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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, a group of children, including a six year old boy stranded at did a bus driver intentionally leave them behind? my brother and some other kids were on then bus and then he said that's not my problem. thieves hit a local rec center and stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment. why it's so important thatat equipment is replaced as soon as possible. and getting caught on cameraera setting a car on fire is not the only mistake h woman made. your news starts right now. and we thank you for staying for with us, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. a maryland family is demanding answers tonight after their sixr year old son was left behind at school. they claimed it was no accident and that the bus driver intentionally left the boy behind along with a
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students. marina maracco has the storye first on fox5. this prince george's county dadn says he knows when his children make it home from school because his home surveillance cameras alert him. when he checked his phone today and saw only one child, he knew there was a problem.oble you would think once the kids leave your house they're going to bee actually taken care of. it's the last thing dad of two michael grady thought would happen on the third week of school.scho once i saw her come by herself i immediately called the house and said wherelled is your brother d she said he got left. i said what do you mean he got left n she said the bus drivervr left him. jazz mean came home from without her little brother mike i was pacing around because ica didn't know what to do. my since not home. any parent in their right home if they see their child noti coming home at a regular
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they're going to freak out. he says he got no calls from the school.sch when he called he said he got no answers. instead it was 10 year old jazz mean who told was him how her sx year old brother got leftt behind. i was telling my bus driver thar my brother and some other kids weren't on the bus and he said that's not my problem and then i got off the bus and i starteded looking for mike i.r i didn't see him h. when i got back on the bus, they were about to leave me and then they got me on the bus and then i started crying because icaus didn't want him to be left in the school by himself. it's not my problem. it's not my responsibility.ty. they're just going to take off and leave? how are you going to tell a 10 year old that who is looking out for her brother. a handful p of other kid gater inners and first graders werers also left at school. at i want this to be the last time this happened. i don't want nothing to go ontoo where a parent has to go and grief because something badme happened to their children.ildr it shou
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six year old mike i was eventually place odd a different school bus and made it homeho later we spoke to other parents whore say their children were also left behind. they've reached out to the school, but yet to hear n marina maracco, fox5 local news. > another so-called for profitf college is closing its doors. itt technical instituteitut officially closed all of its campuses nationwide today,ay, including campuses in springfield and chantilly,anti virginia. the decision to close comes a week after the college was banned from enrolling new students who rely on federal financial aid. the closure effects tens of thousands of students who now must find other colleges o to gt their why did i lose a year and a half of my life going to school? i work 40 hours a week and i go to school at night
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and i can't do that anymore. i have to look somewhere > now, of course, if you think about it it's not just students being left in the lurch. some 8,000 professor and instructors have lost their jobs. the college says they will help students t get their records inh order and will help them pursue you their education elsewhere. > police say two armed men tried to steel three safes from a conference center and hotel in adelphi. the menty guard caught in the act so they shot the bart the guard is now in critical than can. the gunmen, they took off.f. they left the safes which werere later found unopened. police caught one of the suspects. they are still looking for this man from the surveillance picture. if you recognize him call police. > a guilty plea today from ad man wounded by the secret service when he refused to drop his gun near the white house.teh youe
11:05 pm jessie al veer i of pennsylvania pled guilty from a hospital room where he is still recoveringi fromll last may's shooting.otin alveolar yeah will be sentenced at a later date as part of the plea deal a judge could sentencn him to between ate to 14 months in jail and fine him up to $40,000.,0 > pretty disturbing story here, someone ran soaked the ridge road rec center in southwestutes d.c. over the weekend stealingen thousands of dollars in football equipment for the youth footbalo team. now, some of those teams don'toe have the equipment to blame fox5's sarah simmons is life at d.c. police headquarters tonight with the latest. sarah. >>reporter: tony, police areny still investigating this one, but meantime parents and kids they are just devastated, disappointed, upset becauseecau someone broke into that rec center and they took off with helmets, uniforms, all of it brand new by the way as well, costing about 7 to $8,000, monee this they have worked very hard to now, tak
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you can see where the thieves ti got into the front door of whatt is considered the storageage facility there at the ridge road rece center. they broke out a window, even some trash into the center's outdoor pool. the titans youth league took tok the field for practice. some of the players didn't have' pads or helmets. they had to run through drills. league involve terse said they s had to worka very hard to raise that money for equipment and uniforms and they're especially upset because the league means a lot to the kids and parents who say this helps give them structure in their lives, helpss them academically and keeps them off the streets. it's a huge let down for everyone who works hard for this league. it's very frustrating and unfortunate because we spend a p lot of time. we have aof lot of volunteers h as we spend a lot of time to gett equipment and uniforms for these kids because we have a lot of unfortunate youth in our community. and upset because now
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able to play. make some of our team for feet. > the capital beltway football league is one of the competing lesion is actually lending themn some equipment so they can play their games. of course long term they'rerm going to have to something out.. they've actually set up a go fund me page, go fund road.e r they're hoping anybody that can help out and donate so they cany help get some of that equipmentm back to the kids. that's the latest here in northwest, sarah simmons, fox5 local news. > metro row riders may haves ma wish for a day off today. for the first time since thence three day labor weekend, on the blue line a track problem causem service to be suspended for several hours between the franconia and van done street d stations. on the orange line theet derailment of a contractor track unit forced trains to single track between
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and > coming up next tonight whereh the atf was investigating thisis massive fire at the maryland sda facility today. also ahead tonight, this woman's revenge, it didn't go exactly as planned. we'll explain why. and check out some of the other stories that are in our run down tonight. we will be back after this. .
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investigators are trying to find out what caused a massive fire thatin torched avestause buildie usda facility in beltsville, maryland. sky flu over the scene around 10. the billing houses workshops ff the agricultural research center. you can see flames and thick black smoke coming through the roof from miles away. fortunately no one was hurt. the fire comes a week after officials shutdown usda locations in five statesive following threats to agency employees. i was made aware of the threatse this morning. i brought it to the attention of our fire investigators and the
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they were already well aware of the issues posed last week. they were well informed andorme they're going to approach thispa investigation open minded as they would any investigation too determine the exact cause and origin of the fire. atf investigators concludedconc there is no evidence of criminal activity. > caught on camera an angry x girlfriend made a big mistake. police in florida say 19 year old carmen lit a rag in fire. she thought it belonged to herer boyfriend.d. turns was her neighbor's she now faces second degreedegr arson charges. not smart first of all. if for no other reason thens ' dangerous.s. you could have blown yourselfyo up. >> and it's illegal. >> and you're on tape. > yeah. that, too. > coming up next, why in the world would anyone complainplai about this viral
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that baby.that we're going to talk about this in a brand new segment we calll good idea, bad idea. > and coming up tomorrow ontomo good day d.c., local comedian red grant will be life in studio to talk about his upcoming showw at the d.c. improve. and the morning crew celebratesa national beer day talking the latest craft bruise.aft i assume they'll be taitsingsing them as well i'm going to come in tomorrow morning at 9:50. > i'm going to come in. you're going to do. i'm going to be talking about my new pod cast. > very good.od. watch shawn tomorrow morning,rnn too. we'll be back in one minute.
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welcome tonight. are trying a new segment called good idea, bad idea.a. we're going to be
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whether -- you like that. >> i love that better than these. > our crack art team came up with these. know whattant to these are? >> we're going to weigh on whether these next three stories are good ideas or bad ideas. a massachusetts school has a brand new policy, no homework ever. instead the staff at kelly elementary give students all thn instruction and help they needlp at school. the decision is found on research that found homework could create exhaustion, conflict and family conflict. is this a good idea or a bad idea. >> i think they've gone to an stream. i don't know that i would say no homework ever but i like theth thought. i'm going to say good idea. teachers don't seem to rememberm that students have other teachers, too. they all pile on the homework. it is too much. i agree with tony, but i don't think you could say no homework ever. every now andmewo then. apple isxp
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new iphone 7 tomorrow.tomo one of the many rumored changesg no more head phone jacks. head phones will instead be wireless or plug into the existing lightening port. that could make the iphone thinner and possibly waterproof. but many are outraged that they'll have to pay new headew phones or an adapter when they want to -- shawn, is it a good idea or a bad idea. >> i think it's a bad idea because so am of us bought those expensive head phones like deets, if you bought those headt phones because of the soundhe quality, what are you supposed to do now all of a united states sen? this is why technology changes it's not exactly a good idea. i agree with shawn, bad idea. adorable ordain ruffle take a look, the six month old, cute ae can be, the new record holderldr for the youngest
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dad pulls him along, mom runs along on the sign. critics pull out the child isn'l wearing a helmet. they. he looks terrified. is it a good idea area bad idea. >> i was going to say he looks terrified. it also looks like some make shift, made up thing they built to ddeo it. >> bad idea. when you're going to do something like that, no helmet on the baby? he's not even a year old and they got him on water skis. >> it's all about social media. > i'll tell you what a good idea, we now are going to find out what weather is. i don't like it when they put squirrels on water skis. that's a bad idea. too cliche.lich > well, bad idea, good idea to raise the humidity tomorrow. tor i know what shawn is going to vote for that.te f we are
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humidity in a big way and that means it's going to feel like it's in the upper 90s.90s. we probably won't get to 94 on the thermometer, closer to 92, but unfortunately tomorrow we'll feel warmer with the humidity getting jacked up a little bit.i we are in the 70s, low 80s tonight. remember when it was in the 50s and 60s over the weekend? that temperature trend has changed in a big way as we have our dayay seven in the books. we are eleven degrees above thee average tomorrow. 96 on thursday, friday 95, sat 97. we've got a who the spell to get through and a couple of potentially record breaking days toward the end of the week.the why is it getting so who the, high pressure off the to the to west is going to be in a position to tap a the look of lo the heat and also the humidityit and that humidity could lead to some scattered storms around inm the afternoon.e we're going to watch anywhereanw from three
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ten or eleven if you believe oue most recent futurecast. that's in the a bad thing because we are very dry and wead could use the rain. the right back up to 96789 most places near 90.ear a few could be blow it, but again it will warmer and it wilt feel like it's closer to 92 to 94-degrees. speaking of the possibility of a couple of showers or storms. our futurecast updates severaler times a day. while it does see a couple ofo showers and storms around by 3:00 they're not quite as intense as last time as we updated this. i do notice we keep one or two around at 6:00 and it's kind of bullish, one more blast aroundro at 11.11. let's keep that in mind. it does show that there is somee potential there. meanwhile, as we track the tropics hermine is just aboutust out of the picture. there is no more advisories issued on hermine from the national hurricane center. but at last check this afternoon
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the big problem now is the proximity to coast still keeping the big surf going, but only foy a couple more daze.oupl it's going to diminish rapidly tomorrow and then start heading out toto see.msee. and speaking of wrapping thingss up, let's look at the seven dayy forecast.fore furthermore daze of 90s. friday and sat, those are particularly who the days that d coulday be setting records, 97 n sat. wow, that is who the. but what changes for the weekend, a strong frontalt boundary comes through andnd sunday should be a little bit more pleasant.pleasa looking for monday and tuesday. > jim lokay over to you. two teams won pursuits. still on the nats slogan but the nats and os are both looking and playing like tipsps equipped for the long hall. they each hit a grand slam within two minutes of eachand other. the nats were down early 2-0 to the braves. dan b swanson which sounds likee a law
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tray turner retreats, but he never had a chance. the ball bounces off the wall,wl swanson trots around, 14.97 seconds around the base he. that's an inside the park homerun.home anthony rendon, bases loaded, first career grand slam, his 17th of the year.ear. the nats have their first lead 5-4. but then in the eighth inning, tied at six, the nationals would score three times. two rbis sing also, the nats win 9-7 and steven strasburg off the disabled list. he will pitch tomorrow.omo the orioles at the bases loaded forman i ma@6w chad oh. down the center, ma chad oh drives it to deep left field. that, too, is a grand slam third of the season.son. part of a five rbi night. you have to see this play. jonathan scope rips the glove off
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scope is thrown on out. he's looking for something.some did he lose a contact? no, watch this. he finallytch sees it and he realizes it's his wedding ring. by the way, the orioles won 11-26789 goat the rink, though.u world cup, the us hosting trinidadian toe bag oh.h. quick shot in the goal, 2-0. 63rd minute, quick passing.ssin sliding on the receiving end for the second goal of the match,ath the us wins 4-0 advancing to the final round of world cup qualifying. speaking of soccer we told you last night about meaghan a peen oh and her position to join kaepernick. she said she's doing it as a day american not
11:23 pm they are in boyds tomorrow to take on the washington spirit. she says she's going to do it again it's going to be interesting.ntr we talked about this last night, as we go into the first weekend of the nfl we're going to see it on a much higher stage.stag >> yes, we are, on the anniversary of 9/ > thank s you, jim. ke no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. male teacher: andthe the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. female teacher: anyone else?
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comcast has connected more than 3 million people in need to low-cost, high speed internet at home, helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. comcast. > finally tonight, a bar in the united em righteous set the new world record for the largest domino drop shot. more than six employees have the ted just task of putting up the glasses. more than a thousand were disqualified, but that was still enough to beat the old record setback in 2013 in the bahamas. i believe at at atlantis in the bahamas. clearly that wasn't liquor in there. that must have been water.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: beyonce is now saying that she has to cancel her concert because she needs vocal rest, which didn't stop her over the weekend partying with the president, right? >> and then on monday she had a birthday party. >> you know you have a show on wednesday night. so you don't go out partying the whole weekend before. >> but you can rest the vocal cords on different registers. harvey: no, no. >> yes, you can. harvey: so she will walk in, hi, bill, how are you doing? how is hillary doing? >> lil wayne put out this tweet which says, love my fans but i'm done. which put everyone in this big scare he's retiring. but then he made an appearance on stage with drake. harvey: is lil wayne not retiring? >> he's not retiring. harvey: what changed between saturday and sunday? >> he ran out of sizzurp. >> we got lionel richie and sofia richie outside in beverly hills. >> how do you feel about justin bieber dating your daughter? >> not going there. >> he let his 17-year-old daughter go to japan.


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