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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  September 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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news. police on the scene of a homicide in lorton,t vwiirginii >> all right.>> all r it happened in the 9700 block of hagel circle. fox5's melanie alnwick is live near the scene with the very mel, what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning guys. rmo got a lot of informationin ng to us from t lot fairfax county. neighbors very frightened though nothb wanting as you can imagine talk to us on cameraam but i did talk to a few hereere just a short time ago who saidai that it was pouring down rain. i the storm was coming in and a they heard a number of loud of l booms and at first they thought might have been lightning but theyt mi didn't ss any flashes. that's when they realized itt was indeed gun shots and then t you can see kind of in the t darkness here and occasional fairfax county police have it hi lit up but you'll see he some sm flashlights and things justas beyond those trees inthloights e two bricktown house buildings here. he that is where this shooting happened.happen neighbors here do know whowho this person is.thiserso they say that
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guy, probably just like 19 orb orb -- or 20 years o they can't imagine what he what might have been doing. they say he's generally a he's l working guy and lives here liver with his mother and they'rere pretty shocked that he perhaps a would be targeted in this way.hs we just don't know yet from from fairfax county police exactly ea what happened. now, they said it was about 10:30 or so when they heardea those loud booms and apparently one person here inn n the neighborhood also saw an assailant running away fromy om the scene but again, we'renwe'r still trying to get somee confirmation on details from fairfax county police before poe we put it out to you guys. but, they are telling us that t they are investigating this ashi a homicide investigation. back to you guys. >> melanie thank you very much. 4:31 is the time right now. we're following a developing story from prince george's county. from the jail where police are investigating the death of a thf inmate. the medical examiner says it appears that the 43-year-old3- man died last night of natural t caues
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>> medical staff attempted toemo revive the man after he was ae found without a pulling muchhoui he was in custody awaitingwaitin trial on gun and drug charges. c an autopsy has been >> let's switch gears and tack about metro. that we've that d metro. switc been telling you about for f weeks are finally beingally bei discussed this morning.disc >> one of them could have ausseh huge imp oacfm t on how late nit workers make their way home atom the end of the day. >> fox5's annie yu joins us now live with the very latest lt in that story.h sto annie. >> reporter: good morning wi rsdom and maureen.aureen big heads up if you ride more changes could be on the way. wa today metro board members arebee going to discuss the newhe n proposals in an effort to givee workers more time to perform per needed maintenance work. there are two different scenarios going on thatt they're proposing but we'reosinu talking about the majorg t t changes to the system'sm's opening and closing t one of the scenarios would close rail service at 11:30 p.m. on week nights week i while another would have metrole close at 10:00 p.m. onn sundays.nday metro board chairman jack j evans agrees more maintenance
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>> we're going to have to find d other times when we close clo metro so what is that time? ti? should we now open at 7 o'clock on sunday morning? mg what if we opened at noon onn o sunday and gave an entire ent chunk of time, five more hours h that we could then use for late nights?ig >> reporter: now for theseeportw fchanges to take effect therete must be public hearings hearings followed by a committee votewedm and a fulmil board vote. ve. the early closure not only n onl hurts commuters it could also impact businesses and restaurants.restaurants. according to the restaurantur association small reader resn sr have experiencedeade a 20 percet drop in sales since safe trackek maintenance began. wisdom and maureen you can can feel their sentiment that withmt sales already down they'rey' saying this could impact themhem more but also hurt d.c. nightig life significantly.nifily >> yeah, but you got to juxtapose those with the t safety issues at hand. han what do you do. >> reporter: we have to wait to he see what the boardwh whatd thinks and the public >> thanks annie. thank >> 4:33 is the t tim the mar
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commission will hold publicc meetings on pepco ratee increase.incr now pepco wants to increaseo ire rates by $104 million.millio that works out to about $13 abo3 for the typical residential customer. the meeting is tonight at 6:30 6 at the largo student center at prince george's county community college.teity college >> ahead of the 15 year anniversary of the 9/11 the/1 attacks we're getting a look l for the new 9/11 education e center at the pentagon. the location is thece only 9/11 attack site without a visitor's center or museum. >> well, today we're hoping toot learn more information fromro the nats about the state of o stephen strasburg.n strrg he left last night's game in ga the third inning with anit a injury. injury. strasburg had just come offt cof the disabled list withdisablt w soreness in his surgicallygica repaired elbow.reired he threw just 42 pitchesitch before he started wincing inn pain. >> hope this is not long term,
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chances. hopefully they get into int playoffs.offs we still got time.ime. hopefully it will just be ajusta little pain, take a littleittle pill, put some grease on -- some caster oil on it and i a he'll be good to go.o. right gary, caster oil works o w for everything, drink it rub i it on.ub >> we'll keep it optimistic. opi i actually watched that. it didn't --idt -- >> didn't look good.idn' >> no, not at all. n at >> sorry to hear that. t >> who won? did we say who won? crickets, okay. 76 degrees for washington, 72to, for gaithersburg and 74 for baltimore.ore. temperatures in the lower 70'se out there. winchesterter 70 degrees, culpeper 71. that's where we are thishi i know we had bigi kn we thunderstorms yesterdaydersto afternoon, yesterday evening. eg a lot of severe thunderstorms,er too. very, very strong wind. win a lot of damage reported inte i the and around the area lasta la night from montgomery countymont back down to fairfax county. cou we don't have to deal withth that at a, okay, but we're going have to deal with thel wih heat and humidity. a hum a temperature of 97 degrees, annapolis 91, leonardtown 91. 9. lst
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mid to upper 90's today.od. some spots maybe just lowert lo 90's. 90's. that's by the water but the t heat index volume for justus about everybody at its peak itsp today. we'll be over a hundredaundred degrees. so, again, here we are, september but we're stillbute're talking about a heat wave andat this lasts for -- let's see,s se today, tomorrow and into into saturday. more details coming up. here's erin como thursdayrsda morning.rning. what is it you call this,s, friday something?ethi >> friday eve, gary. >> oh, that's right, fridayt'igt eve. >> one of the best days of the week. if you're waking up inbestif you stafford h'readinge wakin towart bottom of the beltway and 95 an9 traffic is flowing. we're not seeing any problemsros by fairfax county parkway. parky just a little bit of. increasedd volume there but speeds areeds a still looking really good oncedc you get to the beltway innertway loop and outer loops are cruising.crng. 395 also just as quiet as 95 all the way to the 14th street bridge. we'll take a look at our mapsurs and show you all the beautifulef green. this is what we like to see this time of m problem free in reston. resto no problems in franconia.rancona new york avenue inbound stillndl quiet in the district and we're not seeing any problemsnys if you have an ely
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catch on your way to bwi b reagan national or dulles ours airport commute is lookinge i lo really nice right nicri as we look in frederick 270 on o the southbound side 11 miles m is going to take you allegeu le minutes exactly what we wantan to see there. from baltimore seeing quiet conditions on bw parkway. parkwy in southern maryland we ared wea problem free cruising along. alg don't forget metro safe track surge eight continues single sil tracking franconia to van dorn. back to you maureen anden and wisdom. wisdom. >> coming up donald trump is slammed for lying about iraq war in the town hall meeting. >> regardless of which sifteds e colin kaepernick debate you y are on you can all agree thehe ultimate winner is theis t national football league. leagu hm? okay, we're going explainnn when we return. >> the national football footb league always wins.s >> seems like they're invincible. as we head to break we're we're listening to a song by cia.. it's called the greatest.t. 4:37 i
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back in a moment. a moment. >> ♪
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>> donald trump and hillary clinton sharing the stage for the first time and he gets slammed for allegedly>>in lyingi >> that's just one of thest o stories trending this thursday y morning. holly morris with our realtimeet ckws tra >> good morning. ng first up donald trump takingin heat this morning accused ofed lying about the iraq war. war he and hillary clintonlint appeared separately during last night's town hall and during his segment he told t matt lauer he was quoteuo totally against the war onto iraq. now the problem itase twaher ot evidence he did support theportt war during an interview with shock jock howard stern backack in 2002 trump was asked if heedi was for invading iraq. iq. his answer "yeah, i guess so." s matt lauer he's taking heatingt too this morning from criticsri for not following up on
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twitter exploded last night.oden one user posted trump supportupo for the invasion iraq has beenee rather well documented. no lauer follow-up another anoth wrote matt lauer let's trump's p lie about opposing iraq warraq a during commander in chiefomer forum.foru next up colin kaepernick kak is now number one in jersey jer sales that is. i his number seven jersey hasse h become the nfl's top seller. the sales boom of course boom ou follows his decision to sit during theisio national anthem a decision that has brought the t 49ers quarterback a lot of public scorn. in an instagram post p kaepernick thanked his fansnkeds for their support and pledgedndg to donate all the proceeds from the sales. andfr finally, listen to this, mo, i think you're going to like it. fito lnally a new study saysays people who drink alcohol arerink are less like to die fromto diem cancer if they're physically erf thactive and apparently doed need to be high levels of o activity. the study found at least 150eas0 minutes of basic exercise perrcr week can curb you your risk
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researchers caution against using that as a license to drink alcohol. instead ofk a putting water in i that bottle exercise and imbibe tape. i know you're on my side mo. sie >> i'll abstain. i'll hold my vote. >> yes, yes, juice for all.for thanks holly. h coming up on fox newsox new morning former secretary oftaryf state colin powell is once again being mentioned in the t presidential race.ace. >> apple's new iphone iphon includes a unique way to annoy a customers and also make applee hundreds of millions of dollars. dollars. >> really? can't wait to hear about that. we're heading to break with allk live look across the region. reo it's 4:42 right now and it is really nice with 76 degrees, adr little rihanna and deejay. here we go.o. see you after the break.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox news morning a local professional soccer team uses an t interesting tactic toi prevent a visiting player fromlo making a political g >> youth minister charged with sexually abusing ath teen durinr a church event.vent why did the church's pastor call the police sector.he polic. >> temperatures in the 90
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another dayy. aanher gary will let you know how know many days in a row this is going make. good morning.ning thanks for joining us.oining i'm maureen umeh. umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin a today.n is thursday september 8th.r 8th. there they are, ready to work. w erin como talking traffic but bt first we just talked about gary mcgrady so let's lett' him go first and talk about abo our weather.eather hey, gary.hey, >> do i have to.>> d have to. >> you have to earn your keep. e >> i understand. wre we go. tee gmperatures in the 90's aga9 today. we were in the 90's yesterday yd and that helped to really kickyk off some of those t thunderstorms just aboutustut everybody at least could seeouls or hear.or h not everybody got wet but a w bt lot of us did and the wind was s kicking up out of thosef tho storms, too, severe weather yesterday afternoon radar r takes you back about six hoursou so we go back to last night n moving through from north to t south, all that has dissipatedpd this morning we are dry but leftover we have some clouds. cd it will take a little while to e burn the clouds off.burn t 76 in town,he
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dulles 73. martinsburg along 81 with a temperature of 73 degreesee there. th 79 at 8:00 a.m..m. 91 at noon. 96 -- we're going 97 for a7 f high today.hi headaches will be overghheaches 10 wil0 degrees. looks mostly dry late thise this afternoon. there's your forecast whether foryou wantor not. how about some i ttraffic on tht thursday morning. >> 4:47 right now gary and wey e are taking a live look outside t in southern maryland.yld. 301 at five and you can see c the inbound side of 301 at five increasing a bit but the b good news is volume stillume stl flowing. we don't have any majorajor slowdowns in brandywine.ywine commute on four and five f looking g we'll switch it over to a livett look to our maps where we'ree' seeing a lot of green on 295, 395. problem free as you make youre y way in fairfax on 66 throughhrou falls church.huh. problem free through cabin cab john and our secondaries.daries if anything pops you need to atn be aware of.ware o so far so good get an early geta start if that's in your travelrt forecast for today. back to you.ou >> 4:47 isy
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it's a controversy felt around the nation and last night itiot was in our own backyard.kyar oe megan rapinoe is taking aegan stand or rather a knee on thene issue of the national anthem ant but her team owner is puttingpui a stop to her protest. prote >> annie yu joins us live withew that story.that story what happened here.what happener >> reporter: this is certainly a talker out there.e.. this photo that you're lookingog at is from the seat rain fc sunday night game. game. player megan rapinoe took a tk knee on the sidelines during one national anthem saying iteei was a nod a tnto colin kaepernic she later tweeted it's the is least i can do to keep the kp conversation going. the incident drew nationalw nato attention as you just said itusd rolled right into our area our a last night adding a bigger spotlight to the washington spirit and seattle rain game. the washington spirit tookingpio a stop to megan rapinoe'sapinoe plans to sit out on then the national anthem last night. rapinoe said she would she w continue to take a knee tone protest what she called discrimination against gays
4:49 am
the match itself against seattle delayed by the gamehee but while the teams were in the locker room. no protest by rapinoe no onenoe on the field just fans in the stand. last night the owner released rl a statement saying in part in "in light of rapinoe'sapinoe declaration that she intendednt to take a knee we decided toed play the anthem in our stadium ahead of schedule rather than ta subject our fans to thehe disrespect.pect. to willingly allow anyone to t highjack this tradition that tha means so much to millions of mos americans and so many of ourf or fans for any cause would effectively be just as as disrespectful as doing it ourselves.el now rapinoe told the washington post that it wasno "incredibly distasteful fourdib days before one ofdist the worst tragedies in our country to t say i tried to highjack this event she also said she wasas saddened by the team'seam' decision. wisdom and maureen a lot of loto people talking about this.bout . >> definitely a
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we'll be adrift on good day d.c. >> i think this makes it evenake worse.worse. >> you just up the ante by talking about somebody highjacking.hi those are strong words.. >> wow, okay., okay. >> annie thank you.nkou. former secretary of statefta colin powell is being draggedeid into hillary clinton's use of a right. e-mail server again. elijah cummings released a a exchange between clinton andnd powell.we in it powell advised clinton on the use of powell wrote that he had a personal computer hooked up to a private phone line so he le s could communicate with friendsdi without goingth fri through department he also said he used to it do io business with some foreign minister. >> youth minister accused of sexually abusing a teen who attend the his church. chu brian werth had inappropriateror sexual contact with a a 16-year-old girl at saint elizabeth's catholic church ifri police also say he's beenn texting the teen girl graphic g and sexual content since thed summ cer o
4:51 am
the archdiocese says werth has been fired from his duties atm d saint elizabeth's.. >> hm. >> coming up on fox news morning a peace deal more than 50 years in the making ia s at a risk of being torn apart all because of politics.olits. >> and president obama hasnd pri agreed to speak adetnt o the ope of the smithsonian's newest museum. museum. as we head to break right bt now live look outside acrossos the this is rebecca black singing "the great divide." 4:51 is there time.e. we're back after this.
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. >> 4:53 is your time. tim in colombia opponents of a peace deal with the revolutionary. citizens vote on the accord. the question being posed to colombians is purposely
4:54 am
misleading.ea if approved the peace dealthpeac would end a 52 year conflict between the colombianeebi government and the left wing w farc rebels. >> former president george w. w bush and chief justice johnticen roberts will attend.ros will >> apple ceo tim cook callingooa the new iphone seven theve best ever created.. okay.ay he unveiled it wednesday.. goes on sale next week. wee the seven has a fasteras processor, longer battery life l and better cameras. camas the biggest change, the the headphone jack is gone. it will come with a redesignedeg ear bud which plugs into the charging port and adapter isortr also included.lud. for those who don't wander toant ditch your old headphones apphop spell introducing wireless earee buds called ear pods.allear pod. those will sell for 160 bucks. >> i knew it wasn't going to gng be cheap. >> of course. >> just a side note tim cook re
4:55 am
talking about how amazing thiszi new thing is, how he can'tean't wait for his new iphone seven. made his whole life.le life. matt ackland i see you bud.ud >> what is tim cook going sayt the new iphonise is not that tt great, keep your money.r money >> i know. ever, ever, ever. ever, ever. >> come on.>>ome >> the wait is final over. tonight the 2016 nfl seasonn gets under way with a rematch rt of the super bowl at 8:30 super tonight the carolina panthers pr take on the denver broncos. broc >> tune in tomorrow night forunt our fox5 sports kickoff kko special friday at 10:30 p.m.30 p jim lokay brody logan grantogang paulson and former redskins linebacker ken harvey they'llare give you everything you needthiu to know about the redskins monday night game against thee i pittsburgh steelers.pittsb >> this is going to be aur housl divided in the fox5 news room. o >> a lot of pittsburgh steelte nears here. a lot of people fromt of people pittsburgh, steeler fans. f but it's all good. we're in washington, d.c. all right. i gary? gpn >> who you got in that gamee
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>> which game, the mondayon nighttime.nighttime. >> yeah. >> i don't know yet. >> okay, we'll talk about itt later. la >> if i'm a gambling man iingan keep my money in my pocket.y poe >> maureen i know who you'reho r putting your money on.ney on. >> i said the stealingers.alings >> yeah, i knew. i k >> i'll let you know in theno te fourth quarter with 10 seconds s left in the game. >> i like youler style. that's what i normally do.ormal. okay, gary. [laughter] >> heat wave three saturday. we all know he won't beea awakee monday night in the fourthh quarter. quarter. througave through saturday iav hate to say it but it's true.s . we got temperatures in thes in t 90's at a, up are 90's today, ty a little cooler tomorrow but b still mid 90's and then we getne into saturday looks like it'sdas going to be upper 90's. heat index values the next n several days will be up over 100 degrees.0 grees. it wouldn't surprise me to seelu arp heat advisory show up around it's not -- has not been issued for today. maybeor by -- well, could beoulb tomorrow or even saturday.y. here's your's this is how hot y we're going to get. get. warm this morning. humid during the afternoon. we start o m
4:57 am
this morning there's no rain around. rightd r now. we're going to warm up though. . temperatures again upper 90's. 9 heat index values 100 to 103 late this afternoon. afterno there's your forecast. forecas how about some traffic on this thursday morning? erin comoomo is raring to go. >> i am raring to go at 4:57 4: so should you.houlu. around the dmv traffic is is quiet. take a look how quiet the dulles toll road is at 28t 28 traffic flowing on 28 as well. . very light volume. we'll hop out for a look at a la our maps.r maps. i need that second cup of of coffee on this friday eve.da traffic moving along fine 270 f7 southbound problem free on thehe beltway through college park. lookingy th nice 95 southbound h from the icc to the beltway bel and you're looking quiet in i alexandria as well.s wel i got you you covered if thatf h changes.changes. coming inbound from prince george's county into thegeor district quiet on ou50 problem m free in annapolis.. looking good through staffordd on 95. 9 updates on metro to come. c they're gearing up for service at 5:00. back to youer maureen. >> paris police investigateingeg a new terror scare.
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spring community displaced by a massive explosion aresi demanding j >> a quick look at stock futures. this song by the group pixies. e back after this.s. >> ♪
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