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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  September 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> today on fox5 news morning, metro service cut. cut the new proposal from the the transit agency could close the entire system long before midnight. midn >> search for suspect.ig>> srch d.c. police asking for yourng y help identifying two men they te say shot and killed a woman who was pregnant with twins.ithn >> temperatures in the 90'sempe here to stay at least for lst another day. gary is going to letter us lteru know how many, though, in a row this will make. m it says september but it feels f like august.ugust. nonetheless we say good say goo morning, thanks for joiningoini us. i'm holly morris.or >> and i'm maureen umeh. a today isnd i'm m thursday thu september 8th and ourseptber 8ta lleaeague standing by garyco mcgradygu talking about our aut heat wave erin como telling useg about traffic and the work w arounds you'll need to knowo k about this morning as you getthi to and from work school sch wherever it is you're heading. i >> wherever you're going to. breaking news. police on the scene of an scenea overnight homicide in lorton
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>> this one happened in the 9700 block of hagel circle. fox5's melanie alnwick isck i lie near the scene now withne nw the very latest and mel, what wa can you tell us? >> reporter: well, we can tell you that it's still a very active investigationtiga here. fairfax county police told usy l it actually happened around 10:36 last night when they gothy the first now right about that time wastie when a large storm was rolling l through. neighbors i talked to herero tao told me that when they heard this loudon boom, a series ofn e them at first they thought tho perhaps it may have been hav b thunder and lightning but then b they didn't see any flashesny fh and that's when they realizedy l what it actually was, some very large loud gun shots. sho here you can see detectives cand still marking whereet thoseho pieces of evidence are are andev they're in the process of sortio of measuring thece distance herr between certain items of evidence and there is crime tape all between -- right whatht you're looking at right there is sort of a circle in betweenne a number of townhouses.nhouse so, that's the way thi
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terrace townhomes is set up, little clusters of buildingsstef and they all go around a circle. so fairfax county police saidoli that the victim was found on aod sidewalk area. a there are sidewalks that kind of takear you through and connecting the different homes and park p pentagon lots, but l, police have not given us any any information so far in terms of the -- the identification ofdent the victim, really haven't hen given us any script at this time factors here. k tokbors that i tal believe that he is a young manea from the neighborhood but again, that is not confirmed cfi in any way by fairfax county cnt police yet.poli also, fairfax county policeic said there was some report of a vehicle that was seen was fleeing the scene. goodye gt have any tails on that for us yet.hat f s we also understand that underd somebody here in theere in neighborhood may have actually l seen an assailant running awayng from the scene,, t all those details they'rey're still trying to kind of getnd of those together so we can get soc some accurate information.ormaon now of course anyone who hase wh information is asked to cal
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fairfax county police. pic back to you guys. >> melanie alnwick reporting this morning. thank you. >> 5:03 right now and this now i morning a utility worker is in i the hospital in criticall condition after being shockedho by a transformer at leisure at i world in silver spr the worker was working on then h transformer after a power a per outage caused by last night's n storms when they were injured. . >> lightning proved to be destructive elsewhere inucti montgomery county. a home on midsummer drive in gaithersburg is a total loss los after it was struck during the inening storms. the fire started in the attic ta and quickly spread. firefighters kept the flamest ta from impacting any neighboringeo homes. >> a community torn apart by a deadly gas explosion and fire is demanding justice. >> 84 tenants at flour branch apartments in silver spring are displaced.ap they are upset because theyare y say management has beenaseen dismissive and disrespectful.isp yesterday advocates for theatore latino community led a marched r to the apartment officialsnt o demanding a meeting with management. the advocacy group plans t
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file suit to get justice for for those >> an officer involved shooting in northwest.orth this is witness cell phone video. vi police shot a man who was firing a gun. the gunman was taken to theo the hospital.sp the officer was not hurt.ur d.c. police are asking foroa your help in identifying theyint men who shot an innocentnnen bystander who was pregnant pregn with twins. the victim's inwijuries caused her to deliver early. ely the twins did not survive. surve the shooting happened last week on brentwood roadn bren northeast. police have connectd that cct shooting to two other murdersers in the district.istrict. if you recognize the suspects please call >> okay, 5:05 is our time one this thursday morning. m gary mcgrady we're turningur to you because frankly i'm disgusted by that >> just incredibly sad. >> nonetheless, gary, i do, gard have a question for you. f you >> go for it. it. >> were we expecting thoseting storms yesterday afternoon? aft? >> they were in the forecast.inr we were under what we call a marginal risk of severe weather.
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so, you know, they blossomed. bm to be quite frank that much muc was unexpected that early. early we were thinking six, 7, 8 six, o'clock would be most theos storms but they fired up really, 4, 5, 6 o'clock. o'c not everybody had it likead it that. that move through the city wasee pretty intense but a lot ofut at folks didn't really seedn't ry s thunderstorms yesterday afternoon.te a lot of wind, a lot of damage g reports yesterday afternooner and unfortunately we justdte showed you the video of theideot fire from the lightning there, e i believe that was up in gaithersburg.ithersbu 76 degrees here in the city now. annapolis 70's it's real muggylm out this morning. morning we do have clouds. do h c we're going have morning clouds.ou they'll burn off. eventually today gets up top t 97 degrees. it will be the third day in a w row wl behere we've had temperatures above 90 and the heat index will feel 100 to 103 with the heat of the day.ofe looks like we'll be mostly dry this afternoon.noon that's your fork. how about some traffic on thisef thursday morning? erin comoni c is in with that. tt. >> hey, good morning gary. >> brought to you by t
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for special offers. >> that's right, we got your gou traffic this morning and ifini like what i'm seeing on 395 on from the bottom of the beltway as you make your way up past wap duke street and seminary roadinr through crystal city pentagon things looking good.thingsking all the way up to the 14th the 1 street bridge.streridg gw parkway also quiet crossingig inbound on the key bridge andeyi 14th street bridge we're bdge problem free on all the area a bridges memorial roosevelt rsevt looking good on the douglaslook and 11thing go street. see let's look at our maps right now. seeing really quiet conditions i prince william county as youilas head into fairfax thisrfaxhi morning. prince william parkway to pkwayo fairfax county parkway. pkway 11 miles taking you 12 minutes2e plenty of green right there.her. problem free in arlington andait falls church this morning.h th if you're taking metro rightg mo now the only thing we have toavt tell you about is safe track weekday service singlesee sing tracking franconia to van dorn.rn rest of your service should be s on tfha let you know ifd be tha changes. ch back to you holly and maureen.
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5:07.5:07 changes to metro we have beenhae telling you about for weeks is s being discussed by officials this morning if one couldby o he a huge impact on how late i night workers make their way home back at the end of the day. >> annie yu joining us withsit this story. sry we're talk big changes. chang >> reporter: big changes.ig c on this people are rollingon with the changes hopefully thisy because we've been througheehr quite a bit since safe trackafer began.n. yes, if you ride metro heads hea up. more changes could be on thees way. today metro board members willel be discussing new proposals in an effort to give workers moregr time to perform the needed nee maintenance work. there are few different scenarios metro is one would see maybe railaybeai stations closing at 11:30 p.m. on week nights while anotherwth would have metro closing atro ca 10:00 p.m. on sundays.. jack evans agrees more maintenance work is needed. >> so we're going to have too find other times when we close metro.o. so what is that time? should so we now open at 7 o'clock on on sunday
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opened at noon on sunday anddaya gave an entire chunk of time, t five more hours that we couldwec then use for late nights? late ? >> reporter: now for these rep changes to take effect there must be public hearings hng followed by a committee votemitt and then a full board vote.rd v. again that meeting takingak place later the early closure not only n o hurts commuters it could cld impact restaurants and othernd ensinesses sporting events ininv the d.c. area and according toct the restaurant association of metropolitan washington smalln s eateries have alreadyes experienced a 20 percent dropt p in sales since safe trackce saf maintenance began.matena holly and maureen over to your o guys. >> thanks annie.>>nk coming up dramatic moments m on the house floomor as lawmakers continue to debate funding to fight against theinst zika virus. >> police in franceolic investigating what could have been a potentiallyinha explosivi >> as we head to break let'ss wh go aheadead t and take a live ll across the d.c. region this morning. morn 5:09 is our time. o tim people getting up and going on a thursday.a thursd it's going to be a hot one,ot o folks. we'll talk more about i a
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the break. the break. stay with us.stay w fox5 news morning coming backg c right after wt we >> ♪ >> ♪ >> back at 5:10. happening now, a terror investigation in paris again. pa officials say a car parked car d near notre dame cathedral waseda found with seven gas canisters inside.insi the car was first discoveredcove sunday morning with hazardith ha lights on and no license plateen
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the couple that owns the they've also taken them into int custody. >> this comes as the lone le surviving suspect in lastt november's terror attacks tottao the french capitol is into court. this is video of a vehicle carrying salah abdeslam at theae courthouse.courthou the 26-year-old has been detained at a french prison prio since being extradited andte and refused to talk at a previous as hearing because of 24 hourbee or surveillance of his prison cell. ce >> lots of buzzing on capitoln o hill yesterday we mean literally.liy. gop congressman david jollyavidj brought a jar of mosquitos tooso the house floor.ou he did it to make a point and condemned congress for failing to pass funding to fight the zika virus.s the bill stalled in the senatzie tuesday night. tu volumely said the mosquitosquit were zika free but taunted fellow lawmakers aboutbout releasing them saying they would feel the same fear now being felt by people ine florida. >> coming up on fox5 newsoming morning hillary clinton andup oi donald trump make their c
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to answering questions onions national security and the and t military during a prime time tie forum. >> a former presidentialdentia nominee says he wants to see a popular third party candidate ca on stage at the presidentialside debate. >> as we head to break now bre let's go ahead and take a live look across the d.c. regionio and the song kids by the group o one republic.ubli kids get up and at 'em you got to school today. 5:12 is our time right now,ow 76 degrees.76 fox5 news morning will be right back.
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[000:13:55;00] when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. find your walk near you at >> active service members during the the intrepid sea and air space museum>>ri each attacking the other's experience.expe >> no faith in hillary clinton or thefa leadership.ea she's been there for 30 years i mean, we need change. chang
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>> now my war in iraq. he says it wasn't. was you can go back and look atk ant the record. i have taken responsibilityponsl for my decision.for ec >> let me go to another --nothe- >> he refuses to takee fuse responsibility for hisis >>hihile the candidates did not appear face to face lastst night they'll go head to headea on center 26 during the first dt presidential debate.. >> ♪ >> 5:15 on this thursday ts th morning. gary mcgrady we're lookingcgrare live outsi that rain that we got drying up just a little bit but man. bn >> the storm was pretty intense, there's no doubtdo about thatly i went through aen couple of storms yesterdayuple m afternoon myself.s y listen, here's where we are. are there's a lot of heat nowf heatn building in, humidity as well.s. we're going to have humiditye hy in the picture now so not so lonely will it be hot, it's i going to be humid. h. put the two together and youhedy got a legitimate heat wave one n our hands.rds up into the upper 90's today. td it will feel like it's well wl over 100 degrees. drees this high pressure continuesh pr to bring the humiditye co up fr
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the south. now, look, we ne optimistic 'cause way out toause the west and northwest therest e are some drier slightly cooleryo air and it looks like also ae aa we head head through the nexthen few days -- look, the heat and the humidity is definitely going to stick around throughrog at least the rest of the week, beginning parter of the weekend i should say on saturday but by sunday, the t drier air will arrive. a it's a little bit cooler so at least the humidity, the realhe l high humidity levels will beelsb getting pushed to the south soeh it gives us just a little bit of relief. l r here's the weekend forecast. 97. woo, who, hot on saturday.nur a chance of a couple thunderstorms.rss heat index values will be wellww over 100 degrees. deg cooler and drier on sunday anddd not so hot.not s hot temperature will be about 88ll a or so. or s the operative word there less humidity. reagan national 76, dulles 73,3, bwi marshall coming in this ith morning in the mid 70's asin t 7 well. here are some of these showers and thunderstorms from last night.d last all that activity has pushed has to the south of us. us. we're just left with some clouds.clou. today's high temperature willrel
5:17 am
be 97 but again, heat index ind l winds will be out of the weste e at five to 10 miles per futurecast shows a few cloudsewd this they will break up. lots of sunshine thisine this afternoon. again, heat does not look like k we have really a substantial chance of any thunderstormserst today if we get something, iethg doubt we will but if we getet something it's going to be very isolated. not the indicates for tomorrow r because tomorrow afternoonmo aft more thunderstorms are back inkn the forecast. th here's your sevene f day. hot. beat index will be over andex w hundred for the next few days. y we cool off a little bit nexte t week. week. dlooks look like by the middle part of next week wef nee could be back up into theto lower 90's.s. here we go again. again. i hope that's wrong. here's erin >> oh, no.>> no. >> i do i hope it's wrong.s wro >> seven days away. sevs a >> you know what your bright brh colored tie tells me.loretie >> what's that. >> you're in a great moodatd today. >> just looked in the drawerrawe and pulled one out. >> my glass is half full.
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50 westbound vista road volumee i would get an early start if sf you can just because we're starting to see somcae slowdowns picking up just from volume.molm we'll take a look at our mapss from our camera and show youw y what else you're up against assa you make your way out. 270 south still at speed nopeedn volume building past the truck k scales past 109 closer to the spur same story.e sto. beltway traffic increasing but b still flowing.ilflowin 95 northbound volume building bn stafford to dale city.stfo still seeing green on ourn o our maps. coming from richmond through rod fredericksburg this morning you're not going to hit anyfredy major slowdowns just yet.. route one also looking good. our secondaries in dale steine i newington quiet.nengton quiet. taking a wide view we're view we looking good. only safe track surge eight impacting the blue line. the rest of your metro commuteiu on time. any questions at erin fox5n fox d.c. on twitter.n t we got you covered. back to you. >> time now is 5:18. a river in russia turns bloodurs red and is mitt romney ready r y to endorse a presidentialntl candidate?at >> those are just two of there stories that are trending thisad morning. ur our standing by with o realtime news tracker. track
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hey whiz. >> good morning to you. n theigation by the fbi for allegedly setting two blankets on fire during a flight tog a ft puerto rico. it happened on a jetblue j airplane tuesday. the fbi says she used a lighter to burn the blankets. she was arrested when thatenha flight landed. next up, mitt romney isne i back in the headlines this thi last night he tweeted that he ta would like to see libertarianeri gary johnson appear in the upcoming presidential debater. t it's no secret that romney is not a fan of gop nomineeomin republican donald trump. romney is considering a public endorsement of gary johnson.ns. johnson needs to poll atoll 15 percent to qualify for the debate. debate. officials in russia areficia baffled by a river that turned blood red.. photos of the river have madead the rounds on social media.rounl e ihorities are investigating m what caused the change and a they're looking at a local metal plant as the possibleble culprit.t. the river is in a heavily polluted industrial city andtriy officials believe the color was caused by a mine wasteine we leak. there you go.ere
5:20 am
that could be -- case that's pretty bad if itadf was able tod into the entire tht river and make it nastyt nasty looking like le that. >> if you see locusts,. l >> i see where you're going yoi with that, yes. y >> grab the ones you love.ouov >> yeah, absolutely. >> thanks, whiz.hiz. coming up on fox newsp o fon morning apple unveils its i newest iphone and this one t comes way catch guaranteed to help the company rake ine hundreds of millions andnd millions of dollars.olla >> because they need more.y neo. >> right. >> and the national zoo plans a -- finds a very unique wayqu w to reduce the pain of one of its residents.esiden >> a live look across the cane brown singing his new new song thunder and rain.ain. 5:20 is your time and the it is a very lovely 76 degrees outside.ou back after thi >> ♪
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america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> 5:22 is the time right now. apple>> 5:2 ceo tim cook is cal
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the new iphone seven thse best ever created. cated he unveiled on it goes on sale next week. week. now, the seven has a faster fte processor longer battery liferyf and better camera.etr c the biggest change, though, is that the headphone jack isdpne s gone. it will come with redesignedes ear buds which plug into thehe charging port. p an adapter is also includedo ilu for those of you who don't't wander to ditch your old yr old headphones. introducing a wireless ear buds called airai pods next month which willonth l sell for 160 bucks. >> the university of virginianis using a robot mannequitin ty ooo help nursing students learn about childbirth.t th victoria is her name and shend e takes the students through thehu paces of labor and prepares ppa them for problems which often ot develop during delivery. students say it helps their learning curve in preparingri for the real thing. professor control theol t simulations from a room nextex door. they're able to control ctr victoria and baby's reactions ro and even vital signs by way of computers and monitors. mitor >> a 41-year-old elephant-old ee living at the national zoo hasio a new pair of shoes. oho
5:24 am
the zoo had to get treat shanthi the elephant's eln ailing feet.ailing shanthi suffers fromshanthi su arthritis. the zoo triedffers t anti-inflammatories. that didn't work. they moved on to medication. no medicat the problem was keepingio the ms on shanthi's feet and the dirt and debris off. off >> although we saw initialaw ini improvement in shanthi's snthi condition it wasn't to the level that we were comfortablere with. we decided to look foroo something more innovativennat something new, something that t had not been tried in ann elephant. >> the zooha says shanthi hasan been much happier with the new treatment. she now spends much of her dayay playing in the pool. p >> the life.>>he l >> it has been in the 90's so ie it's hot. >> true. [laughter] >> that's true. >> wow. ue. theool if in the pool if i could too. i that's amazing, though.,houg >> it is isn't great theresn't e they're able to do that.eyable >> look at that. >> so cute.ut >> okay.>>kay. enjoy your wellness shanthi.ess. >> all right, gary mcgrady, mcgy it is 5:24. coming up on 5:25. 5:2
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what's shaking bacon. bac >> still hot. h >> yeah. -'all s didn't y'all say - well, maybe you said this a t a couple times ago but i thought t during this stretch that we'ree' having now that you said this is the last stretch of 90's0' we're going have.e. >> we always say that holly.ol in july we're going to sayy we'n that. >> right, right.>> rig right. >> but there might be anotherhto one looming in the horizon.ominh >> next week -- we just showedd the seven day. d next week we're officiallylly forecasting 91 but i'm on the'mt record of saying i'm hopingop it's wrong. >> why? >> seven days away.ays a i don't mind -- let's enjoy this. this. t' it's for the people.>> i >> it's not forfo me.or >> i feel that turn coming. c i'm trying to hang onto this oo heat as long as i can.atas >> this will be the third days e in a row of more 90's and this t is the eighth -- this will be the eighth heat wave of theghtha season. there you go. >> wow. >> in case you're keeping upe'rk at home. h write notes. not temperatures out there this morning generally in theat 70's' bus stop forecast -- maybe a-- y little fog in spots but i in spt don't think it's a big deal. d i think we're mostly cloudy though. it will take a little while tohi
5:26 am
burn some of these clouds offrn but we'll some of eventually geo temperatures late this afternoon aftermp school 92 too 97. humid, too. humi it's going to feel like it's over 100 degrees in the heat of the day. if there is aes i thunderstorm t all, i don't believe there will be, but if there is, very, wivery illsola bted out tt one or two at best late thise th afternoon. real quick look at your qui loo temperatures for this morning.. 76 degrees here in the city. gaithersburg 73. baltimore 75. icedericksburg right now isfr 71 degrees.eges. again, mostly cloudy skies. rhere's your forecast.n, mtherey how about some traffic thisffici thursday we also like to callur it fridaf eve or at least erin does. does. >> that's right gary. tt's unfortunately you're taking ay g look at a sea of slow movingov traffic in fairfax. fairf 66 eastbound at waples millaps road we have heavy volumevy building an arrow truck right rt there and some police activityn blocking the left shouldert shoe left lane. that is defleinitely slowingft d things downefin if 286 to 123.. speeds under 15 miles perr hour. at about -- add about 20 extra t minutes to your drive. 29 lee highway if you want to wn
5:27 am
hop off at 66 is quiet.6 is quit rubber neck delay on theay westbound side. you can see with thoseith headlights coming towards me that's a bigli problem we'rebl w dealing with right now.dealinwiw more traffic in just a few. in a so far metro is on time exceptit safe track impacting the blue line. tra back to you holly and maureen. e >> coming up, state regulatorsor in maryland want to hear your view of a rate hike proposal from an often troubled utility. >> police in california disciplined for their knoll ahek sex sca >> we're going to head to we' gi break as we do let's look live outside on this thursdayy morning. traffic starting to buildmo this is corinne bailey ray.ailea i like her singing her song "the skies will break." bre that's what they did yesterdaytd afternoon.rn >> they sure did.>> t >> 5:27 is our time. our tim we're at 76 degrees a fox5 news morning back rightack after this.
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af >> ♪ >> today on fox news morning,odo metro servicex cuts.ce c few proposal from the transit agency could close the entire et system long before midnight. possible rate hike earyland leaders want to knowndl what you think about pdeaying aa extra $15 to turn your lightsr g on. the man we all thought tho would help lead the nats deep d into the post season is havingsh more problems with his wit h throwing arm. arm. fox news morning starts rightht now. >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> 5:30 is the time.he time. good morning to you. thank you very much for waking up with us. i'm wisdom martin. martin. >> and i'm holly morris.s. today is thursday september 8.tb >> our team is in
5:31 am
gary mcgrady talking weatherng h erin como talking traffic in just a aomen following that breaking news riw from lorton virginia wherea w police are on the scene of ansc overnight homicide. hic >> it happened in the 9700 the 0 block of hagel fox5's melanie alnwick is live at the scene near theea scene with the very latest iny n this story. good morning, >> reporter: wisdom, thiss is -- this neighborhood isgh called the terrace townhomeses of gunston it's on route onete south of fort belvoir.elir about 10:36 last night that's when neighbors say they heardhea a series of deep loud boomsd om and at first they thought that perhaps it was thunder because there was a storm flowing but b they didn't see any lightning al so then they suddenly realized that it was indeed gun shots.ho police and fire rescue crews cre arrived here on the scene. scen. they found a young man lying l on the sidewalk just in that area behind me where youhe see e police have their lights up and the crime tape all around as they continue the session. neighbors tell me the younghborl man was laying on its side. s it appeared he may have beenay b shot in the neck. they say he's a young man from f the neighborhood described him as a good guybo and a hardd worker.
5:32 am
we don identification yet fromidti fairfax county police but we pot do understand there may have hae been somebody who saw a vehicle or a suspect leavingea the scene trying to develop devl that information so fairfaxairf county police can put that out t to the public. plic. they're asking anyone with information to please callal 911. 91 lie in lorton, i'm melanie melae alnwick, fox5 local news. >> 5:32 is the time right now.ow we're also following alo developing story from prince fro george's county from the jailfrm there. police are investigating the death of an on inmate. the medical examiner says it appears that the 43-year-old3-ar man died last night of natural causes.causes. >> medical staff attempted toemo revive the man after he was found without a withoua he p had been in the jail for nine days and was in custodyusto awaiting trial on drug and gun charges. an autopsy has been scheduled. >> meanwhile swimmer ryansy lochte has been sus assembledem 10 months by the united statess olympic committee and us a swimming for lying about being robbed at gun point last monthus during the rio lochte eventually admittedted that he and three otherer swimmers vandalized a gasdalizea station bathroom and were
5:33 am
confronted by armed guards. lochte will miss the 2017 the 2 world championships as part ofhi that suspension. >> ♪ >> 5:33 is the time right now. it's a controversy being felt f around the last night it rolled rightolle into our very own backyard. >> megan rapinoe who plays fora the seattlen ra rain soccer clur is taking a flee on the issue nathe national anthem but the owner he of washington'shington' women's soccer team put a stop o to her protest at least for lstf one night. >> fox5's annie yu joins us jns live with the very latest on la this story. annie. >> reporter: good morning wisdom and holly. this photo you're looking atking right here is actual from sunday's game when player megan rapinoe took a knee as you can see he on the sidelines during the national anthem saying it was a nod toast 49ers colin kaepernick. the incident drew national natio attention a lot of people boeaking out about it and thenao it rolled into our area last aa night adding a biggerig spotlight to the washington spirit game against thehiirit g seattle rain gamea but the t washington spirit did put a stop to rapinoe's plans to sit t
5:34 am
out the national here's rapinoe during pregame warmups. the match itself against seattle delayed by the rainyhe n but while the teams were in the locker rooms team ownerwn bill lynch directed the anthem a ceremony go on earlier thanha no protest by rapinoe, no one, n on the field just fans in the stands. and last night the owner released a statement to fox5o fx saying in part "in light off rapinoe's public declarationecli is that she intended to take a knee during the u.s. nationalat anthem tonight we decided toeced play the anthem in our stadium ahead of schedule rather than subject our fans and friends to thebj disrespect we feel sucs an act would represent.rese he goes on to say to willinglyoi allow anyone to highjack thisk t tradition that means so muchns s to millions of americans andrica so many of our fans for anyor cause would effectively bee just as disrespectful as doing d it ourselves. we have the fulitl sta otementut our web site at meanwhile rapinoe told thewhile washington post that it wasrapi "incredibly distasteful four days before one of the worsthe r tragedies in our country tontryt
5:35 am
say i tried to highjack this event." she also said she was saddeneden wisdom and holly earlier on wednesday the rain sc said sc s they are standing by their tir player and recognize it's a it' source of inspiration foronor some. we'll be >> ♪>> >> 5:35 is the time right now. so, we were both talking about t this. last night it was like out of nowhere dark clouds and then ant whoosh. >> we were driving in our car. we had hail hitting the windshield.ield and my son goes momma, is thisis a hurricane? hurri [laughter]te >> i said not quite a q a hurricane but it is very isy intense. >> no hail in a hurricane. >> yeah. intense. inten >> that's right. >> came down fast and furious. >> sure definitely real heavyfi rain, big drops.rops did you see some of thatme oft splashing and a lot of wind of w reports last unfortunately there was some damage, too. we don't have tort deal withlit that today. >> okay. >> just the heat. maybe we'll be looking fore we'e some later this loo afternoon an this evening to cool us offo clu but it's just not going tooing o happen like that. le t here we go.o.
5:36 am
temperatures this morning thi 76 degrees here in herew manassas 72. 72. leonardtown 72.leondtow and over in annapolis theis temperature this morning iserur starting out at 76 degrees.6 gr we have mostly cloudy skies,mosy too, out there. too, a lot of that cloudiness isiness really left over from therom th showers and the thunderstorms that we had yesterday and during the early, early overnight hours.ours. forecast for today looks like this. warm this morning.orning some clouds in there. t. 79 degrees.79 deg by lunchtime 91. 91. it's already feels like 94, 95 by noontime later on this o afternoon we're going to go 96 to 97 for a high temperature. it willr a feel 100 plus with e heat index.. that's the forecast on thist ons thursday. let's get a look at traffic.kt a >> 5:36 and right now if>>d you're waking up in fairfax big delays especially on 66 eastbound. you can see how slow traffic is moving. locking thegall b left shoulder left lane.r left . an arrow truck is out there from monument drive through t 123 this all just before 123.or1 you can see that traffic is crawling looks like the stall is the stas eaearing off to the left shoulder which means allring lal
5:37 am
are opened 12 minute delay starts tolay ease. a touch of a rubber neck delayey on the westbound side butnd traffic on westbound starts to pick up.on wes eastbound one is the slowest. s. we have traffic building buildin through stafford 95througff northbound. we'll take a look at that take ak back to t >> 5:37 is the time right now. t coming up on fox news morning, political bickering in southingt america is very close to undoing a peace deal which took more than five decades to put together. latest shoesor waiting to drop is another ano batch of e-mails from hillary clinton. >> this is zolla larsenla lse singing her song "it ain't my'ty fault."" 5:37 is the time. 76 degrees is the temperature.
5:39 am
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maxx life at t.j.maxx. >> ♪ >> 10 people are dead after an air strike near the site of ast suspected gas's a attack inted syria. of state statary john kerry agreed to meet with russian foreign minister today and tomorrow to discuss endingnd the five year civil russia is a key ally of syrianyr president bashar as sad and sada had been conductorringductri airstrikes there for nearly a year. of anentsmbia opponents peace deal with revolutionaryuty armed forces of colombia have hv applied to block an october referendum which would have -- v would have citizens vote onens t
5:41 am
the accord. a posed to colombian center citybc misleading.mi if approved the deal would end e a 52 year conflict between the colombian government and farcerm levels.leve >> oakland california police officers disciplined for their involvement with a teenaged teee prostitute in a sex scandal. snd the mayor of oakland says the police department has startedtad dismissal proceedings against four officers while two others resigned. a third killed himself lastt seven other officers will be b suspended. mercy. mcyk for that's what the feds ares are telling accused charlestonhaes church shooter dylann roof. roo attorneys are trying toattoeys prevent roof's legal team from m filing the mercy motion. motion. now, as of now roof is facingac the death penalty in both state and federal cases.nd feral >> coming up on fox5 newsox news morning the military veteranan finally receives an honor sheor earned during world war ii.d wai
5:42 am
>> and the man that many hope h would help lead the nats intod e once again.onin. >> as we head to break right now live look across the d.c. region. miranda lambert singing us to break. br time right now 5:42. we're at 76 degrees.e
5:43 am
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discus would see rail stations closelo at 11:30 p.m. on week nights.eeh while another would have metro close at 10:00 p.m. one an10:00 sundays. the move is aimed at getting metro workers more time toim t make repairs. >> ♪>> >> meanwhile it looks like mother nature is giving us ais g little more summertime. >> how about it, right? well, it's still summer.llum >> it is still summer. >> it's meteorological fall.orol >> it is. >> it is in reality summer. >> september 1st starts meteorological fall. >> meteorological makes senseeoo we break it up into basically >> yeah. >> makes it easy on the at peor people. starts on the first of their of month. >> but are you -- what are youru insinuating holly. >> i'm just stating thet statin obvious. >> actually she's pretty prett bright. let's go out there.let's ut temperatures are in the 70's. 76 here. he. 71 for fredericksburg and culpeper is 71 degrees. winchester is 72. i what about across the region
5:46 am
and? 73 for columbus, 79 for louisville. saint louis is this morning. morning they're at 83 and chicago is sitting at 74.4. okay, listen, three more days ds of heat wave, all right, soo we're 97 today. we're a little coolertleoole tomorrow.torrow. perhaps a few thunderstorms would help to keepo keep temperatures instead of the upper 90's the midmperat 90's. . and then on saturday we'rey right back up into the upper 90's. so the heat index values 98 to o 103. 10 i suspect there will be a couple of spots thatsp actuallyl get hotter with the heat index than 103tt. 103. maybe by saturday, this isn't't something to get excited aboutxa but maybe by saturday we havewev a heat advisory back in place ie for us.s. it's definitely going to bee humid on saturday. sur it's definitely going to be b hot on saturday.urda this flow is still coming upingu from the south bringing the brit heat, bringing the humidity.umid but saturday night we're going g to have a little frontalfr system push through and as it at does, high pressure will buildrl in from the north and west so wt that's going to do a couple of things. it will cool us down a little
5:47 am
bit, out of the 90's back into the 80's o and it tak this humidity away as we aways progress through the day on o sunday. but the heat and the humidity ht definitely stays with ushs through saturday, okay. okay. just so you know.u kno clouds left over this morning from the showers and thend t thunderstorms moving through.ou here's your forecast foras for today. warm this morning.or. still clouds at 8:00 a.m., 79 degrees. mostly sunny late this afternoon, 96 to 97 for a high.hi and trust me, 97 at a is going to feel like a about 103 beforef it's all said and done, maybeaye a little bit warmer than that tn in spots.po a few thunderstorms tomorrow, to 95. spotty thunderstorm on saturday, againtu we cool off a little bib on sunday less humid 88.umid 8 next week we're right back upack into the upper 80's, maybeaybe even the lower 90's by the b t middle part of next week. just the messenger.. here's erin como. co. >> i call that a very warmar start to the school that's hot. th >> well, right now traffic now f moving a bit better 66ter eastbound through fairfax this is by 50. b you can see still slow closerclr to the earlier stall we hade h blocking the left shoulder suldr left lane has cleared off toe
5:48 am
the shoulder. hho we're dealing with some s congestion left over. so give yourself about fiveut fv extra minutes to get from 286 to we'll move it over for a look l at our maps.s. that's not the only place thisci morning with congestion with already growing. as you head through stafford right now volume building build stafford to dale city. cit stafford basically 630 to 610 t1 and then again through daleou city we're seeing slow movinglon traffic making our way over to frederick in maryland drived e times doubled now as you make yourub way down from 70 to 109. a lot of congestion around thert truck scales adding 10 extraxt minutes to your commute.mute. we'll let and if that changes or starts to grow.tarts g aside from that as we take a look at the top of the beltway you're cruising along from 95 over to to. and things through rockville on 270 looking good.king problem free on our our secondaries in colesville.olvill no issues in metro right now just dealingeali with safe track slowing down s the blueafe tr lacine with singe tracking.tracking thide from that other metroom to rail lines on time. back to you. >> this week the clintonweek tht
5:49 am
campaign is yet againgain scrambling after wikileaks founder julian assangeassae her electronic communicationscai as early as next week. w >> it was wikileaks thatks embarrassed clinton and her andr party with the leak of dnc d e-mails that showed the party's preference for hillary r clinton over her rival bernie sanders.s the leak led to the resignation of chairman debbie wasserman schultz. assange suggested the new leaks would shine a light on clinton that the press refuses.fu >> all over themselves are arresting a demon that are going to puts intos around everyone's neck which she winshn this election. eleion. >> late yesterday the clintonstt campaign responded to assange's threat accusingac donald trump associate rogeria g stone of colluding with assange who has aided russia. every american deserves answers about potentialoten collusion between trump cane c
5:50 am
associates wikileaks and kremlin. >> we are getting our first we r look at plans for the new 9/11 education center planned for for the pentagon.tan. the location is currently the te only 9/11 attack site without a visitor's center or museum. and the something partnering p with national geographic toic t create a powerful education edua center dramatically orientedy on to the path of flight 77. funds for the new center arete a being raised over the next n three years. t after a year y long battleoe and an act of congress friendssn and family said their final then goodbyes to a world war ii veteran.n elaine harmon served in aainemo group known as the wasps,asps women air force service pilots.pilots she flew military aircraft on noncombat missions during thedue war. after her death last year year harman's family wanted to bury her ashes at arlingtonashes rl national cemetery.emety.
5:51 am
a few weeks earlier the military decided wasps were not >> all right. 5:51 is the time right now.ow. tonight maryland regulators regt will hold the second of twof hearings on a proposed pepcon ap rate hike. h the panel will hear public hearc comments as they await pepco's o request to increase theehe average customer's bill bys bilb more than $15 a month.. tonight's meeting will be at
5:52 am
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6:30.30 5:51 is the time >> coming in from gainsville manassas centreville leave the house about 15 minutes early to play it safe. 95 northbound volume building stafford and then again through dale city and as you make your way out on 295 southbound slows easton to pennsylvania. 50 inbound volume building as well. fewnbdit a fin justor a moments with a look at metro.. keep it to fox5 news morning.s i we'll be back in just a few.. >> ♪
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♪ >> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> breaking right now at 6 o'clock, a deadly night ins a quiet northern virginia vir neighborhood. a man found shot and kill on kl the the search now under way for a we're live with the latest. >> nationwide debate takeseak center stage in our region. what one local soccer team did d to make sure an olympic soccerr star could not protest during the national anthem. anthem. >> live look outside on this thursday morning, friday evedaye around here september 8th.mbe8t. weather and traffic coming upomp on the 5s at 6:05.:0 good thursday to you, i'm lilison seymour. >> and i'm steve st. welcome to fox5 news morning.or. >> we begin this morning at 6:00 with breaking news.gews. an overnight homicide out of o lorton, virginia.nia.


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