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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  September 4, 2016 7:00am-8:30am EDT

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>> right now at 7:00, tropical storm hermine gaining strength as it moves up the east coast with wind and rain. those holiday weekend plans for millions of peopleen including in our own region. the big question will she become a hurricane again. >> there's a manhunt under way in northern virginia for whoever ab ducked and raped a lifeguard on the job. live with surprising reaction from those neighbors. >> and historic day for catholic church. mother theresa given highest honor for dedication to helping those in neeltd. >> i'm annie yu. >> i'm tom fitzgerald. >> good to see you happy surprised, september 4 already. that's a liv
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city right now in maryland . has not ruined your holiday plans around here. caitlin roth is keeping an eye on all this. good morning, caitlin, how are you? >> good morning to you both. hermine is still offshore and had little to no impact to us here in d.c.. we had clouds yesterday. it was breezy. overall nice. and i saw some peeks of sunshine out there in ocean city as rain stopped noon yesterday. beach erosion and storm surge still an issue with tropical storm hermine now far off to sea. winds still us is stained at 65 miles an hour. it's considered strong tropical storm but they call it post tropical once it transitions away from a warm storm to a regular one. winds east, northeast, 12 miles an hour. it's expected to move north, northeast ward through the day into tomorrow. watch it me
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here and eventually taking a job to the northeast. not before bringing high winds and surf to places like long island, cape cod, massachusetts, they're not exempt from the affects of hermine. it will batter new jersey and delaware beaches. all the trop skal storm warnings were lifted out of our area. locally we're not seeing much. it's a cool morning. showers south. this is about as far as north and west as the rain came yesterday from hermine. so st. mary county you're seeing a little over towards northern neck this is spotty activity. light showers to salisbury and nothing too heav heavy. this is all light scattered rain showers. it's cool out there though. one thing hermine was responsible for all the cloud cover. cool air that moved in behind a cold front thursday night entrenched, 69 washington, 59 gaithersburg and 61 frederick. those winds really calmed down at least locally. winds are out of north
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about 10 miles an hour and along the coast no gusts are too high. look at the beautiful sunday forecast. we're still talking about a tropical system but fantastic day ahead. look at this. 75 by 11 a.m. mostly sunny with more sun expected today. 78 by 2 p.m. and high temperature 80. nice breeze out of the north keeping things comfortable. it won't be comfortable for long though. i'm tracking return of major september heat and humidity in the 7 day forecast that's all still ahead. first we'll get to top storys with annie and tom. >> thank you so much. caitlin. we you to see this over rehoboth beach delaware. "fox5" laura evans sent thus video. you can see high winds producing big waves out there and that rough surf past those dunes. it's definitely impacted that area. you can see the cloud cover as well. probably not the greatest beach weather people were expecting this lab
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>> if you watch laura's full video on the facebook feed you can hear the winds, the fierce winds hitting audio. there hopefully everyone is keeping safe. in addition to our region the storm pounded parts of north carolina and florida as well. >> fox's joe wald on has the lightest from the outer banks. >> gusty winds and high tide still at the outer abavrkz. her plain is picking up steam as it picks up speed. it drenches parts of north carolina. >> winds were probably 50 miles an hour. >> strong, whipping winds continuing into the afternoon saturday leaving many homes and businesses damaged and in the dark. thousands of residents moving power inland and coastal areas. >> sitting on my porch on
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you could hear popping and sizzling and loud explosion. >> parts of neighboring virginia also feeling effects of hermine. thousands of homeowners waking up to downed trees and major power out annuals. one thing is for sure, residents are looking forward to a quieter second half of the labor day holiday weekend. >> it's going to be nice. it's going to pass and there's great weather out there after hurricanes. >> as hermine continues north severe weather warnings are in effect in virginia to connecticut and in the outer banks north carolina joe wald on, fox news. >> remember "fox5" is your home for continuous weather coverage. that's >> developing this morning, william county police are searching for a missing
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searching for a missing 3-year-old and a man took the child police say it was wednesday night after a mana sawlingted her in a hoe text and investigators say they are concerned about the infant's welfare this morning and anyone with information about this case is asked to call police. >> developing a frightening story out of north virginia pool. a lifeguard said she was abduc abducted and raped on the job. >> shocking story. it happened yesterday afternoon in the 200 block of south ticket street. this morning, "fox5" alexandra limon is live with more on this. alex, what can you tell us? >> that's right that victim is young lifeguard in 20s and she reported to police that she was raped while on the job at a pool here at the hillwood condominiums complex like you mentioned south picket street in alexandria.
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the rain happened and the supect took off. and she told investigators that the man was armed with a gun and grabbed her from the pool area and then pulled her into a community room nearby where he raped her. now, even though it was the middle of the day around 2:00 in the afternoon, that victim says nobody else was around or in the pool area likely because of the cool and cloudy weather we had yesterday now there's only a vague description of the suspectch the man police are looking for, he's in his mid 30s or believed to be. he's tall, thin, has short hair and dark eyes. alexandria police department says that when the assault happened he was wearing a gray hoodie, light colored jeans and blue baseball cap. >> and i might need to get body guard or something. i can not believe. it nothing has ever happened in 20 years. i lived he
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there's nothing like that that ever happened in this community before. >> and though that victim told police she didn't see anyone else around they're hopeful someone saw or heard something it's a large complex with a lot of condo around the pool area. therefore, they're asking for information. they're also looking to see if there's surveillance of the area or they hope to develop a composite sketch. they will release that if and when it is available. reporting live in alexandria, alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". meanwhile, fairfax country police are investigating death of inmate at the adult detention center. officials say guards found the 53-year-old inmate in his cell yesterday morning. cause of death is under investigation. police say they do not suspect foul playch the investigators say the man began serving his sentence last september and is housed where inmes
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checked on every 30 minutes. >> here at:08 we're tracking metro now and it rhode island station will be closed again today. crews are trying to repair the falling concrete coming from the ceiling. metro doesn't believe it's due to structural issue but wear and tear from the weather and causing it to break loose. the station is expectsed to on 7 a.m. because of labor day holiday all stations will on 7 a.m. two hours later than normal and close at midnight. on at 7, close at midnight. trains and buses run on sunday schedule and no meto access service tomorrow. comingp a decade old cold case came to heartbreaking end. up next authorities who they believe killed a young boy 0 years later. >> and 0-year-old woman going on adventure of a lifetime. why she's walking from texas
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here in d.c. >> can't wait to hear that on one. >> and caitlin of course will be back with another look at today's weather and that al all-important workweek preview. stay with us. "fox5 news morning" will be right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things fferently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely.
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>> back with a check of other top stories, 27 years after he went missing the remains of missing minnesota boy have been found he was 11 when abducted by his home in 1989. police have a person of interest in the case. daniel highgrin told police were to find jake's body he became a person of interest after arrested on pornography charges last year. 2 months out of shot and killed by a minnesota police officer the family of philand
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castile laid him to rest. a memorial and funeral was held for him jextd he was shot and killed during july during a traffic stop. his girlfriend live streamed the aftermath offer facebook and the shooting remains under investigation. to new jersey where police arrested two people in connection with a shooting of atlantic city police officer. the men are facing several charges including a texted murder. shooting happened early yesterday morning after witnesses reported robbery in the parking garage ceasar as casino. third suspects was shot and killed by police. the officer was said to be in serious condition. >> two california correctional officers are recovering this morning after shot at a county jail. they were reportedly shot in neck and head. the gunman is a known gang member and was visiting the jail when he became upset after told he could not cross the line. >> a ride malfunction at the memphis fair injured passenger when's it stopped short causing some
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come loose. witnesses say ride goers were dangling and others fell to the ground at least 8 people including children were said to be hurt. that ride is shut down and the fair remains on. all right. we've been keeping a big eye on what's been going on on weather in the last couple days especially as caitlin comes in because we work here on this as well, too. and i think people are getting a weird sense of this thing. immediately in our area we're not obviously feeling this. >> it's gorgeous. >> you don't have to go too far away to see it is making an impact where it is. >> it really s i know a lot of people were at the beaches. i have friends in rehob edge and they said it's not terribl terrible. it's just very windy. you could see the high surf and it was cool there. >> scattered winds and high winds and rain. >> there is showers out there now. but real
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wind and surf coming off of the seas. you don't want to be swimming in this obviously, it's beach erosion we're concerned and lola infects for the beaches. >> those waves can be really -- >> you can look at. it don't get in it or too clos close. >> for us then what does it mean. will we continue this nice rid ride. >> we r we'll have a beautiful weekend. it's crazy. i know. and here it is a tropical storm out to sea and we're getting fantastic weather locally here. and yesterday was pretty nice. yes, little cloudy and cool but i thought so nice to get a break from heat and humidity and as it moves away we'll see great weather today and tomorrowan was salvageable despe having storms out to sea. satellite and radar showing a couple showers down to the south. hermine in this written band well out to sea it's amoved offshore this time yeer
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morning. it was off the coast of outer banks and it now moved substantially off towards the north and east. still those lola infects with the rip current and high surf and beach erosion from jersey beaches to delaware and maryland where tropical storm warnings remain in effect. there's showers moving east to west south of washington along northern virginia and northern neck to st. mary country maryland seeing a few sprinkles there. that's all you see rain-wise for today. 59 gaithersburg and 51 frederick and 6 4 in culpeper. very, very comfortable an a lot of the air is courtsey of a cold front that anymore in late friday early saturday and clear skies and look at 50s everyone is waking up to. one in binghamton and 52 columbus and 59 in chicago. nice change in air masses. now, we are still going to feel the affects of the high wind at beaches. beaches are hours away from
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it's hard to imagine wide variety of weather caused by the storm but as we go through sunday that fierce northerly flow going to continue to bro' duce wind gusts over 20 miles an hour cape may to ocean city and to virginia beach. notice this continues through the day on monday. that's why those warnings are in effect. fox future cast doesn't show much. clouds received ep. sunshine today. we'll have sunshine all day on labor day. cookouts look great and any picnic plans even by the pool looks nice despite a breeze you have plenty of sunshine temperatures in mid 80s. temperatures here later today comfortable 80 in washington and low 8 0s north and west and sunshine in the mountains. what a gorgeous weekend in shenandoah. he had great weather. look at temperatures fall back to 50s. very, very comfortable. 7 day forecast shows changes, summer is not over yet. we're going to keep going with the heat and humidity. like it or not. we warm up by tuesday, 89
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these temperatures well above normal as we head toe mid september here. 92 wednesday and 94 hot and humid thursday and friday chance of showers as we head into the weekend. so our hot end of summer continues there with temperatures back to the 90s. that's a look at the 7 day forecast. tom back to you. >> thanks a lot, caitlin, our region is dealing with the tropical storm and parts of midwest are dealing with earthquakes. residents in central oklahoma are cleaning up after 5.6 magnitude quake hit the area there. one man was hit by bricks that fell on his head and tremors could be felt all the way to texas and considered to be one of the strongest storms in oklahoma history. >> and we now have a better idea of the financial impact from the historic flooding in louisiana and state governor says the storm caused close to 9 billion in damage and 60,000 homes and businesses were ruined and he's ago congress toss approve $2 billion in federal aid so people can rebuild.
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house, donald trump spent saturday meeting with largely african-american audience for first time as presidential candidate and speaking to hundreds of church goers over detroit trump delivered message of unity that focused on fixing economic hardships in urban communities and he's said if elected he'll provide better jobs to those areas and better education. >> hillary clinton took her saturday off from campaigning, she and running mate time kaine are due to stump in ohio monday and husband bill clinton was in detroit meeting with supporters there. >> president obama is in china this morning ahead of g20 summit and that trip is getting off to something of a rough start. >> yes, bumpy road started when white house aid and chinese official had a heated exchange. kevin core has more from china. >> in his 11 and final presidential trip to the asia pacific president obama ain picturesque
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where he will meet at the g20 meeting and right away teption at the airport. >> chinese officials demanne demanneding their white house counterparts ban photographs from usual position to mark arrivele in a foreign country. susan rice was temporarily denied access to the president. despite the tension the two leaders managed to calm out moments of calm during the highlights of the walk. they formally wanted to commit to the comply matt community. >> this is a problem that could transform this planet in a way that makes it very difficult for us to deal with all of the other changes we may face. >> up in direct talks with the chinese president he raised areas over which washington and beijing remain at odds among them china making
7:21 am
grabs and it's causing high tensions in the region. >> what he should is have said we're strong when we restrain ourselves but if you don't we will restrain you. countries in the region needed to hear that and american people need to know how exceedingly dangerous things are in asia. >> the president is expect to meet on the side lines with russian president vladimir put in. the two men have a lot to discuss including ongoing trouble in syria and russian incursion into parts of ukraine crane. traveling with the president, kevin clark, fox news. >> you want to remember "fox5" is place for politics on sunda sunday. "fox 5 news" on the hill at 8:30 followed by fox news sunday with chris wallace, ronica, myself and managing editor of the bob kusack are all joining
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kusack are all joining us today. >> pope francis leading a sbeshl day for the catholic church declaring mother theresa a saint. >> and later new d.c. restaurant policy already refueling some debate over neighbors in that location. time now is 7:22. we'll be right back
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>> 7:24 now bck
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heart-warming tribute on the football field. the corn huskers taking to field to honor late teammate sam folk was killed in a car accident in july during nebraska's first 4th down the team took a delay of game in honor of the player. opposing team wore stickers on hel net honor of folk. >> and talk about the challenge of a lifetime. a 90-year-old woman is walking from forts worth all the way here to washington d.c.. opaleese said she is making this 1400 mile surgery to demand juneteenth would be a national holiday is the day many in texas to be the day slavery ended she plans to walk ten miles a day and expect the journey to take more than 20 weeks. happening today the catholic church bestowing one of highest honors on mother theresa. this was the scene earlier this moin
7:26 am
declared here a saint. kitty logan explains it's a declaration two decades in the making. >> another honor for mother theresa, 19 years after her death. pope francis is set to formally declare her a saint on sunday. more than 100,000 to expect to come to vatican city for the canonization. >> holy father will say definitively that mother theresa is in heaven and from there intercedes with us and her sliv good example for us what it means to be excellent christian. >> mother theresa founded missionaries of charity in calhoun cuta india in 1950 and continues to help the poor and sick and more than 1 30 houses around the world. she aernd a 197 noble peace prize. >> mother theresa had a gift of inviting everybody to take part in the work
7:27 am
and also to make everybody aware of their own responsibility. >> a person is to have perfor performed at least two miracles to become a saint. first was recognized 13 years ago after indyap woman said she was cured of tumor pope francis acknowledged second miracle last year. she's believed to have helped brazilian man survive several brain tumors in 2008. >> today it was me maybe tomorrow could be anyone else. i do not feel i'm somebody special god merciful and looks after everybody. >> her path started at year after her death. pope john paul ii waived the five year waiting period.. kitty logan. fox news. >> mazeing life and legacy she did with poor people around the world. >> absolutely i love it. 7:27 is the time a frantis sur surech underway for a missing 3-month-old baby and who the police believe
7:28 am
with. >> and caitlin is back with today's weather including latest on tropical storm hermine. we'll be back after this passion pass
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>> 7:30 another live look in ocean city. though it make look peaceful you don't want to get too close to the wer
7:31 am
many people there yesterday were outlooking at the water. it does look nice. you have to keep in mind that it is high wind and scattered rain and dangerous conditions. so use your common sense this morning. not the best beach day of course because of everything going on. >> this unseen danger. that looks benign. you can see a few peaks of sunshine it's why you're not supposed to go in the water due to high surf and rip current. >> as of now governor hogan declared a state of emergency. keep that in mind. >> we're being looking at this off the jersey coast on long island. >> a lot of our shore points to boston, guys, yes, we are seeing hermine move away and move offshore. as i begin my walk that was not a good walk. >> we were talking about the walk right. >> i think i need to wait for that camera
7:32 am
it's awkward standing up from the couch. >> you still got there it worked. >> i still arrived. >> timing is everything. okay. tracking hermine here behind me right now they're calling it post tropical just a technica technicality meaning transitioning from a warm core tropical system to further atlantic ten affects seeing outer rain bands well offshore. that's them now as we look at infrared satellite. winds are still sustained at 65 miles an hour. it's a powerful post tropical storm and those winds are still battering the east coast from cape cod all the way to virginia beach where we have tropical storm warnings along the immediate beaches. here is track of hermine as we go through the next couple days moving east northeast 12 miles an hour and largely north ward and then a job northeast where it completes its track out to see not before impacting nova scotia and places like
7:33 am
feeling the whipped surge. the overall movement is away from us. mainly clouds up and down the coast and here in washington mostly cloudy with light rain. moving across parts of northern virginia this should dissipate as we see the sun come out later this monk and gearing up for a nice day. temperatures 69 washington and 59 gaithersburg and 61 frederick and winchester and 64 in culpeper. it's a nice, cool, comfortable morning and it's actually very decent to be outside. barbeque labor day weekend plans today, no problems. probably breezier. lighting the grill may be a challenge. winds north are fairly light now. i expect them to increase 15, 20 miles an hour later this afternoon. fox future cast showing those clouds recede as we go through the rest of the day those rain showers dissipating and we're looking at a lot of sunshine going through the rest of sunday afternoon. and into monday morning notice clouds try to sneak back on coast that's affects of hermine and otherwise monday itself
7:34 am
here's your planner forecast for today, sunday, 75 degrees by 11 a.m. and nice breeze out of north keeping things comfortable and sunshine and 78 by 2 p.m. and 5bg, 80 degrees and breezy. nice, nice day. labor day looks nicer we'll have that in the 7 day forecast ahead. tom. >> thank you very much, caitlin. we want to you remember that "fox5" is your home for continuous local weather coverage. stay up to date on all the latest for potentials and latest on the tropical storm. go to our web site and find us on facebook, twitter and of course that wonderful "fox5" weather app. available at the google and istore. >> meantime developing this morning prince william country police searching for missing 3-month-old baby. investigators say a man took the child. police say it began wednesday night a woman called for help after a mana salted her at a motel in dumfries virginia the
7:35 am
her russel walker took her 3-month-old baby named zion they are concerned about the infant's welfare and anyone with information about this case is asked to call police. >> also developing this morning it's a frightening story out of northern virginia at a pool there. >> that's where a lifeguard says she was abducted and raped while on the job. this morning "fox5" alexandra limon is live in alexandria with the latest. alex, what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right, that victim is lifeguard in early 20s and she told police she was raped and it happened around 2:00 in the afternoon at a pool here at the hillwood condominiums complex along south pecket street in alexandria. now, the victim contacted police after she said she was assaulted and the suspect took off. she told investigators that the man who raped her had a gun. he grabbed her from the pool area and pulled her into a community room that was nearby.
7:36 am
weekend, holiday weekend at best there was nobody around that's likely because of the cool, cloudy weather we had yesterday. so, now, police are on the hunt for the suspect. however, they only have a very vague description of the suspect. he's believed be in mid 30s. tall, thin, dark hair, dark eyes and at the time the attack happened he was wearing a gray hoodie and light colored jeans and blue baseball cap. >> we have no reason to believe that she knew the suspect at this point. that's why it's so alarming. stranger sexual assaults are very, very rare in alexandria and for one top haen in the the middle of the day is alarming. >> reporter: and although that victim told investigators she deposit believe anyone else was around you can see this is a large complex. so police are still hopeful somebody saw or heard somethin someth
7:37 am
alexandria police department with information. they're also working to either try to get some surveillance video or develop a composite sketch. reporting live alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". >> terrible story. so disturbing. a new d.c. restaurant causing a big stir in the neighborhood and how it added fuel to year old dilemma. >> and later a dream come true for one very deserving sixth grader how a local football team made it all possible. we'll be right back after payday presents: salty covered sweetness. i was clearly here first, buddy. you know what's clear? our budding friendship. let's go be best friends right now.
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>> welcome back here at 7:40 it's only been on for a few weeks but the new chick-fil-a in continually town is ruffling fathers with restaurant potentialcy. >> it's not allowing customers to dine in the restaurant during school hours. the owner says it's issue of capacity. not everyone in the neighborhood is sure about that. "fox5" jennifer davis has the story. >> hey guys how are you doing we're doing carry out only right now. >> customers arriving at the tenly town chick-fil-a mid afternoon can order whatever they want but these days have to get that order to go. >> we get pretty crazy there's a lot of kids and traffic in the dining area. and it's pretty much you have to take it and go or else
7:41 am
lot of people. >> we enjoy actually purchasing our food and sitting down and dining and they can come one a better policy. >> the problem is not rowdy teens from nearby wilson high school but simply capacity issue. >> we have kids from wilson actually working as our team members. >> but no we're -- we're just noticing there's a influx between those mid afternoon hours. >> on blogs like potville customers report that the decision was made because of problems with students. >> i understand the restaurant decision to do that. i'm not saying it's great things to do but it is understandable. >> every day wilson high gets out of the same time for years and years and it's every restaurant has had to deal with the same thing or influx of students coming out of cool school. it seems strange they wouldn't want to on the doors and be more of a neighborly partner.
7:42 am
the area and lots of teens issues with them ranging from general boisterousness to more serious misconduct. we had a small percentage of kids that caused more serious problems you know taunting and maybe bumping into people when not entirely accidentally. >> the neighborhood chair says npd. transit police. school system, city leaders and more already put some changes in place and continue to work on the issue. >> what we ultimately want is atmosphere of mute tuille respect for everybody. students need to respect local businesses and business people and local business people need towed have respect for our kids. and i think we mostly is that. but we can do better. >> jennifer davis, "fox5 local news". >> so chick fail a owners tell us the policy will stay in place until future notice sdmri don't know how you get the kids to understand how to
7:43 am
eat your food and move on if you don't let them in the store, though. so i see what the restaurant is saying. but at the same time, you know, if you're that popular, maybe you should have expected that when you opened your doors around there. >> they are very popular with kids. >> i wish i could have affor afforded to go to chick-fil-a after school. >> the next step is for task force they say to loop local businesss in on the conference to work together to create what they call atmosphere of mutual respect. >> it's good they're having this conversation. it's a great neighborhood down the street from us right now. >> it's a great location. busy one, too, right around those high schools. >> right, right and you know listen those kids are thriving part of businesses down there. they need to work out an agreement somehow and come up with a solution. >> we'll move to new york and chicago now. there's a new player in town when it comes to the nation's tallest building we'll show it to you next. >> and a day on the field this little boy will never forget. this is such a heart-warming inspiring
7:44 am
you're going to love it. stick us with. 7:43 is the time.
7:45 am
7:46 am
welcome back. new at 7 this tall building west of mississippi river construction workers placeing a spire on top of the willshire grant hotel in la it's more than 1,000
7:47 am
stories high and 81 feet hire than the tower that held the record since 1989. >> i don't know about the spires on top of tall building buildings. it seems like cheating. because you count by floors not spires. >> i agree. >> but technically. >> technically. >> technically it works good we were able to set the debate i'm glad. >> and have you been to the one in chicago? >> that's enormous. they have one in la now, not tallest they have a glass slid slide. >> yes, yes, you're right. >> a friend of mine went on it you could not pay me enough. >> how much is it to go on? >> i'm not sure not enough money top get my wits back after doing something like that. >> i went out to the building hancock building in chicago they have glass building where you stand there and look out. >> it's scary. >> it's the oddest feeling looking down the glass is supporting
7:48 am
>> i would have anxiety attac attack. >> exactly vertigo. >> brave woman caitlin roth. >> i try. >> so, you know, hermine is moving along way moving offshore. but, yesterday we had a decent day in d.c. and we had beautiful rest of the labor day weekend. i know, unfortunate end to what would have been the last official beach weekend of the summer. but, you know what? if you're brave go again next weekend because you lose the crowds at the beach and you'll get great weather. >> i know. >> right? >> we have a heat wave headed our way yet again. so if hermine moves away skies will clear and conditions improve day by day as we need next week and yes by next weekend it looks like fantastic beach weekend. all right tracking hermine post tropical storm winds sustained 65 miles an hour moving east northeast 12 miles an hour. powerful and high clouds topped and rain band far offshore. not going to see any impacts in our area expect for immediately
7:49 am
tropical storm warnings remain in effect monday through the maryland, virginia beaches that extend up the coast to new jersey, new york, and even into massachusetts. so, here's a track of low pressure system. just due north ward and then northeast ward as it waves final good-bye to u.s. and impacts november 'skoshia and leaves us alone throughout rest of the week. high surf and beach erosion big impacts through. couple sprivrjs out there as i zoom in south. washington. we have enough instability for rain showers along 95 and into northern virginia and rain showers should dissipate and clouds recede as we go through today and give us a really beautiful afternoon. temperatures are cool out there right now. mainly only in the 60s and upper 50s still. so, really nice breath of fresh air the last couple days with low humidity look at cool temperatures north and west. just 5 pittsburgh and 51 bing ham top ton and 52 columbus, ohio. don't t
7:50 am
comfortable temperatures as warmth returns. clouds giving way to sunshine later today. any plans leading into labor ow day look great for this afternoon. and monday south warmer and plenty of sunshine. gorgeous labor day forecast. you can even be out by the pool. temperatures later this afternoon, 80 in washington and 82 dulles and 82 culpeper and little cool area long the water in 70s and remains nroom yes, i chilly and gusty at the beache beaches. and lows overnight in the 50s to 65 here in washington. and all right. check out the 7 day forecast. labor day is fantastic and we begin another warm-up. i've lost count of how many heat waves we've had including one last week before hermine moved in. here's another one. mid september, 92 by wednesday and 94. so really hot and humid with temperatures well above normal. thursday, friday, getting close to record territory possibly. by friday afternoon we have a chance of thunderstorms and then some rain maybe as we head into next weekend. but pretty warm weather as we
7:51 am
take a look at week ahead. that's the 7 day forecast. autopsyy, tom. >> thanks so much, caitlin. now to a story you only see on "fox5". d.c. high school has a new member on football team and he might be smallest on the field but earned title of hd woodson warrior. >> jason had beinging in the head a few years ago and now he's welcomed as femor's first honorary member. lindsay watts as the story. >> yeah, yaik. >> he has a love for boot ball and basketball and boxing. >> he has a fashion for being on the field. >> but what makes him different the scars he wears. >> that bullet will remain in his head unfortunately. >> no helmet could protect him. >> we have to keep a close eye on jaydan. he cannot
7:52 am
>> he's arguably the toughest one out here shot in the head by a stray bullet at 9 years old. >> his team wanted to give him his chance under the friday night lights. >> they reached out to me and wanted to make jaydan their honorary member. >> let's get to it. >> i do wish sometimes that i could get out with my friends and play football. >> we're going to win it for you tonight big guy, all right, all right? >> jaydan will always deal with complication from shooting but coming back from being paralyzed unable to speak he says not playing football is not a real concern. >> i would not say i'm dispointed because like from where i came from, and now, i don't have to like be mad at anything. >> his positive outlook brin bringing his sister to tears. >> you just gave a real
7:53 am
interview i'm proud. >> they've been in this struggle together. >> it's a lot. to go from you know seeing him, hisprocess in the hospital to to me playing with him every day and him getting on my nerves and him you know laughing and playing with me. he keeps up with me. he's my big brother. it's crazy i love. it i would not change -- i would probably change the situation but i wouldn't change our outcome at all. >> jaydan's family says hurt will never fully go away. and though times like this do help. >> it z it does. but you know at the end of the day when you lay down to sleep and your -- my son sleeps with me every night. so i see the wound and scars on his head and hold his hand. you know? but some days are good and some days aren't so good. >> as far as how this one ranks? >> right now
7:54 am
feel great. >> wow. >> that's incredible. >> if you ever have anything you can't handle look at that young man and the attitude and smile on his face and determination to keep going. >> after everything he's been through to hear him speak like that it speaks volumes. he's incredible, incredible gu guy. he'll do amazing things in life. i love it jaydan keep fighting. we'll be back after this short break. with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now, get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online, cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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>>:00 here on "fox5 news morning". this say live picture of ocean city this morning. as we've been continuing to keep an eye on tropical storm hermine. good to see you again. >> hello. good morning, everybody, i'm annie yu. >> tom fitzgerald. >> at the weather map with caitlin roth. >> good morning to you all. we're still following what is now post tropical storm hermin hermine. little snow effect in d.c.. in fact we're having a beautiful weekend. >> we're saying goodbye her.
8:01 am
impacts at the beachs with tropical storm warnings in effect and as a result high surf, beach erosion and high issue. if you're not along the coast where bit way i saw peaks of sunshine in ocean city, maryland, you're not feeling impacts of anything. her is hermine well off shore. yesterday morning when i was on air talking about hermine parked over the outer banks. made a decent job to the east here. winds us is stains 65 miles an hour powerful and moving east, northeast, 12 miles an hour. here is projected track of what is left of hermine over the next couple days. and talk of it reforming to hurricane. doesn't look like. it it's post tropical and as it moves north ward to colder waters it starts to dissipate and not before impacting long island and offer cape cod there in massachusetts and then eventually over towards nova scotia. but the impacts will remain at the beach when's it comes to like i said, high wind gusts and beach erosion and high surf don't swim in the water it's into the safe with the
8:02 am
satellite and radar showing sprinkles south. washington this morning and light rain moving northern neck to northern virginia and couple clouds overhead. aside from sprivrj this morning i don't think we see much of anything. it's nice, cool morning though. enjoy this while it last. 70 in washington and 61 in gaithersburg and 61 frederick and 60 martinsburg where you all started in the 50s north and west early this morning. all right. winds are generally calm along the mountains and western suburbs up to 12 miles an hour and washington and lingering affects of hermine in the city will be a nice breeze out of north. so kind of brisk at times and also, still on the cooler side. we hit a high of 82 xwred and we'll be right around that again today. 75 by 11 a.m. and 7 with a breeze through 2 p.m. and 80 for that high temperature. notice all that sunshine coming out. so it should be a really nice comfortable afternoon. i said enjoy while it last because we're looking at the return of some major heat. believe it or not even as
8:03 am
into the second week of september. heat wave on the way. we'll have the details for the rest of the week ahead in the 7 day forecast. tom and annie. >> thank you so much, caitlin. this was the scene yesterday in rehoboth beach in delaware. "fox5" laura evans sent us this video. you can seat high winds producing big waves out there and white caps off the ocean made things for breezy day out there along the shore. >> in addition to our region the storm has already pounded parts of florida as well as north carolina. >> fox joe waltman had the latest from the outer banks. >> and gusty winds and high tide still lingering along the outer banks and a day after hermine slammed into north carolina. hermine is picking up steam as it moves north once again nearing hurricane strength and storm system drenches dozens of community as cross north carolina friday night. >> some gusts were probably 50 mile an hour because it was blowing me from one side of the road to the area. >> strong, whipping winds continuing to the
8:04 am
saturday and leaving many homes and businesses damaged and in the dark. thousands of residents losing power and both inland and coas coastal areas. sit on my porch on the back here and big gust of wind and you can hear popping and some sizzling and popping and kind of loud explosion. >> parts of neighboring virginia also feeling affects of hermine. thousands of homeowners waking up to downed trees and major power outages. one thing for sure, residents are looking forward to much quieter second half of labor day holiday weekend. >> it's going to be nice. it's going to pass. and there's always great weather after hurricanes. >> as hermine continues north severe weather warnings are now affecting cootal areas from virginia all the way up to connecticut. in the outer banks north car line a. joe balancedman fox news. >> remember "fox5" is home for continuous weather coverage we you have covered and you want to stay up to date with the latest for rain potentials and warm news you can do it on
8:05 am
web site "fox news" and keep our facebook twitter and weather app update as well. check you us out there. >> developing this morning a frightening story out of northern virginia for a lifeguard said she was abducted and raped on the job. >> this happened yesterday afternoon in the 200 block of south picket street. "fox5" alexandra limon is live with more on the story. alex, what can you tell me? >> well the victim told police she was raped while working at a pool at the hill wood apartment complex and the attack happened around 2:00 in the afternoon. and now, police are trying to hunt down that suspect. now the victim was not able to call police obviously until after the attack happened and the suspect had taken off. she told investigators that man was armed with a gun he grabbed her from the pool area and pulled her into the community room that was nearby where he raped her. and even though it was middle of the day on holiday weekend nobody else w
8:06 am
pool area because well likely because ever weather you know it was cool and cloudy yesterday.
8:07 am
>> also developing this morning prince william county police searching for missing 3-month-old baby and investigators say a man took the child and police say it all began wednesday night when a woman called for help after a map assaulted her at a motel in dumfries and they said man that assaulted her russel walker took her 3-month-old baby zion they are concerned about the infant's welfare. anyone with information about this is to call police. >> student at university of maryland may be waking up with no power. there was an outage hitting several buildings on campus overnight and right now, we're told are still without power in the light and i that's at mc killdon are not working the library and student center were affected by this it's unclear what caused that outage. >> time now:07 tracking metro
8:08 am
riders rhode island station will be closed today. it comes as crews are trying to repair following concrete and debris coming from the ceiling. metro doesn't believe it's due to structural issue but rather years of wear and tear from the weather and it's causing them to break loose and the station is expected to on tomorrow at 7 a.m. but it is closed today. because of labor day weekend all stations on 7 a.m. two hours later than normal and all stations close at midnight. trains and buses will run on sunday schedule and there will be no metro access service tomorrow. tragic end to a decade old cold case coming up next, what led police to the body of a missing boy more than 20 years later. >> and unthinkable crime targe targeting 4 legged friends dog owners in one northern virginia community on edge after someone may be trying taken to tension alley harm pets and caitlin back with another look a
8:09 am
storm hermine. stay with us. we'll be right back.
8:10 am
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>> 8:11 now back with a look at top stories this morning. 27 years after went missing the remains of missing minnesota boy have been found. jake or weatherly was 11 years old when abducted near his home in 1989. police report edly now have a person of interest in this case. daniel heinrick reportedly told
8:12 am
police where to find jacob's body and became a person of interest after atreingted on a pornography charge last year. >> two months after shot and killed philando castile was laid to rest. he was shot and killed in july during a traffic stop. his girlfriend live streamed the aftermath on her facebook live and shooting is still under investigation. >> in new jersey police arrested two people in connection with a shooting of atlantic city police officer. officials say the men are facing several charges including a texted murder. a third suspect was shot and killed by police and the officer said to be in serious condition this morning. >> two california correctional officers were shot in the neck and head at a county jail. gunman is a known
8:13 am
visiting the jail when he became upset after he was told he could not cut the line. >> and a ride malfunction at a memphis fair injured passenger when's it stopped short. it caused some safety bars to come loose and witnesses say some of the ride goers were dangling while others were left to fall from the grounds. eight people and some children were said to be hurt. that ride is shut down but the fair remains on. >> and a historic day from catholic church as pope francis declares mother theresa a saint. >> enjoy tomorrow because tomorrow sad to tell you it's official end to summer. fox's patricia stark has these stories and more. >> surprised, mother theresa is said to be cannonizeed by appropriate francis in remember in addition of her work with the poor india. expected to be center piece of year of mercy and the most famous nun of modern times will
8:14 am
and monday labor day typically viewed as unofficial end to the summer the holiday plays homage to labor movement and achiev achievements of american works erin tuesday big news for you apple loves out there the tech giants will hoped a big event in san francisco where it's expected to unveil the debut of iphone 7 and nfl kicks off the 2016 season in rematch of super bowl 50. the champs denver broncos will host the panthers. grab your popcorn it's sure to be epic. speaking of food chipolte is said to rule out new promotion promotions. the burrito chain is set to offer student friendly promotions, free drinks and discounts on certain meelingz. deals will last through the month of september. >> and also this week members of congress are set to return to capitol hill from summer recess. and the 7-week hiatus has been one of the longest congressional vacations in more than half a century. that's a look at the week ahead
8:15 am
i'm pats rish astark, fox news. >> all right. well, with all due respect to patricia stark the unofficial summer end comes when caitlin starts -- stops putting 90s on the map. >> unofficial or not trust me there's summer to go. >> that's good. >> i love the 90s. >> we have a week full of 90s headed our way. >> yeah. >> it's time for "fox5" first 5 let's see cuteness this morning. this is leela 4 years old. >> i love that smile into the camera looks so proud. her dad says him and leela a get up bright and early to watch "fox5". thank you for that she's always asking why her picture is not on. that's a good question. your picture does belong on television. we love that picture. send us your child's photo on our facebook page. p have a wonderful labor day weekend. good morning to you both, 8:15 a.m. here
8:16 am
is really like our second saturday on these long holiday weekends. makes everybody happy despite the fact there's post tropical storm out. there hermine the tropical storms have been impacting our weekend along the coast and well it's moving along way. slowly but surely. we still got few showers out there early this morning. satellite and radar showing them just south of washington. but actual rain band associated with hermine well, well out to sea. storm itself spinning in middle of atlantic and it's a large storm and therefore we're seeing impacts of high winds, rip current and high surech along the coast anywhere from long island down to maryland and virginia beaches. let's zoom in closer to home. plenty of clouds and few sprinkles long the northern neck through northern northern virginia doesn't look like we're seeing anything reaching ground in washington and in couple hours we should be getting more sunshine leading into a beautiful afternoon. and it's kind of cool and comfortable out. there feels nice, right, 70 washington
8:17 am
and 61 frederick and 67 dulles. clouds kept us cooler yesterday and despite fact we still hit high temperature of 82. i think we've been so accustomed to the 90s and they're returning. and outside this morning very cold north and west. 54 binghamton and 54 columbus and enjoy while it lasts this type yes, i teeny taste of fall because summer comes roaring back with high pressure septembererd towards the south. through the rest of this week. so, expect heat to build day by day and then by the time we're at about wednesday 0s returning in full force and by the time you get to middle september 90s above normal possibly getting towards record territory i don't know that will be a close chael. i don't think we'll be that ho hot. temperatures lightser today comfortable 80 washington and 82 quantico and 81 frederick fredericksburg and cooler long the water. 75 annapolis and leonardtown. clear skies tonight and another cool morning. so a nice crisp beginning to labor day forecast. temperatures only in the
8:18 am
50s. north and west and if you have any barbeque picnic plans for labor day actually it looks beautiful and actually it's a pretty good pool day too. labor ow day starts off cool and warm up to 85. beautiful monday forecast for you there and here comes the heat. 9 by tuesday. well into the 0s wednesday through friday and i don't each know our eighth heat wave of the smevrment it's up there. 94 thursday and friday and chance of showers and thunderstorms cold front saturday and chance of showers next week. that's a look at the 7 day forl cast. annie and tom? >> well, now to a story you saw first on "fox5"a serious warping for pet owners in arlington. somebody may be intentionally trying to harm pets at a popular park there. >> the story has been making rounds on local lis serves and somebody put raw meat stuffed with pills out. one woman's dog took the bait. >> for me it's sick psycho
8:19 am
panel or something like that. i have no idea what somebody would do something like that. >> had natasha webber not been able to get her dog to the animal hospital quickly enough thursday morning the turkish rescue yoko may not be here today. both webber dogs were wading in the water bluemont park arlington when yoko climbed on rocks and began to eat something and turns out somebody laid out a trail of raw meat patties stuffed with dozens ever pills and pellets. >> i realized there were patties everywhere laying and in is definitely not normal. i pulled her away and we ran to the car and right away to the animal hospital. >> the vet had to make yoko vomit to get everything out of her stomach and said it could have been fatal. the vet said what she vomited she said there was green stuff in there and she said the green stuff actually looked like rat poison. we have three kids. we have those two dogs and they're absolutely fully family members. i mean that would have been
8:20 am
devastating if something would happen to her. >> fortunately 6-year-old yoko seems to be recovering fine but whoever laced patties is still out there and while it's alarming for local dog owners a bigger concern this could have been somebody's child. >> all those colorful pills and stuff. kids are attracted by this too and they like playing in the water. >> natasha filed a police report and spoke with animal welfare league of arlington. they asked her to help collect the rest of patties and took them to the lab. "fox5" reported two dogs that game sick after eating meat stuffed with caffeine pills also in arlington and in those cases it was left on local sidewalks just a ten minute drive from here. >> lady from animal welfare that picked it up said this looked different than caffeine pills. seriously i have no words for this. >> hopefully whoever did that will get caught real soon. you just don't do that. >> and i'm thankful no
8:21 am
gotten severely ill from it. >> yeah that's -- >> but just sick, sick joke or whatever the person's intentions are? terrible. all right. well, coming up, >> we'll hit the campaign trail. donald trump, hillary clinton, they're both out spending labor day holidays very differently. we'll have an update of fox news chris wallace right after this. >> i can't wait for that, fits, it's it for me. it's been fun. and coming up. >> that's it for today. >> we'll sigh guys later. >> bye ♪ amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night.
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>> and welcome back chris wallace the host of fox news sunday joining us with a preview of today's program. >> good to tee you, chris. >> good to be with you, tom. >> lane or day the start of presidential campaigns. why is it important what's done after labor day between now and what didn't get done before this date. >> i think it's overstated. people pay more attention an a lot of people's views about trump and clinton are already locked in. but you know, the thought has been historically that people go away for the summer or at least part of it and they're not really focusing on politics. and it's only now that they're really going to pay attention. and my guess there will be shifting of views and of course you have the presidential debate starting september 26. and those will be big events and those could potentially change some views as well. >> which
8:25 am
part of as one of the moderat moderators this year congratulations on that. you got jill stein on the show today. the green party presidential candidate and gary johnson libertarian size. how much of wildcard are third party candidates this year. >> there's two aspects. they have to raise 15% each of them if they want to get on the presidential debate stage. seems out of reach for jill stein she's at 3% in polls but gary johnson depending on polls is 8 to 10% so it's possible although not terribly likely for him. if they they don't they're plague a role in our latest fox news poll that came out this week when it was just two person race trump clinton, she led by 6 points. when you factored in gary johnson libertarian and jill stein green party candidate you'll hear from at the top of the hour she leads by two points. they seem to be drawing more support and vote
8:26 am
than trump which makes it closer race. >> you don't have to look back far with ross perot and ralph madeer so see how these candidates can make an impact opt caiss. >> trump is going out trying to reach out to african americans. and you have ben carson. how much of this is desire on part of trump campaign they think they can reach to african-american voters and how much is reaction to the criticism he faced on this subject. >> i think it's certain amount of both. he's poling historically low numbers according to one poll that came out in the last few days he's at 1%. now, republican nominees have not done well for a long time among african americans poling in the single digits. but 1% is really bad. there's another aspect this that trump is not doing well with independent and more moderate voters a lot of college educated to take example
8:27 am
suburb app republican women if a place like suburbs of philadelphia. and he needs that support in his party base if he'll have any chance even if he doesn't do well among african americans themselves a lot are turned offer by what they see as rhetoric and arguments that he's a racist. so whether she reaching out to african americans themselves or people watching, he needs to do better and i think that's one of the reasons you see him not only yesterday in inner city detroit but i think that's not the last time he makes stop in american inner city. >> you have congressman gregory meekz on to talk about all this. fox news sunday coming up 9 a.m. after "fox 5 news" on the hill. chris we'll see you again and we'll be right back after
8:28 am
8:29 am
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♪ the beautiful sound ever rolling stopz. good morning. sunday september 4, tom fitzgerald alongside vermont ronica cleary. >>


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