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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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about his forecast in a second. >> oh, yeah. >> first you give us an update what is going on, right. >> yes, i you have covered this morning at 4:30 a.m. things are queue net northern maryland looking good on 95 problem free on 70 and 270. 4:30 if you're just wake up getting ready to head out the door. traffic is a dream we're crash free through fairfax and no delays reported as metro gears up for service at 5 a.m. we're dealing with the blue line and watch for crowded trains. folks headed to work and school post labor day holiday it's the morning to get an early start and get a gist of the new traffic rush for the morning commute. >> all right. >> that's my best advice to you. >> let's talk news now we're following breaking news out of prince george county a overnight shooting at a local university sends one to the hospital. >> melanie alnwick is in adelphi with the latest. melanie. >> reporter: erin, wisdom i can
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till a few minutes ago one of police commanders on the scene came and told us all clear now is given. which means that the campus community is no longer on high alert because not too long ago they were saying everyone needed to stay away from the area because there were still two gunmen on the loose here. here's the scene when we rolled up this morning. what you're looking at looks like sort of a side building like a side entrance to the mariott inn and conference certainty here at the university of maryland, university college administration headquarters. so there's a hotel, there's some administration offices and then also a conference center in this small 3 to 4 building complex here. this is where most of the activity is going on. this looks like from what we were able to zoom in and see, appears to -- that one of the doors says loss prevention office. so we know that person that was shot is a security guard that might make sense to why
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somebody work back there in loss prevention office. and this happened -- the first information we got from this was from the folks early on the scene. about 11:35 last night but still an active investigation going on here. the lookout initially also quite interesting again that they had a accident amount of information but didn't put it out for many hours after the initial shooting took place. first lookout was for a black male, 5' 7", 180 all dark clothing short sleeve tee shirt armed with black handgun and second was for black male 5' 7" skinny build khaki pants and black ski mavrk on. for some reason police developed information they say the suspects are no longer until the area and that's why the all-clear has been given that it is safe to travel and for us to be in this area right now. and still, we're waiting for public information to give us a little more detail. i can
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the person was shot in the arm. again, he was taken to a local area hospital but we're not being given any update on that guard's condition. live at adelphi, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". thank you, melanie. moving on to another story a wilmington man under arrest in connection with a human trafficking ring. 32-year-old he marcus smith was running the operation out of the delaware motel. and the texas found smith through a prostitution ad listed on and over the last month, smith traveled to various hotels right throughout the state using verbal abuse and her twoyn control victims. and if you know anything about this case please call police. >> and police are investigating a conference in south east d.c. that happened after 11:00 sunday night at a construction site in 700 block of pennsylvania avenue and police say someone stole 300 poumd of copper wiring and several drills and saws. if you have information about this or anyone tries
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you copper or construction tools police want to hear from you. and a local opera singer got herself into hot water offer the weekend just by doing what she does best. she was singing on the streets of old town alexandria and police arrested her. >> we're talking about krista clause she made a living sing for opera more than five years and continued to sing as alexandria police put her in hand quuvs. the noise ordinance code says if you use amplifier you need a $20 permit if not a after a happened full of verbal warnings krista was placed under arrest. >> he arrested me while singing ava maria which i personally don't believe it disorderly good if she was given proper warping it's her responsibility. >> she's been here for years. >> what are your thoughts? >> it's not right. >> someone must have complained in the business community and that's what made it go. >> in fact some business owners in te
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street sing has been a nuisanc nuisance. there you go. >> that's a talker today. >> absolutely it is. >> all right. also a talk of the day is weather. >> a little hot. >> it's always a talker early in the morning. gary mcgrady, good morning. >> it's great out this mornin morning. temperatures are a little cool in spots but definitely comfortable. 74 here in town. look, here's where we r we've been talking about this terrible traffic tuesday. and all the kids are back to school today. here's bus stop forecast little on the early side. generally earlier than when i show. it what the heck some of you might be up already getting a couple hours in before the kids wake up. 64, 72 for pickup time. big spread in the suburbs and cooler in town and lower 70s. anybody inside the beltway. 87 to 92 breezy after school and sunshine and it will stay dry. get ready for the heat. because it really is starting to build. humidity comes back as well. 92 for a high today. a lot of
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some spots you may get lucky and sti in upper 0s especially by the water for annapolis and leonardtown and anybody there along the bay and other than that hot. next several days turn up the heat. we'll go lower 90s today and lower 90s tomorrow and mid up up toer 90s and by the time we get to latter part of the week and into the first parts of weekend. so, unofficially summer is ove over. keep in mind, summer is not officially over. so, it's going to feel like it especially over the next several days or so. hopefully cooling off by the end of the weekend. there's your forecast. when you want it or not, here's erin como. i hate when we give days traffic names. no traffic. no traffic? okay. >> it's all good gary. >> it's fine even though it's terrible traffic tuesday, wis. >> gearing up for it. >>ment tive time to talk about traffic and hot weather. >> coming up on "fox news morning" more and more people are coming up out in surprise poverty
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>> and an it glitch affecting check in systems worldwide. >> 4:36 is the time this is bee an say singing hold up, hold up. >> this is a good wake-up song. >> is it? >> i think so. >> good vibe there. >> in the car on the way with the windows down. >> cruising. >> and all right. >> 4:37 is the time and 74 is the temp. ♪ .
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>> 4:39 is the time. support for colin kaepernick from the campaign trail. >> and how many white americans support the black lives matter movement and these are so. stories trending. >> we're talking about supporting 49ers kaepernick is going louder and includes presidential nominee hillary clinton campaign. clinton's camp says colin kaepernick deserves respect over his decision
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before the national anthem at a game. just the other day president obama weighed in on his right to protest. >> and black lives matter mov movement is growing among white use. 51% of white adults between ages 10 to 30 strongly or surprise what support black lives matter ten point increase since june. >> meanwhile is donald trump softening his stance on illegal immigration. yesterday he refused to rule out granting illegal status to immigrants and if he would rule out a pathway toil legal status trump said i'm not ruling anything out we will make that decision in the future. that's seems contrary to what he said last week. he said undocumented imgrant that want legal status have one root and only one route return home and apply for reentry. >> a major computer failure is causing major la
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british airways this morning. paerm around the world are affected. british airway used twitter to address customer dmraints. they said checking passengers in at london airport was taking longer than usual and problems were reported from atlanta, chicago, even mexico and the bahamas and these issues come a month after delta airlines remember that one also experienced global computer outage. >> terrible traffic tuesday on the ground. and in the air as well you. >> know it wisdom. coming up next on "fox news morning" a popular tour aiingt traction is forced to shut down because of hermine. >> and after years the natio nation's front lawn is almost ready for unveiling. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region right now the time is 4:4 1. wake up we're back to school cross the dmv. fox news morning is back after this
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>> well, good morning to you today, on "fox news morning", terrible traffic tuesday every school child in the region back to school today making the commute one of the worst in the year. >> and hyattsville communities on high alert after a shooting at near a local university. >> and getting ready for possibly five
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90 degree temperatures. get ready, get ready, you ready? >> brace yourself, i'm ready, no fall boots yet. >> thank you for joining us i'm erin como. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> it's known as terrible traffic tuesday first day of school for everybody. everybody should be back in class. people everywhere and buses everywhere. >> and more on traffic in a bit. here is gar bear gary mcgrady tells us about the heat wave you. >> said five days 90 plus. >> write that down. >> i'm going to write that down. >> i have to adjust the forecast a little bit. >> anything else you need to know. >> it's as if you're standing over my shoulder looking at the forecast. >> that's right, that's right. >> wisdom by wisdom. >> five-day forecast and maybe 6, sunday, is still kind of iffy. listen we have a big storm offshore. we call it officially post tropical storm hermine. winds are still 65 miles per hour. it's kickingp
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still and will stay out there quite a while. clouds associated with post tropical storm hermine not quite as broad in pattern as we had yesterday. so could we sigh a couple clouds east today, yes, we could. and as the storm gets believe it or not a little closer to u us, over the next couple of days, we'll still have to deal with a couple clouds. there rough seas no doubt along the surf and still tropical storm warningssh you'd for parts of long island to cape cod. this storm as we thought not going anywhere but having nril any effect on weather now. how about today's forecast. we'll go up over 90 today this is one of five or six days in a row here. and we have to -- i hate to say this we'll have a heat wave. i mean by the latter part end of week -- well starting thursday, friday, saturday, looks like a full fledged heat wave. index values up to 100 maybe 10 2. hard to say. still officially smerks guys, it can still and. 73 ts
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lunchtime and high today around 92 or so. with the big storm off east it will be a little breezy today winds out of northwest 10 to 20 and occasional gusts higher than that. enjoy today. not too much humidity but humidity is going to return all right? it's going to return in a big way it looks like now as we get to over starting tomorrow through into the weekend all right. so there's forecast. how about traffic. we got a name for this one that's how bad it s erin como will do that. >> that's right called terrible traffic tuesday kid owes all over the dmv wisdom headed back to school learn. get your learn on. >> yes. >> taking a look at morning commute a lot of people around the district, maryland, virginia starting to wake up and if you get out on the roads all green, all good on the beltway and outside the beltway in southern maryland looking good 301 and five and no problems in charles or calvert county and cruise ago long in prince george. 7 minute ride branch avenue to wilson bridge. a live look
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are shaping up let's show you this quiet smooth ride. in addition to traffic advice i tell you not to put your summer clothe as way. 301 at five looking fabulous now. problems topside of beltway in college park. no problems 50 either inbound from annapolis. i like what i'm seeing. metro gearing up for service on time at 5:00 this morning and except for safe track surge 8 impacting blue line. best advice get early start. any questions @erinfoxdc on twitter we you have covered. >> 4:48 is the time. let's get you news. a d.c. accused of sdpos is hi himself and getting a woman to perform a sexual act on metro train on orange train approaching a station in virginia. metro police arrested anthony sinclaire and he's held without bound. >> a wilmington man under arrest in connection
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arrest in connection with a rketing ring they found smith through a prostitution ad listed on he was busted saturday during a traffic stop. over the last month smith traveled through various hotels throughout the state use verbal abuse and her twoyn control victims. if you know anything about this case call police. >> and a shooting 11:00 near the 700 block of pennsylvania avenue someone stole copper wiring and several drills and saws. if you have information about this or anyone tries it to sill copper or construction tools police wants to hear from you. >> camp ground at as teek state park in maryland is set to reon. it closed because of the storm system hermine. crews will reassets beach as a safety precaution. >> time now is 4:49 coming up on "fox news morning" 1 million get ready to converge on a small
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middle east. >> and dez any fire work lands on nearby highway causing several moments of fear. >> live look outside across the d.c. region, 4:50 is the time, 74 is the temperature. we're back after this
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this fall at dunkin' donuts, get lost in pumpkin with a $1.99 medium macchiato or latte from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. sip in the season today. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back to fox news morning the time now 4:52. saudi arabia preparing for arrival of 1 million people for the city of mecca. the hodges is one of the pillars of islam that all muslims are required toyed perform once in their lives. this year the government is working to ensure safetive all the pilgrims by deploying extra security. this comes after a massive tam is period last year which employed more than 2400 deaths. >> going
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patrols at burns high school in greenville, south carolina when classes resume today. the school officials described messages as vulgar and targeted at the school jewish and muslim students and district says state police been making random sweeps of the campus all weekend. >> check out a fire work flapped middle of road next to disneyworld barely missing a crowded bus this video captures the passengers inside the bus. they were driving by hollywood studios as the fireworks show was going on. disney said they're making changes to the fireworks show to make sure this never happens again. thank god the fire work missed the bus. >> big explosion there in the middle of the road. >> also this morning national mall sl nearing end of historic multi-year restoration project. estimated 30 million visitors each yea
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has not always tlookd great and after years of wear and tear the lawn has been undergoing year's long intense restoration to preserve it long term. >> as far as construction goes this is huge collaboration. there's engineering when it comes to drainage system. >> now the effort started in 2007 and nearing completion no now. the mall fully restored turf should be on and ready to the public for the next big event which sin august ration in january of 2017. good news. can't wait to see that green, fresh lawn. >> still beautiful. >> in the meantime let's talk about weather. because gary has a lot of heat in the forecast. >> look at him he's excited to tell you about it. >> if we were keeping track at home you probably would be plus or minus eight this summer including this one and that's upon us. 72 now gorgeous out this morning for most loxz, gaithersburg 59. so are you call puper and mannasas. check that out. 70 westminster to 70.
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temperatures kind of all over the place this morning. we have dropped here in town last time we checked it was about 74 degrees now we're sitting at 72. so how pleasant is that out this morning. we'll heat up upper 80s. low 90s for everybody that's hot. not so humid today. little bit. it won't be too terribly bad. it looks like the heat and humidity comes back tomorrow evening and through thursday, friday and into saturday okay? that's what we're talking heat index values approaching 1300 plus or minus 99 to 100 to 102 something like that with heat index values bilateraler part of the week. no today though enjoy it it will be fairly dry feeling out there and the breeze will be up a bit out of the northwest at 10 to 206789 still having that post tropical storm hermine out to the east of us. matter of fact it moves closer to us. we'll talk about that more in a bit. right now time to get a look at traffic. terrible traffic tuesday. you
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tuesday, gary. right now the good news if you take metro to avoid the roads because they're starting to get crowded, they're on time except safe track surge 8 impacting blue line single tracking between franconia and springfield and moving from a look at rails to roads still all green, all good on morning commute. crash-free in fairfax. busy silver spring in our neighborhood. i would get an earlier start but we're cruising to urbana. we'll let you know if crashes pop up that will impact your ride. we'll help you get around them. right now is time to hit the roads. >> you probably should have left 30 minute ago. >> especially if coming in from stafford or annapolis. >> coming up on "fox news morning" members of a local community use labor day as a chance to say thank you to first responders in the region. >> and labor day holiday was a time for local can skates to spread campaign message and
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>> before we head toe break a live look outside -- not outside a live look of today's stock futures. >> just as exciting. >> so if you want to go outside look that before you go outside and get in your kavrment you know where i'm going with this. this is new song from sting. name i can't stop thinking about you. >> i like the wake-up play list this morning. >> it's nice. fox news morning back after this
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>> today terrible traffic tuesday every school age child our region goes back to class today making this morning's commute one of the worst of the year. >> college park in hey atville communities on high alert. after an overnight shooting at a local university. >> a live look outside for possible five straight days of 9 0 degree temperatures. you're welcome. >> i thought summer was over. >> it's not over yet. it ain't over. >> summer is not over. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm allison seymour. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is tuesday, september 6 we talked about this terrible traffic tuesday it's first day that serve back to school. everybody in this region back to school. >> okay and that makes me happy i came in here at 4:30 this morning.


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