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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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hit a house in midst of severe storms slamming the d.c. regio region. we're live with the latest. >> a youth minister trusted by the families of a maryland parent now faces disturbing charges. >> it's horrifying time, scar scary. >> why did the church pastor report the aels to the arch sdi cease before the police? >> and, fire beware. a picture of puppy in need of home could lead new financial trouble. your news starts now. we begin tonight with damage the cleanup in wake of tonigh tonight's strong storms. thanks for staying us with tonight i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> a lightning strike sparked a fast-moving fire in gaithersburg home an a woman was inside at the time. "fox5" lauren demarco was live in the neighborhood with more tonight, lauren. >> well, tony, this home along mid summer drive in gaither gaithersburg devastated. look behind me here. you can seat debris
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lawn and inside of the home just gutted. the attic was hit by lightning and house caught fire. it spread. the rain was pouring down at the timech the street was flooded and one there was eye woman home at the time. fortunately she was able to run out and was not hurt. montgomery county fire spokesman pete paringer shot video. he says about 75 firefighters responded and worked to battle flames and prevented fire from spreading to neighboring homes and this house valued somewhere around a million tlarz when you include the contest it's a total loss. now, you're about to hear from the women that shot the cellphone across from him and a woman that lived hypothetical the house that witnessed a lightening strike. >> i thought it was a clout and
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form i could live right aconsiders and i saw the fire and flames were going and i saw the roof was completely on fire. >> there was a few booms you know lightning in front of her house and huge lightning in the aback of the house and that's what i sat down and looked out the window and saw the flames on the roof. >> i hope that community comes together and helps the family. our aerts go out to them they lost everything. shows you in an instant that could happen. >> now here's a rok at some video from on you downtown rockville shot and posted to twitter by a man named aaron schoolnick. the storm caused problems bethesda to gaithersburg and beyond and including trees and large branches across streets and this all happening 6 p.m. this evening and pete paring ger said the storm wreaked havoc throughout the area. >> trees down. we have a number of roads blocked by trees dn
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wires down. transformers. a lot of collisions. a few houses struck by lightning and number of power outages. >> like an elevator. >> yeah. >> you heard me ask there about a person stuck in elevator that was a person with special needs and unfortunately firefighters were able to get that person out and they were not hurt. baca long mid summer drive again it was heartbreaking to see the family a few weeks ago to looked in that devastation. they're glad nobody was hurt. but they say the woman inside she ran out with nothing on he her. they have a place to spend the night and have to work with insurance company going forward for some pep. that's the latest in gaithersburg back to you in the studio. >> extraordinary damage. back to you, lauren demarco. >> let's talk to saw sue. those storms clearly packed a bunch and they developed
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>> that was moist shocking and montgomery county got hit twice tonight tony. they had two rounds of severe storms doing so much damage. and lots and lots of trees down as lauren said. that lightning is just unbelievable. there were hundreds of strikes in 30 minutes up towards montgomery county earlier toda today. still a little activity tonight by the way and not anything with a loft lightning. we had a little lightning showing up in fairfax county just a little bit ago. that batch moved out of fairfax down south of prince william and western charles county. that will continue moving along way and there's a little toward dogen, for the royal and bowling green. i'm noticing activity howard county and toward anne arrundelch the action you see coming south from opinions looks lighter. get ready for hot day tomorrow. if you thought today was hot it's hotter tomorrow headed for 97. and i don't think we'll see a round of cooling thunderstorms to come through and rescue us.
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he we'll have the 7 day forecast in a few minutes. >> jim lokay the controversy over athletes sitting out the national anthem rolled ut out in boyd's maryland. washington spirit had other perhaps. megan ram peep owe said she would cop tip to take a knee to protest discrimination against gays and lesbians sanctioned under the flag. the match against see atle in the reign and while the teams were in the looker room well after the -ups bill livrnp said the ceremony should go on early. fans in the stand. on the the toner release aid statement saying "in light of ram piano declaration she decided to take a knee rather than subject and frenz
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to willingly allow min to high brak this position to millions of americans and fans an for any cause would be just as respectful as doing it our sales. as expected the decision under fire from some we're saying reaction on "fox5" facebook page. i've ep never seen more plate apt example of sweeping problem under the drug as opposed to dealing with. it there's nothing good about the spirit just has no spine. no player being too the knee last night during the u.s. soccer game. the men's national played last night in world cup qualifying. we talked about this before. whether this is free speech issue that could be debated. some are saying you have an organization together standing against ram piano renerving to the spirit. but it's gapeing a lot of traction on line. >> waelly is, as you mentioned earlier
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make their own decision. >> the key here you know it's protestsing during the national anthem which is -- you know when you protest a lot of times what you want to do is make it the most visible and you know kind of protest you' inly can. so many people take that so personally it makes it tougher. and sometimes you know we're doing a lot of talking. >> bill lynch we wanted to does you more beyond the statement. no comment from himch he said the statement stands for itself. it will be interest starting tomorrow night nfl season open opens. addit edly you won't get the same crowd as if it was fred exfield. >> thank you, jim. >> a youth minister is accused of sexually abusing
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that attended his khur. brian work as st. elisabeth in lookville. well, youth minister brian worth was determine nateed from his duties at st. elizabeth and they worry he could have victims that have not come forward. >> 32-year-old brian worth spent his time in catholic church teaching children. tonight he's behind barsz accused of assaulting a teenage parisher. they were contacted by child protectstive services and back in may he had inappropriate contact with a 16-year-old girl. it happened at event held at s st. elizabeth catholic church in rockville where worth worked as a youth minister. they believe worth was texting with a teen girl graphic and sexual contact since the summer of 2014. >> several people leaving the
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and sandra schmidt whose children attend next dpoor are concerned. >> it's horrifying times scar scary. it's happening everywhere the arch dpi cease report today after contacted by a pastor from the church and they released this statement that reads in part "archdioceses of washington take responsibility the children up trusted to his care the child pro section policies mandates criminal background khex, publics andet fashion for all employees and voll sears who work with young people. they go on to say worth backed background checks and accompanying requirements. >> nobody answered the door. >> and today we did ask the archdioceses why they were notified of alleged
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before police were called. they sxlaipd because it was second party that made that report not the actual victim in the case it's actual policy for you to notify the ar. dioceses they would not tell us the reporting parties and the exact timeline of the alleged abuse and then when archdioceses took that information to local authorities. for now we're live in lockvill lockville, >> coming up. walmart taking a lot of heat for a 9/11 tribute in one of the stores. >> it will make you shake your head. >> buyer beware. sweet pictures of alleged puppy 234-z need of a home. they could thread big trouble. we'll explain what we come back. back.
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>> welcome back. you have to see this one. critics calling it one of the tackest 9/11 tributes they've ever seen. >> we mean tacky look closely here thousands retweeted this picture in one day soda display
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in panama city florida in walmart banner says we will never forgetch the coke cases are stacked in shape of twin towers in front of american flag. tacky. people call outrageous. tasteless. a spokesperson said the display as since been taken down and coke came up with the idea and walmart officials approved it. >> really. >> who does that. really you thought that was a good idea. >> no, no, no. i can see one person saying hey i got this great idea. >> yeah. >> a warning tonight for people shopping for new pet. >> some people in northern virginia say they were targeted by a scammer and a post of a cute puppy was made on facebook marketplace and when people ovd to take the dog that owner requests hundreds
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ship pet and he requests a long list of information from the potential buyer. >> so you don't want to give out any financial information to anybody on line and even personal information. really hold on to that. don't tell people about information where you live and bank account anything like tha that. >> yeah that's the person who is asking for all that tough way. we did not show you the facebook profile associated with the scam. if you want a dog go to a local shelter or rescue. >> if you want to cool off you have to stay inside. >> or drive really far north. mip min is lovely this time of year. hot there too. >> hottest day of the week. >> one of the hottest day and saturday may rifle it too and we retry cou b
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story. and that was action-packed night we had with all the storms. how damaging they were and more importantly as tony pointed out a little while ago how quickly they develop. they were sudden and severe across much of the area. still little activity out there tonight. not a lot. we're still watching same motion from north owe south and it tends to run right no one 9 a5 for the most part. this is what we're seeing now no lightning. this is helpful rain actually because the area has been so dry. this is welcome and we're not seeing much lightning with it. there's still a little activity south of 66 in prince william county and notice a little more trying to develop here coming out of howard county into western portions of anne arrundel. that's also got some healthy but brief downpours with it and as we look further north this is weakening a little as it travels through carol and frederick th to montgomery county and you may get light rain up there tonight. we'll keep it in the forecast nd
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>> up to 94. 92 bwi. do you such gay job and the district is still at 77. for the kids tomorrow morning at the bus stop a little fog to watch out for. pickup time in the morning, 70 to 78 and after school 90 to 97 not worried about tomorrow. look at all the temperatures up and over the mid 90s just about everywhere and feeling hotter. feeling like 98 to 103. one of the reasons we're not expecting storms is high pressure keeps the warm and muggy air in there is little too far away. we'll see that trigger getting closer friday and saturday but again feeling over so 0 and hot again toward end of week high pressure builds and moves off skooingt that makes us hotter as well. so check out "
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7 day forecast. we have temperatures getting up to 97 on day. maybe a thunderstorm around on friday. but the frontal boundary that comes through saturday will drop temperatures and sunday feels nice 88 degrees. monday looks like fantastic day. tuesday and wednesday also looking like we warmed up a bit. that's your seven day forecast. >> wear while they are reflect all that heat. >> before we head to break i want to remind you written join us for friday night live with "fox5". i'll be live rockville town square. >> what? >> nothing. >> you will be okay it is funn funny. roomville team members, not shawn yancy will be tasting food and tipping off a concert and checking out everything ovd
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>> believe it or not there was on the field doing in local news tonight. at first glance not good for nats and streven strasburg. his time ending prematurely we're waiting for word against why soreness in surgically repaired elbow and losing control with the final pitches and there it goes there not good you could see it in his face. not a great situation for nats. he leaves game in third with 42 pitches thrown in his return. we don't know anything from the team as of yet. lyingly we'll hear something lightser on they're in the 8th inning. nats, braves, tied at 3. >> preparing for monday night against steelers. josh daschund took part i
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individual drills and matt joan was able to take part in full practice. the redskins 75 million dollar man and quarterback josh armand is best receivers since antonio brown. norman says, bring it on. when you look at wide receiv receivener nfl you don't have to stop anywhere other than an tone yoi o brown. that's going to be a tall toovk take on and i respect that 110% and looking forward to what he brings. obviously it's going to be. friday nights, "fox sports" kickoff schedule 10:30 p.m. with me and brett harvey. are you feeling it. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> they're
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>> let's dance♪ >> timely tonight 80s come back york fashion week kicks off tomorrow. florals, ruffles and prints will dominate the run way. >> yes. that means next year you can expect our own sue palka to -- >> there we go. >> and as jim lokay tells us striped tank tops like the one in this 80s pick made a come back. >> that handsome gentleman is sam. >> they're still in my closet. >> look at the hair. >> throw it out, everybody. >> have a good one.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> the fat ly has sung, but the question is this relationship between taylor swift and tom hiddleston real? there's this kind of feeling she hooked up with tom before she broke up with calvin. it's not her brand. >> so they staged together public, very staged shots. it's all bull crap. bull crap, bull crap, bull crap. got video of drake losing his mind backstage after his someone got on their tour bus million of jewelry. >> the security team he plays -- harvey: you got to be a real


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