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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  September 5, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> today on fox news morningsor police search for the man t responsible for kidnapping andp raping a lifeguard inngifeg alexandria.exan >> hermine continues its marchnm up the east coast forcing theori closure of a number of beachesea this labor day.abay. >> looking live outside labor day 2016 will be remembered for the low humidity and, ooh,oo nice cooler temperatures.peture. we're talking the mid to upper 80's.80 >> good morning to you.oou we're glad you're with us on this labor day. thanks for joining us. i'm holly morris.thanks mris. >> and i'm maureen umeh today. t is labor day mondayay mday september 5th. as we s aid gary mcgrady iscgdy going to be standing by withyit your weather and erin is goingoi talk about traffic we haveic h
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>> kind of. >> we'll get to both of those in just a minute.t ain >> who out driving. dri >> i know. >> somebody i'm sure. we had to get here. ere. >> exactly.>> exactly. >> 5 o'clock straight up is the time. in the news this morning t o'clocknghe alexandria community is wakingoi up on edge after a lifeguard was abducted and sexually assaulted while on the job.le o. >> police are searching for>> the suspect and answers. pice aa fox5nd'swe anjali hemphill joini us live with the latest. anjali this is just so so frightening. >> reporter: it is and police tell me the victim isg. s still traumatized and neighbors we've spoken to inke t this neighborhood are alsod a pretty shaken up about whatbo w happened and this all took a t place saturday afternoon in satr the middle of the day adaty t as pool, this very small poollloo here in the hill wood condominium development off south picket street insouth picn alexandria. even though the victim says s she didn't see anyone elseon e around at the time police aree e hoping since this is a large l neighborhood complex somebody saw something that could help and now the police say thehe assault took place 2 o'clock 2'c saturday afternoon, this washiss over the labor day holidayol weekend when pools are usuallysu packed guys but that cooler
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that not that many people were hanging around. thanginround. no one else was around at the at time. the 24-year-old victim was-old able to call police after the assault and she told them ahe man with a gun grabbed hered pulled her into a community room near the pool and rapedoolr her. investigators are still looking for that in man.t man take a listen to what theyhey >> very unusual for a holiday hd weekend that the pool was empty. but still a very brazen attacktt that happened in the middle of f the day and we're very we're ver concerned about it.concned the suspect has been describedeb as a tall thin white man with w short hair aitnd dark coloredk o eyes. police say he was wearing a gray hoodie light colored jeans an blue baseball cap.s anb if you have any infeormation baf that could help them you are yoa urged to call alexandria axa police. we're live in alexandria,ria, anjali hemphill fox5 local5 loc news. >> it's been four days since sie 17-year-old kevin jackson was ws shot and killed in southeastthet d.c. and last night loved onesoo gathered to remember him at aat hundreds attended and pleaded to end t
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their neighborhood.ghrh >> my little brother wandered w to leave. lea i never have a niece oriece o nephew. i never see him get married. gei i never see any kind of change. y'all might got kids already. he don't have nothing.l don't all we got isave memories.emie >> to see -- to see young men, you know, dying like this, be stand -- we stands around and a we mourn for a couple days and n weor a cou place kids on t-shirt that's not remembrance. remembre he was my son. son he was more than a t-shirt. >> jackson was a formeror student of anacostia senioria so high school. the 17-year-old will be laid to rest on friday. >> ♪ >> the storm once known as >> the storm hermine is iran i tense if i go packing up to t 70 miles an hour winds and heavy rains churning up north.. >> governors all along the eastern seaboard announcing emergency preparations. many beaches along the many b northeast including oce
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are closed for the holiday. hid >> turning our focus to the baseball diamond the nats have a nine and a half gamend lead on the mets but don't print your y ml east championship shirts mets up one-zero dannyro dan espinosa hitting a solo home run. run. mets tying at one. third inning same score curtisus granderson cranks a two runwo rn home run off lopez. l then bottom of the sixth jay stj bruce with the big two runwo run homer to left le unfortunately the mets winning five-one. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> a lot of mets highlights. >> a lot. >> oh, boy. >> oh,oy. w well, you know what the>> l, yhighlight of the weekend gag was the weather. i mean, it was absolutely hereround hect aheround for the most >> yes, hard to believe thatelie that big bad storm called hermine was off to the east ofat us but it stayed far enoughar e off to the east, that was thet t key, only a couple of cloudsof for us and some breezy we got pretty much what w
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here's where we are this are morning with hermine just sot you know. the winds are 70 miles perpe hour. it is now called post tropical l cyclone hermine sitting and sita spinning.sp it's going to sit and spin forni the next couple of days. of d winds are at 70.nds most of the core of winds well l off shore, way out there closer to the center of this ofi storm system.stor sys that's where the big waves wav are, too. look at the movement.ooheemen hardly moving at all north at 3 miles per perour. pressure still below a thousand millibars. listen, there's the outsideut chance that hermine could become a post tropical hurricane. but no longer forecast to do that.. really more so what we'rete're keeping an eye on is how much, m if any, will she kind of back b to the west and as she backs shb to the west a little bit, that t may mean a few more clouds for us. us really is going to sit out s o there for quite awhile.ile. almost spin herself out.pi o in terms of where we are withit these tropical storm warnings,s, still for long island back up
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the tropical storm warnings warg are, no longer for our beachesuh here, okay, so again, not the te greatest beach day but it's aut' heck of a lot better thanhan maybe we had thought with thatit big storm sitting off to the the east of us. o forecast here for our laborabor day. ain't going to be bad. lots of sunshine. a few clouds around, thaait'tsss it. we warm back up into the upperpr 80's but humidity stays inn check so it's going to beoingo e real, real comfortable lateab this afternoon.thi aft here's erin como with a look wio at your nonexistent traffic onrc this labor day. >> well, right now we are now wa tracking breaking news on the n roads in the district as weas w adjust our live camera. cmer a person hit by a car in northeast. this is new york avenuenu eastbound. a few lanes blocked out by b montana avenue between thatue bt point and bladensburg.ladensburg you can see an active police pic investigation. right now we are unsure ofin tht extent of injuries the personhen suffered but again a personedin hit by a car new york some lanes blocked you can see some light trafficra and some folks out around therod area so please use caution the
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affected by this scene but sne several police officers and investigators at thatst location. updated if if that's impacting this quiets labor day commute but we haveda you covered with this breakying news. we'll switch it over from our live look to our maps and showa you what else you're up you against as you make your wayakey out on the beltway, beltwayeltw, traffic is very light as youighu make your way out in collegeeg park. 95 over to the spur we're atr 'r speed about 60 miles per hour0 looking good 95 on the northbound side s baltimore-washington parkway quiet on the way to bwi if you ravel py travel plans this laborlans t day monday. mda things on the way to reagano ag national and dulles alsoles looking good. maybe you're packing up the u're packi car and taking the famngil uyp y to the beach. things are quiet all the a t way across the bay bridge bridge problem free in annapolis ann right now. way to team creek 270 2 northbound quiet and 95 #nd5 southbound all the way throughar richmond looking good. so he if you're up early thisari morning and not working butd noi maybe enjoying some fun you're'r in great shape.reat s and if you're just headed toded work like we did this morningorg traffic in sun marylandc looking good. lo five inbound, 301 no problems pl in charles county or calve
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looking good in accokeek. acc i got you covered if anybody else picks up.icks u again a person hit by a carar lanes blocked on new yorkcked avenue.enue back to you holly and >> coming up president obama meeting face to tase withta russian president vladimirdent i putin. putin. >> parts of the nation's theatio southwest are recovering fromovf a weekends earthquake. earqu >> as we head to break a live av look across the d.c. region. reo time right now 5:08. 67 degrees and yes, we hopeweop you are feeling good on thison i labor day because you don't have to go he to work, right. rg always a reason to feel good. go >> that's when you're feeling yf the best. >> with one eye opened watching us this morning. back right after this.
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>> 5:09 is your time.e south korean military officials say north korea fired missiles. issi north korea engages in missileni and rocket tests especially when it has anand ro t internatl audience.. >> today president obama isodre meeting with the leaders ofg tl the world's top economies atnoma his final g20 summit in china.hi sharp differences betweenset regional powers are alreadyreal threatening to derail consensus on global trade andl economic growth. growt meanwhile leaders from russiades turkey and the u.s. are
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trying to reach an agreementg ac anh ending the civil war in syria. president obama met privately pe with russian president psi vladimir putin.adimir putin the two men agreed to continueti discussions about a ceasefireea in syria.yr the discussion came hoursdisc after the and russianus diplomats failed to reach an rch agreement on providing aid todid thousands of civilians in thehe war torn country.ountry. >> residents if centralenal oklahoma are surveying the survg damage from saturday'ss earthquake.. the 5.6 magnitude quake struckkc and one money was hit byit falling bricks as he tried tobr prheotect his child. the quake damaged some homesmage and even buildings. >> started lightly. i started looking around firstr thing i did i run outside anduta i look at my house i look overoo here and i see all of this and s i'm going like oh my gosh, gos wow, i can't believe this but here it is. >> scared me and my i'm still shaking. ski >> that earthquake was felt asel
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the way to texas. >> nearly 19 years after her death, mother teresa has beenheh made a catholic saint. saint >> pope francis canonized theonz nine in saint peter's squaren sp yesterday morning.eter'sstday mother teresa won the nobel nel peace prize for her workork helping impoverished people.eopl she died at the age of 87.f hundreds gathered to watch the t ceremony on a large tv screencr in calcutta the city where mother teresa devoted her lifeel to helping those in need. >> we're getting a sense of the magnitude of the fda's crackdown on antibacterialal soap. the fda announced try -- bacteria resistance and liverd e cancer. the ban affects about 40 percent of the soaps foundoau on the markets. nd wateraterice soap is safer and more effective.ffe. >> new study suggests newtudy
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are not taken as seriously asusa storms named after men.. researchers examined the deathee rates from u.s. hurricanesrran from 1950 to 2012. they conducted their own experiment to gauge people'smen reactions to hypothetical malepe and female hurricanes. h now turhe study suggests stormso named after women have a muchh higher death toll because becau people don't prepare thoroughly. other researchers say theesearcs death toll pattern is likely a statistical and not based onn real science.cien 5:12 is our time. t coming up, we are following fol breaking news of a building buig collapse out of israel.llapse of >> wow, parts of the american ai pacific recovering from areng f weekend of severe storms. of sem >> as we head to break nowreak let's go ahead and take a livee look across the d.c. region. 5:12. very pleasant 67 degrees rightgr we're going to have plentyle more to share when fox5 news morning comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> back now 5:14 with some breaking news out of the middle east. h so israeli police say a gddle en has collapsed in tel aviv andnd they fear people may be trapped inside. insid israeli media reporting theng t building came down after a aft crane fell on top of it. no word on casualties.ualtie we'll bring you moreor information as it becomes available.ave. >> ♪ now.15 right another tropical storm having hn an impact on hawaii. less lester is creating cat highway on the beach of maui. om the storm was downgraded fromder a hurricane to a tropicalropical storm last night. night. the brunt of the storm is moving away from the state so so good news there. the >> all right, gary, taking a live look outside. outde it's beautiful here. no complaints.nt >> trop systems affectingtems ag hawaii much we had our own storm here hermine to talk about her.t her. awster went north of hawaii.rthh madeline went south of hawaii hi within about seven days of each other.
5:16 am hermine is off to the east of of us again. agai this is the current that justt j name a couple -- came in a couple minutes ago.go north at 3 miles per hour ands a pressure is below 3 millibars. a here's the forecast for hermine over the next few days. moving a little bit more to thevi a litt west. not going to make landfall landl which is good but up to thep tot north especially up to capep toe and then down towards longards island will be affected someom form or fashion with theseh thee winds but you can see here att least forecast a weekend overkee the next couple of days so d that will be good.ood. again, some clouds for the beaches for us today. that'set a few cloudn, ss, t about it.ab 88 on this labor day.lar day not too humid.t we wiltol get hot again. 91 tomorrow, humidity starts sta creeping back into the picturepi over the next couple o bacf dayy reagan national 65.5. dulles 56, bwi marshall kindalli of cool out this morning. morni. hots of places in the 50's. heu can see all the cloudhof plt cover fromlo
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to the east of us but some of o this may inch back in our o direction into the afternoon. it's certainly going to be breezy this flow around the big hurricane out there --out th well, the big tropical cycloneon out there. out mostly sunny today. tostlyunny warm, breezy. breezy. temperature gets up to 88 but t keep in mind there will be ahere little bit of a breeze and not t much in the way of humidity soit that's not look, it gets hot again. aga we're talking mid 90's by they t end of the week. end of dry. there's no -- there's no raino r on this seven-day here's erin como on this labor day monday.y mda >> that's right gary 5:17 right now.s . we're tracking this breaking brn news in the district inict n northeast. a person hit by a car taken toan the hospital new york avenuevene northeast all eastbound lanes remain closed and that is between montana and bladensburg. you can see a lot of flashing lights big police investigation. westbound traffic moving justovj fine into the district but ifist you're trying get towards 295ow2 this morning you're going havee to detour rhode island avenue il a better bet. b but as you can see westboundestb traffic moving.traffi moving. it's the eastbound lanes that l are blocked.
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updat thisn t breaking news this morning here on fox5. f5 we'll switch to a live look onn 66. very quiet commute. c i like what i'm seeingom througu centreville. definitely feels like a laboreel day monday. light volume as you make your yr way from gainsville throughe thu manassas into centreville asentr you head into arlington i'llgt i let you know if any delays pop up but so far so good. moving over for a look at ourt r map. the beltway nice and quiet. qui. not seeing any issues top sideod or bottom side on the innerhe in loop. lo keep in mind things are quietuit from frederick on down atn speed through urbana.ughana. i like what i'm seeing there. te metro gearing up for service at 7:00 a.m.tro parking iats fre:0e0 a today ana they're operating on sean on s schedule with a lot of adjustments. te'll take a closer look a at metro with your next look atat back to you holly and >> time now 5:18. more none fighter against the zika virus and the celebrity couple makes a major co up makcommitment. >> those are just some of the stories we're tracking this t morning on social media.g on soi wisdom martin standing by withah hey, >> good morning.orning >> libertarian gary johnson'sohs quest to give voters a third thd party option
5:19 am
richmond times dispatch ish i backing johnson's bid for bid fr president in an editorialditori posted over the weekend the newspaper said the former new mexico governor is a man of o good integrity normal ego and a sound ideas. times dispatch wants the wantshe commission on presidentialmmissn debate to let johnson joinn trump and clinton on the stage.stag next up, south carolina col authorities are investigatingesi death threats made againstst jewish and muslim students atde a high school.a gh sch officials say the at the timeth the accident happened online. on they were reported friday were o evening by a student at burnsntu high school in south carolina. n the threat said the schoolat would be attacked on tuesday sny and includes pictures of af a person in a gas mask and a knife with a swastika on thea t handle. so far noha arrests have been made. next up the battle to> control the spread ofnextthe tha virus rages on. as awardedys it h over $2 million to four major cities and one country -- one county rather to fight thety virus.atheru those cities include chicago houston new york city philadelphia and los angele
5:20 am
county. the money will go towardsar establishing a system to testes for birth defects linked toked the virus. finally, does it get more official than this? rihanna raa and drake now have matchingchig tattoos. tattoos. the two recently made their t romance public after drakeft declared his love for her at the vmas. now the rapper is sporting apor new shark tattoo on his armrk th the same tattoo rihanna got onn her ankle last week a source soc told "e news" that drake iske i very committed to rihanna.ihna they're both very mature and ready to commit c nothing says committed like lik getting a various at a timet a t too. at least he didn't get her whole name tattooed on his forearm.forearm. >> it's a lot harder toarder t remove a tattoo than a ring. >> good point.ooint. >> good point. although it's probably --roy -- >> his shark tattoo is on the f his forearm. forea hers is on the ankle.on t ank they're giving themselves anel on this. when this goes south and it will they can easily cover it cov i up.. >> that's
5:21 am
maureen umeh this ts >> the m optimist, eternalteal optimist.. >> it's called realism. [laughter]ghr] >> glass half full.alfull. >> much like that taylor swiftaw thing call me i got the answer.swer >> okay, all right. >> thanks, whiz. >> all right. >> coming up on fox news morning doctors say they ahtre. seeing fewer cases of a once one popular childhood disease. d >> the arrival of football of course means tate tailgating which adds up to a a lot off spending for some of you.of >> we're heading to break with a live look with the fox beat. 5:21 is your time of and it is 65 degrees. whew.whew temperatures, what, 67 and 65. okay, still feels good out. back after this. >> ♪
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what you bring to it. and the bright refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. lipton. be more tea. >> ♪ >> 5:23 is your time. new report from the cdc shows ♪ a resharpoprt droprom in chickx cases.s. there have been 85 percent5 perc fewer cases of the diseaseesf t since 2005.e 200 the cdc credits vaccinationsciti with t the decrease happened afterpened doctors started routinelyne
5:24 am
the chicken pox vaccine. vacne it doesn't preventer chickenhi pox in everyone but if someone o gets sick it's usually mildersur if you have been vaccinated.cine >> spending hours getting tog hi and from work every day may be b harmful to your health. healt most people have what w researchers call passive pas communities meaning you'reou just sitting there instead ofst walkiting or biking.tig bik people who have long commutes cs also have less time to prepare healthy meals. meals there's the added stress ofe's h traffic on thee added roads or s and overcrowding on the all those factors can lead to weight gain and higher blood pressure. >> tailgating season is here and football fans are shelling out a lot of cash.ash. new survey shows fans willan w spend an average of about 500 a5 bucks this season. s good chunk of that $160 ist 60 i just to travel to the games. ges then the average fan is going in to spend about $130 on food. 100 bucks on drinks and ofon d course you need gear.ear. that's another $75. $ >> ♪ but the fun is priceness,ss
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for the whole season. s >> for the whole season that'sn' a pretty good -- not bad for a whole season.ean. don't you think gary. >> no, i can't see how you do that. >> that's a lot of money.'s a lf >> that's mbeer money for one game for a lot of folks.olks >> that's a pretty good price a for the whole sea psoren.ttyle s >> that's right. that would be some kind off deal. who does these studies? dies? 65 degrees right now here in her town lots of 50's out in the suburbs. manassas 55. culpeper 55. i guess if you could prebuy pre your tailgating, that would be nice, wouldn't it. yeah, okay. sold. so 69 degrees sunny this morning.. 78 at lunchtime.unti it will be breezy now.ill beezy. winds will be north to northwest 10 to 20 and occasional gusts of about 25 miles per hour or so.or so. hermine is -- high today 88.oda8 look at hermine. hermi this is future track to kind of show you where s the's goingg to -- move a little bit to the west over the next 24 hours.ou could bring a few clouds ours or way. one thing is for sure, allur that rain will stay off shore s of the delmarva.
5:26 am
up through the cape down c through long island tropical storm warnings still in effecttf up there and hermine really rea is forecast to weaken. weake sit and -- almost stalled out ot but just weaken over the next few days before it continues b to moveef slowly off to the the north and to the northeast.orth so, there's our forecast. f more coming up. it's going to get hot again this week erin como. your kind of weather is coming n back. >> i'll take it. i like the fall weather. >> good to see you thisd to you morning. >> good to see you.>> goo see y >> never know on a holiday if you're going to be. b >> we are tracking breakingre news in northeast right now.rthw new york avenue northeast. theet eastbound lanes are blockedcked right now and that is for a a police investigation, personti hit by a car. westbound traffic flowlylo freely between montana and monta bladensburg. heading eastbound your bestres bet to detour around and taked k rhode island avenue. u'll keep you pdated on thised o person hit by a car and policeal are investigating at thaticng at location. aside from that we'll switch it over for a look at our mapsf aslo goary mentioned it is a holiday it's labor day ands labo
5:27 am
look at all the green on theenn on the way to bwi reaganwieagan national and dulles for ans f a early flight traffic is flowing. if you're taking metro todayetrd they are gearing up for service at 7:00 a.m. lastingth7. through midnight.idnight. we have a lot of trackrack adjustments across all the t rails except the green n that is on on time.that ion on t any questions at erin fox5 on f5 back to you. peacefulful, a pipeline protest turns violentlt when a private security forceurf hired by the oil company oilpa attacked demonstrators.emonstra >> and former virginiania governor bob mcdonnell couldll d soon face more legal problems. >> as we head to break let's take a live look across the d.c. region. ♪ ♪ >> hollywood swinging therein te you going. gng. 5:27 getting you going on a on a holiday it's a very pleasant pln 65 degrees out we'll have a lot more fox5ve a t news morning when we mor comee right back so don't go anywhere. >> ♪
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>> today on fox news morning hermine continues its march upnr the east coast forcing the closure of a number of beachesfs this labor day. day police search for the man responsible for kidnapping andid raping a lifeguard inuard i alexandria. and the richland times dispatch throws its supportpo behind a presidential pre candidate that's not the one you may have tha expected.xpect. fox news morning starts right now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5>> news morningi >> good morning to you.>> gd m thank you very much for joining us, i'm wisdoank myou vi >> and i'm holly morris. morri today a labor day monday sentdat the fifth.e fifth. >> a lot of peope
5:31 am
vacation, a lot of people sleeping in.ti gary mcgraoneodypl ones of one them. [laughter] >> he's here working talking a hlse'os hereoo working talking traffic in traff just a moment but first, let's,' talk news. we're following news out of the middle east. israeli police say a build ingth building has collapsed in tel aviv and a they fear people may be trapped inside. iid >> israeli media reports theor building came down after a camea crane fell on it.cranfell on now no word on casualties.ies. we'll stay on top of this and bring you more information as it becomes available.ore ab. >> d.c. police say a person n>>li the 1800 the 1 block of new york avenue. avenu >> the person was taken to the r hospital. now right now all eastbound easu lanes of new york avenue invenui northeast are closed between b montana and bladensburg road.oa >> now let's get back toac alexandria virginia where w we're following some news n there that a lifeguard was abducted and sexually assaulted.saul >> that's right. happearentlyd. whiled w she was on duty. fox5's anjali hemphill joins joi us live with the latest.est. scary story, anjali. anjal >> reporter: it really sorter:tr many reasons why this story is
5:32 am
one of them is that itll that happened in the middle of the t day broad daylight over theov te holiday weekend and it happened as that woman, a wom, lifeguard, was working here at h this community pool in the t hill wood condominium development off south picket street. sth police say theic assaultssault happened at 2 o'clock saturdayda afternoon.afte this was of course over the o te labor day holiday weekend whenkw pools like this are usually packed with people butut unfortunately we had some cooler weather that day and so no one else was around aroun according to the victim.acing to she's a 24-year-old woman.ld w she was working as a lifeguardia here and she was able to calll police after the assault ass happened where she told them a man with a gun grabbed her, h pulled her into a communitycommn room here near the pool andl raped her.d h. investigators are obviouslyorus still looking for this man andad neighbors we spoke to aroundo au here are pretty shaken up. u >> we have no reason ton t believe that she knew thewhe suspect at this point.s point. that's why it's so alarming.rm stranger sexual assaults are very, very rare in alexandriand and so for one to happen n
5:33 am
the middle of the day is alarming. >> reporter: police went onter:e to say that victim isntm is incredibly traumatized abouted what happened. hap there is a description of suspect white man in his 30's0' tall thin with short hair and hr dark colored eyes.yes. police believe he was wearing a gray hoodie light coloreded jeans and a blue baseball capebp at the time of this assault. if you know anything, you areate urged to call alexandriaxand police. po we're live in alexandria thisxah morning, anjali hemphill fox5 local news.ew >> 5:33 right now. now new reaction to donald trump's immigration policy. polic some are wondering if he's i he' shifting his plan to deportpo illegal immigrants.s. >> the trump campaign is trying to clarify the to candidate's position on immigration. >> we're going build a wall. aal we're going to end force therce laws of this country.ount. we're going to end catch and cad release. we're going to do all of the o e things that politicians in
5:34 am
both political parties have p been talking about for morealkig than a about generation.eratio >> one of trump's top of t's top supporters former new york mayor rudy giuliani insists the candidate is backing awaynga from mass deportation. giuliani said he would find it very difficult to believe ohiohi president trump would deport a family who has been here fort 15 years and have t w childho hw are citizens.itizen >> another round of legal woeses could be facing bob mcdonnell. reportsington post acing cuderal prosecutors areostral p seeking a retrial for mcdonnell.mcdonn just this past june his conviction on public publi corruption charges was ovcoerturned byrr the supreme court. legal analysts say anotherther conviction could once again couo end up at the high court. cou prosecutors have until september 19th to decide if dec they want to move forward. >> ♪ >> interesting weekend in the>>i weather department. i mean, itntere wstas -ing -weat >> no, it wasn't interesting here at all, it was absolutelyot gorgeous.gorg now where you were it mightit m have been interesting.n >> that's what i'm saying it sat was interesting >>
5:35 am
>> it was good. that storm, hermine stayed farfa enough to the east where we had.had. >> picture perfect weather. >> friday was rough.y was rou >> in your parts. >> saturday. >> saturday was gge >> that's right.t's rig >> you know he was taunting mea saturday. he was like you're lo >> wu'isdom sent me a i was like hey, glad it workedkd out. told you that was going to goi o happen. 57 up in gaithersburg.ersb no doubt if you're out earlybt ' this morning it will be a re olittleutis mor i chilly.y. winchester has made it down to 54 on that race this morning out there in the suburbs down d to the lower 50's, okay.ka 65 for annapolis.nnapol but again, it's a gorgeous ggeou morning out there.out tre it's not going to be a bad a b day. you can see where the clouds. thank you for cleaning up yourr mess. there are clouds to the east of us.ere s. some of these clouds may kind of -- kind of shift enough to e the west today that we'll seee's a few of them. otherwise, lots of sunshine on this labor day. it will bethis breezy. brey. winds out of the north-northwest at 10 to 20 to and occasional gusts to 25. gus. no not no humidity.umit
5:36 am
88 degrees for highigh temperatures. we'll be very pleasant.t. here's erin como on this laborh day morning. mning >> breaking news we're tracking out of northeast.f nor person hit by a car new york avenue eastbound remains shuthu down between montana and bladensburg. active police investigation at that scene so please uselease us caution there. you have to detour aroundve to headedour eastbound.astbound. you can use rhode islandslan avenue. you can see westbound trafficffc is flowing and there's light's l volume out there as they slowy w down past that active scene. sce we'll let you know as soon as the eastbound side of new york avenue doese ea rbouneopen. reo we'll switch it back to our to maps right now.ow metro gearing up for service at 7:00 this mor. they are operating on an adjusted schedule for thisor labor day and free parking t atg all metro stations. station single tracking other red line between silver spring andn silvr glenmont for cable installation. all red line trains running every six to 20 minutes.. everery si ty 15 minutes on the line between wiehle-restonrest each and andlsto orange and blue line free sh
5:37 am
trains the betweenen stadium-armory minnesota and benning.g safe track still continuingll franconia-springfield and van a dorn stations closed with freeie shuttle service available from o eisenhower avenue.nue. any questions at erin fox5rin d.c. on twitter. back to you.ou. >> 4:37 is the time right now. w coming up on fox news morning mr a french magazine pokes fun at n the italian earth wake.ak >> protest turns violent whenhe private mercenaries attack >> a live look outside acrosscrs the region. r the time 5:37, the temperaturepu 65 degrees. we're back after this.r ts. >> ♪ >> ♪
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y23wny y5yy this fall at dunkin' donuts, get lost in pumpkin with a $1.99 medium macchiato or latte from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. sip in the season today. america runs on dunkin'. >> 5:40 is the time. two california correctional officers in critical condition after they were shot in the lobby of a california jail ce this weekend.after theyjailkend now the officers were not armed at the time.he they were shot in the head and the suspect is in custody. cto >> hundreds of natives ofativ americans protesting an oilan ol pipeline in north dakota.dakota officials say the more than t $4 billion pipeline would disturb sacred burial groundsiau and contaminate waterat supplies. the protest turned violentt turv saturday.ay the oil company's private security
5:41 am
sprayed protestors ands a unleashed dogs on them.leashedo ipa lawsuit against the pipelinp has delayed its construction.sto >> outrage in italy at the at t french magazine charlie hebdo.eb the magazine drew pictures ofews victims of the italian earthquake buried under layerser of lasagna.of lagna the mayor of one of italy's hardest hit towns called it an offense to the dead.heea more than 200 people wereeer killed in the earthquake. >> don't breathe topped thereate box office for the second secon straight week earning nearly nel $16 million now taking in ain a total of more than tha $40 million. not bad for a film with a wh budget of less than t 10 million. >> good for them. they madeo mn.oney . mey made lots of money.on not going to see it. toee i >> never going the see it. goins >> you and i we don't do scary movies.moes me 5:41 is the time right coming up on fox5 news morning a texas mom drops herr kid offrf at school and then puts on a costume to help put a smile on n his face. >> and the richland times
5:42 am
dispatch throws its supports itt behind a presidential candidate. k acrosbehisnd t ahe d region.regi 5:41 is our time at a very pleasant 65 degrees on this5 de holiday. fox5 news morningon c toming ban right after this. >> ♪
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we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait. maxx life at t.j.maxx. . >> ♪ >> welcome back. 5:44 is the time as we take ae a live look outside on labor day. da a lot of people sleeping in. when they do get up they're ty' going to be n
5:45 am
>> a great day. >> yeah. >> >> i can't imagine how we get yt much better than this. t >> a lot of people probablyroba doing cookouts today. it's going to be perfect. perfet >> no worries.>> noorri no weather worries today, allno right.ther worri >> no worries, be happy. >> could be a lot worseo rr.iesp here's wor where we are. are. i just want to show you thisou t real quick. quick it's tropical cyclone, okay, hermine now. post tropical storm cyclone --l- post tropical cyclone much m gets confusing after awhile. no longer hasgetsonfu thesing t characteristics of a tropical system. winds 70 miles per hour. for awhile it was m forecast tos maybe become a post tropical tpa hurricane but now that's notha going to be the case, at least a it's not forecast to be. winds are at 70 miles per houreh below that hurricaneane threshold.thre winds -- the movement is northoh at 3 miles per hour.our. pressure still pretty low,ow below a thousand millibars.d mi look how the wind is coming, con kind of from north to southouth right down shore. sre not really a probably. probly. rough seas definitely alonginitg our beaches but we're in there e piling the water up
5:46 am
wind along the shore but but northern sections of long of log island that's where they'rere t piling some water up and partsar of the cape, too. tropical storm warnings still in effect up there. okay, look at thein e turn.urn. and this is really a slow slo mover so wednesday at 2:00day a0 a.m., which is late, latee, late tuesday night, the storm is still off shore jersey here h but beginning to make the turn r to the -- real rapid turn, too, it's going to get liftedife by a trough and kind of pulled out, nudged out by highd out byh pressure, too. so, we deal with hermine overneo the next couple of days buts b looks like it stays far enough e off to the east of usno it's i going to be harmless. we get a few clouds comingg across the breeze today out of y the north-northwest at 10 to 20. occasional gusts to 25.caon that's about gusat'sbout gorgeous lane divide -- laborbo day.da we'll get in the mid 90's this week. heat -- i don't want to sayo s heat wave but definitely dinit temperatures up into the lower to miderates up 90's. 90's. 65 now here in town t a lot of f 50's out in the suburbs. subur as a matter of fact most of s e locations in the suburbs lon are in the t0. winchester you've gotten down
5:47 am
to 54 most of the cloud cover thiser s morning around hermine hermi obviously on the west side ofid the storm is over towards the shore. creeping towards the bay, okay. again, some of these highng tar clouds will come across,ds s th, we're not going to be completely cloud free today.ud e look at futurecast how hermine just kind of sits and spins over the next couple of days. again, eventually moving ong off and once that moves out, o high pressure builds in, theuile rest of the week is going to is be hot and dry. mostly sunny be tay. warm breezy.ezy. 88. winds out of the northwest atora about 10 to 20 miles per hour. u seven-day forecast looks likeokk this.this 88 for a high today. tay. 91 starting to get hot. 92 on wednesday.nesd 94, what, on thursday withdait more humidity as well. wel here's erin como on this laborso day monday morning.. erin. >> that's right, gary ander>>'s we're still tracking b rreigakie news out of northeast.. a police investigation, personos hit by a car new york avenue ave on the eastbound side remains ri shut down between montana and bladensburg. as you can see an active act police investigation there,on te person hit by a car and taken to the hospital. t to gethe around that eastb
5:48 am
closure if you're heading towards 295 this morning you y can keep to it rhode island isld avenue. westbound traffic as you canyoun see flowing freely getting bytib but slower past that scene. past factor in a little extra time.e. police investigation stillnvestn under way. as we look at the rest of are roads let's look at our cameras on this labor day morning.morn 395 cruising along on the on t northbound side of the beltwayt to the 14th street bre coming up from alexandrialexa making your way through crystal city pentagon citygon c shirlington as you cross the bridge are you in great shape sheat. the freeway is quiet by the t third street tunnel and we'rere not seeing any delays to t report on your secondaries indas the distr aside from the breaking newsakiw we're tracking on new yorkyork avenue eastbound. eastbou let's switch it over from this live look to a look at ourat maps. the beltway is quiet.tway quiet we're not seeing any issuess there. things on the way to bwiy to b reagan national and dullesulles looking good. problem free 270 northbound on your way to deep creek.ay to de things on 50 across the bay bay bridge if you have any labor any day plans get an early startly s nice and quiet out there. back to you. >> ♪ >> 5:48 is the time right now.: let's take aoo
5:49 am
he stories you're engaging with the most this morning onorning social media. mia >> maureen standing by withit our realtime news >> first up libertarian gary johnson's quest to give voters a third party option got a richmond times backing his bid b for president.sident the newspaper said the formeror new mexico governor is a man of good integrity normal egomaeo and sound ideas. the times dispatch wants the t commission on presidentialsidenl debates to let johnson joinon j clinton and trump on stage. they insist it was hillary clinton's aides not clintondes n who was at fault for her confusion over proceduresproced related to classified e-mails.-s on friday the fbi released relee notes from mrs. clinton's julyul interview where she said on 39 occasions she did the no recall or couldoc nsioton undern the procedures. she insisted she never sent or received classified e-mails. e-s she later said the e-mails e-mai weren't classified at thed he tim
5:50 am
quarterback keenan reynolds isli staying in baltimore afteraltime being rehe leased by thee leas y ravens on saturday in order toir meet the nfl's 53 man roster. re reynolds was brought back sunday to join the team's practice squad.ce s the ravens drafted reynolds ins the sixth round and he scoredre an ncaa record 88 rushing touchdowns while playing atyinga navy. od n news there. back to you wisdom and holly. ay >> he's a good quarterback. >> uh-huh. >> happy to hear they brought t him back.he >> yes.him yes >> speaking of football 49ersl e quarterback colin kaepernickaepk has been the talk of the nfl preseason.esea he's refused to stand for theore national anthem as a silent sil protest against racial injustice andes police brutalitt in our country.ry >> in response the san san francisco police departmentlicet has asked kaepernick to apologize. police officers in santa clarais are tanhreatening what they call a counter boycott: the santa sa clara police union says its i officers might stop workingorki 49er games their home games.. a letter penned by unioned members to the 49ers s btatedte
5:51 am
not take action againstinst kaepernick it could result inesi police officers choosing not to work at your facility. santa clara police chiefe chi michael sellers called for his h office to put the community'smuy safety above potentialti boycotts.boyc >> a 90-year-old woman is walking from fort worth texas ts all the way to washington, d.c. opal lee says she's making the 1400-mile journey to demandeman that juneteenth be a national holiday. now, june 19th is the day when e the announcement was made that t slaves across the south wouldthu be freed, that slavery haderha been abolished.lish she says she plans to walko w 10 miles a day and expects the journey to take more than 20han weeks. >> you got to do something ifetf you 90 you can't just sit s still with so much that needsee to be done and juneteenth positively needs to be a holiday, a national holiday. >> state of texas recognizes
5:52 am
blacks were told about the confederacy surrendering. >> new york state police trying to find the person n responsible for defacing aacg a sand sculpture of justinju bieber at the state fare onare o thursday night. wisdom where were you?ere u? [laughter] it's usually one of the onet fair's most popular attractions. of course i'm kidding.e i'middi the bieb's face was amongmo other re-creations of well w known musicians and performersfr who performed at the t fairgrounds before which was torn down earlier this year. police think the culowpreaitr ws intoxicated perhaps fell onto the face. one festival goer says he sawhew the man circling the sculpture e first. >> interesting.>> more trouble for nfl hall of famer lawrence taylor.aylor. the former giant was arrestedrrd on dui charges in florida.da. the 57-year-old taylor-old taylo switched lanes hit a motor m home and sideswiped a patrol aro vehicle. taylor played 13 seasons with the new york giants helpingw yol the team win super bowl titles in 1987 and 1991. and991. >> chris brown's lawyer says's y the story about him pulling aryt gun on a woman h iim
5:53 am
that she made it all up. u police searched brown'srown's california mansion did not did n find evidence to back theac t woman's's she says she came up to the artist to admire his necklaceece and that's when she claims he h pulled a gun on him.un on him police didn't find any gun oruno specific story to match her story. brown was arrested on tuesday ty but was released on a $250,00000 bail. how far would you go to make sure your child didn't feel left out? ma ake sur texas t mom dressed up as a man so her h son would be able to take part t in a father-son breakfast atfast school. >> now, when yvette vasquez asked her middle aged school son why there were more cars in the parking lot thanson usul her son elijah said the school h was hosting an event called cal doughnuts with dad that day.d ty with elijah's dad out of the picture yvette came up with aama plan to get elijah in on the fun so she went out bought aout costume for a dad worthy oforthf doughnut time. she posted the pictures onturen facebook and has got 10 tons of positive feeding.e
5:54 am
>> that made her son smile formr sure. mom what are you doing. doing time for our facebook fan f of theacebook day on this labo. it is jeff and his wife kiva. kv today is also their seventhth wedding >> jeff says she wake up tohe wp fox5 every morning and erin is his saving grace with her with r traffic report. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave ac re crtot or photo below jeff and kiva's k photo on our fox5 facebookfa page. >> they have an absolutely gorgeous day to celebrate to celebra their wedding atenniversary,ivry right, gary.right,ar >> it's great out there. there it's going to be, its cool be, c this morning. i mean, it's really chilly actually this morning out in on the suburbs, not so much heresoc in town, we're 65 degrees butgrs check it out. martinsburg is 55. 5 here closer to home it's 57 in gaithersburg westminsterinster 57 degrees.57 asederick has not been coming h in this morning but i'mot sureur they're in the upper 50's as well.we fredericksburg 57, leonardtowneo 57 and annapolis out there by tb the way is sitting at 65 degrees this morning. this mr what you are seeing tre
5:55 am
satellite and radar, that is, ti what is left of hermine.ermine well, it's actually still all a very formidable storm out there.ere. post tropical cyclone herminee r that's what it's being called ce right now, temperature -- temperature -- and wind speeds are maxing out at about abo 70 miles per hour.ileser hour. the heaviest core of wind and a rain staying off shore a sho little bit close to the cape the way up there. the we have clear skies here and that's the way we should sul remain for most of the day. there will be a couple ofther clouds rotating on thewill wes a side of the circulation.cula other than that, high pressure is in charge. high pressure is re actuallyctl building in and will keep hermine just to the east of us. hermine is really going sitit and spin for the next few days before she kind of gently gtl moves off to the north andth and northeast hopefully not making n landfall anywhere. awher not forecast to make landfalldfl again, at least not in the northeastern -- not in the contiguous 48.cont 88 today.ay. 91 tomorrow.row. 92 on wednesday.edne middle 90's on thursday morersdr humidity as well.humy not super humid but a littl
5:56 am
back as high pressure builds in at all levels.ev there's your forecast on thisr r labor day.ecast en joy.labo have fun.. here's erin como with a look l at your morning traffic.ngffic. >> thank you gary. 5:56. starting off with a live look l at the breakingiv news we'reews tracking in northeast.east person hit by a car on new one york avenue northeast. northeast this is shut down right now onow the eastbound side betweene b montana and bladensburg.rg as you can see traffic getting by on the westbound side. sid no problems there but ife but i you're heading towards 295owar this morning, be prepared to detour and take rhode islande rh avenue. oo as let you know as soon aslsd the eastbound lanes reopen. rpe police out there investigatingea at that crash scene.crh s aside from that we'll switch it over for a look at our maps m right now. ri beltway is quiet.ghltway is qui it iset. a quiet labor dayabor y commute on our majors into andna out of the district.tric metro gearing up for 7:00o gearf orlasting through midnight.ugh h a lot of rail adjustmentsustmen single tracking on the redon thd line between silver spring and d glenmont for cable for cable installation. trains running six to 2020 minutes. 15 minutes on the silver line. n real wiehl
5:57 am
ballston much keep it to fox5. perfect song for this laborhi day morning. we'llday morni be back in a few. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.or. >> breaking now at 6 o'clock, another pedestrian accident in the district, this time it's in northeast
6:00 am
the area are closed.lo what you need to know if kno you're heading out the door.r. >> and a manhunt under way undew this morning after a lifeguard g says she was abducted sexuallyll assaulted while on the job in northern virginia. virgi >> a live look outside its monday morning, september 5th. happy labor day everybody. happy you're with us. happha if you're with uspp y youou're probably laboring today. >> or you just could be li homng at home. >> with the tv on 'cause it'se ' out of habit and good morning, m i'm allison seymour.m allin s >> and i'm wisdom martin inti for steve chenevey.n welcome to fox5 newsfor mornin. let's get to that breaking tha e news out of northeast d.c. oford person hit by a car along new ag york avenue.york police are still on the scene se and several roads in that areara remain closed.lo >> let's get right to it now,itw erin como for the latest ontn how you can avoid the closures s de you're headed out thisou're erin. er >> good morning. 6 o'clock and as you make yourak way out in northeast right nowst just the eastbound lanes of les new york avenue are shut downhuw between montana and bladensburg.blad police investigation under wayeu because that person was stuckn s by a car at that location. locat westbound traffic moving a


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