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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  September 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news lo 7 o'clock this morning and breaking while you slept a sle security guard shot and killedtl overnight in southeast d.c. d.c another man injured. injured we're live with the latest ont n this story. >> and breaking overseas northro korea conducting yet anothernotr nuclear test.t. reaction from officials hereicia in the united states. >> and an urgent warning for users of a certain samsung samsg cell phone. a plea to not take that phone po on an airplane.irplan >> a live look outside on thisn friday morning.iday it's september 9th, did we mention it's friday? day? weather and traffic coming outpatient the 5's athe 7:05. 7 good morning, i'm allisonllison seymour.seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news >> first up, a deadly shootinghn in southeast d.c. we now know it was a security guard who was shot on thirdn street late last night. nig he was able to drive himselfim to a nearby fire station to t get help but unfortunately he he did later succumb to hisis injuries.ju he died. another man was shot in thein te incident. unclear how bad his injuriesnjue are at this time.hi
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overnight, north korea says itet conducted its fifth test of a nuclear war head.ea >> several countries arentes a condemning the action asn tensions rise on the korean kor peninsula.nsula. fox5's annie yu is live ins liv the news room now with theith te very latest. scary business here annie.y buse good morningism certainly isinls steve and allison.eve and allis. niod morning to you. m tension is rising and south sth korea is on high alert after aft north korea reportedly conducted its fifth nuclear test explosion. it happened around 9:00 a.m.und0 local time. that was around 8:30 lastlast night our time.ime. scientists around the world word including those at the u.s. u geological survey detected artificial seismic waves similar to a 5.3 magnitude earthquake near a known test site. it's the north's largest ever test.test. now north korean media saysia ss this latest test is in retaliation for recent sanctions by western nations. moon time president obama was briefed late last night as he he rtieturned to washington froi a trip to asia. the white house
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obama spoke with south korea'shs president as well as the primets minister of wel japan and renewd the commitment the u.s. has tone the security of america's t allies in asia as well asls around world. wor south korea's presidentorea'ssie strongly condemned the the it shows an affect ofct self-destruction and fanatical recklessness of kim jong un. japan and china also. also we'll continue to monitor this developing story.ngry. for now back to you.ou >> now let's get to the'set t campaign. some voting begins today iny the race for the white house. >> and even swing state pollsvew show he that the contesting at t between hillary clinton and and ton trump is tightening. doug luzader has more this m morning from capitol hill. hill. >> reporter: ultimately 37ately states will allow some form off early voting before electionctin day on november 8th and for 1 state, that begins today.oday >> ♪ >> reporter: hillary clintonortc trying to rev up a crowdwd yesterday on the campaign trail but it was the locationt s that was telling.that w telling north carolina.
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>> get out and vote and makeak it clear we're not putting up up with that.with tha >> reporter: and northorth carolina can get out and votendt starting today with voters allowed to submit absentee absen ballots for any reason with w other states soon to follow folo suit it means clinton andnd donald trump will need to neeo start locking down support.po >> that's money comingomin straight out of the states sta like ohio. >> reporter: not a surprisepris trump was in ohio with plansp o to hit florida later today. a new swing stale poet showsoets florida north carolina ohioaroli and pennsylvania are allnie all within the margin of error now. now. >> what you see he on thet you e hscreen is the most important g ing right now because for trump trio win he's going toe'sg have to win all the statess that mitt romney won and then at on top of that he's going tong t have to win pennsylvania,vania, florida and ohio so unlessonles those states work out for him f he's not going to win. w >> reporter: and then therehen r is libertarian candidate gary johnson with a major stumble. sb >> what would you do if you were wha elected about aleppo
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about aleppo. ale >> and what is aleppo.lepp >> you're kidding.>> youe k >> no. >> reporter: johnson couldn't identify a criticalti city at the heart of thert oth conflict in syria. for all of the media panderingai the new york times actual had a to issue two corrections ofctio its own as it sought toought correct johnson after calling aleppo the de facto capitol ofif the islamic state and it's notot and then mistakenly referringrer to it as the capitol of syria. s the capitol of syria isia i damascus.da not clear what kind of damageag this had do to johnson but comes at a critical time when he's trying to make the to m t argument to be included in the upcoming debate.e. in washington doug luzader fox >> 7:04.>> 7:04. checking our other top stories o montgomery county investigators fear that there may be more victims of a youth y minister arrested on child och sexual abuse charges. 32-year-old ryan werth worked at saint elizabeth catholic cato church in rockville.kville investigators claim he had he
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16-year-old girl at a churchhurh event and sent her graphic text messages over the period tr of two years. yea yesterday a judge increasedas his bond $300,000 after00 aer prosecutors argued he was a threat to the >> u.s. park police need helpice identifying this man who they t believe he sexually assaulted a woman on the billy goat bil gt trail in great falls. police say he alsotrai a sauld a female jog interapril.og the victim claims the suspect asked her for somethingomethi grabbed her and then assaultedad her.r. the suspect took off after several hikers showed up.p. >> 7:05 right now. now >> do you realize, al --l -- >> >> -- this is the first timeishf in more than three months thatha tucker has been with us on aas i friday here in the studio. >> yes. zip trips are now over. >> i know, we missp them. them. >> we did miss you in studio. s. >> we had a great one last las friday. >> didn't we, though.>>h. >> yeah, we did. >> yeah i'm back.ack. >> it's a good day.t's goo >> good day.ood d >> let me mention that mucht muc like every other
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summer 'cause i was out in itn we're going to be hotter andbe e humid today. today extremely hot and humid. hum stick to your pants hot andnts d humid. humi >> sweaty. >> let's do it. i sweaty. unpleasantly so.santly so. i mean i'm not talking about my own personal experienceexpern what people told me p >> might be.eopl >> well, we're giving him a hard time because he haeltes the heat and he continues to talk about it. >> 79 in washington. 80 in annapolis.80 innap hey, 54 days this year 90 or90 o above so it's not myot m imagination.imin >> tucker is one of the people e that doesn't wear a jacketac when it's 30 degrees out and a some of us like to bundle up head to toe. to to >> all if builder i understand people love thiss weather. i applaud your courage in this kind of heat and humidity.ur cou hey, we've got just a fewt aew clouds to start your day. it's going to remain very hot h and humid this afternoon.fton. isolated risk for a> is mostly it's about the heat and humidity. we have two more days of it,tw i today and tomorrow.nd tomw. sunday looks a lot better. bette i'll have the seven-dayhe s forecast, the weekend forecast c coming up but again extremein heat today. tay
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>> the nonimpartialrt weatherman. >> hi erin good morning. >> good morning.rin ni. 7:07.07 breaking news on the roads soons we'll get right outside toside t skyfox. dealing with a crash involving an overturned fox mill road eastbound at monroe street. you can see a big scene in the i middle of the intersectioner there. traffic is getting through butng very slowly. you can see at least one lane l blocked in the center of the intersection. we'll keep you updated on thad t portion of your ride.n our r let's move it over to our our cameras.came earlier crash on 28 cleared. it was just after 66 at braddock road.dock roa now even though all lanes areane are opened and traffic on the on on-ramp flowing a little bit better i tp hink that delay iss easing. southbound side dealing with ant lot of traffic and trafficffic lights slowing us down. dow 66 westbound show you a lookw at thatyo camera starting toartg ease a bit. b we had the off ramp lanep lan blocked completely to 28. eastbound side eases here butdes you do back up on 66 eastboundnd especially from wellington to centreville. stop-and-go trfi
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where it eases just ace-go tr bb let's go ahead and switch itwit over as we take a look at our maps. suitland parkway there's a crash after alabama avenue.labae heavy delays from branchm branch avenue to south we're seeing a lot of heavy traffic in southern maryland this morning 301 slows tolows shortcut road. fort washington 210 inbound0 ino slows and brandywine branch avenue inbound slows out by 301. delays to franconiara unscheduled track work. delays to wiehle on the blue and silver line. back to you. >> erin thank you very much. mu. terrifying ordeal has comelm to an end for passengerser aboard a group of cable carsars making their way through the french alps. all the tourists are on the o ground after the cable carable stopped working leaving them dangling over the mountainountn range yesterday evening. eng 65 people were rescued but the t search effort had to be suggestion spentd overnight because of rough light conditions. co can you imagine.nd >> terrifying.>> t >> hanging over a glacier.ging o >> the remaining 45 were5 wer brought down safely thisowis morning. >> then you have to spend the to night up there.nigh the maybe it's better if it's darks
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you're trapped.yo >> right. >> everybody is safe at least. eight minutes past the hour.ou this morning we're two daysre td away from the 15th anniversary of the of the 9/11 attacks. aac >> hard to believe.rd t belie around the area we are remembering that fateful eventfe that launched the war on o terror. fox5's bob barnard live fromrd the pentagon with how 9/11 is 91 being remembered here at home. bob. >> reporter: hey allison andllin steve. i'll tell you about what's you going on today in a first of all president obama will b ae llhere at the pentagoa memorial on sunday and in case you're not going to be able to get down here take aal look, loo this is it. it's a beautiful memorial dedicated in 2008. these 184 benches representing the 184 people killed here at the pentagon 15 years agogo sunday.ay wander to show you some videotape from earlier thise fri morning. a 9/11 promise run a relay run to new york city started att 5:00 in the morning here atat the pentagon honoring thein lives lost in the terrorist attack especially first responders.sponders a teamf
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each running 10-mile legs to les grounds zero. they'll arrive in new york on sundayly. they'll be sleeping at fire at f houses along the easter coastcot tonight and tomorrow raising rsg money for two charities.hariti that was early this morning. mog later this morning there will mg be a ceremony in t woodbridge at the liberty memorial honoringin the 22 prince william county residents killed on september 11th 2001.r 1100 it's a 9:00 a.m. ceremony. cery. it is opened to the public.ubli now, a piece of limestone inne here at the pentagon and three pieces of steel from the worldor trade center make up theup t memorial there at the county cot building in woodbridge.dge. and also later this morning there will be a ceremony up inn frederick maryland, town town tw frederick, the mayor there hasre asked churches in the city ofitf frederick to ring their bellsirs at 1 o'clock this afternoon, afn the anniversary is on sunday sun so some events happening todaynt so that the anniversary doesn't get lost in the shuffle of peoplsoe'sdo weekends guys so again, that run left here this morning. mning p
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on sunday at 9:36, the momentom american airlines flight 77 fli7 crashed into the pentagonentan guys. >> bob thanks.ob thanks. it's 11 past the hour rightast r now and speaking of the 9/11 anniversary another controversial store ad making headlines this morning.orning >> and later the warning for f all samsung note users.tesers why you may want to think thi twice before you brink it onrinn your next flight. >> ♪ hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business.
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>> ♪ >> and i'm melanie alnwick live in southeast d.c. where there's still a very largege police presence here on thesen scene after some eight hoursou after an overnight shooting.oti. we understand that two ment twon were shot, one of them a security guard and what really
7:14 am
is that that security guard apparently drove himself fromsem two blocks away from here to a nearby fire station seeking medical attention. the fire -- at the fireire station.stat he was rushed then to the hospital.ital. the other victim also rushedo re to the hospital but thehe hoit security guard sadly did notidot make it, died there at the hospital.hospit d.c. police at this point have not given any indication as toas a motive or any suspect suspe information in this it is still again as you see a very active scene here inive sce southeast. there's some reports perhapsps that the security guard mayua my have been patrolling, may have been on duty but we have note no been able to confirm that yethay through d.c. police. police. the investigation continues.tinu live in southeast, i'm melanieae alnwick, fox5 local news.s. >> several seconds before 7:15:1 right now as we take a look at the capitol dome this morning. looks like a little mixture oftu clouds and maybe a little bit bt of light out there thisht the morning. >> it would be great to keepbeao the cloudiness down it would hold the temperatures down just a little bit.udhee b >> but you don't expect thatt to happen
7:15 am
>> no.>> we expect lots of hot sunshineuh here as the september sizzle continues.continues. >> 79 already at 7:14.alreadat >> that's our overnight low as a best we can tell which will will probably set a record high high minimum if that makes sense. sen does that make >> yeah.>> yeah. >> hot overnight >> but if i was payingi was payg attention earlier only a elier couple more days of this.hi >> today and tomorrow and then n much improvement by sunday,day, monday.mond we're still going to be in thenn 80's but we won't be looking at 96, 98 degrees like we are at yeah, the sizzle continues forzr a few more days.ays. hang in there.he yesterday we hit 98. today we're going 96. but we could be 97 or 98.r 9 steve it could be worse.ld b w you could be in new york city this morning where it's 81 >> steamy. >> yeah. 74 up in boston. the whole eastern seaboard or at least the midatlantic andic a new england under the influence of a area of bermuda u high pressure pumping temperatures unseasonably warmbl into oury area. a 98 is not a normal daytime dayte high for this time of y
7:16 am
it's more like 82. 8 we'll be well above normalma temperature-wise.mper we'll be try this afternoon. i don't think we get any storm o activity really our bestlly r b chance will be a few scatteredcd storms later on saturday butda t they're going to be widelyy lots of people asking me aboutbo weekend plans. yeah, hot tomorrow but i don't think we're going to get a lot of action as far as showers and notice sunday and monday looky k a lot cooler and much more me importantly less humid. hum >> looks like a nice start tot the week.a reat dthay dayd be a g for football kickoff out at fedex field.. >> thanks tucker. >> sure. >> it's friday erin. it' goods fr morning. morning let's celebrate. >> i want a celebration. can we have a little party in lr here? i need that. right now traffic is reallyw tr backed up 295 northbound the beltway to laboratory road you can see no crashes to report l right now.. blocking any we'll let you know about that but it's just extra time thisims morning. southbound looking good.ound north of loo that .295 southbouh jams from 50 past east capitol street.. we'll move our cameras forward a and show you what else you'reyou facing this morning for yourrniu morning commute. commute. top of the beltway outer
7:17 am
no shock here thistway is by i b colesville road traffic is very slow as you make your way y from 95 over to georgia georgia avenue.en. average speeds checking inn under 20 miles per hour. you need to allow forr 20 at lea 15 to 20 extra minutes. minutes. inner loop jams tysons over top the legion bridge. te legion as we f borward our cameras i'll show you a pretty nasty innertyr loop delay as you make yourake way out from braddock roadoa through gallows. this is what you're up against i this really heavy traffic. trafc outer loop jams a little bit on that portion of your ride as well for the bin laden.for tb so just something toin l keep ik minds. you need that extra time ase you adjust to this back to t school week pattern. pattern we have a crash skyfox is here earlier this morning fox milloxl road eastbound at monroe caution through that intersection even though lanes are getting through. as you see 66 inon vienna looking good but before thatfort point in centreville 66ille 66 eastbound is heavy. heavy suitland parkway inbound crashnh after alabama jammed fromammed m branch avenue the freeway freew heavy out by main avenue.avue watch for that east andstnd westbound. slow to the third streettrt tunnel as belle in the belle ine southern maryland we have a lot of volume increasing m on
7:18 am
210 branch avenue and 301 inbound.inbound. got you covered.go any questions att yo erin fox5ox d.c. on twitter.wier blue and silver lines delayed because of a problem at largo. o back to you.o yo >> apple got the headlines with the iphone announcement. samsung getting headlines too.d. maybe not the kind they want. we talked about the galaxy gax seven phone exploding. >> the federal aviationatn administration stronglytr warning passengers to not turnn on or even charge their samsung galaxy note sevenotseven smartphone while on planes. whip it's even asking people to not stow them in checked baggage. be and it's not just the faa here r in the u.s.n th three australian airlinesirlis banned passengers from usingsi the galaxy note seven inven n flight. flig it comes after samsung recalled more than 2 millionn 2l phones because of dozens of o reports that the batteries were exploding and causing fires. meantime samsung has stopped selling the galaxy note sevene a and o
7:19 am
that's just too little too late for one florida man. nathan dorneker's jeep burst into he said it happened while hishih galaxy note seven was plugged pd in and charging in the car.hear he only had the phone for four r days. he says he's gotten the run he't around fenrom the manufacturer and wasn't aware of there of th recall. he says he's trying to look on the bright side of thingside ofg though because he considers cons himself lucky that this didn'ts happen when his eight-year-olde- daughter was playing with was ph there phone which he says she often did. d steve and allison.. >> scary stuff there. t. >> really is.eay i maureen thank you very much.u >> government taking a stand on that case. c air bnb apologizing forng f its slow response to accusations of racism alsotional outlining new policies tog newoc combat that problem in then th future. the company plans to reducee the use of photos in thef p booking process.ingss. some minority customersusmers complained that they were ounied a house rental but thenla the house would be relisted on the web site so air bnb will also automatically block reservations for da
7:20 am
host told someone the property t is basically if they say it'shey s' unavailable to one person nowtoo it's unavailable to everybody. >> i think that's the best way s to take care of it. i >> yup. >> perfect. per okay. just days ahead of the 15th5th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks another store under fire for what many are calling a distasteful commemorationmo that of tragic day. >> later a news anchorar thon te wrong side of the news fighting back against critics.
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>> ♪ >> 7:22. yesterday we talked about a controversial soda display that was intended to honor the r t9/11 terror attacks.ttacks >> another ad is coming under cu fire this time from a texas t mattress store. take a look. take the store airing a this 22nd ad promoting twin towers sale.ers the ad claims there are quote no better way to remember theemh terrorist attack than with ah sale. the ad also features a stack of mattresses between an american flag meant toan flag m resemble the towers. theers. the ad ends with two menith o falling onto the mattress mates causing them to collapse.ol >> store owner issuing an an apology saying it was madeas mae without his knowledge and he regrets disrespecting the country and victims' >> not a good idea. i >> it's a local ad.d. >> if i'm that owner i'm taking a little more controle cl over how my business is promoted.omoted >> it's distasteful.s dista glad they're answering that. t >> pretty much sums it up. >> 7:23.>> tucker barnes here. 7tucker b we'll give you extraarnes time o vent about the heat if you would like to do s
7:24 am
>> okay. >> i was hoping he would say that. >> yeah. >> all right. wou >> it's yeah. yeah. >> it will be over in a few be i days.da >> we're almost there.ys we' alm >> finish line in in >> steve that's a nice way toe y put it. i i'm going to talk about the triathlon this morni >> you're leaving. where are you going.e ar >> going down to talk about a triathlon. one on 9/11 sunday morning. mori let's to weather.let yes, dangerous heat andnd humidity overnight. ornig best we can tell our overnight n lows were only in the upper 70's. currently it's 79 inn washington. the real story the humidityhe hy which is crept up in a big way. our dewpoints are currently in the low 70's as well so it is very uncomfortable.omfortable just a quick i know we're back into wre backt football season for all thehe local games and lots of sportspo after school today, tonightay, t and this please lots of water.fater make sure you take the heat seriously.ri it will be dangerous thisangeuss afternoon with a heat index over -- around and above a above hundred trees, so again, dangerous heat directed
7:25 am
there's your storm trackercker radar. we have some clouds out there. honestly the clouds will be alla good thing because they'll ty' help hold back ourp hold back or temperatures a little bit but li we think we'll gradually turnalt mostly sunny. i don't think we'll have muche u storm activity today. we have nothing to really kick it a you have but there could be an isolated storm or two. yis your daytime h sigh 96.h 96 if he we hit 98 we'll tie al tie record that goes back to 1872. >> 1872.2. >> yeah, i'm not sure thereurthe were too many of us around to u remember that one.ha one 98 tomorrow.98 tro and then it will get a lotot more comfortable around here. h still going to be nice and warm sunday, monday butwaunda without the humidity shouldit start to feel a loty better. bee that is a look at your you weekends forecast.orecast. again if you have outdoor have plans this weekend yeah hoth h tomorrow but we should be generally dry. isolated storm tomorrow as trow well. erin is back with another looknk at are roadways.dws. >> good. i have friends coming to town t to visit tucker. tucke want to show them around. >> good. show themwa a water fountain.oui >> right now metro update updat unscheduled track work atk workt largo cleared.ed residual trails on the silver te and blue line to w
7:26 am
franconia in addition to safe t track surge work impacting thete blue line. lin safe track surge eight tck surgg continuous single trackingckin between franconia and van dorn. if you're taking the blue lineen tomorrow shuttle service replacing rail service for continuation of the safe track work between franconia and van a dorn that could causeulause additional weekends delays fornl metro. me aside from that this earlier e crash after alabama onlabama suitland parkway inbound didarkd clear but you're still jammedjam from branch avenue some heavye traffic there. heavy trafficth on the inside of the bereltway w as you make your way throughgh oxon hill to the wilson tracking a heavier commute inmue southern maryland on 210. on 0. things in upper marlboro onarlbo four backed up. crash in herndon fox mill road crash at money row he street her should be cleared s we'll let you know when thatnot does c even though 66 looking good through oakton prior to that tha point in centreville 66 eastbound is basically parked pd from wellington to welton centreville. 270 south coming from maryland f you jam by the trurock scalesca and then again as you makein ase your way down to the spur. 95 northbound jam
7:27 am
dale city. that's a closer look at that southern maryland delay that i ms telling you about. and just about a four minuteoute delay across oxon hill andl a then you definitely deal witheaw a lot of heavy traffic inner inr loop past braddock road. roa that's your traffic.ffic. back to you guys. >> thanks erin.back want to take a look atnto t this. this is crazy video righteo r here. a car, a truck actually suv if i you want to be technical buticat the video speaks for itself. i slams into a convenience a convn store. the clerk unfortunately waserk r injured. this happened intuna connecticut surveillance cameras captureamep the entire frightening moment. fortunate the clerk did notat have any broken bonese .thones look at this again.isin. right through the front.nt >> my goodness. >> into the store.tore >> clerk said to be hometo hom recuperating.recu no word on why the driverri ended up doing that isn't just the nerves alone.e nerves >> right. scary to see that clerk being b tossed about. the decision to not retry former virginia governor bobnoro mcdonnell raises questions queso this morning. >> specifically when it comes to theca legal definition ofefi corruption. we'll take a closer look next.
7:28 am
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[ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] ♪ ow.0 right now. there's look at the beltway at a exxon hill.n hil we'll check in with erin como oo couple of minutes and get you caught up on your friday commutu all over the d.c. region weather and traffic coming up atth 7:357 let's take look at the top the p stories making headlines on thit friday morning.fray m first up, in the district,ic security guard is dead after afa double shooting. shoin this happened in the 400 block of third street southeast late e last night.ig after being shot, that securityy guard drove himself to a fire fe station on atlantic street. st but unfortunately later died. d right now police say they don'td have any information on an suspect or motive. developing overseas, sowmrss core on high alert this morningi after north korea reportedlyortl conducted its fifth nuclear test explosion this was about 9ambo 9 local time that means at about t 8:30 last night our time. t scient
7:31 am
including those at the u.s. u.s. geological survey detected artificial size mick waves tim s similar to 5.3 magnitudenitude earthquake near a known test site in the communist cunnist treatment south korea believes it's the north's largest everste test. u.s. japan, china say it's a clear violation of the unitedhei nations security counciltioncuri up diet a story you saw s first right here on fox5.. angry parents voicing voici frustration to prince george's o county school board members lasl night. ni the issue, the controversialoner head start program.rtgram the school system disciplined dd six employees after reports of misconduct and abuse that led te the loss of $6 million inn federal interim grant is being used tod keep the head start programam operating. several parents, though, say if, they could give the board tho aa grade for its handling of theoft incident, it would be an f. al? another big local story witw national implications now. now former virginia governor bob mcdonnell breathing a sigh of ah relief after the justicefter t s department announced it will nol retry him and his wife
7:32 am
corruption last month the supreme courtou also overturned their convictioc and the two now avoid any criminal convictions or cliff ol prison time but the case is raising new questions about whaa defines public corruption andptn what lies ahead fort political couple following a tumultuous tu couple of years. coup joining us now our friend jacob frankel a former federal fer prosecutor and the chair in the government investigationsgati practice at dixon wright.ri >> we got the right to talk t about this your area ofa o expertise. >> good morning to you. good morning. we talked about this for>> overf two years now. years now >> and now the feds say they'ree not going to go forward.orrd r at's your thought about it?'su >> the feds actually have made d the right decision, because thee issue all along when we starte s talking about more than twohan w years ago was, where can this gg if he actually does gets convicted the answer is the anse supreme court. prem and the real issue all along hah been whether governor mcdonnell potion's actions in terms oferms setting up meetings, you know,ok making arrangements, where thert really was no governmentalerenta action if he was actuall
7:33 am
performing on behalf of, you know, on the -- on behalf of his long-time friend who's giving'sv things of value to the governor's wife actually rose te the level of corruption.orio i think there was always thiss concern as to whether the activity itself was almostt criminalizing what public officials always do, which is promote their state, a range for meetings, you know, engage in i activities and what is -- why do people, you know, make politicac contributions? for the purposeo of gaining access and it was w really a fine line thate t prosecutors were really pushingg in this case.s c what happened here was it took the supreme court to dial it tot back and say, really overr stepped your grounds and an a official act requires reqres governmental action on the part of the public official, and forr that reason, now the departmentt of justice made the correctct decision basically saying,
7:34 am
you toll us we got the lawaw wrong, now we're going to walkal away, do the right thing and drop prosecution against thetiot governor and his wife.. >> governor written a veryy heartfelt letter feels vindica vindicated, vaned indication for both himself and his wedife, bui have to ask here, um, he wase w shown to have accepted gifts to promote or in the promotion of o this company that thiss businessman had.nessmanad what is the standard here that needs to be met? it seems to be very slippery slope here. h >> that's always the issue andsa the supreme court gives somee clarity but never perfect collal r the point is there had to beao government action.rnment action. there had to be a decision notin just setting up a meetingeeng promoting the --he >> the act of getting anything h in return for promoting something. >> the act of promoting itselff was not governmental act.lct if he had made a decision. dio >> i see. >> law or something concrete ccr moving forward.ward
7:35 am
of governmental action.talctio >> okay. >> called an official act. you know easily way to describeb it a decision, doing somethingog that by virtue of his authorityi he's enabling something to occ occur. that's where it would enter this zone of corruption.orruptio you're right.yore r the governor wrote a very heartfelt moving letter bringing us back to labor secretary radon van after he was ultimately exonerated by the -- by the appelate court. how do you get your reputation r back. >> that's a question.bahat's uet surely, there is a black markk now against this former governor who was rise starring at oneng n point. >> it really goes beyond that it some respects because thesese te prosecutions really show how --w how much gray there is in thisii area. where that line can be moved. md so easily by prosecutors.rosecu and what we've seen over the last number of years is prosecutors continuing to pushh the envelope when it comes toomt high profile cases.
7:36 am
not exercising a level of o prosecute al temperment, discretion that did he reallyly should exercise instead ofead o trying to over aggressively puss these issues. iss this happened a couple years ago with jeff skilling a lot oflingo public senior corporatete officials who were beingeeing prosecuted under i don't know k the services fraud theory and ty the supreme court there as well basically said, that's an over e steppinstepping of your authori. >> jacob, we got to let you go.g is he clear and free now to move forward? >> he's completely clear. he's free to he' ms ove forwarda he is somebody despite havingav the charge has never beenee convicted.ed >> never served any jail >> never served any he's completely off. o >> got to end it here.. >> this subject at least we l we won't see again with you the y e next time.ime. jay couldn't friend kell thankst for joining tucker over to you.ver to you. >> thank you allison. all about the heat and humidityt today. no real relief for few more da days. hang in there. we're in the midst of anothernor
7:37 am
79 at reagan national. n 75 dulles.75 d up in baltimore 77 sweaty s degrees this morning, and, yeaha that heat and humidity turnedy e all the way up today. tay highs will be in the mid toheidt upper 90s.per the the humidity will be to sayt the least uncomfortable, andle again no real relief here. her we got a few more days of it but the heat index today 100 plus. p so take the heat seriously. i know we've got a lot of sports kicking in locally with high schools and colleges thisleges weekend.week make sure everybody is well wl hydrated.hy it could be dangerous.ould bange 95 at 4:00 p.m.00 again heat index more than 100 n maybe a scattered storm.ed i'll have the weekend forecastot erin is back with roads.h roa >> 7:37, tucker.7,r still s still dealing with lot of l traffic. this is 395 on the inbound sided over the 14th street bridge. really heavy traffic. you can see police activity seee could be a new accident taking k out one of those center lanes. s that is not helping anything. an gw parkway also slows southbound 123 try to get on to the 14th street your slow across the keye bridge from rosslyn into into georgetown as let's ta
7:38 am
cameras on 395 prior to that t point by king street. see traffic is sluggish as well as l you try to get towards theowar 14th street bridge you jam up past the beltway there 95 there northbound very slow throughhr dale city. dale city. more traffic in just a fewraffit minutes. back to you, steve. tyou it wasn't the cheeseburgeree in paradise but a sinking legeng did make a stop at a maryland an restaurant and we'll tell was hs had to eat. >> no more of that same joke for me today.od >> i didn't write it. >> surprises did not stop there. we'll tell you all about it. can't say it again, steve.
7:39 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
7:40 am
healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:41 am
♪ >> 7:41 right now. annapolis restaurant owner had h serious bragging rights thisrigh morning.morning. >> that is because jimmy buffete yes, the jimmy buffet not onlynl walked into his restaurant for a bite to eat but he also invitedt the owner join him on a once inn lifetime outing. >> well, jimmy buffet was here, and he was in town to sale with our naval academy friends, and they brought him here, and he loved our crabcakes which are famous, and it was wonderfulderf time. then i went out and sailed with him and some of our other navalv academy friends, and he was he a gracious. grac he just was so nice to everyone, and -- but he loved his lunch.. he did say that -- he said i've never seen so much crab in a a crabcake. this is amazing. thanks to chef george an
7:42 am
team.te >> see al what he didn't haveav was a >> don't you say that jokehatok again, steve.agn, s >> we'll let that one go.. >> in paradise. owner said buffet came into thet boat yard bar and grill forrillr lunch before the restauranthe r opened and of course he's notrst the first celebrity to stop by.b owner said first lady michelle obama, and actor kevin bacon bac made an appearance much that's a great picture of them in thehemt east port area of annapolis. >> sure is. >> ♪ >> i didn't say it.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> this is the first friday morning tucker has been with us in studio in monthhistu now becu we've been doing zip trips evere friday morning.friday morni now with fall, wnge'll shift iti back a few hours right now. now we want everybody to come outut and kick off the weekend with wt little road trip to rockville.v. tonight it is friday night livev with fox5. fox tony perkins and mike thomase to will be live at rockville town square tasting food from localmc restaurants kicking off concertt and checking out everything they square has to offer. t so stop by the square for theort concert or just say hello or yoo can watch on tv on fox5 right r here from 5:00 until 7:00 and i0 believe the band who is perfor performing to night in rockville is going to be performing on pfm good day d.c. in just a few f hours later this morning.this mi you can get little preview.ittle >> we got a big show today.od >> huge. he. >> really big show.>> reabi >> really big. b >> rumors the one and only tony perkins will make an appearancea >> tony perkins is coming in i here. >> he'll be on good day and at a rockville friday night life.e. >> busy today.od >> how can he do all those things
7:46 am
>> he's going to be --e'soing >> we know tony well. w he's going to be mad. mad if you meet him tonight and he'' little short with you don'tou dt worry about it.rr >> yes. >> it's just loveable tony. ton. >> bring him some water.ri. he'll want it at that point.nt a >> all right. t let's do the forecast. we're looking sweaty hot ♪ >> that is true. te. >> now, look -, friday night lil will be the heat of the heat. >> yeah.. >> genuine might be watching this morning. this is his big song. >> oh, jets. >> you better walk the walk.k tk >> jenn wine if you are -- are - >> good morning.>>d morning >> good morning, and let us knoo how tucker does.. >> let me apologize right now for -- >> jenn wine needs to come andoe dance over to the wall.. >> what you can't see is theyou sweat currently pouring down myn back.back. (laughter). >> 100 degrees and the humidityd 97% right now.97% ght now >> that doesn't go with the vib of the song or thewi walk. ♪ >> you did it, tuck. >> oh, wait one s
7:47 am
>> yes! (applause). >> okay. and cut the music. >> all right. september sizzle continues. we are going to be extremely hot again today. okay, so today, tonight, notot much relief.ief. tomorrow, tomorrow night then bn sunday things will get better. e 79 now in washington.ashing 80 in annapolis we just can't seem to get relief at night. nit the dew point temperatures are so high we're unable to cool the atmosphere at night that's whytw we're waking up to the 70s and d low 80s out there early this thi morning.mornin current dew points mid 70s in in washington.shgton 72 manassas, quantico 72. 72. again, any time you get the dew point above 70 you will feel itt so in addition to high high temperatures in the upper 90spp9 today, we've got dew point doi temperatures in the mid 70s.the. that is a really really uncomfortable combination there again the heat index today willl be 100 plus. 100 plus. all right. satellite/radar generally wakinn up with quiet conditions at cona little bit of cloudiness out clo there early. couple fronts. one here.ere this one will fall apart britt t gets here. but ts
7:48 am
will actually bring us somes s sweet relief by sunday and itndt will arrive in the form of lowew humidity most importantly andnd then cooler temperatures ass as well. i don't think we'll get any storm activityt today but justs quick reminder by 4:00 o'clockok it's going to feel like 100 degrees. so i know we got football gamesm tonight, that kind of thing. ohg just make sure you're prepared for some extremely hotot conditions, even tonight our our temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80s at game time and ie don't think we'll get much relief until saturday night anda sunday maybe we'll get storms bo sunday. quick look i mentioned thattiont front out in the dakota that is will sweep through by sunday and then less humid air and temps im the 80s around here early next week. we our football kick off out at fee ex field for the redskins monday afternoon, monday night, tailgating, going to that game,, perfect.perf mid 80s, low humidity at least that's something to look forward to weather weather all right. 96 today. tay. erin. i'm sure that makes the roads the roa even more fun. >> i need to take pause fore f second and backtrack for a for a minute. you added new moves to your wak
7:49 am
>> well, you know, i've beenw, e practicing.actici. basically when i go home ato he night i just practice the walk. (laughter). >> no need to follow up thatolw kudos to you. you right now let's take a live look outside.tsid y ltway looking good on thewa outer loop by 210 but the innern loop slowing a bit as you crossc into oxon hill trying to get tgt across the wilson bridge. be. we'll forward our cameras. the inner loop also jammed jams up as you make your way out across the american legionegn bridge really from tysons across the bridge you'll hit slow traffic. same story on the outer loopy or much better there but let's movv our cameras over to colesvilleel but the outer loop jams 95 to 9o georgia. that usual spot you're sluggishu you need about 15 extra minutesn there.there 95 southbound jams a bit from bf powder mill down to the beltwayw and same story as you make youru way outlook right now we have aa stalled car this is 295 on the southbound side so little extraa time there heading down passedsd eastern. more traffic in a few. tra back to you guysffic. this morning social mediaia poking fun at amtrak.k the company recently checked upd on someone who
7:50 am
of its elevators only problem is the person was stuck seven sev months ago.nt conservative political commentator amanda carpenterrp tweeted back in february thaty she was stuck in an amtrakmtrak elevator at bwi martial airportt two days ago. amtrak tweeted back we're sorrys to hear that.ea are you still in the elevator? fortunately after seven months m she was not. better late than never i never suppose. it's a big company, blah, blah, blah.. >> check the daily tweets. tweet >> good thing she's not still ni there. yeah. >> should have played along aavg little bit more.ttle bit me. it's struggle a lot of woman att fox five may be able to relate l to television anchor under firef for what they wear. >> oh, so boring and tired.. interesting twist the woman giving her heat might want toano get out of the kitchen which ish always the case.he holly is here with the scoop. so >> reporter: so this is good. is because the person who was theae target is really fighting back,c and finding that people areple supporting her and you're rightg when you're a woman and you worw
7:51 am
in news everyone thinks they own you. you. >> right. >> and your look.>> and yright? sometimes they miss wa tu're hearing and that's realld what this story is all the woman that is under fire fie she's in minneapolis.neapolis her name is janna short tell and she's an anchor at kre11. kre11 here's what she was wearing wrig during her report. repor you can see it here on the deate of 11-year-old jacob weatherer link. li a blazer, smart top, and a apparently controversial skinny jeans. jean her outfit choice actually actul caught the eye of columnist for the star tribune who goes by cjc who wrote "being hip in skin tight pants while discussingcusn this story was unseeming perhaps disrespectful. cj also shared that she had tweeted at short tell beforehanr asking her if she regretted her outfit choice when she wept on o air to tell weather link's sto story. but short all she's not goingoig quietly. she took to facebook to addresse cj's criticism of her outfit and do it power physical.
7:52 am
she got dressed and went to worr on tuesday and worked hard toart tell a tragic story that hit hit very close to home for her. but "you took that away. awa you made it about my pants. you, you whose name i will never write again, you, you with thehe column i will not link to, you,u the bully with the keyboard who took this night, this story and made it into gossip about my pants, shame on you ". short all message has been liked more than 45,000 times and it's been shared by thousands.d. and it earned her an apologylo from the star tribune.ribu they posted on their ownwn facebook page saying "the piece was inn appropriate, incentiveei didn't did not meet theee t standards of the star tribune. we have apologized to mr. short all and we apologize to you. she accepts their apology but cj is still under fire on twitter for her column. colum many are criticizing her for for
7:53 am
all's segment and being a cyber bully.y. cj issued an apology saying she understands the perspective of o those upset by her peace.. >> she did not apologize. >> those were very carefullyul crafted words. wor. >> exactly. e >> that means --xa you know whaa that means, she didn't get it.e. >> right.>> >> she thinks she's right.he's >> sad for her.. >> it occurs to me, though, ifu, the feeling or the wind hadin h blown a different way and and everybody came against this reporter that none of thiss really would have happened whicd speaks to just like publicub opinion. it is just that. >> opinion.>> opinion. >> and something gets a hold ang all of a sudden itet goes viral. >> right.. >> but you're right. right kit go viral one of two ways.s. >> right.>> >> and sometimes it's good and d sometimes it's bad. >> right. which is why you have to stand byhy your convictions and keep t moving. >> just do you.>>t do y >> just do you.>> jusdo y right. >> just do you. jus >> okay. >> yes. you look lovely today. >> likewise, my my >> here's a story th h
7:54 am
very close to home. hom it may bring a few tears to youu eyes. >> it comes from our own house. fox5 photographer indira levinee in 2014 she found out her dad dd need add new kidney and shend began the journey to save hisis >> what she found out sean a o a match for her dad, she decided d to donate her kidney to a stranger in exchange for herer father being bumped to the top p of the donor list. you'll hear from her in the nexe hour. in the meantime here's part ofht video she posted about her journey that also has gone vir viral. >> thank you, god. you have one life people, youply got one life. yougo gott one life. l and all i can say in my my testimony is, you've got to takt care of it. re you've got to help people. peo you've got to -- you got to livl for the day. d. you got to stop bsing. bsing you got to be hooked. hoo you got to get off these medicines.medici you have to do to you have to do it. it. if you can help someone else, if you can share something w
7:55 am
someone else that needs it, god, please do it. >> indira's video has been bee viewed over 30,000 times shareda by hundreds. hun super proud of her, proud to bet part of her life and her world and we'll talk with her about wh this coming up next hour.ext hou you don't want to miss >> she really tells that in beautiful way because basically there was a complicating factoro and she was waiting on a test tt result and the emotion there iti comes when she finds out the so i can't wait to talk to heroh on the show. 7:55 right now.ight now let's check in with tucker oneuo more time this hour find outr ft about our latest round of heatfa >> number eight. let's see if we can do 98 today, we'll tie a record that goes goe back to 1872.. so 54 days now with temperaturee has been 90 or above. pretty extraordinary summerry s locally. 80 in washington now. 81% humidity that combination will push the heat index up near 100 plus later this afternoon i think we got to 101 the heatt index yesterday and we'll be b right in that neighborhood again
7:56 am
all right. all little bit of cloudiness out rso there. if we can hang in the cloudsth a little little longer that mayt hold back on the temperatures.r. either wait it won't be cothmfortable. we're talking about prettyco abt extreme stuff here for few morem days. 96 today.. very uncomfortable overnight.rnig 98 tomorrow.w. i promise more comfortablefort conditions by sunday, monday and tuesday.esday. even though temps will still bes in the upper wil 80s, less humit should feel pretty good and we w should be dry. d our best chance for storm thisrm weekend will be saturday and its will be widelyatur i don't think we'll get onet th l. welld as wk el all right.allig plenty more weather coming up.ym let's do more traffic with erin. >> 7:56 right now tucker. tucke. seeing a read on our map a lot t of slow-moving traffic.ic behind me, not anything as badsb as it was tuesday, wednesday and thursday of this week.ay ofs outer loop slows 95 over to we're sluggish on 295 southbounn from 50 on down passed eastt capitol.pil. 50 inbound inside the beltway tt new york avenue slows. slo new york avenue past bladensburg is jammed and we're seeing lotg of slow-moving traffic 669269 falls church.s ch. want to hop outside and show
7:57 am
was look at some of those delayl as welch this is across thes 14th street bridge.e. earlier crash if clear butlear because of that 395 is basicalll a parking lot as you make yourer way from king street to theom ks 14th street bridgtreee and a sluggish as well as you head from the bottom of the beltwayou on through. on gw parkway southbound slows by 123. inbound 11th street bridge is sb slow as well. keep it to fox5 news morning. m. we have you covered and we'ller take look at metro next.etro n it's friday. f we've made it. it. ♪
7:58 am
this fall at dunkin' donuts, get lost in pumpkin with a $1.99 medium macchiato or latte from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. sip in the season today. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. e-mail back and said that ii can give -- i can give the kidney to someone and that i tha don't have it -- i don't havee the gene that my dad has, and ad now i can help him. i can save his life. >> very raw moment.y rawoment. touching our hearts here at fo fox5. the.c of many of the d.c. community that's one of ours onr co-workers opening up on facebook live with her emotionan journey to save her father'ss life. her story has gone viral.eal we'll share it with you thiss hour. good morning to you. i'm allison seymour.isoneymo >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. m. you won't want to miss that. that's 88:30. hot friday forecast and trafficc coming up in just couple ofuple nu
8:01 am
headlines at 8:00 o'clock.ock. we start in the district. st wherne a t security guard has be gunned down.gunn down. >> one of two men shot late lass note in southeast washington. police have been on the scene bt now for more than eighthe hourss melanie alnwick has been therent for few hours herself. what did you fine out, mel?el >> reporter: well, we can tellel that you police have juste just wrapped up their investigation here in the area therea neighborhood that they call the atlantics here in southeast, an, what we believe is that shootinn happened just up the sidewalk here.. somewhere in between where youee see the yellow brick buildingsun and you can kind of see the trees and some red brickrick buildings just through the treee there.the. again, it was about 11 --ut shorely after 11:30 last night.g we still really have no idea exactly what went down and hownh it was that these two men endede up getting shot or who shott them.em what is really notable hereabler about this story is that we cann tell you one of those was a security guard. this is a housing community cmui that's under a
8:02 am
neighbors tell us that patroller by security regularly, and for some reason this security guard who may have been on patrol at the time received gunfire andnd ended up driving himself to ao fire station, not too far away.y he was taken to the hospitalosta where he died. he d the other victim we're toll has non-life threatening injuries ie but still no information fromm d.c. police at this point inpoii terms of a suspect. suspect look out or a motive.iv live at i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local l news. ne >> developing news o south korea on high alert thishs morning after north koreaor reportedly conducted it's its fifth nuclear test explosionon about 9am local time about 8:30 last night our scientists all around the worldr though including those at the uu geological survey detected whata they call artificial seismicic that means activity similar to a 5.3 magnitude earthquake.ak near a known test site in north korea.kore south korea believes the north's largest ever test.t. u.s., japan and china say it's a clear v
8:03 am
nations security council res solution.on americans challenging oilgil pipeline that would cross fourru states now have legal advantages particularly their tribe statuss as sovereign nation with long wl ties to the land in question.thi a judge is expected ton rule r today on whether to blockck construction of that pipeline. happening today, the iphoneh seven available for pre order.rr verizon nounsing it will offerff both iphone seven and seven pl plus. verizon says you can trade inran your iphone six and get $650650 credit that would cover the cosc of the new phone. t that's not bad, right.. >> um-um. >> if you have an iphone five ii you can turn that for $400400 credit you'll be able to buy tht phone from the store beginningni on september 16th. 16th. al? >> my turn now.myurn now. federal aviation administrationo is strongly warning passengers to not turn on or charge their samsung galaxy note seven smarta phones while on board a plane. a three australian airlines bannee the phones from being used during flights. fligh faa doesn't even want people tot store their phones in theirir checked baggage.gage after reports of batterieses ex
8:04 am
sam sank has recalled more thant 2 million of the phones and stopped selling this phone. we are just now days away aa from the 15th anniversary of 9/11. this morning, runners departedee from the pentagon for a three three-day relay race to ground zero in new york as part of thee 9/11 promise run.un. >> just one of many events manys happening around the row john. bobar barnard this morning livei woodbridge now with more. me. bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, goodood morning, guys. we've come to the libertyiberty memorial here at the county government complex and you see behind me these are actually four steal girders from the the world trade center. cr. they've been here 10 years now.. obviously the attacks 15 years y ago so just let's you know these been here 10 years. years came from the world trade cent center. and at 9:00 o'clock this morning you can see they're gettinghisse ready here. t they're about to raise a bigig american flag over the fire f department here. they're getting ready fordy for ceremony at 9:00 o'clock thishis morning honoring the 22 people2l from princ
8:05 am
were killed on september 11t 11, 2001. ceremony at 9:00 o'clock is opec to the publick i. and it will be one of manyf things going on in our areaa today, because the anniversaryir the 15th anniversary of 9/11f/1 is on sunday. sda so a lot of communities aretiesa doing things today.ings tay. you showed briefly guys some som video i want to show you again n from the pentagon memorial thisi morning. this was at 5:00 o'clock this morning.moing there were about eight runnersns heading out on a long relay racr up to new york city.ity. they're doing 10 miles legs eace of these runners.unners they're going to spend tonight g and tomorrow night at firehousee up the east coast. they'll arrive at ground zero on sunday, and i also want to telll you that in frederick today at 1:00 o'clock the mayor ofor o frederick, maryland, has asked d all churches in frederick to t ring their bells at 1:00 o'cloc' in honor of those who were losts 15 years ago. a. guys?? >> bob barnard making his wayg w from the pentagon to woodbridge as we mentioned events alldbed a around the area this weekend. 8:05..
8:06 am
bring in our friend tucker? >> let's doubt. let's doubt. tucker, it will be a little hott you ktlnow, we're used to iet.t. we're okay.. >> allison, you know what, att this point i think those are the most true words, because 54 54 times this summer we hit 90 orir above, and we'll do it again today. well above 90.ll abo0. likely be in the mid to upper up 90s. 90s. that heat index yesterday overeo one hadn't dread we'll do thatll again as well this afternoon a it's not just the heat, it's tht humidity. we got both this 80 in washington. washi 79 dulles. 79bwi marshall. m over overnight low best i can bn tell was 79 degrees. pretty extraordinary that we're that warm overnight.ight all right. little bit of cloudiness.ins. bobs toes live shot high thin t clouds.ds we'll have chowed deeness fromnm time to time this morning. i think it will be graduallyll u turn mostly sunny and blazing bg hot and humid out there with an isolated risk for thunderstorm.. no real relief today. t we got to hang in there untilnt sunday before we get relief butf 96 if we can hit 98 or if we doo hit 98, that will tie a record r that goes all the way back to
8:07 am
1872. all right. let's do traffic now with erin. getting ready to do our to o traffic report tucker walking in the studio we have our cameraer set 270 southbound stop and go g traffic not nearly as bad as b a what we were seeing yesterdayte this time of the morning fatherf hurley to the spur just off andf on delays.ays. about a 15 minute delay from frederick on down past the spurs and then once you get to theo te beltway, stop and go traffic ono the outer loop from college parr 95 to georgia and inner loop jams 66 through tysons across a the american legion bridge.amerg we'll check in with our mapiosns right now.t no a couple trouble spots you needy to be aware of beforeou you heay out the door this morning. morng we'll dealing with fallen tree t sly go creek parkway in silver e spring shut down between pineyin branch road and park valley road f you're heading through laurelu this morning, baltimorebaltimore washington parkway southbound just afteron 197 crash causing g delays. de coming down from baltimoretimo keeping it to 95 southboundthbon we'll keep you much better shapa you can see 50 through cheverly jammed 295.jamm95. 295 southbound from 50 past east capitol zone and new york avenue
8:08 am
to bladensburg very scammed. smm rhode island dealing withd deanw inbound volume this morning. dupont circle crowded much usuac spots in the district dealingisd with heavy veaolume.olume and you can see gw parkway pkway inbound jamming up as welll towards 123. very big line of slow-movingw-mg traffic through alexandria 395 northbound to the 14th streeth t 14th street bridge jams ands a freeway east and westbound byd u the third street tunnel is hea heavy. inner loop slow from springfiel interchange up through fallsnges church. we'll have more traffic in justn few moments. safe traffic surge eight slowing down the bluice line right now.w back to you. back >> you're familiar witness age old 52nd rule.nde. >> just used date.>> jusat >> might not be as useful as yoy think, though.ugh you may reconsider that move.ov. >> later defense or dangerous? the denver broncos playinglaying tactics under fire for targeting other rifle quarterbacks in the nfl's season opener. ♪
8:09 am
>> we're doing it again this week. the fab5pics. aga. hash tag fab5pics on instagram r and twitter. t your favorite pictures.. we're still doing back to back o school. whatever you want to do.o d >> i'm sending you five selfiess >> in the 9:00 o'clock hour ofcl good day we'll show your yr pictures on tv.ct on t hash tag fab5pics. >> fantastic. all right.l r we put annie yu on social sl media duty and asked her to aedh track what we are sharing or shr what you are sharing thisou shai morning, and what did you find,n miss annie? good morning. morng >> lot of people are talking of about these top three stories. o first up a group of decedents os slaves who were sold in then 19th century to georgetown grg
8:10 am
university to create a charitable foundation.atio now the decedents have proposedo a $1 billion foundation be set e up by georgetown.own. the group says they've alreadyy' set up $115,000 to start the foundation.unda that's an amount equivalent toto the 1838 sales price for 27272 people georgetown sold to pay ty off a debt. of now today that amount is the equivalent to about $3 million.o so this -- this has been in thee news for about a week or so.r a lot of conversations, heavy,ea conversations taking place pla obviously a contentious topicust but i do hope that they can find a common place because i thinkat that is the ultimate goal of the decedents speaking out.cedent >> right. >> i mean they were sold -- youy know, this brings in to it the t jesuit priests at the time andet they were sold down deep intoto the south which as you know was always going to be a harsher live for enslaved person.erso so -- so - >> it does sound thehe university's president spoke out and said he would issue anty isa apology on their part and also s
8:11 am
to students as so hopefully they can find somes common ground.round gary johnson wasn't the onlo one scrambling to explain what he knows about isis and thend geography of syria.og itra turns out the new york timm was pretty confusing as well. w. the newspaper had issued major corrections after publishing an article about his gaft. h g they reported the syrian capitol was al lap poe. p. terror group actually raping in rocco in the northern part of the country.theountry just terrible moments for all parties involved. but, you know,.no >> talk about bad moms. mom a woman in british columbia wasw busted behind the wheel in a a school zone for toasting her child's first day back the school with a police say the mom thoried toedo excuse her actions by saying byy some of the other moms wereer mw doing it as as she was later fined for speedins near the school and once she waw sober enough to drive, they sens her on her way. yeah. not good moment for the
8:12 am
no. >> bad decision all around.round >> yeah. >> shouldn't be speeding.houl be shouldn't be smoking pot whenote it's illegal.. >> final physical you're aal 52nd rule buser listen closeten al group of researchers hasrches proved that the theory ised t haactually totally false. fal new study from rutgers rutrs university revealed that foodt f contamination can actuallyan acy happen in less than second. sec >> wait a minute, annie.>> wai >> that's little extreme. >> drop an tha ice cream cone.rc we're talking about if you dropd a peppermint or like thise this morning i dropped a grape allral you got to do, kiss it up to to god.go that's what we used to say. >> god made dirt it don't hurt.r >> that's right.>> >> they tested -- >> use your judgment. after testing 2500 different die foods researchers say they were able to conclude that the 52nd rules over simplified andied probably not to be trusted. tst i have once dropped an entireir pizza and my driveway for my family i scooped it up, put thaa sucker back in the box dinner ir served everybody enjoy.nj >> you didn't tell them, did yiu you. >> no. >> that's the key. t >> annie, thank you.. >> he's known for ta
8:13 am
feel.feel. redskins quarterback kirk cousins gets the job done on thn foal but using his fame for go good. how phrases like you like that. >> you like that!ra>>ou l >> are helping those in >> speaking of doing good, goo emotional journey by a member of the fox5 family goes it's beautiful. these are tears of joy rightrs y here. 8:13. back in a moment.
8:14 am
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this fall at dunkin' donuts, get lost in pumpkin with a $1.99 medium macchiato or latte from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. sip in the season today. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ >> let's do it. it og it on. >> time now for
8:16 am
photo of the day. let's get cute, everybody.. fox5 first five there we go.e we got kendrick. >> mission accomplished. >> so fashionable. >> he's only nine ms. old. i thought you were going to sayy like three years old. old >> fashion forward.rd. (laughter).gh. >> super cute kendrick is nine i months old and we understands nd only thing kendrick loves moree than listening to daddy playy >> uh-huh. >> which he absolutely loves iss watching fox5 with his mom. >> aww. >> such win/win in that family. >> yeah.>> y we love you, kendrick.endrk hope you have a super day. d >> he'll need to have to stay ay little, you know, cool today,ay, right?t? >> you think dad is ever playing guitar over us. u >> why didn't he play with thiss jam that we're providing rightnt now. now. >> probably doing it right now.i >> exactly.>> e >> kendrick and his family livee in virginia. but -- >> shout out to grandma. >> shout out to grandma whosehoe watching in hay yatesville thisl morning. the whoo to the whole family. >> to zen us your c fhild's c's picture go to facebook page fox5 d.c.c. kendrick, we love your picture.e
8:17 am
they're so dre >> he does look older than ninee months.hs >> cutie pie.>> cute p >> i didn't have my first hairth on my head at nine months. mont. >> you sure. you >> i'm pretty sure.>> p >> i was bald until about sixd o months. i think you had hair at ninernie months.nt >> wispy. wis >> oh. >> reminiscent of what i'll looo like when i'm whe let's go to the forecast. we're featuring heat and a humidity and it's making me me irritability. 80 in washington.ashing 81 in annapolis.olis 77 leonardtown. 75 in frederick.. it's more of same today with noo real relief here until sunday.d. so we got a few more days ofs of this round number eight of heath wave in washington for the 81 in new york city. cit quick look.k. we're featuring clear skies and just plain old hot conditionsoni for few more days it will getilg better by sunday and monday. moa i'm wrapping.ppin >> all right. with erin get a a look at what's happening on theo roads this morning. mor. hello. he >> hello.>> h. today is quieter than earlier ii the week but we do have somenavm problems you need to be aware of like this one in largo i almostm said in laurel maryland.
8:18 am
bw parkway southbound there's aa crash after 197.97 several miles of backed up traffic leading towards that location.locati 95 southbound you can see the yellow flow heavy traffic stilli a better bet to get you towardss the beltway than baltimorebaltie washington parkway southbound. we're seeing some stop gone peee traffic route 1 as well throughh beltsville. parkway closed in silver spring. out there dealing with a fallenf tree. heavy delays on 50 as you head h inside the beltway you can see it backs up past 29t new york avenue remains heavy to bladensburg and 295 southboundbn jams up north of 50 all the wayw down past east capitol.apitol heavy traffic on our secondaries in the district especiallyll northwest.nortest and for your overall friday morning commute works 95 on the northbound side beltway pastas lavatory road backs up you're yr jammed in oxon hill on the innee loop as you try to cross thess e wilson bridge.ondg so we'll have more traffic inici few. back to you. you. >> talk politics for minute. min hillary clinton and donald trump both trying to seize the mantlen of the candidate best preparedpa to did he fenn the united states in terror filled world.or. heavy hitters from each cam
8:19 am
talking this weekend with chrisr wallace on september 11th.mb1th he of course chris the host of f fox news sunday joins us nowns n from capitol hill. h let's talk politics first, f chris. you have heavy hitters as we we mentioned from both sidesrom b d joining you on sunday.unda >> that's right. newt gingrich top adviser andisr supporter of donald trump and a javier bizarre row one of thef top democrats in the house and d big clinton supporter, and in ai the sense it will be a previewew of the debates as we go to a a number of issues with t a lot of it i think informed byd the fact that this is the 15th5t anniversary of 9/11 and of and course the two candidates participated in that national security forum and a lot issuese were raised we'll want to talko about. one of them trump's really odd i'm trying to think of thef t correct word, but odd continuing support for vladimir putin andfr talking about what a strong leader he is.s. you don't find many american politicians singing the
8:20 am
of vladimir >> you don't.ou don. you don't also have many peoplel who will have the opportunity to question him directly on thatha when it comes to moderating deee bait chris but you'll have thatt honor. how are you going to real everybody in when it comesar too that? >> yeah, well, thank you.ou on october 19th so sometime somm from now i will be the moderator of the final presidential debatb with clinton and trump.rump you know i've decided, steve,te, that i'm not going to talk about what i'm going to do because i e think i'm going to take leaf out of donald trump's book. book. i'm going to be unpredictable.dt you'll have to tune in and see what happens. >> we'll tune in no matter whatw chris. but now i want to watch evenatce more to see the chris wallace unpredictability up against thet donald trump unpredictabl unpre. >> on serious note we've talkede about 9/11 the 15th 15th anniversary now is sunday ofundo course your show will be sundaya jay johnson will be on your shoh we upped and what will we be be talking with him about now, n where we've come since there? what we still have to worry
8:21 am
conversation?nv >> exactly. we come on the air here in he aire washington at 9:00 o'clock justt moments before one of moments of silence when one of the planesle hit the second tower in ther world trade center.e cen we'll go live to that and then t we'll be talking to secretary of homeland security and really tww topics. overwhelmingly 9/11 and the question of where we are now asa compared to 9/11. are we safer? what's been done? what still needs to be done? d and then there's another foreign policy threat not terror but,rob you know, we've gotten increasing word that agents ings russia have been hacking intokit the american political system.t. obviously, the hack of the dncnc of another democratic committee, apparently, state elections datd in both illinois and arizona, and which raises the possibility that they can somehow find a way to disrupt our election. en. we'll talking with jay johnsonos about keeping america safe in ai variety of levels and let mend t just quily
8:22 am
we've run out of time.n out of m i want to talk about my power pw player of the week. of th >> i want to talk about it too.o it's so important to so manyso n people in washington. when you talk about somebody tuned into charity foster dogsts to working with international justice missions you don't thini about a football player. playe kirk cousins the quarterbacr of the washington redskins i got the opportunity -- sometimes ioi have to say i have pretty coolyc job. i got the opportunity the weektk before last to go out to go oo redskins park and sit down for about half an hour with kirk cousins.couss. anybody who hasn't, he is a i delightful guy. guy he's smart, he is committed, ana one of the things that's sot's o interesting, he cares deeplyeepl about these causes.ause we talked primarily about theboe international justice mission mn which is this effort to free f people around the world who aree trapped in forced labor, inor, child sex trafficking, basically, forms of slavery.a he's given lot of money it to. for instance, the famous you you like that.
8:23 am
>> right. >> he had t-shirt made and solds it and all the profits which isi about $50,000 went to this group, and then when they hadheh the rally towels at the play ofy game against the packers whichrw said you like that, all of thata money the proceeds from that tha went to the ijm and the the interesting thing about cousinsi he said, you know, football andd my causes are measure if i don't play well and i don't win, win nobody is going to care about my so he's playing for something st other than money and standings and the league.e lea. >> redskins fans are going to t like that fact that you're you putting kirk cousins in the national spotlight in great wayy chris, thanks so much.s, thaks c look forward to seeing out sunday. >> thanks. you bet, steve. >> 8:23. back after this.
8:24 am
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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♪ >> just reminder this afternoon we would love to see in you ro rockville. five to 7:00 p.m. a little road trip. friday night live with fox5.t ot tony l p werkins and mike thomaa will be at rockville town squaru checking out some of the local l restaurants kicking off concerte and everything that the townhe square has to all they need is you stop by the town square to say hi or stayr s for the music or watch here frof five to 7:00 on fox5. all right. ht it will be hot out today.. tucker telling us temps in the e upper 90's.s. the 97 degrees.ees. break coming in just two days.s. erin if only we can say that saa about traffic.t traffic. oh, yeah are it's friday. >> much quieter tomorrowh quietw morning. right now for your fridayt now o morning commute, in the distrr u
8:27 am
down eastbound at martin lutherh king, jr., avenue for police poc activity. westbound side previously closee they did reopen that be preparea to detour around that second off the eastbound commute.oundommut. 295 southbound remains heavy 505 inbound heavy at gw parkway very slow. 66 westbound out in merrifieldfi dealing with a stall blockinglok the shoulder knowledge major delays there. but baltimore washington parkway pretty big delay building on th southbound side because of a crash afternd 197. 95 southbound will save you some time this morning.time thi allison and steve?slison and >> we are so proud on this stevp friday morning here at fox5 andn it's all thanks to one of ourfur family members.bers >> perhaps you've seen this t video.vide if not check it out and sharends her emotional journey to helping her father now going viral. val that's our friend indira andndaa we'll talk with her next.
8:28 am
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♪ >> not bad, right? not for friday morning.ot that's oxon hill on the beltway. pretty good start 8:30 this0 morning.morning. hopefully for all the commuters out there it will stay thatfo w. yeah. on a friday.ri okay.okay well, fox5 like manyy workplaces is more than just work.wo you become family with yourour fellow co-workers.ers >> so little back story this week one of our family a fl photographer her name is indira levine she went public onn facebook with something that she has been dealing with personally and it surprised many of us. us. take a look. >> this is my first time i guess going live.ive. i'm at work i'm waiting for my package from b
8:31 am
test. a couple people know, like, i, um, i'm giving a kidney to my m dad. i'm trying to give a kidney to my dad and, um, we went throughh all these tests in january.uary we've been going back and forthr and found out i was not a matchh for him but i was able to give a kidney to someone else and theye would find another kidney, um, for him. him. >> that seemed like positiveosie step, right. r. indira goes on to reveal herealr father has a gene which made hih pre disposed to kidney disease.. the doctors told indira she needed to be tested for the genn too. >> here's the deal f she came back positive fors e the gene n the kidney donor swap would be off. so indira waited for weeks fores the and then she got it. i >> i just got the e-mail backac and it said i can give -- i canc give t
8:32 am
that i don't have it, i don't't have the gene that my dad has, and now i can help him. him i can save his life. >> indira's video has been has e viewed thousands of times not just by those who now know her k but by strangers who have beenen touched by the raw emotion and d her courage to share.hare. >> indira is here with us in the loft. whoo! that video. what made you go public with it? >> well, um, i've been documenting this whole w experience so my brother which is it because they're too young' to understand.. so i was on the phone.. i called my best friend, and i told him right as i was tellingg him, he was like, you got to got document this. thi you got to, you know, put thisui on facebook life. lif i mean i just got back onn facebook -- >> you quit facebook. >> i got off facebook and i got
8:33 am
on and he was -- do it, do it. so i pressed the live button and there's no one on there. t who am i talking to? what isha the point of this? i justt started telling and sharing andd it all just started to come. c i think as i was starting toto realize and i was picturing my little brothers being able to bb with my dad at my age now and ii knew 13 people die a day becausu they're waiting for kidney.. and i knew if i had the chance i had the opportunity to helpel him then this was the easiesthes decision i've ever made.on've e isn't we were just watching the video allison and i watcheded video of you where you're're showing that raw emotion andtion then watching you watch that tha video. you had a different look. loo you had that look of pridefde watching that now i'm sure now r you're thinking about your dadid and just being able to help. take us back though when youh eu found out first about your dad. i'm guessing knowing you the kne decision to help doesn't takeele long for to you make. >> no. i mean i was in the movies. thes he called and was like, babe, they found something in my oney
8:34 am
and i was like, okay, so what do we do? woo one did i get tested? there was no thoughtheo who else can you ask.ou a have you asked anyone else? i just knew that was the answer. e i was going to do it. and when the -- i started in in january with all these -- all this testing and stuff and theyd were like, you know, you're at a good weight.t. you're able to do it. i >> but you work for that, too. >> i work.ork. i mean, in 2008 i was 336 poun 336 pounds. and from then until tht pointhat i've lost over 100 pounds. >> amazing. a >> and i did all the testing ana they're like, hey, we still need to you lose 25 more pounds.. so i grinded some more.e mor when that happened, they wereyer like, okay, we got this gene. g. >> right.>> r >> i know it's going to benow horrible but you got toit t'sakt this test and it could be over.e i just want you to >> at that point, did it ever,te you know, run across your hypede i've done so much.i'veone >> yes. >> so far. >> yes. point net to this point and now this?is >> because my dad would call a
8:35 am
say, i hate dialysis.. and i'm like, god.od >> even in that video he said he's probably -- he's at at dialysis.ysis >> at that point i hadn't even called him and told him thatim a it's a go. >> what did he say?ay? >> he just kept saying, now tell me so i don't have to get a get deceased kidney? i was like,e, dad, this is going to happen. he like my christmas you can have -- you could have it. >> and he's just -- tell mee again, tell me explain this to me.o me. i don't think it hit him. >> right. rig >> so now what is the process now?no >> now, right now they're going to present msd will present it i to the board tuesday my donor dn person i work with there i'm going to present it to them. it. the donor registry is going too send you and your dad a kit anda you go and get a tissue teste te done. done. they're going to put it in their system. they're going to find out whoutw you're going to give to. because i can give to >> right. >> i'm going to give it to ang i stranger and then they'reg
8:36 am
to find out who he's going tooit get his from. >> beautiful. >> i wish we can talk with youih more and more throughout the day you'll follow endear rah's adventures online but as we we leave you now, let you get backk to work -- >> what do you hope now? i guess?e the message for others for you y it's close.'s close. it's your's y fam you didn't think twice about it but now the attention is you have the opportunity to nowo i guess to speak to more peoplep about this. what message do you have?? >> i just want people to stop taking care of their i phoness and their weaves more important than their bodies. you've got one body you have.uav you got to take care of it. o i if you have the ability to give blood, to do anything to help someone, people have struggles l and you never know what peopletl are going through.hrou you've got to just taket tak advantage of the life you haveyv and you got, f you can donate oo do anything to help someone,ne encourage someone, that's the te most important thing.hing that you can make difference and it makes -- valued in the futu future.
8:37 am
about a year ago, we're onlyre y here to help. we're only here to >> right.>> rht. >> and you are putting your bodd on the line for that message and i'm just -- you got it.. >> super proceed of you indira.r >> super proud of you.ou. >> i got to go. g >> people in the video i don't know who bob is.eo bu itkn i want him to stay out u the room so we can finish finish hearing this story.hearin bob barnagrd and you are partner in the morning film we'll sendl things over to tucker right now. doesn't have much time.ime. he and indira are getting readyy to head out don remote for goodg day. tells about the >> we got work to do.ork too. we'll talk about triathlon. tri. how about working out in this t kind of weather? it is hot outt there. there. 80 degrees to start your dees morning. i'm getting lots of tweets ofeto people sweating on their dog walks and already not enjoyingnn this morning forecast.orecast. that heat and humidity back inak big way today.oday mid to upper 90s bottom lineto n your daytime highs.ighs. heat index near 100. 100 how many times have we said thaa this morning. few more days.few mo good news today and tomorrow and then sweet relief front up inntn the dakotas will actually meann
8:38 am
humidity out of here and we'llnd look a lot better by sunday anda monday.ay so hang in there though butugh b dangerous heat this afternoon at just quick reminder lots ofots o water. lots of sports, football tonighg that kind of thing make sureindi everybody is well hydratedng m d 96 today. today erin how are roads >> i need to you give inn dear a deer rah a big hug for us. for u >> i will. >> great story there. there. we're seeing a lot of stop and go traffic.go traffic. light tepping up a little bit.pb i will say this friday morning commute much like lighter than n earlier in the week.ier in w american legion bridge as you au cross that the inner loop loo loosening up a little bit bit heavier through tysons outerysor loop looking good but you jam um in college park 95 to georgia.ea we'll take a look at our maps om right now couple other problem l areas you're dealing with this i morning. if you're taking metro we justej have safetrack right now impacting the blue line single l tracking franconia to van dornor you will all other rail lines oo time. me loser look at your roads as we a continue. keep it to fox5. we're back in just a few moments.
8:39 am
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. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> this is to the fair. you all know i'm thi in love wiw drake now.dr now >> really? >> yes. >> you can do so much better. >> wow!! >> words of wisdom. >> i proclaim this i'm a cradlee robber. >> it's steamy out there. the not just in your mind right nown when you are thinking about mr. lo >> okay. >> talking about football rightf now especially of the head game. nfl kicking off regular seasonul last night.last super bowl rematch denverenver broncos carolina panthers endthd result was the same good while m the broncos walk away with theh win some are questio
8:42 am
methods to get there and there e was more national anthem dramama wisdom joins us with the detai details. >> all right. well, let's start off talkingrto about this. ou we'll show you this pictureictu right here. another noble moment occurringcg right before the game brandonfot mahershall taking a kne ge durie the national anthem an act of o seoul solidarity with colin col kaepernick.kaer brandon marshall and kaepernick were teammates at the university of nevada there's lot ofevadahee conversation about that.on ahat. meanwhile, when the game did start, broncos beat the been thb they are. panthers had chance to win the game right at the end as lot oft back and forth going on. former washington redskinsedsk kicker, remember him, youim, y remember him by the name of graham give know -- you don'tout sound like you're a fan.und ke u there he is right there all'riss they called time out to freezeoe him he made the one where they made the time out.ut it didn't count. he came back and did that 50-yard field goal would have hv won it for carl line n heine n missed.
8:43 am
media and everywhere in thee int sports world this morning.orng a lot of talk about how the game was made in particular thede inr referees dtiid not call a buncho head shots.. contact head to head contact cot hits on quarterback cam newton.n there were two vicious hits that impacted the game no flag, no penalty directly to the head ofa cam newton.ton. the second one of those two thao we're talking about with just 4 seconds left in the game. bronco safety darien stewart hih him in the head.ead. they flew the flag. called intentional grounding ong cam newton. a lot of people how can you do o that? it was head to heado hea contact. and you just act like thate t didn't happen.dn hap panthers now saying they don't understand why the players are a allowed to hit their quarterback head to head especially whenhe it's clear in the rule book you can't do that. >> you were so prone to often on do, the last two seasons sea everybody is like the nfl so s soft throwing flags every 32n 32nds where is the middle2n mide ground? ground >> here's the thing, steve., s you're exactly right on that. everybody is saying they'reg thr
8:44 am
so why are they allowed to hitot when you're in clear cases. cass >> maybe they're changing thishs year. i don't know. wee scene one game.ene o haven't seen consistency yet. y. >> this is off the chain, come only all this talk aboutalk concussions and you see thiss ae guy, the quarterback, the biggest -- one of the biggest be guys on the field clear het heah to head contact.ontact i mean, i don't understand hownr you missed that.ha >> i don't understand because in the first quarter of the game the one broncos player u tt hehe linebacker got hit in the head d they had him on the bench and ih the locker room. locker room. >> that's another thing.ot. cam newton never left the game.. >> is this personal? is that what your trying to say.our tr >> i'm done. >> okay.> o >> okay.ka >> times up.>> t never mine.ver >> time's up.s up. (laughter).aughte >> speaking fast ball highpe school football is in actionakit tonight and we're doing a fox5 sports kickoff special in roc rockville from five to 7:00 for0 kickoff high school season andn then the big boys at 10:30 p.m.0 getting ready for the redskinshd check out this team. jim lokay, brody logan, grant ga paulsen and form mr. redskinsins linebacker ken harvey. al, don't laugh at
8:45 am
>> i didn't say anything. >> you totally were laughing at me. all part of it.alhing par a great team we're proud to havh the guys back together. togethe grant has great redskinsans interviews to share one-on-one it pi pierre garson, ryann kerrigan tonight at 10:30 and ad again -- >> all right. >> the crew will be at tone 93t9 perkins will be live five to 7:00 in rockville times square. >> tony perkins will be live ono good day.ay. >> kevin is out of the country and we'll check in with him next.
8:46 am
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>> welcome back everybody. 8:48 right now.48 rigow >> soaking up that view right uh there. let's get the details on the forecatst. it's coming up in just 10 seconds. >> welcome back. our september sizzle it continues. yeah, daytime highs yesterday we hit 98 degrees. 9 today we hit 98 we'll tie a record back to 1872.87 we'll get awfully close.lo 80 in 81 in annapolis.nnapol well no the 70s off to the west. dulles 79.dues 77 manassas.s. overnight lows we're only in tht upper 70s.per 7 this is very reminisce acceptcc what we dealt with most of julyf and august and there are your au dew points any time thesee numbers are above 70 i said thit over and over again this summer it is oppressively uncomfortablm
8:49 am
unfortunately doing that againht today with a 74.wi that is extraordinary dew pointp for september.r sepmber all right. rht. satellite/radar it's quiet.e/rar we got a very we ak cold frontof just off to the west that onehat won't make it in here. it will fall apart but the nextn one up in the dakotas will makem it in here. it that will bring very sweetersw relief around here for the dayhd on sunday. on so we've got today, tonight,ight tomorrow, we got to be dealing with this. once we get it east of us byy sunday, noticeably less humid.. much drier air moves n it will i still be very warm on sunday, sa and for that matter monday butoa at least we won't be dealing d with this very oppressiveive humidity as day heim highs willh be back in the 80s quick lock ak that seven day. sev 96 today. we hit that96 98. we tie a record that goes back to thes 1800s. 98 tomorrow.omor our best chance for storms willi be tomorrow but i'd be honeste h with you today and tomorrow thew chances for storms pretty slim. i do want to mention once againn kick off fed he can field mondam night. looks look fantastic if you'll l be out tailgating nest afternooa it will be warm but not terribly humid. temperatures back in the 80s early ne w
8:50 am
once again lots of water. w don't leave your pets in the c car. reminder check on your elderlyly neighbors all of that kind ofs thing. steve and allison back to you.o. >> tucker will be surfaced mid next week to the outdoors.utor >> let's find out what's comings up in few minutes on good day.a. we tease the it earlier. eli hi ladies. lad >> first thing we're going tongi say, we made it! it's troy yay good boy do we have jam packed p two hours for you. you >> only on good day.. the one, the only,.. >> you know her from fix my my can she help you this morning.og can she help me this morning. we may just ask you your question. tweet us #gooddaydc.da we have a very special guestciag joining us.joinin you might have heard of him. ofh his name is tony perkins.. >> doesn't ring a bell. bell. >> he's getting up early thisngi morning. he's here with two specialeh two events that he's g soing to be g part of this weekend. of ee >> plus live in the loft. theof. popular local band ruthie and the wranglers ready to rock youk t
8:51 am
to dance.. holly. >> i'm always at the ready to a dance.lway allison, guess what? in case you didn't know it you'ree joining us for the next two fhen hours. i hope you cleared your yr schedule. we'll see in you few. .. oh, boy >> nobody told me.tolde. >> what? t? >> ladies, i cannot wait. see you soon. le you >> she's >> and scene. okay. queue the music.. okay. upposed to beupsed hearing new music from lady ga gaga. ♪ >> as you listen along she alo e dropped this last night online called surface dilution.n. she co produced it with dj markj ronson and pretty much anythingh he touches turns to gold. tod >> let me hear it for a second.. >> okay. ♪ >> okay.>> o got it. >> little 80s maybe pat benatar like. >> blondie. >> good call. part dance, part rock. roc fifth studio album. >> let's join kevin mccarthy. mr kevin is live in toronto wit
8:52 am
fox beat.t >> he's somewhere else now back in the hotel room.el roo >> now he's in the hotel.he hot he's now in green belt, b maryland. >> right, right. no, no new york city, i'mrky, actually in -- i'm in hyattsville. i'm sorry, i'm just letting youy know where i'm at. i a >> i'm in toronto.'m i tor >> can you see anything canadiaa looking out the window?indow? >> no. i'll show you out my window. wio just a bunch of -- a bunch off buildings.ilng >> okay. >> that's all it is. you're in city at least. a >> good to see you guys thisee s morning. how you doing. >> we're well, thanks.>> we'nk >> how is canada?>> hs >> it's a you some. it' so i'm here for the toronto international film festival jumping around all morning. m i was in ontario at one point.oi i'm here to interview a bunch of actors and actresses and directors specifically today i'm sitting down with denzelen washington which i'm freaking f out about because you canseou consider all the rolls he's he's played my particular favorite ie man on fire or john q.ohn so much to mention. glory, but there's so many filmy i'm sitting down with him.. chris pratt and also vincent don
8:53 am
november fro full metal jacket i'm very excited about all in al the movie magnificent sevencentn coming out later in september,er and i'm sitting down with the cast about an hour and a halfanf from n allison, steve, do you have anyy messages for denzel washingtonno you want me to deliver? >> yes. >> what? >> next time he's in washingtoni or anywhere, we need an interview.inte >> yes. >> this is ridiculous.idicous. >> right. >> allison, can i say the nextct time you're in denzel washingtog we want an interview? interview? >> that would probably scare hir away. he might be freaked out by that. >> we want him to come in. >> famous washington.hingn. >> -- his last name is is las washington. >> it is. >> i'm sorry. >> i'll tell you,n. kevin, whye, don't you try that. >> it maybe it will make himl mm laugh. >> we'll see how it works.or >> either you'll get a laugh orh punched in the throat. either way you're apu winner. ae >> first time i ever interviewed him was this movie called cle unstoppable and there's a famous line in the movie man on firen r where he tells a guy i wish youo had more time. tim >> at the end of my interview i said i wish we had more time
8:54 am
>> he id gave me a huge fist he explosion. >> speaking movies this weekend it will be hotak here in denzel washington.wain >> yes. >> like 100 degrees so we need w theater to cool off in.oo off what should we go see?ee >> two films opening up one called sully when the bough b bough break. break sumly the untold story on the t miracle on the hudson we knowno the plane landed on the hudson we know 155 survivors.. everyone lived including theding captain sully which is the movie basic story but the movie isov i actually more about whatha happened behind the scenes. i didn't know a lot of about the ntsb national transport teenspot safety board.ty board the investigation they had withh sully they were basically bic claiming that sully could have u made it back to laguardia and they did this sim laying. l they were questioning whether or st the second engine wase t t actuallyec lost.t. but, again, this is -- this is a human -- humanity question.n. the birds actually strike theik plane or whatever you want tot t say plane strikes the tucker says that.tuckr the question is, what do you
8:55 am
you have to wait and kind of kif figure out what you're going tot do and how to get that planeplan safely on the ground and that's kind of what the story is moree about. they show the landing fromro multiple different . you can get to see it from thete cockpit. you see it from the passengers.g you seeers. it from buildings aa they're watching it go in. g i it is a fascinating only about 90 minutes long. directed by clint and it just kind of breathes ofa really well and fascinatingndcia story. i didn't know much about thisutt aspect of sully's life i gavee 84.5 out of five. f it is a phenomenally executedcud movie. it's one of the best storiestori i've seen on screen this year.ea great story.ea sto definitely worth seeing.finite r >> heard some people this week e saying they can't wait to see that moviehe.. now, i want to let you talkl about the lifetime classic --lac let's talk about morris chestn chestnut. >> there you go. you can talk about that. >> godfather -- th godfather part two weary viewing when the bough break.ak here's the thing. t the concept pretty simple. sim morris chestnut regina hall areh basically a married couple.ed
8:56 am
they can't have kids. hav kid they hire a surrogate played byd jazz sinclair.clr. surrogate becomes obsessed withd morris chestnut it basically thy hand that rock the cradle. crad. here's the thing the movieovie actually works for the first 98% of the film like morris chestnut and regina hall they're great. jazz sinclair fantastic as psychotic villain. vla the last two minutes are absolutely i mean i'm telling you right now i was giving 84 and then ithen i became a zero. z because the ending is so >> gosh. >> i gave the movie 2.5 out off it's worth seeing.veit leave two minutes before it's we ends. ends if that makes sense.ense >> we can't do it. it's like a mystery.e's lik how are we ge oing to do it. t >> i just look it up.t up it's hour and 47 minutes. so if you leave at hour and 45. >> right.>> right. >> then you'll be good.. >> we've got to see the end. e >> the ending ruins everything.n problem so many questions and io don't mind movies not being in n tight bow at the end. e it didn't make any sense. s >> all right.>all
8:57 am
get denzel to come visit visitiv us in d.c.. >> please. >> i'll tell denzel washingtonzg i'm from denzel washington.ashig >> it may work. you never know. kw. >> thanks, kev.. >> charming jent. thanks kev. .ee you on good day 8:57. how we looking outside, erin. >> outside roads quieter thisuit morning dealing with areas ofito congestion.coesti like 395 still stacked up by thy pent epp gone as you cross thers 14th street bridge. 95 has some stop and go traffict through dale city.h da we got you covered on fox5. good day at 9a is coming right r up. keep it here action packed showo this friday morning.orning back in just few.
8:58 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
8:59 am
free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, a deadlyeady shooting in southeast d.c. the victim a security guard on the job. job we'll have live report.. breaking overnight, north korea claiming to test one of o its most powerful nuclearuclear weapons ever.r the international outrage pouring in. >> down and five. >> blind sided? cam newton taking heat after a hit to the e head after last night's nfl opener. side line protest stole the headlines. we've got highlights from thetig super bowl rematch. but first, mother nature not getting the memo.. it's september and we're stillti talking about sweltering heat. but some relief could be on thee


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