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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  October 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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number of officers resigning, and also retiring. earlier this week, on monday, interim dc police chief pete newsham went down to the city council and testified that there are now 3,729 of the force. through a freedom of information act request we learned that approximately 270 of those officers are unavailable for patrol because they haven't been assigned handguns. the middle of a retirement bubble. officials knew it was coming. warnings were issued by the union. now that it's here, the dc city council, mayor and interim chief are scrambling to find ways to not only recruit but retain and bring back officers who have already retired. interim chief newsham was asked by ward council member how many officers were available for patrol
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you mentioned 250, approximately, are recruits. my question is, those who are recruits or within the academy, are they in a position where they're actually on the street yet? >> and that's the number i'm going to have to clarify. it's tough to let you know exactly how many are in the academy. you do know that over the holiday months, we bring some of those recruits out of the academy to detail. >> but the 3729 technically does include a number of sworn personnel who are not on the street though >> the ones in the academy, it does include those >> in an effort to get a true accounting of how many dc police officers were available to actually serve and protect in the city, we asked the police department through a freedom of information act request for the actual number of officers who had been assigned a firearm.
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we were told there were 3,459 glock handguns assigned as of july 1st. that's 340 officers under that trouble number of 3800. at the same hear, newsham told the council, in 2015 there were 112 resignations and 244 retirements. so far this year, there have been 113 resignations and 230 retirements. listen now, as falling numbers beginning in 2012. >> 2012 we had 3907. at the end of the fiscal year, in 2013 we have 4,010, 14, 472, 15, 3837, 16 was 3737. right now, we have 3729. >> newsham declined to come up with a number that he thought the department should have to
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did tell the council homicides were down 11% and overall crime was down 5%. we did learn today that ward 5 council member kenya mcduffy chairs the judiciary committee will have a hearing on thursday november 3rd at the wilson building. the hearing is titled the state of the met told tin police department crime community policing and selecting the next and chairman mcduffy is asking for anybody that wants to come down and talk about the police department is welcome on that day. live outside the 2nd district headquarters in northwest, paul wagner, fox 5 local news. also in the district, scary moments for residents in one southeast neighborhood. last night, dozens of shots were fired in and around the stanton glen complex. the gunfire hit at least three
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the street. investigators estimate at least 50 shots were fired and say the shooting came in two different waves. melanie alnwick spoke to paul trandom >> as i arrived i saw the police officers at this window and they came up to me and you know, acknowledged me and they said, you know, this was a machine gun. someone just shot multiple shots right into >> it is still clear who was responsible for these shootings. police are trying to determine if this was a targeted attack or a random shooting. a court date today for the prince george's county parents accused of killing their own baby. antwon petty is being held without bond. charged with first and second degree murder in the death of his three month old son. the baby's mother genece is
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involvement in the child's death, they told police they buried the baby to hide the crime and led police to a shallow grave. >> this death represents a tremendous loss to our community. not only that, but in my mind represents yet again, another instance where this community has failed to protect the child. this three month old child was beaten. he suffered and he died and was buried. we believe, at a school near in >> a relative told police the mother and her baby were last seen back on september 22'nd more outrageous news. a home in anne arundel dell county. >> two people arrested police say they were selling drugs out of the home. matt ackland has-month. >> reporter: the drug team came
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say they saw them banging on the front door. this is also a place that has been registered as a day care center. take a look around the yard. you could see a bicycle in the front yard. there's toys all over. if you look out right there, you can see a tri cycle. take a look at what cops recovered inside the home. crack cocaine, heroin and many other prescription drugs. police arrested bruce and elizabeth okus. in addition to the drug ch there are also three counts of reckless endangerment. neighbors tell us the couple has kids of their own. one woman spoke to us about hearing cops arrive this morning. >> we heard them banging on the door. they were so loud, sounded like it was our neighbor. i immediately looked out the window and saw it was across the street and told my husband. there's a handful of cops over there, at least eight. >> reporter: authorities couldn't tell us how many kid were actually being taken care of here at the home but they did
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it was a tip from a neighbor that actually led them here and they're encouraging any other neighbors out there who see something strange to give police a call. paul wagner fox 5 news. i was out this morning, it was 78 degrees. 70 minutes later. it was 64 degrees where i was. it was insane. >> what were you doing to the weather? >> it wasn't me. i'm just >> rapid change >> big rapid change. we got a frontal system that's coming through and boy things are really going to change more dramatically than what you said. you won't need the umbrella but bat end down the attaches. we got serious gustings winds. i'm calling it a reality check. we had this run of days seemed just like summer. a few showers across the area as you can see. and here's a look at storm tracker radar. we come up a little bit more.
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bit still happening with this and we're not out of the clear 100 percent for tonight. i can't rule out a pop-up shower here and there. but the sorry is going to be the winds. and the temperatures. 65 right now in dc. relative humidity at 75. we've been dealing with a lot of sticky mugginess in the to atmosphere. sustained wind eight to 12 miles an hour. that will changeas for gusting winds pushing in from the northwest anywhere from 30 to 40 miles per hour wind gusts is what we're anticipating. areas to the west. higher evaluations, we have a wind advisory in effect. this is in effect until 12:00 p.m. saturday but i wouldn't be surprised if this wind advisory does get expanded across the i95 corridor into the daytime hours of tomorrow as those winds continue to pick up. because they're just going to start to increase and get stronger starting tonight t
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tonight. a chilly 49 degrees. we're leaving those 60's in the overnight hours way in the -- way in the dust occasional showers. daytime highs will be pretty much where they should be in the ballpark. as we head to 60's. cool and windy saturday. don't be too dismade i'm serving up plenty of sunshine. we're not going to make the weekend be all bad. i'll have the details a little >> thank you very much. we'll check in on the race for the white house. less than three weeks from voters heading to the polls on november 8. a member of the fox 5 family took a big leap today and it is all for a great cause too. we're going to have that story and more when the news at 6:00
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. man: or me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade. barbara comstock: i think roe vs. wade should be overturned.
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parenthood... man: five times. woman: barbara comstock is against marriage equality. man: she even voted to let federal contractors discriminate against gay employees... man: twice. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: house majority pac
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sglerjs 18 days. even 18 days left. they're trying to encourage voters in crucial swing states to make their vote count on elected day. lauren blanchard has the latest >> it's a sprint to election day, get outhe full swing. donald trump up crowds saying he thinks they're going to win >> early voting is underway, make sure send in your ballot. we cannot take a chance of blowing it. we cannot take a chance. we have something we're so close. it's a movement they've never seen in this country before, never ever seen. don't blow it on november 8.
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for his wife in the swing state of florida. >> it is so close to the election, we're going to have a record number of people >> joe biden saying what he'd like to do to the gop nominee. >> exactly don't i wish i were debating him. i wish we were in high school i could take him behind the gym. >> clinton's campaign releasing this somber new >> with the if i think fallen u.s. soldier captain kahn. >> mr. trump, my son. >> reporter: early voting is now underway in many states. there's already a record number of ballots requested in florida and early voting surged in arizona where clinton is hoping to make it a toss-up state
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blancrahd, fox news. donald trump's claim the united states had no idea who was behind the recent e-mail hacks has been proven false. the fact checking website political facts says hillary clinton is correct when she claims 17 federal agencies have concluded that russia was behind the hacking. both the department of homeland security and director of national intelligence issued a statement saying they're extremely russia was involved. coming up -- i shouldn't say room. bow, bow prepares to leave us, we'll introduce to you new panda cubs. have >> quick someone resuscitate gwen >> gwen will join us a look at your full forecast. don't go anywhere, the news at
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as our beloved panda bow bow, as he prepares to head back to china next year, the lincoln park in chicago debuted two brand new pandas. the cubs were born back in june and have spent last few months in captivity. they're named waveland and sheffield: zoo keepers say generally they live to be between ten to 14 years of age. they're so cute. i lot of red pandas, not to take away >> when you're saying they're not actually pandas, they're not the pandas we think of >> when you think of a panda, you think >> i think she's making a joke >> i'm sorry. i thought you were speaking factual. >> they're taking bow bow.
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myself. >> that might be a security issue. >> i think the chinese would notice when they opened up the package. >> probably more than one. i wanted to to do a story about this weather >> the summer and rain what is going on? reality check is on the way. it's a tease. i call it the weather buffet, always something to choose it's been incredible. take a look at the cloud deck. that is just remarkable. definitely some big changes are coming our way. we knew it wouldn't last. heat and humidity in october. go figure. showers falling temperatures, that's what we're going to have, we have the showers already but falling temperatures are going to hit tonight. windy and blustery we're going to get 30 to 40 miles an hour wind gusts. it will be cool and windy for saturday. the thumb's up day will be
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you're going to really get to enjoy at least one really nice day. in the meantime, still getting clouds and showers tonight. this is all associated were any frontal system that's moving through. and we are going to still see a few off and on as night progresses. now a heavy steady rainfall. if you're going out anywhere, take your umbrella. it's still going to be a few periods of time we're going to have to deal with it >> 55 at dc, 62 at baltimore. manassas at 64. 48 at hagerstown. 61 at manassas. sustained winds anywhere from eight to 12 miles per hour. we're going to see this increase as the night progresses and we start getting wind gusts that are going to be anywhere from 30 to 40 miles an hour even stronger. low pressure system moving out ridge of high pressure moving in. we get what we call tight
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bat end down the hatches, wind advisory for the higher elevations until noon saturday. i wouldn't be surprised if that gets expanded tomorrow. the system is going to move through. cooler air with it as well, we're still going to see a chance of showers, i can't rule out a passing early morning shower tomorrow. st. mary's. we have a flood advisory until 9:00. that the a coastal flood advisory. few breaks here and there. as you see into tonight, we'll see a few lingering showers and we get a if you good breaks by the time saturday rolls around. a lot cooler, yes. definitely. jet stream letting out cooler air kick right in. but a little bit of a warmup sunday. so we'll be in the upper 60's sunday but it will be cooler on your saturday. chilly tonight too. only 49 degrees with occasional showers and those winds pushing in from the northwest. tomorrow, 59 degrees. did somebody say we were in the 80's? where did it go?
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no 80's on this. we do have 60's. we'll be flirting with the 70 degree mark couple days there. other than that, dry conditions until the end of the week. and back to where we should be temperature-wise. guess what? it really is october. >> all right. i'm just all for consistency at this point. yes. >> i hear you. we want to tell you about a fun and exciting event at fedex field >> it is called game on. the redskins and the american diabetes association are teaming up to host thi our own alexandra limon got a sneak peak today. >> reporter: the events is for a great cause. this part of game on greater washington is called over the edge and that is exactly what i did from the nose bleed seats here at fedex field to from the sixth floor. rapelled about 120 feet. i have a crippling fear of heights but thought it was a great opportunity to get over that fear but most importantly
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the american diabetes association. the redskinses have teamed up with them for this event and this rapelling cost five hundred dollars. people had to fund raise the money to be able to this and that will go towards research and prevention and great programs within the american diabetes association. that is why it's happening. and diabetes actually affects one in 11 americans. i'll say my own family has been my aunt passed away at only 30 from type 1 diabetes. she was diagnosed as a child. personally i know it's a disease that is very tough to treat. steven had kidney donation from my mom. still though, her body rejected it and she passed away and left behind a three-year-old. at devastating disease and one that deserves attention. of course, the american diabetes
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rapelling and zip lining will draw attention to it. the money is going to a great cause. if you want to come out to fedex field tomorrow. the health and wellness fair is free. check it out. watch the activities. some are only $5, zip lining is $20 and that's really cool as well. if you want to sign up to rappell, that requires a five hundred dollars donation but it's still open and people can still register. again, this is all for great and got over my own fear, you know, it was all in my head really, once i was rapelling, if you want call it that. it was awesome. i enjoyed it and yeah, i couldn't be happier to have been a part of the events. reporting in land over, alexandra limon fox 5 local news. >> she faced her fears there. she's so scared of heights >> my >> i don't think i can do it >> great cause.
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>> a little bit. >> but yes, it's -- that would be the thing that probably could get me to do it. it's like if you're doing it for others, helping out an organization, that would be the time >> stay with us, we will be right back. >> stay with us, we will be right back. venvoted to allow federal contractors to discriminate against gay employees. woman: barbara comstock. too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: women vote! is responsible for the content of this ad. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors.
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woman: barbara comstock is too right-wing to represent me. woman: or me. woman: barbara comstock would overturn roe vs. wade. barbara comstock: i think roe vs. wade should be overturned. woman: barbara comstock. man: too right-wing for northern virginia. narrator: women vote! is responsible for the content of this ad. police in palm springs cal took serving to a different level trying to raise money for a wonderful cause, they served food and collected tips at a red robin be 100% of the tips clapted will be donated to the special olympics. tips are put on more than 97,000 officers world wide for special olympics.
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>> i like that. >> like to mcofficer event that we had earlier at the mcdonald's. same thing. it's a good thing. many benefits to it. >> absolutely is. hopefully we'll see some more of that. >> that's it for fox 5 local news at 6:00. >> 6:30 coming up after the
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? ? october 21 it's. let's get right to it. debate finally over. the countdown is on. i know you can't wait for the election. 18 days a to the polls. as you can see it is the hottest story at 6:30. let us know what you think. tweet us what's on your mind, use the #5at630 so we can find your tweets. both candidates made their final case for the american people. nearly 70 million people watched the third presidential debate. >> to break down the past week in politics and also take a look at what lies ahead, we do have about three weeks until the election.


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