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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  August 31, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> gop nominee trump taking immigration mess tooth mexico. >> and pretty soon well neighbor another decade we could all have a new way to travel to the eastern shore. we're expecting a warm and mild day. could be start of cool air in our region. >> we'll take that. >> yes we will. >> and we'll also say good morning to you,
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joining us i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is august 31. where did the month go. >> gary mcgrady standing by with the weather forecast. erin como has traffic issues and we'll be talking about issues for you this morning. >> 5:0 1 let's goat breaking traffic news. >> as we were saying major road in and out of d.c. shut down after a pedestrian was hit overnight. "fox5" anjali hemphill is along the sutland parkway with the details. good morning, angly. >> good morning, guys, we're on branch avenue ramp to sutland parkway. they are not letting you on alabama exit other side of naylor where the accident is at right now. no one is allowed on to sutland parkway and you can see the cars coming down the other way. these are cars rerouted off of sutland parkway at branch avee
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side of naylor road at alabama avenue. now, why is this happening? there's a crash westbound lanes of sutland at naylor road and it's actually got traffic in both directions blocked at this point. police are working that crash. it happened after 1:00 this morning a car hit a pedestrian on sutland parkway and they say it's adult male as victim that man was taken to local hospital with life-threatening injuries and no word on that money's condition at the time. we know the car involved in this crash did remain on scene. as you can see a backup here happening on the ramp here branch avenue getting off sutland parkway here. this will be similar story on other side and as rush hour traffic builds throughout the morning this could create a big issue here on the secondary roads in the area as well. if you drive to work any time soon i would go ahead and avoid this area completely if you ca can. park police are working to get it on as soon as possible and no word if you have
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the time rsh hour begins. live from hill crest heights, anjali hemphill, donald trump is headed to mexico today. >> he is headed south of border amid controversy over his stance on immigration which trump is due to give a major speech on tonight. "fox5" melanie alnwick is here with a look how this happened, mel. >> this is surprising considering trump's call to build a wall and make mexico pay for it. even more interesting is that the visit is at the invitation of mexican presenceen. and now trump made the announcement on twitter yesterday saying he accepted president peña nieti invitation and is looking forward to meeting him. the two men are meeting for a private chatnr5. peña nieti, saying to his people basically he believes in dialogue to promote mexico interest and protect mex caps wherever they are. we'll
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chat. the unexpected trip comes as trump is campaigning in washington, d.c. state and prepareing a speech on immigration wednesday in arizona. that's a contentious issue in this presidential campaign. it's hard to know how trump will be greeted by the mexican people in his primary speeches criminals and racists were coming into mexico and promised to deport 11 million living in u.s. illegally. >> if i win we'll build a wall and have amazing border. >> that's the kind of thing we heard from trump all during the campaign. now, trump plans to griffith graition speech after returning from mexico. something he will -- some think he will soften his stance as an attempt to reach out to mexican voters. and mexico's president extended this meet and greet to both trump and democrat hillary clinton. we don't know yet if clinton will accept but her campaign issued a statement about trum
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issued a statement about trump's trip saying what ultimately matters is what trump says to voteers in america and not mexico. holly, maureen we want to point out how astounding this came together so quickly. think of the vast security plans that need to be made. this only came asen i havetation friday and it's already wednesday. this is actually happening. >> it's amazing you said that. we were talking about that as we got ready this morning. first thing i said you can imagine security for a trip like that? >> came together quickly. thanks, mel, appreciate it looking forward to see how to plays out. chesapeake bay bridge gotten more con gelingt as you know. yesterday larry hogan announced a start of a study to look at funding options to build a new bay crossing. the study could take up to four years. maryland department of transportation say the bay bridge can be maintained safely through 2065 but studies show within 25 years drivers could experience 14
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yeah. >> by then we'll be teleporting any jp way. >> we won't be doing anything. >> any way, gary, a lot of people will go across that bay bridge this weekend, lasts big summer get away weekend. we're looking for good weather. >> that's right. they say leave early stay late or something like that. that's a good plan for you. but definitely will be a backu backup. listen here's what's going on bus stop forecast showing you what is happening out there. 63 to 73 degrees pick up time. i think most of the kid owes are back in school and except a few lucky ones that don't go back until after labor day. after school, 96 to 81 what's important today it will be dry. couple clouds this morning. few more clouds late this afternoon. we'll stay dry. no farn tees on the fact it will be dry tomorrow. it looks like we'll have showers and thunderstorms around here tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening w
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need. we dropped another degree in the city, down to 74. pretty much all suburbs in the 60s. martinsburg 63. frederick 63. fredericksburg is 71 this morning and leonardtown 72. it's a pretty nice morning out there. in some spots you can feel the relative humidity fairly low this morning and temperatures dropping off to the lower 60s. hey we'll be in the 50s before long, 50s. couple mornings out here coming up will be in the 50s. i'll have more details on that and this is the last day in the 90s for a while. more details on that as well. right now that's the forecast. let's get to traffic with erin como. already a busy morning for erin. that's right, gary, lots going on already. 5:07 behind me traffic is parked being divert todd branch avenue from sutland parkway. this is perspective from anjali hemphill's crewam
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ramp to sutland parkway shut down east and west branch to alabama avenue because of serious crash investigation. the person was hit by a car. because this is already causing a backup and folks are forced to divert to branch and alabam alabama, 5:08 i'm not seeing good things until they reon sutland. leave early and consider alternates. let's take a look at cameras now. you see they zoomed in right now in require vir on inner loop near 50. left lane getting by. again that's near 50 in virginia we keep you updated on that one. let's move to maps. those are not the only issues. tractor-trailer crash and traffic being diverted 95 southbound and causing several miles of slow moving traffic. they have a lot of debris to get out of the way. if you head southbound exit 95 well before that point and taking 1 southbound to get around. it wide view of the area i can give you good news for commute and beltway is qet
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park and 95 outer loop over to spur and problem free through oxon hill on inner loop and things looking good on 25 and 395 inbound and all area bridges clear and we don't have any problems on the way to bwi, reagan national or dulles. we'll keep you updated on breaking news we're tracking, mature each, holly. >> a former presidential candidate wentz big in home state. >> and believe it or not, your dog may actually understand you. i believe that. >> i do, too. >> headed to break with a live look across the d.c. region. time 9 past the hour and it's a very comfortable 75 degrees. fox news morning after this. i look at all the lonely people♪
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>> turning now to senate primary. senator marco rubio and patrick murphy won respective florida prime areayes setting up a contest to see if democrats can recontrol the senate. and senator jop mccain beat challenger from republican tea party activists when a right to seek a sixth senate term. >> chris brown in trouble with the law. accused of assault with a deadly weapon after an hour longstanding-off in la. they respond todd a call from a woman who claimed brown pulled a gun on her. lapd is saying no shots were
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search warrant toshsh you'd to enter the home and brown posted videos on instagram denying wrong doing. >> five marylanderss are mopping prisoners that have the shortened sentences for people cop viktd of non violent drug crimes. so far he's granted 673 more than previous ten presidents combined. >> back in june, "b.c."schools chancellor henderson said she will leave her post at the end of the month. >> the search for her replacement is underway. first of several meeting was held to get input opt qualities they want to see in next chancellor. the meeting was at high school in northwest. next wednesday it will be at northeastern high school north east and the school system is searching for her replacement. >> talking to your dog may actually not be a waste of tim time. researchers say dogs
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some of what humans are saying. scientists in hungary released a statement studying brain of dogs after they listen to trainers. like humans dogs use different parts of brain for different functions and research found dogs understand praise by listening to tone the person's voice. >> he don't find any of that shocking. >> don't we know that. anyone who communicated with a dog can kind of tell they understand you. >> yes, especially when they communicate back. >> exactly. >> just saying. >> 5:12 coming up redskins players are prepareing for a long day in two different states. >> and yeah parts of the eastern shore preparing for arrival of severe weather. >> as we head to break let's look live across the d.c. region. tim mcgraw one of my favorites sipping a song, how i'll all b be. 5:12 is the time. we're at 70.
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>> 5:14 now today the redskins will play the final preseason game in tampa bay. incoming tropical weather moved the game one day up. it was supposed to be tomorrow, thursday. tropical depression is due to move across the sunshine state thursday and bring a whole lot of rain with it. it will not impact the team welcome home luncheon or i guess it impacting it but that is scheduled for today the lunchon will go on as planned and reception and autografts 1 11:30, reception 12:15 after that the skins will jet off to tampa. a whole lot of play over there. >> okay. >> as long as they win. >> tropical weather system keeping beachgoers away from north carolina coastline. it could cause flooding in some areas. some areas
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also a hurricane watch issued for parts of florida gulf coast. all right. 5:16. pleasant 75 out there. and as the days keep turning the weather gets better. >> at least for the week. >> now let me say this, we have to watch tropical depression number nine. >> okay. >> it looks like it will stay off to sea. but -- >> is friday going to be good. >> yes, friday will be great the way it's looking now. i'll start with tropics here because we talked so much about. it tropical depression number nine why the redskins rescheduled game from tomorrow to today. listen there's already a tropical storm warning and there's also a hurricane watch already in place for the band of florida including tampa bay and st. pete. it's good decision to get the game in early rather than later
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game in early rather than later. it's been for tropical depression 8 and 9 who have already been tropical storms hermane and ian it has not happened because they're slow to develop. hopefully they won't anymore. whatever this is tropicalkmu depression number nine or her rmane. when it comes across florida there will be 6, 10" of lane locally. eight gets out of here. it's only a problem for the shore. for the beaches and high surech and rip current and things like that tropical depression number nine comes across florida. most big models keep it off the shore and off to sea. there's a lot to look at with that one. could become stronger other hurricane officer or things of its own. that is a question mark. 8 moves away no problem and
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category three again. here's moving harmlessly to northeast it wawss heavy surf near the beaches, rip current problems for the next week or so out there. 92 for a high temperature that's hot. we get there in the 80s. tomorrow in the 0s. 6 in town. better threat tomorrow for sure and thunderstorms. i i hope we get good rain. we need it. as we go through the holiday weekend we'll be dry. any rain we get tomorrow will be a good thing. temperatures now 74. 64 gaithersburg and it's really nice and comfortable and cool in the suburbs this morning and 7 day forecast looks like this. 92 today. 86 tomorrow. friday the perfect day still for the zip trip 82 for high there and sunny and holiday weekend looks good. we will just keep an eye on tropical depression number nin nine. i don't want to spoil
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i don't want to spoil it though, here's erin. >> gary, 5:18 breaking news sutland parkway reopened in both directions. that's great for the morning commute. shut down alabama and brand of avenue. traffic flooding on sutland parkway. residual delays. what you're looking at now is live look upper loop crash 50 virginia blocking right shoulder and traffic getting by to the left. we'll switch for a look at maps now. aside from sult land parkway cleared we have a closure in virginia lingering tractor-trailer crash debris all over interstate and you can see several miles of backed up traffic leaving towards 3. hop off the interstate and take 1 southbound if you head to richmond this morning. as we forward maps you can see things are moving along long fine on 395 to beltway to 14 street brim and metro i didn'
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realize back to you holly and maureen. >> this morning, social media above need of colin kaepernick and whether his choice was patriotic or insulting. >> wisdom martin has headlines. >> first up defense of quarterback coming from veterinary. right defend capper are nick and how the meeting is rightly subjective. he writes to you the national app them to one thing and to kaepernick something else. we're all shaepd and di find by sxrps and see world until own eyes, that's predom and libert liberty. >> basketball kareem abdul jab ab he wrote that america should be horrified that athletes are still having to call
5:21 am
to racial inequality. the 69-year-old also smepted that the person and financial risk he took to stand up for something he believes in. he talked about that as well. for other end interesting head lines a pept gone to reimbursed employees for personal transactions made on government issued charge cars. they did this when they were aware that the cards were miss -- and forced to close a 63.4 billion purchase of emc. in a dramatic road that comes after consolidation sweeps over tech industry. it is biggest. >> all right. thanks, wis, a landmark decision against apple. european saying it received illegal tax benefits good if you have kids or high school
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college student and love chipolte. we have some great news for you. >> can hardly wait, oh, my god. >> anyway, 5:22 we're headed to break. i have not heard this in a while. live look across the d.c. reenl don't this is ma done a. material girl♪ >> what year was that. >> we'll take it because we're material girls, fabulous. >> i think mid 80s is my guess. >> remember the hair spray. >> pink outfits. >> and rubber . . . fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics.
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end. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom? have you see my iguana? the labor day sale is on now, at havertys. life looks good. snrvr landmark decision against apple could cause the company billionsch the tech giant owes ireland $15 billion in taxes and $5 billion in interest. regulators accuse ireland of giving illegal tax break for apple in exchange for caeting jobs. >> ipods can have an affect on children's brain. they're as good as sedatives
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surgery. the team studied kids ages 4 to 10 and half received sedative before surgery and other half played on ipads. subsequent consequent anesthesia was more effective on kids playing games. >> i believe it. >> good news for families that love.pñ chipolte. free kids meals every sunday during month of september. high school and college students can get free soda and ice tea if they buy a male and meal and show id. >> annual tomato fight. 25,000 people hurl tomatoes at each other. it's happening as we speak. >> these are live pictures. >> oh, my god. >> if you look at the screen and read that little world in the upper left-hand corner, i would totally do this. >> bucket
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>> the tomatina fight results from spontaneous food fights that started in 19 45. >> that is histerk. >> this i would do any day running of the pools, no, i want to see it not run with them. that i'm all in. >> look at the goggles. >> that is hysterical. >> oh, man. >> hysterical. >> this is definitely to-do. >> why are people saying don't hit me. >> let's hope they're squishy because some of those may hurt. >> they looked tomato covered. >> super funny love it. >> that looks fun. >> gary. >> bring the mozarella chiesa long and bring out olive oil. >> and basil. >> exactly. >> see what i'm talking about. heck no i'm not going to do. it i love watching it. >> you wouldn't do it? >> no. no. why would i want to do it? >> come on. >>
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>> don't invite gary to the party. >> that's fine it's all good. >> it's already. >> producer says it's time to do weather. let's not talk about toe natos let's do weather. here we go. satellite and radar showing 64. high temperatures warming up to 92 for a high temperature today briefly. llisten more cloud this afternoon and grow we start mid to up 0s lunch time. humid, all things considered not bad. 91 feels like 93 at the most. we dealt with more humidity than that and looks like we're for great weather coming up the next few days. holiday weekend looks pretty, pretty g heee's airport airport with a look at wednesday morning. >> it's wednesday already. >> i deposit believe how much bed traffic we've had this morning all right. this crash ep closure cleared between
5:28 am
reopened. you can see on the map we're seeing delays on branch avenue and sutland parkway. we'll keep you on that one. a live look outside this camera in virginia, 5 southbound at virginia three. we have a serious crash involving a tractor-trailer and debris over the interstate. that's traffic being diverts todd virginia three and closure on 95 is in place. i suggest exiting well before that so you don't get -- upper loop dealing with crash by 50 as well. right now maryland 270 quiet. we'll look at more of the morning commute in a few. maureen, holly. >> coming up on "fox news morning" spokesman and chief strat gist for isis is killed in syria. >> and forced to make changes because of rules at metro transit. >> we'll head to break now. l
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region we're 5:28. "fox5 news morning" back after this
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done done is taking his immigration message to mexico. >> new rules writer change. organizers behind one of the largest road races gets ready to make changes because of metro transit. >> before or after labor day, that is the question. many marylanders seem to be in support of the plan to delay the start of school and school leaders don't share that feeling. fox news morning starts now. >> you can choose option. >> all right. 5:32 is the time. thank you very much. we're waking up with you. >> today is wednesday, last day of the month, august 31. >> moving for word and on, all right. our team is here, first we're gooding to talk about this. this is good news for drivers. trouble spots we've been dealing with early this wednesday morning is cleared u up. both dreks are back on baylor road.
5:33 am
it was shut down several hours overnight after a pedestrian was hit and they're in the injuries. >> we apologize we're having microphone issues. there we want to tell you also breaking overnight a man and woman shot in the district. it happened before 11 p.m. in the 1300 block brept wood road nrming east. police investigators remaep on the scene app the victims injuries we're told are minor. >> on the cam pane trail. trump headed to mexico today. >> that's right unexpected trip comes as trumpp tries to clarify his stance on illegal immigration. "fox5" melanie alnwick here with a look at how this all happened and it happened quickly, too. >> it d and is this something we ever thought we would see drum trump taking a trip to meet and greet with the president.
5:34 am
each more interesting is the visit is at invitation of mexican trump made the announcement saying he accepted peña nieti's invitation and they also tweeted information saying the two are meeting for private trip. the unexpected trip was finalized as trump campaigned in washington state and prepar prepareing a speech on immigration later today after he returns from mexico. immigration. it's really hard to know how trump will be greeted by mexican people. after all in primary speeches he said criminals and rainists were coming in from mexico and promised to deport 11 million people living in u.s. illegally and for his part peña nieti has compared trump to hitler. peña nieti we don't know if
5:35 am
clinton will accept the invitation. they hav about trump's tip it ultimately matters what he says in america not new mexico. wisdom and holly. >> man this they were never notified by the irs they discovered more than 1 million americans had information stolen five years ago and not only failed to fix the problem but never told taxpayers their security was jeopardized. >> 5:5 is the time now we have trok. >> and here in our region we should be good, right. >>. >> we're forecasting it to be a beautiful holiday weekend. >> then standby it. >> i am. but i also have to say just whenever we talk about tropical system sometimes they do what
5:36 am
he that's out. there that's all i'm saying we're out there. we're doubling down. >> down on the forecast. >> doubling down friday is golden. friday golden. >> i don't see how we not have a great friday. after that gorgeous. we'll put away little tropical depression number nine. high today previously 9 8 gaithersburg. other spots in the 80s. most of us get to 91 is, 92. this is last day though with temperatures up around 90 to 92 or 93. we had a lot of them this month. looks like we end the month with 90s. cooler weather coming our way. we hinted how georgous this weekend will be especially friday. friday is so, so nice. 63 to 73 this morning for kid owes at the bus stop. dry. that's what's most important.
5:37 am
dry this morning and afternoon and temperatures to low 90s. makes it feel 92, 93. >> erin como walked into the studios she's ready to go on this consequence morning. >> i'm ready garyp forty natalie not with great information for you. >> big problems metro now. dupont circle metro station 19 entrance closed dealing with power problem. take the dupont exit. we're seeing a lot of traffic around metro. more unscheduled track work between west falls and east falls and additional delays on blue line to largo town center to surge 8 with continuous fracking to vandoren street and
5:38 am
a live looking all lanes were shut down virginia 3. the left shoulder squeezing by. there's a huge backup of several miles. i suggest exiting well before that takes 1 southbound before richmond. a lot of flashing lights behind me. metroen all the woods question questions@airport fox d.c. on twitter. >> coming up a popular sing area noupsed perhaps due to tropical storms. >> six balconies fall one on top of another. >> a live look outside the region and florida george align singing their line don't we
5:39 am
5:40 am
all. 744 is the temperature we're back in a moment. someone's finally ready to start her day. time to work some magic.
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tada. toaster strudel. ♪ ♪ >> 5:41 is the time. several ball copys in new york came crashing down after an upper balcony at three story apartment fell causeings others to collapse as well. in all six ball copies involved and no injuries reported and no word yet on what caused the accident. singer chris brown in trouble with the law caused after salt with a deadly weapon after app hour long standoff outside his home in la. they respond todd a call from a woman that claimed brown pulled a gun on her.
5:42 am
he denies any wrong doing. >> if you happen to catch selena gomez you may have to change plans. she's taking a break. she wants to focus on physical and mental health. >> last year she revealed she has lupus. >> 5:42 now coming up on "fox news morning" a world war 2 veteran is tried rest more than 7 decades after he went missing. >> by this time next year people in maryland, maryland families can be enjoying summer vacation. >> look at that. >> it looks good. >> oh, there's boardwalk. >> even better. >> we'll head to break now and looking across the d.c. nation head back to reality. we're at the school not beach. 5:4, 4.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> 5:45 is the time now on wednesday morning. we're halfway through, folks, things look going and people are up and moving and good weather headed our way. >> not bad at a,d2o. what do we have in store for today headed to weekend. >> one last day for the 90s. >> how is summer overall unone of the hottest we've had. >> i remember going back to june it was top ten. so i imagine since we had warm
5:46 am
august we stayed terms of warmest summers. it looks like we'll end in top ten. it's hard to believe you mentioned earlier last day of august. >> wow. >> just like that it gets through here. llisten, temperatures out ther there, gorge us in suburbs, here frederick 63. mar tipsburg 63 school pod and annapolis this morning nice out through 73. regional think there's not much. st. louis out west 72 and new york city 75 and boston of, 69. looks like we push humidity to the south of us. it's still humid to us this will bring relief. tom it way anymore by friday
5:47 am
it's gorgeous sunny skies, temperatures upper 70s to low reagan national 74. dulles 66. bwi marshall 66 or was that 67 it passed through quickly. here's the deal. high pressure builds in and we're watching td number fine nine. it could be a tropical storm saturday and this is where it is saturday basically and offshore off norm carolina here. lot of rain there. it will primarily stay offshore from us. that's the going for waingt that keeps the weekend georgou georgous. not much has changed. 83. low humidity 74. and labor day monday barroomer and dry and mutecy will be in check sglek oum showers of us this morning but way south.
5:48 am
here's forecast for today, a.m. and more clouds and 92 this afternoon. we'll stay dry today. thunderstorms and showers back in the forecast for tomorrow. we'll need some. gorgeous friday 8 2. weekend looks good. next week right back up to 90 plus so you know that's the forecast and erin como waiting patiently in the other studio to do traffic. >> that's right gary i have a lot to talk to you about. in virginia a big crash 95 southbound at virginia three. all lanes were shut down because of sizable at of debris on interstate and right now they're letting left shoulder by and look how slow it's going speeds under five miles an hou hour. i suggest hopping 95 southbound before vir sir three and taking route one and then.
5:49 am
>> let's take a look in brandywine. volume. let's look at maps. in brandywine we have a road closure because of gas line leak reported. brandywine between branch avenue and crane highway. watch for delays picking up in the area. we'll keep you updated. nipper loop virginia, fairfax 50 stay to left to get by. there's a crash blocking right lane. moving to metro. if you take the dupont circle net row station keep in mind 19th entrance closed because of power problem use look at the red around dew point circle. that's congestion. normal service renewed orange and silver line and we still have residual delays largo town
5:50 am
center because of earlier train malfunction in addition to safe track surge 8 between franconia springfield and vandoren street and trains running twelve rights now the beltway quiet. 395 looking good. 270 southbound by the truck skilled at ooets fox5dc. back to you. >> 5:50 is the time. happening today remains of once missing marine will finally be laid to rest at arlington. 22-year-old private first class anthonyie brisania wept missing during world war ii. his remains were found and he will receive a. >> metro is not opening early for any reason. today at 1 marathon officials will unveil a transportation
5:51 am
plan. now marathon is set to be run on sunday all right. this afternoon in ocean city maryland governor larry hogan and state comptrollers are scheduled to discuss school start dates. he wants to mandate they not go back into session until after labor day goal to boost tourism and saying start date are local issue. kalamazoo kalamazoo may brand new license played for marylan marylanders. >> for other stories you're being clicking on let's to to mawrn mawrn. >> first up this morning. colin kaepernick anthem sit down is call the most important gesture from athlete since johnny smith and -- i love this. the metal podium at the olympics and carlos now 70 is throwing his support behind the embattled of hp and risen above
5:52 am
the norm and off her 18th appearance in tournament and it surpassed on record of amy frazier. she fell to sister serena last year. >> governor larry hogan up veiled a new license plate that has iconic plaque along the bomb only and becomes standard science september 26. >> you want the new kaingz before you need us to renew old ones pay $20 to order through mva. >> bringing 1,000 jobs to maryland. they willful fill orders for ecommerce and feature state of art fment and sales. back to you hol we and wednesday.
5:53 am
>> under aharm or. snri opened fer they need a pr person just thinking of the future for someone. >> fourth inning starting pitcher matt sherzers lays out a bunt and ryan zimmerman gives notice at 3-0 lee. >> base hit to right field. danny espinosa september area around third. he tries to throw. coming up the lane. cam ro rub. he's out, certifieser had a no hit to two and. >> we know it's only wednesday but we're already alreadying to ahead to my and. >> this is huge. huge. real big. huge. di mention how big it was. >> i think it's big. >> one where we giveaway a brand new car. brand new car. we want to you come out and be
5:54 am
a part of it in silver spring maryland veterans plaza in front of civic how this is for a crew, tucker barnes on ones and twos and maureen umeh on ones and twos, and the one and only holly morris on the ones and twos and allison seymour, erin como, and kevin mccarthy sh. >> he won't be able to contain him saevrl. >> this will be out there for the zip trip this friday morning. >> 5:544 time to say hello to facebook fan of the day it's vernon williams the thirty. he's a play right have the d.c. area that travels a lot. >> he's seen machby morning and evening news teams and they cannot hold a canned toll his team at "fox5". he loves the laugh and realness of family and environment we have here. thank you for the loyalty, vernon, keep watches "fox5" we appreciate.
5:55 am
it better nonlook out of the mascher shop. >> looking good. all right, a lot of weather going on around the can't rip and right now tropical weather and local weather. >> that's exactly rights. we have a couple of depressions one off the coast of north carolina and one off the coast of florida bearing down and we'll watch those. at this point it looks like all of these tropical storms stay off east of us and we don't have to worry about it and through the holiday weekend there is rough surf. rip current say problem. listen to life garts don't swim where you are not posed to or star out. >> 87 for lunch time today. looks nice, nice clouds, temperatures max out 9 in up t to. suburbs upper 80s philadelphia. again we're 91 yesterday and we go 92 today and speaking of tropics here they are three storms out there. gaston major one in atlantic won't be a
5:56 am
problem in along. 82 degrees. holiday weekend looks georgous now. next week we're back in 90s. here hern hern. >> it's about a busy morning already. if you take sutland parkway i want to reiterate it did get by. watch for residual glaze because of the serious crash in morning and structure fire in potomac area road closed person in a tree shut down between country club dpriv and edgar drive and metro if you take med row we had 19th scene entrance to be closed that has recopied and you look at the delays around new that the bays of morning congestion. tractor-trailer crash getting
5:57 am
by left shoulder several miles of backed up traffic. live as we continue. we you have covered with the 6:00 hour. beautiful view. dmv now.
5:58 am
5:59 am
now. e's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville. let the child inside you out to play. remember who you are. life is for the taking, not for taking it easy. asheville. discovery inside and out. >> right now at 6:00 this morning donald trump jetting off to mexico to meet with the president and this comes hours before his speech on immigration meeting with
6:00 am
president of mexico say. could this change his stance on border control. details ahead. >> plus singer chris brown is facing more legal trouble after setting off an hour longstanding-off with police and being looked and released from jail. detail from him on his anyone with the law. >> weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:0 a. good wednesday i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> let's get you caught up. prince george country a person was struck on sutland mark way and is in the hospital this morning. apparently injuries are life-threatening. this happened after 1 a.m. for several hours both directions were closed naylor road as park police did their investigation the road just reopened in the last hour. >> developing now in the


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