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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  September 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> thank you so much for joining us tonight i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm jim lokay. >> and it's causing bad weather at the beach this weekend. ocean city shutting down a beach to swimmers because of rough waters there. >> and look at video from virginia eastern shore the coastguard was called in to rescue three fishermen and their dog. they are air lifting everyone to safety and the boat became disabled in the rough waters caused by hermine. >> and meantime we have not had to deal with hermine. the weather has been nice this holiday weekend thus far. not too hot. >> gwen is here with the latest. how is the actual labor day looking. >> we're look going for labor day especially the further away from the beaches we are. let's look where the system is now. we'll show you as it spins its way off the atlantic and show you what's going on with. it you know, what some storms actually fired up n
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center of the system and so a little bit of convexion is happening there now. it's twinning and track of it kind of looks like it will move a little back to the west again and that's one of the things we're really watching very closely. 70 mile an hour wind now and storm force winds extending 235 miles from center moving east northeast at 5 miles an hour and it's not moving all that quickly. here's what we still have. tropical storm warning in effect along the coastal area. we're talking dangerous rip current, of course, and high tide is going to be a big issue because of the surge that we're expecting. flooding concerns, definitely for our area as well. potomac. chesapeake bay areas and coastal flood advisories in effect. anne arrundel. annapolis. all under gun as far as that is concern advisorys in effect until early morning hours of monday. for the holiday weekend. here's what we v ridge of high pressure strong o
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and what's it doing? it's actually blocking hermine from going anywhere. and but for us, as far as the i 95 corridor and west is concerned we're talking dry conditions and sunshine and it will be pretty breezy. winds will pick up on the coast. and that is where the danger lies. i'm going to have more details on that coming up in a bit and give you a little more just in terms where that storm looks like it's head add according to the models. back to you. "fox5" in the district tonight and loved ones gather to remember a teenager shot and killed in southeast. >> hundreds attend aid vij anymore honor of kevin jackson. "fox5" marina morocco is live at headquarters were more, marina. >> it's been three days since that 17-year-old was shot and killed just a couple problems from where he lived and couple blocks from former high school anacostia senior high. and tonight the suspect or suspects still on the run. this is a double shooting that took place last week, thursday t. was middle of the afternoon.
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that's 17-year-old walking a long south east when shot and ultimately killed. police are saying a block away a pizza deliveryman was shot. he's expected to be okay following the shooting. tonight its with a large display of fwlondz gathererred hundreds of them. it appeared in the southeast neighborhood where 17-year-old kevin jackson grew up and was living friend and family pleading to end shootings in their neighborhood. jackson's death 91st some side of the district. it was emotional display of candles and balloons and tonight the message was powerful. >> my little brother wanted to leave. i never have a niece or nephew. i'll never see him get married. i'll never see any of these things. you all got to change. you all got kids already. he don't have nothing.
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>> to see young men you know down like this, we stand around and we mourp for a couple days and we place things on tee shirts. that is not remembrance right? he was my son. he was more than a tee shirt. >> i'll ask and continue to ask mayor and interim chief of police reconsider and put the vice squad back out on our streets in this community at least until we're able to get control of how these criminals are with the guns. people are sick and tired, as you heard them express to you a few minutes ago. they're tire tired. they're civic murder every single day and it seems like mayor is not listening to us. >> reporter: jackson was a former student at anacostia senior high school. he was enrolled in the 10th grade last year and following the shooting, grief counselors were on hand to assist students there that knew jackson.
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friday. live tonight at npd headquarters, "fox5 local news news". >> we're now hearing from police in disturbing story out of alexandria. a lifeguard said she was abducted and sexually asultd while on the job. the incident happened yesterday afternoon in the 200 block of south picket street. the woman told police she was alone in the pool when unknown mana approached her and pulled out a gun. investigators described the case as highly unusual. >> we have no reason to believe that she knew the suspect at this point. that's why it's so alarming. stranger sexual assaults are very, very rare in alexandria. and for one top haen in the middle of the day is alarming. >> reporter: the woman was able to call for help once the man left. police are asking anyone with information about this case to give them a call. police are still searching for a hit and run driver that killed an erld arely woman in fairfax county. the victim was corsing the street in rest inwhen struck. >> and one weela
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were back at the scene of the crime trying to track down tixtz lindsay you were there as they continued to search for answer there's. >> lauren, jim, fairfax county police need help with this cas case. seven days have gone by and still, no arrests. they want to youty a look at yellow ford escape. this is the vehicle that struck and killed a 76-year-old woman, and the person behind the wheel kept ongoing. police made flyers with the photo and returned to the accident site today. stand in the roadway, stopping drivers to handout the information. this was on north shore drive near village flowed reston. they were out at the time this happened one week ago at the 5:00 hour. the thought is people have similar routines week to week police are hoping to find someone in this area last week that may have seen something to break the occasions. >> what we're looking for today is to jog
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today is to jog people's memories to the offense that happened one week ago to come forward, even the typeest amount of information that could lead us to speaking with the driver and or recovering the vehicle in question. there are a lot of older them this particular area, because there's an apartment xun community for low income elderly vokzch the victim hung soon seu delivered and what happened upset people because this driver didn't stop. >> i have a mother about that age. i thought about her. and anyone else. it doesn't have to be any particular age. it's just someone lost their life. someone should be responsible for that. >> here's another look at the ford escape police are searching for. there may be some front-end damming on the driver's side. we want to mention that earlier this week police said they were looking for a black nissan associated with the hit and run and that's no longer the case. investigators contacted the driver and they don't think that person saw anything or was involved. again
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someone throughout can find the driver responsible. if you have any information you can reach police by calling 1-866-411-tips. lindsay watts, "fox5 local news". >> lindsay, thank you. "fox5" tonight in prince william county where a missing infant surprise found safe. they arrested russel walker. the 3-year-old was taken from a hotel in dumfries last week and found in a home in woodbridge. walker knows the mother but it's unclear what the relationship is to the little boy. tracking metro tonightch the rhode island avenue station has now reopened. and it was back up and running this afternoon. metro originally planned to keep it closed all weekend for inspections and repairs and last week, debris fell from the ceiling on mezzanine area ton two separate occasions. and engineers found no structural concerns during inspecs and workers installed safety netting throughout the station. >> heads up, there are service changes on metro for t
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labor day holiday. trains will operate on sunday schedule and off peak fares in effect all day and parking will be free at all metro rail facilities. ahead at 10:00 a deadly crash kills two people in prince george county. >> what neighbors are saying about the safetive intersection where the crash happened. >> plus mother theresa becomes a saint. historic moment at the vatican tens of thousands of people gathered to witness. >> and it's the last big beach weekend of the summer. live look now in ocean city. people are taking a walk out there and nothing stopping the them. we'll check with ocean city beach patrol to get impact on tropical storm hermine next
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>> on the last big beach weekend of the summer tropical storm hermine decided to interrupt the party. >> just a bit. it is
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of the storm keeping people out of the water in ocean city. right now joining us on the phone captain of ocean city beach patrol butch arbin. all right, captain, what are we looking at now how is everybody behaving on the beaches? >> beaches were crowded today and yesterday in the height of it we kept people out of the ocean and this morning 10:00 we brought stands back out on the beach and staff went back up today all day we allowed people on the ocean. only knee deep to make sure they were safe and beaches were crowded and people came out and were enjoying themselves. >> we went off duty 5:30 today and kept a patrol out until 8:00 tonight to make sure people didn't get in trouble and tomorrow morning will be back out on the beach on stand until 10:00 and we'll look at conditions and see how it s truth is, t
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although they talk about severe rip current, we're not as kurned about the rip current the last couple days the ocean is nasty looking and has a very strong literal current side to side. but as the ocean dies down that's when we'll have a bigger problem with rip current and following labor day we'll lose a lot of staff back to schools and other jobs. we're more concerned about this coming few days. >> good point. it's supposed to be warming up and all that again. >> do you get the sense people are exercising common sense that you don't have to tell them so much what to do and not to go out too far. >> most people. but not all. that's why we're out. there we have to remind some people that the ocean is a lot more dangerous than it looks. it looks very inviting. but it can be tricky. >> and butch, i'm seeing people on the boardwalk. i have to imagine a lot of people headed warnings and did not head to the beach. what's the crowd like compared to typical labor day weekends? >> well, actually i live in your viewing area in
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charles county public schools i drove down friday night with all the tourists and trip was uneventful and low traffic. a lot of people decided to stay away. the ones that came here are enjoying themselves and weather was beautiful on the beachment windy. people had umbrellas down to the side and enjoying themselves. >> likely a hit for some businesses i math though. >> absolutely. i have done beach patrol 44 years and crowds were definitely down this year compared to other years. but, predictions and governor issued state of new jersey, so you know people did stay away. a lot of hotels had cancellations at the last minute. today beaches were like i said crowded with -- did did make their way to the police. >> thank you very much sir. enjoy your labor day. you'll be working too. we appreciate it tonight in less. >> thank you and thank four helping keep our people safe. >> we appreciate. it captain
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which brings us to weather. we're talking about this being the last weekend. looking forward gwen's forecast for the weekend. people will head to the beaches no the less. >> another heave wave right, gwen. >> you may want to cool off by the time we get to this week. we're headed to the 90s and really flirting with 95 degree temperature. so it will be hot. definitely. and in the meantime, now, everybody's attention of course is to the atlantic where hermine is pip spinning its way off the coast. let's take a look and i'll show what you is going on there. 70 mile an hour winds and very slowly, only 5 miles an hour, moves its way east northeast. and now, notice that there's been a few storms that have fired up close to the center of this system. it's a broad system as well. tropical storm force winds extended some 230 miles from the center. it is no longer post tropical cyclone and tropical system is
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trorng and winds right near the center in the center and with this they're actually away from the center and as it moves a little further away we start to get some of that improvement. here's a look at where the warnings currently are. tropical storm warnings to you england alone the coastal area. flooding concerns for us. flood advisories in effect to the early morning hours and take a look at the wind gusts right now buoys lot stronger as they get further to north. because hermine has actually moved a little more to north and northeast. so, definitely massachusetts is really got their guard up now. so tropical storm warnings we're talking about and the stronger winds are sunday night to monday and coastal tile flooding and high surech and really have to keep app eye on. for us most of the area stays sunny and dry for labor day holiday. more details later in the 7 day forecast. jim. >> thank you, gwen. let's take you to central oklahoma where people were surveying damage from the earthquake
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confused with indiana one was hit by falling bricks as he tried to protect his child. no other injuries were reported. it damaged homes and buildings and some people said they were shook up by the quake. >> it started rattling and man when i started look around first thing i did was run outside i'm looking at my house and look here and see all this going oh, my gosh. you know, wow, i cannot believe this here it is. >> and hollered for my daughter and still shaking. >> the earthquake was so powerful it was felt in nebraska and texas. >> all right this is big news today. she dedicated her life to the poor in india. >> today thousands turned out at st. peter square to watch pope francis resign over canonization to make her a saint. amy kellogg reports. >> the catholic church bestowing one of the height honors
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declaring albanian nun a saint. >> we must carry her smile in our hearts and give those to those we neat on our journey. >> tens of thousands of milligrams attend the the canonization. a huge portrait hung during the ceremony. 1500 homeless people across italy were given seats of honor at the mass and served a piece alunch by nuns. >> mother theresa helped me a lot. >> the concept of love. >> known as the saint of the gutters mother theresa was revered for her work with the poor. in india a special mass was celebrated in the order she founded in callcuta. >> poor people, and all people and in our mind she's already a saint. >> mother theresa died in 1997 at the age of 87 and was beatified in 38 and that
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the first step towards sainthood. and sunday the pontiff add mated he may find it heard to call her saint theresa. since she was so maternal. >> we may have difficulty calling her saint theresa with great spoken tin aty i think we'll continue to call her mother theresa. >> monday will be the 19th anniversary of her death making canonization quick by vatican standard. only pope john paul ii was made a saint faster in the modern era. in rome, amy kellogg, fox news. >> g20 summit is under way in china and we're following several new developments. john kerry said the u.s. will not rush into a deal with russia to end serious civil wa war. secretary kerry is negotiating with russian counter park and talking about cease-fire between serious government and moderate rebels. russian president vladimir
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inand turkish leader are trying to mend their strained relationship. two countries were at odds when turkey shut down a russian military jet. >> now to the race for the white house. labor day weekend traditionally marks the home stretch of the presidential campaign. new polls show trump is gaining ground on hillary clinton and his position on illegal immigration is still shaking up the race. we have the latest from fox molly henenberg. >> with two no go until the presidential election the trump campaign is still trying to clarify the candidate's position on immigration and republican vice presidential nominee mike pence says up documented immigrants would be treated hugh mainly and said this about how the gop nominee would deal with the millions currently living and working in this country. >> we'll build a wall and we're going to enforce the laws of country and end catch and release and do all of the things that politicians in both political party have been talking about for more than a
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>> one of trump's top surprise pore he's said the candidate is back ago way from mass depourtation. >> we find it difficult to throw out a family that's been here for you know 15 years and they have three children, two of whom are citizens and that is not the kind of america he wants. >> meanwhile, democratic vice presidential nominee time kaine is trying to move in past hillary clinton's use of private email server during her time as secretary of state. most polls show clinton with height unfavorbility numbers. >> she did make a mistake and she made it by deciding she wanted to use one device rather than multiple devices and she's apologized for that and said it was mistake and learned from i it. >> when pressed why clinton has not held a former press conference this year. >> there's been one in the last month. >> cane was referring to jernlist event were number of participants was limited and only three preselected supporters were allowed to ask questions. clinton's last
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conference was december 4 n washington, molly henenberg, fox news. >> straight ahead at 10 a deadly crash hills two people in prince george county. >> we're back with what neighbors are saying about the dangers this interest sax section. stay with us.
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>> two people are dead and third in critical condition after a crash. >> "fox5" alexandra limon with the story. >> shattered glass litters the street. pieces of plastic and metal that used to be part of a car are scattered on the ground and you can still see the tire tracks on the sidewalk after a deathly crash that happened around 1:15 in the morning and near the intersection of pennsylvania avenue and parkland drive. and a man and woman were killed and
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hospital in critical condition. >> i know going this way and karmz coming pretty fast you know going down that way. and they really need to take the time and drive a little safer. >> people like are in a hurry or something and they would be driving and zooming and some have to stop. >> speed is one factor prince george county police department is investigating. and now something residents of this district heights neighborhood do worry about. >> they usually do speed a lot around this area and people have to watch out and be careful when they drive. >> possibility that somebody was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol was not ruled out. and because of mustang and infinity sedans slammed into each other at intersection the impact of one car snapping across walk signal at a space it's possible one driver may have run a red light. they're not read
10:27 pm
sure what caused the wreck. >> police work to put together the pieces and figure out what employed this deadly crash in prince george country. they're also working to identify the victim and notify family members and expect they'll be able to release names of the two people who died here tomorrow. reporting in prince george country limb almost. "fox5 local news". >> and straight ahead at 10:00 checking back in on hermine. >> gwen is back with an update on the system and 7 day forecastal home. >> and could your commute be making you fat. yes, as we all head back to work on tuesday the impact of hours own the car coming up. up.
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>> storm system her smin churn in the atlantic oceannd
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away from eastern shore for now. >> yeah, instead the storm is moving more north and west and could pick up strength and reform in the next coming days. fox's kristin fisher has more from ocean city. >> storm hermine is packing 70 mile an hour wind as it crawls north. hermine slammed into florida bringing strong winds and heavy reigns and rick scott met with emergency personnel sunday to discuss flooding issues for the region. >> unfortunately again we have flooding. if there's evacuation we have to take they seriously. and this is life-threatening. >> and the storm system drenc drenching carolinas and late virginia late friday night. strong whipping winds leaving homes and businesses damaged and in the dark. >> it's not bad. we got a little tidal flood every now and then in a nor easter. but this right here. nobody expect
10:32 pm
>> hermine continues to churn up dangerous waves and current on atlantic beaches or those on the ocean it's anything but smooth sailing, the anthem of the seas cruise ship caught a glips of the storm strength sglj all was good early morning and the ship started swaying a bit. it got up to 90 mile an hour winds. >> governors along the erin sea board are announcing emergency preparations and storms watches and warnings remain in effect for part of new jersey and delaware. >> we're prepared things wobble west. which we hope they don't. if tin crease from sure dine tropical storm we'll be prepared for that as well. >> people are warning to stay out ocean many beach as long the north east including ocean city will remain closed throughout the holiday weekend. kristin fisher, fox news. meanwhile another tropical storm vaing impact on hawaii. lester creating high waves on beaches of maui. down graded from hurricane to tropical
10:33 pm
dare devil surfers were out in the watt they are weekend. >> so far the waves have been big. hurricane is passing by quickly and current is really out of control. and i would say on the bigger sets it's 6 to 8 feet solid hawaiian surf and only a few people going back. it's pretty fun out. there but with the rain and current, a lot of people are reluctant to get in the water. >> hawaii is getting rain from lest are but the brunt of storm is moving along way from the states. >> you can imagine surfers love the waves and you have to be careful. >> that's a lot of the challenge that you know the staff on beaches have. surfers want to get out and ride the high waves and they're like you know the danger of them is just really so high. >> stay away from the beach. >> in new jersey they have the rules. you have to have a leash and running through all these things. be careful
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>> we know surfers love to follow rules. we need tasty waves, bra. >> don't be deceived bit fact everything seems calm and okay. because you know really with this storm system it's not really that way. especially along coastal areas especially where they have tropical storm warnings in effect because they're there for a reason and unfortunately, people steam sort of look at it at times and think it's not bad everything is okay. but the watt areas long the coast very dangerous right now. with this system. there's a huge, huge system by the way as well. and the wind field is really strong. and tropical storm force winds are extending some 270 miles from the center of this system and in the last two hours or s so, it is starting to create convection on storms popping up near center of it. that's not something we really like to see. right now winds 70 miles an hour moving east northeast at 5 miles an hour
10:35 pm
but still we have tropical storm warnings along the coast and i want to say boston is prepping because when i show you the track of this you'll see just how close it ends upcoming especially tuesday where we start to see rain bands from models showing over boston and it's anticipated now there may be a forecast of about 46 mile an hour winds along the coast line right near boston bit time we get to tuesday. that's a pretty good indication of what we're speaking about in terms of surf and rip current. flooding concerns right here in our backyard for chesapeake and potomac flood advisories in effect until monday morning. be careful if you're in these areas at all. take a look at peak wind gusts today. 40 mile an hour winds at the bay bridge. wind gusts 40 and 43 point outlook. so, it was pretty breezy day o t
10:36 pm
what we got. buoy showing 40 here into the 20s along the skooingt line pretty much towards 30 mile an hour wind gusts range and i'll show you future cast with those winds as we get to tuesday and show you where some of the locations might see. but for the track let's take a lock at what the models are saying now. into monday moving along little bit more towards west this is where you see this cope of uncertainty here. so, could it just maybe come a little bit more south and head closer to where the delaware beaches are? yes, it can. it's hard to say. right now this looks like what it will do. we're forecasting it looks like it will pickp a little of intensity before it weakens out again and maybe move to the west. and this particular model has been moving moreheading off to the south of nova scotia and once again this entire cone uncertain. blocking pattern in place. ridge of high pressure. not letting it go far. we're talking about beach erosion and high surf
10:37 pm
surf and flooding rain and the rain is not quite as much as issue weather conditions as it is what's going to happen on the coast from tidele issues. that's really the main thing. tidal surge and rip current. here's a look at future cast. take a look at this. that is what i'm speak about for boston monday. it's still sitting there tuesday. has not really budged much. and look how close it is here once we get down to new york state and northern area of the delaware beaches. this is why we watch it closely because that thing will kind of boble out there for a few days. and once we get into tomorrow at least we have dry conditions here and not looking at much happening here for tomorrow. it's a pretty nice day for holiday. future wind cast this is 11 o'clock:00 in the morning monday ocean city almost 30 mile an hour wind gusts we're talking about there and take a look into tuesday. and so, as we put it altogether for you then, that is what we have to watch out for in thames of the dangerous situations. heat is he headed our
10:38 pm
pump up the ac heat wave coming back and storms and heat wave. you know talk about weather buff. a temperatures into 90s once again next week. >> so much for the unofficial end of summer. >> exactly right so much for that. >> i did enjoy turning air conditioning off briefly. >> i'm not allowed to do that in hi house. >> everybody likes is t nice and cool. >> freezing. >> enough of this i said. >> thank you gwen. >> up next at 10:00 your commute could be harmful to your health. we're not talking about stress. >> new research that shows impact of hours spent the a car coming up next.
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cases of zika already spreading in parts of florida they're hoping hermine does not make it worse. zika is transmit bid mosquitoes and storm left behind flooding and standing water a breeding ground for bugs. florida governor is asking residents to help stop the spread of disease by dumping outstanding water. >> if you spend hours going to and from work it could be harm foul your hel sglj problem is many people have passive commutes meaning sitting there instead of walk org biking and long commutes have less time to prepare healthy meals and added dress of traffic on the roads or delays and overcrowding on metro. all of those factors can lead to this weight gain and higher blood pressure. >> yeah. >> what are they saying we should do yoga -- suggesting we do yoga in the car to reduce stress. >> maybe sing, sing your heart out. >> depending on your -- >> that's my advice. >> it's
10:43 pm
highlights ever the night and highlights of the week. >> close five top five is on the other side. so did this nrailing fan make the cut. what's the best segment of the week we'll find out on the other side of the break. k.
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>> ten games ahead of the rest in the national league. it would be interesting in american league. >> that's good. >> the fact they're doing this well you would imagine everybody has been doing exceeding expect takes. >> but the star player. >> but bryce harper he's almost 100 points off batting average from last year but doesn't matter the team is still going and if he gets going the last couple games he had doubles and those turn to triples and homers. >> could be evebe
10:47 pm
look good for playoffs, definitely. >> how much is a down seen worth apparently 100 million dollars. according to jim bow den bryce harper dropped in production from last year mvp to this season hitting nearly 100 points lower in batting average and lowers his contract from over $400 million to $300 million over ten years. i don't know how he'll survive. between nalts and met,daniel murphy is safer again the met in every game including this one. facing curtis grander son. hot bat in this series, sacks play and puts that in early hole. mets score board is still using danny espinosa preseason beard take on the board. here he is now clean shaven and he gets more power with loss of his hair. sends deep into second deck and that ties it
10:48 pm
now in the eights with nats trailing 5-1. yankees and o's wrapping up three game series in camden. and 7.14 e. ra. and miley rose continues early. bloop to left. that will score a run. o's down-0. in in the first rn austin found his grounder on the way to left field. that scores two runners, weighed miley gave up four out of five innings. >> and those of us on close five top five plays team have set of goals for plays we findment we want plays to bring about skawl ration and inspiration and praise and hill arty. there's two sides to every flame. one is happiness and there's a slew of others to have tip enter, and sadness. we want you to experience all
10:49 pm
watching these plays. but most of all we want you to feel warmth and pride. >> number five is wearing number five. stanford christian mccaffrey robbed of heisman last year making case early this week. look at this. juk another here cut it back and he is gone. >> the reason this is only number five some jerk trund with illegal block long after -- and interesting thing with mccaffrey good jeepz on him. his dad played nfl 13 years. >> sgled ed mc kavrry and his mother and grandmother won a silver medal in the 100 meters. >> down under us trail wra national rugby league pulled off a score. look at this passed to one another two defenders and he find a another guy best park, boom, cryogenicy out of nowhere for the tri.
10:50 pm
love this guy, though catch. >> skill. >> i played california dreams when i was a kid or california games and had you to do a hackie sack game and you get have points if you spin after. that's not the best kick display of the week number two kick sick into the sports lex joy con yesterday we got another one. oklahoma short on 55 yard field goal and brandon wilson stays inbounds and going 109 yards. someone touches him. he ha
10:51 pm
get over him and he's all the way for a touchdown. >> wow look at that. >> best part look how he stays inbound. barely keeps foot in and returns it. >> some take a knee. >> just tape the knee no take it 109 yards. third ranked sooners. number one in december james conner was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. cancer free. scored the first touchdown. conner strong campaign and this is strong run and stiff arm forever the touchdown less than a year removed from cancer. >> amazing. that is great number one. >> it's great number one and great story the way he's come back. even him being back on the field is amazing and then to play he has not missed a beat oom a pittsburgh guy but pitt people are not front and cente center. there are people that care but. >>
10:52 pm
>> and penn state. >> pitt has never been but last 20 years not a major football power house. that got a lot of people watching again a hope it continues. >> it's a great story and i love to see him progress and stay canter free. >> as always wonderful top five. >> thank you. >> that's all pride. >> still ahead at 10 a fewy gets a second chance at survival thanks to a special highchair. >> why doctors are calling ilijah a german sheppard a miracle. coming up
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>> if you ever run into a situation a doctor's note will not get you out of jail especially if fake. a woman in oklahoma arrested and accused of forming a doctor's note in attempt to set her boyfriend free. it claimed he had "medical problems that would get worse in jail" police got in touch with the doctorho
10:56 pm
the man as a patient and she's charged with forgery and conspiracy to commit felony. maybe they can have adjoining jail cells. >> it was an effort. that's an ert. they will checkup on that though. >> this is probably cutest story of the night a puppy in idaho is dliving thanks to a especially crafted highchair. look at elijah he wound up in animal hospital because his original owners could not take care of him and was mall nourished because of a health issue that kept him from eating solid food. a vet at the tech facility stepped up and he as a doggy highchair that puts his body in a po to swallow the food. >> i'm a big german steperd fan. they're so loyal and. >> my dog looks like a white german sheppard. >> that's cool. >> thank you for joining us tonight at 10. "fox5 local news at 11" is up after the break.
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>> thank you for joining us top i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm jim lokay. it has been causing bad weather beaches this holiday weekend. >> ocean city beach shutting down beaches to swimmers because of rough waters. >>


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