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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  September 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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football equipment now gone. and we're live with how you can help make sure the team gets to play this season. and i'm annie yu live me springfield, virginia. shocking reality for thousands of students. their school abruptly shuts down and why it happened and what this means moving forward all the details in a live report coming up in a few minutes. >> and just days ago until the red skins regular season kicks off. fans excited and what cost shocking price to see the burgandy and gold play at fedex field. >> and a live look outside on this wednesday morning. it's september 7, 2016, we'll have a weather and traffic coming up for you on the fives at 7:05. >> good wednesday morning everybody i'm ali gorman. >> i'm steven kazmierczak. >> welcome to fox news mornin morning. >> a for profit college closing doors. itt technical institute closed all campuses i'm talking nationwide yesterday including ones in our area they were in
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>> annie yu at the springfield campus and what it means for students left in the middle because this closure. good morning, annie. >> hey, good morning. they're left in the dark. i mean with very little options moving forward. imagine if you were in final semester all the time you invested and finance money you invested in this school and abruptly shut down overnight. you're left with very few options. this is springfield location behind me. as you mentioned chantilly location as well in northern virginia. all 130 campuses are closed nationwide affecting 40,000 students. not to mention faculty and staff now without jobs. we're talking about 8,000 or s so. and so, the for-profit college made the change a week after the college was banned from enrolling new students that rely on federal financial aid really for a while itt wi b
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part of lawsuits and the feds have gone after for profit school like itt and in this case it was matter of not having required carbon hand to be sure it had resources to educate students across the country. the school also recently filed for chapter 11 and so they are blaming this move on the government and it was not totally unexpected as you can see. but it left a lot of students in a complete bind and a lot of them wondering what they'll be doing next scrambling to find options. and yesterday the department of education sent out a list of resources which we posted on our web site one is to continue paying off loan and transfer credit hoping school will accept then the or they have to start over and second one is that if they receive federal student aid they may qualify for it to be discharged altogether and they're hold be webinar today. we have that listed on our web site if
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learn more about that option. so just a very unfortunate situation levering many students hopeless, anxious and really dispointed in the schoo school. that's the latest here in spring field, virginia, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> also this morning quest to fund fight against zika called after legislation was struck down on-call toll little last night. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick joins us live from capital hill with the latest. mel. >> steve are allison. probably not a surprise to political watchers that will tell you that by no means was zika funding bill anything near a clean bill. but it is indeed a third time that congress failed to pass any sort of zika funding legislation. even as centers for disease control is warning that it will soon run out of money to fight the spread of the zika virus. it was senate democrats that blocked the 1.1 billion funding bill because they objected to
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republicans, that included offset budget cuts to pay for bill and ban on money to planned parenthood clinics in puerto rico which is reporting more than 13,000 locally acquired cases and zika now touched nearly every state in the united states including 11 cases in d.c. and 85 in maryland and 75 in virginia all travel related and florida is dealing with dozens of cases not travel related there's concern the virus will spread further. public health officials say money is needed to develop a quick response team for when steak aemerges and in pregnant women to causes micro cephaly where babies are born in big heads and other birth defects and non adults it can cause il illness lasting a week. many don't go to the doctor and are not tested. florida lawmakers blasted bill failure calling on both stidz once again come one
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bill with no writers or strips. house gopers are meeting this morning to discuss a strategy moving forward so democrats are taking their case to the press. and then final option, perhaps, would be maybe they'll get zika funding into this next budget bill that needs to pass by the end of this month to keep the government running. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick. "fox5 local news". all right let's deep down up to the race for white house pez den shall con dates donald trupp and hillary clinton will appear in new york separately one day after he was charged with campaign rhetoric. 7:05 first check of the weather in the 7:00 hour. what's up, tucker? >> yet, it got hot. without humidity it was like all right. doable. >> totally doable. >> less doable today because we have
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>> i like that you build us up to let us fall. >> sorry about that. 69 dulles. bwi marshall 68. low to mid 90s. dwred 94 degrees. doesn't feel like 94. it will today. humidity will build. already showers out west. parts of area there out towards hagerstown along 81. cumberland and frojburg light sprinkles and showers and waking up to cloud cover here at well. partly to mostly sunny today. we want to mention that we have risk of thunderstorms later this afternoon. cannot promise that with will be a dry afternoon. 93. going to the game tonight. nats braves. you want to be ready in case there's a few storms that break out across the area. we'll look at the 7 day in a minute. more heat and more humidity but it will end when? >> thank you, tucker. >> he's a peach. >> that was a good one i'm hanging on
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here but i'm not sitting down. let's take a look at roads. sometimes i say things and i'm like why? >> it was a figure of speech it's okay. >> see i need that today. >> sky fox we'll start you out there a deadly crash investigation car fire off the roads into the trees and fire under control. you can see several folks investigating there. right lane getting by on ramp to 197 from 50 east. let's look at cameras, dli 270 and norm of father hurley jammed and frederick to truck scales and we have a crash by the freeway. eastbound side of the freeway by 7th street. traffic crawling by. right lane blocked. delays continue over 14 street bridge slowing over 5 northbound. slot of stop and go 35 to freeway. let check metro maps. ongoing problems throughout the morning with blue
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lines. single tracking morgan boulevard and addison road during of downed cable and speed restrictions rhode island avenue and and problem twin brook cleared up surge track 8 and springfield frankonia. back to you. >> happening now the han mustn't continuing for second suspect in connection with shooting near the university of maryland. take a good look at juror screen. it's hard to make out identity from the picture. but this is the person police say is still on the loose. another suspect was caught early yesterday morning. police say the suspect shot a security guard while trying to steal several safes. it happened at a conference center and hotel at the university of maryland's university college in adelphi. security guard is in critical condition. >> somebody ransacked ridge road rec center south east d.c. over thewe
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thousands of dollars in football equipment for youth football team and now some teams don't have equipment to play. and bob barnard has been working story joining us now from southeast with the latest. you hate to see this with football season getting underway. >> i was going to say, guys, common question now is are you ready for football? the nfl starts tomorrow night. high schools and colleges began last weekend. here at the ridge road remember center successful youth football program it's a bummer right now. they did have practice last night. a lot of kids took to the field and did drills in tee shirt and short. that's because over the weekend over the labor day weekend somebody broke into the rinl road rec center equipment room. they stole 54 shoulder pads and 50 football helmet and other stuff. thieves and vandals trashed the swimming pool here. as far as we know there are no suspects no. lights right now. parents and kids part this
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something positive do teamwork after school are frustrated and angry. >> it's very frustrating unfortunately because we spend a lot of time and we have a lot of volunteers. we spent a lot of time trying to find equipment. >> now some of our team may not be able to play. >> community sent us photographs of equipment room broken into. it happened over the weekend. no suspect that we know of. other youth football programs in the area donated equipment on temporary base toss get these kid going with the season. that's not long-term solution. this community start god fund me page. go fund road hoping people will donate to keep the season alive for these kids. they have great facilities here and right now a lot of these kids have no equipment, guys. >> it is outrageous that th
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would happen. and i really hope that folks come to the rescue of that team. i know they will. >> what do they do with all that equipmentment you ruin the kids and then what do you do with it. >> we hate it thank you for the report, though. >> students across the area headed back to skl and some teachers in the district may head to court though association of independent schools of greater washington filed a lawsuit seeking protection of up constitutional demand preschool teachers be subject to random drug testing after super intend end of education threatened to pull licenses until teexers are drug tested. >> a mother is outraged after a 6-year-old is left at school. parents blaming the bus driver. >> miss d.c. proud to fight for the miss america crowd coming up this weekend
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>> hermine may slowly move its way up north still causing trouble in parts of new england though. check out the waves there. tucker how unusual is that newspaper your home turf of new ngland. >> i mean you know they get big summer storms. but, you know, a lot of beach erosion, flooding issues in parts of long island. >> tropical storm
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effect for eastern new york and massachusetts. >> problem it's sitting and spiping for days. so it's you know long duration event. >> keeps churning waves. >> angry sea. >> exactly. >> locally cloud dovr start the morning. we have featuring more heat. we had that yesterday. we have more humidity to look forward to as well today. >> it will feel like summer. >> and maybe an afternoon thunderstorm. this is last of true summer temperatures and high hutty over the next couple days i promise mother nature will deliver in a big way. 76 now in washington. the spin you see, red, the arrows showing you circulation around hermine which continues to me apder there south and east of new york city. all right. we're tracking a few showers early and cloud cover locally. clouds should burn off and we'll look at partly sunny kndz this afternoon. little piece of energy comes through after daytime heating
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up a few scattered showers and thunderstorms later today. so unlike past several days which were dry i can not promise that after school today for sporting event or if you go to nats game tonight it will be dry. there could be a few scattered storms. 93 today. look at heat. 96, 95, 97, heat index with humidity near 100 flew saturda saturday. one round of it and we'll get a break. less humid by foot gal game sunday afternoon. >> perfect football weather. >> let's get commute this morning, show. let see what is this on a holiday week, wednesday morning sglaern we're messed one days. it doesn't feel like that most had off monday. >> we didn't. >> no we didn't. >> we're tracking and breaking news from sky fox on the ramp 50 easting to 197 a car wept off the road into trees and caught fire and crash
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investigations team is still out. there deep to the right and use caution. several folks out there and car in the trees right there with burned out front end. we'll switch from sky fox now and show you what we're up against. crash on freeway we're dealing with this morning. it's blocking right shoulder. tow truck on location now. things should be cleared soon. right lane blocked. traffic moving okay now. you're very jammed before that point prior to that 14 street bridge heavy traffic coming in from gw parkway and 395. let's check in 66. surprise glare and parked condition on east pound side. as you make your way mannasas through centerville slow moving traffic and earlier crash blocking two lanes by 234. you're in for a half hour delay mannasas to beltway. we you have quovrd that. delays continue on blue, silver and red lines as well. more metro updates in a few. back to you, steve, allison. >> more bad news for metro and melt row officials ridership fell dramatically
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year and dropped 11% toop june compared to same time last yea year. metro heads to budget san mid safe track maintenance plan and paul wheat sfeld expected to meet budget proposal for the transit agency in the coming months. >> maryland family demanding answers after a 6-year-old son was left behind at school. >> they claim it was no accident though and the bus driver intention alley left the boy hend along with few other students. maureen joins us now with the details and maureen it's fitting you just had your baby dropped her offer for kindergarten yesterday. >> this wouldn't -- i don't know how i would feel if it happened to me tun fortunately happened to a family and prince george county dad knows his kid didn't come home. he has home surveillance. when he didn't see his son come home yesterday he knew something was wrong. >> you would think once the kids leave your house they be actually taken care of. >> it's last thing dad of two michael grady thought would happen on third week of school.
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herself i called and said where's your brother. she said he got left. i said what do you mean got left. she said the bus driver left him. >> michael watched on home surveillance cameras as fifth grader jasmine came nrom school without her little brother. >> i was pace around because i didn't know what to do. >> my son is not home. any parent in their right mind if they see their child come home regular time and they deposit come home they would freak out. >> he got no calls from the school and when he called got no answers. instead it was 10-year-old jasmine who told him how the 6-year-old brother got left behind. >> i was telling the bus driver that my brother and some other kids were not on the bus. and then he said, that's not my problem. and therapy got off the bus and started looking for mikey and i deposit see him and then when i got back on the bus they were about to leave me and then they got me on bus and then i started crying and because i didn't want him to be left in the school by
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>> it's not my problem. not my responsibility and take off and leave? how do you tell a 10-year-old that looking out for her brother. >> jasmine said a handful of other kindergartners and first graders were left behind. >> i want this to be the last time this happens. like i say i don't want nothing to go on where a parent has to go and grieve because of something bad happening to their children. it should not even get to this point. >> all right. just unbelievable. we have not heard from the school yet. they say they're investigating. but clearly we're looking for answers about this situation. i mean, how and why would this happen? >> and why -- i mean are we waiting for a tragedy to happen until dpsh. >> exactly. >> until you get that response i would imagine that the school system would be on it and say, this is not typical this was -- >> you would hope so again we have not heard from them and they're investigating -- let's hope the apps are forthcoming and soon. >> thank you so much maureen, appreciate it. >> the clock is ticking, apple's bignn
7:21 am
away and what could be on tap for the tech giant. >> both candidates wrapping up cam pain and you'll likely fwhts you're watching television. how we'll talk about the ad campaigns coming up and it's 7:21. keingt
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>> the event that tech sfranz been waiting
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iphone 7 plus details and release an am watch. just don't know what the details are. the biggest new feature on phone supposed to be a better camera that would help take picture if low lighting and presales expected to started after that announce the coming in a few hours. >> what does this really mean. >> it means the 4 s will be cheaper than ever so i can upgrade. >> means your phone will be another generation behind. >> catching up. >> 76 in washington. humidity 71%. winds calm. we're looking at hot and humid day. yes, yesterday was hot not terribly humid. can't promise the same the next couple days. humidity builds in saturday. we have showers across the area. breaking out. there looks like parts of loudoun country and parts of along 81 here dealing with pretty good showers and storms and watching that complex hold together and we have cloud v
7:25 am
mostly we turn mostly sunny here for a time during middle of day and we get into the afternoon hours and want to give you heads up better chance of thunderstorm today than several days. 93 daytime high with storm activity and heat and humidity you cannot see humidity here but see heat. mid to up 90s here. flirting with record high temperatures by friday and saturday. good news things look better by end of weekend. that's weather update. erin take it away. i'm going to sneezing. >> bless you allergy season and are you asked? doing good. >> it's life. >> right now inbound delays. bless you got it out. prince george county 210 north to kirby hill road give you yourself extra time coming from for the washington a lot of backed up traffic. we have delays on metro as well. want to get this in. downed cable single tracking blue and silver line and as you head out on red
7:26 am
restrictions expect delays rhode island avenue and big delays there earlier issue twin brook cleared we'll keep you updated and save track surge 8 single tracking between springfield and vandoren blue line as well and freeway eastbound 7 street southwest i want to show you maps. so you got a visual of the read line across the 14 street bridge inbound really slow moving traffic you need 30 extra minutes. let's hop outside for a live look now at cameras around the area. 66 eastbound because of earlier crash by 286 you can see big delays mannasas right now i would say mannasas to beltway will take extra 45 minutes for morning commute. 270 same story coming in from maryland. look going now father hurley and back by tuckerman lane and stand still traffic. a lot of stop and go traffic by father hurley we're at a coul and not looking hot. on ramp backed up as well. slow by truck scales. let's seef
7:27 am
at sky fox over a deadly crash they are not at that location any more to let you know sky fox had been over a dadly crash 197 on ramp 50 east and still a scene. there caution. we'll have more traffic in a few moments. back to you. >> looks magical behind you for a moment. >> and milingty sea making us proud in quest for miss america crown. >> and ramping up efforts to get your vote for november and you'll notice when you watch tv next
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that's why she trusts tide pods. she knows small can be powerful. tide. number one rated. ♪ 7:30. as we take look at the whiteas house. we t the question becomes, who will call it home for theake l n texb years?ars? >> also, you can see some --an m well, if the camera was higherig you'd see clouds above i we'll l check in with tucker barnes gete to your weather. erin has yourto y traffic coming at 7:35.:3 but first --, ♪ >> america the middle class gets crushed.ushe spending goes up.s u in donald trump's america, ameca working families get tax relief, millions of new jobs created. cd >> i could stand in the middle t of fifth avenue and shootnd shot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters.vo >> do you in the represent us.s. your ideas do not rep
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>> a couple of political ads ready or not the deluge of theuf ads about to get worse right n n now. two months to go until thes unt election a new cnn poll showsl o donald trump leading hillaryhiar clinton. so will we see a change in campaign strategy now fromo f either candidate? it has us wonder we can brought in the big guns nile, from the hill joins i us. we're seeing more of these ads.. seeing more of these ads on our tv station in the mornings now.s a lot focusing on virginiaa perhaps when it comes to both tt >> absolutely. virginia is a key case in thiss election.tion. to state had been for long time republican.. then president obama won it in i 2008. 2008 did so again in 2012. 22. right now, hillary clinton has a significant lead there obviousls donald trump wants to erode and eliminate that lead.t >> what might we see from an ad standpoint now in these two lass two points as we gear up as the music played final countdown too election day it. >> has been a somewhat negativ
7:32 am
campaign already.lrea i think we'll continue to seetis that. attack will if you look at the ads inn yookt cluely the ones you j theus at , steve, seems to me they're aimea not at people who follow every e twist and turn in the electionin but really trying to portray thr other candidate as unacceptablea choice and i think you'll seehis more of that. >> how many of trehese so-called undecideds do you think arehi still out l and of those who are maybe had latched to oneone candidate from the beginning,heg may they still change their mina at thise p toint?he pnt >> it's a very good question,ueo because obviously the unitedheni states general system moretemor polarized right now.. that tendons tore juice the poop of undecided voters but if thisi election ends up being close, i think those undecideds could be prief toll and that's why these election ads are taking the forf we're taking.wee >> if we look at things ont tngo national level right now h weowe look at your aggregate polls ouo there, if you combine as many polls as you could, obviouslyly each candidate got a post a pos convention bump we saw hillaryry clinto
7:33 am
lead across the board that ist down to two or three points d pt she change her strategy nowat knowing that lead is shrinkingss for her? fo >> i think one of the things she has to doth this goes somewhat a against what we just said drivei enthusiasm among the democratic one of the difficulties she'sfii having in these current polls when pollsters begin to screen t for likely voters, people whoeo will actually show up, she doese worse than among the general ofo all registered voter that is points to something of a lack of enthusiasm for her and she has h to crack that. >> in past elections, you tend t to see if something is expectedc to be close maybe the turn out gross because people want topeoe make sure they get their vote in that counts for their candidatea would such unlike ability inbiln both camps this time around dodo you think we'll have high turnln out or not? really greatgre a problem for the candidates.dite are people going to vote becausu they dislike the other person s much or because we have two he candidates with high unfavorables will people stay pl
7:34 am
scenario where democrats in in particular because they feel thl that the lower the turnout theno worse it is for them.he >> the key for donald trump's camp right now to get people ouo there cast those ballots notalls just show their support rightpo here, obviously, turn up on up election day? day? >> absolutely. >> let's talk about some of thel other areas right now that are of a's talk a otwe talked aboutheof virgi aniw knowledge you basically saidkno that's exhibit a right now foryu how b pasolicit's eicsxh a r hat last generation or so. s but that's not the only state.y you're talking about 11 statesu1 across the country that real r determine the election.ct >> absolutely. i mean a there are keyre k battlegrounds like ohio and florida. donald trump at the moment is running quite strong until ohioo his appeal to blue collar whitew voters in particular seems to be resonating there.he. mind you state like pennsylvanii which would appear to have somee similarities he's not doing so g well in.welln. the general consensus that is ti because minority voters make up a greater proportion of theion t lector rate and obviously he has struggled throughout theghou the campaign with non-white v
7:35 am
>> one thing that will be>> one different from one president the obama first took office yearsffy ago now, congress is a differene make up than it was back in then how does either candidate dealdd now should this be election dayt today, we have a new president-elected tomorrow, tomo they're going to have to dell dl witness congress. how do they do that. wihe do t >> they are. contrk theyha take astingtras views with that. i think donald trump really for goes his sense of himself asimss deal maker, someone who can getc things done.e hillary clinton has taken an interesting a approach to this.t at the same time as she has re really ex cure 88ed donald trumt she's been moderate toward otheo main stream republicans and that is perceived as kind of laying the ground work if she good getg elected.ected >> we've seen the polls get>> we closer and closer over the lasts several weeks, if neitherer candidate does anything drastict at this point do you see that trend continuing? >> i think it will continue to o people tune in this final f stretch debates are coming updee the first one at the end of thii month. that will be an absolutely absol pivotal
7:36 am
candidates.ides >> niles, always good to talk to you joining us from the hill this morning.inin 7:35. let's neck with tucker barnes who saw the clouds over the white house earlier this mornilh morning. how we looking, tuck? >> sunshine eventua steve.teve yeah.ah >> okay. >> today? >> today. how you doing.. >> hot and humid. >> good. and h >> shall we do weather. >>.let's >> temperatures overnightturesrt falling back not so much. few mornings ago we were in thet 50s this morning waking up tog t low 70s at reagan national.atna 76 now dulles and bwi marshallwr in the upper 60s. 6 here's a look at your stormou s tracker radar.tracr r light shower activity out to ouo west this morning. in fact a little bit more thanha that out west 66 there looksks like fauquier county parts ofar western loudoun county gettingyg shower activity as well and ass mentioned, steve mentioned theet cloud cover down at the whited house.ov dow we've got a deck of clouds here across the immediate 95 corridoc as well. the bottom line in the forecasts more heat, more humidity. hid we'll be partly sunny today, an, we will have an increasingin chance this afternoon for some widely
7:37 am
activity. acti so that's back in the forecast.s a few storms later today.od he ns out of the normal and wesf at five to seven.en i'll be back with the very hotyt seven day in just a moment. mom let's do traffic with erin.hri >> feels like that summerumme weather is just continuing.onti right now 7:37. take a look behind me.ind this is 395 northbound we areth basically parked from thesill bey pltway on up.ltway on up. we have a crash out by pentagono it is blocking some of the center lanes and we are delayedd very heavy passed that point ton the 14th street bridge. b you can see how backed up we ara by seminary as we take kind ofed wide view of the different 395 cameras shirlington is backed uu w well. dealing with a lot of delays.. well, right now it's not -- out freeway.y. it's very backed up from the vbk beltway to theed 14th voteh v there's also a crash once younce get on to the freeway eastboundu at seventh street big delayst b across the 14th street bridgetrg from gw parkway as well.s southbound backs up 123 to the2o key bridge also and 210 is is we're also dealing with bigealih delays on 301 inbound earlierar crash cleared in princeedn george's. back to u
7:38 am
>> ♪ >> erin, thank you. honor decades in the makingk how online petition helped earn a world war ii veteran the recognition they deserve. desere >> and later, skins fans your fy commit tom the game comes at a a staggering cost.t. 7:38. ♪
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at arlington national cemetery.y the granddaughters of elaine ofa harmon started a petition on for their grandmother's ashes to be inno you should iiwi full militaryit honor.hor after gaining 200,000 signaturee they were suck fell thanks to fs harmon's relatives all members m of the wasp will be eligible for burial at the military cemetery. real treat today for lawor students and anyone heels canls snatch a ticket to hear u.s. u supreme court justice ruth badeb ginsberg talk today atay a georgetown.. first year law students will ges a chance to hear the 40 minuteie it's being held at the hearteart auditorium today justice jti ginsberg will answer questionsut after the speech, too. the 2017 miss americaca pageant got underway last nightg in new jersey. new >> 52 women competing for thenge title miss district of columbia making everybody proud.body pud she won the first night ofht o preliminaries alongside miss tennessee, way to go, olympic gold med list gabbie douglasou will join the judge's panel onul sunday for the final round.ou the new mis
7:42 am
crowned on sunday. speaking of cheering on then home team burgundy and gold fanf gearing up for football season.. >> not without big old price w g tag. in fact, fed ex field arguablyby the super bowl of shelling outlt cash that tha i details next. >> that's not so much fun. >> super bowl of...
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>> i'm talking about paintingg pandas.paas >> they're cute too.y'reute >> how does national zoo actua actually train d.c.'s fur fur yesterday residents to paint? oi and no i'm not talking about steve and tucker. fur yesterday. yesrday. >> you should have stopped. i get it.>>i >> we're live with inside scoopo >> i think that's going to behag awesome.awes also might feel like summer outt there, but we do fall on ourn or minds as in oktoberfest and a we'll celebrate with theit t washington nationals becauses bu they're celebrating oktoberfestb this we've got preview for you rightg here in the loft. >> also, live in the loft, getht ready to home boy comedian read grant is here before he performs at thete d.c. improve brings hisis hilarious talents right here tot us at fox fox5 good day d.c. >> funny guy. g look forward to. >> nothing says oktoberfest likk 97 degrees.97 degrees >> and humidity. >> not quiet october yet. >> notg.summer fest continuing. >> reason to celebrate.rate >> um-hmm. >> we got hot temperatures heree to stay. sy. yesterday we made it to 94.
7:46 am
>> am i walking?al >> come on.>> come sing it. o it >> no music? we got nothing.oti >> we got nothing. >> do the silent walk. silt w >> there you go.>> the you ♪ >> save little money. mey. >> nope. >> yeah.>> ye ♪ >> um-hmm. so you asked for it, you went straight to the >> right. right. >> the big pay back. hey! >> got temperatures -- yes, going to be on the hot side forr the next several days. you know, just once again we gog to give you the heads up.ds u please take care of your pets,r don't leave them outside forut f long periods of time. ofime. don't leave them in your cars as temperatures are going to beo well into the 90s. heat b iwendexll particularlyticularly thursday, friday and saturdayda near 100 degrees.egre so one more round of it then i think by next week perhaps thest heat waves will be a thing ofhi the past for at least 2016. 201 all 76 now in washington.ashito you know what, overnight 60sigh6 here off to the north and west.w 66 in gaithersburg.. manassas 66.6. 70 in leonardtown.rdwn not terrible out there. t yesterday was hot without the humidity i didn't hd think it felt terrible
7:47 am
that humidity will be buildingwi back in. dealing with persistent band off showers working north to southou just out to the west.t fauquier county, loudoun countyu out towards hagerstown,erstw martinsburg dealing with showere activity.actity front royal you're next that tht shower can hold together and asa we get into the afternoon, i, would expect we'll get someetom additional widely scatteredtterd thunderstorms to develop.ev we had little trough dropping in. all right. spin that's hermine we've talked t a lot about it the last couplece of days. of bottom line it will do one ofo o those but its taking it's time, really taking its time getting g out of here. t it's kind of stuck. there's future cast.ureast. put it in motion.t widely scattered thunderstormstm activity at 4:00 o'clock.k. could be a few strong storms.grm in fact, we're under a marginala risk for strong storm activity.y and there's future cast ats fut 10:00 o'clock tonight.:00 o' so if you'recl goiockng to the e nationals game or if you got any other sporting events outdoorsur later this afternoon or tonightt just heads up. keep a close eye on thethe forecast. fox5 weather app that's thet'she place to go. get live look at the radar. ther there we are tomorrow morning.o.
7:48 am
we'll lose the thunderstormstor threat. i don't think we'll have anyi dh storms around thursday orink wer friday. and more isolated thursday friday here comes that heat one last round of it, and then by sunday and monday much much improvement.ent in fact the skins game lateeat monday looks great with with temperatures in the 70s by kickk off.of all right. al erin is back with anotherl loo o at your your roads. >> i can tell you've been>> i'v working on your walk.rkin on >> it's getting better, >> really good, yeah.eally od, >> oh >> we're on our way. w >> tell me tell first i'l'll tell you about the horrible crash hyped me.rayped this is 395 northbound.orbo it's right near the pentagon. to you can see blocking one ofg ono those center lanes right there.e there's a truck. tck traffic is parked.fic so basically from the beltway to the 14th street bridge this isrs what you look like. like. speeds under 5 miles an there's that red color on theolo map to indicate that it's slowho and then there's the crazy maroon red color because the laa delays are huge. are he need about 45 to an hour of houo extra time to get through thisgi stretch of 395 more problems let's switch it to our maps.ou this isn't the only ig
7:49 am
this morning. asidethis from as a matter of ft traffic being at a crawl inner loop there's an accident byy georgetown pike.orwn p you are completely jammed up from 66 past that point.oi again, another area where you wu need about 40 extra minutes ofeo time. . now, gw parkway completely jamsm up as well. folks trying to get across theot 14th street bridge and jammingng up and always crash in thes c in backup on that southbound sidebo between spout run and the keyeeu bridge. now in addition to that we're dealing with a crash on thenow n freeway eastbound at seventhth street blocking a we're seeing huge problemsem coming in from gw parkway and 395 and on the freeway much tha is an area of extreme congesti congestion. glenn okay company cabin john,oj clara barohton jamming up as wew inside the inbound delays in princebo george's countyund delay. 210 north from swan creek to kerby hill and 301 north fromorf cedarville to five north jamsams earlier crash on 301 jammed at a cedarville.ll five northbound someone tweeted me and asked me what theha tons of congestion us a try toit get to the beltway. inner loop jammed solid acrosscs the wilson bridge. rr
7:50 am
continuing as folks adjust to the back to school patterns.ter. back to you. >> thanks so much, erin. team usa hockey coach sayscs he'll bench any player thatbenc doesn't stand for the nationalhl anthem. an in an interview with espn he says his players will have big v decision to make playing time tm versus their convictions.ctn this is all in response to sanea francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick's nationalpernt anthem protest.them pst team usa's hockey coach will wil bench a player the entire gameem if they don't stand. s again during the national anth anthem. meanwhile days after she knelt t in solidarity with 49ersrs quarterback u.s. soccer star meghan rapineo said set to makek a stop in our region. seattle rape is taking on then washington spirit.on s following her decision to kneele during the anthelm she said shed did it as a gay american not afforded the same rights ashts a others. and speaking of kaepernickek his national anthem protestrote might not be all that popular pr but his jersey certainly i
7:51 am
that's all relative yesterday we just told you more people are coming to his defense there. but today the 49ers jersey has s now the number one sellingling jersey on less than yeaa after it was put on clearance. kaepernick won't stand for thete national anthem until he sees se significant change in the wayicn that minoritiesge a ire treatedi the united states.tetes. >> let's go to the baseballet'so diamond writ kn towledge natshes hosting the braves yesterday.s . it was a rough start. nats down early. inside the park grand slamm gonzales had a little trouble te not his best outing of the yeara he had three straight greatreat outings.oungs. yesterday kind of fell apart. didn't make isttery kind past td inning that inside the parker sealed his fate. nats come back.ome b later in the third nats downown four-one. anthony rendon bases loaded grand slam first career grandnd slam. citith homer of the year.. nats win nine-seven. steven strasburg pitching toingo night. >> bas
7:52 am
dough he does what he does best. third grand slam of the season.o o' goss on to win big, 11-two.t. less than to go until the t redskins kick off the regularul season monday night football. football fans in the region noen doubt excited but do you have tt pay fort >> the burgundy and gold mostt expensive team to watch.atch great.t. wisdom is here to break down for us. >> all right. >> >> wis, how you feeling about this story al.w l le younow i feel like you need to bring a big pocke ntbooeek dy want to watch the redskins playp because going to the washington redskins home game at fed ex e field is the most expensive game for fans in the entire national football league.eae. go banging rates added up the costs at 31nfl stadiums included the price of two tickets, twotsw hotdogs, two beers, two soft twf drinks and parking and skinsnd i fans, well, you're being gouged. that's the bottom line here.e. parking is big killer at the home games at an average of $57 and 50 cents it i
7:53 am
most expensive stadium parking i in the entire league.eae. redskins tickets are among theka most expensive.mongsive franchise season tickets in thet nfl average of $87 and 33 cents. meanwhile our neighbors the the baltimore ravens come as 11th11h on the most expensive list with game day for two at averagingvei $219 and 83 cents. now, if you're looking to save e some money consider going to ono of these games.ines. tickets for two much cheaper iff you're a fan of the cincinnati bengals, $131.93. believe of cleveland browns, $133.66..6 kansas city chiefs, $138.67.8. and that team with that greatret history of winning the jackso jacksonville jaguars, $141.60.1. don't worry, though, skins fans, we're not the only onesy o suffering because tickets for f two pretty steep if you're a faf of these teams as well.l. 49ers coming in at
7:54 am
dallas cowboys costing $268.28 . and the green bay packers 260 bucks.. so bottom line, it's not cheapop going to an nfl game. gam that's why i sit at home on myy couch and everything i get doesn't cost me $15 for a cup of ice. >> i'm a little confused, wis.i. when you add the prices up ---- >> yeah. >> for the ravens that $219, $ that's not just for tickets that's for everything you wereer just talking about. >> that's right. thet's r price for tickets, twoo hotdogs, two beers, two -- yeah. there's a meal included innclud there, too.ther >> what costs 260 in green bay,y 219 in baltimore and what was ws the redskins price again? ain >> i going to all the way back. i'll cheat. i got cheat sheet right here fof my graphics. all right.all rht. redskins, um, okay, i have noe o idea, steve.,teve. >> a lot. >> it's expensive. (laughter).(l >> thank you for this veryauhise informational and informativeve >> that's the bottom
7:55 am
>> you can buy yourself a newf w chair for the cost of going to a game. >> if you skip the entirega sean you could buy a big tv and watct it at home in the comforts of wisdom martin pa lay shallay sll estate. >> we're coming over. w >> probably that big because yob don't go to theau games. >> that's right. that's where it all comesre it c together.togeer. (laughter). that's right. >> how about football -- yes,r)w al. abo foo >> i just have to s that i wast i wa teasing and said you guys are the fur yesterday cutestt attraction in d.c. you mightou have to get out there and dore d some painting because we can't c offer you the giant panda painting story. we're not going to have it'r today.e noing but you guys -- uyg >> maybe tucker and i will paina something.something >> shirt less with the painthe brushes in your mouth get to painting. >> we'll see what we can do. >> seal you on good day. d >> american idol finalistl performing for us gone dayor u y today. that will be kind of let's check in with tuckerat w now. what will you be painting today, tuck. >> i'd rather see the pandaseehn painting.painng >> we all would.. (laughter). >> but it's not going to happenh >> oh, boy. >> it will happen at some point. >> it just might.ustht >> 77 in
7:56 am
winds out of the north at five.v we'll be hot, low 90s think afternoon with an increasing chance for a few storms around.orms aro in fact we have fewun storms ouo there at this hour. this hour. current look at your numbers overnight lows not terribly co cool. a few mornings ago we were inagr the 40, mid 60s to start your sr day off to the north and west.ns here's what i wanted to show y you. rain shower activity out towards warrington fauquier county geet getting good showers along 66. 6 additional showers towards srs t cumberland, hagerstown as welll and later today some of these storms will likely make it intot our immediate viewing area heree right along the 95 corridor.r. 93 today. here comes the heat with increasing humidity the next several days. heat index near 100 thursday, friday and saturday afternoon. eh, sorry about that.ut that. erin is back with rows roads. rs >> take look at the roads.ds dealing with really bad problemm much this is almost traffic terrible traffic tuesday partsdt two on wednesday.ednesday inner loop near georgetown pikew there's a crash blocking thein left shoulder traffic israffic s basically parked from 66 past
7:57 am
georgetown pike you need aboutdt an extra hour of time to geto gt through that portion of theh inner loop. take a lookor at 395 right now outow o by the pentagon.go a crash blocking several lanes.n traffic is parked trying toin t merge into the left lanes rightr there. from the bottom of the beltway y passed this point it will takel you 45 extra minutes.inutes then the delays continue acrosss the 14th street bridge. b let's go ahead and take look ato our maps right now.oumaps r we have a crash --ight excuse mm first look at the freeway. this is another accident on theo eastbound side of seventh streee blocking the right shoulder witt the tow truck on locate.ate 70 towards baltimore on the on e eastbound side really backed upe a look at youdr commute towards the baltimore nats. we'll be back in a few moments.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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with vicks sinex and get back in the game. sinex, the congestion, pressure, pain to clear your head... ...medicine. >> this is fox5 news morning. t right now eight 8:00is a.m m live look outside.. it's wednesday morning, weatherr and traffic for you on the 5's e at 8:05. good wednesday i'm allisonln seymour. seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. news>> i'm morning.or eight at back to the drawing board for congress after coness legislation to fund the fightd t against the zika virus crashedsh and burned last night. nht >> that's because some lawmakers opposed provisions included ind the bill.theill. fox5's melanie alnwick joins uss from capitol hill with the hillt latest now.test now. good morning.odng >> reporter: good morning,ornin, steve and allison. local jurisdictions are doingrir what they can to try to containd zika.ka they're trapping and testing ani mosquito pools. p they're conducting sprayingsprai operations where necessary, but they cannot count at this pointt on any money from congress.
8:01 am
the third time congress hases h failed to pass any bill thatha would have zika funding going tt the centers for disease control and cdc says basically it is i i running out of money to fightigt the spread of the virus. it was senate democrats last night that blocked the $1.1 billion funding billng b because they objected to to conditions tacked on byn b republicans.reic now, these included offset offse budget cuts to pay for the bill, and a ban on money to plannedla parenthood clinics in puertocsnr rico had a of which has reported 13,000 local al inquired cases.c zika has now touched nearlyrl every state in the us including as of last week 11 cases in d. d.c., eighty five in maryland, n 75 in virginia all of thoseho travel related.. but florida is dealing withling dozens of cases that are not a n travel related, there is real r concern that the virus will spread further. public health officials say thet money is needed to develop a a vick quest a vaccine and rapid r
8:02 am
clusters when they emerge. in pregnant women the mosquitoo born virus causes microcephaly.y the birth defect where babieshee are born with small heads and other brain defects. defects infection in healthy adults adut generally only causes a mildd illness.s. lasting up to week so manyo weem people don't go to the doctor. o many people are never tested. ts as you can imagine, florida lawmakers blasted the billhe b failure calling on both sides ts present as they call a clean bill with no rider as damaged sa there's really not much chanceua of that this morning.orning house republicans are meeting in a strategy session to talk about zika as well as an upcoming budget battle that's looming and whether they'll put zikaa language into that must pass pas budget bill or some sort off continuing resolutions to keepip the government running and for their part senate democrats plaa on taking their fight for zika funding to the public in a press conference.erce live on capitol hill, i'ml, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local news.
8:03 am
♪ >> more bad news for metro. officials say ridership fellip l dramatically over the past yeart yin fact it dropped 11% from fm april to june compared to the same time last year.last the news comes as metro headsea into budget season a mid it's safetrack maintenance planen pla general manager paul wiedefeld e is expected to release his budget proposal for the transitt agency in the coming months.. >> empty meantime metro released new proposal listing major m changes to the times the system will open and close agendhe joig us now to talk about declining i reader ship martin dicaro wmau transportation reporter.orte let's talk about the schedule se first of all.firs metrot debating between several different plans here as far ass which hours they may keep theeep train service open? >> reporter: yeah, let's take'sk look at some of these alternatives proposals.posa as we know trains used to stayds open until 3:00 a.m. on the weekends. new general manager paul wieldal felled wants to put an endo p an through safetrack and beyond so there's more time fore' mor maintenance crews. the jurisdictions d.c.,ons d.c.,
8:04 am
back against this proposal.rosa. they want the trains to stayota open more night life.if more customers going tong restaurants and bars.ndars so there are some potential alternatives to shutting down dw the system at midnight or even e maybe 11:30 p.m..m that could include maybe keeping the system open till 1:00 a.m. but this is a work in progress.s the general manager has the the leverage here. mr. wiedefeld said repeatedly,ea we can't have it both ways anysy more. more we can't keep the trains openran all the time and expect to havee well maintained system.tem the jurisdictions are going tosg have to present a compellingin argument that it's worth keeping the system open an extra three r hours night say until thee am on saturdays, fridays, for just 2500 riders per hour between bet midnight and 3:00 a.m. or is it better to keep the system shut down so the crews ce can get all of that maintenance work done that wasn't done in preceding decades that that hash left us in the sorry state off affairs. af >> when might we know whenn metro' decision o
8:05 am
>> reporter: probably not for f several more months. month >> several more months.l more mn that's a long time for peopletho waiting in the balance.ban don't even answer that. answ let's talk about decliningeclini ridership.ri we talked about the numbers.. man, what are folks doing dng instead? >> reporter: so we chosee capitol south as our locationoc this morning, because five yeara ago, there were about 10,000 daily boardings at this stationn down below 8,000. 15, 20% drop. d that's typical for many busy metro stations. station and it's a wide array of reasonr for this.s. it's not only chronically poor service.rvice for instance, for the last fieff years we've seen a lot of tracka work on weekends and week nights that has driven riders away. aw. fewer trains are running butng b there are demographic changes. the rides of teleworking, uber, lyft, capitol bike share otherhr options.options. changes in the economy.hecono reductions in federal spending.g all have combined to whittlehite away metro's ridership figures.. that's causing a serious problel for metro's last fiscal
8:06 am
fewer trips on the rail system.e metro was able to make due onuen their budget though they shifted some money around, they did belt tightening. next year that's not going to bi an they're looking at a budget bude deficit around $150 million atna least so they're only few ways w to do something about that. you can raise fares and/or cut service and/or ask the taxpayere and all the jurisdictions tons t cough up more money. money right now, that is the ladder. the latter choice there seems to be the preferred choice of the t d.c. council member jack evanska also the metro board chairmanir but other board members mem including michael goldman who'ss an influential member represen representing maryland is saying, we cannot rule out a faiesenuleo in a fcrease to deal with theset revenues from lot of riders. rer then you get into cycle, right?g you continue to raise fares,se f it's called a transit deathea spiral metro is not there. the you raise fares, drive away more riders and you have to raise rae fares >> transit death spiral. spira not good news, marty. marty >> we're not there yet >> that's got news.
8:07 am
marty, thank you very much. >> 8:06 right now.. let's take look at the whitee lt house.he wut-oh. looks like it's getting darkered out there,ar tucker. >> yeah. >> local newspaper did that death spiral as well.sel it got so expensive i couldn'tou afford i >> cut backs and, yeah.h. not a good route. >> all right. rht >> cloud cover to start your cot day. y back.nd humidityou am i presentable?able >> a little. lit now you're'reette >> do i have food on my face. yes, some shower activity stevee just out to our west out towards warrington.inon nice little batch of showers srs with some heavy downpours there in fauquier county, loudoundoun county and then little further r out to the west along 81 and extreme western maryland towardt come brrr land as well showers s moving in from southernn pennsylvania. so later today we may see a fewf showers and storms pop up in ouo immediate area as well withl wit daytime highs in the low 90s bub you'll notice a few thing. more humidity and w
8:08 am
some clouds around here later today. something we didn't do yesterd yesterday. seven has lots of heat on itha you'll love lot it. >> yeah?h >> as long as you love july anda all weather you'll love it.athel >> am i? okay, cool.? okaool. >> one last summer blast.t sumrb >> few more days. erin, i cried yesterday when i look and the pool was closed.c i'm not going to lie. >> steve, that is a sad moment.. >> heartbreak.>> h you know what's making me cry mc right now traffic is worse did than it was for terrible traffif tuesday. >>d tod to imagine. >> no pool time because it's september and bad traffic. no be >> i hndave a b name for the day >> what's that. >> what the what wednesday? wedy >> what the what wednesdaynesd starts with metro allison. downed cable single tracking trn morgan boulevard -- i got i got excited about your name and lost my train of thought.raf t morgan boulevard addison road on the blue and silver delays possible because of thosele bec congested o lines onf the orangg line as well metro is a mess. m moving over to rhode island ofao a. speed restrictions on the red line because of some debris fros last week they're doing safety now take look at our roads. heading to baltimore crashtoti activity on the shoulder but 70
8:09 am
backed up for several miles sevl basic tal standstill.ndil i'd avoid 70 eastbound ifound possible this morning. this morg moving to montgomery county lool at all of these crashes randolph road past kent mill roadd connecticut avenue south. sou at the beltway georgia avenue aa 495. 395 basically parked on theon t northbound side.nd s we have a crash by the pentagono and then the inner loop jams out by 50 in maryland and the innerr loop jams in virginia by georgetown pike lots more to geg through take a look at those ate cameras back to t >> this is pretty low move here. bandits stole thousands ofusandf dollars worth of football gearar from youth football center inn d.c. but the community now trying too come together to get that team a back on the >> andn the epipen fight isn'tn over yet. maker of the life saving devicee under fire for monopolizing theg market.mark find out whose et heading this new investigation next. ♪
8:11 am
>> here's look at the capitol this morning. as the capitol becomes more andl undressedolomes >> yes. >> yes. scaffolding continues to come down. >> even if you're trying to makt that sound sexyinven you it's . >> i wasn't really trying but -- (laughter).(laughter). >> kind of new it wasn't going to work.>> k okay. it will be -- >> scaffolding continues to comt down. >> pretty soon. >> back to school this morning. >> brets across the area heading back to class, and somae teachea in the district may be headed to court.cour the association of independence schools of greater washingtonras filed a lawsuit seekingeeng protection what they call an unconstitutional demand that tha pre-school teachers
8:12 am
to random drug tests.ests. this comes after the dc officecf of the state superintendent of education threatened to revoke e the school licenses unlesss u they're teachers are test. arees >> to southeast d.c. now, wheree a community is upset after thousands of dollars in football gear was stolen from the ridgege road rec center.en it happened over the weekend.eed gear was used by a youth football league.eagu so far d.c. police haven'teav caught the culprits.ulpr another football league iseague lending their equipment to theoe titans so they can still play. a >> it's very frustrating and unfortunate because we spend ace lot of time. im we have a lot of volunteers here. we spend a lot of time trying to find sponsors to get equipmentit uniforms for these kids becaused we have as lot of unfortunatetua youth in our community. >> i was mad and sad because now some of us not going to be ablea to play so maybe some of ourur team might forfeit.. >> gofundme account has been see up online at gofundme.
8:13 am
road.road. major university getrsit something backlash for offeringn segregated black only studentnt housing but wait until you hear what group lobbied for the t controversial dorm.rove >> itt closing its doors forsitd good. what that means for currentns ft students, though, and formerme grads. does it impact them, too? we'lw talk about it coming u it is 8:13.:1 ♪
8:14 am
grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few. now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics, exclusively at safeway.
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>> i got to get that song on my alarm to wake up. >> you should got .. >> when i worked in upstate newe york i had song that just got mm out of bed. that one might do it.. >> was that at noon.t nn. >> you're absolutely right.'re e i needed help getting out of b bed. >> always do. >> now i help -- >> those were the days.e >> you know how a lot of folks get their day start. >> daily dose of duty cuteness. >> people i was surprised.prised we didn't get cuteness today.. >> it's not bad news.ew beautiful news. >> we love doing it. >> if i first five cuteness of the day.the. >> smiley. >> very very handsome smiles. >> cute cheeks allison.llison. >> my goodness. >> you look in the little car lc seat and there's carter. carter. i mean give me break. break >> big smile. >> so cute.mi. >> saying where we going?? >> four month old carter. he as you can tell loves toov t smile and laugh. l he loves to eat and he loves to cuddle.cudd >> he does?s? >> sounds a
8:17 am
else i know at the anchor desk, steve.eve. (laughter).. >> uh-huh. he watches fox5 in the morning with his dad and he loveseov they're bonding time together.h. >> awesome. >> it goes both ways, right.. >> um-hmm. so cute. so >> that is cute little shirt. >> yes, great shirt. shirt >> he's perfect.ct >> carter, we love your picturep thanks for sending it in anddinn bringing a smile to everybody'sy face go to our facebook page pae fox5 d.c. send on in your cute picture and we'll get it on thee air as soon as possible. >> love it. >> don't give up>>. i know we have a lot of people that send them in.ow wend tm i keep we'll try to get everybody on. all right. right 77 now in washington.hing we're warming it up. gradually.grlly got cloud cover out there whichh has been holding the numbers nus wnwn little we'll take the break while wehie all right.ig south and east of new york city that is hermine feels like we'v' been talking hermine for weeks. and just continues to spin out otherwise, the real theme around here the heat and humidity backk in a big way. way st
8:18 am
i went out and was like, okay, i can handle this, not sure i'll l be able to handle today.oday increasing humidity for the next couple of days. of ds. storms, too.oo fading away to our west there. . you can see those early thise ei morning working north to south.. out along 81 out towards cumberland, frost burg earlierer hagerstown let me mention menti another little batch towardsowas warrington pushing throughhrugh fauquier county later today, cac can't promise we won't getet shower or a thunderstorm as as we'll have what we call littleil trough moving through, and withh plenty of heat and humidity much like most of july and august wee could drive a few aunt of of afternoon thunderstorms. thuers. the seven day i don't think rm'll get storms thursday,e sevs friday or but what we will get a lot of l heat an lot of humidity.umidity. heat index once again pushing pi 100 around here for couple ofpl days before we get coolerooler temperatures by the end of the e week. we going to the skins game monday night fantastic right now.. >> looks real nice. >> are you going? are you ying. are >> no. no.o. >> okay. >> past our bedtime.asme >> i understand..
8:19 am
hi, erin g morning.ning >> good morning. new metro problem for you, red d line delays are off loading at friendship heights because of a door problem, and crowded roads everywhere.ywhere. inner loop there's a crash passed 50. 5 we have outer loop rubberneckrnk outer loop okay this is ther lop inner loop that'sis jammed.amd outer loop jams basically from m branch avenue all the way up past 95 over through collegele park.park very heavy traffic.ic i would say leave an hour early if you can we're seeing innerne loop delays in virginia as welll across the legion bridge but in maryland dealing with very heavy traffic inner loop and outer loop and this is a look rightisr now as we move it over through u 95 north from edsall road to the 14 many street bridge completelt jammed earlier crash by therashe pentagon did clear but we'rere seeing standstill traffic i'mta abtrout to sneeze as sns back to you steve and allison.ln >> this morning school is out si for good. goo itt tech.h campuses across the country andd right here in the dmv are closed now for the for profit school so it's closing up shop leavingvi students with degrees unfinish unfinished. >> and knee joins us now from the school' and k
8:20 am
what these students can do. do. good morning.good morning. >> reporter: hey g morning to m you allison and steve.. well itt has been in businessin for over 50 years, and it has decided to permanently close iti doors leaving a lot of studentss we're talking about 40,000 400 students in the dark here with h few options. not to mention the 8,000 8,0 employees that are now without jobs. here behind me is the springfield location. there's a second one in in chantilly just northern virginia, but 130 of the campu campuses have closed down theirr scattered across the country. the for profit college made them decision to shutad down just a a week after the department off education banned the school from allowing any new students to use federal loans to pay for itt. now, abrupt shut down affecting 40,000 students who areho a currently taking not onlynl classes here on campuses but not to mention the thousands of employees without work. itt is blaming the federal feder government of unfairly stripping it of eligibility for studenttut aid.aid. meantime itt really
8:21 am
center of investigations fors fr years now over its recruit many tactics, lending practices andea job place many figures, and thet feds have gone after for profiti schools like itt for quiteor qte sometime now.time they've been cracking down, anda in this case, it was matter of o not having the cash on hand to ensure that it had the resources to educate its students across s the country. so the drastic move wasn'tast totally unexpected, but it didtd leave thousands of students stus without a degree and reallylly saddled with student debt. take a listen to frustrationon >> why did i lose a year and a n half of my life going to school? i work 40 hours a week and i goo to school at night to get a degree. and i can do that any more. mor. i have to look somewhere else. s >> reporter: i mean you coulduou just understand the frustration. we're talking about students who have invested years andnd thousands of dollars in their education. so
8:22 am
semester and so here's the deal. the department of educationduca released a list of resources ana what they're doing to helpp displaced students. we have that list on our website fox5 d.c. along with a hotline i number that you can call. cl. but basically, students have two options.s. one is to continue paying theirr loan and try to transfer thosers credits to another school. schl. and hopefully that school will accept those credits and the second option to apply forpply f discharge so that it will bewill just discharging of their loanss altogether. again, all that informa tion foror you on our website bum steve and allison very frustra frustrating situation leaving lg many students hopeless. hopeles. back to you in the studio. >> california state universityry at los angeles is under scrutiny this morning for offering blacka only segregated housing under the new program called helese scholars.ho the campus set aside about 200 spots in its 192 unit dormnit complex for black it was created after the university's black student unioi
8:23 am
response to its claims of raciaa discrimination on campus.ampu. some on social media areia a blasting the program calling itt self segregation. however, cal cal state la pointi out that other universitiesie across the states have similar r program.m new planned parenthood billl facing backlash from civilash fl rights and media advocates why y they say it violates the rightsg of citizen.of cen. >> starbucks ceo howard schultzt would like you to have some inspiring content with yourh y morning cup of joe.f joe. didn't he do this before.ore >> it didn't work so well d it?i >> let's see what this is. back in a moment. >> words of wisdom.
8:24 am
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8:26 right now. hey, tucker. >> hi, guy. where you going. >> i thought i was coming over to the wall. maybe ncker. >> ot.ter)oaughter)ug >> that's the saddest thing. thg >> when you turned he dropped dp his head.hisd >> yeah, did he.>> y >> he slowly walked back intoeay his wal cdor bner. >> i just have to put my snickers wrapper on the ground.d >> karma for not sharing his his snickers. >> it was bite size. >> so. e. what's your point. >> i have more s you dowoinstairs. i'll go get them.ll let's do the weather.eath. we're looking at little cloudtld cover out there early, but muchc like last couple of days, wakinn up to temperatures which righthr now are in the 70s.0s 77 in washington.. humidity 62%.dity 6 we got rain shower activity jusy out to our west fauquier counsel tearing loudoun county, pushingg
8:27 am
hour ago now down towards lookss like pushing down towards towar fredericksburg dealing with alld of that at this hour. later today, hot, humid, partly sunny. kind of sultry out there and ira do want to throw out theut t possibility that we could havete scattered thunderstormsd thustos redevelop this afternoon and this evening.redelo so if you're planning outdoor or activities soccer, field hockey, basketball, whatever you may beb doing outdoors later today be tb ready for few storms and then ad look at that heat through theuge weekend.weekend at through saturday.oughs erin is back with roads. >> terrible right now. 8:27.. and we're backed up.d u we have a new crash 66 eastbounu blocking the right shoulder bite fftley street traffic looking sa good. prior to that point big delays y back to fairfax county parkway.y you need extra ne ext move our cameras forward. forwad this isn't the only big problemm beltway is just a mess right n now. inner and outer loop this is ini maryland we have a crash past 5 and then the outer loopoop rubbernecking big delays on the outer loop all the way pastas college park through 95 togh 95 georgia and then the inner loopr remains really heavy as you hea
8:28 am
from bridges county making youru way across the wilson bridge.n 395 is a parking lot literallyil by edsall road on the northbounr side. about an hour delay as you try y to get past the pentagon towards the 14th street bridge. bdg and then we'll take look at youy maps next.mapsext. 270 southbound in urbana also aa crash with big delays look at la all that red. r we got more in few.. back to you. thank you very much, erin. the latest thon shooting tht near the university of marylandn and the search for a secondond suspect.spect. >> also, an angry dad looking oi for answers this morning afteroa his six-year-old left behind byb a schoolbus driver.ver. that story is next. it's 8:28.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> it is 8:31. welcome back to fox5 news>> it n morning. >> we'll check in with erin for details in automobile couple off minutes.minu. manhunt continues for a sick a c suspect near the university ofvy maryland. this person even though it'seveo hard to distinguish any featurea there is the person police sayoy is still on the loose. lse another suspect was caught early yesterday morning.ning police say the suspects shot a security guard while trying too steal several safes at aaf at conference center and hotel atth the university of maryland'sotea university college and a delphii the security guard is in critical condition.tion still no word on what caused yesterday's may have massiveve fire usda facility in beltsvilli maryland the building housesouse workshops for the agriculturall research center this fire comesm a week after officials shut doww usda locations in several statee after threats to agenc
8:32 am
employees, however, investigat investigators said there was no evidence of any criminalvestce o actifvityny c yesterday.te to prince william countynt moran dom shots apparently firer into a home. this time a man said he a and hs wife woke up over the weekend we and realized somebody fired aird bullet through their living livg room. incident just one of several tof happen in the county this year.s police say at least 18 homesomes across prince william county hit by gunfire in some instancestans homeowners waited until afterilf the fact to report the damages.. making it harder to track downod the suspects. al? a prince george's countyount father says he knows when his kids get home from schoolm soo because he has a home a home surveillance video.survllance v but when he didn't sidee his sos come home yesterday, he knew hen something was maureen umeh has that story. >> you would think once the kids leave your house they going to g be actual taken care. >> reporter: it's the lastr: itt thing dad of l two michael gradg thought would happen on the h t third week of school. soo >> once i saw her come home by h herself i immediately called, where is your brother? she saii he got left. l i'm like, what do you mean he ye got left? she like the bus the dr
8:33 am
>> reporter: michael watched on his home surveillance cameras as fifth grader jasmine camee home from school but without her little brother. >> i was pacing around because i roundause didn't know what to do. w >doreportha myreport m son is not not hom any parent in they right mind if they say they're child come homm at a regular time and they not coming home at the time they were supposed to come they goini to freak >> he got no schools calls from the school. when he called he got no answe answers. instead 10-year-old jasmine wh0r told him how her-old six j-yasel brother got left behind. >> i was telling the bus drivere that my brother and some otherth kids weren't on the bus, and bua then he said, that's not myy problem, and then i got off thee bus and i started looking for mikey. and i didn't see him, and then n when i got back on the bus theyt were about to leave me and thene they got me on the bus and thenn i started crying.g boo because i didn't want him th be left in the school byy hisself.hisself. >> it's not my problem muchemuc that's mott my responsibility and going to take off and leavel how you can going to tell a a 10-year-old that? looki
8:34 am
for her brother.herrother >> jasmine says a handful of o other kindergarteners and firstf graders were also left behind. . >> i want this to be the laugh u time this happens. hi like i said i don't want nothing to go on to where a parent has to go and grieve because ofof something bad happened to theyoy children. it shouldn't even get to this point. again the school district is investigating.invest there's no word from the schoolh district yet haven't answeredre our pleas. california lawmakers have okayed a planned parenthood bilp that creates new penalties for r distributing secret recordingseg of discussions with health providers but civil rights andoa mediale advocates say theay measure goes too the bill targets active visitssi such as the center for medical l progress which last yearre whi released secretly recordedded videos showing active visitse vi discussing the purchase ofef aborted fetal body parents witht planned parenthoodned parentho representatives. the bill now heads to thehe governor's desk. epp pie pens manufacture are being investigated by the new tn york attorney general's office.c the company has been criticizede
8:35 am
high.. lawmakers on capitol hillil will be greeted with free frencc fries today. um-hmm. they will get them and it's to celebrate the return of congresn food truck will providerode information about how the oil o used to cook the french friesres can be recycled to make cleanele burning bio diesel three typeses of fries will be served old bay, parmesan garlic and sea salt.. >> all sounds delicious. delicio >> just to raise as >> there you go. >> there's a little perk about being --ing as who knew there was perk.w thw do you think they have ank the v congress person card or howr how would junk will that's goodood question.on. can i claim i'm a congressm c person and get free fries. fri >> maybe. >> if you had the opinion. >> if you're really that serioul about gettingy f trehae ftries r piss 98 a congressman, you goes for it.for i >> 77 now in washington.hin. hey, we'll be hot, humid later today. to daytime highs back in the low to mid 90s. 90s. and i do want to just
8:36 am
there we could have scattered sd storm later today in in factn fc we've had a couple bouts ofuts o showers working throughout to tu our west. you can see those kind ofouhoseo working north to south early ear this morning.orni yeah, little later today troughh moves on in to very warm, very humid atmosphere.osphere. a few storms fire up. up. here's your forecast for today.y more heat. 93 your daymotime high. hig next several days we've got te temps in empty mid 90's heat0' a index by friday and saturday sua once again near 100.ear could this be our last round ofo heat, heat wave number eight for the summer of 2016? it'st's looking that wage cooler nextlex week which is good news.ek wch s okay. erin is back with troublesome tuesday and wicked wednesday.ney >> i just got the best tweett tt ever tucker.r. funny you stay from kelly ann terrible traffic tuesday was a street to way worse wednesday.s. >> what did you call it way wo>> wt rse. >> i like the wawadi wednesday?? >> whatever you want to call iti it's nasty.'s n >> way worse. way wse >> way worse wednesday.ednesday. prince william county 66 east princ
8:37 am
minute trip.te crash by nutley street.ytreet. moving over big delays on the dn inner loop 267 to the legion 3 miles will take you 18 tak you minutes.mite that's kind of crappy. sorry about that. ou not very good looking trafficki out there.out the things are really backed up oren gw parkway on the inbound side b making your way to the key key bridge.bridge. cabin john clara barton lookingo real jammed up as well insides i the beltway. dulles access road jams and 28 north and south dealing withealh tons of bad traffic. bffic inbound delays as well easternte to pennsylvania. it's going to take you 11 milese just to get -- 11 minutes to get 3 miles. let's hop outside3 for live loo at our 270 on the southbound side jamss because of a crash by 80 in big slow downs right now traffic slowing a little bit better ases you make your way in towards annandale road as you make your way out on our local roads. roas move our cameras forward andwa show was else you're up againstn this morning for your morningr n ride really jammed up on 395n 35 northbound by the pentagon we'r' basically we'll see if we can forward soms of our cameras.urameras. we also have big delays as youay make your
8:38 am
and inner loop in maryland it by 202. if not we can just go ahead andd take a look back at ours mapsoum and show you some of the other r slow downs we're dealing withngh this more slow downs as we take widee you can get perspective from five on the outer loop from who are largo passing 50 crossing 95 speeds jammed up under 10 milese an hour.s 95 jams icc to the eltway. bw parkway southbound is slows s and like i said a parking lot on 395 inbound to the 14th street bridge. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.. on twitter.onwitt i would say get an early startla or you'll be running late. back to you guys. g >> panning question for you.nin taking control of your teen'syos cell phone.ll p just how far should parents go?g >> it is an interesting question. new app that let's parents chece what your kids are doing online and even delete texts before ber they read them. yeah. back with that.
8:39 am
8:41 am
♪ >> al, you love this sink. >> ♪ >> sometimes you have to put that bravado on it. it. >> you're feeling it today.. >> lot of people are feelingre i today.y. >> what. >> the news from apple eagerlyhe anti newfromcipating we can sayt this afternoon and apple unveili details about the newest iphonee one of the rumored changes no morehead phone headphones will be wireless orel plug into the existing lightning port that means you'll have to e buy new headphones could makeldm the iphone thinner possibly psil waterproof we're hearing that w may be an option as well a lotel
8:42 am
have to buy new headphones orne some type of adapter.. taking control over your teenager's cell phone. phone just how far should a parent go? thanks to new app a parents want to they can control just about o every part of their teen'sees phones.phon. app is called teen safe andafe a after its installed parents cann view teens text messages even delete a text, check out their t widths what's app and kick of af sessions. sess monitor social media m interactions see teens currentnc locations like we said doaido the app alsohi let's parents cau teens access to their phones soe they can only call their parentr and police. it also allows parents toarents schedule times for the phone toe be out of service like during d dinner or school when theyhe t should be sleeping.. >> hmm.>>mm. >> especially have 100% controln over their phone. >> look, here's how i feel abouo it. it if it saves life or heart h ache or injury, i get it.
8:43 am
teenager -- - >> little bit of leech leash. la >> little bit of leash.fsh how are they ever going to leara how to protect themselves and use common sense? as a parent t get it.. i see both sides but i won't bet getting the app. a. for me it's too extreme.reme >> maybe for some people that t leash if that trust is violatede >> maybe so trust is violate. >> riri course.oue. >> in situations that can be really hurtful. rned the need for it. people will sign on but i thinki it does beg the question do thet have any privacy? should theyhy have some privacy?rivacy? >> don't let me catch you actint crazy on the phone, kids. talking to my own kids. kids no copycat allows. aow the coach threatening to benchtn any players who dares to copy c colin kaepernick's nationalaio anthem protest. >> and hear why spraying for zika is stirring up controversy in miami beach.. it's 8:43. 83. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> always keep your head up. it's going get better. 8:46 right now. >> even that shot a islw better.r >> sure does. se d >> we'll see if things are going to continue to get better because your forecast is coming up in just 10 seconds. all right.
8:47 am
it's going to beght. hot. ouch. burned myself. i'm kidding.idng yeah. yeah. hot, heat, humidity all -- here to stay. s steve i'm running out of out original ideas today.s t 93 today, and there's your heat up deck. temperatures are going to bee feeling like 100 plus thursday,a friday and saturday.and sat our average high temperature is 83 degrees much these numbers which are unseasonably warm inym july and august, you know,w, almost unheard of here in i september would be flirting witt record highs by the end of the week.we 77 in washington. 76 in annapolis this morning. m 70 in rain showers off to the westes early today. and some of those are hanging ii there. looks like we got a bush pushinh down towards fredericksburg andg 95 another band develop out towardt cumberland and i just want totat throw it out there.thro out we could fire up a shower or a thunderstorm a little laterater today. a couple players to talk about l high pressure to our south andod we're getting that hot pump pum going. so the humidity will increase we around here today. here tod still looking at the spin the sn left ovrs
8:48 am
coast an little piece of energyg little trough going to drop in p later this afternoon and that tt again could fire up a few showers or few strong strong thunderstorms little later. lat. here comes the humidity. humity. so yesterday we had the heat but really i didn't think thehink humidity was too bad won't be tn the case later today and the tnd couple next of days that is a humidity will be increasing around hhumiere threw about saturday. future cast just want to just j give you a quick heads upus herr you could see a few storms s develop later today.oday they'll be widely scattered. future cast loves the idea of aa little complex coming throughg h during the evening hours.. then things will quiet downiet d overnight we'll zoo if this t sterilizes again better bet possibility today than the last couple of daysss.ibility to of y widely scattered thunderstormset and then i think we'll generalll be dry, thursday, friday, maybey a few showers on saturday with a cold front. font 90 or better in fact well into the 90s around here by thursdays friday and saturday.atda that heat index unfortunatelyora very close to 100. 1 i just tweeted out i think thi probably the last of the extremt summer heat. hea next we
8:49 am
not cold but little cooler withr temperatures in the 80s. inhe hey, if you're making plans pla right now for the skins opener there, monday afternoon, mondayn evening looks great.ening ks gr. temperatures in the mid 80s les humidity as well. htl rig , guys., g that's the latest with weather. back to t >> let's fine out what's comingg up in good day.up inood about 10 minutes away right now. let's find out.dut hi, guys. , g in good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >>yntilmonths away unt election day, and good day d.c., guess what, the place to be forb everything you need to >> at the top we get you caughth up on the news from the campaign trail. it is a big night for both for b hillary clinton and donald trumt as they make the case of protecting the nation. nio >> all new at 9a, she still has a key card and this morningsor sarah fraser is live with the one and only shawn yancy. that's right. shawn yancy got a preview her hr podcast she's on the hot seat ot also 9a live with tmz. they have new details about the hid dell swift break up. okay. vest going to leave it rightng o thre
8:50 am
>> you going to leave it right o there. >> i'll leave it right there. >> we'll address that later>> or fresh at 10a star-studdedd morning.rn we've got that list up right upr there because she was powerfuler voice on idol and at 10a elyse e test tone is here with a previ preview. amy winehouse tribute show. sw >> live in the loft get ready to comedian red grant is back withk us here in the loft.. >> and turning set back noose be live changing opportunities,ni popular motivational speaker williely? system here with us.. >> i need to hear what he has ts same jammed pack good day few minutes away, guys.uys >> we look forward it to.wa it thank you.ou. >> see ya'll in few minutes. let's head down south apparently the problem and the solution can cause birth defects.birth defecs talking about zika combating it miami beach b residents blasting localgoc officials aft the city announced it will be fighting zika with ah chemical blend that could pose d dangers to pregnant women. >> the controversial chemical it's called nalid will bel sprayed from specialized truckst
8:51 am
friendly organic bacteria.ria. now while it kills mosquitoesos quickly and efficiently it is aa powerful nur row toxin known too cause babies to develop seriouss behavioral issues.ue nonetheless the cdc and epa epa maintain the chemical is completely safe. >> all right. new study also recommendingg expecting mothers of twinsf twis deliver the babies at 37 weeks e to minimize still births andirtn newborn deaths. deaths. researchers found the risk forre birth problemssear ierns fo twii significantly increases after 3r weeks and concluded that twinshi delivered at 36 or 37 weeks had much higher survival rate. rat current recommendations for twit births vary from 34 to 39 weekss short of the normal 40 weeks ofo gestation to lower the risk ofik still you might think you arenk y helping your older parent out by purchasing an electric fan foran them to keep them cool in the c summer heat. of course, but according to newt study the fan might actually endanger them. hayes to do with sweat in hotath rooms without a fan the bodyod will sweat more to keep cool.
8:52 am
especially for older folks can disrupt sweating and actuallyctl make them more hot.. experts recommend older peopleel stay cool in air-conditioning and drink plenty of fluids whenw it gets really hot.ot >> air-conditioning is the bestb option if you have it. >> if you have it, right.>> >> if you can get it. i team usaf you ha i hockey coachh any players that does not standd fort national anthem. am in interview with espn he said i his players will have to make ae decision playing time versus veu their this was all inct response of course to colin kaepernick'sepes national anthem protest. anthere team usa hockey coach will bence a player the and tire game if they don't stand during the stan national anthem.national a they're playing here in d.c. ono tuesday.tuesy. olympic champ simone guys su biles announced she's releasinga an auto biography in notify. 19-year-old golden girl willirl detail the full story behind hed rise to stardom.ard. the book is titled "courage toat soar" it will hit shelves onhees november 15th in a statement ste simone says she wants people too reach for their dreams. she won five medals at the 20166
8:53 am
four of them gold. gol >> she had to be working on thio for while, right? you can't y just write a book since thek sit olympics.olpics >> she does everything pretty efficiently.fitly >> ex leapt point, al. >>etet me just say this. what per mfeect holiday gift for young >> i'm guessing that went into the minds of the marketers as>>m well. >> um-hmm. >> um- >> timing. out inhmm. november. novem >> love it.ove i >> 10.0 for the 2017 miss america pageant got pt underway last night in newnew jersey. jersey 52 women competing for the title. the district of columbia makingn us all proud she won the first f name of preliminaries along miss tennessee, gabbie douglas will w join the judging panel sundayela for the final round that's whene we'll find out who the new misss america will be.ll be. >> all right. eant has its pag first ever openly gay contestant missouri aaron owe flannery fnn she's very excited to be the the first out contestant seasont sso looking forward to representinge the lgbt she is the first title holder to come out and then win. then w
8:54 am
contestants on the miss universs and miss usa competitions.ompe the pageant winner will beil crowned on sunday. well, want some news with your coffee? starbucks ceo schultz is banging on it announced new plans to launchplo series of mini documentariesumei podcasts and written stories featuring inspiring americansmea that will be available throughab the coffee chain's app. former washington post senior editor -- a senior he had toward tapped to steer the project. >> my gas station started withrt video screens on the gas pump pp you're pumping gas.pi so annoying. i'm not going to lie. >> here's why annoy y annoyin is yours on loop.oop. .> yes. >> yeah. i've seen the same -- >> do not weren't to go thereen any more. >> it's kind of cool to think tk have i memorized it.ed >> i have the last two days worth. >> that's what i do. when it comes to stress somes sm jobs can wear you out more thann others. if you crack under pressure, prs there's a list of jobs that yout need to avoid.neo a ll all right. according to -- >> let's take look a
8:55 am
them. >> let's take look at them al. according to labor stati>>sticst these are the top five most mt stressful jobs.ob looking at the medical fieldicaf here for few of them. urologist, police officer,ice o, firefighter or ems worker, that's all combined as one, anesthesiologist assistant i should say, looks like saintsait assistant. it comes over.. ash these ologist, nurse stressful reading these bigheseg words. telephone operators, broadcastat news came in at number 11. nr didn't crack the top 10 when iti came to totress >> you'll see some of those the medical profession remember we said those are also the top paying jobs. j i wonder does it go hand in had hand. ha >> it seems like telephone operator is a pelrofession of te past.. >> and antiquated perhapsps profession.profession >> yes. maybe that's -- >> much like the finger to seege how the wind is blowing tucker t barnes. is that how we going to do it to this day good i was going to beb
8:56 am
how stressful that wasn't in myy future.future >> perhaps comedian. comia >> you were going to be a a urologist.urolist. >> reagan national 81 degrees. dulles is 79. rga bwi marshall and we'll be in the low to mid 90s later today.ay low to mid 99s.lo the to heat is back with it the humidity. they're best friends after all.a there have been showers out towt the west. wes these will kind of fall apart at later this afternoon look out we could see a few scatteredca showers and thunderstormsor 93 and then the heat is reallydi on here. her thursday, friday, saturday, heat index near 100 with overnightveg lows in the upper 70s we hit we those upper 70s we'll hit records. we'll have some records forome r record high minimumum temperatures, blah, blah, blah. yes. all right.all right cooler next week. erin how are words. wor >> what the what wednesdayt w big problems >> can you hear me? >> nope. >> can you hear me now?e now >> nope.op >> okay. >> i turn it off. are we good? >> we're good d.o >> o
8:57 am
okay.ok let's see.le s traffic is terrible right we have more metro delays for f you largo bound blue linee lin passengers king street to strt t pentagon your next train iss approaching king look at all the red behind me.d what the what wednesday wne continues after terrible traffil tuesday. big outer loop delays from fivem past college park.k. disable dump truck ought by 95.. 395 still a parking lot. lot gw parkway inbound super jammede up.. 66 just terrible right now. rht any questions at erin fox5 d.c.. on twitter. back to you guys. we got you cover this mornibangck t. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll see you for good day. ♪
8:58 am
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although just 4 foot 8, simone that's why she trusts tide pods. she knows small can be powerful. tide. number one rated.
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♪ straight ahead, the a commander in chief, hillaryhilly clinton and donald trump areinto trying to win overn an vetd erdb a brand new poll shows one o candidate with a clear lead.. more change force metro. meo tomorrow the transit agency will propose another series of scheduled change as it tries tot get back on track but newew riderships numbers show moneyw n could be big hurdle. failing, itt tech shuts doww as a new school year gets get underway.underw what the announce many means fof thousands of students anddes and faculty left in a lurch. ♪ and later, taylor swift has new blank face.ace. the summer of hid dell swift officially over. ♪


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