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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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p number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. hurry, ends monday! know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. this is fox a 5 local news a at 11. right now at 11, metro says noas to staying open late to the boss. bruce springsteen is thrilling fans at nats park, but for metro riders the t
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when they get to the station.ato we'll explain.we and speaking of metro, a busy metro stop shutdown for the second night in a row because of falling debris inside.nsid what's being done to keep riders safe? and hurricane hermine already creating dangerous conditions in florida. in and she's head hed north.t the impact the storm could havee on your holiday weekend.week fox5 news at 11 starts right now the boss can keep metro open later. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. fans at tonight's bruce bru springsteen concert at nats park have about 20 minutes left to catch that last redline train. metro's safetrack work could leave some people strand aftertn the show. sarah simmons is life at the ballpark. >>reporter: it is still goingog on. i want you to listen behind me. i want to test you to see if you
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yes, he is still going on. a lot of folks think he is in the on core but look at all thea people that are leaving early if they want to take metro. it is closing before midnight. the last train leaving at 12:17:00 a.m. out of the navy yard station. i was talking to one man who said i never left a bruceuce springsteen concert earlier. you could tell he was furious. four hours is what he performed up in new jersey a couple of nights ago. given what is going on here and not in new jersey, we're at the navy yard station and with thedi issues with the metro a lot of people don't think he's going to go until midnight.dnig i think a lot of people think they're going to be able to take the me row. take a listen from the performance inside. that's the boss from earlier this
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going there.goi but you know as we mentioned itn may be tough ifed a lot of thesf folks didn't plan ahead. for one, that concert started a little late, just before 8:00. that's a problem. people are really taking their chances. if it ran late they didn't know howhe late he was going to play. they're still running on thethe safetrack hours.ours metro will likely close before the concert is expected to be to over. take a look, these are the hours or the times rather that we have for those last trains leaving out of the navy yard station. the green belt connecting to the redline, the last one leaves 11:20. just under 20 minutes from now, 11:39 for the last train torain green no redline connections on that one and then last train to branch avenue will leave here at 126789.126 17:00 a.m. lot of ubers and tackies just lining up here. metro bus is another option. that will be going much later into the night than metro will.. metro is not opening as wee reported e
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just this type of event or other special type ofance. ofa they made that clear when they initially start fed safetrack. we mentioned earlier, marine corpse marathon.rath it's an issue that everybody iso having to deal with when it comes to these special events.vt for the most part people understand and know that safetrack needs to happen. i got to say, if i were bruce springsteen or any performer i would not be happy that people have to leave my show earlyearl because in a major metropolitan the subway system is not goingig to accommodate people. listen, i'm all for safetrack. i think they're doing the right thing doing the repairs, but the marine corpse marathon, this, you got to accommodate your customers. to me, that's way think.thin if he doesn't know, why did all this side suddenly clear out? i would be a little frustrated. just a minute or so it sounds
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perhaps they are ending it a little bit earlier because theyy know that these folks need to get home. there are still quite a few people in tony, did you know the song. >> i couldn't hear it.ear > you couldn't.ou c >> no, i couldn't hear it. that's too bad.t's i was going to test you. i figured you'd know every little note. > thank you, sarah. all right. meanwhile in other news tonight, further south people are starting to prepare forth arrival of hurricane hermine.erm utility workers in georgia wereg out today getting gear in placen in georgia and the carolinas are anticipating power outages from the storm. parts of florida are already experiencing flooding and heavy winds and the storm starts to s make landfall. the governor says 6,000 nationa guard members are ready to mobilize the storm pass
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on hurricane her mine. i understand that the new models have gone in. the national hurricane center justio updated the track. t they didn't change the much.much it's got 80-mile per hour windsd but they are acknowledging thatg they have seen some strengthening. a very symmetricalymme hurricane. there is a lot of power on thepw east side of it. we are a couple of hours of seeing it make landfall somewhere around apalachicola bay. very heavy rain. look at the band on the easthe side just battering the west coast of florida north of tampa to will ton.. i wanted to show you the hurricane hunters flying away il there and they have found winds very close to the surface of 14 miles per hour. h this thing could strengthen in the next couple of hours as it makes landfall. latest track moving north, northeast at 14. it continues to keep it inlandt
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storm and then exits right around the outer banks still as a tropical system.yste this is still a very good newne scenario for the mid atlantic because it is keeping it off the coast. you can see now where the cone of uncertainty does include the beeches but doesn't include thec bay now. what is not good is how long it hangs out there h.ut notice the uncertainty as its still keeps it hanging around on labord day with winds of 65 a miles an hour. that would mean a long period of high surf and rip currents outue at the beaches. it would also mean maybe a little less rain out there onn that that's what we're much whatting. needless to say tropical stormtr watches remain in effect.ect. it's bad news for florida obviously as the very strongong hurricane, the first one to hit h since 2005 is coming to ashore and there will obviously be a lot of flooding issues down in florida. watch is up for us, maybe not even as much rain as we thought based on that current track. we know friday is
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fantastic and maybe we can take a little of the rain out of that weekend forecast. the tract can change a little bit andcan tony knows that veryy well, right, shawn.wn. >> yes, indeed he does. > we're in the district now where police are investigating city's 91st homicide of year. it happened this afternoon in southeast. victim is just 17 years old. fox5's marina maracco is life at police headquarters with theer very latest. what have they been able to tell you. >>reporter: right t now,el sha, still no arrest in the the case. we don't know if there was onews shoot error multiple shootersotr behind this double shooting. a 17 year old, however, is dead tonight following that doubleoub shooting and teachers on the scene say that this young man attended anacostia senior high school last year, was a sophomore, but it's unclear why he was not in school today. it was the middle of the day, two in the afternoon as policepi responded to the shooting justoi down the street that very high
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place about a block away fromawy the initial scene. an adult man delivering pizzas was struck in the leg andd investigators believe at this point that both shootingsho connected. we spoke with the young victimst former high school teacher who showed up to the scene immediately after learning theen teen had been shot. a very nice kid, very laid back, very jovial. he has a lot of humor.umor very fun initial easygoing kid.i i think that all these children deserve an opportunity to grow old. i think that the things that are taking place in the communityomu started way before them. sometimes they don't necessarily know what they're even involvedv n. as the violence continues in southeast, local actaviss are hoping with the change of guard as chief lanier exits and as the new chief comes into play in the district they hope that planesas clothes officers who they believe had a pulse on the cmu
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crime area will come bass as well. talions for whatever reason why they have topped it and refused toave resume, remember suit the advise squad is beyond me. a man needs to understand thattt these shootings should not be to l rated and accepted in our community at no time, day or night. police have yet to officially release the identity of the teenager. it is now the 9 #st homicide. h life outside mpd headquarters. > here we are september 1, 2016, 91st homicide.mici where does this compare to where we stood last year in terms of homed side. >> i have notf checked the numbers tonight. but we were were about nine toie ten homicides of on. we saw a drastic increase from 2014 into 2015 so still thesese numbers now in 206, where we
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now were way higher than what when there are back in 2014, 2013 and 2012. definitely a spike in the homicide numbers. > marina maracco, thank you. > montgomery county police tonight are out in full force in rockville looking for drunk drivers. the di check point is in honor of officer noaa lee on the a. a drunk driver hit and killed the officer at a check pointint last december. they recently signed noaa's law expansion of the interlocks. they require them to pass aass breathe lieser before they canan start the cars. officer lee owed a's fathera's spoke to the officers tonight before theyhe headed out to thee check point.nt. >> noaa recognized that the way to really stop drunk drivers, the three's are enforcement, enforcement and enforcement. by having a check point that is a primary
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it actually reduces drunkdrun driving by 20 percent. basically through deterrence,ce, through catching undetected drunk drivers and remindingremi people not to drink and drive. > noaa's law goes into effect october 1. the rhode island avenue metronda station shutdown t early tonighg for the second night in a row. the closures happened afterer pieces of concrete fell from the ceiling.ce the situation will be shutdown all day tomorrow for inspections. there doesn't appearsn't to be a structural problem inside the station.tion although as we said this alsoso happened yesterday. ye trains started bypassing the station around 6 tonight with shuttle buses taking people where they needed to go. no one was hurt by the falling the same thing happened around 8:30 last night. debris fell from the station's mezzanine area. > straight ahead at 11,1, students hit by cars on the way home from school.rom we're getting a look
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cars hitting students on theiron way toig school. we want to warn you this videodo is real and it is graphic.phic the independent school district in texasepen release this videoo show the dangers when studentsun face when drivers do not followw the rules. one child hit at a bus stop, the other near a crosswalk. amazingly police say both children only minor injuries. cameras mounted on the bus' stot arms recorded these incidents.dt back here at home montgomery county public schools added similar cameras to am of its school buses. police are warning drivers to stop when those buses are stopped and also asking parentse to talk to their kids about triple checking before crossingi even when they have the right away. while we're tracking hurricane hermine we thought we'd take you down memory lane. seven monthsing a we were in the middle of abelias area. tonight we're learning how much
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the feds will pitch in to cleano up the cost of the blizzard. # $25.4 million. governor hogan e-mails repairs to be about p $34 million. mil school will start before labor day now. i'm totally joking. we need to make a little extra money there. it's quite a contrast to what we're talking tonight. showing pictures from placeses like panama city and the gulf coast, i spent a lot of time down there when i was covering hurricanes for good morning mor america.ame i brings back memories. i have to admit this is the kind of scenario where we would be wu out shooting the landfall and get up in the morning and showw what had happened overnight. tony, if you'd like to go. i have to say, tony, i totally know what you're talking about. i've been obsessively looking at
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i went to hurricane better that in you would h been down there in 2005 which is the year we ran out of names. we lad to go to the gregreg alphabet. remember that? there are incredible acts of nature.ture they're quite beautiful becausel what they're didding is cooling the planet, but unfortunately because the planet is filled up when they come to shore they could make a about it of a mess. tonight a new season began, it is september 1 and meteorological autumn runsmn through september, october and november. so nice.looks get out and enjoy it.. at the bus stop 58 to 69. a cool after school, 75 to 84.. a beautiful day and we're notre expecting any showers.ny i know there's still a few out there tonight which we'll lookk at. they'll be long gone by morning. look at these temperatures,0
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to 73, a bit humid.. breaking up, do you see how it was not able to get into washington because the boss would not let that happen. that is pretty impressive that bruce springsteen controls the o weather like that. i wish the boss can do something like that down in april latch yeah bay. panama city where we saw our life shot just on the edge of it. we are worried with tallahassee, a city with a lot of trees and a lot of flooding expected in apalachicola bay as well.l. finding some pretty strong winds at 104 miles per hour and that's on the east side of the hurricane. as it comes ashore and we did look at this tract just a littls bit ago, the good news is while it's not great news for placesle like charleston and the places right along the coast it is a better scenario for
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the only unfortunate thing is it kind of hangs around for a while and so there is some uncertainty that it may still be out here for the weekend. far enough from the coast thatst while you get some conditions, maybe not as bad as it couldould have been, but i would still bel very careful if you're going tot the beaches, but impact locally may be improved on this kind of track if it does change.e. tropical storm watches willest t up for the beaches.che if that gets changes things are going downhill.nhil based on this track the effect will beck better for our area a maybe less rain, maybe no rain in some spots. there will certainly be stuff af the coast and some clouds eastus of the bay for starters. i'm going to remind you that that track is still changed andh i want to show you this futurecast. we're going oning to take youke forward because this is improved from what we saw at 10:00. the heaviest rain in earn north carolina. by 7:00 a.m. friday it doesn'te'
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doesn't get to the western suburbs. we may notrn get as much room, , it possible that we're going to get a decent weekend out of this with not that much rain? it is possible. we're going to wrap it up with a seven day forecast that still has rain on here, but based on tonight's track and some of the things we're seeing you may seee a noticeable improvement in this tomorrow. we haven't given up on the 90s yet. they're back in a big way tuesday through thursday. we'll be right back. pressure system
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49 others quarterback columnen capper knack as you know has chosen to take a standby sitting down during the national anthem to protest racial unjust. he void to sit until he he see changes. tonight was the 49 others final preseason game against the chargers billed as an annual salute to the military. all
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i'm not completely surprised by thisno story. free pizza could be the secret to making you more motivated att work. a new study shows employees actually prefer pizza or praiseo over a little extra cash as reward for a job well done. the people in the study given pizza vouchers saw the biggest increase in productivity with a compliment from the boss a close second. > unofficial poll, pizza or money. >> the i'll take the money. i'll take the money, too, and a dike
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. [ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all...
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> today on tmz... >> there is now undenial proof drake and rihanna are together. is wayappears that he more into her than she is him. then alsoses him but moves away a little bit. >> i don't think they're together. >> the guy is like obsessed with you, and you're like tolerating him because you want something to do on saturday, but you don't love him. >> girls are the worst! [laughter] is a hero.e o'neal he came upon a wall. the wall that belongs to david beckham. >> david beckham is so lucky that a rich person found his wallet. beckham'snd david wallet, what would you do with it? and would take his wallet say i've hidden it somewhere on my person. find it. >> there is a text


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