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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  September 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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that was the september sprint to the white house. the september is sprint to the white house is on and donald trump and hillary clinton both have on their running shoes >> i would pay to see that. that's what we're talking about tonight at 6:30. before we go further about anything pertaining to the election, let us know, #5at630. donald trump laying the ground work for his national security plan. he says he wants to
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military, end sequestered and calls hillary clinton, quote, unfit to be our commander in chief. take listen. >> the current strategy of toppling regime with no plan what to do the day after only produces power volumes that are fill by terrorists. immediately after taking office i will ask my generals to presents to me a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy isis. this will require military war fare, financial war fare and ideal logical war fare. >> let's bring in tom fitzgerald to weigh in on this. >> reporter: we're going to get a look at both. this will be something new york ci t
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remarkable. this is called the commander in chief forum, sponsored by the iraqi and afghanistan veterans of america. now, what this is, trump and clinton are not going to be on the stage at the same time. they're going to appear one after another. but what we're going to be able to hear is what both of their vision is in kind of a job interview, if you will, along what they think their qualifications are to be commander in chief. so hillary clinton, we know, what has she been saying? i'm going to continue the boom administration policies, i was the secretary of state. i know what to do. the problem is that a lot of what hillary clinton says sounds a lot like what the obama administration has been saying, certainly they've had their troubles on stomping out isis and what's been going on with the islamic extremists and these
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continue lone wolf threats here in the united states. clinton people will say if trump big plan is i'm going to call in the generals and have plan in 30 days and it seems to reason -- as we have a dc fire truck -- the generals have been working on, if donald trump's big plan is to deal with isis is to ask the general what to do. it says the reason that the white house in the current forum has asked them what to do. it will be interesting to see. because on the one hand, you're going to have hillary clinton sthanlding in front of iraq and afghanistan veterans. and she voted for the war that the democrats have turned around and blamed on the bush administration. donald trump, hillary clinton both on the same stage. going at it over who is better to be the commander in chief >> we'll have more on that tomorrow. two months until the election, everything but the kitchen sink has been thrown our way from poll
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immigration to press availability >> democratic strategists women daily are here tonight to help us break it down. it is good to have you with us >> good to be here. >> let's start with you. we're going to hear from both tonight about, you know what think about foreign policy and leading. who do you think, you're probably going to say hillary clinton, to tell me why you think she's more qualified than donald trump >> she's going to make the case, she's been a u.s. senator, secretary of state. a great deal of experience and she wants to take advantage of that. she's also been, as you know making a case that donald trump really doesn't have the temperament to be the president. he really shouldn't have his finger on the nuclear button. she'll try to make that case again and again tonight and really not -- it's a strong point for her. i think she also wants to make the case that even though it's a little tricky for her because on the other hand as tom said she's going to probably co
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been doing but she has differences but going two try to outline them as well. >> the trump campaign released a big list, about 88 names of generals and other military brass that are backing his plan and backing really his vision for the military so. really, it appears that he's positioned himself as the candidate on the military side. >> she's got a perception with the public as being decisive. hillary clinton, i think, has kind of made a mistake in that she's focuses her campaign too much on foreign policy. it's republican terrain, if i were hillary clinton, i would be focusing on economic issues. that's how democrats win campaigns, we've seen that 50 years, the problem is they don't a good economic story to tell. >> brendan jump in there. . >> employment is less than five percent, lower than it's been in
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economy, i do think she has to talk about both, in this case, the forum is specifically on who can be the best commander in chief. and she'll make the case that she is the right temperament, experience and judgment to do tha that. recently, we have seen the polls have been narrowing, donald trump in facts cnn poll had him up by two points, what do you think of that? why are we starting to see things narrow? >> because the campaign for ones focusing. trump made a lot of mistakes. i think kellyanne conway are doing a good job. the campaign is focused on the main themes, going after white working class voters, they started to court african-american, i hope it isn't a daylight and a dollar short. i will tell you, shawn, along the lines of a blind squirrel finds an acorn once a while. it will be donald trump's willingness to spend his own
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it still s look around in northern virginia. do you see atrium ads? no. they should be up. they're not. >> we're starting to see some on our air. they're on air. >> they need to be more. >> forefront, you can't dispute that, but where he stands at this point, seems in flux, >> i think so he's kind of all over the map. if you want know where he stands, certainly that rally when he was so-called pivot last week in phoenix where he went after immigrants and that's really where his heart is. he wants to deport everyone. kellyanne conway and some of his strategists tell him it's not going to work. he goes the other way. he's kind of all over the map, that's certainly for something that's been his signature issue, now,
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>> everyone pivots in the general election, hillary clinton, i count 11 different positions on immigration since she became first lady in 1993. >> i don't want you guys to go anywhere, we're going to play game coming up. stick around for us? we will see you jack berkman brendan daily stick around. the dallas morning news broke a 75 year transition today, the paper endorsed hillary clinton for president. >> this is pivot. it's the first time they've endorsed a democrat in a long time. the editorial page talked a little bit more on face time. take a look. >> this is really an extraordinary does he want that the paper took. tell me what makes this endorsement different from what you've done all these year >> the dallas morning news has a long history of having recommend
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president. in fact, the last time the newspaper recommended a democrat for president was actually before world war ii. so that's something like 80 years, 19 different elections. of clearly we did not make this casually. it was the combination of a process by which we determined that donald trump frankly is either a conservative nor a representative of the ideals of the republican party. the only other. the only other is hillary clinton, someone that has been criticized on the editorial pages. in aggregate when you compare her records to that record of donald trump, no
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experience, we came to the conclusion that in this election at this time, we recommend hillary clinton. >> why do you still go through the process of telling your reader ship this is who we think would serve you best? >> the newspapers that still do recommendations or endorsementses, i think do them largely because they believe in their civic duty, we have the luxury of getting to know candidates we interview them, we do background searches, we feel snow this is a very important function. the internet has demontgomery advertised information in many ways positively. there's so many more voice that is can be heard. but also there's voices that i think they could more important for civic organizations to speak up and be heard as well. >> we got face ti
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have five minutes for you. >> by the way, we have people on twitter, do you pay attention to the endorsements that newspapers still do. give us your thoughts, #5at630 and we'll share those in a little bit. >> let's check in with sue palka. we had storms rolling through, how is it looking right now >> busy out there. shawn and jim and a lot of lightening and reports of damage. especially trees down, lightening strikes and hail reports. you can see all of this it's moving very interestingly from north to south. it's really hermine off the coast continuing that motion, but the bad news is, a lot of areas will be hit. the but, of the activity is west of interstate 95. we have a lot of thunderstorm warnings, you can see that mutual continues, may from time to time start to slide a little bit more southeast, especially the activity to the west. but watch that lightening shelter in your home, you'll be safe. although we do know that sometimes homes get hit by g
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still more activity coming south out of pennsylvania, so we are going to keep the chances for showers and storms, some of which may be strong to severe in the forecast, even as late as 11:00 or midnight tonight. >> shawn, jim, back to you. >> thank you very much. >> the race to the white house is on, everywhere you turn you hear people talking about it in person, on the street, in the grocery store, in home and those tv ads. >> your kids understand the political campaign, we're going to talk about that when we come back after this. back after this.
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. jim ceo and founder of common sense kids have a lot of questions, very intuitive. hearing all these different messages. do you shield them from what's going on? >> i don't think it's possible. you have three kids, the styers have four. they aren't stupid. they see this stuff. i think you have to have an honest conversation. i think that is the key is apparent. have an honest conversation, limit the age appropriate stuff. remember, during t
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primaries, these people were talking penis size. sorry, i said it on the air, but they were presidential candidates using that vernacular. the appoint is, you have to talk about that as a parent. if your kids are over the age of five or six >> we've been home and in the kitchen for breakfast in the morning and there's ads coming on tv, particularly the add that sticks out is a clinton add where it shows all the thing that donald trump had said. i remember my 10-year-old turned around and his eyes got big. i don't like to watch the news with my kids. i grabbed it and muted it and he said mommy, i said let's talk about that >> you have the conversation, as bizarre as this campaign has been, we're a nonpartisan organization. of you use that for movie reviews and everything else. this has been a bizarre presidential election, and trump is a unique candidate. as i said, you seen
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issues, i think you have to have a conversation and call this a teachable moment. even if they don't see it on stretcher, they have a facebook page or instagram or somebody is talking about it in school. >> you gave us a few tips, seek out age appropriate. what would be age appropriate >> it used to be obvious. this year -- here's what i would say. i think, you know, with kids under the age of six, they cannot handle stuff and can't always is distinguish between fantasy and reality. i think when you're talking, what's your oldest >> he's grown. >> our youngist is 12. he's smart and he's going dad, he's talking about this. the big issue i would say now is bullying and i do think it's a big deal. >> two things. bullying and lying. both sides, how do you tea
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>> i actually agree with you. now, i don't think that the two sides -- by the way, i'm independent and i don't care. i think donald trump is in a category by himself and will always be in our lifetime. that said, bullying and lying are big issues as a parent. you and i have had those conversations with our kids since they were five or six. the theme about it is, as bizarre at campaign is, it gives you as a parent to give you the opportunity to have a serious conversation. i'm glad you do this on this air. >> it's important. >> we talk little too much. >> it's an important message to send to viewers. this is happening. whatever we think about it, talk with your kids about it >> thank you so much for coming in. ceo and founder of common sense >> as we mentioned, the line can say sometimes get blurred during election. >> how well the experts know the candidates. play
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. we're not playing the dating game. we are having fun, brendan daily and jack berkman stuck around. i'm putting this game on him, who said it. hillary or donald? >> shawn and i are playing the role as host. here we go. we're going to read a quote. hold it up and tell us who said it. donald trump or hillary clinton. >> first one. i'm sorry. i say it is reasonable to ship the burden to those most able to pay on the subject of tax hikes. >> jack says hillary. the answer is donald trump. >> he proposed a 14.25% sir tax on the wealth. here we
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and gay marriage. i think marriage always been between a man and a woman. who said that? >> hillary. >> both of you guys say hillary clinton and you're right. she made a statement in support for natural marriage in 2000. >> immigration, give them a path toughestu you have to make it possible for them to succeed. >> i believe that would be trump. >> back on june 29th 2015 in chicago. >> gun control. the republicans walk the nra line and refused limited restrictions, i support the ban on assault weapons. hillary, jack? brendon? you say trump? and the answer is donald trump. >> the america we deserve, donald trump reiterated his support for so-called assault weapons ban >> let's talk abortion. i want to see the abortionss
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removed from politics. i believe it's a personal decision that should be left to the women and doctors >> we got mix. jack says donald trump. brendon says hillary clinton and the we're is donald trump. that was in 2000. >> we're going to the lightening round. he ran a gas station in st. louis. mahot, was a great leader of 20th century. who said that? >> very good, jack, hillary said that. at the 2004 fund-raiser. >> we've a lot of kid who don't know what work mean, they think work is a four, letter word. ? jack said donald trump, brendon says >> i'm going to go with hillary. >> the answer is hillary clinton in a 2006 speech. >> this is for the big prize. >> the big prize. >> i believe the media like making me at or about that time something more sinister than i really am. >> that could be
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>> hillary clinton said that? the answer is, donald trump. >> donald trump. . he >> back in 1985. >> what do you guys make of that? what does it tell you? ? their positions have, shall we say, evolved over the years. we got two flip-floppers. we got a pair of flip-flops. we went from -- wasn't it waffle link years ago with bill clinton? they're not the easiest candidates to represent >> you guys did a great job. >> appreciate that. >> we appreciate that >> take around, back after this. >> 5 at 6:30.
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second straight year in a row. the independent general review released its cutest dogs on capitol hill list. >> let's show
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republican north carolina senator. >> ike is a boxer. >> take a look at truman on the left, heidi on the right with california republican darrell isa. my goodness >> this is fazzy. chuck schumer. his owner is a tax counselor. why is chuck schumer not in a picture with a dog? that's a perfect opportunity. >> let's take a look at arkansas they don't mean kiden's dog, cowboy made the list. look at him on his hind legs. >> glory from the office of florida a democratic senator. >> look at the smile. look at the smile there. >> we can unite over dogs. then, of course, i know people who hate dog goes and love cats >> they did this because they said there's so much tension. they need to do something, dog always do that.
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shows endorsement matters. >> thanks for joining us we appreciate it. >> we'll see you at 10:00 and 11:00. [ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ]
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> the fat lady has sung, but the question is this relationship between taylor swift and tom hiddleston real? there's this kind of feeling she hooked up with tom before she broke up with calvin. it's not her brand. >> so they staged together public, very staged shots. it's all bull crap. bull crap, bull crap, bull crap. got video of drake losing his mind backstage after his someone got on their tour bus million of jewelry. >> the security team he plays -- harvey: you got to be a real slacker to not see s


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