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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  August 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a controversial higher at george washingtonat g university, tonight the school's reason for putting a former islamic extremist on the singer chris brown arrested. when you get the want ornt whatever you need to do you can walk right up in here and you're going to see nothing. and finding a better way toto cross the bay.ay. tonight, maryland is working on a way on cut down on congestion. fox5's news at # 1 starts now.n. we thank you for joining us tonight, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. tonight, george washington university is
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controversial new staffer eventf though he is a former islamic extremist. fox5's marina maracco is life at gw with more on the man's pastpt and what his role will be at the university now. marina. >>reporter: it was a seemingly controversial decision by the university, tony, to forego what some would consider a traditional higher and make this risky move of hiring this man who was once a self-proclaimed stream islamic and who ran a website that advocated for f violence in the name of radicali now, this man used to go by the name of jonas abdullah muhammad but here at gw he's going go by the name of jessie morton. muhammad was sentenced for 11fo years behind bars and just over four years. he was release in early 2015 and now in 2016 he's on gw's payroll working for the program onn streamism where
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to understand and develop ways to prevent others from being radicalized by islamic extremists. like this man who says he once was one of them. students here are starting to hear of the news and thethe reaction tonight is mixed. i mean there's a risk of hiring somebody new.ew. it's never -- i mean i guess he has a past, but i'm surei'm everybody else has a past that hasn't been shared.been first i was like that's kind of crazy. do you think this will servei more of a positive influence in the long run. >> apparently they've done it ie europe before. i don't know. in in hiring anyone there could be someone that was being ratified or not. some there is always going to be some form of controversialal decision being made every
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i think that if gw hires them that they probably made a good decision and gone through the whole works.w where do you draw the line? i mean -- do you raise your eyebrows. >> it did limit i need to read up on l it because it just camep on my feed today. > now 2, gw says that they'vety vetted him through the fbi as well as through other law enforcement agencies and those agencies vouched for him and agreed that morton is refueled and not a threat. today, tom fitzgerald sat downra with a man who made the higherwh ando runs this program. take a listen to what he said. and he wants to essentially make amends for what he did in hisn prior life. you're aware how people react to this. why higher him? what does he bring you? >> jessie brings a unique perspective. he has the academic chops, he has a master's from colombia,olm but he also has the reel life
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he was a radicale re and he gotg and to have that perspectivespec it's very interesting when itn comes to understanding researchs also it helps us with a window on helping other people. morton starts on the job h this week. life tonighth iisn northwest d., marina maracco, fox5 local news. > tonight an islamic state official at the top> of the us kill list of isis leaders is reportedly dead.dly the islamic state says abuy muhammad al and nanny was killed while overseeing operations. he was a spokesperson and senior commander for why is why is. they have not yet confirmed hisd death. > now to a fox5 followup on this weekend's 911 outage in the district. the big question is can you rely on 911? fox # has been asking city lead what they're doing to make sure you get the help youyu need in the need of a an emergency.
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accidentallyacci flipped the switch. it should have been rerouted to a backup system but that failed. we asked mayor muriel bowser what the city is doing to make sure this didn't happy well, we're very obviously concerned about any systems that aren't working. we have identified the rootroot cause of this outage and we are investigating the root cause ofr the equipment failure. so i've ordered our teams to do a top to bottom review of the technology problem.ogy we're actually going to have our chief technology officer lead that t effort.that the district is working to teste a new fail/safe program. in the meantime, d.c. will operate twot911 call centers. meanwhile while the dv ticketckt system has been people were not able to pay their parking tickets for much f the day today. the problems were caused by ausd power outage in its v
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york office if your deadline toi pay a ticket in d.c. was today,a the dmv is giving you a one-day extension because of that outage. > let's take it outside rightse now and get a check on the forecast. another who the and humid day and tomorrow could be a recordwh day. let's check in with sue palka to find out what you can expect. the record would be 23 days this month at or above it looks very doable.doab we did it again today at 22. we tied the most number of days in the district at or above 90 for one month. maybe tomorrow we get up andp over that.that it's certainly looking like it as another who the day is expected. let's different you the latest and these are the records thatth i'me talking about. the highest number of days inin august will be 16. today was i'm forecasting 92 tomorrow. most places near maybe feeling a little the whot ther to you tomorrow than today was. keep that in mind and part ofpat the reason is we're going to have a front approaching.
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thursday. bumps more heat andeat humidity in our direction. speaking of thursday, that front may cross with a couple ofoupl thunderstorms on thursday. but behind it really nicece changes coming. com the latest information, too, on our tropical depression 9 didal not get a name, but it is getting organized and they are see seeing a lot more convection and the indications are that it will become tropical stormsto hermine in the next couple ofco daze. it looksof like it's going to be approaching near the jacksonville area and hurricane conditions are possible in florida. it looks like it's going to beo more out to see, but sunday at 8:00 still may have winds of 70 miles an hour.hour we'll continue to watch that. the biggest effect of course a lot of heavy radicalized by islamic extremists and maybe
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it. the 11 update took it back to the previous how about that seven dayh forecast? that's coming up in a few minutes. > thank you, sue.fnk y fox5 is in the district tonight, d.c. police need your help identifying that man there on the leftying he's wanted in connection with a sex abuse and assault this is surveillance video.vide they're calling this man as m person of interest. the incident happened back on august 11 along suggest and 13th streetsugg northwest. if you recognize that man, call d.c. police. developing tonight, singer chrig brown has been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly women only the arrestnly came after an hour's long standoff at brown's home in california. officers came to the house after a woman called police. tmz reports the woman claimscl brown pulled a gun on her as she add murder a piece of jewelry. brown posted two videos onn instagram from inside his houseu while police tried to get him to come out. i
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have you seen my house? i'm going to barricade myself in the palace. i'm not going coming out for what. good you can mr. . whenhat. you get the want or whatever you need to do you can walk right up in here and you're going to see nothing you idiots. police recovered drugs and a gun from the scene. bun has taken to police headquarters to bebu formally booked. it starredform at 3:00 in then morning and we heard from thethe reporter on the scene last houru it ended ten hours later. > it was all day long.g. it just became more drama it seems than was necessary.nece >> it was a strange sceneange because we finally saw him come out. people were kind of millingmill around. it's very strange. hopefully no doubt tmz will bewi on it and we'll have much moreoe tomorrow. > coming up tonight, finding af different way to cross the bay.a maryland is worried about bigig backups on the bay bridge. the
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solve that problem. and take a look at this, a 10-car pileup caught on camera.a what happened next may stun you. we'll show you more of the firery rescue. we'll be right back. .
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welcome back. schools release park test schools. the standardized test measured student performance. they touted gains in both reading and math scores compares to last year. yet only one in four students met or exceeded expectations. this is the district's secondsti year using the park tests.sts. the test are meant to measure whether students are ready for college and careers. the d.c. board decided the first of community meeting was held w tonight to getas input from community members. tonight's meetings was in northwest.t. john davis will serve as the interim chancellor while the school system searches for a replacement. maryland is searching for a neww option to get drivers back and
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forth across the chesapeake bay. the chesapeake bay bridge hase a become more and more congested over the years. i'm sure you know that. today mayor larry hogan looked for funding options to build a new bay bridge. the study could take up to four years. they say the bay bridge could be maintained safely through 20606789 but within 25 yearsthin drivers could experience up to 14-mile delays. new tonight, take a mr. at thist dash cam video out of new york. that is a 10-car pileup. the dash cam was mounted in one of the cars. it shows some of the impact.pact it also shows how a group ofoup people jumped to help rescue the woman in that burning white car right there.rig you can see the shooting flamess up. they used a fire ex extinguisher and they pulled the driver outt of the car. they release the video who.o. she wants
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police probably wantkful to rewd them and thank them for their bravery in doing something likee that. it's incredible. > it sort of reminds me of the incident here we had recentlyent where that tree fell on the car and all the people rushed in to help the man that was trapped ip the car to help the police officer lift the tree. the good thing, some of the drivers had extinguishers. i didn't know that was a thing. are we supposed to carry that? it's not a bad idea. i don't have one, either.r. luckily for that good samaritans still > so tomorrow we might set a new record.w r >> it's going to be a pretty darn who the august of. we're at 22 days and we've tied the record. let's break it. that's what i say, break it. we want to be part of we want to be in the room where it happens. > that's right. the outside room anyway.way. that's a line from hamilton. the bus stop outsides
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be a who the one.e. not so much in the morning.rnin the mornings have been pleasant. but after school a little warmer tomorrow than it was today. 87 to 93. a frontal boundary approachingpr will help to push the temperatures along. notice our average high temperature now dropping to 8484 as we close out the month of august tomorrow.orro we'll be well above that and 92 on wednesday, but then a muchmu more reasonable 86 on thursday. friday just delight lful at 82 2 and sat 83 degrees. a quick check of radar because there has been very littlery around here but a little cluster persistent showers last trying to move west to east just west of charlotte.lo i haven't talked very much atlk alled about this hurricane, butt this is just such a thing of beauty because it's going to churn up the north, central atlantic. this is hurricane gas ton which is a major category, three categories of winds with 120 miles per hour, but
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and that symmetry doesn't getn't much more perfect than that. meanwhile tropical depression 8 off themea carolina coast, thee outer banks is not going to be a threat much longer.r. it's already started to move towards the northeast slowly. surf, rip currents are strong there interest is certainly peaking around this tropicalnd t depression 9 as we showed you the track a little bit ago.litt i wanted you to know that hurricane conditions are possible as early as florida. so it's a good thing they moved the redskins game to thursday. the area is a tropical storm watch meaning that thosein conditions could develop. that would happy likely on thursday. but wanted to show you the latest modeling that bring some potential for some heavy rain to florida. it was more in the big bend and now it seems to be close to the tampa area. but wherever that system triesis to come ashore and it has gotten a little bit more intense tonight, but not necessarily with its winds, but with theth cloud cover and the convectionvt
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to ten inches of rain. more people are asking me about p thursday's weather than whats happening in the tropics and that is because bruce springsteen is coming to town and they want to know what is going on.go the only day we had a chance of a thunderstorm is t here's your futurecast. a couple of showers. what's this, everything disappearing in time for the concert because the boss controls the weather. th there you go. it looks really nice. good luck getting colonoscopy know how you'll do that.that on thunder road.. he's so good. thank you very much.u ve whatever we're paying you, tonyy it's not enough. look at this, forecast high f temperatures for friday, low 80s. how nice is that going to be? if you're going to the bruce springstein concert i sure hope you took friday objection to the form we'reyou going to have ave humidity break friday and sat.t. almost a brief taste of fall. you can see it on our seven da
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forecast. 82 friday, sat 83. we are going to add some cloud cover in depending on what happens with that tropical depression that could become tropical storm here mean. we're a little l warmer at 87, tuesday 90-degrees. much more to talk about. we'll be right back.
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so tomorrow is going to be a about it of a rush day forth redskins. the tropical weather for the preseason finale. some second and third stringersi will actually play. they'll head south to face thehe bucks. today was another cut down day. two veterans got their walking papers. riley perry jr. is out of the door. he broke his foot last year, missed some games and then lostn his job to mason webster. the redskins are still on the hook for most of his $6.5 million salary this
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a nice sac there, but still not enough. and certainly isn't a cost cutting move.ove. a lot of times when it's not so much about the player rerelease but about the players we kept.kt i think we have some guys at linebacker that played extremely line and have some guys that are competing and doing a great job. those two guys are excellentxc football players. i imagine they will latch on somewhere it's just part of a decision process. it's still a tough job. tonights the nats and philly.. matt converser, the nats just like that up three nothing and then tray tip, where was this th guy all season.son. tray turner at bat and he goes out to right field. danny espinosa goes around third. he will try to score. he collapses with catcher
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he is out. converser by the way had a no hitter for five. he will go out, allow three hith and striking out 11 1 #. it makes it ate straight wins over the phillies. could we get another win on the al side. oua two-run homer, the 32nd of the season, 100 of his career. 2-1 orioles.iole not such a meme racial night for chris m davis. breaking the bat over his leg. not too happy there. the orals win 5-3. one game is detroit for the second wild card. wend w have teams that we coulde seeing, we could see them --
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we'll see them a little bit later. yeah, a school night, too. thanks, jim.. more to fox 35 news at 11 1 # coming up, but first a look atok what we're working on for fox5 news morning.ning maryland governor larry hogan is set to make an announcement on school start we'll take a look at going backk to class before or after labor day.d tomorrow is national match making day.mak the top hit for finding love. actually somebody just sent me a message, low kay and asked me if you're we're going to talk about that in a break. we'll be right back. female teacher: who can name the third president?
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glory days. i only know, glory days. see you tomorrow.
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announcer: today on "tmz"-- harvey: chris brown is in big trouble. chris is a suspect for allegedly pointing a gun at miss california regional at his house this morning. she said she was invited into the house with another friend and this melee breaks out. the best part of the story, if this woman is telling the truth, chris points a gun at her and then asks her to sign a nondisclosure agreement. >> we got teyana taylor leaving ace of diamonds. she's the girl in the kanye west "fade video. we're like, your body is unbelievable. >> i know a twinkie body when i see one. that's not one. >> there are two twin boys that were selling their teddy bear. angelina jolie paid each of the boys $50. >> they bought a street teddy bear. just give them money.


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