ignore it that's on you. i'm going to say i told you so. you're stupid for making this t decision. now fix >> all right.ight >> i guess i told you so. >> i will be your friend because i'm kindler and gentler. i'm not going to tell you i tolu you s >> i told you so is the ruling.. >> move on with your life.if >> all right.>> r moving on is what he says. s moving on what we're doing wre d wisdom martin has spoken.po what are you saying, wis? >> what am i saying. >> i'm saying -- sayin >> got something to give away.wa >> wait a minute we got a bellna toll show. sho >> the recall belly t we'll talk about and meet thet t man who was showing off on sports center to try to help his beloved washington nationals.n t also edward snowden movie is coming out real soon.oon. kevin had chance to talk with th the cast. he'll show share what he learnen about all the secrets about the >> first though -- don't you you
9:57 am
go ahead wisdom. wisdo >> it's coffee time on good dayd d.c.d.c. we have a new good day dc dunkin' donuts mug to give awaye the perfect cup for that great g dunkin' donuts coffee. ce head to contest whilee one lucky winner selected bytedb random drawing. hurry you only have from now physical 11am to enter. >> that has nothing to do with the mug.
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snack time from a serious case of boring. watch babybel's big taste leap into action in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. ♪ creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. >> the must see moments continue on good day at 10a. we are serving up a mo smeizzlntins contgin sizin dish of celebrity dish. legendary actress joins empire. kanye's new tweet targets taylor again.n
10:01 am
the vma's this year. >> live in the lot of you remember this guy from viralsuyf video from the nats game. g he joins us here to talk about o those moves. >> don't miss kevin's one-on-one with joseph gordon levitt who takes on the role as edwardd snowden.snde let's do this. the 10a starts now. >> ♪ is it good? >> is something cooking in the t good day kitchen today, wis? >> smells delicious. smellio >> does it?>> doe >> okay. >> it smells burnt. burnt. >> can you check the oven. o >> i'm good.>> i >> we have a little secret toe t >> come with us. ay youay youork out the w planned. >> i'm going to go over here and give us some coffee. >> normally wisdom graces usracs with pizza.. today he attempted hash browns.n >> a little hot sauce on therehe we're still good to role.ole. >> barbecue sauce? sce >> any kind of sauce. sau
10:02 am
because they're so dry right now, you won't be able tobeca t. >> you'll need coffee so you can eat >> in fact, i think you're rig right. (laughter). >> oh, man. man >> epic fail.ail. >> i applaud the effort tryingtt to have some food in here forerf us. thank you . >> we'll if you them on them one stove top next time. i'm steve alongsidestov wise doo holly, before we get started if youyo have not seen this it made m sports center instagram page. pg it got more than a few views. it almost million.on. a nats fan going the extra milee with the rally belly to rallyly the team trying to distract the pitcher with just his stomach. by few cease we mean more than 800,000. >> that's hilarious. >> the question we asked>> you , would you bare your belly inly distraction or what would you dd to try to distract the other oth team? >> could you focus through it? ? say you had to do your job. job >> maureen and i -- (laughter).ghter) >> we would bear -- bear >> we were wondering and curiouo
10:03 am
with your pitcher or whatever we your occupation is if someone so was constantly trying toing t distract you.ct. so think about that.ut tha. >> the same concept the kidsids that jump up and down whenhen people are throwing balls. >> we'll ponder that while we wi let tucker take it away and givv us the forecast. >> probably it was the free thee beer, don't you think.. might have been. beer tmihat.r thaof guy was probably totallyot hammered. >> let's do the weather. we're looking at temperaturesperes which are expected to be in the low 90s later today. maybe -- >> tucker -- tucker -- tuc-- >> 80 degrees in washington.n ws tucker. >> 79 in annapolis andapolis leonardtown.. >> tucker! >> tucker! (laughter). >> tucker! >> hello? >> we're looking at daytime >> we' today.odlater >> all right, guys that's thet't latest weather forecast.ect >> oh, my god.od. >> i'll toss it back up to you. >> oh, my gosh!h! (laughter). >> i don't know if it distracted you tucker but we didn't hearide anyt
10:04 am
>> oh, my gosh. my gh >> nice work.ork. >> hilarious.>> hilar >> that was >> all right, guys. >> tucker, isaac will join j ocellated on we'll get the scooo behind his viral video on sporto center want he was really trying to do there behind the games. >> and watch the hard hittingiti classics.classics. >> that was classic. >> 10:04. it's time to check and see t che what's trending and we told youy about this yesterday but the controversy it just keeps onps n going. one of professional footballsals most high profile prairie few tw go stand for the national anthem before games we're talking aboua quarterback colin kaepernick hee created a fire storm by saying n he won't stand during theur the national anthem because thehe country's treatment oftmt of minorities his actions reignite add long debate along freedom oo expression versus respect fortpt country.. one side weighing in saying, his protests --est >> i believe this is the white s house maybe.hous >> white house, okay.hite hse, white house saying that the thae protest of star spangled bannere is objectionable but they t defended his co
10:05 am
right to demonstrate. on the campaign trail, donald dl trump told seattle radio statioa he thinks kaepernick's political statement is a terrible thing t and maybe he should find ad fd country that works better for f him. here at home jay gruden said the redskins will stand and givend v respect during the nationaldu te anthem. an but that's an interesting that coach gruden would say that asha we've seen from all of this thei league doesn't have a mandatedd rule that would require there t entire team to stand up.. so i'm not saying somebody would but in the event anybody on theo redskins did not want to stand,a there's really nothing thathat coach gruden can do about it. it's interesting he would make m blanket statement like that. lie >> i don't think he said he i di would make them do it.nk he sd t he saidhem he thought they woulw all stand. nd that's his opinion.nion. >> he said they would all stands for it which it doesn't make me sense.. >> people need to leave colin kaepernick alone. why was the white house chimingi in. >> they were asked. >> let this man to do what hein. wants to sdo m ianf o thisdo isy
10:06 am
we often say athletes don't usee their platforms to bring changea let him have his moment moment.m it's his life, his career iff it's ruined as a result of it so be it. i he said i'm taking a stand. some said he was not going to be with the 49ers that's why he's y doing to bring attn listen if this is the way heay wants to affect change, let himm do it. people get avenue forkedor platform and the way you decided to use it hopefully for good, g, and not for bad.or b that's on you. so i don't see why this is a national thing n dowon. joe hovas witnesses don't stands up during the national anthem ae and no one goes off about thatbt how their religion doesn'toe acknowledge that.e t let's talk about something moreg important. why a colin kaepernick in thehe news cake sell for hours on endd give me a break. bre give me break.give m bre i don't see it.i don't i don't see it. i >> we talked about this at length yesterday about himh er taking the stand and then we all had had some comments about what he's doing. if this is the way hehe's d want carry this out, so be it. be but a lot of people who are, hooks are green about this who
10:07 am
thing to the point where -- likk i say we disagree. dag we can disagree on lot of different things the people peoe angry and talking about we got a presidential candidate talkingng find another country that kindhk of of language stirs up the the masses to me. we're talking about even more m negative environment than we'rew already dealing with right now.w if you don't like -- moo he wayy or the highway. if you don't like the way we dod thing in this country get out oo the country.e c that's angry rhetoric it doesn'e serve a purpose.po we talked about this yesterday t people on both sides of y whatee issue you're talking aboutng a there's failure to comeom together. if you want to make change, thet i think in my opinion if it werr me then i would find a way to do it where i can put my money behind something.omething. >> empties what we said. w that's what rid on.ri >> ice nom dissing him. him. that's the way i would do it. wi >> wherever you stand on this dd the hope is that he or anybodyny else is making a statement won'w just make that initial statemene but follow through on this now w in some effort to make a viablel change and bring people together as opposed to just making at
10:08 am
>> just talkingent about it, tt in and itself behind put putting your money where your mouth is,h i think he's putting his careerr on the line by doing this. >> his career is already on theo thin line. >> you're not talkingthin l ainm whether he's viable or not.he'si you are given platfaborlem and u have to do things that are uncomfortable sometimes toometis effect change.fect when muhammed ali did this didhi people said he was the worst tor thing ever he took a stand and d now at his funeral was talkingki about how hat greatest americani jackie robinso robin didn't want stand and salute the flags we w honor him as one of the baseball players of all time.s of there's time in everyone's lifee you have to make a stand if it's you uncomfortable it's even fore the better now you're doingoudo something that goes against thet grain. colin kaepernick for whatever reason he decided whatever inten his heart i don't know he'sn't ' saying listen i want to makeantm stand and give a choice to theio voice less. i applaud him for it. it. i'm sorry i missed the coveringn yesterday because it's been tale about but that's the way i see the situation. >> i think one thing that we did talk about yesterday i think isi
10:09 am
we do try to demonstrate thatste you can have different opinionss but have constructiveve conversations.coti it doesn't immediately go to tho just get out of the country.. >> right. >> that doesn't do anything. that doesn't enl>>ig thten anyoe it doesn't cause anyone to stara to change their opinion oron perhaps see a different point of it just becomes hate speak and that is what i don't think ishii good. good. the conversation is great if it is actually good intelligent criticism and conversation that results from it.results from i >> which is what we need to comt back. back. because someone does not agree with something,use do not denig them or minimize their view thev point that's what is the freedoms we're talking about yoo thought for, people died for dir that's exactly what it's here ie for. he can protest that flag becausc that's what the flag affords usu it affords the right to say whaw we want whether you like it oret not. let's do it in construnctive wa. just because you don't like whaw i'm saying doesn't mean i'mean m wrong.g >> doesn't mean i'm a bad bad person. rs it doesn't need to become aom a personal thing. we talk about summer being too short earlier this tk
10:10 am
what about the work week being i too long? amen. no.. working 40 or more hours a weeks isn't your cup of tea a careerr with amazon might be up yourr alley.alle amazon is testing out a 30-hourr work week. w instead of just being part-timer employees the 30 hour work weekk teams are all on a quote reduced schedule and they'll get the g same benefits as full timers. 75% of a 40 hour a week workers pay, and the goal is better worw live balance much these changes are far cry from damaging newam york times investigate no amazon's work culture last yeara the report depicted the companyc as a challenging and mercy lessl place to work. w >> i guess the difference isre that just six hours day for fief days week or do you work fouroro days a week? >> i wonder if you get to choose. four day week --ee i'd do it.. >> sounds like a much betterhet balance. >> i would do that in heartbeat .rtat >> my life would have a better balance if i had an extralife wd off. off. exactly. exactly. meanwhile can music improve youy work performance? that'sce thas another question. cc
10:11 am
apparently the answer is it says upbeat music while working foster fosters cooperati according to the study here's some of the benefits of music oo the job.. first, it encourages positive pv contribution to the team.conttin it also helps workers get inet sync with one another.noth and it helps workers be moreeor supportive of one another. ano >> are we talking using your yor headphones at work or blairingln the music and hopefully likeslys the same music. >> seven dwarfs style. >> whistle while you work.whilor we're altogether.ltoget >> no. >> i don't like that at all. >> you don't like it? i thinkii it's your basic upbeat music. >> if what everybody likesbodyik different music f i have to to listen to something thathing t aggravates me i won't be be production. >> we need a little belly clap.l >> we'll work on that.e b oha see what we can do. that will be coming up. comu hang tight for couple more for l minutes on that. 10:11. 1. kevin mccarthy sitting down witi the actor playing his celebrity doppelganger. we're talking about the edwarddr snowden movie with justin gordon levitt l did
10:12 am
make up. justin beiber's answer to inn in it a many good. goo we'll have celebrity dish cominh up next. 10:12 is the time.
10:13 am
10:14 am
>> not often we get
10:15 am
check this out. following this news involving singer chris notget foll binrog wn. tmz and our sister station in los angeles reporting that he is now a suspect in an assault investigation after a woman womn called 911 early this mornings g and told police that brownt bwn threatened her with a gun. tmz says brown and the woman won were in a home in los angeles when she claims they argued anda he pulled the gun. g. the woman called 911. police responded.. police apparently took that report. so this is all developing right now.w. we'll let if you know we get an more details on this latest chris brown dust up.own dust u now turn it over to the crew ana rest of the celebrity dish.y dh >> first up this is what we're serving today on the tuesday edition. edition. following his now annual speechc at the vma's kanye west couldn'' to do spread his love for as hee says all ya'll as evidenced bydb this photo.thishoto take look. posted this to twitter yesterday. if you cannot tell, it is a t a shirt that depicts one half of f two very different album covers. red one ishe
10:16 am
of west' 2010 my beautifulif twisted fantasy and the other is swift's taylor 1989 album coverr west tweeted this picture withih the caption, unity love.e now sure how correct west is with his use of the term unity y love. thestheless this is what he's putting out there right now.s n what do ya'll think. think. >> i think they're coming out with album together and>> t i tt getting publicity. >> enough.>> e t i think we move on.>> ihi agree.. >> okay.>> oka speaking of swift, were you wondering, probably not, were nt you wondering where she was whes during this year's vma'.'. >> funny i was just thinkingustk about. >> were you? someone speculated she was trying to avoid we havee or being a sore loser due to heh lack of nominations but guess ge what that was not the case. ce. >> what was it?wa >> she was doing her civic duty. she was busy resting up becausee she had jury duty on mondayy morning in nashville.ville. she was excused but not beforeef taking a few selfies with fans.. >> with this picture if
10:17 am
told me i would have thought -- >> i would have been in juryn j duty going, you're not going tog believe there's a girl that kini of looked like tailor swift in t the jury poll. pol >> without make up on she lookss really young and different.iffee >> yeah. >> she's pretty. prey fresh face.h fac >> i would not have recognized c her. >> i'll not. i don't think i would havethinku either. >> mean we'll all those people are like what ?ant >> look at that lady i'm glad id showed up for jury duty. >> that looks like that's hert'e smirk, smile she does. doe >> i help all the people she'ses taking pictures with didn't make the jury now everybody knows ala their business.usess. >> maybe they took the picturese so they wouldn't get called. cae not that you wouldn't try to not get called. i don't know who would do that.a >> judge i can't be on this.n ti >> i just had jury duty.y dut i wanted to be called. >> i know. it can be so cool if it' s a good a >> true story.ry >> let's move on to this. oo t this year's tv movie of video music awards was the lowest in years.ars >> did you watch?>> you >> absolutely not. >> did you watch?atch? >> oy did. d it was not --
10:18 am
>> i never watched ever. 6.5 million people watch the vma's sunday night. that may sound like a lot, but the number is 30% less than previous years have shown.hown the show was streamed by 45.8 million times on facebookab which is up 938%. 938 that's right. 938%.8%. the 2,015 show had only 4.4 million streams on gaysga book. wondering why the drop in viewev hip. was eight lack of big names like taylor swift and her crew or justin beiber or was it just not interesting enough for people te tune in. >> it wasn't interesting ting >> ding, ding, ding. >> it was just -- it's like whaa it used to be. i was saying earlier to ourou writers michelle and meghan,n, remember back in the day whenayw michael jackson would come outeo or someone like prince and their performance was so maying. first you can understand theirar words and dance moves made sensn that was performance you look yl forward to. now it's like -- i don't -- i dt
10:19 am
>> there's too many award showss too. >> it used to seem leak that tha were few a war shows and they a were special and one there's one of month. >> there's really not music mus videos any more. mor >> is there any scenario youo y would ever sit on facebook and watch anything on tv. t >> never.>>ever. >> in? >> no. >> i like -- i would watchch movies on plane. pne >> not on plane. pla in general sitting would you y ever watch anything on facebook. >> no.>> no. >> i believe the consensus ishes no. i would never watch anything onn facebook.. >> where is the gavel.av >> it was up. .omebody was watching. >> you don't facebook live radios. dios. >> in short snippets. >> not a whole award show. s >> wake me when that's over. ove >> let's move on to america's aa one time favorite mom gettingtig ready to go into the lions day d we're talking about felicia rashad the tony and emmy awardrd winning best known as claireir hawksable on the cosby show. fox will have roof re
10:20 am
guest role on the up coming comg season three of empire. rashad will portray diana dubois who's a powerhouse from one ofe new york's oldest and most prominent african-americanri families her character is thehe mom of ambitious city councilmaa angelo did you boys played byd y taye diggs. d that's a fun familyig there. tre apparently diane will stop attoa nothing to make sure angelo finds political ladder including going tow to tow with the cookie, lucious and the lion clan. i'm excited to see her portrayay that.that. >> isn't taye diggs characterrat supposed to have little romancen with cookie.. isn't and mrs. due poise isoise supposed to not like it.t. >> right. right >> the mom rarely do like it.ike >> can't wait to see that drama unfold.. >> probably sing a couple songss about it. >> felicia rashad was. >> mariah carey is on too.. >> mimi. i cannot >> she can actually sing.. >> it will be good to haved to somebody on there who canhere wn actually sing.acally is the biebs back on instagramka or not. not. ? that's the big question.uest.
10:21 am
instagram few weeks back afterer fans and ex flames a like madeed it known they didn't like his new lady.wy. >> they're all hating on her. for few minutes us instagram came back online it went away again. apparently it was an error. the biebs took to twitter towito clarify that it was indeed justj an accident.ident. >> or publicity stunt. stunt >> you know what --w what >> yeah. basically, he said it's not tooo late to say sorry.ry >> oh, wisdom. >> what do you mean?hat do you >> i like that. m >> i l>> i like thaikt. >> okay.>> okay maybe we should go and loveulo a himself. >> oh, jeez. oh, jeez. >> momma don't hike that. >> first of all, i'm a very enlightened man.. just because i don't like the'tt music doesn't mean i don't knowo the songs. s you have to be wellon versed and well educated in life. lif >> i'm not going to lie. lie i'm a justin beiber fan. an i like his music. mic >> you're the only one up here.h >> fair.>> fai i'll turn my chair.. >> back over to steve
10:22 am
>> we know you're a justin beiber we know it. coming and later on the new cass of dancing with the stars showss the show must go on.o o >> what is behind you right now. >> ryan lochte -- >> steve! >> allotted of you weighed in on the is summer too short debate. we're sharing some of yoursome comments coming up next.p next. stay with us. us. ♪
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
>> team wisdom versus the world. (laughter). >> right. >> you know what, if we had year round school we could take as a much time off as we wanted fora the kids i'm talking >> is that the way it would work? work >> if i rule the world. >> i'm about convict.ct you're staning by yours.ning. right on. >> we've been talking about aut whether kids should go back to k school after labor day.or d is summer too short.ho we gave our opinions and now you all are waiving in as well.el we want to share some tweetswe with you this morning. y thi to let you know we are listenine and seeing what you have to say. >> what?>> >> somebody is on team wisdom. o >> what's it say. l ouldool should be year roundoo across the board and one to two weeks of vacation around theroud major holidays. (applause). >> one vote for wisdom.. >> national hug my teacher day.a >> if i rule the world it wouldl be just christmas. prince william county startedtad for labor day for two years yeas still ends at the same.e we'd rather have the time
10:26 am
>> kids should be going to beoig school after labor day.or day three months of summer should stay instead of cut it down two to two. it depends when you get out at the end of the school year. start school after labor day. l too hot in august to stud. don't bother wintry says.. >> what, it's too hot in augusts to study is? what in the worldw >> as usual, holly morris says exactly what i'm thinking.g. >> ut-oh. >> crystalized your thoughts ofo perfect.t that's after labor day vote. >> okay.>> oka. >> eliminate mid year and halfal days off parents responsibilityt to keep their litz intellectua intellectually engaged during summer. we hear you whip per, that' we hea yp >>ou whi summer isp pat up way . it just started and it's nearlyl over while winter drags ontedrag forever. >> exactly. hearhat's why under the martin administration you wouldn't have to worry about going to schooads in p that's all all i'm saying.g. >> after labor day the first t r week in june sounds great.s gret as a matter of fact we did it. kill all the tee which are worke days.
10:27 am
that plan.. >> i vote tow.. >> has anyone noticed that kevin mccarthy looks a lot like edward snowden.snowden did oliver stone cast kevin. >> funny you should ask that. look depending on who you ask, a he's either patriot or a traitoa we're talking about snowdenen here. here. no matter what he changed thengd game when it comes to ushen it s security. se next month we'll learn more about the man behind one of the biggest intelligence leaks abouo history when snowden hits thewdt big screen.big >> coming up next kevin will sit down with the man who bringss that computer geek to lifeek joseph gordon levitt and kevin will share his story about crashing the movie set and trying get oliver stone's attention. >> i never heard that one. ♪
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ >> no, i just don't really likel bashing my country. cnt >> my country, too.oo and right now it has blood on its hands. >> sorry, i have friends who are over there right now. >> i'm not talking about the abe troops. troops i'm talking more on the war. w >> our commander in chief?ef? >> yeah, whatever you want to wn call him. him he's so wrong. s wro >> how do you know he's wrong? w you're lashing oh knyo >> i'm not lashing out.ashingut i'm questioning our government.. that's what we do in thiss country. that is the principal we'rehe pi founded on. >> okay. >>y
10:31 am
liberal media? you're buying b into what one side is saying. sn >> maybe i am. because my side is right.ight >> that's funny because my sidey is right. oh really? some yeah. (laughter). >> why smart conservativesrvat always make me so >> because you don't leakon leak hearing the truth. >> you are ahear vineryg frustg individual. you know what that? how am i hm going to make you see? see >> i can see just fine, thank you. >> after that kiss he says it tastes like liberal. lib that was the punch line of that entire >> yeah. >> that's probably why we endedy it. >> that's a clip from the newhen political thriller snowden of so course it's based on the life of edward snowden former cia employee and government contractor who copied and leaked classified information from the nsa exposing a series
10:32 am
surveillance programs.gram he's also an american fugitive f currently living in hiding inn i russia and depending on who youu ask he's either a patriot or ata any time joseph gordon levitt brings snowden to live oliver stone biopic and kevin got a chance te sit down with him and joins usns >> i had 18 interviews over thii past week mend los angeles andes this wasn't one of them. them. actors and directors including oliver stone. sne on honor to meet him because the films he made jfk, nixon, platoon, born the fourth of juy july, natural born killers. kil. this film is politically charged you're dealing with a situationi where a lot of people divided. d is he a patriot or a it to tour people can tweet us what you why think but i spoke to joseph gorg den levitt who play plays edward snowden. he sat down with him multipleul times. times. were tent russia and actuallyt s metia him and so my questions ww more on the lines of, how do yoy legally get to him, how do youoy even find where snowden is. and also, it's interes
10:33 am
because he personally greasely s with snowden joseph gordon levitt he agrees with whatha snowden did. i spoke to him about thatut element but first the voice if e you heard the voice in that clil he sounds just like him.e h if you actually go back and bac watch old -- old snowden clips.s talked to him about how hebo h nailed that.nail watch this. >> i think the voice ishe voi is absolutely i know you've been asked about t that before. that you listened to audio of his bes voice. >> depth pee director of the nsa offered me a new position. pitio >> can you tell me anything about it you? >> you know i can''t >> i'm wondering were therere certain things that you latchedt on to about it, certain wordsors that helped you get into it and did you stay in it duringur production even when the camerar cut? >> good um, i don't think i stayedtayed totally in it but i don't know d if i came totally out of it either.eith i didn't necessarily think abouo it that way as much as. because it's a physical thing. so, um, you just kind of get in a habit i were there partic
10:34 am
don't know. i don't know if i analyzed itd i that specifically as much as just listened to it a lot and then kind of repeated it. i >> i don't want to soundoou ignorant how the legality thisai work. when you go to meet with someone like snowden, obviously i knowly you spent four hours with him hm initially and him and lindsayiny were there. t. how does it work? do you knowoo where you're going? does ali a very stone go with you? what waa the process like getting to himo >> yeah. i didn't know where i was going. but we met up with his lawyer in russia.. and he a ranged to drive us to, you know, an office. o >> are you blindfolded? do youo know where you're going.oi. >> no, no. no, >> okay. >> just -- again it wasn't where edward snowden lives.iv we just met at a at an office. >> wow!
10:35 am
>> yeah.>> so i mean it wasn't honestly that, that crazy as far as these logistics.. >> it wasn't christopher nolanpn script being delivered to you. what are some of hispt interest have you senior movies.s. >> does he know about yourr career? does he like tv shows.o what did he say to you ino you regards to that. did you even speak on that.n >> yeah, yeah.eah the first -- the fir thing hehih asked me actually was, maybe yoe can settle a dispute thatte that lindsay and i are having.avg is it hit record or hit record.r he actually asked me that.t. oh, man, you asked me that.e th. it's both. bot it's play on words.'s py o but i was -- he does his his he's the kind of guy i thinkind that reads guy lot. does did he ask about the ending of inception.nction >> he did not ask about that.boa >> i want to know what his thoughts are that were.. >> that's a good question.uest i wonder if he's seen that. tha. i don't think he watches a lotal of fiction movies.. >> fascinating.>> >> crazy he met with f him olive stone met with him. h. you'll see there's big surpriser in the film as well but
10:36 am
gordon levitt inception is oneei of the greatest movies of all al time. i wanted to go like this when i saw him. him angels in the outfield when ie i was a kid playing that. he has such an amazing career, c third rock from the soon.oo looper. looper the movie opens up septembe september 17th he agrees with17 what snowden d he toldth h me ei easier and harder to play to pla someone you actually agree withh depending on -- >> when he saw you did he go de like this. oubleakdn't get a double take from him. h oliver stone was pretty fun.tty. we'll have that coming up in aun couple of week. september 16th the movie opensoe up. that was shot right here in dche parts of those scenes werenes we actually shot in d.c >> awesome. thanks, guys. >> 10:36. if you were watching the natshen game over the weekend you saw aa little more than baseball you may have seen -- >> yeah. >> whoo! >> he's being great sport cominn up nats fan who went the extraxt mile went viral.iral that's a wisdom martin lineti l right there.right tre >> what's that. nd going the extra mile a viral.ral. almost. >> almost. >> close, steve. keep working. keep working isn't we'llke work it. >> it sounds very disturbi
10:37 am
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especially when it comes to snacking.g new. with the laughing cow's nine flavors of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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[001:38:58;00] i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at ♪ 10:39. trmetimes idea an strikes.idea s sometimes it might be alcohollcl fueled. sometimes it all comes togethere when it combines, you happen to be sitting directly behind homem plate at a nationally televisedv baseball game that sometimes hom you get to go down in infamy our next guest knows thing or two o about that. he's been such a great sport.po the nats rally belly known in real life welcome isaac.saac thanks for joining us this f
10:40 am
morng. i'll shake your hand even thougu it's been all overr your hho bey all morning long. we appreciate it. let's go back to the e.em this was over the weakened.theke >> friday night.>>rida >> okay. the nats played three games witt the rockies over the weekend and won how many.ho m >> i believe just one. >> and it was which night. i bes >> friday night.nd it was >> let w's givech c n>> frediyte credit is due. due >> to the belly. te b >> to the belly. >> this is the scene right heree what are you thinkin thinking at when this is happening andpenind playing out. >> it was all just aplaying o fh as you mentioned, alcohol andnd food goes long way. way one you're in the moment kind oo just went for it. for >> which inning was w >> this was the bottom of thetot seventh i believe.iieve >> good seven hours of the free drinks coming our way. >> about.>> about. >> about. abo >> seven innings worth at least. >> was there any pre discussiono with you and your buddies at the game whether or not this was going to happen? co-rkl, i have co-worktheras sitting down there at first andd we switched up seats because my boss said he wasn't doing doing enough. i decided to take the extra effort and do enough.h >> the boss was actuallyll encouraging this move?ing th mov >> yes.
10:41 am
>> wow! okay. you're scoring points in the of >> i hope so.ce as wel the >> hgentleman in the redop w a half rally belly going onngn beside you. y >> that's actually my friendried alex. manager of the blogger in d.c. big fan as well, and he didn't t get up with me. m she doesn't have quite the majestic gut i do. >> he didn't have all tools to work with here. >> exactly.>> exact >> proper rally belly.per r b >> exactly. he's very supportive on the side as we ver. >> most devil. >> who have you heard from since this clip went viral? >> um, my entire family i haveav very large family and seemed tot enjoy it very much. i knew it was getting big when e my mom teched me while i was atw the game my family in they inhe midwest had already seen it.n i i was like ut-oh better contacta the wife. >> did you know this was a nationally televised game at tht time. >> yes. ee'reu were just like we're going to do something here toero get on tv. t we'll peak sure the nats withinn this one.. >> let's make sure the nats winn any little bit of help goes a ga long way.
10:42 am
>> i have admit those are not at bad seats. seats. you did good job of getting these bosses seats and the bosss is on board maybe you'll get chance to go back there again. >> i'm hoping so.opin >> let me know boss. >> there were no clientset m the involved. >> i got to less loose more thae the normal. northernorthere in virginia and you've been going g to, a lot of games. fair amount.un yes, matches possible. born and raised in southouth arlington. go to as many games as possible. diehard skins fan. diehard d.c. sports fan.ports fn >> have you been tracking the ba number of lines on espn. esp up to 810,000 i believeieve yesterday.yest so we'll see where it goes fromm here. >> shooting for million.for miln >> yeah. >> you have to, right.ou he to, >> go to go for big. >> would you do it again or>> gt time tried to somethinghing different? >> you got to switch it up.ot can'swt stick witith the same t. i mean if that's what the fans loved.. >> baseball superstitious sport. >> this is very they did ask me to stop but if i getting to again i might havee pull it out g did you hear from any players. >> no, no the yet. >> no,ould be i anwas m ry plaet to me. nea o
10:43 am
(laughter).ghte >> they got the just the one time did you it oro more than one. one >> just the one time. the oim >> that's all it took.ook. did they ask you polite tolle tl stop. >> they were awesome about it.s. whatever you're doing, stop alll of it. (laughter). >> isaac we appreciate you being with us here today. >> happy to be here. >> you and your rally bellyr aly bring iting it in. i if it work for the nats it going to work here, guys.e, guy there we go.e go >> of course it has. has >> i love it. >> i think you guys missed ansie opportunity to try to distract c the diss tractor here. >> ma maureen and i know exactll what we could have done it would have landed us in hr so we we decided not to.not t >> i'm not part of that. (laughter).. it is 10:00 --00 - >> what would that have been. >> you can write it down for mer later.r >> i'll just tell you in thest l commercial break. you 10:43.10:43. coming up new cast of dancing d with the stars has just beenee released.rease ryan lochte not the onlyy olympian on the dance floor. flr we'll tell hugh else is competee its competing for the mirror mir your ball coming up next.up n >> kevin, put your shirt back bk on. on >> okay.
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back. >> ♪ >> i was waiting for the shut uu and dance with me dancing with the stars lovers, contestants for season 23 just s reveal. ve it's a pretty impressive lineupp first up olympic star or the human emoji laurie hernandeznand will hit the floor with her partner val. >> okay. also going to see amber rose.e. governor rick perry and calvin n johnson from the detroit lions o to the dance floor as well.ell. >> he came out of retirement too do this. >> okay.>>y. >> i wonder how hard it is after you play football for like ninee years and go do this. >> pressing ales have done welll they've won it quite a few time.
10:48 am
>> jerry rice was on there. >> emmitt smith. >> victor cor >> rick perry is a surprise to e me. >> you don't see the governorr dancing? >> at first we weren't positives he was telling the truth yet.. i see what abc did confirm ryan lochte the locksmith -- lock >> i think we called him the t liar. >> that too. he's also going to be on the show. show also rounding out the cast kenny baby face edmunds.dmun >> is that fair?r? >> wait.>> wt. kenny baby face edmunds will bee in this?his? >> i don't like this. likhis i don't like that. good with do you like it? >> oh, no. no. because i don't want him to do badly.badly. i don't know if he's a dancer on not. >> he might win the all. w the l >> he may. heay. >> take home the mirror youreded ball. >> kenny, i'm not shower abouth this.this. >> okay.y >> and beautiful janna kramer. . >> i don't know her. >> i don't know her either. >> we know her now.ow herow. she's just beautiful.utul
10:49 am
>> she'll be on the show asn th well. will go home with. this year's mirror your ball trophy. >> i would say either one of ths olymaypi ecithe ar thletes or cn johnson will be my frontrunnerer because of the athletic ability. >> lori hernandez. i don't think ryan lochte lochte because there is popular votee portion.. i just don't think go out on o limb i don't think he'll get th popular think he >> okay.y >> i could be wrong.r >> maybe lori hernandez. >> pretty good bet.tty good bet >> i like the. beautiful lady at the end.the. >> you just want her to stay ono >> w shat was herta name. >> i don't know.>>on't k pretty girl at the end.. >> he never asks their m (laughter). >> hey, people.. how we move on? >> check this out. after professing his love on the vma's drake and ethan had date night. ni >> they did. >> aww. >> seen heading to restaurant ii new york city. drake posted this picture of him -- wait. wai >> this is horrible picture. pi. what is this? is? >> you only get to see a littlet wis.wi
10:50 am
>> it's a tease.. >> why wouldn't you want to sees drake and rihanna when see a beautiful tower in the background.backgrnd. >> i never put all the pieces pe together until you justil you jt explained it and broke the down like tneithat. ake that. now i just see the tower and ind don't see them >> we do. re saying sinthis pictu this is a night for us all to be thankful for what you've done've for us.for you have affected so many of ouo lives in the best way possible.. tonight we celebrate you. you >> can i tell was this means. >> vma's were in new york.. >> that's back in toronto. >> oh wow. w. >> they got a private plane. pne >> took a little trip after thee vma's to go back to drake's homeland. >> what i take for this while we're in the states we're just ' friends when we go back to goact canada we're lovers. lov >> the benefits begin.egin >> i gotcha. got >> i like that steve.te >> different country code.e >> what happened to him being all bent out of shape with hisis break up from serena.a i thought that was a thing.hing >> you don't have forever.ev. you got to keep it moving.p it v you go the to keep it moving. mn >> is that in the handbook.k. >> what handbook?ook? (laughter).ter)
10:51 am
>> best way to get over is to >> wow!! >> on to another. >> speaking of drake, we could be hearing new music from him hm and kanye west. wes drake and kanye. >> rambler. >> new sign appeared in losn los angeles with the words cal basss is that so is the new abu dahbii >> no it's not.o it'. posted above the logos for drake's -- what is that drake's obo.. kanye appeared as a surprisee guest.gues >> all goes back to toronto.. >> exactly does speaking ofoepef kanye west one of his wives ex-boyfriend's calling him out. yup, ray jay called west a a shameless hypocrite.ocrite he says west is embracing his wife's second tapes to make a buck. kanye gay ray jay a shout outa t during the mva's gave amber rose a shout out. jut a crazy four minute blockelo there.there
10:52 am
>> how did ray jay not getet anything out of this. >> that's tru >> he got something. >> tucker weighing in.. >> tucker barnes, ladies ands ad gentlemen. >> why not? okay. hey -- let's find out whatha everybody is talking around.d what's up erin como.o >> lots to get to #gooddaydc. 10:52 get a lot of talk i tollly agree with maureen says tracyray gets past this issue hash tag colin kaepernick.ic i'm sure there's more pressingin issues in the world. wld let's see.. the league nfl may not have a say were you the team may they y write the paycheck.k. a lot to talk with colin kaepernick now and maureen ire agree with you totally no oneone says anything when joe heavies s witnesses don't part pate be go ahead. >> point of clay lar if youlaif indication. i had people say to me they do stand for the national anthemiot they don't put theirhe hand over their heart or chute certainta versus. some jehovah's witnesses fromro what i know from my friends they have the option to do that.ha
10:53 am
those do not stnd i think there are some who don don't. but if you're clarifying, let m, be clear there are some who do d stan they just don't recite alll the words or put their handsan over they are hearts.rts. want to clarify that. >> another thing the guy washeus talking the team may do this oro the team there is no rule in i place that says that everybodydy on that team has to stand forndf the national anthem.m they can move forward and make one. one. but there is no rule sewse ws there's actually no penalty forr that that they can do to him.o m they can cut him for whatever reason they want. >> you know how contracts are worded. there are conduct unbecoming of the team. >> they can cut for whatevern cw reason. they don't need a reason. reaso they can just cut you.ut y. >> it's the ffl.fl we're done with you. you. move on. >> you got people talking forngr sure.sure >> what did you say. >> move on to the next >> tucker, do you want to comeom back here and slap your bellyurl for me.e. >> don't come here startingrtin trouble. >> okay, this is why. >> pretend like you're over thet
10:54 am
issue and reallyhe you just want >> erin, get through these t tucker will have to fill the tot last four minutes of the she by himself.. >> he needs to stand behind me and smack his belly. bly you were good. gd i would have lost it during thet forecast.forecast. great concentration, tucker.. >> wisdom somebody wants to leto you know i ruled the world was not lauren -- nas not lauren hill. hill. >> i think i said it was curious below. >> tell that guy who tweeted curtis below did the first songn you know your facts, sir.. >> boom. drop the mic curtis below did it first. >> here's drop the mic. >> this is the first thing iambm fell out of my chair. new screen safer right there. >> that's it.. >> look at that.. >> got steve, too. too that's great picture.ictu >> you look so serious and in i the moment.ent.
10:55 am
>> steve didn't flinch. fli >> if it was tucker behind med the studio screaming.ming >> we all would have.>> w >> and i'm withl holly andnd maureen we would have joined inn the fun but that would have been a totally differentt wo issue. s so any way, #gooddaydc film film there's channel for that, erin. >> i don't want to be it on it.i back to you guys. >> it is only tuesday morning aa this point but we're already alr looking to friday and here's the reason we'veon been doing zip trips all summer starting right at memorial dayry going through labor day.r day. this is the last one if you were with us last summer you know tho last one is a huge finalee fal because it's where we give away a brand new car. c. we even improved i think fair fi enough to say the car over lastt >> yeah. >> this is awesome. >> vehicle.ehicle >> an suv.>> an >> we're giving away and of course we want to you come outim and be a part of ie ot.utt. we'll be in silver spring, mary, veterans plaza right in front oo the civic center lots for roomoo for everybody to come out. o tuck consider barnes, maureen mn umeh, holly morris, erin como cm who just ran out of the roomoo allison seymour, kevin mccarthyh all going to be out there come
10:56 am
say hi to everybody >> full disclosure people willl not think we're including uh-uhu both have time off you're o youe getting to celebrate time offff that's the only reason they're e not there. >> nobody back here to >> not because they're nothey'rt included. >> tucker, you always look likek you're up to >> i'm just -- >> no. >> have various things i'm notnn going to say.ay because they're inn appropriate. let's go to the forecast.he for. let's do the weather, shall we?? >> yes. >> beautiful day.ay >> let me move. (laughter).r) out ran out of the room and ian was like tf hey'reth having a ch party i want to join. joi near 90 tomorrow.orro set up for tomorrow cold front tomorrow night that will ushertu much cooler and more comfort cfo comfortable air for the end of week.we our high temperatures on zip trip high of 82. 99s this afternoon and should be dry if you have plans outdoors. >> h give us aav blaellyns rally you can do it. >> do it, come on, come on, come on!
10:57 am
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>> o [001:58:04;00] i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects.
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let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. ♪ ♪ shout it out >> announcer: now here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching.


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