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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  September 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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holiday weekend. we got everything you need tod o know though. >> breaking while you sleptle smartphone recall why. take a look at this. the exploding ta bkeattery that has samsung pulling its mosttsos popular cell phones off thehonet shelf. that's the result right there. . what you need to know if youou have one.ha o >> metro alert for you this you morning on the red line. mo agaation closed again all dayin a today. the culprit more falling debris.debris. this as local leaders go after t metro about the late nighttro ah service cutbacks.e late nigservt >> how about something better on this friday morning right? you deserve it. f it isday omornur zip trip fina. it's live from silver spring maryland. so much fun planned over the next few mh fu hours. hou when it's all over one of our wonderful viewers will get a brand new car. >> how nice those cars lookoo all lined up there allison.ll >> you really got to make suree you watch today folks aroundke 10:45 is when we to the big reveal and everybody find outdyt exactly. so, you got to watch. good morning to, you g you, i'm seem. >> and i'm steve chenevey. chene we will to -- welcome to
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hermine makes landfallly itandft was hurricane now back towas hu trcalcal storm.rricane now doesn't mean though it's noth it still packing a punch. pch >> behind us you can see the power of the heavy rain andai winds as hermine moved throughvd around 1:30 this morning. hardest hit communities along florida's big curve.s >> the eye of hermine making hek its way over southern georgia tracking back out towards the atlantic or it can make its way rider up the east coast.ast. >> that has us around here her still wondering about thestnder holiday weekend on our beachesus on the eastern shore.on the eas ocean city looking pretty goodtt righty now but what about what t tomorrow and sunday? let's and' get you some answerss. s tucker barnes is live thisome th morning in silver spring withpri the info everybody wants to know. good morning. goodood morning allison. very exciting to be o>>ut goo ho in silver we'll talk about that cominghaco up.up let's focus on our trop it is now a tropical stormrm making landfall last night inigt florida first time in 11 --n 1 can you believe it's been 1111 years since florida has been flo hit by a hurricane so that was s the first time in 11 years. y let's get to the maps and getapt to the numbers and we'll talke'l about our local conditions this weekend and we're l looking at a tropical storm at this
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hour. ho there's a live look at radar.. still nice spin there andce spi still a strong tropical you can see the rain working wki up the coastline and we'rende' expecting in general foror hermine to kind of hug thefug coastline here through theough carolinas and then start to beoe pushed out to sea which is great news. all right, your latest. al70 miles per hour windsl ri mv out to the north-northeast at about 14.out pressure is up a little bit.tlet that's the forecast track as of 5:00 a.m. officially by the t national hurricane center. that would be good news for uscs here locally in the immediateeda washington area but still notut going to be a great weekend a gd down at the beaches. a in fact,t the beaches under aer tropical storm watch and ich and would anticipate this will getil expanded to a tropical stormroto warning a little later todayer t and it's down at the beacheseeas where we're going to see thee're worst of it. trst we'll see high surf, very v strong gusty winds, perhapsha gusting to 50 miles per hourg along the beaches and s tomo e5s very heavy rain, five pluselu inches of rain certainly artai possibility dowat
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beaches. ac here's your holiday forecast. f. we'll focus more on thishi coming up but here in again west of the bay, i think we'rehe going to be mostly cloudyud saturday and sunday with tempswm in the upper 70's to about 80 a8 but town at the beaches aeaches whole different game with aame t lot of rain and again strong storm surge and some prettye pre difficult conditions downlt coni therone.s all right. all as mentioned we are in silverlv spring.ri it's not just me. m it's all of us . >> [laughter] >> hey,. h >> hey there we are. >> hey. >> i didn't know you were sitting there. i had no idea. >> holly, maureen. our resident movie. star with the sunglasses ont m >> i popped the collar got my shades on already because thisat is going to be so hot today.oda. >> it's definitely not hot its a little cool.oo >> thin blooded person of the group has her jacket on.n hasae what a difference a week makes s right. righ >> i have a bit of a a confession. i had to weaesr a short-sleevelv shirt today i went to the gymtoe last night got the muscleshe mus going see how good they'
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looking. i had to get them going. i went to the gym did someom bicep curls last night.s las ni. >> we're excited.>>e' we'rree giving a car away todayd but we're highlightinghligin everything silver spring has to offer. nd's going to be a fun aevhands memorable morning guys. we're excited about it. i >> we are, too, holly. thanks so much.anks so much. >> we'll see everybody in just a little bit. obviously we'll check back ineck with tucker for the weatherther details. make sure to track the veryy latest on how hermine mayerne m impact our region throughouthr the weekend with our fox5h our weather app. you can download it on nlit itunes or in the google playe p store and it is free. >> free. >> whew. >> all right. and so is erin's trafficn'traffi report so you should charge. cha good morning. >> lots of money. >> it is quality information. >> i like to hink s>> lo.ots ofi well right now important importa information from skyfox right now. this is in maryland. we're dealing with a bigion ri crash. with bound sideund sidsigouth as you make your way out of -- - schools me i'm sorry i'm s northbound out of georgia geo avenue as you make your way out by hathaway lane. we're seeing traffictrfi obstructing at least
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lane there again the left lane t getting by georgia avenueeorgiaa southbound out by hathaway lanely we got you covered onso this one for your skyfoxour report this morning. let's move it over and show you a look at ours mo cameras. r wewe have sun glare. gla traffic slowing 270 southbound side rider now. not seeing any major slowdownstj as you make your way from thero truck scales to the the. just watch for patches of sun s glare causing visibilityare in problems. prob some other things moving this m around the dmv on the beltwaytw we're looking okay.ka if we can forward thoserd t cameras we'll show you whatou w else we're up against. against. you can seat outer loop by old dominion and the inner loopnn l also cruising along just fine.t. this is the sun glare you aou talking about them to look athe this on 395 bym the pentagon. o use your shades like maureens km had hers on and give yourselfivu extra time to get to the 14th th street things looking good 295 on the2t southbound side.sond s that's your traffic.raffic. we'll take a look at metro at m with allison and steve. ste >> we are tracking metro thishi morning if you're not going tog hit the roads andif you're n yow rails this morning jut
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closure rile -- rhode island metro stop closed.metr >> once again that's metroo stoo stop is closed all day today.ay anjali let me hill joins usns with the details. det it was debris again anjali, right? >> reporter: yes, it was w maureen. i can tell you, you know, it'st' been shuttle bus city out here h all morning one by one the shuttle buses have been pulling into thisli metro station to basically pick up these pals jersey whos are not allowed to get on the o red line train here. that's because the rhode island avenue metro station is closed. closed it will remain closed untild unt the end of the day for additional inspections afteron two days inal i ans row debris l from the ceilingeili tractor-trailer at this station.aile most recent was aboutst recen 5::yesterday evening during the rush hour commute. te. metro says small pieces of concrete fell from the ceiling and officials say that hafrppened 20 feet awayom f y fro where concrete and a piece of metal fell from the ceilingheng the night before. this is allth on the mezzanineee
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tracks run above.un now no one was hurt in eitherit of the incidents but thishi obviously has inconveniencedonve some metro riders thiser morning. we he did speak to one to on gentleman who is being an w is pretty good sport about it.spori take a >> you can't stop it. it is there and we have toe h give them a chance to fix it. i. it's a sacrifice.acfi life is a sacrifice.acfice how could we get the goodhe thing if we don't sacrifice?acre >> reporter: okay we don'ton't know the exact time thisxact station will reopen but it'sn bt going to be opened at leastped a through the end of today,oday again shuttle buses will take tk you to brookland metro station and that's where you can pick and up the red line from there.that we're live from rhode islande i avenue metro station this statit morning, anjali hemphill fox5lox local >> more metro news, this morning. mo maryland lawmakers not happy with the decision to closese early on the weekends. weeke several lawmakers delegates asked metroral general managerr rul wiedefeld reconsider thatfd condition. they say people who work latee
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to get home after work.or they're concerned about safetynt because many clubs and bars inbs d.c. are opened until 2:00 in 2 the morning.ning >> one person is dead and fourr others recovering after aover series of shootings rocked the district overnight.veight >> bob barnard at the scene ofh last night's deadly shooting. this one happened in northeast. good morning, bob. one >> reporter: hey goodod mning, morning guys, yeah, very early>y this morning we're neareah,ery t intersection of montana and mona islandisland avenues.ode police still on the scene.ll one they just have the fire their department here. department h as you can see kids getting kidi ared to go to school inside of d a crime scene a man was shotho around 12:30 in the morning here. he they just frankly hosed off aff car so it happened right outne r here. we don't know who it is. knowhoi we don't know the motive. m there were no suspects at thispe point but you can seectouan s detectives are still here onere the scene and it is one manea shot here but a number off violent crimes across the city overnight and into this morning.rn one person passing by here just asked me what the heck is going on in askedwhat the h thic there's no neighborhood that'sen
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im this is thene saratoga brentwood section of northeast washington and police still here guys because there is aorta killer on the loose this lse thi morning and victims of otherther violent crimes across thes city, guys.uys. >> boy i tell you what you>> boy hate to i tel see those youngstr just running right throughhrough that crime scene like thatcene t just trying to get to school. so >> also in the district police s are still looking for whomever f shot and killed a 17-year-old.-d investigators say the teenagehea are was shot along 16th streettr in southeast yesterday.esay he later died at the hospital.oa it's the city's 91st homicideomc of the y just minutes later police responded to another shooting sn a block away on 17th street. ste this time a pizza delivery mania was reportedly shot in the leg. he's expected to be okay.e o police believe the twohe shooting are connected. are cond >> in laurel a deadly doubley do shooting in howard county. coun. meals say the vic films were fiw found inside a home along queensguard court in laurel.n l. one family member is in custody. so far no word of a motive orwod a mwho the victims are. are. the man accused of killing k three people including h
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estranged wife will be back in court fr a pretrial hearing. heg eulalio tordil is being held hld without bond.t b he shot his wife at theirthe daughter's high school back in may. suburban d.c. he's then accused of going onoi a shooting rampage killing two others in separate shootings in montgomery county. thein mon 62-year-old faces lifn prison. prison. breaking overnight a sm> breakiartphone stern. a phone you're using right now w could actually explode orde catch on >> we're talking about the t samsung galaxy note 71 of the71f most popular phones out therene on the market.s onhe mar just hours ago a major recallorr was announced.ounced. melanie alnwick is here to explain and if you have ownain u one of these phones mel you got to be saying yikes. >> reporter: that's right allison. you >> know, seen it reviewers riews they cold the note is.ote the seeks see evident large screen over. he theyek said it wass lae t hottest they might have been spot users began posting pictures pie of the phones practicallyracticy melted. some say the phones appeared apa to explode when i charging. crg samsung says it's is investigating 35 cases that
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says it is a battery cell issue. the galaxy note seven features u a giant screen and a styleen ane will you tell us. it lalls an iris scanner to tono allow users to unlock thenlk phone by dee speculating ala pattern in their eyes.eirye with a retail price of about a $850 they're among the mostng te expensive on the market.e the m about two and a half millionalfl of the phones are already sold.ld msg ung says it will replace any devicsaesys that were alreay purchased. the company expects to announce details of the u.s. u exchange program later today. allison.aln. >> important information mel. thank you. donald trump may be spending his holiday weekend>> a ol d a hs soleverayal w asev key supporters are now backing away. away more from the campaign trail cat next. >> forget about damage controlo on the football field. fie colin kaepernick fighting offino boos as he once again takes aak stance against the nationalheioa anthem isn't first though airstt live look at silver spring s maryland. we're right down in downtowndoww silver spring.ver sg. we're going to bump and grind ad our way around there. the >> ooh. car-de- ccul-de-sac of give away.
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>> beautiful. >> ♪
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>> one of those cars going to be given away today during good day d.c. and don't want to miss it. good day d.c. one lucky viewer will driveky vl home with a brand new car. car. a -- al as we
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break you were talking aboutbout bumping and grinding. i thought of tucker.f tker. >> that's where he is at the bump and grind coffee shop. s see we got you. see why that's a play on words. good morning.good mor >> allison, nice effort.t. yeah, i'm at the bump andum a grind. we'll learn all about it a new coffee shop and music shop. kevin is back that learningg how to spin records. records let's do weather fir let's talk local weather wther first. overnight lows falling back into the comfortable range.t loe feels great outside this morning but i got to be honestoh i'm seeing some light jacketsht being worn by some of our more m thin skinned friends. fri 67 now in washington.hingto hey, 61 in gaithersburg.ersb 64 out at dulles.s. we'll be in the low 80's laters today. da sunshine, bright sunshine, drys, afternoon for us.ternoon for dry tonight if you got plans going on tonight.onig the cloud cover you see acrossus southern virginia and north norh carolina that is the outer bands, outer cirrus cloud cru cover associated with tropicalal storm hermine and we'll
7:16 am
keeping a close eye on that. tha let's talk about weekendss impacts with our tropicalpical storm. for the most part the moderateer impacts are going to be alonge a the beaches and that's going thi to includes a lot of stormf s surge, the potential for some s heavy rain, very gusty windsyin down there as mentioned, mentio, perhaps 40, 50 miles an hour. here locally we may get some get som rain shower activity and i think we're going to get plenty of clouds both saturday howeennday but most of the ratyutin should be ont of the ll side west of the bay.side looks like the heaviest of the f rain is going to be well southes and east as you get downou get d towards the beaches. all right.. quick look at the seven . day 82 today.oday. upper 70's for the weekend. wee. of course we got labor day our r holiday on monday, 84 degrees.s. right now that looks sunny andua bright so again we got to get tt the remnants of hermine out of o here. looks like it does spin offoks n the eastern shore there for shoe three weekend and we'll keep kep conditions not great down at the beaches if you're headede there.beacif all right i'm going to toss it i over to kev.ev kev are you out there. the >> you're so far away from me. m this is amazing
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>> feeling great how you ting. u >> how often do you get calledad jack ryan. >> pretty often, yes. yes. >> so this place is really rll cool. you guys combine coffee ande also records but the cool coo thing about this place is thatci this is actually a communityommu deejay stand.ay sta >> yeah, totally. yeah, t you come in you can feel free to spin our records bring your own in. we havr erebrinour listening bof new records if you want toan t check them out. o. specialize in electronic dance music butter we selltt everything between rock and betd jazz and everything in between. ir people really spin the ing in ownin t records.ords >> absolutely. >> their music comes over the heireake. everybody listens to it. >> you get to have your own deejay session. >> what's the worst you've>>t' ever heard? s some people maytm not be very good. >> oh, no, most all fun >> i love the idea man.dea m >> the first time i saw it the t title of this place bump andp a grind i could not help butd i co think of r. kelly.el is there an inspiration there. >> no, no, no. take the
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the vibe of the dance field. you got to love r. kelly.r. kly. >> very cool. >> thank you so much for joining us. bump and grind in silver grind e spring. cool place. can you spin it out.r let's talk tospring enrin. you e she's got the latest on ourest r roadways. >> i do. >> i looks like you're having so din much fun out there. allison alln and i can't wait to join you.ou they're not listening.te they're having a party. that's'r we'll move over to thee having roads. sun glare 66 on the eastbound side. take a look at that. brighe 66de. t. b grab your shades as stevead would put it be a rock star inka your own car and slow it down. . traffic really wide opened by b 234. you jam up a little bit as you get through centreville soevillo keep that in mind. you can st ee brake lights there but not the typical morning congestion. my guess this morning is either a lot of people took the day off or they're. star offtingr t their commute l. regardless of the situation enjoy the quietergardle conditin on 66 but you do jam up aam up a little bit by germantown road.oa it's not completely quiet. qui let's take a look at our maps m right now.ow skyfox was over 198. over 198. both lanes opened at allnutt lane. traffic moving. the crash scene moved ove
7:19 am
the sides of the road there.. 29 looking gooesd of nor tthhe road t andd southbound in montgomery county aoundnd then in princen n george's county.orge's county. keep in mind the inner loop minute slowa four minute slow down from branch avenue to theee wilson bridge.on 210 north as you come out ofout fort washington also jams aja slightly old fort road told fort kerby hill road. 50 inbound and outboundboun looking good to and from f annapolis.napo hybe you're headed toe you're annapolis to start the labor lab day holiday weekend. i like were i'm seeing only a m dalminor delay from d city to 123 on 95 270 southbound still in thebo clear. metro met a look at next. steve and a -- allison. allis >> last night it was footballaso but it was more than football.oo all eyes on colin kaepernickpeic wearing the number sevenbese jersey as he took to the field d to a chorus of pools. for anthem he continued hisnueds protests and the boos boo continued but last night kaepernick took a knee insteadst of sitting and he was joined on a knee by teammate ericate ec reed read.reead. kaepernick again got booed got o when he took to the field too ed start the game heard it fromom the pro military crowd it was military appreciation night until the second drive and then the fansio anictghuallty ce him for his play on
7:20 am
after a couple of long his opponents off the fieldra never totally silent. tota one sign in the crowd read you are an american.merican. act like one. we later heard however allison he also pledged to donate ao dat million dollars of his moneydoll toars of h charities in the are. that's a good thing.. >> and you know my et cetera acting like oneon 'cause he's doing his protest.rt that's what we're founded on.ndo but that's me he perhaps. perha donald trump may find age> doamagy doing dam control this labor day weekend. >> some of his more hard dent ht hispanic supporters now suprter starting to back away whiley whe hillary clinton braces fors more fallout from new e-mail revelations. garrett tenney is live on capitol hill with more.garrett te mor >> reporter: good morning to you. donald trump is facing new fallout ofnald h tis ownru aftmh big immigration speech onpeech n wednesday night where he madeig it clear to voters that he tt does not plan to soften histe h tone on immigration any time soon.soon >> ♪ >> reporter: for months a >> repor latinos had stood behind the reply nomineely believing he would eventually
7:21 am
immigration bullet aftermi wednesday night's speechngration arizona members of trump's own national hispanic add vials sorry council are droppingc out. >> when i saw that he h abandoned his republican republa principles and adopted pop lift propaganda thrown out byoub fair and numbers u.s.a. i said.i this is it. i this man he's not doing whatha he said and he's acting like l he doesn't even wander to win. w >> reporter: hillary clintonanrt meanwhile is bracing for aor fresh round of controversy ofer her own.her own last night the state department announced a change c of course and said it will be releasing all of clinton's's daily minute by minutey minute schedules from her time as secretary of state.te that very well could lead to lea new questions about thehe relationship between clinton'sos state department and the clinton foundation.ouat many analysts believe those questions along withma her nagging e-mail scandals are a why she's now gone more than tha 270 days without a press conference. >> i think the clinton campaign has>> i t mhiade the lence here as the drip, drip, drip of the
7:22 am
the clinton foundationndio continue to come out.ome >> reporter: now hillaryilry clinton will be off the campaign trail this labeled weekend -- labor day weekend. w. donald trump will have hiseis seconds classified securityied u briefing and then tomorrow tomro he'll led to detroit to go too g church part of his ongoing ongoi outreach effort toffort t african-american voters.can-amer steve and allison.llison >> garrett thanks. thank two months until election dayioy and a few extra bonus days. day >> hard to been anything but boring thisis time around only served halfed l six his already controversial sentence. this morning a former stanfordsd university student accused ofded sexual assault is just hoursrs away from a live report is straightai ahead. ah >> first though back out to>> silver first thoug spring this i final zip trip of the season already szieetringip o some grex fans and viewers out there supporters.or we love each and every one ofteo you. hope to see you soon. you sn. we're back right after this. th. >> ♪
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authorized retailers near you. >> ♪ >> welcome back. friday morning. it is great out there. little bit on the cool side for some. slipots inletsn. the suburbs.thbu in town it's not upper 50 but 5b still cooler than we've been wee in awhile. awhe. 67 national.atl. dulles 64.lles bwi marshall is 64 degrees.4 ee here's your forecast for today. it's really nice. now we'll have some late dayt f. clouds. clouds startingcl to creep up from the south in advances ofans tropical storm hermine. hermine otherwise temperatures here about 82 wit
7:26 am
winds five to 10 we will have some places in the suburbsubur stay only in the upper 70's. 70' let me take you through futurecast.futu you can see where the rain is rs going around the tropicalal this is 6 o'clock tonight.on all through the south of us o through the carolinas we could c have high clouds coming ins coni before sunset. sunset. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. all this is east and southeastdu of us. some of this could creep upep u into southern maryland.and. again, look at that quickuick cutoff just how drasticallystal the rain cuts off and thend clouds, too. t that's indicator tiff of af a tropical system and by b tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock,'k most areas dry out to the eastat it will be wet and along theng t shore it's going to be rough toe with heavy seas.wieavy here's what's going on. o heavy surf, too., t here's what's going on thisre'sa morning in your traffic.t's goin erin como right hgere.morning i. >> 7:26 gary and a new headsewds unif you're heading towardsards baltimore this morning.orng bw parkway northbound by annean arrundel mills we have a crashvh blocking two lanes. slow traffic there 95 northbound a better bet.ound aee moving over for a live look at l the beltway.. volume increasing right nowncreg but not terrible from 414 across the wilson bridge.
7:27 am
a lot of jam-ups on the innerps loop at old o dominion driveri from tysons up to clara barton o heavier traffic.ier traffic outer loop looking pretty good there and then also a you take k the outer loop by newouteloop hampshire traffic moving alongo pretty nicely only about a 10ut1 minute delay as you make your way from 95 to georgia.rgia we'll take a look at metro with your next report.ep red line style bypassing rhode island avenue. back to you. >> speaking of traffic and akincharles how about some goodh nearlews whats how a great wayt the holiday weekend with a brand new car. weeand n c >> we're hours away from away om giving one away to a lucky lucky viewer. it's all part of our zip trip >> they're lined up. u we'll check in with the out there next. and. there's a freedom about asheville.
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>> it still looks great in ocean city maryland this morning as of 7:30 on friday orning.. tomorrow maybe a littlee different because we have hav tropical storm heading up the eastern coast of the unitedt ofe states. beautifululw it's morning if you're heading to the beach. here's hermine as we continue to track her this morning.orni she made landfall as a hurricanr is florida.lorida she's cut across florida now the eye in southern georgia righteor now this all happened overnightg downgraded to tropical it will be heading up the east e
7:31 am
tomorrow. tomorrow. so that means ocean city and and other eastern shore beachesho b likely will see heavy rain and high winds tomorrow night into sunday. then should be good ford f hopefully for labor day itself.l forecasters say the storm couldd produce significant flooding. f. you can track the latest on hermine and all your daily d weather updates on our fox5 f weather app which you canchou cn download for free. either i tunes or google play store. might miss all that here in d.c. might be a good weekend here.keh >> that would be great.t d be look at our other top storiesopi this hour at 7:31 now.. violent night in theennigh district at least five people were shot in northeast andnd southeast in the city. c one of them shot to death.ea along the 2500 block of 14th so far no word on a suspect norr motive in these shooting. sotin. >> rhode island avenue metrode station will romaineav cenlosede through today.thro because more falling debris wass found or discovered. metro's first closed thatd that station wednesday night because a piece of metal and concreteioc fell from the coneiling on to te station's mezzanine area. a the station reopened on time foe the morning com
7:32 am
but then more debris fell lastel night. they shut it down today. red line trains will continue tc bypass the station as crews c assess the damage they do have h shuttle buses to try to get yout through but heads up on the rede line. >> thank you very much. let's head back to silve>>r sp spring, shall we?shall >> let's do it.'s do holly and maureen are just j waiting to talk to us about alla the exciting things the areas te has. good morning, ladies.s >> hey, good morning. mni good morning.go good morning.. >> there's your official good te morning from silver spring,'s yo right? >> great morning. >> got a enthusiastic crowd. someone will win a beautiful cal this morning and this crowd is i revved up for whoever that bigtb winner will be today. tod my goodness.dness >> we are revved up to tell you about all the silvere re springs to offer. oer. you're'reight silver spring does rock.oc that's what they just said. this is an arts andtsnd entertainment district whichtrhi means they really have highave h concentration of arts and entertainment venues, publics, i works of art. they have festivals like everyry weekend.en >> they do. >> in fact throughout the year y they have 72 festivals here i
7:33 am
silver sprin >> it's great place for familiem a lot of you have been out herer to the downtown region you'ven u brought your family to hang out. beautiful fountain i know we kwe used to run through to cool offf during the summer months.onth it's great out here.reat o never been to silver spring thin is your chance beautiful morning gorgeous weather and speaking ok which to tell you what you can explore here in silver -- see is silver spring when you come, tucker who had the privilege of always finding the cool spots in every zip trip location, hey, tucker what did you find out fio about silver spring? >> yeah, let me say, maureen, that having been a frequent fren visitor of silver spring overpro the years tremendous change herr even in the last couple of las years. i mean just driving aroundngun today. i am amazed at how much hasas changed just getting to be a great -- gt always great community but -- b- >> i'm here a couple times aoupa month for movies i go to the afi silver marks jess tick moviekove theater as well.r a wel it's a great vibrant area.nta. ea really is. r >> let's go to the five mustivus stops. die stop in earlier this week.s. let's take look.ook. ♪
7:34 am
let's get it starred number five.five the afi silver theater and cultural center.en hey, our very own kevin mccarthr picked this stop. sto why don't you catch a movie in i this historic 1938 theater orr take in little culture in there state of the art movie image exhibition education and cultural center.. moving on to number four. ♪ the fillmore silver spring.g yeah, the venue is fast becoming entertainment staple in the dmv and offers an array of diverse v life music programs. moving along it's number three.r the keppa calf fame it's more than a coffee shop.p. it's silver spring's communityni living room. r hey the cafe offers deliciousus lurches, plenty of space for for artists to share their creationc and a friendly ev
7:35 am
families. beep, beam, number two, theber , national museum of health andh a medicine. established back during the the civil war, this stop includes a collection of specimens forcins research in military medicine and surgery. sge how crazy is this? the museum is home to the bullet that assassinated our 16th6th president, president abrahamaham lincoln.. and our number one stop, drum roll, please. ple it's downtown silver spring. swing by for some shopping, drinking, artwork.. get your own work done in their new outdoor office space. ♪
7:36 am
>> check it out. it o. someone will win this sweet ridr right here this is mazza cx9 a beautiful brand new car. we have had the privilege of o touring around on this beautifuf ride all summer long to zip trip locations. look at it.on look at it.s.lo at look at it.t. someone will win one of these oe beautiful cars this morning.orng >> exciting thing all the a different finalists will bet fis here, two of them have alreadyae shown up.ownp. i've spoken with yolanda andolaa sheila picking out which colorhc they want but only one key is k going to work. wk. only one of those cars that you see, one of those mazda cx9'sx9 actually going to start up thisu morning and the surprise of thee morning for whoever the lucky winner. winn i will say i've enjoyed havingav my coat on here this morning,, but the sun is >> it's coming up.t' coming >> tucker barnes, i've got mys,m sunglasses on now and i might im have to be shedding this coat ta pretty soon it looks like todaye is going to be spectacular. >> take it off, holly.ol take it off.. >> don't egg me on, maureen. >> go ahead, tuck. all right.l ri holly. low 80s later today but you'reuy right we've been cool
7:37 am
low 60s north and west and mid m 60s here in silver spring. >> i'm a little chilly. chill i have goose bumps on my skinnyy arms. >> all right, kev. right, kev let's do tropical storm herminer and get to the latest veryter latest here. it will impact parts of our area particularly the beaches thislys weekend. there's live look at your radarr still a spin very impressiveress spin.. update at 8:00 o'clock. that is a tropical storm andtord still formidable one with winds at 70 miles an hour.les anr. pressure is a little bit. b moving off the north northeastta at 14.. forecast track shifted furtheref south and east overnight that ii great news for us. u as we will see lesser impacts.ts what does that mean here in thee immediate washington area? rea? likely means just cloud coverlov both saturday and sunday.. but do want to give you heads uu at the that's where the brunt of the storm's impacts will be andill b tropical storm watch that maphat just went by for the beaches for the weekend.eend we'll have issues. strong storm surge, winds win possibly gusting to 50 miles anl hour along the beaches and somee
7:38 am
there's your forecast for thet o weekend. we're in the upper 70s to abouta 80 with a mix of clouds and suna here locally and then heavy rain down at the beaches. beach labor day, did i mention it's mm birthday, kev. b that's your birthday.t's ur hanging out tomorrow for yourory birthday, too. >> that's my birthday. 84 degrees. >> i only order nice weather foh my birthday.irthy. all right. that's the latest from the fromt sidewalks of silver spring. >> you know, we're giving away a car on live television today.isd that's going to be insane. be i. >> yeah. >> i cannot wait to see this. >> he gets excited about lot oft things.thgs >> an actual car on television.. >> let's toss it to erin and set if we can get someosit tra tffii that car. at c >> in that car, yeah.. >> okay. we have a lot of bad traffic soc i got you covered there, unfortunately you're taking liv look a little picks sill latedid by 95 on the northbound sidethbo crash blocking the rightight shoulder by 212. 212. head up towards baltimore bwimoi for a flight you'll hit stop anp go traffic there.go tic there. let's switch to our maps becausu onl's not the only problem on t the way to baltimore this morning. closer to bwi, baltimore, baltir
7:39 am
anne arundel boulevard big crasc scene delays back to 175, two 1w lanes blocked.lanes b you can see a lot of red on ourr maps. maps. so if you have a flight to a fgt catch, leave early you'll head d delays 95 and bw parkway. thing on the to reagan nationala and dulles in better shape.ha stop and go traffic towardsicow chris cal city, 395 northbound o works 95 southbound as you make5 your way from sou bw -- from 50d towards eastern you'll hit a'llh delay as usual.delay as and a little delay across oxoncx hill as you make your with toit the wilson bridge on the innerdr loop. taking a look at metro right not if you want to keep it off thet roads and take the rails thisra morning to work, shuttle bus service between brooklyn andlyn rhode island avenue. ave the staying remains closed.. delays on the orange linee lin because of speed restrictions near east falls church and safetrack surge eight impactingi the blue line g another former standard university studentsten convicted of sexual assaultssau hours away from freedom.ed >> he only served half of what w many said was already a lenientn sentence. we'll have a live report c
7:40 am
up next. ♪
7:41 am
7:42 am
>> the former stanford university swimmer convicted off sexually assaulting unconsciouso woman is just hours away fromm his name is brock turner he onlo served half of his already controversial lenient six monthh sentence.ence. ototesters expected to be outside of thers jail e when hes released later this morning.or let's go there now.. join by brine flores in santa clara at the county jail withaih the latest.the l good morningat.
7:43 am
guys. guys some protestersare out here thii morning only a very few but wee are expecting many more to bee coming in the coming hours.g hou i want to show you the scenehe e here right outside the santa clara county courthouse and ja jail. brock turner is posed to be released anyock time now meanie could be released as early ass about 20 minutes from now. again, we are expecting to possibly see and hear from brocr turner once he leaves the jailal as we go to video there was was thinking that turner would beldb released in the middle of thedl night but the sheriff says they don't typically do that fort f safety reasons. turner is being released after serving a controversial threesil months of a six month sentence c for the sexual assault of unconscious woman after a fraternity party last year. yea. prosecutors were asking theorsth judge to sentence him to sixsix years.s but instead came down witht lighter sentence of jail timel e with turner having to register e as sex offender for the rest oft his life, and getting three thre years probation.arroba as we know, this case drewsere national attention because the t
7:44 am
hand it down several upset protesters as you mentioned plan on being out here this morning.g as for the judge in this case,e, aaron persky, he faces heavyvy scrutiny he's fighting several s calls for him to be removed froo the bench he has since removedov himself from hearing criminal cases only hearing civil casesis now as for turner he's going toi be released -- he has 48 hours u once he's released to report to the probation department.artmen he plans on doing that at hist h home state of ohio. we also understand that there'se protesters already stake out ini his hometown near dayton thishi morning, guys, but as you cans c see the media frenzy out here this morning brock tougher kerrr could be released any minuteelem now. we'll stay on top of this and bring you the veryay o latest h. >> protesters at first they'reer all medias m mem brian, thanks for the update. >> let's switch gears. g little happier, littleea little controversial story right hereoe at it is our final zip trip of the season.season. >> little less controversial.ov >> we'll try to avoid allry too controversy when it comes to zio trip.ip. >> let's do that. i love it. >> l l we are taking ove
7:45 am
all morning long. >> is that the one? or is thatt the one? o? >> it's big one. i we're giving away at's new car i just hours and we'll meet the lucky finalists. finalis >> or that one or maybe that one! >> hey, you're in the shot. hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business.
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♪ we're celebrating silver sir spring today. sp
7:48 am
we'll give one of those away toy lucky viewer.r. a very fortunate viewer coming n up in just three hours from now. all right i now let's check in with tucker who you talking to, tuck. >> what's behind you?dou i got guest i got a wave i v pool behind me. listen, this is my most excitinc moment so far in silver spring. i'm at the noaa headquarterser joined by laura -- >> >> deputy director at theectoatt national weather service, right. that's correct. >> tell us about the wave pool which is amazing by the way and oaica'h iss headquarters >> wave pool one of our coolest thing.thin it replicates 65-foot section oo the shore which is our focus this weekend with hermine coming up the the coastline.asne. >> it's just amazing, and, yeaha certainly giving a lot of kickfk there. we'll talk about the beaches and what we might be dealing with a far as impacts but let's talk t about the noaa headquarters iuat told you i went to graduateraat school at the university of o maryland some years s used to come down here and domed
7:49 am
changed.d. gout a lot of people here. >> we have aboutgout 3,0 a00 lol here on campus.. there's four buildings.ldings. a lot of people know it by thekt hand and wave pond. pon cool things to come here and see and learn about noaa. >> noaa is so much more thanre t weather. >> we have the national weather arin>>einut also national m fisheries and the ocean servicee and a research arm which youch y likely worked in as well.l. >> yes. >> as well as a bunch of supporp functions making sure our sure o employees have everything they e need to ensure that you areu are protected from the ocean, the weather and climate. >> all right. our conversations coming at a perfect time it's hurricane we're entering theas prime off hurricane season the first weekt of september really, what, ninth or tenth.or tenth what can we expect goingng forward? what are yout ar you expecting? >> so the forecast, we predicted and above normal season, um, the most active since 2012. 201 and it's shaping up to be that.. hermine is the eighth nameded storm and we're projecting 12 tt 17 named storms.rms so when kids go back to schooloh labor day everything is thi
7:50 am
summer is over hurricane seasono is just peaking right now so we have to keep our eye to the sky. >> always got to be preparedrerd because as i mentioned earlier i florida hit with their first fit hurricane in 11 years and haven't too many decades without hurricane.rric. >> let's talk hermine. talkermi perhaps you can tell everybodyae at home what we can expect down at the beaches this temperatures right now jacket je weather, right? >> yeah, brrr.h, b >> not coat weather but maybeeat light jacket. let's go to the maybe map s very quickly and show was we canan expect. and we're looking at conditionsn which are going to i mean i i guess they'll deteriorate arouno rere little bit. maybe a little cloud cover associated with her mine laterhe today. >> that's right. >> 67 in 68 in leonardtown.eonardtown you mentioned you can see the ce canopy.. >> the high cirrus are starting to move in so if you're watchinw the skies you can see these high level clouds starting to move in. in conditions will continue. the sun is goingcond aitwaioy te it will be cloudy most of theose weekend. >> let's take look at the nextet map and talk ak bout some of tht impacts down at the beach
7:51 am
weekend.en i think primarily around here hr just clouds this weekend?uds the >> clouds.>> we do have a chance for some soe rain this weekend as you've been telling everyone but out at thee beaches the threat is really those -- the storm surge. surge the rip currents.urrents. only swim at beaches wherehere there's lifeguard on duty. >> okay. you heard it here.>>heart her deputy director national weather service. got to take seriously down atlyd the beaches. thank you so much for joiningnig us. thank you for the wave pool.av o thank you for all the hard workr all of do you here. h very much appreciated byated b everybody across the country. c. >> thank you, tucker.>> t have great day. you,at d. >> let's toss it back into erin and joining in you couple ofou minutes. i'm going back to the main set. >> thank you very much, tucker.e we want to see you go swimming m in that wave pool.. skyfox outside the beltwaytway merrifield virginia dealing with crash.crash. lehigh way westbound all lanesds blocked right now at hunter road. road you can see traffic on theffic t eastbound side getting get we have the water main break at this location.atio crews working to get that t get you can see water on the road td there. again, lehigh way avoid the westbound side at hunter road.rr we'll ha
7:52 am
throughout the morning here on fox5 let's switch it over show s what else you're up against with a look at our maps.ur ms some other slow downs this morning. baltimore washington parkway northbound anne arundel boulevard a crash so if you're onarkway if headed towards bwi this morning, allow for extra time. 95 northbound also has crash by 212 that slowing us down takingn wide view of our morning commutu just some light volume the mapep doesn't have nearly as much red as we normal vol through thehr t inner loop slow and objection zen hill to the wilson bridge.ll that's your look at traffic. tic back to you. >> speaking of cars won it bet b nice to have brand new one, al. >> that car we're giving away ii so pretty.rett >> we have upgraded from lastpgo year.m >> i think we have. l 14 phinkeople very anxious becau one of them is going to be thehe recipient of that brand new carr >> shall we meet some of them of this morning perhaps we shall. a let's check in with holly and maureen there out there talkingl with all the folks this morningi we'll get to throughout thehe morning guys and somebody is som going to be very happy in couplp of hours.ou >> yeah. we were talking too about the talkigrad last year was awesome.. we gave away
7:53 am
car this cx9 suv is beautifulifl car. >> the lines on this car the the inside my goodness, swak.wa >> the air-conditioning runs.g n that was from last week. heat this week, but. but >> check it out.. >> here's three. who is going to win the car?ar >> me. me. me. me. >> everyone is confident right now for sure. c no >> that's right. and yolanda , yolanda. >> and you guys have been out allnd m yuyornis ng anxious aboe chance to win this car. okay. okay. where did you enter theer competitiond yo and what do youy think your chances are this thi morning. , and mynded online chances are great because i'm bu going to win. >> have you come out to zip trit before?before >> in hyattsville. >> have you guys been to zips bt trip before? bor >> la plata.ta >> what about you? >> del ray. >> del ray. .ll right.ut? they've all tend.igh've a ten here the question i have for each of you. what's he creurrent the for car how badly do you need this new car?r >> oh, well, mine is a little ll old. and
7:54 am
>> how old. >> six years old. >> my grandson keeps telling mem you need to buy new car. c this would be perfect.fect >> for her grandson.. what's your car situation?ituati >> mine is only about threeboute years old. but it's low short one and i'mnm older and i want a bigger car. >> you'll get it if you win thii one. one. it's nice one. one. >> 2008 and i have a 2.5-year-old and we need theeed room. >> we hear that.ha >> safety of an suv. i understand that.. >> absolutely. absutel >> i want to know how are youreu picking -- which one do youch want, what color, do you have a preference? pr >> color wise, no.eferor wiso number wise, yes. >> are you keeping a secret? >> uh-huh. >> what about you? you? >> the red.. >> red.>> >> red is a good car.a gooar red is a good car. car i saw you scoping out a car, too. to avich one do you have your eyeeh on. >> i like the white but this rer looks really good on me. >> ut-oh, jenny.. they're fighting over it. listen, one of you hopefully, hy you know, not hopefully one of e you will be taking home one of these cars today and have you av
7:55 am
you seen --n >> yup. >> wonderful. do you have a favorite feature?v >> the heated seats. >> dare i say nothing likeng l toasted bun.toaste i'm just saying, right? >> right. >> for sure. what's your favorite feature?igt >> um, actually i don't know.. >> it's just a nice car. c. >> wonderful car. the leather>>, the w sonmell itw just wonderful.rful. >> nothing like new car smell,m, right? >> what about you. you >> seats a lot of people. >> seats a lot of people.e. >> right.>> r how many in your family? >> just three but you neverree n know. >> you never know. kno >> if you win, we'll go on road trip. trip. >> sounds good.ous goo >> it seats seven. seven are you a little nervous? areva you anxious? what exactly arext you feeling right now? >> um, tired.ed been up early. but it really looking forward to >> we're looking forward it to,i too. good luck to each and everyonevn of you. i'm excited for you. you >> i'm anxious, nervous, i'm ala those things.thos >> me, too. these are three of our 14 contestants, if you will. w we've got others we'll beerse'll talking to throughout theout
7:56 am
pictures do this car no justicei i'm telling you. telling you. it is is amazi steve and allison, i'd like to t win one of >> right.>> right. whoever wins can we do doughnuts in the circle right here? any y way, back to ya'll. yll >> it's beautiful car.ul car it really is. we had the ceahaps to check it t on the zip trips and super super sharp. >> good arthritic all of the naliststs. >> we'll find out who wins. outs between 10:30 and 11:00 this00 i morning. mo erin como with the other cars cr out on the road trying to placee nice together. >> bw parkway northbound crashdh by anne arundel mills slowing us down and also dealing with slow-moving traffic 295 and 2 ad suitland parkway jams to south capitol.capi if you're taking the rails row island avenue station closed. ce trains bypassing that station. you can shuttle bus between betn brooklyn and rhode islandd avenue. speed restrictions at east falls church delays in both directio directions. safetrack surge eight slowing down the blue ryan on going safetrack worctiogk b etween franconia springfield and van dorn streett no rush service.vice. a lot of metro adjusts today. ty
7:57 am
weekend, things adjust free fre shuttle service but definitelyey changes around stadium armory or the orange and blue line anyiney questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.te i have all the weekend metrond t schedule there for for y. back to you guys.y guys. >> erin, thanks so much.ks as we go to break see you ay the top of the hour 8:00 o'clocc keeping a close eye on hermine.r that track may be changing.ngg we'll let you know coming up at the top of the hour. hou >> get on out of here. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.. days ahead of --f >> zip trip right now, al. >> 8:00 o'clock on this friday morning september 2nd. live pictures from silverilver spring, married sight of our ziz trip finale today. tod you don't want to miss a momentn of it including the big car givg away coming up later thisaters morning. here's the deal, al. 's the >> yes, ste deavel,., steve. >> great shot there but take shb look at this one.ut t one. >> okay. >> better.te >> better now. n. >> that's the key.ey you nail it.yoil i >> looks beautiful right now ini rehoboth beach shaping up to beo great day today but tomorrow and sunday maybe not so much.o muc the storm known as hermine her planning to leave her mark on m the eastern shore of the t delmarva coast this holidayol weekend. ek we'll get all the details cominn up in just a second. second. >> hopefully the damage will bet mi damnimal. >> good morning, i'm stevening m chenevey.chen >> i'm allison seymour.mour. welcome to fox5 news morning. mg the path and impact of hermineme is
8:01 am
about. let's get you caught up on youry storm headlines. hermine landfall in floridanlo early this morning as as a hurricane now downgraded to tropical storm.ical srm. >> tens of thousands of powerowr outages in florida and inn georgia that's where the eye ofe the storm is right now. we do know coastal floodinglood along florida's big curve area. >> forced evacuations overnightt as far as injuries go, we'rees e thankful to just hear about onet couple with only minor injuriess after they drove their car intoi a downed tree. tree. >> good news on that front so s far. so that's where the storm hasrms been. the big question what impacts uu where is it going next? let's t getgo straight out to tucker barnes he's in silver spring thg site of today's zip trip. >> steve, good call it looks itl like it will be mostly moderatet to high impact situation on thee beaches. i think around here we'll be dealing with cloud cover and a d little rain locally but again an the worst of it will be a littla further to the south and east.ts let's get to it. show you the latest here and a give you that radar sigtu
8:02 am
it's all about the spin you can see the very heavy raini this morning down in to parts of south carl, particularly georgia there south and east of atlantaa getting heavy we just got update. ue. it looks like winds now 60 milei an hour and that pressure againn continues to rise little bit 987 millibars off to the northif and east at 14. alld ea right.. the forecast track takes it evee little further south and eastnde than where we were yesterday and that is great news.reat n still going to be as mentioneden very impactful down at the beaches with high surf and rip r currents and some heavy rain hei because of that, there's now a tropical storm watch for all oul local beaches and that includesu new jersey as well. asel under that tropical storm watch. let's talk about some of thee ot local effects.local effects. i think we're going to be dry. . as mentioned we'll be mostlyostl cloudy saturday and sunday. with high temperatures in the te 70s we should generally be dry. rain, wind, rough surf for the beaches.beac ctainertainly possible the's winds could gust to 50 miles ani hour down at the beaches this weekend, and the bulk of theof
8:03 am
heavy rain should be east of the bay.bay. particularly to the south and east.partic thaouularrslye t track has beenee fluctuating a little bit theit last couple of days. couple of it will depend on the track of the storm but we are getting more confidence that it will beb a little further off to the fhe south and i'll have mentee more on hermine, plenty more on oure o o local forecast.ast let me just say nice and cool ao out early later this afternoon low 80s, lots of sunshine.shine a beautiful day for these faces. (cheers and applause). >> okay, everybody.dy. >> awesome. a >> thank you, thankwe you, thank you.. >> beautiful town here.>> beautt >> so many great peopleown h her >> that is great. >> wow! >> this is how they roll in right? it'>>shis hiards howar to believe that you're talkingng such -- about such bad weatherad when it's so amazingly gorgeousu out here. out here. >> and comfortable.>> and c >> i it really is comfortablefortab. >> i've met so many amazing fanf so f people who watch every singlegl day. we have the best f ans on the the planet. plan we really real dollar. dollar. >> we have people that come outc to the if you un
8:04 am
come to other zip tripsri throughout the summer.ummer it's been a memorable summer. sm of course the if you until unt system always the best partlway because that's where we giveswhw away ae car. >> mazza cx9 you'll see it havev wonderful time with us this thi we're tossing it back into youru guys.ys we'll continue the fun out heree in silver spring.pring so much fun out such big crowd already allisondl and i cannot wait to head down w and join you.and jo starting off with a look at thee rails safetrack surge eight eigt continuous single trackingckin franconia to van dorn on the o e blue line slowing us down.ow delays on the orange those aren't the only metroy m problems this morning. morning rhode island avenue stationstio closed throughout the day.. shuttle bus service available aa brookland and rhode island islad avenue to get you through.hrough fox5 anjali hemphill trackingran the latest from the rhode island avenue station. any major delays out there? >> reporter: well, it ist definitely busy we've got lot ot passengers here getting on thost shuttle buses. take a look sh here. her bunch of them coming in rightn now. no passengers are being allowng
8:05 am
or off any red line trains herer at the rhode island avenue metro station.stat shuttle buses areio here to buss people to that brookland statioi where they can catch the redey h line from this of course after two nightss in row, erin, debris fell from the ceiling in the mezzanineezni area of the station here ande ad crews will be on scene here all day long doing additionaldditio inspections trying to figure out what's going on here. at this point nwho cauatse has b determine but like i said, rhode island avenue metro station will remain closed until at least tht end of today. tay a lot more traffic news for us u coming up.comi back to you erin. to u erin. >> thank you very much. you can see the crowd behind anjali there.he fur taking the red line avoid the rhode island avenue stationi you don't have to wait for waito shuttle moving over for look at our ooo roads right now.roadsig htlighter volume but starting to see increasedin traffic.raffic if you're making your way out o right now in cheverly, 50 from m 202 to 295 drive times doubledou about six minute ride 295 ride southbound backs up as well. we. we're also seeing some slowome w downs across the inner loopnnero minor delays to the w
8:06 am
bridge from branch avenue. anu 210 northbound remains slow butb bw parkway we're dealing with aa crash delays by 175 towards bwi. 95 northbound a better bet. back to you, steve. you,teve >> it is one of the most highlyy rated phones on the market righg now. a lot of people have them.lot oo if you're the proud owner of aea samsung galaxy note seven, sev you're have to give it back thet company issued a worldwideorldwi recall of that particular cell phone after several reports that batteries were exploding.. you don't want your phone to yot look like this.ik thi the problem occurs when faultyau devices are boeing charged andra it is down to an issue with thee batteries in the phone itself. . not the power adapters.da so far at least 35 of the phones have experienced this issue. violence once again rockingr the district, and claim anotherh life overnight.rnight. at least five people have beenen shot since just 9:00 o'clock0 o' last in it.n it. man was shot to death along thee 2500 block of 14th street.tree the shootings happened in thed e northeast and southeast sectionu of the citthy.of t c so far no suspects, nor motive v in any of these shootings.. meanwhile, milan ya tru
8:07 am
filed a lawsuit against thest te daily male and a marylandan blogger it comes after the t british news site published aubd story claiming a modeling agence that mrs. trump used to work fof also provided escort the story was picked up by b several news outlets including a blog written by webster tarply t the daily male has since removed the story from their website and tarply later retracted the sto story. >> san francisco 49ers kaepernack coliny. pernick continues to take a stand bytay sitting in the preseason durings the national anthem to protest e racial injustice. >> kaepernick vowed he'lled he' continue to sit until he sees last night was the 49ers final preseason game in san diego dgo against the chargers.. build as the annual salute to the military. melanie joins us with what happened and what other football stars decided to make ade a statement as well. >> stakes were high there,were , right? you're going to do thisg protest on militaryoing to appt night? so the protests got modified a little bit. bit all eyes of course on kaepernicc as he took the field to a choruu of boos. boo when it came time for the anthe
8:08 am
did the boos but last night, kaepernick took a knee insteadnn of sitting and he was joined ono knee by teammate eric read. kaepernick got much heavier booo when he took to the field to to start the t gam and he heard it from the the military crowd until his secondd drive when he was cheered afterd a pair of long scrambles but his opponents were never totallyotal silent.. one sign in the crowd read,wd r, you're an american, act like one. e. meantime oakland seahawkseaha quarterback jeremy lane sat onet the bench behind his standingeha teammates as the national anthee was performed before seattle'sls game against the raters. rater it was not immediately clear ifr lane was showing solidarity witt kaepernick or had other reasonso and his team had no immediateede comment.t. teammates didn't appear to't aer reaction any way to lane otheroe than richard sherman who sat whs next to him and chatted with hih briefly after the anthem ended.d lane then got up and played att cornerback during the first fst series of the game. during the 49ers post gametm interview kaepernick said hed he spoke with former green beretret and nfl long snapper na
8:09 am
he was an invited they came up with this taking aa knee strategy as a way to showhw respect for the military and still continue the protests.s. kaepernick said he's getting get more personally involved inn combating racial inequalityaly donating the first million oflio his salary this year tor communities in need.n n see and allison.dllison >> all right. putting his money where his mouth is at this point. ishes poi thanks mel. . switch to politic right now damage control is what donaldcho trump may be doing this week ana after several key supportersarey appearing to back away from hiss campaign. we'll physical you why.we'l >> subway pitch man jared foglee is in another legal battle. btl this time involving one of his victim's parents. we'll have that story next.ext. ♪
8:10 am
steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. havertys furniture helps even when life isn't.t pretty! hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks sweetie. the labor day sale is on now at havertys. life looks good.
8:11 am
>> this morning nasa still trying to figure out what caused this to happen. a massive fire ball to and and explosion at space x's main launch pad yesterday.esterday that's close up video of that ta blast that destroyed the rocketr and the satelliteoc.te that satellite was supposed tost spread internet service in ser i space x says anomaly on the padp caused that explosion.on ene explosion happened as theos rocket wedas being filled with h propellant adding in tweet the blast originated near the upperr stage oxygen tank.ank. so pictures speak for themselvel but that's the actual explainer. dallas police chief who wass the face of the city after theer sniper attack earlier this yeara has announced that he ist he is retiring. chief david brown 33 year vet oo the department. he didn't give a reason for h
8:12 am
retirement or what he's going to do after he steps down. chief brown garnered nationald attention after 14 dallass officers were ambushed back in july.ju. former subway pitch manan jared fogle who's serving 16vi years in prison for having sexig with minors is now suing the sue parents of one of his victims. fogle claims he's not he' not responsible for the girl's emotional distress that herha h parents say she suffered after t her encounter with him. h instead fogle says the girl was suffering from depression andnnd had other sexual partners beforr she met him. h fogle also claims her parentsern failed to properly supervise h her. he tropical storm hermine is he making its way up north. north tucker will be back to tell us u how it's going to impact ourur area. area. all right. a lot of peel have plans for the hholidayav w peekeland.nd for parents they probably thinke the name they pro pickba for thr baby is perfect or --r >> look at that baby.hat by. >> -- or do they? hmm. h the answer might surprise you. u we'll have the story coming up next. ♪
8:13 am
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>> place to be today, i'm just going to be honest with you, is downg toto bhonewn silver sprinn >> i expect nothing but honestys from you.from y so i believe you.el >> all the areas around you full of office workers.. >> um-hmm. >> come on down.>> um- d take a late breakfast break or whatever.what tell the boss you're going for g cup of coffee.of. come on down and say hi. h >> my goodness.dn we'll give away a car today. >> how much better does it bet.t >> i know. kno life cuteness. >> oh, yes. y. tucker that's right.
8:16 am
hey, tuck. >> allison and steve, you got it i love fridays i love the zip t trip because we get to do livele cuteness. cute we are joinened by aubrey. aubr. this is super cuteness and mom carly, right.ight. >> yes, carly., car. >> all right. aubrey, how old are you? you >> can you say two? two >> i get it.. okay.ay tell us all about her. >> aubrey is two and she's s's currently enrolled in the little warriors program at eastern seals which is truly been a a saving grace for our familyam during a time of crisis. >> tell everybody at home whatom the little warriors program is.. >> basically they providerovide services for wounded warriors wr and their families for little cost, and this gives the opportunity for families to gogo to doctors appointments or just basically pick up the pieces off the mess that they've -- that ta they're in and, um, it's been a saving grace for my family and y and i'm truly thankful and forever gra
8:17 am
>> and what kind of things doesg is he do as little warrior? >> aubrey in class every dayvery she -- we actually get a list ot her daily activities.tivities. they work on cognitive behavior and coloring is one of here ofer favorite things.hi they get to play outside. it's basically just all all inclusive learning environment s where they get to be themselvese and interact with other kids.erd a lot of diversity. >> i love it. iove i got a big question, aubrey.ub she's not going to ants questi question. maybe you will. >> what's the name of your bunny? >> do you have name for your bunny? of your >> there you go.bu >> do you have>> d >> name? >> no. n >> aubrey is a little bit shy. >> i see that.hat. that's okay. it's live tv.e tv. >> yeah. >> she's a loud to do her ownd h thing. >> it's okay.ka. >> we'll do weather we are very very comfortable ouo here jacket weather early for some people. peoe. it's not that bad though, rightg >> i thought it was a little bit
8:18 am
chilly this morning. >> did you. >> i like it. i'm over the humidity. >> me, t all right.i'm the i love that. h>> all >> hey, here's look t at your ay current conditions.ons 68 right now in washington.n 63 in gaithersburg.sburg 70 in annapolis.ol we're looking at clear skies, ss quiet conditions, low 80 today's.da satellite/radar quiet. that's the outer energy associated with hermine to stara your morning across the caroli carolinas we'll cloud up we'lluu overnight tonight our weekend wd looks cloudy with rain showersne off to the south and east inast fact heavy down at the beaches a big storm surge down we'll talk more the impacts down at the beaches much there's youu weekend forecast. they but they'd get heavy rain n saturday and sunday i think it'' mostly clouds for the day on o saturday and sunday locally.ocay heavier rain to the south andthd east. all right. that's live fox5 first five. thank you so much for joiningori me, >> say bye. b. >> we'll toss it to allison. >> >> you get the idea. allison, back to you.ou. >> what beautiful baby. b all we'll see you out there inhere i silver spring a little later.e r right now trump likely spending
8:19 am
control as several keyey supporters step away. so what does this mean. mea what does this campaign need tod do to stay a float is this a th window of opportunity for his arrivals. fox news sunday's chris wallacea joins us now with more. mor happy friday, good to see you.go >> good to be with you, allisona >> you are talking with dr. ben carson.carson it feels like we haven't seen h him in awhile butav he's squarel in the trump camp and you'rend e talking to him about what'st's next. >> well, yeah, but particularlyy tomorrow donald trump is going to make histoal first visit to n inner city to hold an event for african-americans at detroit church and then dr. carson who grew up in the inner city therey will take them on a tour, andr,a we're going to be talking to dr. carson on sunday as you knoo trump has been trying to reachor out to african-americans. he says you've been neglected by decades of democratic rule in inne
8:20 am
"what have you got to lose"os we'll talk to him about that.ha also top to a top official inff the clinton campaign my guess ge will say you got plenty to loses we'll have that conversation back and forth'l. a >> you know what, though, chrisc it strikes mhrise that donald tu whether you support him or not,, does not back down from the full court press here. here he is going into population that nowhere on his support numbers s you got to give it to him. do you think the strategy willal work in any way to win some african-americans?can-am >> well it's an interesting antr question. you know, we had this whole had thing for the last two weeks,, allison, about his effort toffor reach out to hispanics, talkal about softening his position on immigration, which he didn't ene up doing and as you pointed outt a couple of his top advisers -- top hispanic advisers have quit now. there's a question as to whetheh he's really reaching out to hispanics and african-americansi or whether he's reaching out to moderate white
8:21 am
the suburban republican womanomn and suburbs of philadelphia,lphi independent voters, who may sort of lean or tilt republican butlt are concerned that trump is toot decisive an race seive. i'm not sure he's going to t dramatically increase his position he's in the singleingl digits with african-americans. more of it is about try to booso his support among republicans who at this point are not onn board. bo >> right. at least the photo op will looko like he's reaching out very very interesting strategy.aty. let's talk about we said that st maybe it's opening up the door a little bit for competitors totos come through. tou you're talking with theh t candidate from the green party.. dr. jill stein. >> that's right. t last week weha talked to former governor gary johnson who was a libertarian party candidateda there are four candidates on the ballot that probably more bute there are four party candidatese nominees and jill green is these green party candidate as you sas i'm studying up
8:22 am
platform. lie say it's pretty far to theyt left. i mean, she thinks that bernie sanders and hillary clinton doesn't go nearly far enough. eg it will be an interestingnteres conversation to hear what sheona has to say. her solutions for america and why she thinks people shoulde so vote for her rather than vote tt for another major partyor candidates.candidates. >> talking about health care,>> education as a right, criminal justice overhaul much she's verv interesting. we'll be watching on sunday,be t thank you. >> you bet. >> okay. >> there was a big show, big was concigert in washington, d.c. ls night.night. apparently, the person on stagea has a big fan who was one of our local celebrities, the stars ini the nation' capital. cital >> the boss hit the stage -- the boss of the stage meets the boss of the pool. >> it will all make sense when you see the picture. >> back in a moment.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> as if katie ledecky's summer was not awesome enough rye notu add a meeting with the boss. bo. olympic gold medal winner and bethesda's own meeting bruceruce springsteen last night at natstt park during his concert.cert. it turns out the singer is a fan of hers, too. even follows her on >> i love it.. both i mean top of their game. no doubt about it. i >> love seeing them comem c together. >> the smiles.. .> yeah >> kind of how i feel when i see ---- >> don't even say it.on't esay >> listen, let's get right it o to. cool.
8:26 am
i don't knowaining why. why but temperatures -- -- >> not used to it, gary. gar >> i'm going to need somebody's' fox5 jacket. jacket. >> i have one downstairs.tas. 65 degrees for dulles and bwi b marshall it's 67. it'7. i really don't think you'll need it, al. i really don't.'t i mean by the time you get there, the sun will be highere r and you'll be >> don't tell meu'll what to do, gary. >> 82 sunny today. 78 degrees.78 d see what i have to put up. gaithersburg 78. annapolis 79 and leonardtown 77. nobody is wrapping me yet let mt show you real quick. real qui looks dry for the weekend as wes soon as i say it they start wrapping.wrpi wind, rain rough surf for the te beaches. beac clouds and rain stays east of uf here in town. things could change if that i storm doesn't behave.stormoe >> all right. keep an eye on isnt let's checkn with erin keeping an eye on thee commute.cout >> allison and out heading out to silver spring. we have to leave early tproin go around that beltway traffic. trc take a look here. h this is a crash if we drop thept super block
8:27 am
and right lane.d righ 395 northbound at the 14thound e street bridge you can see theria rampn from gw parkway, looing.g traffic is heavier here butere b lighter than a normal morningmam commute since we're going intoii the labor day holiday weekeng ie keep it to the left.t. quick look at our maps aside a from that we are seeing a crash -- a water main breakak lehigh way web at hunter road. r caution there.. eastbound moving.bound movin back to you steve and allison. s >> erin, thank you. 8:27 right now. >> zip trip friday today we aree celebrating silver spring.pring >> they got the party going mucm it is strong right now. we'll have -- we're going tooi t ease off our workout. worko to little trivia coming up of u the some of the silver springve commerce members we'll see howew well they know their own city. 8:27. ♪
8:28 am
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♪ 8:30 now. look at our top stories this hour. it was a violent night in niv>>e> stor viont pestopleiv shot in northeast and southeast.southe one of those people was shot to death unfortunately along thengt 2500 block of 14th street. see so far there's no word onor o suspects nor a motive for the shook.shoo >> sorry, al jumped the gun, ale there. th if you are trying to get iny on the rhode islandou ary meting station this morning, you're not going to be to b to red line station still closed today because of falling debris. metro first closed the station wednesday night because a piecep of metal and concrete fell from the station on to the station s heads is a 19. it reopen yesterday in time fort the morning commute.ime cmute more debris fell yesterday so ys they shut it down today.oday red line trains will bypass thet station as crews work on theorkn damage. they do have a shuttle bus shuts bridge.bridge. happening today, the man accused of of kilhalippng
8:31 am
people in a violent two days ini maryland will be back in court for a pretrial hearing.earing tordil was being held or being i held without bond police say heh shot his wife at theirt their daughter's high school in princ george's county back in may. m he's then accused of of going oo shooting rampage the next day in montgomery county and killingilg two people in separate shootin shootings prison-old faces live in prison. let's head back out to silver spring, maryland, rightpn now today's zipd, r trip.. check back in withly wholy andha maureen.een. hi, ladies. ladies. >> hey, good morning. >> hey, guys>> h. >> queue the crowd, right? >> it's really fun out here thii morning. lots of different people are cots oming d difown.own. obviously there's a lot of anticipation and excitementxcen because we're giving away a car today.. >> we sure are giving away a c car. silver spring officials made m sure they pull out all the stopo to ensure we have a great zip trip and so far aok we are d
8:32 am
fantastic.ntasti joining us now two of those thee director of silver principlele regional center and dane thean president and ceo of the greatee silver spring chamber ofer o commerce wearing where i have hv just learn at the official oic silver spring chamber b >> i had no idea.>> i h no >> i love it. i love >> thank you.>> thank y i know you couldn't hear because we're getting such a warmuch am welcome here.lcom >> yes, we are. are. >> maureen was saying theinghe hospitality has beeneen overwhelming and we thank you ty for that.hat. >> wonderful. we love to have you in silver spring todweay.ove t silver spring is a wonderfuldeul place. we have a huge diverse communi community. we have mazing number of businesses. we have wonderful businesses. lots of restaurantscomm hav we v already talked about we're an w arts and entertainment district this morning shown some of ourer wonderful places.laces. we're so proud to be in silver spring.. >> i'm blown away by theyhe phenomenal growth. i remember when this downtownowt was nothing like this and nows h look at it it's a dinestig nalii point for people far and near.r >> absolutely it really is.lly i >> you can come by not having hn anything specific to d
8:33 am
a gazillion things to do. >> great way to put it. >> gone are the days where it's just the home of discovery. which is wonderful but that used to be all you thought about whew you thought of silver spring. afi theater. that's the tip of the iceberg. e >> it is the tip of the icebergg >> good anchors much it's theuct tip of the iceberg. icebe are you a little competitive? >> we're collaborative. >> nonetheless we'll play alllaa little trivia with you.ith you i hope you're ready for this.. >> ready.>> r >> testing your knowledge.ourede the first question, what is thet official mascot of silver spri spring? a, acorn, b, race car, c, peanut, d, star. what is the official mascot ofao silver spring? >> no cheat.o c >> no cheatin cheating. did i see you looking ver. or >> turn it around.und >> a, yes, a acorn is the answ answer. (cheers and applause). >> next question.ion. what is the unofficial mascot of
8:34 am
silver spring -- do i need toeet give you options.. you seem so confident.on let's see if you can get it.u i what's the unofficial mascot ofo silver spring? we're going harr this morning. m you write it down.u wrn. this is the finale.ale we're not -- we're making it a little tough.ough. hold your placards to the camerr so we make sure we see them. >> what?>> wha >> the fenn begin. b. >> the penguin.. >> you guys nailed it. (cheers and applause).(cheerd >> in fact, you can't miss the big penguin when you come downi here.yo this would be good time for toht us say speaking of penguins thi is an awesome place to ice 68. >> absolutely. it certainly is. i understand you've ice skated e down here. ice skated here and i her i highly rem it. >> another good point. poi next question, which presidentsi traveled through silver spring n during his presidency and now n has a mural at the historicc train station on georgia avenue commemorating his visit? vis >> is it a, president barackar obama, b, president harryry truman, c, president ronaldald reagan, or, d, president john f. kennedy? >> i don't know. i think rober
8:35 am
down >> okay. turn it around. >> truman. >> truman.ruma >> nailed it. i nailed it. harry s. truman. >> now if you were watchingere n earlier, we actually already ady gave this answer. but how many festivals are heldl annually on veterans plaza righg here where we are this morning r live in downtown silver spring?n >> is it a, two. b, 793. we do knoll know how many daysyd in a year there are.erre. c, 27. 27. or d, 72? >> how many festivals heldy fesl annually right where we'rehereee sitting? >> all right. .et's seesi >> again as they got it. >> nailed it.t >> roberto nail it. >> 72.2. okay. this is tokhe final, final question here.ere. wasil very spring icon -- this-- is for new car. c i'm just kidding.idding >> it's not.>> it's not. you're not one of someone is getting a new carew c today. >> wasil very spring icon wascos picked up and moved to itsan
8:36 am
current location to make way for the construction of the discoveo row headquarters was it fillmore silver spring, the acorn, montgomery blair high school oro tasty diner? >> the answer is? >> tastee diner. >> whoo! >> you know what, thank you for playing along. clearly you know silver springpr as you should, and, again, wee thank you for this wonderful welcome. >> all you're going to win iswii our thanks. nk >> come back and skate. >> it's not a mazda suv but our hugs are pretty good.ood. >> we'll take them. takehem >> you know who else gives goodo hugs is tucker barn.r barn. let's go ahead and check in witw him g i'm right up the street tt from you at the silver springpr fountain plaza.. and i just want to give quick qk shout out to the washingtonton sports club they're here doingng zumba this morning and they dohy zumba on the fountain plazaza every tuesday which is prettyy cool. they'll teach me some moves in a minute.mi et
8:37 am
cool start to your day. toour overnight low upper 50s and low 60s. 60s. we'll be 82 with sunshinein weekend plans if you got them i think clouds here locallyocal saturday and sunday. sunda and if you're headed to theded t beaches that's where the highe e impact with the leftover leftovl hermine are going to be ande and we'll talk about hermine and the local impact to the beacheshe coming up.coming up. our weekend forecast upper 70s with generally clouds around wew might get a little rain onen o all right.l right. art, it's big in silver spring,g i'm joined by a local artist david carson. c >> good morning. >> david, first of all, thanks,k for joining us. secondly -- >> my pleasure. >> physical me about the art phi hereca becl meause you're respob for it. >> actually my paintings wereual used for they grand staircase a here in downtown silver spring. um, i chose work that would beoe appropriate work and work with w the other artists. fountain and neon installations. >> your vision. was it your vision or kind of collaboration with the with
8:38 am
does it work?dot >> they contacted me through jack divine and jack asked me to come up with a proposal for thee work, and so i created about 377 panels that would fit into the staircase for the overlook.veoo >> is this kind of thing do youn that during a weekend?d or is s this like take years. yrs >> no, this took long time.tookg which youly i tim used painterri from series from 2010 called b butan and so i started to crop p the work and fit it into the the space.spac >> it's beautiful.utiful >> thank you. telell me about the art comml boutunity here in silver g obviously art is a big part of t silver spring and there are pieces of art like yours allll over down here, right?ight >> really appreciate how they'vw integrated the art into the the so what it does, it brings a fantastic energy into the spacee that's very active here ine i downtown silver spring.r spr >> i love it. all r>> i light. thank you very much for joining me. thank you for your fine work and k you ve m a we're celebrating silver springr all day long.inall day you of course enhance it withit the fine art. art >> my pleas
8:39 am
give a quick shout out to somebody. get over it's this man's birthday. reggie, happy birthday.irthday. >> thank you tucker.ouker. >> he's been keeping an eye onyo me all summer trying to keep mee out of trouble. we'll toss it in to erin.n. >> happy birthday >> right now taking a look at 395. we have crash blocking the righg lane right there. there you can see want to keep it toe the left to really slow coming out from george washington parkway and from the beltwayparn you'll hit stop and go td rafffc take look at i net computer from vdot dealing with crash all craa lanes of the express lanes on ls the inner loop are blocked by braddock road. one of the left lanes of the through lanes blocked as well. l keep it to the right big crashsh scene there. an ambulance, a fire department,aren a lot of crews out there.uthere. so this is going to cause some e delays through the inner loop as you try to get ughp t towards 66 we have you covered on that onee we'll switch it back over forver our maps aside from the 395 395 crash that crash on the innerhei loop we are seeing just minorinr congestion except for bw parkw parkway. parkway north a
8:40 am
dealing with volume. 95 p normal or southbound inthbo better shape if you're headed out to the bay bridgebe headed a the maryland beaches, traffic oo 50 looking really nice outboundu and then 270 also looking goodgo southbound a little bit of b volume towards the spur.. metro red line still bypassingyi rhode island station you can y shuttle between brookland andnd rhode island.ode id. alallison and steve back to you. >> boom boxes got too heavy to o carry with went with the walkalk man.n. >> yeah, we did little cassettet act. one just went for $3,000.3,00 >> now it's a relic, right? an coming up we'll tell you whyl yy this one, though, is so special. ♪
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ welcome back. that's the site of our big zip trip in look at all the people downalpln there. >> i love it. >> veterans plaza. >eter you know where we are rightans a there at the seat there ofre o downtown or downtown silver spring where you used to ice 686 in the cold and play in they te grass before they put the ice. i it's just the best little neighborhood. and we're out there all morning until 11:00 today.oday >> it's a party, al. >> dunkin' donuts is out there.e love it.lot. >> want to see you out there. te nothing says the second day off september like talking about the holidays.. we'll fast forward all the wayay ahead.ahead. honest physical you're somebody who likes to ship your giftsou f make sure do you so before thehe holidays.s. consider early warning.arni >> beginning september -- december -- see aim already. beginning december 26th, the,he
8:44 am
increasing prices by 5%.s by 5%. let me just say i'm happy hap they're doing it afterwards,erw, though. >> okay. >> do you know what i mean? ean they could be jerks don itjeks t before. get their money. >> fair >> the company says the hike isy inshe line w hitikhe increases d out in previous years. years. >> all right. speaking of money how about money a $3,000 technically 3200 for th this. >> i don't even know what that is. >> well it's actually a walk man. >>ell but not the walkma man that we e remember, al. al. >> right. isn't this is the new walk man kl msony still makes them. the it's digital now.. it's $3,200. $200. it's gold plated and the perfect compliment to your apple watchlh so they say with a touch screenr those of us who use to push the cassettes might get confused by. >> does it play cassettes. >> digital music.ic high res they kept the name. >> new walk man tweaked fromn tw last years model november visits heren't familiar with any way w head p ahone jack at the top we didn't even know anything about >> comparative to the old ipod, right, like mp3.
8:45 am
>> basically it's different. it's not the'sot t >>he it's an i-pod made by a by different company. made by sony. erma >> it's nice looking anddey gol. >> $3,200.3,20 >> hey, what do i care about money?>> hey, hamoy? (laughter).. >> there's in my pan's house right knobbled i could probably sell you fori five bucks.. >> parents need to make sure the babies diapers are clean andan d they're happy and healthy. >> fifth of parents admit toit o regret to go their child's name and 30% experience that regrett within the first six weeks. >> really?>>ll >> yeah. this breaks our heart apparentll one of the most regretted names is elsa. >> after the whole -- -- >> knee jerk.>> knee >> how can we expect that one to -- let it go. g >> you had to lit the let it go. >> yeah. >> other regretted names include charlotte and frederick.rick >> can you change it if it'sf i' within the first six months? mt? >> you can always change --nge >> yeah.h >> if you regret it.egret it. the children won't know.w. >> kid won't know you can change your name as an add dull, too.
8:46 am
elsa, you know. know. right. right. today is our zip trip finale.. let's just move on. we are partying in silverer spring, maryland.and. >> but as we have been tellingei you we have a huge prize to give away. away. that's coming up in just aomings little bit.little al, you have to, you need to get out h. time to go.time to go. >> go party it up in silver it p spring.n sispring >> peace out. we'll see you later.>> pl see l see you in silverater. spring. ♪
8:47 am
the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
8:48 am
>> go ahead and count up those cars. will will be one left coming up >>ahea a little shy of o
8:49 am
now. now. when we give one of them away to a very lucky fox5 viewer. well, woe also consider conr ourselves lucky if we can miss s think tropical/wannabee hurricane make its way up the u east coast. let's get the details from tucker coming up in just 10 seconds. hey, welcome back. we're in silver silr p i'm at the out box which is an outdoor work station here in silver spring which is wrapped a new and pretty cool.ool free wi-fi and that kind of of thing. let's get right to the weekend.e big holiday forecast ahead an aa lot happening. let's start with the cool cool very very pleasant out here pleo early this mor 68 degrees right now in in washington.ingt 64 up in gaithersburg. 70 in first thing you're going tooingt notice when you step out then door what happened to the humidity. and feels fantastic
8:50 am
parts of the area. that cloudpa cover you see to theee south that is the outer bands associated -- outer cloud coverc canopy associated with hermine and there you can see it. some of that start to sneak inti our neighbors later today.od although we should remain dryaid later with daytime highs in thet low 80s. 80s all right.all right let's talk weekend i think wests of the bay it's generally goingy to be just cloud cover thiser ts weekend with daytime highs in hn the upper 70s to about 80. abo saturday and sunday.un again that's a change from evenn few days ago we thought we'd ged heavy rain around here this wees we're thinking cloud cover. different story down at thet stt beaches where they will beaches dealing with more direct impactl included the potential for beach erosion, heavy rain, windsin gusting perhaps 50 miles an houh and one of the issues here isere the remnants of our tropical storm we're kind of sit and spis off the coast for a couple of cu days and that's going to enhance unfortunately the beach erosionh and the issues down at then at t beaches over the next couple off days.da but our forecast looking akin little brighter at this hour, again, 82 today.oday 78 tomorrow. 80 on sunday and
8:51 am
of clouds and sun but we shouldo remain dry. so we're generally looking dryng west of the bay for the weekende which is great us in because i know after a hot summer we'reree ready for nice holiday weekend e that's the latest on the out b box. let's toss it to holly and to hd maureen. i'll join you on the main set ii just a minute. how is it looking? i looki >> looking pretty good. >> it's looking amazing for these 22 more of ouf finalists in the running for this beautiful ms. of mazza cx9. this car is amazing. i'm looking at the details. it has total msrp of $42,000.00. almost $50,000 car we're givingg away to lucky finalist today. td couple it?uple i >> yes, i can.>> yesi c >> yes, he >> because he's here.s >> this is mike and jennifer. ai >> yes. >> long-time fox5 viewers. vwe >> yes. yes.>> y. yes. yes. >> how long? >> a long time. > ag t >> there you go. >> she said she's been watc
8:52 am
me the whole time. t sister, i know a long time. t >> mike is feeling really goodly out here because you told me yo know this car is yours. >> >> how do you know this, mike? k >> because the lord told me.ld m >> that's right. he said the lord is on his side. >> he goes gospel music. mic >> did you hear what jennifer je says. >> he's talking to both of us. >> hey, now, jennifer saidrd something funny -- f >> we can share.>>ca >> you can time share.ehare. >> i'm all for that. and>> i'm allalere talking this is the first time a she'she actually scene the car in t car person.person >> wow. you had gone online and looked d at it. what did you think?? >> well, seeing it in personner it's so i didn't think it was this large as it is as i see it it'st' beautiful though. tug >> mike was saying you've never had an automatic car beforear b something that you don't need tt key to start. key >> first time.e >> we'll do you guys one betterb well let you sit inside this c car. would you like to do that. woul>> yes. >> come on with us. >> come on. com on. okay, mike, you getting to to first. we'll let you go in the driver's se
8:53 am
meanwhile you and i will go int the passenger seat, jennifer.ene >> let me close it.>>et me closi how does it feel? >> ooh. >> go ahead. a >> one more time. >> ooh, this is nice., this is . >> look at that. t this is nice. >> it's like sitting in what -- >> i can't describe it.. >> words elude you. you. >> wow.>> >> all right. wow. jennifer washington do you think. >>nnt's beautiful. >> it really is. i >>.e nice >> could you see yourself driving around town in cou this absolutely.. >> are we feeling nervous, angv thus, what's our emotion right now?now? >> i'm just >> you're nervous. >> i'm very nervous. >>'m i'm tryinger tyo hold it down. d >> wait and see. >> i'm hopeful because this is c my car.. i'm sorry.. i'm sorry. sor >> don't be sorry.or they say claim i'm i'm claiming this car. car. >> we got the holy ghost in thii car and the lord said -- mike--k said the lord said it's his carr amen to that. tt. congratulations and good luck tt each and everyone of you.ou >> thank you so much. >> thank you guys so muc h
8:54 am
being loyal viewers it means ata lot to us.t to it really does.y doe so exciting for us to be able tl be here with you today and tod d hopefully one of you will be tht lucky one that drives away inin this brand new mazza cx9. sweet looking car. c now, listen, someone else is eli working hard here in silvern spring. i think his name is kevin mccarthy. mccarthy. let's check in with him now. n hey, kev.ev >> good morning guys. talkingimg amazing time to his beautiful young lady l named i was brew and mr. gabri mr. gabriel. how you doing buddy. >> good morning. >> he works for kid museu sponor ksoring huge e mventuseup in silver maker fair septembe september 25th from 12:00 o 12:t 5:00.5: people are encouraged to come out. to invent, to do things but audrey you have done something very very special. talk about this beautiful piecee you've created here. >> so this was originally a greet tow doll i took off the te head of it with gabriel's helpep and i put in little doll's head and then i ripped out the leg,eg put it in a
8:55 am
air brush it all and my besty bs friend she brought some glitteri so glitter rized i built a baseb and added 3d lego pieces andies marble. >> those are 3d print.nt >> yes. >> she said greto. star wars pops in mind. in m that's his head on that is awesome.that i'm geeking i out.eeking o are you big star wars nerd?d? >> well, i've only seen the seet fourth and the seventh but myenm dad he's a big star wars >> your dad has really goodllygo taste in movies.sten m talk about this fair little bitt maker fair september 25t we'll see more pieces like thisi correct?ect >> yeah, we'll be featuring aea lot of different creations madem by kids. by k we're also going to have lot oft other vendors in the area, and nationally come through toe showcase the projects thatsha they're also kid museum we do this stufs every day. so we give a chance to have kids create with real tools and reala materials and we're out ins d bethesda, w me'arried. >> people walk through, what art the hours how do people get toet the museum what's the ticket tke process like?ess like? >> we're open during the day for
8:56 am
after school programs and weekends. seven days week we're i spend a lot of my nights creating stuff for kids ands familiar tolls build with theirt hands and their hearts.earts. >> that's awesome.hat's aweso this is a beautiful speech. sec you have a special message to somebody. >> so my sister right now she'ss in the hospital and she has h something with -- wrong with heh stomach and i would like to makm sure that she's watching >> what's her name? >> ingrid. ingri >> ingrid. ingrid we hope you feel better. ette amazing sister.r. amazingly talented sister. sis she has star wars on this art piece.e. because she's awesome.e'weso gabriel a pleasure to meet you.y nice to meet you guys. guy back to you guys in studio. stu thank you so much. muc >> kevin, thank you so much. that's great. i love seeing the creativityativ with the youngsters. gabriel trying to bring out alll their creativity.y >> i don't get to stand in front of the weather screen that oft often. >> take over.>> >> i did that once and tucker ac got a little worried.o >> i like your confidence. likfi w
8:57 am
for this weekend.r this w >> i think the storm stays eastm sof e uass enough. eno in the city to keep us dry. >> will we have clouds? cud >> yes. little bit of sunshine way westy too and there could be shower or sprinkle randomly. rando >> most of the action is east oo us. east of the bay actually.ctuall. >> all right. >> rough along the beaches. bch >> good to know.w. listen don't go any r coming up good day d.c. right at the topte of the hour. h our last zip trip of the seasonn >> are we giving away somethingi >> a car. tve you heard about tnghat? . that's coming up on good day.d d tucker will join us as well as l gary and they're going to doubll team the forecast because of thf hurricane.hurr there you see all those cars.s. we'll give one away on good dayy dc. that's next. th ♪ ♪
8:58 am
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♪ straight ahead a soaking s start to the holiday weekend. hermine made landfall overnight. first hurricane to hit florida a at a decade. now, it's on track to make its way up the east coast and that t could mean big changes for yourr labor day. urgent upgrade.pgde metro has been under fire for f its crumbling infrastructure.ctr and the need for row pairs now s even more obvious at the rhodede island avenue station.. for the second time this week, the platform shut down afterfter part of the ceiling how long it could be out of service.e. first, though, the grandrand finale in a little more than an hour one lucky fox5 fan will beb the winner of a brand new mazda


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