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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  September 8, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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♪ >> straight ahead crossing pat paths. >> she's at least 33 -- deletes 3,000 e-mails after getting atig subpoena from congress. >> going after muslims, defaminm a gold star problem. >> donald trump and hillary clinton in the closestal td hing we've seen debate yet. yet both making argument why theyent should be next president.side. breaking overnight teenager shot and killed in lorton.ton. what we're learning about thebot victim and the hunt for theorhe person responsible. a protest prevented.. how a local soccer team stopped meghan rah pinot from taking aia knee during the national anthemm and wait until you hear the team owner's message to fans. but first, the septemberep heat wave. temperatures today again topping 90. should we expect more of thehe summer storms that pounded thent area last night, too? good
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at 9a starts right now. ♪ all right.ight it's 9:01.'s 9 this is good day on thursday, ts september the we're always hot. hot we're always on fire here on hee good day. wisdom martin, holly morris, maureen umeh, steve schenn z sc we're here ready to roll.o rol >> also ahead this hour applepp ditching the head phone jack on the new iphone.. so what's taking its place and what else will you get with thew latest upgrade.test ude >> first, though, the skies are clear.. the mercury is, um, okay right now. no but it will climb throughout tht date today. the question, tucker barnes, bas yesterday we had little wake-upp >> hello. thunder boomers. >> yeah. big ones big one got some of us got nothing at all. but talk about things that aresa hot. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> we got it right here.. >> okay.>> in the weather forecast. >> oh, okay.y >> i thought you were talking wg about yourself.ours >> i don't do that until fridayi nig
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>> oh, no. oh, no. >> that's when he's on foyer! f! >> thank you.hank you 79 in washington.asngton. 80 dulles, i don't bmi marshallh heat and humidity is the name of the game today.od mid it to upper 90s mid to upper 90s. 90s i can't believe we're doing thii again. somebody needs to answer theiror phone. there's your storm tracker rad radar. we're tracking quiet conditionsi and as mentioned we did have big storms yesterday. they all faded off to the southe and east overnight and we are left with quite conditions.tis so i don't think we'll gete' g showers and storms today. the chances of a storm ice layed storm but they will not be as a widespread as yesterday. widely storm activity. the actual air temperatures thee heat index right around 100 forr about everybody this afternoon t much please be prepared here. h. lots of water, don't leave youry pets in the car. car if your kids have sports after school make sure they haveol mak plenty of water that kind ofe sf thing the heat will be dangeroue for a mew more days. coming we'll talk heat wave, hoh long will it last and weekend wd
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what will the weather be like? ? i'll give you an update on allnl of that. >> sounds good. >> school check in>> making surk the kiddo got to school >> okay good. >> phone is o on silence now. everyone knew this morning let's tell you about this a woman fighting for her life after aer being hit by a car on lehigh wa way. it closed down parts theft roadr trinity parkway and center wood drive until about 40 minutesut ago. the driver of the car did stayia on the scene, and crashra reconstruction detectives alsoso responded to investigate exactly what happened there. tre we got breaking news out ofo lorton, virginia, this morning.g police are on the scene of an overnight murder of a teenager.r >> the investigation is on goini in the 9700 block of hagelge circle. ci melanie alnwick has been therere all morning. she has the latest developallmee what can you tell us now, mel?e? >> reporter: i can tell youl that fairfax county police areea almost done processing this ts scene.ene. you can see over here they'ree ' kind of wrapping up the lastapnu little bit of details that theye need before they will prettytt much clear this scene here at hr the terrace townhomes of
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where this happened.appe i wanted to be live here now. n once they took the crime tape away this happened a few momentn ago when they cleared the scenee so you can kind of get a sense n of what this area is like. lik you see that these townhomesownm everyone parks on the outsidesi and then there's little walking paths that are through theugh neighborhood and through thegh individual and it is police tell me right about here where they found the body of 17-year-old maurice anderson berger lying here ine what they called like the like e sidewalk or the walking area. apparently he was suffering frog a gunshot wound to the upper body, and he was dead here onn the scene when police and ems crews arrived.rred now, neighbors here tell me that overnight they heard what sounded like some deep loud booms. oms. maybe two of them they said. initially they thought mightht have been thunder because theree were storms in the area, and soo initially they thought it washti thunder. then they realized there was no flash and realized it was
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gunshots. then police here were call toe c the scene. that was about 10:30 last nightg and initially fairfax countyax t police called it a death investigation, and then few hours after that, they updated t it to say it was indeed being investigated as a homicide.. now, some folks here tell us that the victim maurice bergerge did live in the neighborhood uph the street a little bit.reittl i talk to the property manager r here and she said she'd been ini contact with his mother who he h lived with, and she's just absolutely distraught, and mosta of the neighbors here as you caa imagine also a little skiddishih about putting their names andnd faces on camera, because therese is still a suspect at large att this point but right now fairfaf county police do not have any a good information for us as farar as a motive or any kind of suspect description.tion guys, though, people tell uss that they did think they saw a a man running from the scene andnd fairfax county police are also o working on some reports of perhaps vehicle scene leaving li the scene as well. well we've also been in con
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fairfax county public schoolslih because it appears that as a 17-year-old maurice berger mayer have gone to the nearby highh school.ol but we still have not confirmedm that yet either. eitr. back to you. >> 90:00 zig. let's go to the campaign trailon get a sneak peek at the peeat t presidential debate.presidtial donald trump and hillary clinton crossed paths on the same stagee last night just not at the samee new york forum focused onocused national security and who is a o more qualified to be commanderer in chief. fox's doug luzader has theas the highlights for us. >> reporter: this may havemave been something of what warm upau act for the full fledged fle presidential debate giving us g some ideas how these candidatesi plan to tack one another.nother >> what happened in mexico ---- >> reporter: they weren't on't the same stage at the same timee but they did share goal goa convincing voters especially veterans that they have thens ty skills and judgment to bet to b commander in chief. >> thank you very much.>> t >> reporter: clintonhank y wentw first and almost immediatelyedie faced questions about her e-mail including one from a retiredired naval flight officer.flig >> secretary clinton, how can ch you expect those such as myself
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who were in trust with america'' most sensitive information toor have any confidence in yourfideu leadership as president when you clearly krupped our nationalatio security?secuty >> so i did exactly what i should have done and i take itei very seriously always haveav always will. >> reporter: trump wouldould follow with an indictment of the military under president obama. >> i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillarynd h clinton the generals have beenae reduced to rubble. rub they have been reduced to a point where it's em bass rashese for our country. cnt >> reporter: trump did say he would be opened to legalizeegale immigrants who serve in the mill tar but unwilling to go intoo go specifics about his plan to takk down isis.. both candidates were asked to ak refrain from attacking one another and both failed on that point.point. >> she deletes 33,000 e-mails, and that's after getting a subpoena from congress.bpoena fo if do you that inm con private a business you get thrown in jail. >> going after american muslims defaming a gold star family the
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family of captain khan making it for difficult for us to have aaa coalition with muslim majorityit nation that is not going to hell us succeed in defeating isis and protecting our american homela homeland. >> reporter: the forum comes as debate season is just aboutto upon us the first presidentialda debate is now just about 2.5 abt weeks away. in washington, doug luzaderd fox news. >> 9:08. ro'soaing today, metro's board will meet to talk possible majoj service new schedule proposal is on thet screen now.scre now it's parts of an evident to givv workers more time to perform needed maintenance work.anork. now there are few differentrent scenarios metro is proposingpo one would see rail stations sons close at 11:30 on week nights.ig another would have metro closeec at 10:00 p.m. on sundays. metro board chairman jack evanse agrees more maintenance time is needed.. also happening today we aree getting our first look at plansp for the new 9/11 visitors and education center planned for thf
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it's currently the only 9/111 attack site without such ah center.ce the pentagon isnt partnering wih national geographic to create a profitable complex dramaticallym oriened to the path of flightt 77. as you saw on fox5 this morningg 8:30, the 9/11 pentagon visitorr center has received a two and ao half million dollars still has millions more thoughet to raise over the next threeree meanwhile, a missingwhe, a september 11th ground zeroro zer flag has now turned up in in washington state.on >> the flag iconic photo ofhotoo three firefighters raising the e american flag at ground zero z went missing years ago.go the how or why the flag was misplaced still unclear in october of 2014 officials say a man named brian showed up atr t everett fire station with the sn flag in a plastic bag. bag the man reportedly said it wasit given to him by someone else ana said it was the same one in thee iconic 9/11 picture but to be 100% sure the washington statete patrol crime lab began testing forensic scientists began taking dust
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compare from dust particles frof ground zero if new york.ound z results came backero i and theyb matched. the flag will be unveiled at the 9/11 museum in new york thisk t sunday. >> okay. this sunday president barack obama will deliver remarks at as pentagon ceremony to mark theont 15th anniversary ohef thosef the attacks. the hill's hottest we'll switchh gears and talk about now.nd tk b the political website is outs with its annual most beautifuluf list and a fox pfeiffer actualla made the cut. we'll tell you who coming up.. hmm.>> who is it? >> good question.ion. >> tweet us. you think it is. #gooddaydc.#goo hit the road, jack.k. apple latest iphone includes nen features some fans love and somm not so much.uc we'll take look at the latest upgrades coming up next. 9:10 is our time right now.
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♪ well n just about week you o can be walking a round with thet very latest in iphone technolo technology. but it's going to cost you. thet it new iphone seven and sen plus both new features including resistance to water damage andwe wireless heahones do the bells and whistles realla justify the price tag? well tech expert pete erickson then t founder of go mow a community devoted to developing mo
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he's in vegas right now attending a conference but joins us-via skype with all thellhe details.ta good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. bright and early out her on thed stst coast. earwe >> yes, it is. we appreciate the early call>> t time for you. you so what's your initial reactiono to the big release yesterday ofo the iphone seven?en >> well, i think there's a few f things happening here. apple is certainly make make something big statements with sa regards to the head phone jack.. also, the use of tap tick tapic technology for the home buttonn versus something that pushest down. there are a few things and, youo know, the wireless ear buds eard that's going to be, you know,o k things are changing and apple makes these statements, youme know, like when they dropped the floppy drive from their laptopso and then drop the cd player and dvd player from their laptops, you know, this is sign of thingi to come really. >> i just have a question, ques, because i see people sleeping
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out on sidewalks when this stuff comes out. is it really that much of an evolution for to you be sleepins out on a sidewalk and paying top dollar for these phones, becausb i still have the five and itnd still works fine and doesnd does everything i need it to do.hingn so i'm not -- you know i'm not i going get in line didn't alln' l this stuff.this >> if you've got the five i'll i lend you my sleeping bag.nd m (laughter).(lghte >> and this drives otherhis dri companies crazy, because apple,e they do very good job of creating these releases that,sea you know, people devil want.t. i think that they, you know,no they do good job of putting puti something in somebody's handsans that, you know, is the latest and greatest. i don't know what the, you knowk what the demand is going to be. you know, start ordering theg t phone on the ninth this friday a next friday you can actuallyct purchase the device it will w start shipping. i don't know what it's going too be like that day.beike that d you knoway, the previous iphoneo releases yeah they were really e amazing. it will be interest to go see. . i mean a lot of talk here wase w that, you know, i've got the --- i think this is the six plus. p it's a great device. dic i don't feel the ne
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actually go out and, you know, k and change my device i think aea lot of people are feeling thatli way because the technology has advanced so much. m we have a great camera in ourn o pock, video camera for our kidsd we've got, you know, everythingh n need. the storage is better. speed.. so these incrementalal improvements aren't probably quite the draw but it will be wb interest to go see, you know,u w how many people are camping outi next friday.da. >> plus isn't the tenth anniversary overhaul loomingverl right around the corner? l i ma that's just year away which rear until that long. don't you they lot of people ngght be waiting for that.t beai >> i think, yeah and f i think apple some people were talking t about the enact apple didn't,n' you know, tip their hat to the whole vr craze happening rightei now there may be something, youo know, in that area virtual reality.alit. august menned reality features s that sort of some of the talk tt there may be some pretty bigig announcements in a year on theee tenth anniversary.h a >> you talk about thing changing over the time.overhe time. something else that changed thed
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most expensive iphone a factor.c but also yesterday we heard about, you know, the nextheex generation the apple anything else come out of thisui announce many yesterday inestern general that excited you or or disappointed you or left you wanting more and makes you wantw to run to the apple store? >> well, we really paidy paid attention to we talk a lot developers about t the iphone and the, you know,yo the other incremental inn snow s visions that are happening.. we didn't pay a lot attention to the other nothing earth shattering there. i think the, you know, we laughl a little bit because, upping, the blue tooth ear phones thatha you can get with the iphone are $159.$159 blue tooth technology has been out for a tec good 15 years. yes it's been a long time. you can get pretty cheap blueheb tooth device but when apple comes out it's really premium pe device. i would say that that stuck outo to me that, you know, apple is s sort of creating this news ne category of premium really premium stereo
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sets. that is going to pertain notain only to the iphone but to all of our devices that we're listening to, you know, i'm tethered here with my head set and my mike, m, but, you know, in year's time it think that's really going tong t change.chge. more and more manufacturers will get into space what apple hasle done by creating that 159 pricei point they've opened up a huge g market for other people to comem in innovate and offer writ towto cool technologies lower thanha 159. >> isn't what apple does these e days, if they don't come out with something that is new andsw earth shattering they takey tak something that's already outg as there, make a little shinier and put a high price tag on it andnd everybody wants it. >> i think i was here a year ann a half with the samsung galaxy that's water resistant and had impressive camera. camera. it does -- it is interesting hog apple is able to, i think theynt even maybe, you know, do a lot l of market research with otherito people that have already relea released things like watery t lk
9:19 am
high resolution cameras. motorola come out with phoneithp that doesn't have a head phonehe jack. they're not the first ones to dd that. but when they do it, it's sort r of revolutionary.ry so it's interesting how the how company is able to, you know, release features that have already been released yet whenen apple does it, it seems to be, , you know, new. >> well, in all fairnesss reputation precedes them.s t they took a long time buildingun that brand and that brand iss really serving them well. wel >> look i'm a big fan of thean e company. i think that they've done wonders. i probably wouldn't be in thet e position i am without, you know, apple coming out with the ih t tunes store. they are the global leader in smart phones and laptops and yos know we love to see thesese releases and i think what will be interesting is apple because apple now has cut the cord from from the phone in year' timer' t that will be the standard.. >> pete erickson hangs so ch
9:20 am
now go back to sleep.ep >> have a good day. >> you don't use the iphone.phe >> i was on iphone. >> would this make you want toe go to it or is it not enough for -- >> i've been contemplating goinn bateck to the iphone.e ione. unti wait until the tenthll wai anniversary i just think by they they'll have more bells andells whistles and frankly i have anaa android n i'm not convinced that was thewt best route either.he i'm not -- it wasn't that greatg of a phone for me. m i do think i'd like to go backac to the iphone only because the t name allure and it's just more r compatible with everything i do. >> yeah. i do agree with him in terms off the wireless headphones, because you know we travel a lot we have a noise canceling headphones i a just actually bought as a gift some new noise cancelinganceling headphones for my husband, and h all the options were wireless. they were all blue tank that's where it's all i'm still tethered but he's -- h >> you'll be losing these thingi left and right.left and r no core. no it's bad enough i've lost probably every head set i heet h have had with any phone. phone this right here are you kiddingi me? me? >> when you pay that much u
9:21 am
(laughter). >> i would hope i'd be the firsr one to lose it.. >> oh, my gosh. gos >> i'll be glad when we wireless so we can hear better. the things we hear. hea >> go with anime plant for you. >> chris, wireless chris i canic hear you say it. it >> chris going down the gauntl gauntlet. >> roll that wired prompter. and read on. >> all >> time now is 9:21.1. coming up ryan lochte learns hih punishment.shnt a high note for arrested opera singer one guy who must really hate married life, we have toavt check on what else is makinging headlines coming neck. >> marking 50 years of boldlydl going where no one has before. why one star thinks it's remake -- remains so popular. pp the star of star trek halfek h century later now. now.
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♪ all right.ight. 9:24 is our time right one of our homies allison all seymour is back with heck of chk the other stories makingak headlines this morning. m >> all right. thank you so much. good morning to all of you.or au first up breaking news out of n the district. a streetcar an vehicle crashed c this morning.this morning. it happened at 17th andt 17th benning road in northeast. north it happened about an hour one person does have minor injuries. not sure if that person was inss the vehicle or the trolley. more bad news surroundinguni swimmer ryan lochte.
9:25 am
sources say that he is getting t slapped with a 10 monthth suspension and will not beot allowed to compete in the 201701 world championship meet. mee this is all punishment for his role in gas station incident ini rio that he claimed was a robbery at first. that means the 12 time olympic med list will not compete in i another world championship until summer 2019. disturbing surveillance video from chicago.rohicago i mean, this is really reall ridiculous. it shows an elderly man getting shot while watering his this video captured by a camerar at a neighbor's house it shows two men riding up on theirn the bicycles they rob this man.his first of all they knock him to t the ground.e g rob him of his wallet beforet be shooting him in the stomach.n th the suspects got on their bikess and rode off.d ro this man 71 years 71rs o but guess what, he survived. he is in intensive first song, then citation now an apology.apogy. opera singer arrested for a loul performance the streets of o alexandria had the chargesharg against her dropped.r dro the city attorney says
9:26 am
should have received a warning the city managerst publiclyubli apologized for the way theay situation was handled. handled and finally, next time justj get divorce.or just go somewhere for couple of days maybe don't do this. 70-year-old man walked into a it kansas citibank on friday he rob the teller then he satn s down and waited for the police. why? because he says he wantede to go jail because it's betterse than living with his wife.ife. (laughr).ghr). >> um-hmm. he even said that he wrote outto his robbery note in front of her before he stormed out of theed o house. just so she knew how he feltt about it.outt. it lock like he got his wishis because he is now facing federal charges. ch this picture obviously taken ini happier times or perhaps with wt his girlfriend.end i don't know. >> go ahead. >> she's like i don't want to bb married to you. y >> not the smart test thing. >> not the smart test thing.hing >> federal charges. cha >> jail is better than being tg with your wife.with y wif >> how bad was she? or how badd was he? >> we don't know. kw >> we don't know what happensw p inside p
9:27 am
>> we know he's going to jail.ol >> evening he's going to jail.l. >> where he'll get three squarer meals a day.s a d. good exactly f what did you says instead of. >> do we know how long they were w loney married?ie >> i don't. don't. >> don't ask me all the facts. (laughter).augh >> keep it punchy.>> keep it >> thank you. pun >> thanks al>>.. >> out with annual moss beautiful list and you mightnd g recognize one of the faces on ii from right here on fox5.. judd dee kurtz will join us live next with who exactly made theee cut. cut >> first though holding out hope steven strasburg will be okay.ea fingers are crossed here. we'll have update on the pitcher's elbow next. nex and fresh at 10a, it ist i national am per san day but but forget the grammar lesson thissi morning we're celebrating with pizza and tattoos. someone from the morning teamm might just get some ink live. lv you have to tune in to find out who. wh tweet us #gooddaydc.c who do you think is going underd the needle? 9:27 is our timeime right now. i already got my mark.
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♪ >> 9:30.:3 the nationals running away withw the division but post seasonea hopes might have taken a hit hit last name stephen strasburg wiln have an mr.r. today on his throwing arm aftert he felt pinch in his elbow lastl night and left the game aft 2.55 innings. what makes it worse is, it's tht same elbow that had him on the e disable list and just came backm after stint on the dl. looks like he i
9:31 am
well in that elbow we thoughtho was healed.. sticking with baseball timim tebow third act now. n. he has been signed by a major league team.ea to minor league contract buttrat still was signed by the mets. te mets taking a flyer on the t former football commentatorommet former football star.r. doesn't moan he'll make the majors but it's a goodn' start r 29-year-old who not played balll since high school. school. he'll go to the arizona fallrinf league and they'll see what he e can do. >> interesting. all right.. well, are you ready for someor football? ya'll ready for somem football? you better be because 2016nfl regular season kicks off tonight with rematch of super bowl 50. carolina panthers taking on then super bowl champion denver den broncos.. how about that? start of of football season and they arend e then there's rgiii isn't taking the bait b former redskins darrell greenllg haul of famer recently ripped him on radio program calling him childish and selfish regardingeg his personal life and a report r that he's go
9:32 am
divorce among other things.s. rgiii is refusing to bite back.c he told reporters that heortersa doesn't focus on those thingssei and hadn't heard about green's comments. he also saidcomm he considers gg a friend.a fend. shutting the situation down. >> good move. >> probably most talked abouty t former washington player.r >> right. >> who didn't play game lastt pm year in regular season. sea >> i just don't think you're t going to win dense against agait darrell green.l green. >> what's the point. >> why did darrell green makeren the comment though.the cment thg >> i think darrell green genuine. i think he considered him a friend and that he reallyy thought that maybe he wasas headache making these commentsac in hopes of hinelping rg kind oi reign it in.n it in. maybe it didn't work. wor maybe he felt like he knee kne needed a little public pressure. >> if you're a real friend and -- you call him.l h i don't think public forum --um >> we don know he didn't. didn'. >> we don't know that. >> he was asked about it and hee answered a question.ed a let's do a podcast like we doee here maureen.aureen >> even though. thoug i'll leave well enough alone.
9:33 am
tucker barnes, save the day. d weather on the horizon. horon it's hot. >> hi guys.i guys. >> what's up tuck. >> lot of heat and humidity today.y. there's something to look forwarder to.o. watching the game tonight inonig comfortable air-conditioning.di. already 79 degrees in washington. they didn'tidlows i back off the 70s. i couldn't find any 60s out o there early us this morning. a couple days ago we had thead e heat but we didn't have the did humidity and yesterday we had the big stomirms.dityig srms. that really helped build back -- that humidity back into thebacke area, and we are just off and od running here.e everybody could have beening hot today.. another summer scorcherer unfortunately not only today buo tomorrow into the day onn saturday.tu going to be very veryy uncomfortable it around her witn a heat index near 100.r 100 all right.all right the dew points eventually i'my i not going to have to show youe y this map.ap maybe next week we'll put thislt one away for the season but notb the case this current dew points 74 in74 i washington. you get these numbers up andberd above 70, and it feels like a l wet blanket it there, and itre d will today.od so unlike the last couple of days we didn't have so muchso
9:34 am
vengeance. the very humid afternoon, veryoy hot afternoon. it should be dry afternoon.on of course yesterday we had theyt those thunderstorms that kind ot worked north to south in a smals band work right through the citt and parts of montgomery countyry and down into southern maryland. that's all faded off to the fado south and east overnight, andht we're just looking at hot hot sunshine today. today i don't think we'll get any gety storm activity. there could be a pop-up storm or two as the atmosphere inherentll unstable but they'll be widelyed scattered not what we hadad yesterday. here's future cast. it doesn't like the idea ofsn le storms either. eithe and it's keeping very quite v later today. even tonight.on we're going to keep the swelte sweltering hot heat and humidity around with overnight lows inghw the upper 70s.0s but we shall be rain free. f little better chance tomorrownce we'll get some scattered stormsd along with some more cloudinesss there we are at 1:00 o'clock in' the morning if you're oclut boud we'll have few clouds around. when can we get relief? i think by sunday.da temperatures will be littleur we cooler still in the 80s but more importantly t
9:35 am
dry out.out so at least we'll kick thee' humidity out of here by sundayua which should make things a loths more pleasant with daytime highh in the 80s sunday and monday if you're going to the skins gameo speaking of football mondayoo mn afternoon going to hit theaftern goparking lots early that kind i thing should be beautiful day for it.g utif monday afterno donay's daytime onlytime only in the mid 80s.0s. yeah. actually that's where we should be. we haven't done a lot of where w we should be in the last coupleu months.nths heads up today, tomorrow, tomro saturday that's dangerous heat.a heat index each day getting too be at and around 100 degrees.00s so please take the heat seriou seriously here mack sure you don't leave you ser pets outside that kind of thingi for too long. that's the latest weather eath i'm going to go cool off.. >> thanks, tuck.nks, tk. it's like people magazineazine sexiest person alive but withutt political insiders. inser it's the's 50 most beautiful people of 2016, and01a this morning, we are getting ani inside look at who made thatade list including one of our own ii you look really closely kind of try the bottom right hand sideas you might see who that is. t is.
9:36 am
columnist judy kurtz. well back and good morning. >> good morning, good morning. beautiful morning.d morn >> it really is.tifuy i starting with the 50 most0os beautiful my goodness much this is a covet med list to make it n you're the queen of the moo aid the cut this year.ea >> we had hundreds upon hundredr of nominations and you may y recognize as you mentioned oneeo of our own fox5's ronica clearyy making the list. >> yay. y >> she made the cut. we had so many record breaking g number of nominations.ns >> really. >> ronica talked to us abouto ut covering the campaigns, as shehe does so well, and she said thata she admitted during election elo year she doesn't eat as well as other years and she of course also has a beauty pageant past. she was miss philadelphia asde well. >> i didn't know that.. >> you learn something new. >> yeah. ea most beautiful when i lookedb on the website there was a a number one that came up then ahn bunch that don't have numbers is it a ranking or a
9:37 am
>> one through 10 is ranked and every else is is just on the the list. >> on average leak for to you tu even get to be number 50 about0a how many votes did you have toiy get?? >> well, the whole hill's team votes on the contenders.onnd we had more than 500 nominations this year so pretty stiff competition. >> what are you looking for forf somebody to make the list? >> we like diverse gro we see a lot of different typest of people and as you can see the list itself is really diverselle this year.r. and from all realms of politic t it's not just people who work on capitol h although we do have allotted ofo staffers, some lawmakers on thee list. we have media types like ronicaa on there and lobbyists and d.c. insider types. >> you have to be nominated it't not like i could submit myselfmt for this.r t >> you can self nominate. nomin >> oh you can. o >> in washington that happensn s quite often. >> i can imagine. imagine >> let's go through some other'o folks who made the cutug.h somat this is david bowman number 10ue on our list. he is -- is -- >> cute. >> single. >> mauen. >> 31 years old. he's a scheduler for congressmam
9:38 am
he says he works out every day y but he eats whatever he wants. >> don't like that. t >> hate people like that. tha going for his mba this fall. this a local seth statler.tatl he is a lobbyist for nasa. nas kind of cool. c lobbies for space.for sce he's from college park and he'sr also ak volunteer firefighter. >> okay. >> all right. >> impressive.>>mpre >> number four on our list, jessica long berry also a localc from crystalville, virginia shei is married, she's independentnde and she a state departmenten contractor and also a boxingoxg how cool is that? >> oh. >> very striking. >> i love this shot, too. i love it. > ilove i. >> she drinks a gallon of watert a day before 4:00 p.m.4: p >> there you go. >> wow!>> wow! >> how much time does she spendd in the bathroom? (laughter).ter). >> number two, this is colin row giroux i'm getting mark ruffalo vibes. >> he's cute.>> he's cut >> democratic consultant 38 dema years old.tic cyearsld. >> talk about beautiful
9:39 am
i'll be saying that with every picture g i feel like i'mel hosting the bachelor here.lor he studying film in college and made adultery about immigrants.a >> he's single, too? >> he's -- i don't know if he'sn ngngle or not. i'll look into that.. >> good looking holly.ol >> i felt like i was hosting the bachelor i thought all the guysg were mostly >> he said he has lots of energg and if he doesn't get a certainn amount out early in the morningr then he starts screaming in hish office. he has to do his exercise.. >> do we want to go for number e one. one. >> let's do it. >> yes.>> yes >> and here she is. sara number one.number one. she is from new orleans.. she's 25 years old. single.single and she's an independent.dent she is a democratic executive assistant for the senate energy unnatural resources committee.oe >> that's title.>>hat' >> absolutely. >> lawmakers make the listheis typically a couple make thee m t list, right? right >> yes. >> and in this case we actuallys had local lawema wker as well. congresswoman barbara com stockm
9:40 am
yeah.. she -- >> she joined us when we were wr in -- in -- >> zip trip. >> the zip trip. >> okay. >> she says she doesn't need t a exercise routine because she has three grandkids.ndki >> clifton. con >> clifton, virginia. >> owe okay.>> >> she has three grandkids she's chasing after she does do pilates and yoga in addition ton chasing those theg >> good looking grandma.oo >> little bit of debate in hernr family she loves going to the have a have wineries.inie her hub loves the virginiaginia >> that make it house divided. d how will they make it. >> one last one. o >> who is this? >> this is jacob mack a key also a local from d.c..c we actually had three people onp the list from washington, d.c.w, really four possible from virginia on r the list of 50 that's lot of local representation. he is attorney general loretta lynch's chief e trader. e tra he of course is a democrat herat says he keeps three suits in hih office and he actually changesya there in the office when he gett to work. rides his bike and then changesa in the t
9:41 am
colbert report.eport. >> that's fun. >> all right.. >> any crazy behind the scene s stories this time around. >> it's interesting just to seeo the number of self nominations, you know, everyone likes toikest pretend they're not nominating themselves.emselv >> does that go against you liki with the judges if the judges jd know you self nominated.ominated >> absolutely not. this is washington. is washing we come to expect it. >> a lot of egos.ogo a lot of healthy, you know, kno confident people.eople >> it's always fun, though. tho. fun to to see isn't we're still waiting whenne you make us like, you know, most beautiful, you know, quartet.rt >> you have to in many 98 yourss self. >> that's true. >> we'll do that next year.ext >> there you go. >> okay. >> super excited about ronica.oa >> nice to see you. y >> nice to see you guys too. too >> all right.ig it is said you have to be hungrr to really make it in hollywood. even though it's safe to say s clint eastwood has made it kevin found out the legendary actorctr and director is definitely stilt hungry. hi
9:42 am
sully is coming up next. 9:41 right now. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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♪ >> today we begin with our operation in human performance investigation on the crash u.s. airways flight 1549. 1549. >> water landing.aterding >> captain?? >> this was not crash. not cra it wasn't a we knew what we were trying togt execute here. her it was not crash. crash it was a forced water landing.dg >> why d
9:45 am
return to laguardia? >> there simply was not enoughng altitude.altude. the hudson was the only placey that was long enough and smootht enough and wide enough to a item the land the airplane safety. >> air traffic testified youffii stayed and you were returning to laguardia and you did not.. >> i realized i can't make it'tt back and it would haved he eliminated all the other optio options. returning o laguardia would wou have been a mistake. mistake there was no time for calculat calculating i had to rely on my experience and managing the the altitude of thousands of flights over four decades. dades >> you didn't do -- i eye ballee it. it. >> you buy ball it. >> yes.. >> hmm that's clip from the newt movie sully tells the story off captain chelsea sullenbergerr successful water landing back in 2009 known as the miracle on thn hudson. tom hanks stars as the hero pilot. clint eastwood directed the truu live drama.vema. kevin got chance to sit down s d with the hollywood legend andend joins us now. n it's so amazing when
9:46 am
that clip, kevin, they wouldld question him at all.. >> that's the whole thank aboutt this story why would you want tt watch a movie that you all righg know the end to go.oo. but no one really knows what happened behind the scenes.thne he was questioned the ntsb saidi he could have made it back to laguardia they took the humanitn out of it decision-makingn-ma process no one had ever doneoner that before. >> right.>>ight. >> dual enjoy gin loss at that t altitude.tu water landing it was incrediblei how they were able to pull thatl off. i spoke to clint eastwood aboutt making the film and directingm i the movie.. he won four academy awards and i spoke to him how he pull off creating the miracle on thelen hudson. watch this. >> i'm very curious how you shoo the sequences when the planehe hits the hudson. hangs and eckhart are in that cockpit how are you making itg i look like they're actually going down hitting water? how do youu film that? >> god, i don't know how i didkw that.. >> love laugh. >> um, you just do it in peaces. we had the when he will sequencc
9:47 am
cree created in pieces but we actually can't put a plane in an the hudson river.e hso we shot all the point of viewsfv of the boats coming in and allll that and then we shot back ink i lake here in california. we shot with a plane the exact same plane, same type of plane,e and we're in the lake on a on a gimbal and we could move thatndl around and makde it -- it couldd duck down in the water i wasn't' of that.hat. >> that's so >> it is. you surround yourself withrself people who know lot of stuff and you can do all kinds of stuff.ff >> you wrote a beautiful songul for the film and obviously musis is such app interesting thing tg me, because the music someone so writes is also the same path anh actor can take on emotionalmotin journey and i'm wondering canden you compare and contrast writini a song and what this song meantm for you and also the differencee in similarities between musicens and acting? >> no.>> n very similar. similar very similar. but, yeah, i j
9:48 am
i hear it at the time.e. i've written other scores before from unforgiven and other pictures million dollar baby, but, um, they always relate toao the story that you're tellinge then so i never think of it intellectuaintellectually like y do a lik story that fits a certa picture.ct just do what the move moves yous at the moment. >> thank you for the 24 minuteom line at the end that made mein e because just the idea of the bad things that have happened in new york with 9/11 and you see thist story and it's like it just --t new york is my favorite place oo the planet just really kind ofki hit me. >> yeah, no. it's my bouquet the best i knowo how to do it for new york. >> yeah. >> our whole crew and everybody was enthusiastic about doingbo this >> couple things. coupl thing he's 86 years old.he's 8year >> um-hmm. >> he won four academy awards directed play misty for meekee unforgiven, mill dollar baby, b, grantor reno, american sniperni still working today and this isd the really untold the thi sstort
9:49 am
to sully after the miracle on the hudson what he went through. weren't through ptsd andd and everything like that.evythi incredible movie.. >> clint eastwood he really disappoints.s. i'm sure this will be amazing.. >> he wrote song for it. for i he's 86 years old. insane.insa >> that movie opens up tonightht around 7:00.ou:0 officially tomorrow in theatersr >> very good. g thanks, kev. all right.. over to ya'll.ov >> i think you'll have yourhir official review tomorrow on it.r >> yes. >> is it really a dialogue heavy movie. movi >> no. 90 minute film. told non linearly and they showed the crowd --rowd -- >> what does that mean for the people.peop >> not a in straight order.t >> in the in order.>>n th >> it means it's told out ofs il explode o >> and the idea they show the se crash from three or four fr different perspectives.s from the cockpit, the passenge passengers, people watching from buildings. very unique -- actually createss intensity even know you know thw plane lands. you think about what's doing too happen. very intense. >> we didn't talk about clintutc eastwood and constant popcorn chewing. is that next. >> he was eating peanuts durin gnuts d my interview.. >> peanuts. wh
9:50 am
>> he wasn't supposed to be doing any interviews thatwasn dd >> he caught him in the hallwayw >> he was going to lunch and he was just hungry. threw them into tom hanks room for 15 minutes he ate >> he's 86 and i can do whateveo i want.. >> yes.>> yes. >> exactly. exa >> all right. rig thanks >> still to come this morning tr what the future holds for star a trek half a century later. >> wow.>>. >> unbelievable the sci-fi sci series marking half is century.. coming up. it's 9:50.:50. ♪ ♪ there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. with the laughing cow's nine flavorful varieties of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. and once you get a taste for the new, chances are you won't stop there. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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♪ 9:53 right now. ♪ >> it's like this. this. jeff our producer is off screen. >> giving us like -- can do this? >> yeah. y. >> all right.>> all rig >> some people can't. c i know who can't.. isn't william >> exactly. >> believe it or not. >> the face of star trek for many people captain kirkir couldn't do it.t. boldly going where no franchisee has gone for.or. star trek celebratingg anniversary 50.anni >> would you were you! >> 50 years with loyal fan basel
9:54 am
grow. the science fiction tv zerosro created in 1966 was on tv for how long? >> three >> that's it. i didn't know that.>> tw tha >> just three seasons. >> that's back in the day when n the season was year. year. >> right.>> then it warped i rnto five more shows. however you wanted to reboot, reimagining, spin offs, et cetera, 13 big screen films, igs including star trek beyondon starring chris pine, zachary pinto and simon star trek discovery will hit tht web in 2017. george at a can i believes thei theme continues to live long and prosper.osr. >> we feel very grateful for the fans, because gene rotten berryy created the series it was his h vision and philosophy, and his h belief in -- his confidence in human kinds ability to solveve problems and move forward. >> for some of the originals le
9:55 am
you did three seasons and 50 and years later you're still sti involved in this huge movement.. >> yeah. >> looks like the like e ground-breaking series packs plenty of punch reaching intochn the next generation and a continues to go on and on and oa and, yes, as kevin mccarthyccth found out from william shatner himself they had to use a fish s wire to pull his finger apart oo the show. the sho s it's not that hard.>> i >> he tnooll us he couldn't do t >> i remember reading about that show back in the day when theyhy did the three seasons becausense they didn't feel like it wasik s successful or entertainingtain enough. just move on. mov o then after that is when it developed a cult following.wi. >> isn't that mazing.azin >> a lot of shows back in the t day did that same thing. only on for a short period of time. >> like knight rider. rer. >> that's different ballgame.enm >> no. >> come on.. >> i loved kit. >> the concept car --- >> i think kit up staged davided hasselhoff little bit. b >> think about of the cultut ofl following that good day d.c. is going to have. one day.
9:56 am
>> maybe 30 years in the futuree >> exactly. >> we'll be doing like thoseikee oldies but goodies conferences. >> showing up -- exactly.xaly i love it. >> plenty coming up on the 10aha we're not going anywhere. meghan rah pinot thwarted inted advance heft night here in the t d.c. area. >> kanye west fashion show goini on but guess what, there's a fail. >> colors this time. >> all right. will the real person who is is getting a tattoo please stand up. >> oh we're not going to let yot know but it g iois national ampersand today and today tod someone on the fox5 staff isafs getting an ampersand tattoo live. >> guess where it's going to be. >> here. >> i want you to be able to seee it. it >> maybe you only want certain c people to see it. to st. >> good point. point. >> first it's coffee time asoffm holly is modeling the mug thishi morning.morning. >> take drink.ake >> you want one of the good dayd mugs we have one up for grabsbs right now.righ dunkin' donuts mug to
9:57 am
perfect cup for that greattre dunkin' donuts coffee go to or facebook page contrasting looks here.kse. that's all. (laughter).. >> one winner shrek besideshrekd random drawing make sure you you have by 11:00 o'clock this'c t morning. it's nowmo 9:57.:5 somebody is getting tattooedoe next hour.neour. find out who after the break. >> you shall get a cup tattooed on your arm. >> how about just the good day logo? fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan, how can i help you today? yeah, i got a big problem with my new tv. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. okay. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing.
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] ♪ oments only onts onl o good day at 10a.. >> trending right now kanye fashion disaster.r. drake's tour bus target, plus ps britney and ellen go to the
10:01 am
mall. you don't want to cross her. she will give you chills in when the bow breaks don't miss our interview with jazz sinclair.ini >> we're live with ross mattheww he gives us the scoop on holl hollywood day live's secondseco season. >> one fox pfeiffer will get ala tattoo live on tv. t wait for it. i you will. wil but the 10a starts right now. ♪ i feel like we have to t explain this whole tattoo thingg >> all right. all >> here's the back story. >> okay. we're celebrating little pizza today. so this is and pizza because iti is national amber sand todayd ty which is the logo for and pizza michael the brand child hypeded and peas sam people who work for you get free tattoos, right? ii they get the logo.og >> it has to be the ampersand. >> it has to be the ampersandmpd does do they get to choose thehe glias yes.glias yes. >> where they want it, et cetera. cete >> we've gone b
10:02 am
elbow. >> as small as probably half an inch. >> if you're into tattoos andtod you work in this pizza establishment operation you cano get a free tattoo. isaac does tattoos for living. g works out columbia heights.eighs there's reason he's here.e. you'll tattoo someone,. >> might be tatooing somebodyoi today. good really. >> do you know who. >> we are in the revealing yet.v >> i'm not shower yetealing.. >> but i think that if it isits going to be me, i think i mightg get it right her >> right there. right >> is that cool. is >> that's fine. it's up to you.p to you >> if i were -- i never would. d my ankle. ankle >> you're out.>>ou'r >> you're out.. >> really?>> reall >> let's see.'s s >> down to three us now.. >> wisdom, right here. >> biggest one i can get. i cant when i take my shirt off at the beach -- >> let's see. he's out. >> yeah. >> so i already have one. o so i need to -- maybe -- can you incorporate with another tattoo. >> i can do whatever you like. >> all right. right >> not me. me >> we
10:03 am
>> so actually just not -- not >> you're not the one either. >> nobody? >> all right.. >> if only we knew someone whone had an affinity for tv on live television. one of our morning team. >> someone who rocks them well.l >> on tv. >> as wells a man bun. bun who could it be yes.d it b y >> let's see. >> and he can -- >> oh! >> there's our winner. >> chris you're getting a tatt tattoo. >> chris smith with the am per san tattoo.atto >> the last time michael was w steve shed i should get it and d never back down from challenge. >> where are you getting it chris? >> well, there was some debatelw about s i d about finger butinge but someone who else works here wasn't a huge fan of that idea. >> no, no, no. no, n let's tell that story, chris, because it was my favorite stors of the day. d let me tell you everyone knowsos that chris and erin a thing, thg right? he says i'd like to getk it on my finger she said no andd he goes okay, no, i'm not i'm getting it on the finger.einger. it was a 1
10:04 am
>> you have to respect that.t >> i love it.e i'm thinking maybe on then forearm.rem. >> okay. >> we'll do that before the end of the hour, right >> show off the final product at the end. the >> liquid courage for you if yoo need it. >> he doesn't need it. >> he doesn't need it. >> have to do both at the same d >> that's just one thing we have coming uo p . michael, i appreciate youppre hanging around.hanging aroun we'll talk about the pizza latee this hour. hou isaac we'll put to you workouor today. because you and chris need to as get together and talk about youu art and magic you'll work on.n >> chris the laughing hyenas hya coming to you. you. they'll go to the control roomon and we'll continued to good dayd at 10a. at 10a. how about that?w about that? >> all righty.ight >> we'll just enjoy the pizza.. >> i'm very much looking forward to that. ha >> i was looking for to that big --g -- >> there's still time.. >> eyes just lit up. >> i don't know if they have knh time. >> hash tag all talk.. >> thanks for staying with usayh for 10a alongside holly, maureee and wisdom i'm steve. ste let's check what's 10ing on t
10:05 am
thursday morning. let's sthtartur off talkingg about this a controversy beingsi felt around the nation and lastt night it rolled right into our o very own backyard. meghan rap pinot who plays forls the seattle reign soccer club plan to go take knee during thet national anthem at last in it's game against our home team the washington spirits. but she was thwarted by the the washington spirit's owner who oo put a stop to her plans byy playing the national antheml while the teams were in thee in locker room instead of out thert on the field.ield last night the owner release statement to fox fief saying ini part n light of rapinoe's public declaration she inn tendon to dd take a knee during the nationalt anthem to note we decided toeed play the anthem in our stadium a ahead of schedule rather thanern subject our fans and friends tos the disrespect we feel such an n act would represent.epresent. he goes on to say, to willinglyg allow anyone to highjack thisk s tradition that means so much tot millions of americans and sorina many of our fans for any cause effectively be just as as s
10:06 am
ourselves.els now, rapinoe told the washingtog post that the anthem move was incredibly distasteful four days before one of the worst tragedies in our country to say i tried to highjack this event.e she also says she was saddenedde by the team's decision. dio >> a lot of people talking aboua this one. one i think she's right. rht she used the word highjack is as big strong i said this before.e. i think, you know, you have thee right to protest and what and concerns me is you said this t during your earlier report thata now it's become about these acta as opposed to what the message m is behind with some of thesefhe athletes are trying to prove oro show it's become a distraction c and that's unfortunate becausene these are important issues thata we need to talk about in an honest way. when you use words like highjacj and i'll play the game beforeeor the songs starts i think you're doing a disservice to thervic dialogue that needs to happen. so i don't know we're talking about it. what do you think? weigh in. #gooddaydc.dd i want to hear it. >> my thing we always say wes sw want to start the discussion, start the discu
10:07 am
discussing this now for some t w time. but what has come as a result of it? i applaud the fact that colin kaepernick said i'm dona donating a million dollars, yous know torque the cause., anyodor my jersey is selling num one and so i'm going to donate d that money, too, because thatset really can institute perhaps some kind of change. but just like you said both ofoo you stated so eloquently just the actual act of moving around the star spangled here or theree and just simply kneeling orlingr whatever, that's really not walking the you know what i 1980's talking the talk but not really walkingi the walk, and what really affects change is what the what question should be. shoule. >> especially when the peopleiaw who have the power to makehen te change aren't listening because it's all distraction byy something else.thing els again you got to put action --c put real action with conversation. it can't just be conversation. c can't just be kneeling down. do. it can't just be -- can't be one thing it can't be one sided so d you got to figure outweigh to t put all this stuff in motion to a actually make changes wit
10:08 am
kaepernick donating the moneyony good for him. him hopefully she'll do something do else as well in addition to.n if you wanted to -- i'm not i'mn saying you shouldn't do the s other part. >> no, no, no. >> more action should follow shw that as well like a plan. a like an action plan.lan. >> the other thing that peoplehl are talking about is the new t n apple phone that came out, right? new iphone.t? ipho ceo tim cook said yesterday the new i phone seven is the best bs iphone apple ever created and could it job it certainly packsp some exciting new features.tu it's water and dust resistantta and the seven plus features twot cameras apple has also gottenotn rid of the iphone's head phonedp jack and replaced them with wireless ear buds called air air pods they collect directly toiro the phone lightning connectoront the same one iphone users use to charge their device.. if you are a fan of your headphones there is no node todt worry because both phones willl come with brand new lightning adapter headphones and even an a adapter that also allow
10:09 am
use your old headphones.. and here though of course whatos you've been waiting for.or the cost. 32 gig model iphone seven will cost $649. $64 while the 256 gigabyte phone is $849. and you really need to get yourr wallet ready if you want the i phone seven plus. those start at $769 and could au price all the way up to $969.96. >> almost thousand dollars foror >> all that money they betterhey come with four or five sets of s hand sets, hands to dial arcal mouth to that's insane.that'san >> someone to actually use it ti for mow because i won't w't understand how to use all the features. >> this is not just my agey a showing where they put stuff inf there. i just want add >> i just want to make a fenne f >> when you have to take sixak steps to get anything done now,w i just want to make phone call. >> or if you lose it.t. we're also getting to the pointp where think of it we just setust our phones
10:10 am
it's easy to -- i know you can c get insurance and all of thatfha but, man, just to carryo c something that pricey with youth that is so easily left behind b makes me nervous. nervous. >> one comment about the actual call clarity on the phone.. >> hilarious.. >> yeah.>> y but the good thinganan finally move up and get the nexn iphone which i'm at the five. >> you'll be at the six. six >> or now.r now >> in couple of years. yea no >> you don't want to be one be e behind.. >> exactly.xact >> a couple of years.ple ofrs. >> that's wisdom.m >> that's wisdom. wisdom. >> there is a new mostos interesting man in the world.or it is not wisdom martin.. probably because he doesn'tsn drink and probably goes alongslo with it because the beer companm is ushering in new distinguishee gentleman as the face of its actor goldsmith is 77 years oldd he held the title until thisntil past march. had it for were you decade. due second keys sent him off to mar
10:11 am
so say hel.lo to the new guy. gy >> he looks like the old guy. >> he is but 41 years old. he's a french man describe as a rugged james bond. austin lagrand.. his legend begins in objection i he climbs out a well, takes off his helmet and has huge shoes to fill.fill >> glad you finished that sentence g. >> i just guessed. i didn't kno jusw what the wordt were. (laughter).. >> people who are vying forre vi this, i don't know.i donow. was he actually the -- he lookso like a younger version. why not go in differentiffere something new.methin n >> why not go in a differiffe direction.directn. >> uh-huh.> >> yeah. >> they heard you were alreadyoa under contract. >> like adrian brody. brody >> we're having our ownwn conversation.coersation. they're having theirs, sorry.ini adrian brody he looked more rugg adrian brody.adri >> he does. i'll give you that. >> most interesting man in thetn world.. >> you didn't have i for it. it. they had to go somewhere else.h. >> it's just beer ad.r
10:12 am
>> just beer ad. all right.. >> whole lot of money. mon all right. she plays crazy, crazy good noww the break out star of the new tw thriller when the bow breaks brs sitting down with kevin mccarthc to talk about her on screen scre break down.own. >> first, though, can yeas see e fashion show melt down brakeownr getting back his hotline bling and cal calvin harris dishing oo the drama with taylor swift.wi it's 10:12.12. the good day celebrity dish. d that's coming up next.
10:13 am
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♪ >> a lot of enemies. but you know w hat, good day celebrity dish is still here and we ain't going nowhere. >> it's all good it's all good.o >> look, check this out.ut since we're talking aboutngbout enemies and people going pe goin somewhere, about $3 millionmiio worth of jewelry was stolen this week from rapper drake's tourr bus. bu now a briefcase containing theie jewelry was taken from the tourt of tour bus during a concert cce stop in phoenix tuesday night.i. police say the bus was empty at the time of the theft.he no security was aroundd apparently and jewelry did not n belong to the grammy winning wng tmz reports investigators arrested the man yesterday response al on the campus ofpu o arizona stat
10:16 am
if he was on campus he was was trying to buy books. books. it's expensive to go to college much he's been booked forle fely burglary he doesn't have to worry about that any more. >> do you believe this story?toy >> no. >> seriously. whose jewelry was it if itryas i wasn't his and who hasas $3 million worth of jewelry jusj on the bus with no security? >> normally, normally, a lot ofo this stuff is borrowed.d. >> right. >> they give it to them. it the it's a loner.oner. they loan it to them so they can go --- >> don't you think they loneone $3 million worth of jewelryel thinking there might be ang t mg security officer with it? doess absolutely.abso because i would.beld other thing is -- is -- >> how did they get on the bus.s >> he walk in.n. >> he walk in because i did heaa there was no security there. the nobody there at all the. guyhe walked on and found the stuff. also -- >> because it was just layingg out.t. >> just laying out right there. >> the rapper -- future had the same -- this is according to tmt had the same thing happen to hio within the last couple of days.y i don't know where future wasurs but somebody stole a couple of million dollars worth of july row from him as well.
10:17 am
>> listen you guys know thenow t game. come on now. n. we weren't born yesterday.terd >> what are you saying? sayin >> what are you saying? >> foul play. >> alleging? i'm saying allsayl kinds of waikiki do. d another highly criticizedcid fashion show for kanye west.t he can't get this fashion thingi right.. yesterday yeasy unleashed seasoo four on tidal new york fashion week in sweltering heat... thehe show was heavily criticized usaa today call eight quote hot mess. i guess there's lot of sub textx here you have to kind of -- - >> is this where the lady took t her shoe off. o >> the lady fell.y fell. >> the models were like --e >> bobbled or whatever.hav >> was eight model that lost her shoe. >> yes. >> maybe roll get it right nextt iseason. >> third time is the charm. >> exactly. exa >> sooner or later. >> we'll see.
10:18 am
finally breaking his silence ono his break up with taylor swift.. we didn't thing it would be long before that happened gettingapdt choked up thinking about the thu break up.t t singer dished to british gq g saying they managed to keepo kep their relationship very privatee when they were together.eroget but that once it all ended quotq all hell broke loose. harris lamented about sounding n off on twitter about the romance saying in the heat of the momenn and that was very contrary totro his character.ct. he then call himself a positivev guy and said the break up wasakw something that needed to happenn for both of them.he read between the lines. >> i'll be honest with you thisi is really low on my i care list. >> i declare and decree rightret now i will not speak of that ofa girl again or her love live evee on this show again. >> you going to drop it like d l that. >> i'mone.e. who? wh >> i don't know. why do we care about calvin cvi harris much he's two guys ago at this point. >> even if your involved with - i almost said it. it. i'm done. >>
10:19 am
bad about her. her >> i don't know what you were going to say. i neverow w heard that word bef. >> tangential. >> the same as non linear. >> we'll have a vocab lesson for you later, >> the girl i will not speak her name i will not talk about thekt guy she's involved with.. >> ever, ever, ever. >> i don't care.'t car >> i said it here.tere >> he will never ever ever. eve >> what's the time. >> 10:19 on september 8th, 2016 maureen umeh has now made m clear she'll no longer speak ofo the girl formerly known as --as >> hold l sink you the song. >> ever, ever talk about taylory we'll talk about this.s guy ritchie and madonna finallyy selled their bitter custody cus dispute over their 16-year-oldid son rocco.son r according to writ cho's lawyerye rocky will continue to live witt his father in london.don although madonna and her son clearly care about each otherhth lot and actually just celebrated super stars' 58th birthday to
10:20 am
ritchie' attorney says estolatet to have the case behind him anda everybody in the family is happy that an agreement was finally reached. madonna's attorneys declined tod comment.en the couple divorced in 2008 and madonna wanted rocco to liveo le with her in new york. >> 2008. that's a long bidder battle. bt. i'm glad it's over for all of af them. >> i like to vest he was was wearing. we need to put that picture back up.up >> rocco or ritchie. ritie >> ritchie. r that vest was smooth.h i wore one time and you toll mem i was crippled dollar.. >> that's probably also tom fo ford's suit. suit k and g1 you had on. >> oh, no, no, no.. >> i love it.t >> i kid because i love.. >> you just transgendered -- >> me. >> there you go. that was are y non linear -- i t even talk.even
10:21 am
>> in this market you're probably one of the sharp pest dressed men. you know this.s i'm not -- >> the tie matches the watch mah matches the t doesn't to clarify in this mark you are one ofs the sharp pestrp dressed guys. >> i have a selfie that's epic i have to show you we talk about the hot jonas brothers before, r guys.. let's go ahead and -- a - >> roll it.oll >> all right. >> showing off now his brotherrr joe. let's get to joe. who knew the middle jnanass brother -- >> that's joe. >> really? >> i'm backwards. r>> i b this is nick. isick >> this is nick?k? >> yeah. >> hello, nick.. >> oh, my gosh.osh >> there's joe.>>here >> i see joe.oe >> all right. >> okay. middle jonas brother definitelyy spends time in the gym.ym. 27 front man for dance -- they h were actually drunk and that'sts how they spell it. spell >> got it. >> dance minus the a excuse me for my prompter reading issues.e hi
10:22 am
account.unt young nick caused a social medid melt down when he posted the the shirt less pick.ic who would you rather go out o with, joe or nick? >> i felt like i would be a pedophile. >> he's so hot. h i'm just saying.ayg >> did you pick one?ne >> yes, him. him >> the guy with the least amount of clothes on with his pants pas almost pulled down around hisd s ankles.. >> really? >> a null reality i never date e guy that posted a picture likerk that. >> because your boyfriend is y producing the >> that too.ucinha too >> okay. and lastly, let's talk about lifestyles of the rich andchnd famous.. >> okay.. >> ellen degeneres and britneyrn spears went wild at a la mall. it was laugh outloud funny. they arc acted like total diva demanding a list treatment.nt they caused trouble everywhere from ben and jey
10:23 am
bloomingdale's they asked for 100% discount ran up and downn escalators and ignored security alarms all throughout the mall. terrorizing spree must have been tiring because the two celebswol then visited home gods store and took a snooze on one of thee ofe display beds.ed >> what is britney spears wearing.wearing. >> she looks great.>> loo >> are those jeans.hose jeans >> i thought that was a skirt.k. >> no those are her legs. >> jeans. >> you like her legs, wisdom? wo >> i can't see them because --e- >> she's been working out, too.t >> she looks great.ooks gat. >> i like her body a lot. >> i never noticed her body before because i've alwayselway listened to her singing.ingi >> oh, my gosh.yosh okay. we need to move on. >> here we go. >> we need to move on. >> wisdom. >> i'm just paying attention what's going on all right. okay.. >> there she is standing up. is that what you wanted.hehat >> shorts on.s on >> look at her. h. she's built. >> i think those are -- i did dd see the triangles tha
10:24 am
likes guess jeans.. >> how an on mission. >> steve, please rescue us.cue u this celebrity dish is wrapped a up. >> it was wrapped to go.o. >> what? we change our minds m when it comes to things. this. and sometimes we say we're not going to do things and then we decide that maybe we should goeg ahead don it.on i maybe get a tattoo live on the t air with the help of isaac who w just stenciled me up. >> okay. okay. sometimes we change our >> i believe believe it when wee see it this is not one b oelfieo times, however.. (laughter).ghr) >> i'll defer to chris who ishoi now in the process of getting gi his tattoo live on good day and look at this man not evenn getting up out of his producer'e chair while he does it. it. stay with usually we'll haveav much more coming up on this.hi we'll check in with hollywood.. ross matthews is going to joinoi us. we'll see if he can top this onn good day. ♪
10:25 am
10:26 am
10:27 am
♪ >> 10:27. duble dose of celebrity dish with celebrity himself -- oops-o that was a little tease fromase last time aro >> let's do's do this. get to our story right now. this is serious story rightt now. it's actually first time it hasi happened in maryland. iaryl man convict evidence murder inui part based on his paralyzedyz victim blinking answers to police. being sentenced now jermaine hails shot melvin ate back in 2010. 2010 he was left paralyzed huge ablel to bling at a photo of hailsails when he was shown police line up
10:28 am
before he died.fore the first time in maryland it'sd happened only the fourth time nationwide where a non-verbalerl identification was used at tri trial. >> that is mazing. 10:28 is our time.ime we are bracing for another for o scorcher of a day.f a d as yet another heat wave continues here in the dmv tuckee barnes in the weather center n n now. all right. l r tuck, how hot is it going to get today? >> let's see mix inda that humidity, along with our actualt temperature it will feel like wl 100 later today. okay. yeah. >> thank you. thank let's go to thean maps. the heat wave once again upon us. us yesterday we hit the 90's. t 90' day before that we hit the 90'ss and today will feel even worseor because that humidity has beeny creeping up for the past 24 hhe4 hours.hours. so the temperatures right now ii the low 80s. 80s. you combine that humidity interr feels like mid to upper 80s.0s again we'll going to beng t featuring daytime high of 97 97 today with a heat index near ner 100. 100. 82 now in washington.hiton. 82 out in annapolis
10:29 am
86 degrees out at dulles at 10:30 in the morning inn september. pretty extra over stuff.ver stu. 82 in fredericksburg. the good news is, we had strongn storms yesterday.este those push off to our south sou overnight and we should be rainr free later today. so if you got outdoor activit activities, want to go for a, long walk with the dog wan after work, that kind of thing i think you're fine with it, but pleasep lots of water. wat you'll need it as the heat willl be really unrei lening here forr the next couple of days.s. overnight lows to in it in theot upper 70s. we'll do it again friday and and saturday. and then we'llsa get sweet relie around here by sunday.. not so much cooler temperaturess but much less humidity our dew point temperatures which are right now in the 70s will fall back into the 50s by sunday suna afternoon so it will feel loteel more comfortable.fortab 97 today. 95 tomorrow. 97 could this be end of our extreme heat of 20 ken? we're beginnini to think so in the weather world so that would be good news. gd you can see temperatures whilese not cool next week at least morr tolerable upper 80s to about 909 by monday,
10:30 am
next week. ne all right.xt wall 97 today. rig heat index nea97r tod 100, guys. make sure you're ready for itdyt later today. back to you. to >> true testament tucker on thee summer we've had when you say hy upper 80s and 90s is totally tolerable.e >> i know. >> you know. .hat's crazy >> enough of this. this. t thanks tucker. we do have something we need to pass out suitland hoy wal inoy l prince george's county is'sy is dismissing root now at 10:30t n1 because of issues with their air conditioning. so again suitland hoy schooldayo missing early today because ofao bad ac in the school. s >> all right.ig >> okay. >> remember when we talk about this earlier. >> didn't even have aire air conditioning. >> you didn't have it either, ri dght.idght. >> no. >> i know you had it in the big city. city girl hadyohe b air-conditig >> windows open, the fans. fans. >> we had windows, fans. f >> we had sweat. sweat >> we had sweat. sweat. i was in there falling asleepsl and teacher is like wake up. up. it's 140 degrees in here. h not an excuse. >> learn any way. >> learn any way.>> >> all right.>> allht. any way, 10:30 -- city girl iyli can't relate to that. t you poor people. >> fanning us
10:31 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> they were actually fed lunchn they didn't have to feed themselves.themse yeah. >> 10:30 is the time. when the>> bow breaks the cradle will fall at leave according tot the nursery rhyme. rhyme >> but if you're morris chestn chestnut, and regina hall whenn the bow breaks all hell breaks e loose.loe. coming up next kevin sitting sii down with the break out star of the new thriller to talk aboutut her character's full on mentalta break down. timebr now 10:31.0: back after this. thi ♪
10:32 am
♪ amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year- all beds o on sale with the queen c2 mattress only $599.99. final days! ends sunday know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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♪ >> she knew he was standing there. that was the point. >> let me tell you something. >> if i'm ever out in the rain and there's naked pregnant womat in my house, i ain't going to be sitting there drooling over herr i'm running for the hills. h i'm just saying.i' >> all right. that's a clip from the newp thriller when the bough breaks.e morris chestnut and regina halll desperate for baby. baby. the one who agrees to give themt one wants something in returnngr and things get crazy. cuckoo.. crazy lady played by jazzyaz sinclair. sincla kevin got a chance to sit downon with her and he's here to talket about it. >> we were talking in theal interview and she basically saii that before they go into filminl they actually negotiate how mucc of your skin can be shown in a shot. ot so if you get onset and they say i -- i want to you show more,or, you're in the loud tom it'sms illegal. they get it downil to an exact e centimeter like millimeterillime
10:36 am
wherever the skin that's why that scene is cut thc way it is, because they only show certain elements of herert when she does that.en s doe pretty fascinating. fascinating. >> your saying you can't switch it up and i'll s show yourhow yr shoulder and get nak. >> exactly. .ou can't do that onset this seen requires a little morr nudity. no. >> take all your clothes offl y now. you can't do that. >> can't do that. do tt. >> i'll take all your money. >> exactly.ctly >> on the other side of yourde r interview with jazz i want tozzt ask you question about thishi movie. >> sure.>> s >> it's baking the hand thatd t rocks the cradle. cra same story.tory >> or any night on lifetim lifet no that the i watch that chann channel. >> yes, do you. yes >> and bad movies and loop. >> i spoke to jazz sinclair. sii in the beginning she's innocenti sweet person.t person. >> they always are. >> psychopath. i spoke to her>> about that andt shows pregnant in the movie howe do they make her look continually pregnant andlly pant actually show the belly and makm it look real.ookeal. watch this. >> there's great shot in the stn
10:37 am
trailer i'm not giving any way you throw chair.u thw chair. >> that's my favorite. >> yes.>> i love it so much.uch >> how many takes was that.any t >> one take. tables and tof the one of them broke on the way too set and so we had one.. and they were like okay don'tkan screw this up.p i was like awesome. aweso i got to make it completely myom own and like the way i got to gt look at him and just crazy cra person and it was so fun. f >> was it break away glass.way a >> it was break away glass. everybody wanted that break a table or break glass. gss to get that out felt so good.oo >> one thing i was asking aboutg earlier was this idea of beinga able to jump in and out of wherf she is in her character arc.. there's moments you seem sane s and then there's moments where w you're very psychotic.sychot can you talk about jumping backc and forth between those in theee same day and how you mentally do that. >> yeah. it was challenging.>>llge because we didn't shoot based bd on -- we didn't shoot inot i sequence we showed based onwed d location and behave on theave o pregnancy bellies some
10:38 am
people,/days i would have to beb both people, and just emotio person to be in one day, but then the thing that made it ease was i just took it one scene att a time because i've neverti taecckled something this big thi before if i thought about the grand scheme i never would have been able to do it. i took it one scene at a when i was doing the scene where is i was innocent early anna inn would ask myself what happened right before and what happenedep right after and that's it.d tha. that's all i know about and thed i would go to the next scene and what happened righte before anda so i just really had to likeo l take it piece by peace by peace and kind of compartmental lies s and then go home and like work r myself out of the crazy go to gt sleep wake up and do it all all again. again. >> since you're shooting nonin n line jarly the baby bum is thats getting larger and larger.r. what do they use for that? is a it like -- is it a ball? how do they,ing.they,ing >> there's couple differente d things gary was our special effects guy and he's so great at what he does.s. we did body mold and so thereth were like some slip on one thatt was plaster the on like if youif see the belly then it's likes ke plastered on and painted.nted. he pained it.t. it's not that color. cor
10:39 am
he painted it splatters painttep down. down. >> were you would you. >> he's an artist. it's amazing. >> wow. >> wow. >> coming on good day dc we'reod actually going to do this tos t wisdom.wisdom we're actually going create a a fake pregnancy for wisdom. f wi. >> no, no, no. not for me. done my time, brotherly i've done it three times.imes i'm not going back. back >> you haven't done it threeee times. your wife did it. wife it. >> when you get married we'reed' team. we're team.we'rea >> she didn't get pregnancy boyg herself. he >> exactly.xa >> just >> you said people actually are looking forward to.lo we were talking whyly itnd viewv was going on we feel like we've' seen this before.seenhis >> you've seen the movie aeovie million times.mi i'll review the film tomorrow. r i will say this.hi leading up until the ending, i i can't say anything yet. i'll review the movie tomorrow. 6:47 you'll want to see this ts review because it will be funny. >> okay. >> that gives you any kind of kf clue what i'm going to t. >> i think we have an idea.. >> your review for all the otheh ones.ones >> okay. >> thanks, kev.
10:40 am
>> cool. >> worry not done yet. coming up we're going live tooiv hollywood.d ross matthews is joining us oncc again along with one of hise ofh coach hosts because hollywood today live is starting a whole w new season. new s we'll get a sneak peek. >> fantastic.antast check in with chris to see how w the tattoo is going so far. f we're on the ink stage.nkta we're rolling along.. >> ampersand time.ime >> look at that face. >> ahh.>> a he's being dramatic. dmati >> looking good. looking good >> is that real? >> ya. >> go get bun. >> i got one. go get one, kevin. do you care it today. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled
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12 months free at >> ♪ >> welcome back. we told you suitland high school was getting out at 10:30 due to some ac prog they're actually going toectua release school at 11:30. so about 45 minutes from now.row suitland high school releasingea early because the the air-conditioners are broken.rok. they'll be getting out early get today at 11:30.toat 11: all right. so let's switch gears now and talk some more hollywood business because we want to goag to ross matthews and garr sell s about veigh, is that right? tig garr sell -- did i say thatt right? >> bow veigh. veigh. >> bow veigh.ow v >> i have to work -- wor >> you call me garr sell likel l one name.. >> garr sell. >> and ross.nd r >> garr sell and ross and wisdom and holly.olly >> yes. we got it. >> good morning to you both. >> yes. y you got a new season.ea >> good morning. >> good morning.ood morni >> you got new season you'reng a
10:44 am
getting ready to start?son yg re >> we're very excited aboutto it >> we're so excited season 2htl2 september 12th.12th season two is all about more,e, more lol's more point of view,i, more omg, and more stars. >> yes.>>es >> also emmy week. so we'll talking everything emme who will win, what they're going wear washington kind of jewels.l >> the jewelry and how do theyhe get they are bodies ready for rr the big day to wear those mazing gowns. we have quincy coming on to shos what they do to work out. out. >> how you can look like this. (laughter).ghr). >> speaking of acceptance iccepi don't know if you know this today is national ampersandersa today so to celebrate we're getting what are you guys doing?oing >> look at their faces. fac >> you're in the really. t real. >> are you?>> are you >> well, let me clarify. >> we already have so many. man. >> our producer actually isy is getting a real ampersand tattoot live on our show as we do it. and in fact we're watching him'n do it right now.. >> oh, my gosh.h >> so cool.o cool. >> wow! >> the rest of us are chickensea much we're getting temporareryry tattoos.s.
10:45 am
>> very very cool. >> garr sell will tattooed right >> on each arm. >> what do you think you henk h weren't want to get your opinion because you never lack for f opinion. opinion. what do you think of the hid dell split? >> okay. i'm not shock by the way.noshoc >> she's not shock.>> i'm devastated because everyve time i'm all in with the relationship i go through breakh up with her.up wit her. but i've already moved on to who de should date next and i haved the perfectat person. perso >> are you ready for this?his? >> okay. >> so good. > so g >> who? >> you know she's been dating brits. she's been working towards towas prince harry. >> become princess tay tay. >> really? >> oh, my gosh.>> oh, >> so m good. goo >> could you imagine the queenun if that happens.ap i think that no offense to britts -- >> that's what i say..
10:46 am
>> why doesn't she just do madee in america for hill while? out.t >> little time out get to knowet her. g get to know her own taylor swi swift. >> ya, spend some time with herh >> she'll never do that.l nevedt yesterday on the show, we wereyo talking about the big stories. >> zendaya snap chat videoid complaining that a clerk at clek bonds grocery stourier fussed t sell gift cards because of herfh skin tone.. well today they apologized andpg said it was i say, good for zendaya for highlighting race such anh an important issue obviously. obvi. >> that was big story yesterdayy we brocket down and honey weey break every big story down on htl every single day and today d on the show this is fascinatingi we have robin williams daughtere she's a great actress. sell today williams here to talt about her hit series dead of of summer and this new lifetimeifet movie called girl in the boxhe about a true story about a girlr who lived in box. >> hmm. >> which scares me to e >> really you should see where we live. >> don't put baby in the cornerr don't put garr sell in box..
10:47 am
>> and then another edi ask ross.k ross. this is so fun.this ask ross for people the audienca can ask me >> anything. >> because you know i serve itve straight honey. hything you need help with y nd right now i can help you.p >> that was funny he said it it served it i laugh at that too. too garr sell you and i werend i wer thinking the same (laughter). >> yeah. >> i don't get it. (laughter). >> i don't get it. >> our guest host today is from pretty little lie jars will beib hanging out with us all day. d >> we love both of you. love boo >> you can watch us 2:00 p.m. on fox. fox. >> 2:00 p.m. fox right here. >> thank you for having us on us guys. ys. >> super excited. ser e >> stepping over each other.ingv we love you. we'll come see in you d.c., d okay.ok >> all right. you're always welcome.u're a we're superlways excited for ses two. thank you both. >> bye guys. >> i want to see garr sell whenw she comes here. com here. >> i'll bet you do.>> i >> i'm a big'l fan.. >> that's all i'm saying. >> what was she like,.ike, >> you got a tattoo of her namem
10:48 am
when she show your appreciation to >> what does it say and what? a? >> look what you have. >> i go >> let me scratch that off. (laughter). >> i got matching one, too. >> yes.. >> look at it. >> so listen here's the deal. da >> they left us the keys to thee kitchen. >> they did. >> they're all in there beingei bad old selves getting at ating timed up and left us with pizza. we'll have to do a littleittl something. >> this is work of art. >> um-hmm.. >> this one is calling me.
10:49 am
10:50 am
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exclusively at safeway. ♪ >> time to get into the cafe today. monday was national cheese pizza day. but you really did never have enough of a good thing so today we're stepping it up a bit. we'll celebrate national ampersand day. now, we'll get the connection i a minute.f e ll get we are in the ta kitchen becausc we're dealing with a team from f and pizza and am per san isan special to them because it is b their logo and also theirohe mission statement and it all it comes down pizza which we lovecv as well. this is m ichael the ceo for andnd pizza who joins us this morning. good to see you again
10:52 am
>> happy to be here choose this symbol to bel to b essentially your brand?ially yo >> you know we initially createe the brand the goal was toas t connect people through pizzaiz hence and pizza but now thatha symbol has come to represent aee go anywhere do everythingry lifestyle which is really cool because our tribe members aree a employees have absolutely fallee in love with it. le wit i think they have because itausi represents more than just theane pizza they make which is prettyt darn good.rn g but it says something about whoo they are as people like theehe music they listen torque thehe clothing that they wear andt thr that's why over 50 of ourur employees are tribe members havv gotten the am per san tattooed t on them really stoke about but b it was not something that weng w wanted them to do because we'ree crazy people. ppl but because we listen to them. e they absolutely loved our symbl symbol. they loved the look of it. it. and they loved most importantlyn what it stood for.dor >> it's awesome for from aro marketing standpoint and if indi remember correctly you have noth always been in the food td business. bu >> no. >> you have a business >> correct. >> as as from w the idea of getting something relatively simple ande holding a brand around it'st'
10:53 am
genius.geni we all know you have the bestest have the food or product to bacc it up it won't go so well.ell >> absolutely. >> you've been very successfuutl lots of locations in d.c. and d more coming, right? r >> more coming.>> m we have six more oorpening thisi year barracks road, chinatown our first location in philadelphia, we're also openino up in foggy bottom and georgetown and many more cominge next year as well.ner as so we love pizza. piz we love d.c. and we're justre happy to keep expanding.xp >> pretty last time we talk to you you hau six more that you -- you - >> we opened our first in 2012 but i started this in 2010 inn i our studio. >> the vision is to get bigger b and bigger good the vision is vo get bet if bigger comes along withh better we're all for er w>> speaking of changing thig up all the time we brought new pizzas as well. a well >> so this is our version of af hawaiian pizza called pineapple jack.jack you have pickled red onions frof goore dee's pickle as well
10:54 am
cherry bomb barbecue sauce theae base of one of our craft sodas. here you have sa version of, you know, the mondaa which is you want a pizza but pa you should have salad.. why not come in and get a salad pizza. >> this is what i usually get.. >> the maverick meat lovers pie and at the end you have the og g the original gangster also the name of our first stop on e street on northeast. >> how often do you come up witp new ideas and do they all makeym the cut because you're the bosse or sometimes you are wise enougo to know it's not a good fit. f >> we're in the kitchen testing out new pies and recipes weeklyl very few things make it to theto final menu.finalu >> all right. rht so let's talk about the tattooso because we want to bring chris back in as well we want to brini isaac the at a toot artist working with us today.g so the deal is, iwif somebodyom works for you --ou -- >> yes. >> they want to get the logo lo tattoo or the logo of and pizza. >> yes. >> you'll pay for it.>> >> we'll foot the bill. y we've been doing that souincehae about 2013.out 2013. and the idea came from, upping, one of our tribe, you know likel i said before they loved theedhe
10:55 am
symbol.mb they loved what it stood for. id will what it repped and t wanted it in permanent ink theye came to me and they showed theie ampersand tattoo and we just wus rolled with it.ith you know anyone who wants to geg one, let's open it. >> we've seen that with some ofo the people you brought here.. >> we opened our baltimore shop. >> offered few free people for year. for >> how many people showed up.ow >> we pehad line out the door. d we offer for the first five and negotiated the next year. a year ban a half year ban pizzp for a day. day >> if we can do this and show -- if you go day you won't get free tattoo we'll tattoo but freee temporary tattoos. >> we have temporary tattoos ins all of our shops.ur shops. >> everybody wants to show offdy their temporary tattoos. tatto we should do before we let chrir reveal the hard work and painndp he's gone through for the lasths half hour. h when he chose our temporaryempoy tattoos. i got mine on the wrist..
10:56 am
>> i am walk wig a new swag. s >> they were so in demand wisdos and i couldn't even get >> look at mine.. >> i wanted mine on my leg.. >> i wanted mine on my >> kind enough to come in isaaci is the true artist. >> my pleasure.leur >> working on chris.>>king o you ready ton unveil your masterpiece?stpiece? >> chris. >> yes.. >> little bigger than i tha anticipated.. >> always room for more now. >> perfect. let me be the first to officially welcome you to the tribe, brother.e, broer. (laughter). >> free pizza for at least year. >> now who is the smart one. smt thank you very much.ou vuch. >> there you go. >> good stuff. >> he was legit mally excited ec for this. thi >> i remember the promise notmep that long ago. lon ago he followed through. >> stop by pizza and get temporary tattoo for free ande a show your pride enjoy the good o
10:57 am
pizza any time.y te i don't see anybody eating here. across. >> i'm coming. >> good day a is out of here.
10:58 am
10:59 am
we'll see you guys later. ? yummy. honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal witthe big taste of real fruit. city, it's "the wendy williams show". >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. with all due respect, my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. >> announcer: now here's wendy! >> wendy: yeah. thank you for watching our how! and say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience.


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