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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  September 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> just passing on by. on by. donald trump hillary clinton clt the closest thing we've seen sen to a debate making the the argument both of them why they y should be the next president.ex. >> if you didn't see it last night we'll show you some ofu it in aso minute. mn as you can tell from thefrot rundown on the side of youride f screen this is what people areiw talking about on 5 at 6:30.0. let us know was think. thi tweet us throughout the show. use #five at 6:30.0. >> we'll share them with youhemo in just a moment. first let's talk about that sneak peek of the debates debes coming up.mi u donald trump hillary clintonruma on the same stagery c just not t the same time. >> uh-huh. >> new york city forum focusedcf on national security who is i more qualified to be commander inmm chief. after heavy criticism of lasttcm night's debate tonight clinton t took no time firing backac against donald trump. >> republicans are are just in n a terrible dilemma tryingryg support a totally unqualifieded nominee.mi i have no sympathy for themhe it's their nominee but i amm not going to tolerate them t
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inaccurate accusations and putting out misinformation about me. av you may h e noticed thated tha there little breaking news. ns. hillary clinton the a pressn ths conference today. tod it's the first time in 278 278 days.da >> she did the -- she had a little gaggle press gaggle when they unveiled the newe n this is the closest we've hade'd to one in a long time. te. >> late this afternoon donald an trump fired backly he took onon the issue of education andcati a slammed clinton and democrats ad for what he called their failed policies. >> the democratic party hasartys strapped millions of african-american and hispanic hc youth in failing government schools that deny them the the opportunity to join the ladder r of american success.. it's time to break up that monopoly.monopoly have to do it.o dot. it's simply a matter of putting students first, not the education bureaucracy and
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>> things that donald trumpthat came under fire for was when wae he was talking about african-american outreach doing it front of largely large white audiences.udiences. he was at a school in a sool in cleveland he talked toevelal students out there but then butn again he went into the press conference talking about a hillary clinton not so much much about education.cation. >> let's bring in terrence in te samuel from the washington post. the politics editor atingt the e post and we appreciate you being here to help us sort all l this out tonight.ig >> thanks for having me.s fo hav >> from the town hall lastl st night who do you think was thet winner and who was the loser. >> it was hard to tell.t was you know, hard they both did d something completelyet different. hillary clinton played to her very organized prepared measured self and donald trump u got his politics of and answered a lot of questions he was not asked and you saw exactly how this campaign iss ci going to play out over thever t next six weeks. weeks. they just played to their strengths and a
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other on their weaknesses and,sd you know, you can make the t case that we have no idea whata we're looking at because bse donald trump has so in some som ways clamored all the usual u usually what we're talkingy whae about now is people areeoplare starting to pay attention, theon race really starting in i earnest after labor day. d. >> right.>> >> but nobody has not beenn paying attention so to speak sak since donald trump has been in e this race and, you know, quiteui frankly we've known hillary hil clinton for 25 years. >> yeah.eah. >> so n-some ways we really don't know what we'reme look atk in a lot of ways. i think part of what was a soo exciting about last night is that you got a sense of what'sha going to happen when thesehese debates happen and these twose o people are on the same stage. se >> terrence there was a lot ofee criticism which we'll talk tis about a little bitm whic later involving matt lauertt l moderating the the forum last night. donald trump got a lot ofot o issues in.issues hillary clinton spent the the first 15 minutes deferring15 mut e-maesil. this is the scandal that isn'tt' going away.y. will this continue to hurt her chances.
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talking about this ands d explaining, it is a problem.ble. in some ways i think they have adjusted to the fact it's any iy other going to go away and a she's going to try to answer anr the questions as best as she can. it is not helpful.. the best thing they have goingoi for them quite frankly is the nominee on the other side whoe w has problems of his own. own. >> let me ask you about there tminee on the other side with n the problems of his only he h came out and praised putin. p. he he also sort of slammed the current generals. do you think this is going tonkt hurt him or are people justeus going say it's ton trump beingmi donald trump and move on and a won't think anything about >> this is the big question. does he manage to do his -- basically his bluster and his bumper sticker kind ofind o rhetoric not very deep on any a particular issue but in some s ways communicating kind of
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sentiment that peoplepl understand and does that do enough to help him connect with people who clearly he's h trying to reach, or does itdoest turn off enough people who think that he is insufficiently prepared, anypary other well informed, too outside of the norm for thisrhi job.b. >> all right.>> all right. terrence samuel the washingtonhg politics editor for washingtonhn post thanks for coming in.ming i we appreciate having you onatin the show he today.od >> enjoyed it.>> >> to politics. young people social mediaal intersecting more and morendore every day and nbc's matt lauer really got a taste of it. i >> twitter ripped him apartped a while he was moderating thatingt commander in chief forum. some other journalistsan felt that lauer did not press the pre candidates hard enough on some of the key issues.rd e ahead -- the head of washington post fact checkingheg unit tweeted how can someone seo like matt lauer not set theet te record straight on trump's tmp bogus claim on being against the war in iraq. ira matt
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more homework. >> this nbc forum feels likee an embarrassment to t it's about sound bites notit n serious discussion of foreign policy he. he. >> a new york times politicalic reporter tweeted trump got mostly softball balls but he bue rode over that.ver i feel for the position mattitit lauer was in. i he needed to ask the tough questions. he only had so much time toime get it in. they also had to take tak questions from the audience as well.. >> in hillary clinton's cnton instance someone asked what'ssks your plan for isis and lauerndau goes quickly.. >> so what do you to.o. >> that doesn't serve theve the public, that doesn't serve youae the voters well atsn all.ll >> not at all.>> not at all >> does the. reaction to lauer e show the perils for debate moderators. we know who they are and the editor with the huffingtonuffing post is here to talk about thett power of social media and the t page how arete t
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>> great. g how are you. >> doing well. >> we had that list of thatist moderators come out.omeut donald trump said he wanted to t see the list. lt. he seems happy with the list. l what's your take on who they the chose to moderate the debates. s >> i think it's a good mix.k its one thing that worried me m especially after hat lauer'ser's performance with that forum is chris wallace is there firstre t fox person to be chosen to t moderate a debate but the b the thing that's really worrying won is not that he works for fox f f the thing that's worrying isryis that he has said that he he doesn't think it's his job to jt fact check the candidates asdata they're debating each o he thinks it's clinton's job to t fact check trump and vicemp andv versa. >> that was something that tha candy crowley got a lot of o blow back from when she moderated one debate between barack obama and mitt romney when she said that was going to be her mission fact checking but page don't you y think that the -- you don'ton believe he's right in sayingn sn they should keep each otherulke honeepst. ne >> i definitely think theynkhe could they should keep each other honest and i thinkthey a i clinton will try to do that t and i think tru
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clinton out whenever he seals s the opportunity do so but as a journalist the core of your you job to make sure that the the people you're covering covin specifically lawmakers inly wmak chris wallace's skies to make sure they're telling the truth and so for matt lauer lastuelast night to let trump say that he opposed the iraq war from the te beginning without calling himlim out on it was a huge >> page you gave matt lauer amar below than average grade for. that how would you grade theou rest of his performanceld though or can you understand thatand this is only 24 minutes forues f each candidate and he sort of so had to do what he had to do too get through that.ha >> it's definitely a toughinitet spot to be in especially when you're on a time crunch like.unk that i definitely don't falter't him for wanting the answers towo be a little more concise but iib do think that he shop pushed trump quite a bit harder on a o few things.few things. the tone of his questions forior trump very much felt more in moi line with what trump's tmp's personality is like wherease wha the questions that he wast he w asking clinton were a lot moreor about what her policy issues are, policy stance rather so iao definitely think he could haveuh made the questions a littlee more on
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time crunch thing i don't fault him for. >> page lavender from the t huffington post. >> thanks.>> t >> thank you page. >> well, it was gary johnson was on celebrity jeopardy lastrd night. what is aleppo. what syria aty he in the center of the country's couy refugee crisis. butre the libertarianerri presidential candidate didn't d' know that.ha take a look. loo >> and what is aleppo. >> you're kidding?di? >> no.>> n >> aleppo is in syria. sia it's the -- it's the epicenterct of the refugee crisis.of >> okay, got it, got it. >> well, johnson went on to call syria -- he tried to clean up on air. following his blunder he released a statement saying hein thought he was being asked about an acronym not the t syrian
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>> there's a lot of peoplele sounding off on this one onone o twitter. we're seeing a lot of thosef coming in with the hashtag 5ash at 5 at 6:30. you know let's be honesteon before today, before all thisll happened how many of you outy yo there knew exactly what ishat aleppo he. alep >> that is trauma our own jennifer davis hit the streets s of d.c. to find out genoa do d people think? do they knowno what aleppo is.leppo is. >> reporter: that's a reallyr: a got'od question and that's what' we wanted to to k we're getting mixed responses. . some people say if you're running for president youresideu should definitely know the answer to this question.o this q others say itue was a gotcha' g' question. you can understand the syriania crisis without knowing the name of the biggest city in the country. we thought we should take it to the streets o wr in this casc the farmers market. we're at the fresh farms fresh ballston market. fst they get a thousandon peoplee here every thursday so heyo h come over.mev here's our question.stn we're live on fox five. here's the current event questions.questi what is aleppo. >> aleppo. >> reporter: aleppo a-l-e-p-p-o.o. >> probably an o
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something. >> reporter: good guess. guess >> sounds like an acronym. acro. >> reporter: what is aleppo.le we're live on fox5. f what is aleppo. app >> must have something to do with joe stein the green partyey candidate for president who psio never gets mentioned. aleppo. >> must be a ringer.ust be >> reporter: you know aw aleppo. >> it's an acronym for lots of election organizations.izations. lots of people -- lots of o election people organized toizeo vote green party, there youhereu go. >> reporter: good guess,ort good guess.good gue all right, let's try one more here. we're at the pepper stand. sta we're live on fox5 checkingheck out current events.nt do you know what aleppo is. >> absolutely. >> reporter: what is it. >> aleppo is a pepper. peppe >> what. [laughter] >> woe.>> woe >> aleppo is a town it's in syria correct or turkey. turke >> very good. goo >> reporter: ding, ding,ter: ding. we're going give you 50ou 50 points. i swear this was -- this was w s not a plan.t a p i promise you. >> is it really. >> oh, my gosh.yos >> look at that.
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>> how hot is aleppo. app that's what i wander to know.wao >> reporter: how hot is this aleppo.aleppo >> it's about medium heatium het about that of a jalapeño. >> reporter: there's onehere o anyone we've learned today.ed t. now we asked you about theut t syrian city because the man running for candidate --te president as the libertarianeran candidate didn't know the tookt place that question today.oday what do you think about that.tht >> i think he definitely should get up on currentur affairs or come see us for thefe peppers. >> reporter: there you go guys and if youor wander the aleppo pepper come to sheo peppers ballston.ern. >> i love it, she peppers.eprs >> fantastic. >> politics and peppers. >> i like it.>> fliti thank you jen. >> reporter: what more do you need?ep you nee >> right. >> reporter:. >> i bet you guys learned a guya couple new things now. n. >> i did too.>> i d >> we know aleppo largest cityst in syria and pepper. peppe >> i thought the pepper lady was a planter and jenny saysny s no. no. love it. >> very coo
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>> all right, well coming up u it's not as big as aleppo but b independent presidentialndent pr candidate evan mcmullin accidentally picked a running ri mate n all nine states where whe his name on the s on then presidential ballot mcmullin listed nathan johnson as his a vice presidential nominee. ninee who is that you ask? we don't't know you know because mcmullin thought he could put the name as a place holderar until he picked a real running i mate. but now he's stuck with nathan johnson.johnson. election officials in eight of t those nine states say mcmullin cannot pull johnson's name offer the ballot. >> the gentleman talking aboutno jill stein, she was arrested are last night fortress passing part of a protest.ightrt o a p there was a very, very largey lr protest going on between native americans and groups andp working out there to build anlda oil pipeline.e. she was arrested so evan mcmullin is in the headlines h for that right now.ow we have 33rd party candidatesane all making the headlines foriner reasons they don't wander to. t >> not atly. >> tweet us. we want to know what you guys think about i
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5 at 6:30 use that #. #. >> mike thomas is here talking g about this weather. weaer we're talking about the hot abot and muggies coming in, mike. >> peppers, the aleppo how about our 96 tomorrow afternoonly we'ree' live in rockville tony perkins s and i at 5 o'clock and 6 o'clock.6 hottest day of the week. 98 degrees for we cool things down before wedoe make a run at maybe 90 degreesde again by next wednesday.nesday. that's a quick look at your you seven-day forecast.-day for jim and shawn back to you. you. >> thank you mike. as we said we want to hearaa from you. tweet us right now let us know was think about aleppo, the aleppo pepper, the third party candidates anything else usee u that hashtag five at 6:30. we're back after this.
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>> ♪ >> love the one you're with, hm. wh, eah, relationships areh, relat hard. seems like sometimes donald l trump and mike pence may beay b not o
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>> the republican presidential candidate and hislica running me often seem to differ on the issues but is that a good good thing 'cause you know sometimes they say oppositesppis attract.attr >> that's a huge thing there. fox5's tom fitzgerald iserald is there with more on this one assa we talk about the two men atoptp the gop ticket. hey, fitz. >> reporter: you tell me. you two areor there. tre. do opposites attract.. >> we made this work. >> sometimes. are you talk about us? we're ue not opposites. >> reporter: yeah,. >> we're not opposites. >> reporter: oh, you're not. >> come on fitz. >> reporter: this is live television.sion. two quick observations about what i've been listening to. matt lauer if you're going tk o do one of these forums don't get up at o dark 30 and stay sy up late.ate. clearly needed sleep. the other thing gary johnsonyohn probably did more to raise public consciousness about about aleppo than anything over the past year.past he's going to take it on theon t chin this one but in a weirdn ai way he's probably provide
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service to that issue. issue back to what we were >> real quick our boss said wee should play pin the tail onon aleppo and see how many people p knew where it was on map. m >> i'm guessing a lot of people wouldn't know. >> reporter: somebody askedter:m me if it was one of themarks brothers. >> pence and trump let's go. g >> reporter: these presidential candidates,r:al cae everybody has been talking about theseody differences.renc they're saying that there's sohs much difference between donald trump and mike pence.ce. clearly they're a bit of anf odd couple. remember the tv shoodw oscar madison, you look at the democrats, remember family fil ties. >> fitz holds on. >> i got to say we're lookinge'e at that awkward moment where trump leaned in to give him g hm like an air kiss. >> reporter: kiss him. >> the air kiss thing and goepis on there. t i just neededhin to point thatt out. >> reporter: well, it was awkward. >> yeah. >> reporter: awkward and awkwa d uncomfortable we like awkwardwel and we like uncomfortable.omfor. they have differences.ey look at where 33 started hav wih
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trump was leader of ther t birther movement. mov pence was strong in saying that he believes thatveshat president obama is in fact at os citi izen of the united states e and was born here. was b here. that's a big difference. >> uh-huh. trump is the leader in thein the birther movement.oven when it came to free trade trump said tpp was a loser deal. pence supports it. i when you go to things like thi trump's ban on muslim immigration, pence came outut and said that's not only offensive it's unconstitutional so everyoneryoe is focused on these differences between donalden trump and mike pence. pce but you know on the other sideed other side of the coin here hillary clinton and tim kaine ke have serious differences ones o issues but people are notot paying as much attention to them. and look, one of the most divisive issues and that's apportion. hillaryappo clinton is staunchly staunchly pro choice.hoe. but when you dig into it, timt, kaine has a slightly nuancednuce
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exactly line up with where hillary clintonp wi is. i tim kaine says he is in favor fr of the hyde amendment.mendment what is that? for years therehe has been this amendment in theie federal government that it tt i blocks federal funds and a medicaid funds from being used to pay for abortions except inin the case of rape or incest. now, kane kaine also says thatsa he is personally opposed toedo abortion however he does get get high marks from plannedm planned parenthood. so kaine and clinton do not n line up exactly on this issue.hi when you move overs to things like social security she saidy s she would work to get more of it. it kaine said we might need to neet scale back some of this. everything is on the table.ngont finally on national security remember hillary clinton backack in 2001 voted for the iraq war.r. tim kaine has been fighting figg this administration that theyn e go to congress and get andet authorization before they launch any moreor military milir
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both sides of these campaigns republican and democrat, these m tickets, they hocave their their difference. it's important to look at whatta they are. >> you got that right. right all right fitzsimmons thanks for -- fitz. fz. thanks for breaking it down dow for us. >> paula abdul and dj scat cat. >> well, we are still trying to figure out who is going t wot win this election.. >> 7-eleven is convinced it may have a way to figure it out. we'll talk about that when 5 wh at 6:30 comes back. >> i want the coffee
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you know, we're all on pins and thinking about november it's a long way off but electionlectio night is always like christmastm for a lot of people becauseecau you never know what's going to t happen in the end but 7-elevent wants to help ease your nervesor a bit. >> the chain is bringing back its red or blu ie coffee cups. . coffee lovers this is abouts t you. if you're leaning democratra
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pick up a blue cap. java lovers leaning republicanui could pick up a red cup. the unscientific sued dee hasas closely mirrored the results since 2000. new this year there's a purple cup it's for all you undecideds. you can write in your own candidate or issue on the back that of cup. >>u i got to say something.etn. in a prior life i used to be ait morning reporter at a tvg rorte station in boston and i wouldou go out and get coffee in thein t morning and when they rolled r these out i'm sitting therere like oh my gosh which one do i pickmyos now. now >> what did you do. nk i think i skipped the ihi coffee altogether.ether. i didn't want to be seen be sn walking out of 7-elevenle holding one of these cups because you never know. >> you should have done both doo of them. of them. >> that's true. >> if you're undecided youou order tea but now they havenow e that purple cup. that it's a great idea.t i that's a fantastic idea.ic ide >> people who don't know whatha they wants to do. >> exactly.>> e >> is out with itsh i list of 50 most people oneo capitol hill in 2016.n >> one of fox5's own made own md the li
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continues right after this. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. this is pretty cool. the's annual list ofcol 50 most beautiful people isuleoi officially out. >> one of fox5'sof ofiwnci madem the list.t. ronica cleary. >> yay! >> she know -- she is not alone. >> david baumann a scheduler sch for john lewis. lew baumann says he stays fit by hitting the gym every day. >> pamela brown says down sometime snug geld up with her dog. >> seth statler is a lobbyist. s he spends his free timee running or a volunteerte firefighter. >> olivia plays ultimate uim frisbee because it emphasizesmpi good sport man ship and
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teamwork. teamwork playing together nicely. >> congratulations everybody. thanks for joining usgr tonightn keep those tweets coming #5at6:30.
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