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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  September 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tech. >> congress cannot agree on a bill for zika. what it means for those at risk in the region. >> live look outside on this wednesday morning september 7. we'll have "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. good wednesday everybody i'm ali gorman. >> i'm steven kazmierczak. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> we're expected to learn more today about deadly apartment explosion that happened last month. is th is one flower branch apartments silver spring. casa known for helping low income immigrants will hold a conference. it killed 7 people and left dozens without a home officials say it was caused by a gas explosion. >> no word what caused massive five at usda facility in maryland it house es workshops for agricultural resource center. sky fox was over the scene you can see the flames, thick, black smoke. thankfully nobody was hurt. this fire comes a week after officials
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in several states following threats agency workers. however, investigators concluded there is no evidence of criminal activity. >> and the manhunt continues today for second suspect in connection with top story yesterday. shooting near the university of maryland this is person police say is still on the loose. another suspect was caught early yesterday morning police say the suspect shot a security guard while trying to steal several safes at the conference center and hotel university of maryland university college in adelphi. the security guard shot is still until critical company. oolt so-called for profession college closing toorz itt technical institute closed all schools nitionwide. >> and jury with us with more. good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison. that's right, as you can imagine, so many us that's are in shock over this not to
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tension the job loss as well with the faculty and staff. many feeling hopeless anxious really and trying to scamble to find out next move. if you visit the web site this morning it says there at the top we are no longer currently enrolling new students. and as you mentioned they are closing all 103 campuses nationwide affecting 40,000 student and behind me is springfield location chantilly being the other one the college made the change after it was banneded from enrolling students on federal financial aid. it's been center of government investigations and lawsuits for years now. and itt is blame being sanctions by the department of education freezing financial aid for students and the feds have gone after for-profit schools like itt and in this case it was matter of not having required carbon hand to ensure it had resources to educate student across the
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country and it was not totally up expected but it is leaving many in a bipd. those that spent thousands for their education. you can imagine the frustration. take a look at some of them. >> why did i lose a year and a half of my life. going to school, i work 40 hours a week. and i go to school at night. to got a degree. and i can't do that anymore i have to look somewhere else. >> i mean this is just a frustrating situation. especially for students in their last semester. think about the hours and money they've invested in all this steve, allison a lot of people scrambling to figure out their next move in this situation. >> how about students already there can they transfer credits somewhere else in are they stuck?
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>> yeah, so yesterday the department of education released a list of resources to help out those displaced staits students and students have two openings here. one being continue paying off loans and hope to transfer those cred toyts a school that will accept all them or basically they have to start over. we know how that works and second option is those receiving federal student aid may qualify to have lopz discharged ul together under a program called closed school program and laelt later today they're holding a webinar. that link is on our web site and hot line number for you as well if you need toe hear those options again. back to you, steve, a i son. >> to a story you saw first on "fox5". a maryland family demanding answers after their son was left be
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never on the bus and left behind but the boy's 10-year-old signature whor road on the same bus told the bus driver said that to the bus driver and the driver did nothing. >> i was telling the bus driver that my brother and some other kids were not on the bus. and then he said, that's not my problem and i got off the bus and started looking for mikey and i didn't see him and then when i got back on the bus they were about to leave me and then they got me on the bus and then i started crying because i didn't want him to be left in the school by himself. >> eventually the little boy was taken home and the school district now is investigating. 6:05 now good morning, sgluk good morning, yes, yesterday was hot but not humid did you sglts yeah was okay i didn't mind it. >> okay. well today won't be. >> i took a nice long walk. >> good for you. >> take the dogs for a walking. >> no. >> do all
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>> no window it in sglivts they're not team player. >> no they try to be a pack and it's trouble you. >> don't want to be a dog walker we ooet in each hand. >> no. >> 37 dull etion and up toward baltimore o. bwi marshall. more heat today and old front of humidity is out as well. i thought it was hot but not unpleasant. we have a shower or two to the west early this morning and we're starting to get that more humid air mass in place here. and again later this afternoon with more humidity around we have a better chance of thunderstorm than yesterday as well. so scattered thunderstorms mid to late afternoon. high temperature 93. several more days of heat. and then by end of weekend we have slightly cooler air to look forward to. >> today is like yesterday but add side of humidity. >> and risk of thunderstorm. >> all right.
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>> good to know. >> checking in with erin and say good morning her. >> hi, erin. >> up fortunately the commute is not better today. we have a lot of problems. sky fox over a vehicle fire on 50 ramp to 197 we'll try to get that shout out bit end of report having technical problems. right now -- there you go you can see a big scene there traffic getting by car off the road and again it's on the ramp 197 give yourself extra time goat that accident scene. inner loop r50 blocking shoulder and as you make your way prince george county another crash 301 north past cedarville road and we're dealing with morning commute and congestion. and brandywine 5 northbound backs up to beltway and upper marboro. metro problems across
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lines this morning downed cable because of single tracking and for the red line delays to glenmont and restriction from glenmont with the falling debris. traffic backing newspaper virginia. >> obama. >> and special honor decades in making and how this woman got the recognition she deserved. 6:08, back after this ♪ what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other.
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>> president obama in laos this morning pledging to clear away the 80 million unexploded bombs the u.s. dropped on laos a year ago and said u.s. would double spending to 90 million over 3 years. he's the first u.s. president to set into the laos while in office and obama administration coming clean by giving noniran. president admits they paid iran 1.7 earlier this year and that money was part of decade long arbitration claim and some of the money was used as leverage to get four american prisoners released. >> and new proposed law that would help sex assault survivors making its way to congress. here's a live look. capital hill now where lawmakers are discussing bill and law would
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assault survivors would have access to evidence kit and telling of results and when the kit was destroyed they would be informed in writing. the house approved legislation and next step the bill heads to senate. >> pennsylvania judge wants bill cosby to go to trial no later than june 5 next year. they hope to have 13 women toe testify at the trial claiming bill cosby gave them drugs and alcohol assaulting them sully it involves a 204 indicate when the median attackeded her. they were assaulted in decades before that and still not clear if the judge will allow testimony. >> in minnesota plea deal for ill killer of 11-year-old jacob wemingerleings calls for no charges in his death. hype rick lead authorities to jake on's body. his admission came in federal
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pleading guilty to pornography charge. he faces maximum of 20 years on that count. amount of americans without health insurance hit new record low being over shadowed by a new survey saying progress ensuring people not covered is stalling. 1.3 fewer people while the president sikt law cut unup thurd rate. we know the struggle talk talk to a person he whether than a computer. >> there's apolinario for tha that. >> a live look outside on this wednesday morning. "weather and traffic on the 5s 5s", next, 74 right
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>> happening now. cleanup underway many mexico after hurricane new tonight category one brought heavy rain and high wind and shattering windows and knocking down trees. the storm put a damper on vacations visiting mexico popular cabo st. lucas. >> nothing like that around here. we're building heat back. and there's nice sunrise. cloudyness out there early. sprinkle to the west. and beautiful conditions. getting nice sunrise picture. send it in and we'll put it up for you. here's the bu
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back to school. day number 2 this week. overnight lows falling back to 60s and little 70s in city. more of the same today. after school 90 or better for everybody. and i want to throw out there there could be scattered thunderstorm activity developing later today. so, that's a change from yesterday. even yesterday we thought we would be dry. a few storms as we get into afternoon hours. 73 in washington and 64 this morning in leonardtown off to the north and west if you wanted to go we're waking up to wonderful 50s not the case this morning 70s in the mountain. 71 hagerstown and winchester not sure what's going on there. and couple little lines of very light shower activity towards haikers town. see we're picking those up north and south and we have a little what we call trough 2459 that will drop to the region. what that will do in rather hot and increasingly humid atmosphere increases khavrns
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leftovers for hermine continues to dot tring right here. rain showers to the extreme parts of eastern new jersey yesterday and still strong winds up to southern new england. this will fade away. this dissipates and pushes off north and east. for the next 24 hours. and here's future cast. take a look at it there you go light shower activity 6:00 tonight. steve remind me? nationals at home tonight? i think so, too, you want to be on the lookout for possible shower and thunderstorm activity going to that game. then there we go prospect for additional shower and storm activity. with daytime heating we should start to see that fall off overnight and then tomorrow plain hot. let me mention, thursday, friday, saturday extremely hot around here and highs in mid 90s and heat index approaching 100. those numbers if only in upper 70s those would be record minimum temperatures -- record
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>> 93 today. we mentioned skips game on monday looks fantastic. >> my cousin chris is in town for it. >> is he going. >> yes, he's excited. >> i want to note your suit looks fab ualso today. >> just a side note ramp to 17 car drove off the road into the trees and caught fire. you can see first responders out there. traffic getting by on right lane. there are delays. so be prepared for that. we'll switch to look at maps. that's not the only problem in prince george county. we have inner loop at 50. there's a crash there as well blocking shoulder and then another one brandywine 301 north past cedarville road and upper marboro 4 inbound. sutland parkway jammed alabama to south capitol. let's look outside this is a crash scene traffic is getting by. slowly northbound side
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congested 14 street bridge as well. metro delays next. several to tell you b back to you. >> happening today member of the women's national 58 air point service. the grand-daughters of elaine d. mar man started a petition for their grandmother's ashes to be interned with full military honors. after getting signature they were successful. all relatives will now be eligible for burial out military tem cemetery. >> congress unable to agree on funding bill. what does it mean from pro picturing you against the disease now. >> apple big announcement hours away.
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>> all right another zika stalemate. protesting you sdeps the disease. that's what we read. "business beat". apple lovers wait almost over. >> i hear you lavring at me now. >> i love it. >> don't act like it's never happened to you. >> don't. >> don't. >> it happens to me all the time. >> i was formulating my answer in my head i was like what does this mean for me? >> tell us about zika then, lauren. >> and i would rather tell you about stocks instead. >> that's fair enough. >> let's do
6:23 am
>> look we had a record. record for nasdaq yesterday and if you look at numbers here the dow is within 100 points and s&p within four points of record territory look going on wall street. what investors are waiting for now you know how we wait on fetd we're waiting on fed of europe. european central bank is decide what they will do. >> and my awkward transition savior here would be to z to a zika to apple. see how nicely that would have worked out here. >> beautiful. >> we can save that. >> baiing announcement today. >> i'm trying to get excited about it i really am but it's difficult this year. we don't know anything. we just know the rumors and weaver seen the photos and videos leaked online. let me tell you about the iphone 7 from what the leaks tell us camera will be a lot bigger and better. battery will be better. apparently it's waterproof.
6:24 am
the shower. but maybe if you drop it in the sink or something it will be okay. and also, they're getting rid of head phone jack which means you plug in where you charge your phone or good out and buy new head sets and expecting to announce the apple watch and computers and apple stock you own directly or through the fipd. it's held in all 401 ks essentially steve not joking it usually trades lower leading up to these announcements and when the products drop, meaning hit store shelves you see the stock rise a bit. >> we'll keep an eye on that. if we need problems and need to get ahold of them there's a service for a feel. that's way was doing. ail son and i were looking up favorite companies we can't get ahold of to see how much it costs to have somebody do the dirt question work for
6:25 am
20. >> you go to get human web site. we're actually paying someone to wait on the phone with you hence the price and if you want to get in tough with specific company directly and not have to try to talk to artificial intelligence computer for long they'll give you exact code you need. it used to be press zero multiple times. that's not the case it's 016 or some special number or the company calls you back. i love t i have a secret for you. there is something you can do totally free to get someone live you say rude, mean and obnoxious things. >> i push zero one hundred times in the row. >> no that accident work anymore. you have to use cuss words they don't like it. >> i feel like they record that and play a it back at some point. >> they probably will. >> if i ask for
6:26 am
ten times in the row and ask to supervisor supervisor does that work. >> try it out i don't know. i had a ma'am or be backle with my card. long story. you're telling me to call you and i'm trying and i can't get in touch with nip. >> mad eping i have a couple you can talk to then can solve our our problems. >> we'll talk to you. >> i messed you up on the prompter i apologize. >> it's all g things happen. move on. >> sometimes you have to say my bad. >> wait until i commercial break. >> okay. >> here's temperature 73 washington. 79 relative humidity. we're -- indz are calm. stormtracker radarlo
6:27 am
showers the west and heat and humidity and chance for couple thunderstorms today. keep in mind if you are out and about later today scattered thunderstorms and hey, heat wave. look at that. 96, 95, 97, whatever. >> you don't like it at all, erin como. good morning. >> not at all. >> this is not feisty friday but it feels like it doesn't i it? feels like something will jump off here. >> i'm okay with that. >> up fortunately we have breaking news. vehicle fire prince george country, 50 east ramp top one person died at the scene and the driver will have information on what caused crash. ramp 197 is on. get egg caution around that metro blue and silver line back to you
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>> the coming gress putting up zeros in the zika funding figh fight. what can be done to stop the spread of virus. i'll have a live report on capitol hill when "fox5 news morning" continues.
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z23wnz z5yz
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y23wny y5yy >> welcome back. everybody, to "fox 5 news morning" a live look over the dmv. if you get out of town come back soon. we miss you when you go away. reagan national airport. tucker and erin will be
6:31 am
on the fives. >> manhunt continues for the second suspect in connection with a shooting near the university of maryland. this is the person police say is still on the loose. a second suspect was caught early yesterday morning and police say the suspect shot a security guard while trying to steel several safes and this happened at a conference center and hotel at the university of maryland's university college in adelphi. the security guard shot is still in critical condition. >> to prince william county a more random shots were fired into a home. this time a man says he and wife woke up over the weekend and realized somebody fired a bullet through their living room. incident of one of several to happen in the county this year alone. police say at least 18 homes across prince william county were hit by gunfire and some instances homeowners waited until after the fact to report the damages making it hard to track down suspects. 6:31 and this morning back to the drawing board for congress after legislation to fund the fight against the zika
6:32 am
night. >> some lawmakers had provisionsed in the bill and melanie alnwick joins us with what to do now. good morning, mel. >> good more, steve, allison, today we now house republicans will be meeting behind closed doors and senate democrats will take their case for zika funding to the press. last night was the third time the bill failed in congress even as centers for disease control is warning it is quickly running out of money to fiing the spread of virus. senate democrats blocked the 1.1 billion funding bill because they objected to conditions tacked on by republicans. that included offset cuts to pay for bill and now reporting more than 13,000 locally acquired cases there.
6:33 am
it hit 11 states in the u.s.. and all those travel related. but florida is dealing with dozens of cases that are not travel related. there is real concern that the virus will spread further. the white house continues to push for action. >> but, each day that goes by until then is a missed opportunity for the u.s. government to be doing everything possible to protect the american people from zika virus. >> and public health officials say the money is needed to develop a quick test vaccine and rapid response teams to he rad indicate zika clusters when they emerge n pregnant women the mosquito born virus causes micro cephaly where babies are born with small heads and other brain defects and infection in healthy adults genlly cause as i minor illless that lasts a week and many don't go to the doctor
6:34 am
failure they demapped clean bill up or down without any conditions ta attached to any ride certifies really not much chance that will happen. so the next shot at zika funding comes sometime this month because congress must have government fumding bill or some sort of tem reary funding measure in order to keep the government running and perhaps they will put seek ainto that measure. i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> time for morning line. days after solidarity with colin kaepernick, megan ram piano will be making a stop in this region. they play at the soccer plex in germantown after her decision to nooel during the anthem she did it at gay american not afforded same rights as others. >> team usa hockey coach said
6:35 am
does not stand for national anthem. >> he said his players will have decisions to make playing time versus anthem. >> to the baseball diamond nats hosting braves. rough start. third inning, game changer, nats down 4-1. bases juiced. first career grand slam. that was not it, though. >> no. >> that was gio not having a good game. geo goneal he's lasted three innings and written dock with a grand slam. nats going to win 9-7. >> strasburg off the hill switch tonight. fourth upping bases juice for many
6:36 am
season and o's go on to win 1 11-2. >> grand slams happen literally within minutes with each other. grade for the o's and nats. >> woohoo. >> okay. we can may more attention to orioles and nationals now. nationals improved. and they're all set. >> match numbers already. >> we're putting positive energy to the sister city. >> local world siri. >> it's not our sister city i'm sorry. >> no, i know it's all good. >> hey. >> while we were waiting for the grand slam. >> that was impressive. >> 73 washington. to the south and east of new york city leftovers with hermine continuing to bring wind and waves to the area of beaches and up towards southern new england as well. we're looking hot and incesin
6:37 am
incesingly more humid with afternoon thunderstorm and it's west of hagerstown a little cluster and as we get into the afternoon hours after daytime heating and sunshine reminisce ept of what we've got oh, let's see, most of june, july, august and we may see scattered thunderstorm develop. 92 later today. i'll be back with the hot 7 day it promises relief and we'll talk red skins football weathe weather. not going to feel like fall is it? >> it will feel better than it feels today. >> good news. >> let's check in with erin. >> my cuz sin coming in for the red skins game monday so i'm making lasagna sunday. >> it will help usher in the 50 east, ramp to 197 blocking scene left shoulder and left lane. a car fire this is deadly crash one person died as
6:38 am
this crash and car fire. car is off the road into the trees. the right lane is getting by. they're still investigating. you can see the car in the trees. they're taking pictures and doing crash investigation and use caution in prince george. we'll switch it to a look at maps. that's not the only problem we'll dealing with. freeway, eastbound, 7th street northwest dealing with a crash. delays there. freeze building cross the 14 street bridge. crash atlantic city 31 to parkway and silver tracking morgan boulevard to addison road and also dealing with speed restrictions to rhode island avenue safety checks from that earlier debris last week. normal service resumed red lin line. earlier malfunction twin brook. we'll look live around the dmv next. back to you. >> heads up for parents new recommendation for kids when it comes to flu shot. >> first if you're trying to get going this morning we v may ha
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>> 6:41 wednesday morning we're back with what is trending on the web this morning. first up a new cup of coffee that keeps you going all morning, afternoon and night. what is this magic. barista in australia
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coffee combination so potent it promises as much as 18 hours of up time. okay now i'm getting scared. it also packs in half the amount of caffeine considered legally safe to consume in the country. you can say it's a real upper down under. sorry. >> next protest britney spears wants media do know she's going after you if you tell lies about her and starting with in touch magazine brelt any lawyer wrote a skaiminging letter of people of "in touch" about not publishing about her acting erratically at vmas. the singer and her team are tired of the made up story and stories we're hearing all the time. we're tired of it too and amazing news for giant panda and all panda fans out there including us, the species is officially no longer in danger. and the adorable bears are now classified as a vulnerable species
6:43 am
panda fans don't get too excited because there's sill still a lot of work that needs to be done to ensure the population continues to grow and tlaiv. and atlanta is helping because they had. >> twins. >> little baby. >> thanks, al. >> over to you. >> chances are the flu shot may be a little more uncomfortable this year. >> and reminders as we head to break share your tips us with email us fox5tips@wttg come. back in a minute. 215-546-tip the extra crispy colonel.
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>> tongue it's note so bad. >> are those strat us clouds. >> off in the distance, yes. >> good call. >> are you mocking me. >> and in the foreground. >> and moist you're laden. >> what are those. >> moist you're laden. >> and quick to our floorman lee who brought me a birthday present. i love t. it's maryland. >> they have often said lee is the nicest person. >> you have ever been on a harley. >> i have not never been on back or front of motorcycle. see i put myself on the back of it, uh-huh. >> sadly leo put me on the back of it as well.
6:47 am
>> we have to go visit now harley. okay. beautiful today. maybe storms later today. if you will be out on bike later this afternoon, be prepared for that. temps upper 60s. low 70s. looking at daytime highs upper 80s and low 90s later today and low 90s back and threat of thunderstorm back in the forecast after school today. all right. current numbers, getting increasingly more humid. 73 washington and 74 annapolis and 66 leonardtown and norm and west we're looking at 71 up in hagerstown and 77 in winchester and actually we have a couple showers out in the moun tons. look at that out to the west as you get out towards rothburg and hagerstown and cumberland and i think we stay dry locally for much of the day but as we get into afternoon hours little piece of energy will drop down and with pretty warm and humid atmosphere we could fire up few thunderstorms. leftovers
6:48 am
to spin. that drifts off north and east. but, still bringing winds to beaches. high pressure for us i mentioned increasing humidity around here. we had heat yesterday but not terribly humid. can't promise it will feel comfortable today high humidit humidity. low to mid 90s today and mid 90s rest of week. future cast i want to point out few showers in the forecast. 6:00 tonight going to nats braves game i can't promise dr dry. few storms around and our future cast agress whiff getting us a complex around 8, 9, 10:00 and keep that in mind later this afternoon and tonight a few storms. we dry it out tomorrow and once again we turn up the heat. mid 90s. heat index close to 100 around here. thursday, friday, saturday, then things get better sunday with less humidity. monday actually looks great. mid 80s with sunshine. so if you head out early, fedex field for the big fiesta, conditions should be fantastic out there.
6:49 am
86. let's look at warm. >> going to the game with steve. >> i'll watch that one on tv. i try to goat one or two every year. >> school nights are hard for late games. >> we'll look at traffic now. warmer forecast and crowded roads. moving for a look at sky fox on location of a deadly crash in prince george county, 50 east ramp to 198 car off the road into the trees and caught fire and again they're investigating investigating this deadly crash screench the car is into the trees there and you see the charred front end of it right lanes getting by and out there several hours. be prepared top reduce speed. let switch for cameras. crash freeway eastbound by 7th street and big crash scene investigation. several folk out of vehicles there and ambulance on location. traffic getting by left and severityer and slowly we'll let you know about those delays. backing up no crashes on 270 sohb
6:50 am
take a look at slow-moving traffic 109 to father hurley boulevard urbana to beltway. frederick knowledge of that point to truck scales a ton of volume as well. it's a morning to get early start. 50 inbound inside the beltway jammed 202 to 295 big slow downs new york avenue past bladeenburg and inner loop slow across the wilson bridge. more traffic in a few, back to you guys. >> after spending nearly 6 months in space three astronauts are back home now. three crew members of the international space station wrapped up 172 day mission on isf international space -- the crew concluded two u.s. astronauts were studying how the human body fares. william said in the tweet i will certainly miss this view. vast gratitude
6:51 am
vast gratitude toward teammates, ground team, supporting, friend and family. >> nasa space ship to exotic black rock named venu and then it will vacuum up gravel and deliver the dirt back to earth. it wail take 7 years and will start with launch tomorrow in cape canaveral. >> flu season around presidential copper. >> this year means more discomfort at the doctor's office though. >> wisdom is joining us with details. >> is it ever comfortable at the doctor's office when you get the flu shot. >> but when you know it will help you not be sick you can take the pinch. what are you tacking about with less comfortable at this point? >> allow he to educate you on this. >> thank you. >> i don't get the flu shot. we'll talk about that later american academy of pediatrics is uming parents to choose must shot for children weeks after cdc said the flu mist option is not rerm
6:52 am
it's recommended for every over 6 months old and spray does not protect kids against certain straipz of virus that were most prominent during the past three flew seasons to geep the kit camp before a shot is distrac distracting them tell them to cough the exact moment they get jabbed. because it's up predictable it can cause serious complications in healthy children. flu kills an average of 24,000 americans eachier. flu typically peaks in january or february. it's estimated up to 168 million people will get a shot this year. so, kids -- the kids it's a good idea that the kids get the flu shot clearly. did you all get flu shots when you were a kid. >> i don't remember that. >> never got flu shot when i was a kid. i was sick but -- >> i had the flu every year. >> right. >> i was probably had the flu every year but never got a shot when a kid.
6:53 am
adult. >> you got sick. >> no, i have to admit i don't know -- >> get the flu shot. i'm not saying don't get the flu shot. >> i had it wuption because i traveled and had to get them. >> did you get sick after. >> no. >> cdc recommend you get the must shot. >> cdc recommends you get flu shot especially if you're young other older or in one of those categories. >> we're not good role models for good health. okay. looks like the sparks no longer flying forte lor swift and tom hidleson m the jet-setting duo reportedly broken up three months after being together of the split was amicable and the two were not spotted together in -- as much in recent weeks after whirl wind aroma in june. looks like swift has a blan
6:54 am
space now. i have to put one of her titles in. they're not together anymore. >> the internet is abuzz since debuting on beaches of rhode island. they can't wait by talking time lines for juicy details. others stood by the theory that entire relationship was a frau fraud, maureen umeh, but we taked swhom knew taylor swift on the show and they said nope it was real deal. >> we know people who know taylor swift. >> yes i think you were on vacation. >> oh, man. >> i know. >> she's. >> she's young do what they wanted to do. >> they split. >> legalities talk about facebook fan of the day. today we have three fans. damian, dematris and denagia. >> all go to school in alexandria. all three nominated by
6:55 am
felicia and she gave us aa shout-out said she loves "fox5 "fox5". and hopefully it's been a great start back to school as well. for your chance to be tomorro tomorrow's fan will have a comment and photo on "fox5"facebook page. >> they're ready to two to school. >> thanks for watching. >> house the forecast look for back to cool. >> hot and sweaty. >> these back packs are too heavy for these students. i don't get it. it's awful. >> worse than when we were kid. >> no it was bad we deposit have back bags. >> we had book bags. >> we deposit have back packs so heavy no wheels. >> remember they had -- i would spent my first day of school putting paper bag cover over book. i could in the tape it right. whipped calm
6:56 am
few showers early out to west but theme more heat and more humidity i want to present bun against possibility of storm today 93. heat index near 1 0 0 the rest of the week. airport had road. >> roads are bad now. tucker a lot of problems. sky fox is over a deadly crash in prince george county and it's on the ramp 50 eastbound to 197. it was earlier car fire caught off the road into the trees. reconstruction team is out there. slowly use caution there earlier vehicle fire again. let's go ahead and switch it over for a look at cameras. crash on the freeway. eastbound side near 7th street traffic getting by slowly large scream. there use caution. it's braking up freeway over the 14 street bridge causing additional delays 5 northbound on beltway up. telt take a look at 66. jammed prince
6:57 am
can see average speeds under 10 miles an hour. delays on orange, blue and silver lines. looking at metro next. we'll be back in a few moments. keep it to fox5 news morning
6:58 am
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>> straight ahead at 7:00 a d.c. rec center ransacked, thousands of dollars
7:00 am
football equipment now gone. and we're live with how you can help make sure the team gets to play this season. and i'm annie yu live me springfield, virginia. shocking reality for thousands of students. their school abruptly shuts down and why it happened and what this means moving forward all the details in a live report coming up in a few minutes. >> and just days ago until the red skins regular season kicks off. fans excited and what cost shocking price to see the burgandy and gold play at fedex field. >> and a live look outside on this wednesday morning. it's september 7, 2016, we'll have a weather and traffic coming up for you on the fives at 7:05. >> good wednesday morning everybody i'm ali gorman. >> i'm steven kazmierczak. >> welcome to fox news mornin morning. >> a for profit college closing doors. itt technical institute closed all campuses i'm talking nationwide yesterday including ones in our area they were in


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