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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  October 21, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, two exclusive stories, a parent caught on camera at a d.c. school punching someone else's child in the stomach. the victim's mother told us that's not all that happened. a baby girl left in a running car, doors unlocked for over an hour while her mother went shopping. tonight, the witness who rescued the child. > some people are taking drastic measures because of metro's shorter hours. many people are going to be trapped and they are going to be unemployed. > some are even sleeping at work just to get by. will their story spark change? your news starts right now. we begin tonight with a fox5 exclusive. a man was caught on camera punching a little boy inside of a d.c. school. thanks for staying with us tonight, i'm shawn yancy. and i'm tony perkins. this capped at kit d.c. academy,
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marina maracco spoke to the boy's mother tonight. >>reporter: tony, she told us this is not the first run in she had with this father who also drops off his father at this school here in northeast. in other instances she's been there to protect her son. she's saying this time things went too far. i got punched in my stomach. kipp d.c.'s spring academy surveillance video shows second grader john mack clean and a friend playing in the before class wednesday morning. i said somebody punched me in my stomach. without knowing what was coming the second greater says his friend's dad walked right t to m and punched him in the stomach so hard he he knocked him to the ground. i knew he was coming towards me. > do you know why he wanted to punch you. >> no. > i'm mad. i'm just. the seven year old's mother
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tell her son who suffers from asthma was having trouble breathing. >> you can see him grasping for air. all the principal said was get up. y'all didn't think to call the plans. >> the school called the student's mother. don't hit my child like that. you turnaround lee times and walked out the door. i wanted him to be arrested since yesterday. you need to learn it's not cool to hit people children. > they're aware of the incident. about the safety of the school and that they believed that they followed property do. as for that father we called d doctor police tonight. they say still no arrests. tony. i'm conus tood by that because there's video of it. the boy's mother knows who this man, not the really a man if he's punching little kids, they know who he is. are they investigating him? is it possible there will be an arrest? >> it seems like potentially
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the question is when will police finally come face to face with this man? the mother told us it seems like this father has been banned present the school so we don't know exactly at this point what will happen as far as criminally, but this offense has been listed as a i am s many assault and you believe of that video there's probable cause, likely an arrest it's just a matter of time. > thank you very much. > and now to another fox5 exclusive. a woman found a alone in an unlocked running car. her mother was shopping and that's not all. police handcuffed the mother at the scene, but then let her go. sarah simmons is live in temple hills tonight with the story. >>reporter: shawn shall that's right, apparently police telling me they didn't have he in you have to arrest the mother at the scene this afternoon when this happened at about 126789. 15. they say they are still investigating. they do have the information they need and charges are pending, depending on what the
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here's how this all started. it was just after noon that they got the call. i spoke with a customer. she said she noticed a woman acting strangely shopping for wigs for at least 40 minutes at this butt if i supply store, butt if i for you. > during that time the police showed up. the woman holding the little girl is deodara collie, a woman who works at beauty for you took the video. you e the curb handcuffed next to an officer. > someone called the police at around 12:15 to report a baby in the car and then police showed up at the salon. if i pull up a picture would you be able to identify her. >> he pulled up the picture and it was the girl shopping for wigs. there was a baby in the car. i opened the car and took her out. that's a mother's instinct. i'm a momma, too.
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> deirdre was telling us the car was unlocked as well and apparently rung. i it was a huge concern. also it was warm out today. apparently, though, they were saying that the air-conditioning was running in the car. still, this is a young child alone in the car. again, right now police are still looking into this case and charges are pending. that's the latest here in temple hills. sarah simmons. back to you. > d.c. police were called to georgetown for reports of a officers say the woman jumped in the c and o canal near 31st and m streets northwest. the woman swam away from rescue crews but they eventually caught her. officials say the woman was not hurt. > today metro's board held a rare public hearing to give maintenance crews more time to repairs and track work, but am are pushing back. fox5's anjali hemphill is live at metro headquarters where that
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up. angle. >>reporter: tony, i can tell you 62 people showed up to today's public hearing to give metro board members an ear full about how these early closures have big impacts on them. we also spoke to one woman. she couldn't be here tonight. she's a business owner in adams morgan. she told me employees are actually getting stranded at work overnight because they can't afford any alternatives to late night metro service. take a listen. we live above our shop here and i came the morning, in the we hours and discovered one of our employees sleeping in a chair in our restaurant. i asked him what was going on and he explained that they just can't get home on the metro new and they have to wait until the metro reopens and i was really devastated for him that when these decisions are made we really have to take care to examine whether we're affecting the people who can get deal with the it the least and that's what seems to have happened here. they all have personal stories.
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i understand that. at what level do you go there? the other thing i'm balancing is, you know i've got 600 some thousand people the the rest of the day that i'm trying to move. at what point do you start impacting those people? they also have, you know, stories that they have to deal with. as you can see in this video, about a dozen of those effected by metro service cuts took their complaints to the streets outside today. people held up signs with the hashtag metro stay open to try to get their point across that this late night service is needed in this city. others told board members directly today at that public hearing how working late night hours has forced them to pay for car services and taxis and additional expenses that they just can't afford. metro's gm also says that thousands have sounded off online at their late night hours survey as well.
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going to take all of these findings from all of their public outreach, present the findings to the metro board here and it could be as early as december when a late night schedule could be finalized. for now we're live at metro headquarters, anjali hemphill. > coming up next, more problems keep popping up for both hillary clinton and donald trump. find out where the metro transit officer -- why several of these officers are now under investigation. and some changes are underway foyo just talking about cooler temperatures. sue will explain coming up after
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> take a look at this video, these metro transit police officers are under investigation for what they did during an arrest. one of the officers swept a teen's legislation out from underneath her to take her down to the floor. someone recorded the scene last night at the columbia heights metro station. officers say the 18 year old refused orders to put away her food. they resisted when they tried to handcuff her and refused to sit down when h they told her. show was not charged, but the
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matter posted she was upset about a friend's murder and did not copy serve to be treated that way. > fox's lauren blanchard has more on the details. >>reporter: it's the day after the final face off between hint and donald trump. the recommend and nominee causing a stir after saying he wasn't sure if he'd accept the outcome of the election. trump back on today in ohio. i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. trim double down on his controversial statement from last night. i would accept a clear election result, but i would also reserve my right to contest or file a
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questionable result. > president obama out on the trail today for clinton making the case for the democratic nominee. she is no not participating in reality tv. she's doing the work and that's what you want from a president of the united states of america. > wikileaks releasing yet another round of clinton campaign chair john potes da's e-mails this morning and tenth woman coming forward today alle her in 1999 at a tennis tournament. they calling it a. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. > let's talk about the weather forecast. things are going to be changing soon. >> they are. still pretty pleasant out there tonight. a little bit of a breeze, but still in the p 70s. interesting to see the reporters out there without their jackets
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in between now and tomorrow night we'll start out dry, but we'ring going to he see some showers moving through tomorrow afternoon. i might add that's some badly need will do a lot of good for our area but it will blog you down a little bit for your friday evening commute. if you're heading out on the town tomorrow night do know that that rain coat or umbrella will come in handy and the friday night football will be affected for the high school. > not a record at reagan a national at 85. the fourth day in a row f dulles to tie or top the record. 83 there today, wi81. still pretty mild tonight. we do want you to be ready for the falling temperatures primarily tomorrow night, not so much during the day but after dark is when we'll really notice it. as the day goes on that cooler air will trickle l in and we're talking about a much cooler weekend with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. > let's consult the temperature trend. the average high is 66-degrees
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almost 20 degrees above average. friday, 72. then we drop to 59 on saturday. we recover a little bit on sunday to 66-degrees. and monday we're pushing 70-degrees again. i think this will feel a lot better to people who are more fans of fall than summer and the humidity that has gone it with today. we even had some severe thunderstorms up through pennsylvania as a result the heat and the instability. our temperature right now in d.c. is 72-degrees. it's 70 in git manassas. 72 in kills and winchester as well as martinsburg and cumberland all coming in at 72-degrees. tomorrow morning mr. will be some clouds around. we thank pennsylvania inner queue mar for this beautifulful sun wrist. not a bad start to our friday with some clouds around. it will also be dry, but the rain will come in the afternoon and that's when we'll start toette noticed is why the temperatures falling.
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places in the 70s. by 11:00 we're talking 56 for d.c. 53 for frederick. winchester 56 for quantico, 55 for manassas. as we get into saturday morning a lot of places will be in the 40s. as we take this forward to 7:00 on saturday night we're back in the 40s, maybe low 50s. kind ever chilly p if you're heading out on saturday night as well. by p midnight temperatures may be in the mid and upper 40s across much of the area. defi an area of low pressure riding along the frontal system pressure. overnight our clouds will thicken, but it will still be warm and humid. we keep the showers out of the pick tonight, tomorrow morning. by friday morning at 8:00 a.m. some of you may have some areas of clear skies, some sunshine. by 11:00 this is a run of our futurecast. it seems to be slowing down the moisture. before it had it closer to d.c. maybe our afternoon starts dry, but certainly there's no holding
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we will have showers in here. helpful rain. bad timing at the evening are you hour on friday. saturday morning showers could still linger east of 95 but we'll think they could be wrapping up as the afternoon goes on. it will be breezy and rather chilly out there. i want to play up the fact that our low pressure departs and high pressure is building in it does create a significant wind field. it will feel like it's in the 40s in many saturday a little bit of afternoon sun on the windy side. 59-degrees feeling like it's in the 40s. subbed is a little l l warmer, breezy, but very nice, 66-degrees. again with those winds gusting of 30 to 40 miles an hour we want you to factor in those chill temperatures. tomorrow night we'll see some winds gusting to about 30 miles an hour. take this over to saturday morning. they're gusting between 30 and 36 miles an hour, maybe as high as 40 and even as late as saturday night.
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the leaves around. the fox5 accuweather forecast we're going for 59 on saturday, 66 sunday, but a little l warmer monday. one day warmup san then we're a little bit more rhysable and closer to average. tuesday, wednesday looks like three beautiful days and four p if you count thursday. that's your seven day forecast, tony, back to you. >> darn it. > all right. someone said owe darn be sure to catch fox5 news morning. they will be talking tiler pip i. and fox news channels chris wallace who will open up about his experience moderating last night's debate. they will preview a pumpkin beer tasting in the district this
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> age 44 most players have moved on. others have become agents or run sports bar. the third highest all time goal scorer in the nhl and today effaces his former team as a member of the panthers. sunrise, in first goal of the season, caps in front just like that. 2-0. meantime in the second period it is now 2-1 panthers on the power play, pass over to the investor jogger who beats. 650 all even at 2 appease. third period still tied up. earshot on net. this time it's redirected by ovechkin. that's all you need, the second goal of the season. the caps win 4-2. they make it three in t row just like that. > it's certainly fun when you're winning.
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schneider, jay gruden all having a laugh on the practice field. signaling for a touchdown during today's practice. watch this one there. there it goes. it's good. it's up. there you go. jordan reed didn't participate, coach with an update. doing great today. he did a lot. he did a lot of stuff as linebacker. he did some scout team safety. he did some good stuff. he did everything today. so it wa things and protocols and he'll get checked out by the independent guy tomorrow and hopefully get good news. > virginia tech, hokey nation in a battle, third quarter tech leading by seven. powers in from 1 yards out. the hokeys out to a lead. evans once again with his magic. what does he do this time? hands it off. it doesn't go high. it goes to fullback sam rogers,
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running. connecting steven peoples for a third score.
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> that of of course is a clip from star wars. those are tie fighters. >> it sounded like why you back a having a moment. > those are tie fighters attacking the millennium falcon. we showed you that clip to set up a funny viral video. it features a dog named geraldine. when she's happy she sort of makes a noise like those by
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>> hi. >> wow. (laughter) at the might have to put her to work in hollywood doing sound effects for the star wars movies. >> i think she's righting to speak eventually she will begin talking. > is that right? you've seen that happen before. >> my sister's dogs sinks. > my cat used to sit at the bottom of the steps and say come on. some animals are smarter than others. they might be able to learn. > that is true. my husband's grandmother who used to have a cat and her son's
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coming up on today's telecast: >> hallelujah! there she goes! there she goes! she's been waiting! whoo! oh she's going to shout a little bit! look at that! she's going to run! >> he got $150,000! >> cancelled that debt and that debt was $27,000. god has used reverend peter popoff throughout his entire life and ministry to bring miraculous deliverance to hundreds of thousands of people


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